there is no couple that i ship more

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Can I be honest? I feel a little bad sometimes that I like yoi because it's yaoi and I read somewhere that yaoi, in itself, is homophobic, which makes sense to me, because, it's targeted towards girls who, presumably, fetishize gay men. But I didn't know what yaoi was when I started to watch yoi, I had only learned of the term much more recently. I watched yoi because, being a queer female, I was desperate for gay content. Does that make me homophobic then, for watching and enjoying yoi?

Never feel bad about watching yoi, which isn’t a yaoi/porn anyway lmao obviously. It’s just got a gay couple instead of a straight one and just like i (gay male) ship my straight pairings in Doctor Who, i don’t see why straight girls and boys can’t ship a gay pairing?

back in the glee days i got the same shit from people. you will never please everybody! so just do what YOU wanna do! “now it’s just reacting to camren” …yet only 4 of my last 20 videos were about camren…. a lot of YT’s try to please their audience & do vids they don’t wanna do. i just do whatever is fun/interesting to me. i can’t fake tht shit. i could get a ton more subs/views by acting fake & pretending i ship every couple we react to. that would please ppl right? yea well i don’t do fake. i get that some people miss the old stuff, but you can’t expect for people not to evolve over the years. that’s not fuckin healthy. but anyways, just please know that each an every video i put out is something i wanted to do and am having fun doing. even the cringy ones lol those are the funniest ones anyway! haha. xo

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hey are you honestly straight if so why are you so into wlw ships and such lmao

Yes I am straight. I’ve tried to explain this before but I’m not really good with words. In terms of wlw on television I find myself more drawn to them because they often show what I perceive to be true love. Het couples on tv are often riddled with abuse (whether it’s subtle or not) and It just makes me not want to be in a relationship ever. But when I see two women who love each other and respect each other (sanvers, spashley, and clexa are the wlw couples that have struck a cord with me most) it gives me hope that I could find something like that one day. I don’t know if any of that makes sense or just makes me sound like an idiot but that’s it really. I love seeing girls being happy and loved.

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Just watched the episode and I am dead and dying like Len keeps doing. I haven't been able to find much in the way of satisfying coldwave fic, do you have any recs? I agree 2x08 only made me crave more. I cannot handle how this relationship affects me and the homoeroticism on the fly but so in your face without any actual making out puts the tension in my britches so tight I could bounce a penny off my panties. Thank you for letting me freak out to your askbox cuz I have no coldwave friends!

hahaha omg no please come any time! I don’t have many people I can scream about Coldwave at. I usually just scream at you guys through my posts instead.

Not sure if what I read is your cup of tea, but I have a few favourites that I’ve bookmarked on AO3. I added a quick summary to each of them. They’re under the cut as I realize it’s a pretty long list

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imagine shipping a couple that have no chemistry. Can't relate. More chemistry between Ryan and a glass of water than with Emily lmao.

I know right?! I literally do not see any chemistry there

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You know a couple is good when evenr their MENTORS gave possible shipping canon <3 Just imagine Ruby and Sapphire having a double date with Winona and Walkace xD

Not going to lie, Gracefulshipping is one of my favourite ships.

But honestly Wallace and Winona make the perfect beta couple (ok so there’s a little age gap but you’re practically considered an adult at 10 in Pokemon so..) and I’m pretty sure the four of them going to Wanda and Riley’s wedding counts as a canon double date. I’m joking of course :P or am I…?

Seriously though, the chapters in RS where the four of them are working together in Sootopolis city are pretty much just one big, we’re potentially going to die, everything is being destroyed, Ruby and Sapphire’s issues mixed with Wallace and Winona’s problems, will we live through this?, double date. Again joking… hehe

And yes, Wallace and Winona do make the perfect beta couple :). I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind going on a double date with a couple of 11-15 yr olds hehe. Every couple needs their beta couple.

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hi! i just wanna say i'm very sorry for how mean some people are and you definitely didn't deserve that.. we may not ship the same couple but i just wanna spread the love! I hope you can feel better xx


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There’s just so much more love than hate in the inbox today and I’m smiling like an idiot! Whoever these two SC anons are, sending love to Karamel shippers, you guys are the heroes this fandom needs.. xoxo Hope we weren’t anonymous.. #Spread the love 

why I freaking love Jacob and Queenie

I’m kind of really in love with Queenie and Jacob, which is saying something, because the reality is, there are very few couples in fiction that I feel passionately about. But I really, really love Jacob and Queenie. Let me explain why.

First off, the idea of a beautiful and flirty woman being with the “fat” guy character is nothing new. We’ve seen it in movies and t.v. shows, to the point that I find it annoying, because in Hollywood it seems to function as nothing more than a bizarre wish-fulfillment, saying that overweight guys can get the hottest chick around (who says they can’t?), and the relationships depicted never have any depth. They’re shallow. But Fantastic Beasts gave us two people. Not only were both characters well-rounded as individuals, but I love the fact Queenie fell in love with Jacob’s mind.

Queenie can read minds, and she’s probably read hundreds, but Jacob had such a beautiful mind–it’s almost like I could actually believe in love at first sight for this couple!! And running through the relationship throughout the movie is the discussion that Jacob is very unique–there’s “no one else like him.” And even when at the end he expresses his real feelings that that’s not true, that there are lots of people like him, Queenie reassures him that no, no one is like him. What’s beautiful about this ongoing conversation is that behind every exchange is the subtext of Queenie’s mind-reading ability, which gives what is often a stereotypical couple and theme (the theme of “being unique”) fresh depth.

I ship it.

And what makes things more complex is that their relationship is technically illegal. 

Also, can we take a second to appreciate that Queenie can see into people’s minds, so she’s probably seen some of the most awful, dark thoughts that no one will express publicly–and she still manages to be charming, cute, and happy? I think that says a lot about her character. And the fact she finds his mind so beautiful says a lot about Jacob.

Queer tv series couple: *are together for more than 5 years*

Heteronormarive fans: “Ugh why they are shoving this  forced gay shit in our faces”

Hetero tv series couple: *girl and boy have just met, have sex, immediately become a couple.

Heteronormative fans: “Ah, what a lovely couple! I ship them so hard, they are so perfect!

Queer tv series couple #2: *boy meets boy, they blush, touch each other’s hands, months later become a couple*

Heteronormative fans: “Why they are forcing this gay shit again? Why everyone needs to be gay nowaydays?

Hetero tv series couple #2: *girl in the bus, guy seats next to her and blushes. One stop after, she is gone, they never see each other again.

Heteronormative fans: "Oh my god, they are so cute!!

Queer character: *I’m a girl who likes girls, and I’m okay with that.

Heteronormative fans: ” Not every character needs to be gay!“

Hetero character: *I’m a girl who loves boys, I’m not like the other girls, because I’m cute, popular and funny*

Heteronormative fans: "Aw, she’s so sweet!!

Queer tv series couple #3: *give a couple of pecks and pull apart.

Heteronormative fans: "Disgusting, I don’t wanna see that pornographic shit in my TV”

Hetero tv series couple #3: *literally have sex in an open field*

Heteronormative fans: “Wow, so much chemistry, they are perfect together!!

Queer character: *dies*

Queer fans: "We are tired of seeing the only representation we have being killed off! Stop killing us in real life and in fiction, please

Heteronormative fans: "Stop playing the victims! In this show, everyone dies! It has nothing to do with the fact that they are queer!!”

Hetero character: *dies*

Heteronormative fans: “I’m not watching this show anymore! If "x” character (white,cis,hetero) dies, we riot!!“

Meeting Drarry shippers in public

So I was in the Harry Potter section of Hot Topic a couple weeks back looking for more Slytherin stuff (you can never have enough) and there was an EXTREMELY talkative employee stocking the shelves next to me with T-shirts. He noticed I was already wearing a Slytherin t-shirt so I guess he took the hint that I was a slightly obsessive fan. I have no idea. Anyways, naturally he started up a conversation with me.
“So are you a fan, or are you like… you know… a FAN?” He had asked me. And I knew EXACTLY what he meant. So I told him I was the second option (he winked at me) and had a Tumblr dedicated to Harry Potter (I didn’t tell him that my Tumblr was the gayest thing since my birth because I thought that might weird him out. Anyways).
So of course he had to ask me who my favorite fanfiction authors were, which surprised me because I would not have guessed he read fanfiction. This just goes to show how painfully prejudiced I am without even being aware of it. So I said @julietsemophase and saras_girl and his eyes got SO BIG OMG
and he just goes
And I swear he had the biggest smile on his face and it was SO funny to me.
Like here I am in Hot Topic, and this guy has to be in his late 20’s. He’s really genuinely attractive, looks like he works out, long hair, and definitely not my idea of a nerdy Fangirl type. At all. And here he is, flipping out in the middle of the store about gay wizards. It was a truly magical experience. I love making new friends.

  • Most books: One plot twist, maybe, sometimes two???
  • S.J Mass books: More twists than a fecking pretzel
  • Most books: Love triangle!!!!! Lots of ships
  • S.J Mass books: Love dodecahedron. infinite amount of ships
  • Most books: ONE character w/ a tragic past that breaks your heart OR an upcoming tragic future
  • S.J Mass books: Literally any time I think about ONE of the character's backstories or futures I get chest pains and a head ache
  • Most books: none :( or one or two gay couples (maybe more if it is a book specifically about the LGBT community)
  • S.J Mass books: a couple gays relationships, BUT SO MANY POTENTIAL GAYS. r u gay? how bout you? You could be. gay sexual innuendoes all around. I see it. swinging both ways. ok. GaY SHiPs
  • Most books: pretty great
  • S.J Mass books: LITERAL WORKS OF ART
Remus discovering you like the same books would include:
  • Remus being so excited because now he has somebody to talk to about his favourite characters
  • “I like Clary the most” “really? I like Jace more”
  • Sirius and James always complaining
  • Because they don’t understand a word of what you’re saying
  • “and the award of biggest nerd couple goes to Y/N and Moony!”
  • Reading dates
  • Having lots of hot chocolate when you’re reading
  • reading in the best places of the school
  • Lending each other books
  • So you learn now characters
  • And new worlds
  • Having small arguments
  • “how can you ship Percabeth more than Frazel?” “Percabeth is just better accept it!”
  • Cute nicknames that have to do with your favourite character
  • Watching the movies together
  • Remus would always say something during the movie
  • “they did that different in the book” “they changed that” “her hair is blonde, not brown”
  • Rolling your eyes and giggling at his cuteness
  • Kissing him so he finally shuts up and watches the movie
  • “Remus, darling, shut up and watch the movie”
  • Quoting the books
  • And taking every chance to do it
  • “do you love me?”
  • “Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”
  • Remus would smirk after you said that
  • “did you just quote The Princess Bride?” “maybe”
  • Staying up all night to finish a book
  • Cute kisses in between reading breaks
  • Remus would make sure there is enough food
  • He’d eat most of it
  • “Babe, where are all the chocolate frogs?”
  • “I ate them” 
  • “All?”
  • “Maybe”
  • You’d take care of the drinks
  • Silly conversations
  • “how cool would it be to be a shadowhunter?” “babe, we’re wizards, isn’t that cool enough already?” “no”
  • Shipping people in school
  • Or your best friends
  • Because they don’t understand ‘nerd language’
  • “Jilly is my OTP” “how about Sily?” “Padfoot and Evans? Never, Jilly all the way”
  • “are they talking about boats again?” “jup” “they really do love their boats” “doesn’t Moony get seasick?” “Clearly not”
  • fangirling together
  • all the time
  • about everything

“By the way… thank you, for saving my life.”

- ”… You’re welcome.”

More Bees/BatB parallels, anyone? ^_^ I leave context up to your imagination! 

Hope y’all enjoyed the mini ship-spam over the past couple of days! I had a lot of drawing time ^_^ But now I’m too tired to do anything more so goodnight!