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Quick Plotting Tip: Write Your Story Backwards

If you have a difficult time plotting, try writing or outlining your story backwards—from the end to the beginning. Writers who have a difficult time outlining, plotting, and planning their stories often benefit from this technique. You’ll need a general idea of what your story is about for this to work, and of course you need to know the ending, but you might be amazed how helpful this trick can be.

Why is writing backwards easier? Basically, instead of answering the question “this happened… now what comes next?,” you’ll be answering the question “this happened… so what would come right before that?” which narrows the possibilities for your next move and can help keep your story on track. (Incidentally, it’s also the way Joseph Gordan-Levitt’s character comes out on top in the film The Lookout.)

Writing backwards can also help you more tightly weave together your subplots, themes, and character relationships, and keep you from going too far down any irrelevant rabbit holes.

If you don’t want to write or outline completely backwards, remember that you’re free to jump around! If you’re feeling stuck in your story or novel, jump to the middle or end and write a few scenes. Many writers get stuck because they feel they have to write their story linearly from beginning to end, which results in an overdeveloped (and often irrelevant) beginning and an underdeveloped ending.

So go work on that ending! It’s much more likely that you will need to change your beginning to fit your ending than the other way around, so spend time on your ending sooner rather than later!

Beauty and the Beast - Richonne Modern Day AU

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. ~Helen Keller

“Ex-Yankees starting pitcher, Rick Grimes was never a vain man. Still, a near-fatal accident left him with enough scars to make him want to hide away from the world. Now the only beauty left in his blemished llife are his two grown kids, his weekly Sunday dinners with his daughter Judith and his beloved flower garden. Scarred, body and mind, he could not see beauty outside of those three treasured things.

For 23-year-old Judith Grimes, life was finally falling into place. Freshly graduated from journalism school and armed with a passion for fashion, she’s landed a coveted internship at the powerhouse fashion magazine, Rive. As assistant to the New York City’s most powerful and iconic editor-in-chief, Michonne Dumas, Judith is living her dreams and learning at the feet of a legend.

A global fashion tastemaker, former model turned magazine editor, Michonne Dumas had heard the word “beautiful” thrown around so liberally that it had started to lose its meaning. Ironically though, she knew as the originator of the coveted “Dumas Look”, she had created the unattainable fashion ideal of perfection that drove her and the whole industry. Secretly, however, she had begun to despair that she was becoming numb to all things physically beautiful. That is, until she notices the lovely flowers her new junior assistant has on her desk every week. Fresh blooms from Judith’s father’s garden, the bouquets continually seem to brighten Michonne’s day.

Before long, those delicate blooms from the amateur horticulturist become a welcome daily reprieve from her relentless pursuit of physical perfection. And when Michonne finally meets Judith’s mysterious father Rick at the company’s charity ballgame, as the young woman hoped, sparks do indeed fly. Though, to Judith’s chagrin, not the romantic kind. Yet, it is from that very first encounter that they both begin to learn —things of true beauty can also be things which are deemed imperfect.“

Tale as old as time…

Rick was already missing his garden. The sky was blue and cloudless. The sun was bright, but there was no humidity in the atmosphere. It was the perfect day for puttering around with his flowers. But he had promised his daughter, and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her.

He was thankful that the baseball cap fit low enough on his head to cast shadows around his face. The throwing gloves he wore hid the patchwork, Frankenstein-esque scars on his hands. He could no longer run even a mile, but physical therapy made it possible for his limp to be hardly noticeable. Although, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with the fast strides of his daughter.

He held on to her forearm. “Judy, you know your dad’s an old man. Slow down some.”

People were milling around all over. He felt his chest tightening and his breaths coming out faster. He’d adapted to his solitude over the years, only welcoming the company of his children. Crowds of people made him nervous now.

Judy tossed her head back to look at her father. The bouncing curls of her chic bob haircut matched his greying curls perfectly. Always attuned to him, she recognized the apprehension in his eyes. She squeezed his hand, but didn’t slow down.

“Daddy, I wish you would stop calling yourself an old man. You’re not even fifty yet.”

Rick shrugged. “Forty-five is pretty near fifty.”

“You have to wait at least twenty more years to collect Social Security, so you’re not old.”

“My knees beg to differ. Why are we walking so fast? There’s still an hour until the game starts.”

“I know, but I want to make sure I’m not late in case I’m needed to help with any last minute details.”

“It’s just a charity baseball game. Should go smoothly. You worry all the time like your mother used to.”

She shot him a sad smile. “That’s what Grandma always says too. Guess it’s in my DNA. I just want to make a good impression. Show Michonne she can trust me with the details. She’s so great. I don’t want to let her down.”

“Michonne is your boss, right? Calling bosses by their first names in the office is a thang now? Back in my day—”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Judith cut him off. “Back in your day you rode cows to school. Grew your own wheat or whatever. I know Daddy. Maybe you really are an old man.”

Rick chuckled. “Actually, your uncle Hershel grew vegetables, not wheat on his farm.”

“What I said still applies, old man.” She pointed to a woman whose back was to them. Her locs were long and reached down past the middle of her back  “There she is. Let me introduce you. And please be nice and personable, Daddy.”

Rick smirked. “Aren’t I always?”

Judith laughed and rolled her eyes. “Nope.”

His smirk faded as they walked closer. Having new people in his orbit unsettled him. He tried to pull his cap further down, but it wouldn’t budge.

Michonne turned around as she heard footsteps approaching her. Rick had seen her pictures in the fashion magazines Judith used to read as a teen. He always passively admired her beauty, but he didn’t expect the radiant women before him. She was dressed down in a custom baseball jersey with her magazine’s name written in gold letters on the front. Her black shorts showed off her shapely legs. Her smile was warm and sincere as she immediately pulled Judith into a hug. She smiled at him over his daughter’s shoulder. He looked down at his shoes as a wave of insecurity washed over him

Judith, not picking up on her father’s reluctance for once, pulled him in closer. “Michonne, this is my Dad, Rick Grimes.”

Michonne’s smiled widened making her even more beautiful than Rick first thought.

“Ah,” she said. “So this is the doting father who makes sure his daughter always has beautiful, fresh flowers on her desk. Very nice to finally meet you, Rick.” She held out her hand to shake.

He clasped her hand.  He could feel the smoothness even through his gloves. “Nice to meet you too, ma’am.”

Michonne chuckled. “I missed that southern charm. Don’t get much of that here in New York.”

“Michonne is originally from Georgia too, Daddy. Atlanta, not a small town like you.”

“Yes, born and raised,” Michonne said. “I still get homesick for sweet tea, and my aunt’s sweet potato pie.” She pulled the young woman aside. “Judith, could you go help Sasha and Jackie with setting up the magazine display near the entrance?”

“Of course Michonne.” She kissed Rick on the cheek. “I’ll be right back, Daddy.”

He watched her rush off wondering when his little girl became a grown and responsible adult. He turned back to Michonne, who was still smiling at him. His nervous tick was to run his hands through his hair. He felt the urge to at that moment, but he thought better of removing his cap.

“So,” She took a step closer to him. “I didn’t put two and two together when Judith told me her father’s name was Rick Grimes. You’re the same Grimes that played for the Braves and the Yankees, right?”

Rick looked down as if he was almost embarrassed at her knowing who he was. “Yeah. That was me. Didn’t think anyone in the fashion industry would recognize an old baseball player.”

Michonne gestured her hand around the baseball field where they were standing. “Well, we are at a charity baseball game. Beside lots of fashion models date baseball players.” She whispered as if conspiring with him. “It’s a bit of a thing.”

Rick laughed. “That is true. Many of my teammates dated models. And playmates.”

Michonne chuckled. “I bet.” She tossed one of her long locs behind her shoulder. “Besides that, my own father was a huge Braves fan. I used to watch the games with him. David Justice was his favorite player, but you came a close second. He hated when you left and signed with the Yankees.”

“I almost regretted it. I missed home a lot when I moved up here with the kids. Though I did miss David most of all. He was my favorite too.”

Her smile radiated even more. “So you and my father will have lots to talk about if you ever meet.”

He nodded and laughed. “Yeah, our very own David Justice fan club.”

Her voice lowered a couple of octaves as she tilted her head to the side. “I remember reading about your accident, and saying a few prayers for your recovery.”

Rick nodded. “I appreciate that. God was looking out for me that day. My kids didn’t need to endure the cruelty of losing both of their parents.”

“Judith talks about her mom sometimes. She and her brother were both pretty young when you lost her, I remember her saying.”

“Yeah. Judith was barely out of diapers, and my son, Carl, was in the first grade.”

“Had to be tough to continue your baseball career, and raise two kids.”

“It was. Very grateful for my mom though. Couldn’t have done it without her.”

“I know all about the miracle of grandmothers. My mom died when I was young also. Spent so much precious time with my Granny. Judith and I have bonded over some shared experiences. She’s a great kid.”

He smiled. “I always thought so too, even if I’m kinda biased.”

“The best dads always are.” She clapped her hands together. “So, the game will be starting soon. I know you’re an all-star, future hall of famer, but I was known to hit a few home runs in pick-up softball when I was a kid. So don’t think you’re going to strike me out.”

Almost feeling like his old, cocky self when it came to his baseball skills, he crossed his armsover his chest and smirked at her. “Is that right?”

She winked at him. “All I’m saying is watch yourself.”

A woman with a short afro came up to Michonne and whispered in her ear. She nodded and told the woman she would be right there.

“Editor-in-chief duties call, but I’ll see you on the mound, Rick Grimes.”
He smiled a genuine smile for what felt like the first time in years at anyone other than his children. “Can’t wait.”  (” The First Meet“ - Flash Fic written by @blacklitchick )

I want to say a HUGE Thank you!  to my two collaborators @blacklitchick and @iminyjo <3. The both of you have been amazing during this project’s lengthy journey ;) -xo OMJ.
SSLL Ch 25
*Patience is a Virtue
By Organization for Transformative Works

*You guys ready for a self-indulgent honeymustard sandwich or what?

Special thanks to everyone that helped me get my writing motivation back.  So many people sent me anything from headcanons, tropes, to just plain positive messages, and seriously–  thank you.    Thank you so much for just genuinely being the best people.  <3

aesthetics, moodboards and playlists

hello i’m bored and currently avoiding my novel so i’m gonna do this to kill the time. ironically, the blog aes will be based on my wip so lmao anyway


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Friday Nights (1356 words) by dragonfruittea
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin
Characters: Park Jimin (BTS), Jeon Jungkook, Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster
Additional Tags: Fluff, Clubbing, Friends to Lovers, Boys Kissing, Neck Kissing

Jimin might be a little lost but Jeongguk is there to find him.

((unpopular opinion: i think jhinsona is a trash af pairing because 99% of the art out there is sona being like “omg poor babbu i will fix u :((( ur broken (in the head) Jhin.” and no thanks.

I rather have Jhin not be OOC and if he was ever in a relationship, it would be a very toxic and narssisitic one….))


The Evolution of my feelings on this storyline through work doodles and cartoons:

Step 1 - denial
Step 2 - the new ship
Step 3 - anger and bitterness and snark part 1
Step 4 - bread
Step 5 - anger and bitterness and snark part 2
Step 6 - eh, it’s just Plot
Step 7 - it just keeps getting worse, how?!
Step 8 - oh look it’s Dr Not A Threat. Haha!
Step 9 - but they love each other so much!
Step 10 - what if Squidge was an Aaron loving pineapple?!

Asa looked around, her starting to get scared. She tried finding their scents but due to nimbasas air, it was all fuzzy. She begins to run across the streets, her eyes showing odvious fear….She was in a human city, she doesnt know where she is, and the risk of being caught that she wasnt domesticated was high. 

Some humans who were walking in the late night looked over at the giant scrafty, keeping their distance. Asa saw them, and tried not to act hostile, until they all began to stare, reaching into their pockets and bags, they grabbed something. That seemed to set Asa off.

Her fists began to burst in electricity, the humans all odviously shooken up were about to summon their pokemon till..

…A human called out to asa as if they knew her, she looked back in caution. Her gaze apon him was more than threatening ,but he walked twords her calmly. The human reaches his hand out, asa was about to react before he touched her arm.

…What stopped her? Why did she suddenly stop her hostility? “What the hell?” She thought…

“Shh…im here to help you, my friend.”

After about 3 hours of walking, the group is nearing out of nimbasa. 

“….Beeeeeecccccck” asa gumbles along with her stomatch, “bbbEEEEEEEEEEEECK”

The gengavoirs eye twitches as she keeps walking, “What.”

“IM HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYY” Asa whines as she pokes her friends back

“Asa youre a giant lizard you can handle it, Youre one of the strongest of victory road just handle i-”

The hybrid holds her head whining, “NooooOOOOO IM HUNGRYY-”

As asa kept babbling on, beck began to ignore her, and bacon just looked off to the side. After awhile asa started dragging behind the group, them walking farther ahead as she thought about food……Before, something caught her eye…

“…No…WAY!!!” Asa says suprised as she rushes to a window.

“GLOW CAKES??? THEY MAKE THEM IN UNOVA??!?!?” Asas mouth drools, “I HAVENT SEEN THOSE EVER SINCE I WAS A KID!!!! I ONLY SAW THEM IN SINNOH!!!! “ Her tail wags with exictment, “BECK!!! BECK CAN WE-” She looks to find, the others are gone…..”


anonymous asked:

I'm a bit confused ;.; were Yata and Fushimi born in Shizume or another neighborhood?

The impression I’ve gotten is they were both born in Shizume, in LSW it’s mentioned that Yata’s just returned after moving away for a while when his mom got divorced, his stepfather’s job brought him back to the city. Fushimi we can assume was, at the very least he’s living in the same house in the First Contact manga as he is in LSW.