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Snake’s Snakes: A Guide

As someone who loves snakes, I really love Snake. Of course that also means I really love his snakes, and as someone who’s always been kind of a biology nerd, I thought to try my hand at classifying them. This was honestly really fun to do, and I hope some of you enjoy it!

…. says Keats.


Starting with my personal favorite, Emily is without a doubt a kingsnake, and if we want to go further she’s most likely a red milk snake. The distinctive pattern, bands of yellow and black on red, are actually a trademark of many kingsnake species. This clever disguise is used to mimic the venomous coral snake, keeping predators away.

Some fun kingsnake lore, these constrictors got their name because they hunt and consume other snakes when given the opportunity. They even hunt rattlesnakes, and have a high immunity to their venom.


Next we have Oscar, who is most definitely a red-tailed green ratsnake. Don’t be fooled by the name, their tails are typically not red, but a light brown. Oscar was also very easy to identify, the tail and the cute blue tongue really gave it away.

Interestingly, this species is known for having quite the attitude when kept in captivity, which I find translates well into Oscar’s cheeky personality. These snakes are also exceptional hunters, waiting in treetops to strike birds in mid-flight.


My second favorite noodle, Donne, is a tiny little thing called a blind snake. At first I thought he might be a worm snake, but the length and lack of eyes made me reconsider (blind snakes have very small rudimentary eyes that are barely visible, especially from a distance). These little cuties are harmless, and indeed small enough to sit on the human ear, at only 8 cm long (they can grow up to 16 cm, but not usually).


This dazzling noodle here is a corn snake, but not just a corn snake. Goethe is partially albino! If the striking fluorescent orange coloring and pretty pink eyes weren’t enough, he’s got a lovely pattern that certainly screams “creamsicle” to me.

Unlike Oscar, corn snakes make lovely pets with even temperaments, second only to ball pythons (though I guess I’m a little biased).  


Unlike Goethe, Keats is completely albino… which made pinpointing him a little difficult. It also doesn’t help that he has no patterning whatsoever. So, going by the shape of his face and his total size, I’d say Keats is most likely an albino gopher snake.


This one was a little tricky, despite his pattern it was difficult to pinpoint what Wordsworth could possibly be. After mulling it over, I realized he’s a corn snake. Though the pattern might look a little different, it follows the same rule, and the head and pupil shape match.

A good rule of thumb, if the pupil is round and the head is small, it’s most likely a constrictor. Venomous snakes tend to have slit pupils and skinny necks (and big fat heads). This helps identifying to some degree.


Wilde is a big ol’ snake most people know, a boa constrictor. As far as they go, he’s certainly tiny, but his face and body shape are near identical (the pear shaped head is pretty indicative of large constrictors).

Despite being fairly small for a boa, Wilde is still a hefty snake, and would probably weigh upwards of 20-27 kg. That’s a lot to hold on your shoulders! 


Unlike the rest of Snake’s snakes, Webster stands out in that he’s the only venomous one here. His pattern, bright yellow eyes, and slit pupils all indicate that he’s a copperhead. Another difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, the fangs are only prominent in venomous snakes (non-venomous snakes don’t need to pump venom, so their teeth are smaller and hook-shaped). Despite being a pit viper, copperhead’s venom has a low potency, and the snake themselves are considered none aggressive.


Despite searching through almost every arc and skimming through the ovas, the only panels I’ve found of Bronte were of absolutely no help… I can’t even fathom what he might be. He is… a mystery.

On Camera

Or that one time Lance decided to live-stream when he really should’ve been resting. The (established) klance YouTuber AU that no one asked for, but you’re all getting. Domestic klance sharing an apartment is my jam, and throwing a little angst in there is a bonus.

I’m actually really happy with this, and if people like it I might do an actual long AU thing with this setting, so feedback is appreciated! For now though, just a one-shot. This is also proof that the best writing for me happens at 3 AM… oops. I hope you enjoy!!

Psst @taylor-tut this is that thing I not-so-discreetly mentioned in my tags, have a wonderful day.

Lance McClain was a rulebreaker in every way, except for one thing. He believed it was always necessary to have a routine, and never stray from it. If asked, he’d inform you that a steady routine was the foundation for a steady life.

Showering every morning, brushing his teeth every night, thinking of a cheesy one-liner for Keith each day without fail, the list went on. Little things.

One of his many routines was to live-stream, always on Sundays. Because who did anything besides sit at home, definitely not with a hangover, on Sunday?

New videos went up on Wednesdays, but the carefully edited ones on YouTube and his live-streams were very different. Many fans even preferred seeing him live, mainly because he couldn’t stop himself from making bad jokes, and was usually too lazy to straighten his bedhead.

And they would always ask him to go bother Keith in the next room, which Lance more often than not was obliged to do.

So when he woke up late one Sunday with a killer headache and a stuffy nose, Lance wasn’t about to let it get in the way of his routine.

He discovered a note from Keith on the kitchen table that said he’d be out running errands, and Lance lamented that he hadn’t been awake to tell Keith to get soup. After shooting him a quick text, the only response Lance got was “You don’t even like soup.”

Lance chuckled softly, which quickly led to a series of wet coughs. Clearing his throat, he began to set up his camera, wrapped himself up in blankets, and started the stream.

“Hey guys,” he said with a small wave, and winced at how raspy his voice sounded. He sniffled, and edged the off-screen box of tissues closer to him.

The chat was quickly flooded with “HELLO”’s and “LANCE!”’s. By now, all the fans knew when he went live. Lance was, however, surprised to see several inquiries about his health.

There were quite a few “Are you okay”’s, and even some “You seem sick”’s, with one of Lance’s personal favorites being “You look like shit.”

He read off the last comment with a short laugh. “Thanks, KeiththeKutie05.” Then, as an afterthought, he added, “Nice name.”

After a short pause of him continuing to scan the chat, he spoke again. “I’m fine though, just got a cold or something. Nothing could stop me from live-streaming!”

As the viewers seemed satisfied with this response, Lance wasn’t surprised to see the usual repetition of “Where’s Keith?” in the chat. He sighed.

“Mullet Boy is running errands,” Lance told them, rolling his eyes for effect. “Probably going out to buy a new pair of fingerless gloves.”

Keith and Lance had been sharing an apartment for some time now, and the Internet was very invested in their relationship, or so it seemed. Keith was annoyed by the whole thing at first, but Lance found it entertaining that his fans seemed to like Keith better than him. Lance could, admittedly, relate.

Eventually, the accidental publicity that came with dating a YouTuber inspired Lance to make a collab channel for them, though Keith never got his own. He insisted that he was too awkward to film anything by himself, which Lance secretly found adorable.

Numerous people began telling Lance to prank Keith when he came back, to which Lance grinned. Playing tricks on Keith during live-streams had become somewhat of a tradition in and of itself. “Maybe I will,” Lance tapped his chin thoughtfully. “You guys got any ideas?”

Lance read through some of the responses but saw nothing particularly appealing, then perked up at someone asking when he’d do a video with Hunk again.

“Actually, I got some good news for you guys,” Lance declared, sneezing into his elbow before continuing. “Hunk and I are going to be playing videogames on Pidge’s channel sometime next week, and Hunk has both of us coming over to his and Shay’s for a baking video. I haven’t decided what we should do for my part yet. Maybe a Q & A?”

Once again, Lance’s eyes scanned through the suggestions until his eyes snagged on one he liked. “Cards Against Humanity, huh? With YouTube’s shitty new rules it could get demonetized, but I do love that game, so why not? I’m positive Pidge owns it, and I can tell them to bring it over. Maybe I can even convince Keith to play with us.”

Lance couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic response that got.

“I think I’m going to get myself some more coffee,” Lance decided, looking down at the empty mug resting on a coaster. “Last night Keith made me watch this really scary movie, so I naturally had trouble falling asleep. Gotta have coffee to keep myself functioning. Do you guys prefer coffee or tea? Keith and I are both coffee people, but he likes his black. No sugar or anything, disgusting if you ask me.”

Lance almost regretted this comment as a war of opinions on black coffee slowly took over his computer screen.

“Well, anyway, I’m gonna go to the kitchen real quick. I’d bring my laptop but… I’d probably spill coffee on it, and we can’t have that.”

Lance stood, and was about to start towards the next room when his vision abruptly blurred and refocused. He knew immediately something was wrong.

His legs felt like jelly, and the room seemed to spin as he took a single step forward. Had he only been fine when he was sitting? Lance had half the mind to sit right back down, but his brain was growing muddled, and direction simply didn’t make sense.

Lance’s migraine flared abruptly in intensity, and then suddenly the wood floor was rushing up to meet him. Everything went dark.

Keith glanced at his phone as he moved around to the back of the car, where he’d stored the groceries, and had to repress a fond smile at the Twitter notification on the screen. Lance was, apparently, live-streaming. Keith thought he might actually miss his time-slot for once, but he figured by now he should be used to the Cuban boy’s dedication to routine.

Lance’s channel got some negative feedback from more ‘sophisticated’ YouTubers for being… all over the place. A dedicated beauty guru, or PrinceLotor as his channel was called, had dragged Lance on Twitter on more than one occasion.

Lance was anything but consistent when it came to videos. He did whatever he felt like doing that week, and the fans loved it. Sometimes he played songs on his guitar, sometimes he did prank-calls. He would film Q&A’s, or tell stories about all the interesting stuff that happened in his life— Lance’s bad luck was rather famous. He recommended TV shows, did hauls of what he got for holidays, vlogged on occasion when he went to stores, you name it.

But Lance’s favorite thing to do were collabs.

Hunk, an incredibly smart engineer, had a baking channel as a hobby, and Lance was his favorite assistant.

Pidge was a newer gaming channel, but their obsession with theorizing about the game’s lore while playing and busting other fan theories made them grow in popularity quickly. For two player games, Lance was ideal.

Allura was an extremely popular beauty channel, and Lance let her give him makeovers whenever she wanted to. Shiro could use extra actors in his short films.

And Keith… well, the two of them had a channel together that had no pattern whatsoever, much to Lance’s dislike. Absolutely spontaneous and random, usually doing things by popular fan request, like dancing or karaoke. And uploads were by no means regular.

Keith was surprised at how much he had started to enjoy it. Lance had been telling him he should start an art channel, with animations and speedpaints and the like, and Keith wasn’t… that opposed to the idea. It could be a useful source of income, to help with all the debt he would come into after graduating college. But he’d never tell Lance.

Without thinking too much of it, Keith swiped right across his screen, taking him to Lance’s tweet about the live-stream in order to like it. He was about to close his phone again and begin taking groceries up to their apartment when his eyes snagged on something odd.

Lots of the replies to Lance’s tweet mentioned him, particularly the recent ones, even tagging him in it. Keith couldn’t fathom why they would be talking about him if he wasn’t on the stream, unless Lance was complaining about him live again.

Keith bristled. Lance better not be still annoyed at him for the movie the last night. Signs wasn’t scary at all, and not even a real horror movie! Lance simply stated that ‘he didn’t mess with aliens.’

But when he looked at all the mentions, Keith felt his irritation give way to confusion, and then panic.


Keith slammed the trunk, all groceries forgotten as he sprinted into the apartment building and ran for the stairs. They only lived on the third floor, and he was not about to wait for the slow, crowded elevator.

He fumbled to fit his key in the lock and opened the door to the living room, only to spot the live-streaming set up, with no Lance. Keith rushed forward, but drew up short when he realized that Lance was in fact passed out on the floor in front of the couch.

“Oh my god— Lance!” Keith sank down beside him, turning his boyfriend over. “Lance, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Lance’s eyes opened slowly, and Keith felt relief flood his system, despite the uncharacteristically pale skin. “K-Keith? Wha… I thought you were shopping?”

“I’m back,” Keith answered shortly, wincing as he pressed a hand onto Lance’s forehead. “Jeez, you’re on fire. Why didn’t you tell me you were this sick?!”

“Are you a fire?” Lance mumbled under his breath, and Keith furrowed his brows in confusion.

“What? No, Lance, I was saying you have a fever.”

“Because you’re hot and I want s'more,” Lance continued, as if he hadn’t heard him at all. Keith was suddenly painfully aware that the live-stream was still going, and that his face was even more flushed than Lance’s, and not because of a fever.

Keith glanced at the computer sitting on the coffee table briefly, noting that most of the chat was full of random keyboard smashing. He smiled apologetically. “At least he’s conscious,” he shrugged, hoisting Lance up off the floor and propping one of his arm’s around Keith’s shoulder. “I’m going to take this idiot to the hospital, he’s way too hot.”

“So you finally admitted it,” Lance’s voice was barely audible, and Keith glanced back down to see him grinning up at Keith tiredly.

“I meant your temperature, dumbass. Next time, tell me when you’re not feeling well.”

And with that, he shut off the stream.

The ‘You’re Assuming Sexuality Based on Stereotypes’ Argument pt. 1

In many of the bi!Dean arguments floating around the fandom, people often use as ‘supplementary’ evidence for Dean’s queerness various moments in the text which show Dean doing or liking something that is stereotypically feminine. Many of the antis have taken this to mean we are using questionable stereotypes to interpret Dean as queer. However, often this critique is based on a misunderstanding of what the analysis/claim actually is regarding such moments. 

Often these textual disclosures occur in a larger context wherein Dean has previously said he’s not into X thing (which is coded as feminine) and then later on it is revealed that he, in fact, IS into X thing, and was simply putting on a front of masculinity (what many in the queer Dean meta community have dubbed “Performing Dean”) 

A non-exhaustive list of examples (GIFs not mine):

This pattern has developed into a standing aspect of Dean’s characterization. Sometimes it takes 10 seasons worth of time for Dean to admit he likes the thing. Sometimes it will happen in the space of an episode, and sometimes even within the space of a single scene. But it follows a very predictable pattern: Dean expresses distaste for the thing, and then later on he’s like, actually, I like the thing, and I was just trying to maintain the front of my own masculinity when I said I didn’t. Now, this textual pattern’s relationship to understanding Dean’s sexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not Dean likes ‘feminine’ things. That is not the issue at all. Him liking feminine things is not what matters here. What matters here is the initial denial.  

What reads as queer about all of this is the multiple interconnected patterns it establishes:

1) Dean is a character who lies and misrepresents his true feelings about what he actually likes and does not like (one of the reasons why his ‘I don’t play for your team’ declarations don’t really hold a lot of water with us) 

2) Dean is especially apt to lie about liking things that undermine his own sense of ‘proper’ masculinity (which being queer likely also would in his mind)

Our argument regarding these moments is not Dean likes chick flicks, or Taylor Swift music, or cucumber water, therefore he is queer. That simply IS NOT the argument. 

The argument is, Dean repeatedly and consistently hides and denies liking things he actually does like because those things are – in HIS mind – too feminine. This pattern of behavior is explicable by interpreting Dean as queer, given that it would explain why he has so much anxiety about these other ‘threats’ to his masculinity, petty and insignificant though they may be. Him being revealed as queer would also simply fit in with that larger pattern (i.e. he denies being into dudes, because his precious masculinity is threatened by it, and then he eventually breaks down and admits, yeah I actually do like dudes, just like I actually do like silly soap operas, and chick flicks, and Taylor Swift music, and cucumber water, and, and…)

And AGAIN, we’re not making a correlative argument that if you like feminine things (as a man) you are queer, or more likely to be queer. We are arguing that a repeated investment in hiding your actual enjoyment of ‘feminine’ things, as a man, suggests you a) aren’t always honest about what you like, and b) you clearly have some masculinity issues, which could easily be explicable by being closeted. It doesn’t automatically mean that, but those two things often are correlated (having masculinity anxiety and being closeted, as man). 


It’s not the liking of feminine things that suggests the queer reading. It’s the initial denial attached to liking feminine things that suggests the queer reading. And not because feminine (in men) = queer, but because anxiety about appearing feminine (in men) implies a potential closeted state (due to the false but still often operative correlation in our culture between male heterosexuality and ‘proper’ masculinity)

Since before Trump was elected I’ve seen discussion of using magical action against his presidency, and alongside that, I’ve seen criticism of said magical action. It’s now almost nine months since he was elected, time enough to gestate a friggin’ baby, and the 200th day of his presidency. That’s enough to evaluate both his presidency so far and the results of any magic against him and his agenda, and it’s also time enough to evaluate the criticisms of that magic.

Here are the usual criticisms I see levied in regards to magical action against Trump or other public figures:

  • It isn’t working because magic against a public figure you’re not personally connected to doesn’t work.
  • It isn’t working because too many people are casting at once.
  • It isn’t working because someone is countering for the person/the person’s position lends them protection.
  • It isn’t working because people were public about using magical action.
  • It isn’t working because everyone doing magic is an ineffective newb.
  • It isn’t working because you’re not doing magic the way I think you should be doing.
  • It isn’t working, and in fact through some convoluted logic it’s helping him instead.
  • It isn’t working because I’m assuming that every single person did that one binding spell that was published and also did it exactly word for word and on the exact dates it was planned for, and nobody did any different kind of work whatsoever or adopted different kinds of tactics.

Now, I can rebut a lot of those points, but I want to address a fundamental thing all those criticisms share: “it isn’t working.”

My question is: says who?

Do you read the news? I have been reading the news, both Politico’s main page and a scan of Google News’s top international and US stories, almost every day since the election began drawing near. Since Trump’s presidency started, I have seen a clear pattern: he has barely gotten any shit done. It’s his 200 day mark right now and many of his 100 day objectives remain unfulfilled. He’s got his own party controlling the entire US legislature and he can barely pass anything. Not only that, but he and his family and associates are constantly getting tarred by allegations of Russia collusion that will not go away because firing the special prosecutor in charge of looking into those allegations would be political suicide for him. He only makes his situation worse and worse as time goes by, either not appointing enough people to get his agenda done or fouling up negotiations over his own legislature or outright saying different things than his own communications office says on the same dang day. The Republican party leadership is largely troubled by Trump’s effects on their party and how to keep hold of congressional seats in 2018 and even how to keep their party united. Last year, Trump was looking like one of the best things to happen for them, a guaranteed way to pass lots of conservative Republican legislation and tilt the entire US further towards their party. Now the legislature is mired in quicksand and the current president has the lowest approval ratings in the history of approval ratings. (Like I don’t think that binding spell was the absolute best constructed spell ever but… a lot of these legislative agenda results do seem like what you’d get from a general binding against an agenda causing harm…)

I think some people expect immediate success from a spell to, say, make him fall over into a coma or make him immediately be impeached. The latter is largely unrealistic barring some very direct connection to the target of a spell and the former is entirely impossible because of how actual impeachment procedures go. But seeing neither happen, some people assume that any magical action must be failing completely or in its failure is producing the opposite results.

Exact magical results can often be difficult to determine in a complicated situation and so that’s why people are often prompted to do divination to determine those results. So I ask people who claim that all of the magic is completely ineffective or propping Trump up: what is telling you this? Since it can’t be an examination of the news and of the current political reality in the US, have you been applying divination towards this task to see just what the effects of the magic have been? If not, then what exactly are you basing your criticisms on?

Because from my vantage, what I see are three different reasons for the criticisms being made:

  1. “I don’t want this magic to be successful, so I’m going to say it’s not a success regardless of any proof of the results.” This comes from two fronts: people who disagree with the use of the magic in general, being anti-curse or anti-use of magic in politics, and people who are pro-Trump and therefore obviously biased against this sort of thing.
  2. “I don’t think the people casting are competent, either because I assume they’re all new at it or because they’re not me, and since I’m much better at magic at them that means their magic just won’t work.” This is usually from people who have difficulty imagining magic from other people’s perspective and often comes from a bias towards one specific system of magic (which is always the system the critic uses). Honestly it’s based out of a kind of arrogance that tends to get the critic in trouble eventually.
  3. “I’m projecting an attitude that these people are incompetent and their entire endeavor is a bad idea because I’m covering up the fact that I’m doing the same damn thing.” Props to you for obscuring your work but honestly, this is a shitty way to do it. If you want to keep a secret about something then just don’t talk about it. Using it as an excuse to tear other people down is not only being an asshole, it shows that you’re not a very good person to discuss magic with because you’re more concerned with your own image as a badass magician than with what actually works.

I’m not gonna discuss too in-depth what I’ve observed about the reality of the magic aimed at Trump, because quite honestly, secrecy is… a good thing? But I’d suggest anyone critiquing the whole of all magic that’s been cast for this reason start thinking a bit more realistically about the results. Start reading the news from some informed outlets and learning how politics works if you’re going to do commentary on political magic. Start thinking seriously about how others do magic and how other magical systems work before immediately writing their effectiveness off. And for goodness sakes, if you’re doing your own magical work in this area, don’t publicly tear others down to throw off suspicion about your own measures or as a way to brag about what you’re doing without actually outright bragging. That’s crass and your actions are obvious to those who know how to see through them. Get some perspective and start giving other people than yourself credit for being able to do magic competently too. A competent magician or magical system isn’t the Highlander–there can be more than one.

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i don’t know what i’m doing, and i don’t know if it’s remotely what you had in mind but it broke through my artblock anyway so i count it a victory :P


request: “Hi! I absolutely loved Your recent story, Bittersweet. Is it possible you could write a part 2 when the month has passed? And Draco still loves the Reader and she still loves Him as well or something? Ah! I love your writing thank you for the wonderful stories! Xx” — by anon + “Is there a chance you could write a Bittersweet Part 2?? Super fluffy maybe? I love your writing so much. Thank you! ❤️💛” by @paperrplaness

a/n: thank you, guys 💖 knowing that people out there appreciate my works makes me motivated to write further more! x



The month has passed in such a fast blur that Y/N hardly noticed it for she wasn’t being herself the whole time it did. She was rarely seen out of her house’s common room; the only instances people would get a glimpse of her sunken face would be at break times and class hours — and it wasn’t like she made sure her appearance was known, because she didn’t talk nor made any type of noise for that matter. All she did was listen to the teacher, write down some notes, then after class, would head out before anybody else could attempt to try and start a conversation with her.

Of course, of all the students who took notice of her sudden change of attitude, Draco was the one who resisted so hard to confront her about it, knowing her answer without asking, anyway. He was feeling guilty and regretful for even agreeing to give her space because it was obvious that it wasn’t taking a good effect on her. He wanted to scoop her into his arms, say comforting words in her ear, and assure her over and over again that he loved her and he’ll be there for her no matter what. Yet again, would telling Y/N that he was still hopelessly in love with her make her feel better? Was he even sure that she still felt the same way?

Closing his eyes, Draco tried to get a good night sleep. The moment the sun rises up in the morning, it would mark the day where their deal of taking a break from each other would be disregarded and he could finally talk to her. With another twist and turn on his bed, he looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was already three o'clock in the morning.

He groaned, taking a pillow and putting it over his head, not caring that he was already trickling with sweat due to humidity of the room. The sound of his roommates’ snores didn’t help either, but Draco managed to drown out the noise until he finally felt himself drifting away from consciousness.

Y/N did her usual morning routine the day after. She would arrive at the Great Hall for breakfast, eat a couple of bacon strips and help herself with some orange juice, before standing up and heading out without telling her friend where she was off to. Draco had memorized her pattern that he didn’t bother to eat breakfast himself, but instead patiently waited at the hallways for her arrival.

She didn’t seem like she noticed him for she carried on looking through her Ancient Runes textbook with no interest whatsoever. Though Draco boldly coughed and walked beside her, the young girl’s eyes stopping at a paragraph to instead flicker her attention at the person on her right.

“One month, am I correct?” reminded Draco softly and it was obvious from the look of her face that she knew — she was just surprised that he did.

Snapping the book shut, she nodded. “I suppose it has been a month.”

“Want to take a walk?”

For the first time in weeks, a small smile was seen on her lips and Draco took every inch of restraint not to kiss her at that moment, but instead hold out an arm in hope that she’ll take it.

Y/N sighed, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder and reluctantly placing a hand over his arm. He smiled at the touch, soon striding forward where he noticed a few students were now staring at them with wide eyes and shocked expressions, though he didn’t particularly care and neither did Y/N.

Comfortable silence filled their surroundings as Draco led them close to the Black Lake. Whenever he would take glances at her, he would see that she had her eyebrows furrowed in deep thought and he wanted so bad to know what she was thinking of. He suddenly felt afraid that maybe she was planning on ending their relationship after all, that’s why she was so quiet — though his worries were erased when Y/N finally made eye contact, smiling again.

“How are you?” She asked, retrieving her hand and placing them inside her robes.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “I should be asking you that question.”

“What? Is it wrong for me to ask?”

“I guess not.” frowned Draco. “And I’m okay, but I know I would’ve been better if I were with you.”

“About that …” trailed Y/N, “I — I thought about that night a lot, it’s probably obvious by how much of a wreck I’ve been, and I’ve concluded that it was unfair of me to judge you so quickly. I should’ve just believed you when you told me that it was Pansy’s plan all along, I should’ve at least tried hearing you out — all the things I said, all those hurtful words I told you, I didn’t mean it. I was just afraid, and insecure, and I didn’t want to lose you, and Draco,” she looked at him straight in the eyes. “I love you. I still do. I don’t know how to stop.”

“Then don’t stop.” answered Draco simply, not bringing himself to stop anymore and finally press his lips against hers passionately.

It seemed that Y/N was anticipating his movements because as soon as he kissed her, she immediately responded and pulled him closer. At that mere moment, it felt as though they were the only people around, and it was partially true since the spot where they were standing on wasn’t famous to a lot of students — thanks to the trees that you had to walk over before reaching the destination.

Draco’s palm was against her cheek while her hand was firmly on his neck, her fingers gliding up and down on his exposed skin that made him crazy. Unwillingly, he broke away from the kiss to let themselves breath but didn’t dare to untangle himself from her embrace. He was now grinning, and with a light kiss on her temple, he lifted her up from the ground without warning.

“Draco!” squealed Y/N, slapping his shoulder, the young boy chuckling and putting her down.

“You don’t know how relieved I am right now. You don’t know how I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.” He stroked her cheek. “But Y/N, whatever happened in the past, it was because of the two of us, it wasn’t just you — hell, it might even be on me majority — but what really matters is that we overcame it because I’m not letting you go that easily.”

Y/N returned the big grin on his features. “Yeah, I figured. You’ve put on a pretty good show at the Great Hall with Parkinson last time we talked.”

“You heard that?”

“How could I not?” She crossed her arms. “I reckoned you were purposely speaking too loud to let me listen or you really just wanted to humiliate her that much.”

He snorted. “Well, what I did was nothing compared to what she did. She basically drugged me.”

“I never knew someone can be so desperate.” muttered Y/N bitterly.

“At least you know that you’re the only girl I have my eyes on.” smiled Draco, kissing her forehead tenderly. “Ah, I love you so much, Y/N.”

She let out a contented sigh once more, closing her eyes as she replied. “I love you more, Draco.”

“Narcissistic abuse” is not real.
There’s no such thing.
It flat out doesn’t exist.

There are some narcissists who are horribly abusive, and under no circumstances is that to be permitted or condoned. Abuse is never acceptable, regardless of who commits it.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder can, in some people, increase the risk of abusive behavior. Several of the symptoms make it easier for one with the disorder to fall into patterns abusive behavior, and a lack of empathy and remorse can exacerbate this. It is the responsibility of anyone with NPD to ensure that they never become abusive. Having a personality disorder does not, in any sense whatsoever, excuse abusive behavior.

However, the abuse itself is not fundamentally different from any other kind of abuse. It’s just abuse. It’s heinous and reprehensible, and no one should have to experience being abused. But there’s nothing special or unusual about the abuse, nothing intrinsically distinct from abuse by someone who isn’t a narcissist. The term “narcissistic abuse” is misleading and grossly inaccurate. It also frames the abuse in a way that places blame on the disorder, rather than the person. “Narcissistic abuse” is just regular abuse committed by a narcissist.

Many people with NPD are not abusive at all, and a higher risk of abusive behavior is not the same as being predestined to abuse someone. There is no reason to assume that someone with NPD will necessarily be abusive, and to act as if those with the disorder are inherently abusive is both defamatory and dangerous.

Some narcissists can be abusive.
Abuse is never okay.
“Narcissistic abuse” does not exist.

ASPD and BPD, Why Are They Different?

* Pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of others.
* Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors.
* Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, using aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
* Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
* Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults.
* Reckless disregard for safety of self or others.
* Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations.
* Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.

* Pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships.
*  Frantic Efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.
*  A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation.
*  Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self.
*  Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, drug abuse, or binge eating).
*  Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior.
*  Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days).
*  Chronic feelings of emptiness.
*  Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights).
*  Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms.


Above are the list of symptoms or characteristic traits for ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). I’m going to do my best to sift through these symptoms and differentiate between the two personality disorders. I’m sure, just reading this by yourself, you can already see a few differences and if it’s glaringly obvious that they’re not the same thing, then this post isn’t for you. 


First Symptom: As you can see, those with ASPD have persistently shown to be out for themselves; they disregard the needs of others and only look to benefit themselves. Whereas those with BPD are unstable and have difficulty maintaining any sort of personal relationship; this could potentially be confused with persistent greed and only loving themselves quite like someone with ASPD, but the key difference here is that someone with ASPD is consciously disregarding the rights and needs of others for themselves. Those with BPD are impulsive and unstable in their identity and therefore frequently disassociate themselves with their identity and anything tied to it.

Second Symptom:  These aren’t even remotely the same. Again, someone with ASPD is looking out for them and only them. They will do what they want when they want. Someone with BPD is frequently dealing with abandonment issues (real or imagined) because of their unstable identity and the subsequent impulsivity that comes with it.

Third Symptom: Someone with ASPD is typically a chronic liar. They lie for personal gain or profit in one respect or another; they have the tendency to lie even when it serves no real purpose at all. Someone with BPD, again, has a problem with their identity and the relationships that come along with an identity. But they can still easily form a relationship and when they do, they’re intense in one form or another. The intensity can range from idolizing the other person in the relationship or completely devaluing them. Either way, intense fluctuation of strong emotions are seen here, and that’s completely opposite to the identity of ASPD. Sure, you might see someone with ASPD pretend to elicit emotions for personal profit, but there in lies the problem, they don’t have any empathetic value.  

Fourth Symptom: Those with ASPD and BPD tend to be impulsive and this, at times, can make it very difficult to differentiate between the two personality disorders. You have to remember that some personality disorders share symptoms, but if they’re categorized as different personality disorders they have enough clear and distinct symptoms to differentiate between the two. Though, those with ASPD do NOT share the loss of identity or lack of self-image that those with BPD deal with. Again, someone with ASPD might change their identity superficially in order to manipulate another but at the end of the day, they know who they are and realize that they’re putting on a show and nothing more. Someone with BPD frequently struggles to identity who they really are and why they exist; there is no returning to a normal, stabilized identity.

Fifth Symptom: Both those with ASPD and BPD have patterns of being aggressive at one point or another, but those with ASPD usually get angry or irritable because of X. Y. or Z. Those with BPD can experience random fits of anger for no reason whatsoever. Also, we’ve already established that both can be impulsive, but those with BPD tend to be impulsive in a self-damaging manner whereas someone with ASPD can be impulsive in almost any aspect of life.

Sixth Symptom: Those with ASPD tend to be reckless as well as impulsive. This recklessness comes with a lack of regard for safety for themselves or others around them, but while they may lack regard, they’re not intentionally trying to hurt themselves. Whereas  someone with BPD experiences reoccurring suicidal behavior with the explicit intention to harm themselves.

Seventh Symptom: Those with ASPD are also irresponsible and that’s categorized by failure to be consistent in work ethic, schedule, or anything of that nature. Someone with BPD is unstable in almost all regards. They frequently suffer from an intense change of mood and dissatisfaction with life. While someone with ASPD can be quick to get angry or lose their temper they’re not prone to random mood swings caused by nothing other than their neurological makeup.

Eighth Symptom: Those with ASPD exhibit a consistent lack of remorse that consists  of justifying or flat out not caring about whatever misconduct they’ve caused. Whereas someone with BPD will consistently feel empty. There is a very crucial difference here. While someone with ASPD may not be capable of feeling remorse or caring about their misgivings they usually DO NOT feel empty in their life. Doing whatever you want without regard or care for others is, reversely, rather freeing and invigorating.


BPD has two more characteristics or symptoms more than ASPD so we can look at them by themselves and compare if we have to. 


Ninth Symptom (BPD): Inappropriate or intense fits of anger that the individual usually has a hard time controlling. As we covered before, both those with ASPD and BPD can get angry quickly, but someone with ASPD is more prone to get angry because of a motive or provocation rather than being angry just to be angry like those with BPD.

Tenth Symptom(BPD): Short lasting and stress-related paranoid formation of ideas or dissociation from oneself. Those with ASPD tend to be very detached from their emotions and, therefore, aren’t know to have problems with anxiety or stress; they also tend to be very carefree and removed from any responsibility or obligation which is very inconsistent with the paranoia and stress related problems those with BPD deal with.

In summation, while those with ASPD and BPD do share some key traits they also tend to be dissimilar in many more. Trying to call the two the same thing would be like comparing a shark to a minnow because they both swim and have gills. I hope I’ve helped to clarify the confusion you might (or might not) have had between the two personality disorders.  

Source: DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Addition).


So, uh.  Last weekend, @astraldepths came up with a silly art concept in Slack, and @songofsunset spent a moment or two expounding on it, and then they both presumably carried on with their lives as most people would.  I.. am not, in fact, most people, so I Did the Thing instead. =D

Prompt: cross-stitch sudoku
Specifically, an art project where you do the actual puzzle in black, but you stitch the process of figuring it out, step by step, in a bunch of different colors in thread.

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This is one more example why I admire the Clones in Star Wars.

In this scene shows Rex and Cody looking for the trail of a traitor among them. They have no clues and no leads whatsoever. Despite that, the Clones’ resourcefulness and creativity helps them ultimately find out the traitor. Rex plugs in R2-D2 into their communications log and notices a something that can be easily missed. He spots an unknown, strange pattern in their communications. This prompts him to believe that whoever is behind this irregularity may be the traitor. Sadly, the traitor turned out to be a fellow Clone.

I really enjoyed this scene because it shows the creativity and superiority of Clones over clankers. They may look the same, but each Clone thinks differently. Each Clone has a mind and heart of his own.

How to Talk to a Psychotic Person 3/3/2016

Hi everyone, been a while since I posted a “How to” update about psychosis. The idea for this one came to me from a reader who contacted me who has a relative with schizophrenia and had problems approaching them when they were delusional. I would first like to clear up what I think are a few misconceptions about what a psychotic person is like, then I will get into my tips of how to approach them.

So, what exactly makes a person “psychotic”? It is when they are actively experiencing symptoms of psychosis. This is including, but not limited to, hallucinating, being delusional, or having disconnected thoughts and speech patterns. If you are familiar with what these are, you should be able to very quickly tell if a person is psychotic. For example, if someone says, “The voices are so mean to me today. I wish they’d be quiet.” then they’re probably hallucinating. If someone says, “The government wants me dead. They put up cameras in my house and are watching my every move.” then they’re definitely delusional. If someone is talking and their speech patterns make no sense whatsoever, chances are their thinking is pretty disconnected due to psychosis. “Psychotic” is NOT a synonym for “dangerous” or “deadly”. A large majority of the time, a psychotic person is much more of a risk to themselves than to anyone else. So just because a person is experiencing psychosis doesn’t mean they want to kill someone (it rarely does). There are certain delusions where a person can become dangerous to others, but on the whole, those kinds of delusions are fairly infrequent. Unless the psychotic person specifically expresses a desire to harm others, there’s really no reason to fear them.

One note I’d like to make about delusions; something I read in a book. In the most strongly delusional person, it may be impossible to get them to believe their delusions aren’t true. This is not to say you should instantly give up on trying to help delusional people; it’s just saying that in some cases, there is not much you can do.

Onto the tips of how to talk to a psychotic person:

1) If they’re hallucinating. It’s first best to recognize how the hallucinations are making them feel. Hallucinations are typically very scary. If someone says, “The voices are scaring me”, tell them, “I’m sorry you feel scared, how can I help?” Don’t make them feel like their feelings are invalid. Next, this is the part why you try to tell them that their hallucination isn’t really there. This is not easy to do. Don’t straight up say “They’re not real. Get over it.” because that will not do anything to benefit the psychotic person. Approach them gently. Say something like, “I understand you are hearing voices right now, and I know it must be scary. However, I personally don’t hear anything.You are most likely hallucinating right now.”  This approach should be good for any hallucination. Like for me, I usually have visual hallucinations that I call demons. So I’d say something like “I see demons right now, I feel like they want to kill me.” and my boyfriend says something like “Remember, you have schizophrenia. What you’re seeing right now is a hallucination. Don’t worry dude, there’s nothing here that will hurt you.” and usually after talking about it a little bit, I recognize that they’re hallucinations and get through it. The best way to talk someone through a hallucination is to be understanding of how they’re feeling, and gentle when you tell them what they’re experiencing isn’t real.

2) If they’re delusional. Use logic. Be direct and firm, but not harsh. I already gave one example of how to talk to a delusional person in a previous post, so I’ll use a different example here. Let’s say the delusional person tells you, “I refuse to use my laptop because it is wired to read my thoughts and broadcast them to other people.” Tell them something like, “Here’s the thing. Technology only has the ability to do what a person tells it to; it can’t act on its own.Your laptop, it can only do an action after you input something that tells it to do the action. It is limited to doing what a person tells it to do; it can’t do anything else.” Notice that in the answer, there’s no straightforward “you’re wrong”. It’s all logic based, and truthful. The answer does not skirt around the issue, it directly addresses the person’s fears. But it does not try and make them feel “crazy” or “stupid”; it merely suggests an alternative, more real way of thinking about the issue. That’s the important part: don’t make a delusional person feel bad about the way they are thinking. Instead, suggest different ways of viewing a situation that makes them think more in reality.

I personally don’t have much experience with the disconnected speech psychosis, so I don’t feel comfortable giving advice on how to deal with it. If anyone has any experience with this, feel free to reblog with advice or send me a message with the advice and I’ll post it in a separate blog post.

That’s all for this “How to”. If you have any additional advice, feel free to reblog or message me and I’ll do a follow-up post to this one with reader advice.

How To - Have a Teacher Crush

How To - Have a Teacher Crush

This is a compact how-to guide on how to have a tc, what turns them on and off, and how to get them to cope with this. If anything here is something you wrote or looks like something you might have posted, feel free to message me so that I can add your name and credit you! I am just taking a ton of things that I have read online and on Tumblr and putting it into a big thing!


Oh, and if you enjoy this, feel free to send me a message asking what you would like to see in another TC Guide if I made one! And also, if you want to talk about your TC, my kik is bjrcarebear!

So here it is…..

What is a TC?

A “TC” stands for “Teacher Crush”. Do not let this be confused for thinking that a teacher is cute or hot. A genuine crush is when you just can’t seem to get them off of your mind or you have pictured the two of you together.

I think I have a crush on my teacher. How can I get over him/her?

If you “think” that you like them, then you most likely don’t actually like them or if you do then you will hopefully get over them within a month at the latest. If you have a genuine crush on your teacher, then expect the feelings to hang around for quite a while. In my personal experiences, a crush on a teacher has lasted almost exactly 2 years. I only got over my former TC when I moved across the country and fell for another teacher a whole two years later.

I think I really love him/her! What now?

Alright, take a second to just sit back and process the thought of your TC. Imagine you two growing old together and finding out their quirks. Now I don’t mean their good cute ones, but the ones that they hide from the world. If you LOVE someone, you accept all of them. What if they pick their nose? (Insert “Frozen” gif here) What if they don’t do they’re own laundry or sit on the toilet for 2 hours simply to have some alone time?

Okay, now think to yourself - are you ready to accept all of that and grosser things that might come along? If so, then you just might actually LOVE your TC. I personally have a thing where I HATE feet but I wouldn’t mind him being barefoot and snuggling with me. That is how I know that I love him. What about you?


Men are visual creatures, as are women. We as human beings judge people based off of how they look and that is just how we are. So you want to make sure that you catch your TC’s eye and that it isn’t in a bad way!

Maturity Over Nymphets

Many people with a TC have heard of Lolita and her notorious nymphet-like fashion. Well, I am here to tell you that dressing as a nymphet isn’t exactly going to make them look at you. However, I do not know your TC so if they like dresses or are attracted to cute things (I suppose this only applies to the women teachers, but as I said before, I don’t know your teacher!) then dress like a Nymphet! However, many grown men/women would want to be seen holding hands with someone who looks like their girlfriend, not their daughter.

Looking Mature

If you are taking the route of maturity, then this passage is for you. I shall help you with picking out clothing to wear and what to do with your makeup!

CLOTHING - So for clothing, remember that you want to look as though you are years older than you are. That doesn’t mean dressing like some stuffy business woman or anything, rather than not looking like a hobo every day of your life. I used to do this and got no attention whatsoever. Now though, I dress with a more mature look. Clothing such as…

- Skirts (Pencil, hoop, maxi, etc.)
- Crop Tops (Not ones that show your stomach, but ones that a skirt covers.)
- Anything black!
- Heels/Flats
- Hoop earrings
- Light Patterns
- Knee high boots
- Trench coats

Now this isn’t saying that you can’t wear sweats or jeans because you can, but make sure that if you really want to seem mature most days, that it is worn with a cute top that shows off your curves without it being like, “LOOK AT MY CURVES OMG FUCK ME NOW!” if that makes any sense at all! (I hope it does) The point is to consider your outfits and think to yourself, “Would this get me into a modeling magazine?”

MAKEUP -  So you kind of want to go for a natural look. By this, I mean that you want to make your eyes pop and don’t want to look like you walked out of a Crayola factory either. So try to stick with a foundation that matches your skin tone. I use a liquid foundation from Chanel and apply it with a sponge. It is my skin tone exactly and doesn’t take too long to apply. For me, this is about the extent of my makeup, but for you beauty queens that enjoy wearing makeup (or know how to apply it) then here are things to keep in mind…

- Dark colors make your eyes pop!
- Don’t ever overdue the eye shadow
- Blend the colors (Black - white)
- Blush makes your jaw line more prominent.
- With blush, try not to look like you got beat up by a red crayon!
- Eyeliner is always beautiful! But never over due it!
- Smokey eyes are always beautiful!
- Nude lipstick or anything nude
- Light pink lipstick

- Wear your hair however you see fit, but straight hair is very attractive in my opinion!

As you can see, makeup is a battle between light and dark and never going overboard. As I said before, you want to look like you aren’t wearing makeup while actually wearing makeup.

Looking Like a Nymphet

As I mentioned before, I don’t know what your TC likes and doesn’t like, and I am NOT going to tell you what to wear. So if you want to look like a Nymphet, here are some tips…

Clothing - So the whole purpose of Nymphet fashion is to look cute and girly! So I don’t mean to look like a 5 year old walking out of Walmart rather than a teen with Ariana Grande’s old fashion sense! It is cute and catches the eye. Here are some things that a Nymphet might wear…

- Skirts (If they flow or have cute patterns, then this is great!)
- Crop tops (Make sure it matches the skirt or whatever. You may show some stomach as you wish.)
- Sneakers (Converse, Vans, etc.)
- Ballerina flats
- Wear bright colors, but not neon bright!
- Thigh high socks
- Heels (Wedges usually!)
- Frilly dresses are super cute!
- Checkered patterns
- Cute chokers are great! (Search “Lolita chokers”)

Please, as you dress like the cute Nymphet you are, keep in mind that just because you show your butt, your TC won’t always look your way. Look cute, not trashy. And please please please… NO SCHOOL GIRL STUFF! It is too suggestive and the point is to, again, be cute not trashy.

When it comes to makeup, I find that this is kind of Nymphet-ish

- Light pink/purple/blue eye shadow
- Eye liner! (Just a tad on the darker side but not too much darker than usual!)
- A liquid foundation to match your skin tone
- Blush
- Light pink lipstick
- Bright red lipstick
- Mascara!!!

- Wear your hair however you like, though having some curls would look super cute!

Here, makeup is a mix of cute and popping out. However, don’t look like you belong in the circus either, meaning that you shouldn’t go overboard with your makeup!

How to Act

I ask that you follow these in order of the steps. This will gradually add you to their thoughts instead of making them think that you are simply some lustful kid!

STEP ONE - Be an Amazing Student

It doesn’t matter what your personality is, many teachers like the same thing, so here is a GENERAL list of things that you should do in their class to catch their eye. This does not include flirting, though there will be a section on that.

- Pay attention
- Always ask questions
- Always raise your hand to ask questions
- Don’t sit too close to the front of the class (They might know how you feel, then!)
- Take amazing notes!
- Attempt to write as neatly as you possibly can
- Don’t slouch

STEP TWO - Be More than the Average Student

This is kind of a topic that sits on the edge of flirting and being a normal student. This will get them to look your way, but not exactly lust for you. However, you can bet that they will think of you once in a while! (Insert “Phantom of the Opera” gif here)

- Sit on the edge of your desk whenever you can
- Swing your legs back and forth
- Dot your “i” with a heart
- Doodle tiny hearts on your papers as though it is a simple doodle
- When they look at you, hold eye contact
- Smile when they look at you
- Ask how their day is going
- Compliment something small such as their shirt or new haircut or tie!

STEP THREE - Flirt/Seduce Them

Have you followed the first two steps and feel that you are at a point where you are ready to flirt a bit?

-Don’t flirt unless you are 100% sure that you like this person and could see the two of you being together in the future. This will just end a mess if they actually do like you!
- Suck on a pencil every now and then
- Hold eye contact for as long as you can
- A smile is super sexy!
- Ask about your TC and their weekend, night, likes and dislikes, etc
- Find reasons to email them
- Instead of only giving a compliment every so often, give one every day or every other day
- Never come on too strong!
- Being bold is a good thing. Being too bold is a bad thing.
- Keep your TC out of the loop sometimes. Guys in general enjoy having to work to turn the page, not just being handed an open book. So if your teacher asks what you and your friends were talking about, smile/smirk and reply with, “Nothing.”
- Tease them gently. Don’t be an ass hole to them, but poke fun at them at certain things that won’t crush their spirit.
- Make funny faces at them sometimes.
- They won’t always start the conversation, so keep this in mind. You won’t get anywhere simply by awkwardly looking at them from across the room.
- Keep the conversations light (unless they bring up something personal) by never diving into their past or something. Remember that in the end, you are still a student and they are still a teacher.
- Don’t cross your arms or legs (unless you have a dress or skirt on, that is) because this is a sign that you want to back out of a conversation
- Play with your hair a bit! Twirl it around your finger or brush it off of your shoulder.
- Casually touch their arm or something.
- Always turn your body towards your TC while talking to them.
- Keep conversations short and sweet. They might be busy with teacher stuff.
- Don’t complain while flirting.
- DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE WHILE TALKING WITH THEM! (Unless you are talking about cell phones and comparing them aha!)
- Keep gum or mints with you. It not only draws attention to the mouth, but you can also offer your TC some!
- Be yourself!
- It is totally alright to be a bit crazy! People don’t want to date a Barbie, and plus, everyone is a bit crazy so embrace it!
- Be interested in what they have to say. Even if you don’t care in the slightest, act interested!
- Tell them a cheesy joke
- Apparently, according to scientists on Google, the color RED (Insert Taylor Swift gif here) draws attention to you.
- Have a scent for yourself so that whenever they smell it, they are reminded of you. Don’t spray too much though!
- Paint your nails something cute. If you are in the maturity column above, go for a French manicure. If you are in the Nymphet category, go for a light pink or something.
- Never let on that you are nervous to talk to them, even if you are.
- Laugh at their dumb jokes.
- Call them out when their makes a mistake! It will show confidence. However, don’t be a bitch about it haha.
- If you can get a hold of their phone, change their background to something super cute or cheesy.
- Sit in their chair until they make you move.
- Talk about common interests but NEVER fake liking things to make them like you more.
- Don’t flirt forever. If it seems like you two might be able to go farther, don’t be afraid to ask for “study time” or their phone number (If you are super ballsy) or simply their personal email.
- If you don’t feel like you could ever really ask for their number, somehow sneak your number to them or simply give it to them!
- Invite them to a dance you are in or the school musical you are in or something of the sort.

Reading the Signs

So you think that your TC likes you back or favorites you as a student, or simply hates you? Well, here are some ways to tell if what you think is true is actually true or not.

Do They Hate You?

I should start by saying that unless you murdered their pet, they most likely don’t hate you. However, teachers do dislike people sadly. So if they do any of the following, then they might dislike you. However, this is just my opinion.

- Never face you in class
- Never look at you during a lecture
- Give you dirty looks
- Rips the paper out of your hand
- Carelessly tosses a paper on your desk
- Refuses to help you with work but helps other students
- Crosses arms while talking to you
- Only talks to you when he has to
- Makes conversations short.
- If you deserve a high grade and they give you a low grade
- If someone deserves a low grade and they get a high grade
- If you have always been good at said class and all of a sudden your grade drops with this teacher

If you are super brave, ask if they hate you! Also, keep in mind that if they seem to be ignoring you, it might be unintentional.

Are You Their Favorite Student?

It might be a bit hard to tell if the two of you have mutual feelings,

- They smile at you as you talk
- They give you extensions on your paper
- If you mess up in class they don’t embarrass you
- They give you a better grade than you deserve sometimes
- Give you credit on an answer you got wrong
- They make conversation with you outside of class
- They let you pick your own group partner (Or in my case - lets me work alone)

So I would like to point out something that I realized. The difference between being a favorite student and your teacher crushing on you is actually quite obvious. If a teacher has a crush on you, they won’t make it pop out. Like, they won’t give you extra things or talk outside of class. They might actually keep their distance so that others don’t point out their liking you more.

Is the Feeling Mutual?

Continuing on from that last statement, I should point out that teachers talk. If another teacher sees them giving you special treatment, they can say that you are their favorite student. If they like you, they will play it off. So here is how you might know if the feeling is mutual…

- They don’t just smile at you when the two of you talk, but they smirk at you when you aren’t even talking with each other.
- Talks with you after school
- Gets into personal detail about themselves without you even needing to ask
- They wink at you
- Will see if you need help in class even if they know that you don’t.
- Walks past you often (More than he walks past other students.)
- Pay attention to how they act and talks to you verses other students
- They act in a suggestive manner
- Call you beautiful, hot, etc…
- They suddenly starts to like things that you like
- Asks you a lot of questions about you (They want to know you better)
- They lean in towards you while talking
- They go from being super amazingly nice to you and then all of a sudden they are ignoring you. (Guys especially feel that they either need to distance themselves from you or that you will notice and say something.)
- They bring up something that they would have only known had they been on your FaceBook
- They stare at your lips, breasts, or some other part of your body
- You catch them looking at you and then they quickly turn away.
- Asks about a guy you are close with or, if the guy is in their class, they will move one of you so that the two of you are far apart
- They always agree with you
- They seem nervous around you and only you
- Guys will try to seem like the best guy in the world and like they are the alpha
- They are protective of you (more so than with other students)
- They get jealous
- They remember small things about you
- Always tries to impress you
- They stand a bit closer to you than they should
- They give you a nickname
- Inside jokes?
- They are asking around about you
- Talks to/only puts up with people because they are your friends
- If the two of you are talking, they won’t check the time
- Say they tell you exactly what they did over the weekend and tells another student a plain old answer.
- They not only remember small details about you, but the know them off the top of their head.
- They tell you that something reminded them of you
- Maybe you mention in the past that you like a certain shirt of theirs or a certain tie…maybe they wear it more often
- He doesn’t look at the other pretty girls that pass and only looks at you
- They understand you and your mood swings
- Remembers your friends names or family members’ names
- They get you a birthday/holiday gift
- They make a move that shows them wanting to touch you (a hug, resting an arm on your shoulder, etc) but stop mid-way for any number of reasons.
- Cancels plans to help you with something.
- Will talk about girly things with you (if they are a guy)
- Men have up a wall that never crashes, so if he shares personal life experiences with you, then there might be something there.
- They mention being single while around you
- Following that, they keep themselves single even when they could date an adult whom they are close with.
- They let you borrow personal things of theirs (personal books, favorite pen, phone charger, etc…)

Coping with having a TC

So I have a best friend who is not on Tumblr but told me that she has fallen for a teacher. She is the kind of girl who is used to crushing on guys her age and she told me that she doesn’t want to have this. So this is how you cope with having a TC…

If you don’t want it to go anywhere, then follow these steps. Sadly, you could just be ‘friends’ and the heart will want more, so do this to insure that the heart doesn’t get that way.

- Just be a student
- Don’t talk to them outside of class
- Only talk about things related to that class
- Be a good student and keep your grade up, but if you need help, ask a friend or someone else.
- Set the boundary between the two of you somehow.

Wow that is a crappy list, but I just really kind of ship the whole Student and Teacher relationship thing. However, if you follow these steps, you can stop your heart from wanting more than it will ever get.

Making Memories (Memories Part 3)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Read on ao3)

Harry stood in the doorway to their bedroom, watching Draco discard one outfit after the other and smiling. Draco’s insistence to always look his best used to annoy him but now he thought it was very sweet how much thought Draco put in every one of his outfits, especially when they went out on dates.

“What about this?” Draco asked and turned around with a dress shirt in his hand.

Harry frowned. “You do know we want to go to the Aquarium and not a wedding?”


Harry sighed. “I don’t want you to be your proper, stuck up self. I’d prefer if you let out your handsome, more laid back self.”

“What should I wear, then?” Draco asked. He sounded almost desperate.

“You can wear the dress shirt if you’re comfortable in it but you should combine it with something that indicates you didn’t just stumble upon the party after a business meeting. What about the tie with the rainbow pattern?”

Draco scoffed. “That’s obnoxious. I would’ve already thrown it away if it wasn’t a gift from you.”

Harry smiled. “That’s exactly why I gave it to you as a gift. What exactly is obnoxious about it, then?” Harry sat down on their bed. He knew he was in for a monologue.

Draco gave Harry a look that said quite clearly: Its obnoxiousness is so obvious I’m appalled you can’t see it. “First of all, the colours are too bright. It basically screams “I have no fashion sense whatsoever!” Secondly, the stripes are too thin. I would maybe wear it if there was only one full rainbow visible when I wear it but three rainbows are a little too much. Last, but certainly not least, it also makes it obvious to everyone who will get a glimpse of me that I’m gay. I don’t know whether you know what subtle means but that’s what I was trying to go for.”

Harry thought about that for a second. He could definitely see Draco’s point even though he himself loved to flaunt his bisexuality every chance he got. Then he had an idea.

“Remember those badges we got last year at Pride? You could wear a more casual shirt, maybe the dark green one you wore for Luna’s birthday and just pin a badge on it once we’re at the Aquarium so no one but the people with us at Pride will see it.”

“That… actually sounds reasonable,” Draco admitted after a moment. “All right, I’ll do that. But I think I’ll wear a dark blue shirt. It will fit better with the overall Aquarium theme. Thank you, Harry.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” Harry said with a smile, “to annoy you and to sometimes be helpful.”

The Aquarium was Muggle-owned so Draco and Harry apparated to a side-alley close by and walked the rest of the way in comfortable silence. Once they reached the entrance, Harry took Draco’s hand in his and to his relief Draco didn’t pull it away and instead smiled at Harry and squeezed his hand once.

“Subtle enough,” he whispered.

It was Draco’s turn to pay for their date and because he wasn’t entirely comfortable using pounds yet Harry watched him interact with the cashier with an amused smile but was ready to intervene at any time. He was satisfied and even a little proud when Draco managed to purchase their tickets without even looking at Harry for help once.

Before they could walk into the Aquarium proper, Draco held Harry back.

“I still need to put on my badge,” he explained when Harry looked at him confused. He pulled the badge out of his pocket and offered it to Harry. “Do you want to do the honours?”

Harry smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “Sure. Come here.”

“You two can be so disgustingly sweet sometimes,” someone drawled behind Harry. Harry knew that voice. And indeed – when he turned around he found himself looking at Claudia, Luna’s current girlfriend, who he and Draco had only just been introduced to the week before.

“Like you are any better,” Draco drawled right back and pulled Harry towards him by his belt loops.

“I never denied that. I just prefer participating in it over looking at it.”

“Be nice, Claude,” Luna scolded her as she walked up to them. “Harry, Draco, it’s good to see you.” She leaned in and hugged them both at the same time as Draco was still holding Harry close. “Should we go in together?”

Draco, Harry and Luna had all visited the Aquarium before and Claudia seemed more interested in the main attraction of the night as well so they made their way through the halls pretty quickly, only stopping occasionally when Harry or Luna spotted fish they hadn’t seen during any of their previous visits.

They reached the theatre-like room where the show would take place with a few minutes to spare so they easily found a spot to stand from which they could all see the big fish tank in the front of the room quite well.

Not long after, a guy in a rainbow shirt walked over to them. He sneered at Harry and then turned towards Draco.

“Yes, can I help you?” Draco asked politely but without hiding his lack of interest in the conversation.

“If I were you I’d break up with that slut before he can cheat on you with some girl,” the guy scoffed.

“Not that it’s any of your business,” Draco said while he inspected the fingernails of his right hand and used his left to pull Harry closer to him. “But my boyfriend is no slut.”

“Whatever. But I won’t be there for you when he breaks up with you to be with some girl.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Draco drawled, his disinterest and dislike almost palpable now. “Do you want to come to our wedding instead?”

The guy didn’t have an answer for that so he just left before he could make even more of an arse of himself.

Draco sighed and wrapped his other arm around Harry as well so he could hug him properly. “See, that’s why I don’t like flaunting my sexuality in public.”

Harry chuckled and hugged Draco back. “That’s why I like it. I know you will always defend my honour and our relationship.”

“I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to.”

“I know,” Harry said and gave Draco a short kiss. “I’d prefer that, too, but I won’t hide just because there are still a lot of biphobic and queerphobic people out there.”

“Too much PDA,” Claudia complained jokingly once again.

“Oh, shut up,” Draco muttered and hugged Harry a little tighter.

As every year the show the Aquarium put on was magical. In a few instances Harry even wondered whether magic had been used even though he knew it was a Muggle performance and at the end of it, Draco had to say his name several times before he came out of his trance.

“I take it you liked it?” Draco teased when Harry finally acknowledged him.

“Yes, it was amazing. Thank you for taking me here – again.”

Luna and Claudia had already left so Draco used the opportunity and pulled Harry into another kiss before they left as well.

The following post is going to be highly personal. I know I don’t usually post personal content on this blog but unfortunately I don’t know how to make read mores on mobile so apologies in advance. I usually keep these things to myself but lately I’ve just been wishing for a girl who will take care of me. Someone who’ll walk in to the room when I’m least expecting it and blow my head clean off with a UTS-15

For those of you that don’t know, The UTAS UTS-15 originates from Turkey and is a fantastic bullpup 12 gauge, pump-action shotgun. It comes along with two, 7-round magazines that can either feed in a selecting, or an alternating pattern. It’s constructed out of fibre reinforced polymer, which makes it both strong, but also light weight. The shotgun also supports various optical and iron sights, alongside with other add-ons

At this moment in time, some of the main features of the UTAS UTS-15 are its bullpup design, the twin magazine tubes, the top mounted rail, the alternating or selected tube feed, the built-in laser and light controls, alongside with the threaded barrel, thus allowing the gun to be adapted for any situations whatsoever

Next we’ll compare the UTS-15 to some of its closest competitors. Wh

The yaodao, literally “waist saber” was the standard side-arm for the Qing dynasty military. Those of the soldiers of the Green Standard Army were produced by the state under the Board of Works. Officers and soldiers of the elite Eight Banners got paid in silver and were required to commission their own sabers from arms smiths. There were strict regulations for materials used -brass fittings for soldiers, iron fittings for officers- but blade style was not so strictly regulated. As a result, there is an incredible variety of Chinese officer saber blades.

This Example

Overall length: 84 cm / 33 inch
Blade length: 68.3 cm / 26.9 inch
Blade thickness: 6.5 mm (forte), 4 mm (middle), 3 mm (near tip)
Blade width: 32 mm (forte), 31.5 mm (middle), 32 mm (at tip)
Weight without scabbard: 673 grams
P.o.b.: 16.5 cm from guard

Culture: Qing dynasty, China
Materials: Iron, steel, wood.
Dating: Early to mid 18th century.


A Chinese officer’s saber of the 18th century. Sabers from this period are of a higher quality and often exhibit more artistic merit than those of the next century, and are therefore highly sought-after by collectors. It is getting increasingly hard to find examples of good quality and condition.

It is built around a very fine blade, of liuyedao form with a gentle curvature. The blade is in recent polish to reveal its forge folded construction with inserted high-carbon plate exposed at the edges. The body of the sword is forged into an exceptionally lively pattern of “damascus” steel.

The blade of interesting geometry: a narrow groove runs along the spine of the blade, under that a groove in four segments, both terminate right before a false backedge. Under these a pair of continuous grooves, narrow on top, wide on the bottom, that run all the way to terminate in a gentle upward sweep near the tip. All grooves and bevels crafted with considerable care, exhibiting an almost industrial looking precision. Edge contours are still intact, no signs of excessive grinding that are so common on Chinese swords of this age.

It comes mounted in classic iron fangshi fittings that are original to the piece; the original peening at the pommel still intact. There are remains of red pigment on the fittings. This was probably done later in its working life because some of the pigment is in the bottom of the pits in the fittings, indicating the handle aged a lot already before the pigment was applied. (Some of these sabers remained in use over generations, young soldiers inheriting them or buying them from retired Bannermen.) Handle is tight, no movement whatsoever. The grip wrap is new, done by me with my best genuine silk cord. I artificially aged it to match the fittings.


A nice example of a Chinese officer’s saber of the 18th century, with high-quality pattern welded blade exhibiting a very active pattern. It has an interesting configuration of grooves and bevels.

Baby Boy (JB/Jaebum x Male Reader Smut - Submitted)

Author: Finn (aka Finny my beautiful little star who I now see as a sinnamon toasted smut roll) 

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: He just really, really needs his Daddy.

(Warnings: Daddy kink, slight slut-shaming, vibrators, cock ring, overstimulation, Chinese-speaking male reader? obviously you can tell this was a shameless travesty meant to satisfy my own desires, porn with no plot whatsoever ~Finn) 

(Admin Note: i had to put the whole of the actual fic under a cut because it’s all absolute sin. i had no clue Finn could be such a beautiful little slut bagel. but this just follows in his pattern of never disappointing me - his smut is far from disappointing. this fulfills all my hopes and dreams and i hope it does the same for all of you. there wasn’t really anything i had to change about it, it came to me practically flawless. this is something i am so proud to have on my blog. -Tanisha<3)

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Ni-Fi Loop

Ni: Huh. I think I found a pattern here.

Fi: Oh, you might have. That’s neat.

Ni: …but this isn’t a good pattern…

Fi: What do you mean?

Ni: Now that I’m looking closer, I really think there’s something going on here.

Fi: Oh my God, you’re right.

Ni: And look at this! And this! It makes perfect sense!






*three days later*

Te: What the fuck, you guys? Do you have ANY proof of this whatsoever? No? Then what are you wasting time worrying over? Go find some actual evidence instead of sitting in a corner and worrying about it or shut the hell up!

Se: lmao let’s get high to forget all of this

The Honey then the Hatchet

Ok not sure about the word count of this one

Prompt: Hey its ya neighborhood stafou Lover here with a fluffy ass request. I think it’s kinda obvious gaston only showed LeFou affection when he wanted something and so that’s what LeFou expects. So when Stanley shows affection thinks he wants something and he’s fine with it but one day Stanley catches on and just like scoops him up in his arms and is like LeFou honey all I want is your love I promise and maybe lefou just kinda starts sobbing because he doesn’t know how to deal with genuine affection

Holy shit angst yes love it

Warnings: low self esteem, that’s about it

And hella gay

Wow I feel like this is a trend for me

Soph xx

Lefou was never comfortable with compliments, considering that when he was younger they were usually backhanded ones intended to poke fun at him in one way or another, about his weight, his hair, his clothes or god forbid his mother, yet his distaste for compliments only grew after he found how truly manipulative they could be to a person, as with every ‘you look good’ or ‘I didn’t know you could sing’ was another request for a few more sous or a more franks, making him hard of hearing to them.

Of course, stanley didn’t know this, in fact he tried to compliment Lefou every time he saw him in the village, at market, or even in the newly opened ‘Books from Belle’ bookshop. Usually on his clothes, or his hair, or anything that he could possibly comment on in any way, trying to win his affections. Every time, Lefou turned away slightly, or even shook his head, a couple of times he had even laughed sarcastically at himself in a way that stanley wasn’t used to. He was used to Lefou being much more open, after all, in the bar when he was with Gaston he seemed to be, and even flirted back from time to time, yet now he had become more closed to any compliment which was thrown at him, making it very hard to flirt.

It just so happened, that once a month a grand party was held at the Chateaux where everyone would bring themselves in their most expensive finery, despite the trying of the hosts that the gatherings should be far more casual, yet everyone needed to feel a bit more dressed up every now and then.

At this very monthly occasion, Stanley had shown up in his finest embroidered, white waistcoat paired with some equally beautiful trousers, and some boots to complete the ensemble, yet as he walked out towards the village centre where everyone was meeting to take the carriages to the palace itself, he felt something was missing, and as he passed Mademoiselle Fleuredelie’s flower shop, a single white rose caught his eye, and halted him in his tracks.

He slowly turned and made his way back to the shop, and picked the rose from a bunch that sat in disarray on the side of the counter.

“Combien, madame?” He enquirer

“15 cents please.” She replied, holding her hand out to receive the payment. When he handed the money over, she gave him a not and gestured him off towards the last remaining carriages.

The ride to the castle was uneventful, with only the clanging of the horses shoes with the occasional stone as his companion for the time being, yet as he approached the Chateaux, he heard a great number of people in celebration, yet he could never understand what they were celebrating. None the less, he still decided to dress back up every month and join the monthly festivities.

By the time the cart stopped in front of the main entrance. It was clear that the party was in full swing, with the orchestra playing beautifully to welcome any guests whom had arrived late, or to simply encourage the long staying ones whom had been here for hours.

When he finally got to the ballroom, stanley felt himself scan the crowd for the presence of a familiar pink or purple bow amongst the sea of white, yet instead of being greeted by Lefou’s vibrantly coloured neck accessories, he found himself locking vision with a gold embroidery one instead.

Making his way through the crowds of people, he tried to get closer to Lefou, yet every time he tried it seemed that someone made it their mission to get on the dance floor, yet just as he got close, he saw one of the household staff guide him to the floor.

Stanley stood still, watching as the woman glided across the floor with Lefou, twisting and turning in ways he wished that he would with him, yet as he was watching, he felt a hand snake around his waist and drag him into the sea of dancers.

As they connected their hand with his, he looked up to see the face of Madame Garderobe, whom had been the very creator of the outfit he was wearing tonight.

She smirked down at his shirt and then have him a small knowing smile, before twirling him and letting him go into the jumbled mess which people were calling a dance.

Just in that moment, stanley felt himself connect with someone else, as his back and theirs collided, yet instead of jerking away, he felt himself twist around to grab the other persons hand, and spin them so that they would be able to dance just as he was doing. Of course, he would later find out that this was done intentionally, however he came face to face with none other than Lefou.

Lefou blushed, and tried to stutter out a couple of words, yet basic vocabulary seemed to have failed him in that moment, when he saw a silly grin break out on Stanley’s face, as he pulled Lefou closer to him and leaned further towards his head.

“Bonsoir Monsieur.” He whispered gently, still keeping eye contact with the man in front of him.

Lefou was speechless to say the least, his mouth still left open as he tried to stutter out some basic French, yet he still could not say a single word.

“May I say that tonight you look absolutely stunning?” Stanley prompted, with a cheeky flustered grin still plastering his face.

And the illusion was broken.

A humourless laugh left Lefou’s lips before he could help himself, and he felt himself shake his head in disbelief as stanley just watched. He had seen this all before, the dismissal of the compliment which he knew too well.

“What do you want.” Lefou whispered in his ear, still dancing her making space between himself and Stanley, almost to prove a point.

“Want?” Stanley replied, confused by the whole situation.

“Yes want, people don’t just had our compliments, there’s a price tag, always. What do you want.” He repeated his question, looking down to the patterned floor which so many had been swept across, yet he highly doubted that he would be swept off his feet tonight.

“What on earth could I want, when I have everything I want right here.” He whispered in return, refusing to acknowledge Lefou’s words of want and worry.

Lefou looked back at stanley, expecting to see some sort of a taunting smile to illuminate his features, of a sneer of joy at his expense, yet when their eyes locked, he saw only sincerity in those beautiful dark orbs.

He had really been complimenting him, with no gain to himself whatsoever, just for the sake of complimenting him, this whole time?

Lefou felt tears build in his eyes as he thought back to every time that he had been complimented by Stanley, only this time he saw them as genuine, instead of being a mockery, and felt his knees start to go weak at the man that currently had his arm firmly wrapped around his waist.

A tear fell.

“Are you ok?” Stanley immediately asked, a hint of worry lacing his voice.

Lefou laughed yet again, however this time it seemed to be a genuine, proper laugh of joy, one that he had not felt come from his mouth in a long time.

He looked up at stanley and brought both hands to his cheeks, holding them gently before guiding Stanley’s lips towards his, and as they met Lefou felt the grip of his waist getting tighter. his head spinning and his blood pounding, he began to wrap his arms around Stanley’s neck, pulling him impossibly closer, until he released him, gasping for breath, yet still spinning, dancing with the others. Lefou smiled gently.

After a moment, stanley spoke.

“Etienne, there is something I wanted for my compliments.”

Lefou looked up worried, his thoughts reverting to believing that this was all some stupid joke, yet Stanley still smiled brighter than before, his cheeks still painted crimson and his chest still heaving. Pulling the white rose from his pocket, he handed it to Lefou who stared at the small flower in awe.


anonymous asked:

Yandere!Junkrat and Yandere!Roadhog kidnap a girl, but she ends up clinging to Junkrat because she's too scared of Roadhog?


-Both the famous criminals had their eye on you and after a week of keeping track of your ins and outs, the times you kept, patterns and work shifts they had snatched you, it had been so easy for them. The big one, Roadhog having no trouble whatsoever witch picking you up like you were nothing.

- You had begged, sobbed and pleaded for what felt like hours as you banged on the walls and door of the small room that had thrown you in, they seemed to not care, leaving you to your own tears, to panic, to scream, to look for every and anyway out.

- It had been heart breaking to realize there was no way out, and when they traveled so much you would never be found, still you kept the hope alive that these two junkers would slip up and leave a trail for someone to come and scoop you up, save you from the mess your life had become.

- You had been with them awhile now, dealing with their unwanted affections towards you, you had to admit Junkrat, as vile looking and smelling as he was, how his hands couldn’t stop running over you whenever he was close was your preferred one.

- He wasn’t gentle with you, by no means, but he wasn’t the towering, almost silent, monster of a man like Roadhog, who would never take his mask off, would just stare at you with those dark eye holes on the grotesque mask that mocked you.

- Junkrat had been tugging at your shirt and arm trying to coax you into his bedroom with him, you dug your feet into the ground not wanting the clumsy fumbling and dry humping that came from the smaller junker, desperate for you to return his feelings.

- Roadhog stepped into the livingroom and saw what was going on, your eyes widened when the hulking nightmare turned his head sharply and looked at you. You couldn’t help it, being trapped between a rock and a smelly thing you let Junkrat pull you towards him, you latched onto him your shaky arms around his waist, not wanting that mask’s harsh emotionless gaze you buried your face into the sooty skinny chest.

- “Well tha’s moar like it darl’” Junkrat laughed and gripped you harder, you didn’t say anything, just wanted those dull eyes off of you…-