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alright it’s my last day on break before I go back to uni so I decided to piss around with this weirdo scumbag @91valechan who legit harasses minors (as well as adults), vandalises art, reposts art and tries to start witch hunts. When I say this person is bad I mean B-A-D here’s a link to a post about them

So anyway they blocked me after a good while talking to them and I think it’s bc I annoyed them enough, literally this person is vile and I hope they get everything they deserve for giving out such disgusting hate, please report them for harassment and block them. Best way to combat scum is to report and ignore.

What if the person responsible for all the Joy Pendants in The Wind Waker is actually Ganondorf? He’s been waiting for Princess Zelda to be reincarnated for countless years, and it’s not like he really has anything better to do. Because Ganondorf has made so many, he gives Joy Pendants to all of the Bokoblins. They don’t understand the appeal of the pastel butterfly necklaces, but they also don’t want to upset the Demon King of the Great Sea, so they accept his gifts and don’t say anything about his adorable crafting hobby.

Stella Nox Fleuret

Okay…I don’t really like to talk about Stella and Versus 13 but some Stella fanboys/girls lashed out at me for my “FFXV HATE” post especially because of the bit about Stella not having a major role in the original story. In my post, i gave two reasons to back this up: 1) Tabata’s comment about wanting a heroine with a significant role and 2) some leaks i read about Versus 13. I don’t know if the leaks were legit but i wanted to share them anyway. Look I don’t have the time to search for the link of the original leaks that i read months ago but recently similar leaks surfaced on different ffxv forums. So here’s one of them:

According to these leaks, Stella had very LITTLE screen time in the original story, and in the first part of the trilogy she was to be rescued by Noctis and friends like i mentioned in my post. Eurogamer also gave us some insight into the making of FFXV and it kind of implied that the Versus project was a mess. There were tons of concepts but nothing connected yet which is why we got so many fancy concept trailers instead. 

Anyways, Nomura never said anything about Stella being a major character, what he said was that Stella would “stand out” from previous ff heroines. There is a big difference between these two statements! And why is that Tabata’s comment on Stella can not be used as a evidence to support this argument? I’m pretty sure Tabata knows a lot more about Versus story than some random fanboys/girls of a vaporware character. I even read Nomura himself didn’t like Stella’s design which is why her model was changed in the 2013 e3 trailer (when Nomura was still the director btw). Luna doesn’t look that different from that e3 version of Stella.

Now if versus fans will kindly stop sending me hate messages that would be great! I wouldn’t dare to touch this stella/versus business anymore because fanboys/girls with strong headcannons are scary!

P.S. I’m so glad that FFXV is coming out in 23 days!!!

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There's a "leak" on reddit posted months back that only now is looking more and more legit and it's hinting at some reylo and other great details... reddit.c0m/r/starwarsspeculation/comments/5n4k6i/ive_got_a_little_bit_of_information_for_you_about/dc8q038 (replace '0' with 'o' in com) - click the link that the user shared

Interesting if true (especially the hints about the second weapon being prepped, and the ending) but I’m afraid I’ve never put that much stock in reddit rumours. What’s made this one resurface after so long?

Don’t mind me I’m crying over The Shield



DEAN WAS US CHAMPION (his hair looked crappy slicked back lol) 





BRING BACK THE SHIELD SO I CAN CRY MORE (pls feel free to add and link other shield moments pls I need to see I got into wrestling legit the week before they split up)

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There's a "leak" on reddit posted months back that only now is looking more and more legit and it's hinting at some reylo and other great details... reddit.c0m/r/starwarsspeculation/comments/5n4k6i/ive_got_a_little_bit_of_information_for_you_about/dc8q038 (replace '0' with 'o') - click the link that the user shared

i don’t put much trust in reddit leaks tbh, and hum, not to be vexing nonnie, but even assuming it’s true, i don’t think it specifically hints at reylo.. i’m curious, tho, what’s making it look more legit? 

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I became a larrie in 2011/2012 when i decided to see what the hype was about and watch some music videos. Then i got frustrated cuz i thought there were so many of them i couldnt remember their names lol so i googled them ans found the harry/louis treatise and spent that whoooole saturday clicking links. Left and became a none believer legit right before babygate and when my friend told me louis got someone pregnant i started laughing at "delusional larries" (I'm not proud) and decided to 1/2

Check the blogs to see if you guys finally came to your senses (still not proud lol) and realized everything was fake and got sucked right back in


this ask was a roller coaster ride to read wow you were legit on both extreme ends of the fandom spectrum.

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Hey Maddy! I've heard a couple of people saying that Karin also travelled with Sasuke and Sakura. Is this true?

People have told me about that, and how apparently “people on Japanese forums” reached a consensus about how the wording is vague, and implies that Karin travelled with them as well. Yet, no links or sources were given. Because everyone knows that “people on Japanese forums” is legit evidence.

I’ve also heard how some extremists have gone back to claiming that Sakura chased after Sasuke while pregnant, thereby putting the life of her baby in danger, and all of that other nonsense.

The Viz translations have always been considered to be very accurate, and it dictates that not only was Karin not with them on their travels, but also that Sakura didn’t catch up to Sasuke while pregnant:

Here’s the thing. If Sakura chased after Sasuke while pregnant, that means that Sasuke and Sakura had to have consummated their relationship in the village before Sasuke left, meaning Sakura had to have been pregnant before she left, meaning Naruto would have seen her pregnant, and would have therefore known how and when Sarada was conceived, and wouldn’t have had any doubts about her parentage. Thus, he wouldn’t have been fooled by the results of the DNA test, but he was, because he wasn’t aware of when Sarada was conceived, because she was conceived during Sasuke and Sakura’s travels. Therefore, Sakura didn’t chase after Sasuke while pregnant. It’s easy to connect the dots. Sometimes those anti extremists just don’t think about what they’re saying.

Not only that, but they’re not gonna have sex before their marriage, which they obviously didn’t hold in the village either. Their marriage took place before they conceived Sarada, meaning that Sakura had caught up to Sasuke before any of that had happened, meaning he was present for her birth.

Now that that ridiculous argument has been shut down once again, I’m sure they’ll go back to claiming that Sarada was the result of an experiment, or even worse - sex with a clone. It’s only a matter of time.

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Wait, when did Jinbe go back on his decision to leave Big Mom? I legit don't remember this?? Do you remember what chapter it was?

yeah, i just posted a link, it’s said in chapter 834!  we only hear it from the totland news so it may very well not be completely true, but that seems to be what happened.

WARNING to all stripe account users!

I recently received an email stating that my account had been limited & that i needed to confirm my email address.

I clicked on the link, but my computer blocked it saying it wasn’t a safe link.


I contacted Stripe myself, through the actual website, to see if this was a legit email from them, because i thought the message was suspicious. 1, because my computer blocked the link & 2, because when i saw the email it didn’t seem like the email address stripe uses.

They replied back saying that they are “aware of this phishing email that is being sent out and are looking in to the origins of the email.”

If you have been contacted by stripe on anything, check the email address is their correct one! It should be:

Darren Criss to Star in National Tour of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’
Darren Criss will kick off the national tour of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” taking on the lead role during the production’s first two stops in San Francisco and L.A. Criss previo…
By Gordon Cox

May 9, 2016

Darren Criss will kick off the national tour of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” taking on the lead role during the production’s first two stops in San Francisco and L.A.

Criss previously had a 12-week stint in the show on Broadway. For the tour he’ll reunite with band members who also appeared in the Broadway incarnation, including Justin Craig, Matt Duncan, Tim Mislock and Peter Yanowitz. The performer playing Hedwig’s back-up singer, assistant and husband, Yitzhak, remains to be set.

[Link to complete article]