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hey i wanted to ask if you could make recommendations for bakushima fanfics? i'm curious as to what you're currently reading, what your favorites are and what your thoughts on the fanfics you read are! :)

Boi!!! Okay, I guess I did something like that a long while ago, everything I said about those fics is still 100% valid, after making that list I reread nearly all of them a dozen of times and I’ve loved them all just as much each of them, good great fics those - but since then I’ve read a shitton more, so!! Let’s do this? Let’s do this

My (newer) Favorite Fics:

  • one to ten by crunchrapsupreme - lotsa pining, acquaintance to friends to lovers, incredibly soft and ridiculously happy it gave me such a warm feeling reading it? Kirishima is so pure it made my heart sing, Kaminari is just as ridiculous and negative as he’s supposed to be and Bakugou’s!!! Perfect I’m sure you’re gonna like this one
  • out of sight, within reach by potato - no powers AU, high school AU, misunderstandings and jealousy and ridiculous babies in love - Bakugou pines!!! It’s actually!!! A fic from Bakugou’s pov with this ridiculous dork pining!!!! I would have loved it just for that, but honestly anything potato writes is worth reading they’re just so good and know the characters so well !!!
  • get tough, straight up by quactus - this!!!! damn!!!! fic!!!! it’s useless even to drag this for long, the reason why this fic is between my favorites is straight out the incredible amount of Bakugou and Kirishima acting like a couple while they’re not even aware their liking each other might be mutual - they’re soft, got no personal space at all, care for each other so sweetly seriously it’s so good to read it made my insides melt
  • all good things need sunshine by shizuumi151 - a flower shop AU from another author I love with all my heart! Go check everything they’ve written they’re honestly a fave, such a good grasp on these two - this fic is sweet (I think I used that word to describe all the fics I’ve recced till now? It’s my fav genre what can I do) flowers make me soft and these two acting like the ridiculous crushing idiots they are surrounded by them is just a recipe to make me happy lbr
  • it’s pouring out here again by shizuumi151 - no power/high school/basketball club AU and I’m pretty certain I suggested this one already between my favorite Kaminari fics? Cause he’s amazing in this one, he and Sero both - so are Bakugou and Kirishima, obviously, the whole atmosphere of the fic makes me genuinely happy every single time I read this fic (which I’ve done… way too many times in the last month already, honestly… rip this is a fav for sure)
  • Fight Me by ryonello - no quirks/nurse! Kirishima AU and oh my god this fic is so good - it’s fun? and bright? and Bakugou pines in the most endearing way ever? I spent the whole fic nodding and going same Baku same haha
  • From Pictures to Words by Kivea - snapchat AU snapchat AU snapchat AU!!!! Holy heck!!!! These!!!! NERDS!!!!!!! This is a seriously great fic - Baku/Mina friendship and the squad being it all there and Baku & Deku being on civil terms make it all even better, but g o d Bakugou and Kirishima in this fic. Jesus Christ. I love them so much I can’t even find the words to describe it
  • little are the things we learn by newamsterdam - a 5+1 fic, 6 PoV total each of them describing the KiriBaku relationship from the eyes of those aorund them - listen. Listen. This might be obvious, because newamsterdam is my absolute fave KiriBaku author, but I live and die for this fic - aside from how I adore the external PoV format in general, every single character is so incredibly IC? And the KiriBaku relationship is so so so well described and complete even if constantly seen from an outsider’s point of view? God, I love this fic. I should reread this fic right now, honestly

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I had a dream where the lions had corporeal holographic forms to interact with their Paladins. And it’s all hijinks and shenanigans [and Lance teasing Keith for how motherly Red is with him] until Shiro notices how generally unpleasant Red is with him.

At first he thinks nothing of it cause she seems just as dismissive towards the others, and Keith tries reassuring him that she’s just being herself. Until he brings up the whole leading Voltron subject with Keith again, then she’s a hissing growling menace and if it weren’t for Black and Keith, Shiro thinks he might have become her chew toy. Doesn’t help that all the lions can speak, cause everyone can hear Red calling him a “cub stealing meatsack”.

And of course he tries resolving the issue [can’t have problems in the Team, even if it lies between a Paladin and a lion that isn’t his]. But considering how temperamental and unstable the Red lion is? He doesn’t get a reasonable discussion “You want a successor? Fine! But don’t come sniffing at my cub’s direction and leaving him an anxious mess with your talk of potential death!” and really putting him on the spot and getting a faceful of sharp teeth “Funny how you feel absolutely fine with keeping this topic to yourself and Keith. Shouldn’t you be discussing this with the princess? After all, she seems like a more suitable candidate for Black, and I sure haven’t heard of my sister’s approval on the matter”. Then it’s just her dragging Keith away by the sleeve and him just turning to give Shiro a helpless look. 

One of Those Days

Kent knew what kind of day it was going to be as soon as he opened his eyes. The alarm clock next to Alexei’s bed read 11:37 am and he felt that oh-too-familiar swooping sensation in his gut, like vertigo or a split second blackout. Or both.

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i feel like there has been a big misunderstanding in what “choosing” your orientation means.

some of you use it to mean “learning about yourself and choosing to challenge your internalized heteronormativity,” or so i hope.

the rest of you are reacting as if it means to sign a contract and just change what you are, typically by force (conversion therapy).

obviously, thinking the second way is homophobic.

if a gay person is talking about “choosing” orientation, can you maybe give them the benefit of the doubt? just MAYBE they’re talking about the first scenario? if you’re not sure… ask!


watch this and sing along with me ;);) 

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Terrorism has no place in Islam, God says in Quran :“…Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” 5:32...If people can separate the KKK from Christianity, nazis from Germans, they can separate the Islam from ISIS !! What about the Inquisition, the Crusades and what conquistadors did to Indigenous people in South America ???

But JoePickUpTruck93 from Alabama who has never opened a Bible or a Quran or left his town or met a Muslim person said that Arabic is a religion of fear!!!!

But seriously, yes. To everything you said.

I’ve also noticed that while Muslims always have to distance themselves from terrorists, always have to quote the Quran and show that their religion is a religion of peace, so that they’re not persecuted, it never happens to Christian. Christians are not asked to distance themselves from the Charlottesville attacks and the KKK in general. Christians are not asked to justify that the Planned Parenthoods attack were not done by Christians when the culprit said that he was doing it in the name of God. People don’t start shouting at Christians in the street just because they’re Christians. 

It’s easy to say “these people are not Christians, God is against their acts” but it doesn’t work if you refuse to listen to Muslim people saying the same about their religion.


Kommo-o’s exclusive dragon type Z-move, Clangorous Soulblaze, hits both opponents in the field and raises all of Kommo-o’s stats by 1 stage. The name and appearance suggest it uses Clanging Scales as its base.

i was told that i only like vesperteen because of josh and ?? yes, i discovered vesperteen through josh, but i like vesperteen because i genuinely love their music. not because of josh, who happens to be friends with colin.
it’s stupid to claim to be a fan of an artist just because of who they’re associated with.

Made In Abyss is f**king outstanding, for someone like me who has not read the source material yet (I promise I will once this “season” of MIA ends)  I was just outstanded by the premises and the “dark beauty” of the world and now learning more about the efforts put behind the series, 10/10, this is seriously one of the best Anime of 2017 and I can only hope that the series gets more than 13 episodes~ (if not I’ll just read the Manga but eh, have this video discussing about it by The Canipa Effect)

“I really hate HRE and seriously felt that his character is entirely wasted over a boring unoriginal love story of a dumb puppy crush. There’s so much potential for him, but all we got is “Italia!” and he only thinks of him. Interacting with other characters apparently isn’t interesting, but a boring pandering love story is.“

I really didn’t care for Chibitalia x HRE, either.  But then again, perhaps it was because I got sick and tired of the rabid GerIta fans who insisted that HRE = Germany.

- Mod V