there is no pumpkin


The characters of Namco High are all representatives from various game series, many of them from wildly different points in game history. Rather than try to mix these together with a shared art style or personification, the game rather opts to maintain its surreal tone by just presenting each character in a different art style that best matches their game and personality. In doing so, it makes it’s own bizarrely presented cast part of the joke.

One of my best memories ever happened maybe 15, 16 years ago. I was around 12. In October there used to have this pumpkin decorating contest in my home town - not carving, because that would rot and all, but decorating - and the week before Halloween they would display all the different pumkins in the main room of the exhibition center, before having a special event to announce the winners, and there would be all sorts of pumpking-themed pastries (real pumpkin, this was before lattes and all the craze of recent years).

I’d praticipated all my childhood, and when I started high school (middle school for you americans) I started helping out with the event. At 12 I couldn’t do much, but I would just have a couple of ‘shifts’ to watch the displays during opening hours, make sure no one messed it up, kids didn’t destroy the pumpkins and all.

 Anyway. One night my dad was picking me up, but he was early (he’s always early to everything, keeps half a dozen books in his car just for that purpose), but instead of reading in the car, he waited in a side room next to the lobby for me to finish my ‘shift’ and pick my things up. Now I didn’t see this, but he told me - there was a bunch of kids doing a origami crafting workshop, and apparently one little kid went up to him for help with his project, and my dad, who I had never seen do anything artistic like that, just went with it. I came out of the main room maybe 10, 15 minutes later to see my dad, a friendly but fairly reserved person by nature, surrounded by all those kids and showing them how to make a paper hat. It was adorable.

I don’t know why it’s one of my favourite memories ever, but I still remember it and it makes me so happy.