there is no i in misunderstanding

Whenever Shinki calls Gaara father I feel like someone has physically struck me with a baseball bat full of nails.  


Title: Lionheart
Author: KaleidoscopeKreation
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 16150
Summary: Bitty finds his place in the Wizarding World, and, inadvertently, in Jack Zimmermann’s heart.
Or: Not the Quidditch AU the fandom deserves, but the one it needs, like, right now.

Most memorable line: ‘I think,’ he says, carefully, sincerely, ‘that Eric could have gone a lot further and done a lot worse.’ 

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HI OMG that hansung scenario was so so so good!!! So if it's ok I would like to ask if you could write a scenario with hansung where the reader steps in front of hansung to block him from his brother and grabs the sword laced with poison( my baby hansung died and I'm still crying over it) thank you so much your blog is amazing by the way❤❤


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Genre: Angst.
Pairing(s): Han Sung/Reader.
Warning(s): Character Death.

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lil misunderstandings // part 3
  • Ms. N, my sassy second year: (in Japanese) Sami, wanna hear my impression of an American high school student?
  • Me: Ahhh.... sure.
  • Me: Okay. Harsh.
  • Ms. N: (in Japanese) No, you don't understand. I like their attitude. Graduation practice today is going to SUCK. It's so fucking boring. And nobody is listening to me.
  • Me: Well... it's Friday. Let's be happy about that.
  • Ms. N: (in Japanese, but she's talking too fast for me to catch everything, and also screaming now for some reason) I don't wanna do this, I'm hungry, damnit why is lunch taking so long, oh my god, I can't do school anymore, why are you making us write in English, why are we writing!?
  • Me: ...
  • Ms. N: (proceeds to write a well-constructed, six sentence essay on why Valentine's Day is bullshit, using excellent vocabulary and grammar, in less than ten minutes)
  • Me: (in Japanese) Ms. N!! This is so good!! Be confident!!
  • Ms. N: Sami. Sami Sami Sami. (Shakes her head) I know. I just don't care.
heads up

Not really in the right mind as of late and a lot of things are boiling over for me right now. Kinda a mess of sadness, anger, and well the usual chaos. 

as an update on events.
- i have deleted creative-lockdown (sorry to get your hopes up, but I’m too busy and not great at managing people)
- I’m considering leaving the Guardian Angel comic.
- I will be deleting all ship information pertaining to Lucida Sans Serif

( I can’t handle ships, I support creativity of meeting other sans, but in all honesty I don’t personally understand what love is so I’m not the best person to participate is such things. I’m sorry @reyindee for the misunderstanding)

-this blog will be reserved for only Dreamweaver, UnderHeaven and personal art… 
- fan art and the like that is sent in by other people will be reblogged and archived in the @aoi-artchive
-people can still talk with me, but know that I won’t be taking anything on in terms of projects, commissions, or whatever. 

 Tonight I will be hosting my normal 12 hour stream, but I’ll be very quiet. 

I got yelled at by family about life, graduation etc. and I need time to think for a while…
I’ll be back to normal in no time.

I'm horrible with indirect confessions

Person: Hey, my friend likes you.
Me: …Okay. [Walks away]

Person: [Calls me over]
Me: (Huh? I know I’ve seen this guy around but we’ve never interacted. How does he know my name?) Yes?
Person: Do you want to be my Juliet and I could be your Romeo?
Me: …They both die in the end due to misunderstandings. I’d rather not.
Person: Then how about being my Lady Macbeth?
Me: That’s worse. [Walks away]

Person: [Confesses via text message while I’m in another province for an exchange program during the summer]
Me: [Forgets to reply]

Friend: I think he likes you.
Me: …And?

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Re: the Tarsus IV survivors - I agree with you, but it's actually canon that there were only nine survivors of the genocide. I presume the four thousand that were killed were rounded up and mass-executed and Jim and the other kids that survived managed to escape by playing dead or something. I personally think more should have survived, but ye.

No it’s not. That’s a common misunderstanding, but it’s not. It’s canon that only nine survivors were able to IDENTIFY Kodos. Those were the nine his daughter tried to eliminate, to protect him. She had no reason to fear the others as they had no idea what Kodos looked like. The total colony was 8000, with about 4000 surviving.

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Why r you always talking sassily&rudely. We were just asking and want to know ur opinion.

I just don’t think most stuff is anything to worry about and since I am a Kaisoo shipper, that’s my focus here. I prefer talking about them tgt. Not other ships. I don’t know what else u wanna hear, anon.

And people spend their energies on things that are there to distract them. And it’s even worse when KD shippers do it. Constantly linking and worrying about every KxK article for clickbait. Or assuming something is up, when it’s not. Misunderstanding situations. Thinking everything is jealousy or lust. I’ve only been in this shipdom for about a year and it happens every week. Kaisoo and I, we all tired.

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You enjoy torturing your victims mentally? Jokes on you, my anxiety already does that for me

“Oh, my dear, I believe you misunderstand.”

Dark’s tiny snicker seemed to grow and lengthen, causing for the majority of his breath to be devoted to enlargening his laughter, his shoulders beginning to shake, his chest heaving unnaturally and the volume of his amusement turning into something unnatural. Something warped. When one would normally require a breath in, he simply continued laughing, the edges of his humerus glitching and bending awkwardly. With a deafening screech everything became still again, and Dark slowly and gently rested his head onto his hands.

“Figments ARE the anxiety that does it to you. Perhaps not me, but one of your own, one who has been neglected, or finds a need to gain your attention. Pay attention to your inner thoughts, develop a self-coaching policy to allow sides that need to be seen to enjoy the spotlight every once in a while. Perhaps your anxiety will go away.”

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can i have a hug? i'm being accused of saying things meanly even though i didn't mean it meanly at all, but they won't listen to reason ;m;

((Of course you can <3

Misunderstandings are terrible things, especially when it’s something you didn’t mean to be hurtful at all. I hope you can clear it up soon, and if not then I hope the same kind of thing doesn’t happen again. Hang in there anon<3))

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I noticed some one got a bit confused when you put "rape CW" on a previous post, so I suggest using 'TW' since it is more widely known and used. 😀

Is it? I only ever see people use cw on my dashboard!

This is the first time ever that I’ve had someone misunderstand the content warning tag, though I’ve had many people not know what “cw”, “tw” or “for ts” stand for.

How do you other people tag your warnings? I don’t think there’s a standardized system, so I’m curious and of course want to make sure that I tag stuff so people who need it blocked don’t have to block ten different terms.

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I think the Haechan and Jisung issue needs to be clarified, the video was from last week and back then they had to perform Dunk Shot in full which has a part of Haechan stepping on all members except Renjun. Haechan isn't fat but his whole body is supported by very tired, overworked teenagers in that dance. Also, Victory was filmed later during the weekend and Jisung chose to be a part of Haechan's team, and Haechan made an acrostic poem that seemed to be him angry at Jisung until the last line.

Yeap. I noticed the timeline of their activities too. And thank god Mark interrupted it so no further misunderstanding happened. To be fair, Jisung needs to learn public speaking a bit more, and so does Donghyuk. So things like this won’t happen again.

I don’t know anon, deep down here I’m highkey mad bc Donghyuk RARELY gets a compliment on the media. (Even Jaehyun wrote about his behavior on IG, not complimenting) but again, we don’t even know what’s behind the camera and what’s happening within the members.

Eitherway, we could only think it positively as a (a bit too harsh) joke. And hopes that Donghyuk didn’t get offended deeply.

Truthfully, I could pull my lore away from FR with a lot of ease. It’s only ever been loosely connected in the first place - not intentionally, but through my own early misunderstandings of how people conducted their lore. I suppose it’s why I really don’t mind putting a lot of time and thought into my lore, because I see a longevity in it even if few others do. Plus, I really enjoy plotting and writing with the really wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to do such things with

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Sirius, while I don't object the massage, you might be coming in a little strong with the "yourself" part of the present. I recently read Much Ado About Nothing, it's a comedy written by a great muggle writer aand, it might or might not talk about a big ass misunderstanding that broke up a couple, but in the end everything gets solved and they get back together. It's also filled with sassy comebacks and maybe Rem hasn't read it yet, soo...

Sirius: I’m joking about the “myself” part of the present.  He can’t handle my sexy body ;)

Sirius: I will buy that book for him and hopefully he’ll get inspiration from the book and reconsider being with me!

I was just randomly clicking through episodes and stumbled upon this scene and it’s actually quite underappreciated and very sweet

this obviously happens shortly after their stupid argument over the lost bag of nuts (rest in peace brave soldier) and it’s clear that they’re still a bit tense after that. But Yuuri makes an attempt to break the ice 

“What would you like for a gift?” can just as easily be translated to: “I’m not annoyed anymore and would like to put this behind us.” It’s a sweet peace offering, with Yuuri showing interest and care in something that he presumes is important to Viktor.


Viktor misinterprets what Yuuri is trying to say and, while answering truthfully, also accidentally dismiss the hand Yuuri reached out for him. It’s a good display of them facing a cultural gap, since Yuuri might have planned to get Viktor a gift in advance and Viktor shoots that wish down. It’s not on purpose! But, speaking from experience, sometimes cultural gaps cause misunderstandings between couples that might lead to hurt feelings

 As is also evidently displayed here; Yuuri tries to mend what was hurt in the previous scene, in his own way, and Viktor misunderstands and Yuuri is left feeling rejected and possibly anxious that Viktor is still mad at him


VIKTOR CLEARLY NOTICES THAT YUURI GETS HURT and immediately tries to make Yuuri feel better in a way that is just as sweet as Yuuri’s own

it’s a line of dialogue that is just as simple as Yuuri’s when he asks what Viktor wants as a gift. “Do you want some hot wine, too?” is basically Viktor reaching out to Yuuri and showing care for his well being and offering to share something of his own with him. It’s simple, it’s sweet and easily leads into the hilarious line about Yuuri not handling alcohol well, bUT IT’S JUST SO CUTE AND THOUGHTFUL