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TRUE ROMANCE XIV + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3]

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime

A/N: Okay, being the kind soul I am, I decided to post the new part now (although its pretty damn late here but you guys will eventually see this)! Enjoy some hipster Armitage and a jealous Ben <3 

Warning: None…

Word Count: 3.8K+


As much as your loft wasn’t the smallest thing in the world, at least not to you, for some reason–the idea of having Ben living with you now–made the loft seem like it was pretty small. Maybe it was the simple fact that having someone else live with you that wasn’t a dog (but a man the size of a giant) made it seem quite tiny. After all, it was only meant for the maximum of two people living in it, and as much as others would’ve complained about the small space, it made you happy.

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“I dare not sit idle whilst Roose Bolton’s star waxes and mine wanes. I must strike and show the north that I am still a man to fear.” (adwd)