there is no perfect way to detect the change

I really love The Lying Detective.  Definitely one of my favorite episodes, near perfect in every way. 

But if I could change one thing….

I would have put Sherlock in his pyjamas the whole time he was strung out.  It would make narrative sense!  Nothing like a drug bender to make you crave comfort and not give a shit about social conventions.  Just picture it: Sherlock curled up in his his tatty pyjamas while meeting with Faith.  Sherlock wandering around London in his pjs and Belstaff in the middle of the night.  Sherlock raving his way through Shakespeare in his pjs. 

Basically, just more of Sherlock in his pyjamas, thanks. 

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jupeter with "things you said that made me feel real"!

quick time to post this before it gets jossed (i wrote it like a week ago whoops)

note: this fic is written in second person, using “you/your/yours” where first person would use “i/me/my”.

Peter Nureyev feels so much like a mask sometimes that it chokes you to remember it isn’t.

Oh, sure, you have memories and the like associated with the name, but some days it feels more like a favorite jacket you throw on over a comfortable outfit when you don’t want to try too hard. It’s there, you love it, but you could just as easily find a softer, a newer, a better one and then the one you have will be old news.

Your name is Peter Nureyev for the first fifteen odd years of your life and after that you slipped in and out of names like they were going out of style. (Some of them did— you will always have a soft spot in your heart for Vulcan, a gruff voice who swore every other sentence, but classic names like that are only popular in sectors where they whisper about the Angel of Brahma in seedy back alleys, and after the last time you were almost caught in the middle of an uprising you swore you’d never go back.)

When you’re a private eye, you’re Perseus Shah. When you’re Dark Matters, you’re Rex Glass. When you’re married to Juno Steel, you’re Duke Rose. When you sit in motels on outskirts of systems with a broken heart, you are nameless.

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The Vegas Lights

Anonymous Asked:   I have this idea in my head and I was hoping you’d be able to do some justice for it. I was wondering if you’d be able to do a Spencer x reader where the reader is a magic con artist and she is involved in a case in Las Vegas and Spencer starts to fall in love with her.

Author’s Note: This is probably how I’ll post stories from now on, just so its easier to look at. Also I apologize for my absence I was really struggling and having a hard time but hopefully I’m back. Because this is what I love doing and I love hearing from you all. I know this isn’t probably what you had in mind anon but it’s where my brain went so enjoy. P.S. Not edited so sorry for mistakes, I’ll fix them later but I really wanted to post something. 

You were working your usual area, outside on the strip under all the neon lights. You needed a bigger, open space to work your shows, made it easier to take cash without anyone noticing. You missed your stage, but when times were tough you made do with what you had. Today felt like your day. You were able to get your new wardrobe, your new tricks were working without a hitch and you already had more cash than you should carry in the Vegas streets. Now, it was time for your final act.

That’s when you noticed the detective. She was a fiery spirit, older, and really didn’t like you. Interesting development, she was being followed by two other detectives. You took another look as you tried to pull the crowd closer to you; they weren’t detectives they were FBI. Sadly this meant you couldn’t pull off your real final act, so you’d just have to settle for a disappearing illusion instead.

You had what looked like a changing tent on wheels; it was circular and had a long black curtain that dragged on the ground. It was perfect and you borrowed in from the shop that was behind where you were preforming so it wasn’t your responsibility to clean up. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll need a volunteer who’s very good at walking.”

“I’ll volunteer, (Name).” The detective called to you, but she was still working her way to the front of the crowd with the two agents.

You tsked. “Sorry detective, but you just got here so that’s not very fair.” You grabbed a girl who was in the very front and you enclosed yourself inside the curtain. “Okay, sweetheart, I need you to spin this thing around three times, and then the detective will pull back the curtains and I’ll have a surprise waiting for her.”

Of course, you were standing in the back of the crowd by the time she pulled back the curtain. You would have gotten farther but you really liked the look on the detectives face when she pulled aside the curtain to find you missing. You quickly slipped on a sweater, and as cheesy as it was you also put on a pair of fake glasses. But it did help you blend easier in the crowds Vegas seemed to draw in. You were checking behind you, trying to see if any of the agents were coming after you, when you walked straight into someone.


Spencer had a feeling that you’d escape the moment you saw the detective, so he kept his distance from the scene while Derek and Emily followed the detective. He couldn’t get a good view of you from where he stood but he could see the act. He was able to see you escape, but then he lost you in the crowd. He was scanning to see if you somehow got ahead of him, when someone knocked right into him. He wasn’t expecting it and the person was going at full force so that you both fell onto the ground.

Well, Spencer fell onto the ground, while you fell on top of him. You groaned in pain, before bolting up to a sitting position. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

Spencer looked up, and recognized immediately that you were the suspect they were looking for. But he felt his breath stolen away from him, as he got lost in your beauty. It was more than that of course, but he couldn’t stop his heart from racing at just the mere sight of you. As a profiler, Spencer could see your ability to care and be gentle even with your tough exterior. All these complex thoughts raced through his head in a matter of seconds but he suddenly became extremely aware that you were still sitting on top of him. “I’m alright, but could you get off of me? I have a thing about germs.”

“Right and we’re on the side walk, in Vegas.” You quickly stood up, and Spencer could see you wincing as he got up too.  

“Are you okay?”

“I just scraped up my hands a little, again, I’m sorry.” You made a move to walk away, but since you were the suspect they were looking for, Spencer couldn’t let you leave.

“I have some bandages and some antibacterial spray in my car. It would be best to get that taken care of.” Spencer saw the indecision on your face, but he also noticed the way you scanned the crowd behind you and saw the detective, Derek, and Emily heading towards the two of you.

“That sounds…” You gave one last look at the detective before interlocking your arm with Spencer’s. “Wonderful. Please, let’s go right now.”

Spencer started to lead you back to the SUV’s they came in, when you suddenly jumped away. He didn’t know if you were on to him, so he didn’t say anything until you gave him a shy look, blushing slightly.

“Sorry! You said you had a thing with germs, I have a tendency to invade personal space, sorry about that.”

Spencer was more surprised that he didn’t even really notice, he was always worried that something about her seemed familiar to him. He rubbed his arm suddenly feeling nervous. “It’s no problem. My car is right here.”

You inspected the SUV, and Spencer couldn’t have timed it better. Right then, the Detective and the rest of his team walked up. The Detective had handcuffs on you before you could even let out a curse.

“Come on, (Name), we need to bring you in for some questioning.”

So that’s how you ended up in an interrogation room. Glaring daggers and the cutie that conned you here, along with one of the other agents who caught you.

           Cutie started the conversation. “So, (Name), you’re a magician?”

           “That’s the best name for me, Spencer.”

At his confused look, you only smirked. The cuffs luckily didn’t stop you from reaching your pocket. You pulled out his official F.B.I. ‘badge’ and threw it on the table. He quickly swiped it up, still looking a little lost of when you were able to grab it.

“So you mean you’re a con artist.” You think her name was Emily, Agent Emily. She obviously didn’t like your tricks.

           “I preform, people pay me, and I’m good at a little slight of hand. I used to have a professional stage but now I do just fine on the streets.”

           “Your stage? Where you used to perform with your partner Stephen Roth?”

           You rubbed your head. If you were here because of that idiot you were going to lose it. “Doesn’t he go by something else now, what was it? Stephen Shade?”

           Spencer finally spoke up again. “Shadows.”

           “That still sounds shitty.” You felt a little tension grow in the air. You should have guessed, F.B.I. wouldn’t be coming after you if Stephen was just bad to his old habits. “What happened? Did he do something?”

           “You don’t seem surprised that this is about him.” Emily noted.

           “Yeah, well he was an asshole with a gambling problem and violent tendencies.”

           “We suspect him of committing five murders. All of young and attractive women.”

           Well that stopped you. Murder? But he promised you he was getting help, why would he lie to you? After you forgave him even, for stealing your show.

           Emily gave Spencer a look, apparently it was a surprise to them that you didn’t know about this. “This must be quite shocking for you, but it’s really important that we find him before he can hurt anyone else. According to our profile we don’t have much time before he grabs his new victim.”

           You shook your head, probably too aggressively but you couldn’t believe this. You didn’t want to believe it.

           Spencer spoke to you now, softly in a tone that brought a sense of clarity to your head. “You can help us, and help him. We just need to know places that he’d be, he’s not at his house or anywhere near the stage he performs at. Is there any place you know of that he’d be?”

           You did, you knew exactly where he’d be.

           But you weren’t telling them that.

           Spencer watched you exit the police station, not being able to shake the feeling of him doing something wrong. What was he supposed to do chase after you? His eyes lingered on the door too long, he was caught.

           “Pretty boy, what are you thinking?”

           Spencer tried to snap himself out of it but he couldn’t. “She wasn’t saying everything. I think she knows something.”

           “What like a partner?”

           “No.” Spencer said with just a bit too much force. “Um, no. Just that she knows something that might put her in danger.”

           At that moment, an officer rushed out of one of the rooms and out the front entrance. The team could hear what sounded like shouting before the man rushed back inside.

           “Agents!” He greeted them while running up to them. “I was watching your informant leave the station on the cameras and she was grabbed down the street almost out of view of the camera. A man in a truck hit her over the head, then dragged her into the truck and drove away.”

           Hotch spoke up, while the rest of the team was already in motion. “Send that footage to our tech analysis, hopefully we still are able to catch up.”

            Spencer was first out the door and instead of waiting for his team; he hopped in one of the cop cars that would be leading the chase. Spencer couldn’t believe that he just let you go, when you obviously knew something. Now you were in even more danger, and he didn’t know why but he couldn’t let anything bad happen to you.

           Before anything you felt the pain. Someone had split open your head you were sure of it. You knew exactly where you were before you even opened your eyes. It was a vacant house, on the bad side of town. You two used to come here to practice new tricks and work on your act before you got your own stage.

           When you opened your eyes, you were disgusted on the point of vomiting. Red and blue lights outside the window lit the room, every stain, every fragment of what used to be a human and a lifeless girl sprawled out on a mattress on the floor.

           Stephen looked dirty, he was scratched up too those claw marks from human nails were visible as he peaked through the window holding a gun.

           “Oh, Stephen.” You groaned surprising him. “What happened to you?”

           “Shut your fucking mouth. Things weren’t the same when you left, no one could get it right like you could.” You saw the crazed look in his eyes, he was too far gone.

           “It’s not our time to die Stephen, put the gun down.” From the corner of your eye you were able to see shadows in the kitchen. You didn’t dare look away, but you really hoped it was that Agent coming to pull you out of here. This wasn’t the Stephen you worked with or knew. This was a monster.

           “ I know… I know what I did was wrong but once I started I couldn’t stop. It was addictive better than any drug, or any performance. But there is only one way out of this for me.” He said tapping the gun to his head, finally turning back to the window. “(Name), I’m not going alone either.”

           You twisted to face behind you, fear starting to take control of you, and were relieved to see Spencer standing there.  If Spencer could trick you into getting taken into custody, than he could handle Stephen. Spencer was gesturing for you to come towards him, so you tried to slide as quietly as you could.

           “You were my partner (Name), you deserve better than a bullet.” He spoke to you while still gazing out the window, but his venomous tone made you pause. “Maybe I’ll let you see exactly what those other girls saw, how their final moments were ended by me.”

           You looked back to Spencer with tears forming in your eyes, your heart was pumping so fast you could barely hear and you felt your breathing start to turn heavy.

           Spencer mouthed at you, still remaining out of Stephen’s sight. “Calm down,” He mouthed. “I’m here, just come to me. It’s okay.”

           You couldn’t take this anymore, you quietly made your way to your feet and now being able to stand ran to Spencer as other agents ran past you towards Stephen. Spencer grabbed you quickly embracing you and covering your ears as you cried onto his bullet proof vest. Gunshots went off, you wanted to scream but it couldn’t escape your throat. So instead you just held onto Spencer and cried as you heard the body of your old friend fall to the floor.

           Once he was sure the gunshots were through he used his hands to hold you and stroke your hair. “I thought,” You mumbled to him. “You had a thing with germs.”

           “You were already on me once today, so just for you I don’t really mind.”

Separate Lives, Ch 25 (25/?)

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Fic tag: It will also include notes on the fic and music and lyrics inspiration :)

Read it also on Ao3 or FF

Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for reviewing this and laschatzi for encouraging me to write this idea!

A/N. Is everyone else dying from Liam Jones feelings or is it just me?

Chapter 25 – The Chance

Don’t lay our love to rest
cause we could stand up to the test
We got everything and more than we had planned
More than the rivers that run inland
We got it all in our hands

All for Love, Rod Stewart/Bryan Adams/Sting

He noticed Mac’s eyes on him the moment he entered the office. Mac took one look at Killian and knew it was going to be an interesting day, to say the least.

“Everything alright, Killian?” Mac asked.

“Aye…” Killian replied. “I just need some time to figure this out.” He said. Mac was about to ask what exactly he meant by “this”, but bit his tongue instead. “Do you mind if I use the office?” Killian pointed to the vacant office nearby.

“Killian, you know very well that will be your office once they make you captain. You don’t have to ask permission to use it.”

Killian nodded and headed there. Mac couldn’t control himself any longer.

“What do you want me to do when she comes looking for you?” Mac asked directly and Killian gave him a confused look. “I’m not an idiot, Killian. I called you ten times last night. You never picked up. I drove to your house… you were not there.”

“I was…” Killian started sheepishly but Mac cut him off.

“Don’t you dare lie to me by telling me you were on your boat, mate.” Mac sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Just tell me what you want me to tell her when she comes looking for you.”

“Send her in.” Killian said.

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Eye of the Storm

Author: zepppie

Word Count: 1900+

Characters: Dean, Reader

Summary: A hurricane has you stuck at the bar where you work. But a man–a legend–you only know by name walks in and makes your day more interesting.

A/N: My submission for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Celebration Challenge! My prompt was SFW03. This story took a turn of its own so I think it might be a series but that depends on your feedback :) Enjoy!

“…trees and power lines, closing down many of the major roads. Everyone is advised to remain indoors. Stay tuned for more upda-”

The little TV above the bar fizzled out, along with any hope you had of making it home. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken a shift so soon after a hunt, but you had to earn back some major losses (silver bullets were expensive as hell). Then this hurricane made landfall, leaving you stuck at an empty bar with an ache in your left shoulder.

Now the power was out. The cherry on top of your shit sundae.

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