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Solo Martin scene concept: much as I love and hope for the sad wanking with every fiber in my being (ta @weeesi) I’m still turning ideas over, trying to figure out why Martin wanted to do it without all of them there. tbh I remember from WTF he had an incredibly difficult time filming the drunken karaoke scene, and the only other uncomfortable scene I’ve heard him mention was trf grave scene. Got me thinking.

So best bet is an emotional scene right? It’s probably not wonky funny times if he’s a) so uncomfortable filming it and b)
all alone. Sherlock has been sobbing his way through three series now, but stoic John has only ever cracked at the grave (which we still weren’t allowed to watch) and a single tear at the speech. John’s going to lose and come close to losing a lot this season. The weight of everything causes Sherlock to turn to drugs, but John…well John’s always had a subtext with drinking.

So I’m thinking a Baker Street scene, finally finally in his room, John drinking and muttering and breaking down and really, openly crying. Throws the ramc mug at the wall? (Sherlock shoots at the wall, but then he is dramatic.) Going through the possessions that were left at Baker Street after the fall, or the ones he brought back that are finally home? A jumper, a cane? Maybe reading a blog post he never finished? Considering the gun one last time?

Admittedly, I *want* it to be something like this. Something dark and visceral and John Watson letting his demons out for a second instead of always shutting them back, acknowledging the pain that hasn’t ever really gone away. (And this is not to say you can’t wank your way through a crisis, so that could still happen.) Bur whatever it is, it’s John by himself, and much like Sherlock that’s never a good thing.

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“But that doesn’t change the fact that they shouldn’t have done this… What could this possibly do for me? Really, if they get hurt just because they wanted to ‘please me’, I’m going to be more than a little pissed about it. They know I hate when they try to make things better for me and yet they proceed to be the stupid, naive, do-gooder brat they always are…”