there is no cabal

More accurate summary of Destiny enemy motivations:

HIVE: Wanting to be alive is SJW bullshit if you’re not us. Fucking cucks. Prepare to die in the name of space-worm-jesus.

VEX: Don’t touch our shit. Everything is our shit.


CABAL: *Pull up in a shitty pickup truck blasting Gasolina. Heard there was a fight.*

Prompted by a comment from the lovely @vampirestakecareofourown on that post about 40 years of Goth style and the mainstream: there is NOTHING WRONG with being a mall goth. NOTHING. If that is the sort of goth style that makes your black heart go pitter-pat, then embrace it and don’t be embarrassed by it.

If someone sneers at you or tries to tell you that you’re not A Real Goth TM, ignore them. 


Doing some concepts for a few of Vox Machina’s weapons/items. Basically just doing the ones I’ll be needing for comic purposes. I’ll just update this post as I sketch the others. (Many thanks to @otdderamin for this post to reference Bad News and soon, Animus.)

Bad News - Overall I’m happy, though I know full well I tossed out some proper gun structure in favor of appearance and silhouette. I already have some tweaks, but they’re mostly just for my nitpicking.

Diplomacy - Used plate armor and some Izzet League aesthetic for inspiration (and prolly some Iron Man, b/c let’s be honest, yeah). Apparently it is stated sometime that there is a wire connecting Diplomacy to Cabal’s Ruin, though I think I want to design some sort of neck piece that the wire from that top core connects to that IS in contact with Cabal’s Ruin. Rather than, just, this wire that Percy duct taped to the inside of his cloak. (Though I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy the idea that he just electrocutes himself every time he uses that lightning shot.)


I swear I’ll draw something else. I SWEAR.

A random Ripley appears! I hope she is in fact the one with Cabal’s Ruin right now. And speaking of that cloak… I like thinking that it looks like a void in space. I mean, in a world just BRIMMING with magic, a magic devouring cloak would be a weird black hole. An out of place device that drinks the natural world around it. Also, I mean, let’s just give Percy something that’s blacker than black so we can just role with this Victorian goth kid persona.

And then some Vex and Percy because this slow burn is how I wish to die.

it was owain’s birthday yesterday but i couldn’t finish in time…but better late than never!!! happy birthday to one of the greatest sons!!! this is actually the first time in a WHILE i’ve had real free time to draw something for an fea chara’s birthday….i wonder if its weird if i did something super late for chrom’s lol