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Yesterdays baby ficlet from me was so well received (thank you all!) so I’ve written a bit more. If you’re offended by the Robert Rebecca baby, look away now.

Aaron’s very comfy. Robert’s sorting out a haulage mix up, leaving Aaron and Jamie alone, but it’s not the first time, so the sheer panic he had had isn’t there. And Aaron feels content for the first time in ages. He’s sprawled out on the sofa, feet on the coffee table, Game of Thrones on. It’s on mute and he’s got the subtitles on, because of Jamie. Probably not the kind of thing he should be watching with a baby in the house, but oh well. Jamie’s asleep against Aaron’s chest, tiny head buried into Aaron’s neck, Aaron‘s hand supporting his body carefully. Even though most of his attention‘s on the TV. 

Robert comes in on the phone and Aaron glares at him pointedly. He nods and goes upstairs, because he clearly hasn’t finished this work conversation and Aaron and Jamie need the quiet. He squeezes Aaron’s shoulder in passing, and he smiles, eyes bright at his husband.

When Robert comes downstairs, business over for the day Aaron’s attention is fully on the TV. Robert watches, he can’t help himself. He loves Aaron more than he believed it was possible to love anyone. And while his son was damn awkward and terrifying in the timing and his mother, Robert loves him too. With Jamie’s gorgeous eyes and innocent face, he couldn’t not.

Jamie whines a little, shifting, and Aaron shushes him, soothing a hand over his back, eyes not moving from the TV. It’s comfortable now, they’ve got used to it. And God, Robert loves him, just for the way he’s accepted Jamie alone. No resentment there at all, and Robert knows he married an amazing man.

“You know your daddy cheated, don’t you?” Aaron says quietly, still soothing Jamie’s back. And Robert freezes, his heart completely breaking for a moment. But only for one moment. “The impatient git watched three episodes without me. Now I’ve got to catch up while I’m baby sitting. Oh, and don’t tell your mother we were watching Game of Thrones together. I might lose my step dad rights.” He smiles into Jamie’s head for a moment. “Oh well, guessing he’s dead,” Aaron adds absently to the TV.

Robert’s about to announce himself, but Aaron starts speaking again, almost murmuring to the baby. “You know, I’m going to be the fun one, right? Whenever your mum or dad says no, come to me and we‘ll see what we can do. I mean, yeah, Robert will most likely be mad at the pair of us, but I have very convincing methods of persuasion.” He grins again. “On second thoughts, don’t tell your mother that one either.”

“Hey,” Robert says. Aaron blushes a little, looking embarrassed at being caught, but Roberts eyes are bright. “I love you.” Robert kisses his son, then his husband, probably a little dirtier than it should be considering the four month old in his arms. Aaron gave him a small wink as Robert promised “I’ll cook.”

Glass Table Girls pt. 2 - m.

member:  Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok

genre: Smut, Sugardaddy!au

warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Vulgar Smut, Prostitution, Drugs use, MxFxM, Vouyerism, Cumplay

  words: 3.6k

pt. 1 - pt. 2 

So don’t blame it on me that you didn’t call home, so don’t blame it on me cause you wanted to have fun

Gif credit.

The sunlight was blinding and conscious woke you up. Warmth engulfed you. You felt like there was an oven right beside you and your body was sticky with sweat. Your our eyelids were heavy and you groaned in an uncomfortable mess. But you knew that the bed was comfortable, your lower legs were exposed down by the duvet.

 You tried to twist around in the huge bed, but later realizing that arms were heavily draped over you. You immediately tore your eyes open and the light blinded you.

 "Oh- God.“ You whispered in an utter shock, it wasn’t normal that you wake up with someone you didn’t know what it was. Stark naked in a Queen-sized bed.

 What happened last night? 

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Prisoners of Love Discussion Part 2: Horror and Cartoons

Okay, let’s talk about a tragically underused element of Danny Phantom: horror.

The tone of this show was all over the place at times, but more often than not, it tended to lean on the side of comedy. That’s fine and all, but it’s a real shame when there was so much potential for spookiness. It’s a show about ghosts, after all.

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--> WAKE UP.

Eugh. Check. You’ve woken up.

Your vision is blurry. You feel a pounding in your thinkpan.

You and Sun have been trapped in Kurloz Ampora’s dungeons for a few weeks now, you think; you aren’t exactly sure how much time has passed. You barely see the moonlight, except through the windows when Kurloz pulls the both of you up into his luxurious torture lounge. Sun’s gotten the worst of it, without a doubt. As a robot, you feel nothing; to get to you, Kurloz goes through them, and they’ve got plenty to show for it.  Sewn-up wounds are fresh and flushed on their viridian skin, and they are draped with bloodstained clothing. You constantly try to hide how broken and guilty you feel. It’s your fault, what they’ve done to them. But you can’t let Kurloz win. Good thing you can’t properly cry in this metal husk of a body, albeit not for a lack of trying.

But today was an odd exception. Today, they left Sun alone. 

Two guards barged in to grab you this evening and they brought you up instead. By yourself.

Naturally, this was confusing– being in the robot body was torture enough by itself, but it was torture you were well used to. What could they possibly have been doing to you? You have no recollection of the event. All you remember is being laid down on an operating table and shut down cold– after that, it’s only this. Waking up in your cell.

Ugh. Your head is killing you.

Wait a minute.

Your head is killing you?!


Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

Excitement floods your body in a dizzying rush. You can feel. You can feel. You have skin. YOU HAVE YOUR BODY BACK.

You know he only put you back in your body so he could torture you too, but who cares?! Torture or no, jokes on that fucker! You’ll thank him later for doing you such a big favor!

You spend no time thinking about the somewhat pressing issues surrounding this transformation. You immediately rush over to the bars to show Sun, tail wagging, shouting in their direction. If just one good thing came out of this personalized hell, it’s got to be this. You can just imagine touching them again. Feeling them.

They… don’t seem as excited. This was not the look you expected.

Undeterred, you stick your round face against the bars, grinning broadly at them.


Okay another quick point to make about the baby Gooverly theory.

Gooverly appears again this ep in two situations: around shiny things, the lipstick, and when she chokes the shit out of that homophobic dick.

The shiny thing I’ve already attributed to a childlike interest, and the lipstick with a desire to explore and taste everything much in the same way a child does. But, the choking out part was very clearly a defensive thing that was done out of ANGER.

The douche says ‘it’d just be wrong’ which clearly sparks some anger in waverly, however Gooverly feeds off that and fuels the fire. I say that it was defensive because the douche isn’t just attacking her but also Nicole and what they share together. We already know that Waverly loves Nicole, so it is bound to feel even MORE personal than normal. As such, Gooverly appears in an attempt to defend what it feels belongs to it (and waverly), protecting territory in a sense, which is a very primal act.

I meant to talk a bit about Dora back when I watched Parental Bonding, but since she appears again in Prisoners of Love, this is a decent excuse to bring her up again.

Anyway, I thought it was cool that Dora showed up multiple times as a side character before getting a focal episode, but my sister and I thought of an idea when watching Parental Bonding that could’ve had her in more of the show and been kinda funny and cute.

What if Dora had developed a crush on Tucker after this?

Tucker’s always trying to woo the ladies, and Dora’s always wishing to go to the ball.

I think it could’ve been interesting to see Dora show up a few more times, asking Tucker to take her to the ball or dance with her. Tucker’s her beret-wearing prince charming.

I don’t even ship them at all, I just think this could’ve been an amusing and cute running thing, especially because I always love seeing this ghost princess.

I was asked for more baby stuff, so here we go. A bit Rebecca heavy and not what I expected, but hey ho….

It’s one of the first warm days of the year, and Rebecca had had a great day. One of the first full days she’d been entirely child free too and that she hadn’t worried. She knows Robert loves Jamie, and if not love, she knows Aaron’s warming to him too. Jamie will not lack for family that cares, and that is absolutely one thing she wanted for her child.

It’s only when she knocks on the door of the Mill and stands waiting for seconds that turn into minutes that she starts to worry. Especially when Robert’s phone goes straight through to voice mail. It’s not that she doesn’t trust them, but it’s been hours and they’re not home? It’s not unreasonable to need to know where her child is, and she starts panicking. The door’s locked, but both cars are in the driveway, so they should be here.

She moves around the outside of the house, following through until she gets to the back garden, and then… she feels the fear let her go. All three of them are asleep in the garden, and she can’t help but smile.

Robert’s laying propped up against some cushions, more sitting than lying down, his arms around Aaron, hands tight to his stomach as if afraid he‘s going to move. Aaron’s leaning back against Robert’s chest, head pillowed on his shoulder. Aaron’s hands are occupied with Jamie, who’s asleep on his chest, sunhat on and all, even though it isn’t really needed this early in the year. Jamie’s in a blue baby grow the she knows Liv bought, another person she never expected to have any involvement. Jamie looks so protected, so small, and safe (she can admit it) with those two men around him.

She accepted that her and Robert wouldn’t happen months ago, and this in front of her shows her exactly why. Robert looks peaceful and happy, and no matter how many times Robert and she came back to each other, happiness never really made it into the equation. Contentment didn’t either. Aaron shifts in sleep and Robert moves his head so they can get closer.

“Jamie?” Robert asks, voice hoarse.

“Sleep,” Aaron replies, securing his hands on the bundle. One of Robert’s hands come to check, his large palm almost swamping the tiny baby so much that Rebecca can barely see him. Rebecca’s torn, she doesn’t know what to do. Moving Jamie too much when he’s sleeping makes him cry, and difficult to settle again and even though she’s due to pick him up, she doesn’t want a crying baby if she doesn’t need one. She sends Robert a text, to let her know when to pick Jamie up when they’re awake. It won’t be long. Then she leaves them to it.

Plot 161: Camp Do Over

Years after graduating college, Muse A feels stuck.  Working a nine to five desk job, every day seems the same and they can’t remember a time where they were actually happy with their career.  It’s time for a change, but they don’t know where to even begin as far as starting to make it goes.  When they overhear a conversation two coworkers are having in the break room about a summer camp for adults, however, their interest is piqued.  A quick google search and five hundred dollars later, they’ve signed up for a week in the mountains with complete strangers that promises to make them feel like they did years ago, when things were easier.

Camp is everything they hope it would be too.  From the moment they arrive, all the stress from work and life in general is completely forgotten.  Muse B is a counselor at the camp, roughly the same age as Muse A, who helps show them that they still have the ability to enjoy the simple things.  


dctv plot bunny georgie annabelle lark

Georgie Lark spent the first ten years of her life in London before she moved across the atlantic ocean to a town by the name of Starling City. Not long after the move her parents’ marriage ended in a bitter divorce and Georgie coped the best way she know how: Studying. She graduated high school a year early, went straight to Boston University where she got a degree in Criminal Justice, and befriended MIT student Felicity Smoak. Upon graduating, she trained at the police academy before returning to Starling with honors and a job on the police force.

As if the vigilante isn’t enough of a pain in her ass already, the particle accelerator in Central City explodes shortly after her promotion to detective, and the cases that land on Georgie’s desk become increasingly inexplicable. It doesn’t help her frustration that Felicity finally admits to working with the Green Arrow and knowing his true identity. And just when life can’t possibly get any stranger, Georgie is recruited by Rip Hunter - a man who claims that his team of misfits and criminals travel through time, and he desperately needs someone to help keep the Legends from killing each other.

And so Georgie Lark embarks on a journey to solve her strangest case yet: How to erase Vandal Savage from history.