there is no grass for u here friend



okay no but seriously this is just the vertical version of the old, dark kind of rotted looking wood path with grass and some colorful dots to break it up (you can totally just lie and say they’re flower petals or something)

Who knows when Ill do the horizontal version but I’ll post it when I get it done. |D

hcouldnt really decide on a style so here u go hope u can do better than me

I WISH NOTHING MORE THAN TO BLESS U ON THIS FINE MONDAY MORNING…. the birds are singing and the grass is green, the raindrops do nothing but wash away the cold cold sadness of my heart….

my friend….may you transcend space and time to a better realm,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this picture of my son.



A S H T O N: Ashton and you had been watching movies all day. These were the days you longed for, just cuddling while watching a movie with your boyfriend. “I’ve missed you the past couple of days.” You said looking down at him, raking your hands through his hair. You were currently laying on the couch you were on your back and Ashton was resting his head on your chest, your legs tangled together. “What do you mean you’ve missed me? I’ve been here these past couple of days.” He chuckled. “Yeah, but you’ve been worrying about the album. Which is going to be perfect, by the way. So you’ve been occupied.” You said laughing. Ashton looked up at you and smiled. “Thank you for putting up with grumbly me, and thank you for bringing me coffee in the middle of the night when I can’t go to sleep because I’m writing a song. Most of all, thank you for staying with me, even though you and I both know that some other guy can treat you better and be with you at all times.” He said smiling up at you. “Ashton, I don’t want another guy, that’s what you don’t get. I want you, that’s why I put up with all those things you said before. Ashton, I think I love you.” You said into his eyes. “Thank god! I was starting to think that I was the only one who felt that.” He said. “I love you.” He smiled. “Aw! You two are making me cry!” A voice said from behind. You looked over to see Ashton’s mom with tears in here eyes. “How long have you been standing there mum?” Ash asked smiling. “I heard the whole thing, but we’ll keep it between us three.” Ashton’s mom said with a smile, leaving the room.

M I C H A E L: “And then, you pour the cookie batter into the mixing bowl.” You said, knowing the recipe by memory. “Okay done!” Mike said proudly. “Mix it babe.” You said looking over your shoulders as you put back the ingredients into thee original places. Oka-Michael!“ You scolded as you turned around to see that Michael had been eating the batter. "No! Bad Michael.” You said playfully, lightly whacking him with the wooden spoon. “What did you say!” Michael said growling playfully and smiling. “…nothing.” You said trying to get away, knowing what was coming next…Tickles. “Michael! No!” You screamed as you felt him tickle your sides. “This is karma!” He yelled back. “Please! I’m begging, stop!” You said laughing. “Promise you won’t scold me like a dog?” Michael asked you, his green eyes looking down at you. “Promise.” “Kissy promise?” He asked. “What’s a kissy promise?” You replied. “This.” He said leaning down and pressing his lips against mine muttering: “Promise.”
You had put the cookies in the oven, both of you waiting for the timer to ring. “So, I’ve been thinking.” Michael said. “Since you’re always here, you could just bring all of your clothes over here.” You started smiling looking at Michael. “If you didn’t get that, our Mikey here is asking you to move in with him!” Ashton yelled coming into the kitchen, Calum and Luke following him. “Hey! Who invited you guys!” Michael yelled, blushing and hiding his face in your neck.

L U K E: You were sitting on the grass with your best friend, Luke, in his backyard looking at stars. “Feel like I should know more about the stars, I took geography.” Luke muttered smiling. “Yeah, but that was like 8th grade geography.” You giggled. “I remember that class! I remember when I pulled down your trousers while you were flirting with that girl you liked.” You said laughing. “What was her name?” “Holly.” Luke muttered. “It was so embarrassing!” He said. “I feel like I need revenge now!” He said, you knew what was coming so you stood up and started running around the backyard until Luke caught hold of your waist and started spinning you around. “Luke! Stop!” You said laughing. He laid you on the ground and put one of his hands on the floor next to your face, while the other one started tickling your sides. “No!!” You laughed. “For a moment there, I thought they were finally going to kiss.” You heard Ben, Luke’s brother, say from behind you. “For the last time! We’re only friends!” Luke told him rolling his eyes. But deep down, Luke knew he wanted to be more than just friends. And you wanted just the same.

C A L U M: “(Y/N)!! Guess what!” Calum said, running into his house. You were already there because you had been shopping with Mali, his sister. “What happened?” You asked worried as he gave you a hug. “Don’t worry it’s good news.” He said smiling widely. “Just tell me!!” You say. “We won the MTV Breakthrough Band!” He said grabbing your waist and spinning you around the living room. Both of you laughing. “I’m so proud of you!” You told him. “I know! We’ve worked so hard!” He said kissing you lightly. He was buzzing, he picked you up again and ran out into the backyard and ran around a couple of times. Laughing and exhausted he put you down and laid on top of you. “I love you, you know that right?” He asked looking up at you. “I love you too.” You said kissing the top of his head and ruffling his hair. You heard a click and looked up to see that Mali had taken a picture. “I’m totally tweeting this pic.” She said going back inside. Both of you laughed and stayed there for another minute.

Giveaway 1/14 (read the post and rules !)

Today, I have three pokemon for ya ! but im going to split this post into two giveaways, to make things easier-

BR Oricorio Giveaway

Im giving out BR Oricorio, Sensu and Baile forms. the forms will be distributed at random, and have a few minor differences-

Eros the Baile Oricorio, holding a flame plate

Agape the Sensu Oricorio, holding a spooky plate


Each Oricorio has these characteristics-

Female, lv 100, in a beast ball

Modest nature, Dancer ability

6IVs, and EVs in 252 sp attack, 200 speed, and 58 hp

Moveset: Revelation Dance, Agility, Roost, Hurricane


You can deposit for and receive only ONE Oricorio. Because of this, it is impossible to get both forms. You cannot request which form you receive, and if you do, I will give you the opposite ! 


Duel BR Grass-Type Giveaway

We have your favorite Aloan majesties here tonight !

Lilith the Lurantis

female, lv 100, in a friend ball, holding leftovers

Adamant nature, Contrary ability (HA)

6ivs, and EVs in 252 attack, 200 hp, and 58 sp def

Moveset: Solar Blade, Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, False Swipe

(moveset more aimed towards S.O.S Chaining)

Eva the Tsareena

female, lv 100, in a moon ball, holding a king’s rock (just for kicks)

Adamant nature, Queenly Majesty ability

6ivs, and EVs in 252 attack, 200 hp, and 58 def

Moveset: Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Play Rough, U-Turn


Contest Time !

One Lurantis and one Tsareena will have the OT (original trainer) “Winner”. If you get one of these mons, please message me and send me a photo ! Your prize will be…

a BR Solgaleo, and a BR Primarina named Primpose !



~~~ Deposit a male lv 1-10 Salandit into the gts asking for one of the pokemon above. Yes, level 1-10 only !

~~~ Nickname the Salandit NJSKGA

~~~ Gender and level lock if able

~~~ If you want to inquire about your deposit, you MUST do so off anon. Include your ign in your ask. Only inquire if your deposit has been in the GTS for over 45 minutes. 

~~~ Enjoy your new pokemon !