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OK ive been staring at this for like 3 hours and i still dont like it SO 


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Wh... What did pandas do wrong??????

oh boy oh boy OH BOY

hello anon i have some Things to say about pandas 

1. Pandas have an extremely low birth rate and female pandas are only fertile for a VERY small amount of time per year. If a panda has twins, they’ll only care for one of them and leave the other to die AND pandas can only have like, 5-8 cubs in their lifetime. [x]

2. Pandas are evolved from carnivorous bears, right? But instead of STAYING carnivorous like the smart bears, these black and white disasters decide that they’re going to eat BAMBOO instead, which contains very little nutrients so they have to eat a LOT of it. They spend up to 16 hours a day eating bamboo and but their digestive systems can’t even process it properly because, again, they were descended from carnivores. [x]

3. Natural disasters can cause EVEN LOWER birthrates than they already have. [x

4. These guys have procreation problems in captivity. They don’t have sex. Zoo keepers have tried everything (including showing the pandas panda porn), but these guys still don’t want to have sex. They’d rather be eating. 

5. When they DO have sex, it’s usually with family members and they ALSO fake pregnancies. [x][x]

6. This is what really gets me right here… We spend MILLIONS of dollars trying to get these animals to breed. MILLIONS of dollars that could be spent towards other species that actually need it. 

This is a really good paragraph by Lynne Warren: [x]

Hosting giant pandas costs each zoo an average of 2.6 million dollars a year, and that’s if no babies arrive. Add a cub, and the budget tops three million dollars. Add two cubs (nearly half of panda pregnancies produce twins), and the tab approaches four million dollars. 

“Nobody,” says David Wildt, head of the National Zoo’s reproductive sciences program, “would ever commit this kind of money to any other species.”

This is also a good article by Christine Dell'Amore.

Another good article by Lizzie Buchen that I’m going to highlight:

About 22 percent of all mammals are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but the percentage is significantly higher for creepy, crawly, backbone-less invertebrates, which enrich the soil, filter water, recycle nutrients, pollinate plants, decompose animal carcasses and waste products, play a vital role in the food chain, and inspire biomimetic creations.

What are pandas good for? Why are invertebrates (a group that includes the three most endangered groups of animals in the United States) seemingly absent from conservation planning strategies, while the panda receives a great proportion of our efforts and our concern, not to mention tens of millions of dollars for captive breeding programs?

td;dr: pandas are an evolutionary disaster and conservation efforts sound be going to other places. 

Draecember day 12: Old/in the future

Vaard far into the future suffers a near fatal spell to the head and spends a year recovering in Tian Monastery after being found by two Crane adepts. 

It’s kind of a play back to his original character I had years ago back when he was still a monk before I re-rolled him as a Paladin and changed his character around a bit.

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I dare you to wear Charlie Brown' shirt

Seems like a shirt Mike would wear!

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Shane: pftt no Ryan i wont take part in your sport spinoff its okay if zach does it with you Also Shane: Posts an instagram story with him and TG in the unsolved set, mocking Ryan bergara, TG in his place like no offence shane but thats what couples do when they break up

how is it they manage to be a couple without being an actual couple

Me going in a ship tag

What I expect to find: Gifs of heartwarming moments between them, a lot of hugs, video compilations of them being sweet/flirty with each other, perhaps a couple deeper and meaningful posts about their bond that are bound to start the waterworks for me, people being excited over their fanservice moments, the occasional raunchier posts, a few fan fic recs and imagines, lots of lighthearted fun because we all know better than to take things too far and blur the lines between fiction and actual real life people whose lives we know next to nothing about.

What I actually find: oMG they are so secretly married because in that video on the 0:21 mark you can see them in that blurry part in the background blinking in sync and that obviously is a sign of their undying love and also a secret code that is meant to convey it to us because their label doesn’t allow them to date but they’re desperate to let us in on the secret trust me I know body language ! *said tweet has 11k rt*, “X member needs to stop getting between those two he is clearly forcing it and it won’t work anyway!!!” *cue people sending hate to member X and his stans* Y member is jealous, Z member is possessive, X member is abusive because me and my psychology degree went out for drinks yesterday and it told me so, people bullying writers for writing for the rival ship people stealing and reuploading fics after changing the name of the one half of the ship to their preference, “he was never talented anyway loL why is he still in the group”, people crying and deactivating whenever an intimate moment between the notp happens, *how could he betray me like that!* people yelling and sending death threats at each other under shipper posts, fire, chaos, the end of the actual world.

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I want the donor to know how much this act of great kindness and generosity means to the fandom as a whole - you can already feel how much better morale  is compared to the last few days, and I’m so, so excited and happy for EDT - the donation is going to positively impact so many lives. My heart is so warm and full, friends. 💕 From the bottom of my heart, with everything in me, thank you, donor. 💙

how tf did i ever think that my soul was made for anyone but me to love endlessly. i am my own homecoming. i’m finally made it. i’m here for it all.

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I can't believe Space Kid killed "Dad-Daniel" by giving Gwen so special a present as a snowglobe made out of his own helmet to her. Daniel found dead in a ditch.

i mean this as a joke, i love your ddau!

Oh, don’t worry, I fucking laughed. Rest in pieces, Twinkie Bitch, your sweet little space boy has a new favorite.

man i havent made a personal post in forever but my life has been great im playin horn all over seattle and im like actually getting gigs and startin to teach some students and i’m gonna be playing mozart horn concerto 3 with an orchestra in a couple months and just WOW i feel good and happy and i can feel myself becoming a better horn player every day and that hasn’t happened in AWHILE

One is his wife the other is his costar. Is there any difference? 👀 I don’t even know what to say. This is a lot. A lot.