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My musings on Sam and Cait and shipping and other people and things.

Somehow anons find the “Georgia incident” an opportunity to vent in my ask box about Sam and Cait and I feel the need to say something about that.

No, I don’t either hate nor Sam. And I won’t post or read anything hateful about them. I really, really like them. I think they’re both adorable, sweet, generous and kind people.

I also think they’re behaving not very wisely all the time and right now I roll my eyes at them. 

That is not hate. I’m jus a bit annoyed about their dishonesty and aobut their selfish behavior towards two other people. And before the next anon comes to my ask to tell me “they don’t owe you anyhting”. No, they don’t. But I don’t either. I can criticize them as much as I feel inclined to. If I see someone behave stupidly or badly, I can say so. That might not change their behavior, but it makes me feel better to have said what I think.

I’m convinced that Sam is in a relationship with Mackenzie and that Cait is in a relationship with Tony. So far so good. What I don’t understand is their disrespectful behavior towards their partners. And I’m NOT talking about being so affectionate with each other. That’s IMO just how they are. They really like each other very much, they have a lot of sexual chemistry and they both like to flirt. They’re actors and actors are different from other people. They have less boundaries. I fully understand it, because I’m an opera singer and I’ve seen it in theatre all the time. What is “normal” for other people doesn’t apply for actors.

So, I’m absolutely fine with how Sam and Cait are with each other. In fact I love it, I’m grateful that we’re blessed with a couple of leads, who are so incredibly close to each other. That’s rare and a blessing for the show. And I love to watch it, it warms my heart, it genuinely touches me and no, I don’t think it is for business or “acted”. These two adore the hell out of each other and when in each other’s company they glow from within.

That doesn’t mean they have to be in a romantic relationship though. Sad but true. Whatever their reasons, they’re obviously not. They have said so and they clearly have other partners in their life. It’s just idiotic to search for reasons why Sam should be in Columbus, Georgia on the day of Mackenzie’s brother’s wedding. There is no other reason, it is the writing on the wall and it is time for me to admit to it.

BUT why Sam thinks it is OK to throw his girlfriend under the bus again and again is beyond me. Why he thinks any woman should be treated as a dirty, little secret, not worth being even in a picture with him once is a miracle to me. Shoved aside at the Scottish BAFTA, treated as if she was someone to be ashamed about. At the same time he treats Cait as a queen, builds a shrine on his IG and allows the ugly side of the fandom to be all over Mackenzie. Is it surprising,  that she gets treated as if she was worthless when he himself sets the example? Yes, he stood up once when it got really out of hand, but how about saying: “This woman means something to me. She’s my girlfriend, stay away from her.”? That is too much loss of privacy? But posting a picture of Georgia or of North Carolina to show he’s in her vicinity isn’t?

Same goes for Cait. She’s said to be with Tony for three years. How can she be so disrespectful and dragg him all over the world and then treat him like a part of the furniture. Not worthy to be in pictures with her, not worthy to be introduced as her partner. Allowing the discussion about him being her PA going on. What does that say about her self image? What does it say about Tony? She allows the world to see him as a complete doormat instead of someone she is proud to have at her side.

This is what I criticize. And before someone says it: No, I don’t think Sam and Cait realize, that it is what they’re doing. I think they’re kindhearted and nice and they would not intentionally hurt people they love. I do  think they’re both very new to fame though and trying to be as fiercely protective of their privacy as they can. Maybe they even talked about how they would achieve that and made a plan. But the plan is bad. They’re making a huge mistake here and I wish someone would take them by the hand and tell them, that instead of protecting their privacy, they’re behaving like assholes.

Protecting their privacy is actually very easy. Million stars have done it before and are doing it now. It doesn’t mean you have to announce your first date with someone and then display your affection on SM. After three years and almost one year though, it should at least be official. Tell the world the name of your SO and then refuse to talk about it. Easy and has been done a zillion times before. Does Merly Streep talk about her her private life? No. But do we know her husband? Of course we do, he’s not hidden away. Is David Berry living his private life on SM when he posts a pic of him and his wife from time to time? Or of him and his son? No, he isn’t. But he is proud of his family and says so. That’s how you do it. Sam and Cait should take a look and do the same.


ok so i mentioned monty jesus and here he is. this is his shrine created by his followers during our times of need: finals. he is named monty jesus because he resides in montgomery hall, which is the animation and game design building.

on the wall are prayers written by students in hopes that his blessed grace may see their good fortune and hopefully their sleep

may he forever protect your renders and bring you sleep.

in addition, there was a bible verse written on a white board but now it’s gone, but i have what it said:

1. In the beginning, Monty Jesus created the Hall of Moot. 2. Now the Hall was formless and empty, darkness abounded through the Hall, and the Spirit of Monty Jesus was hovering over the building. 3. And Monty Jesus said “Let there be light,” and the monitors turned on. 4. Monty Jesus saw that the monitors were good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5. Monty Jesus called the light “day” and the darkness he called “night.” And yet it mattered not, for the Hall of Moot was open 24/7.


Cursetale Fanfiction? Not Quite...

Author’s Note: I should apologize for this, but I won’t.

Day 1:

Discovered an amazing new AU (cursetale), with an amazing new skele to admire (Dre). I must look into this further.

Day 9:

His feet… are so tiny… and therefore… his socks… also… so. very. smol. Investigation underway. (What is this madness?)

Day 15:

Are they baby socks? Are they doll socks? Why doesn’t he wear shoes? Why does he only have one sock in this picture? Where is the other sock?!

Day 22:

Dre’s tiny feet and subsequently tiny socks have become my life now, and I am ok with this. Haunt my dreams, tiny socks. I welcome you.

Day 35:

Replaced all furniture with tiny socks. In an unrelated incident (alleged incident), I may or may not have bitten a baby at the store today. I needed those socks more than he did…

Day 48:

Shrine completed! Tiny Dre-feet pictures printed out and taped to closet wall? Check. Pile of tiny socks to live in? Check. Regrets? None.

Day 90:

What is therapy?

Day 91:


Day 167:

My dreams are haunted by fantasies by a tiny-footed skele making it rain an array of the smallest socks. I no longer wish for the waking world.

Day 201:

Managed to climb onto the roof. Spelled out “Notice me sockpai” in baby socks. Maybe someone will send help…

Day 204:

Don’t send help. I live here now.

Day 332:

I am ok with this.

Dre by @cursetale / Shady not-enough-sleep ramblings by me / Apologies by no one