there is no beginning or end to it

time travel concept whoop

so time travelers exist, but act as safeguards of each other. to prevent serious history and future alterations, time traveling is made by unanimous decisions of 8 people–8 separate time travelers, that is. they don’t know each other, and for obvious reasons will likely never see each other in real life, mainly to prevent a single time traveler from being able to ruin or coerce the others into doing what they want.
anyway, time traveling is insisted by a sort of feeling, you can sense a pull in either direction (forward or backward in time), and it’s very similar to the idea of telepathy. time travelers can get a sense of motives, too–especially as the jump gets larger and requires more power. jumps of a couple minutes or hours are usually accepted with ease, but larger jumps are usually more heavily debated. rarely are jumps unanimous when it starts to grow to years. additionally, small jumps usually merge the travelers. it’s easy to place them back in their body from moments ago, the time is easier to mend to make it happen. however, large jumps usually cause a fracture, resulting in duplicates, a scenario that is undesirable unless by necessity. the jumpers keep their powers, while their duplicate loses theirs, so that the number of travelers stays the same. were they to meet, the one without the powers would, unfortunately, die. if they jump so far that they leave their own lifespan, it’s a 50/50 shot on who keeps their powers. at least, if you somehow ran into the person who you took powers from or who kept their powers at the expense of yours, neither of you would die.
so what happens when a traveler dies? their powers get thrown onto someone else. you aren’t born with them, as the power manifests itself in adults. nothing really changes once you become a traveler, either–you can still live out a fairly normal life. i’m sure it’s possible to go your entire life without using the power once. when you receive the power, you receive the knowledge needed to understand and use it as well. you just become aware of the dangers and the need for secrecy, and all else that would apply. it’s more like an awakening, like this power lies dormant in everyone and only few people have the keys to unlock it. when those people die, they simply pass their key onto someone else.

one day, however, a pull towards the past is felt hard and strong. one traveler is using everything they can to go to the past–so far it was hard to tell where they were going. let me repeat, this pull was strong. regardless of the other travelers denying this request, the one kept pulling for it relentlessly, trying to force it, cheat the system, and their malicious intent was evident. almost as if in an effort to protect itself, time suddenly stops. it’s a stalemate. the eight travelers are able to move and interact with the world still, but it is frozen in time. it doesn’t take long for them to realize what must happen–they must find and neutralize who was trying to force the jump. they just don’t know who, or where, they are. travelers, in their anger, fear, and distrust, once finally happening upon each other, try to kill on sight in their desperation to fix things. as the wrong travelers die, new ones wake up somewhere else in the world, and finding the culprit doesn’t get any easier. it doesn’t seem like this will ever be resolved.

that is, until they woke up. 

quietinthechaos  asked:

What is your opinion on a fandom with a lot of underage kids, fans of the teen characters obviously. Then adults who post explicit content in those tags exposing those kids. Also doing sexual role plays with the kids who don't object to them posting explicit material in the tags. Then complain anyone who objects is "moral police" "a hater or anti" "shouldn't be suppressing these kids sexual desires"

This is the most clumsy attempt at a baiting question I have ever seen, honestly. What are you trying to achieve here?

(also this definitely isn’t about the Voltron fandom at all, nope.)

Anyway, I like talking, so I’ll take this as an excuse to go right on rambling.

My favorite part of your ask is how you posit that adults posting explicit fanworks online and roleplaying with teens are exactly the same thing (lmao).

first of all, let’s not pretend that adults are the only ones posting explicit content. many teens are sexually aware enough to have an interest in producing explicit content. and shockingly, most explicit content isn’t created specifically to Corrupt the Youth ™.

anyone posting explicit content should tag it appropriately. This way it can be avoided by anyone who wishes to not see it, adult or underage.

Adults doing sexual roleplay with underage individuals when aware that those individuals are underage are wrong.  I’d argue it’s one of the biggest flags of an abuser.  I’ll only caveat this: there’s a reason for Romeo & Juliet laws, and there’s a big difference between a 19 year old and a 17 year old doing sexual RP and a post-college adult sexually RPing with an underage teen. Context is everything, as it usually is.  Your ask implies that you see nothing but black and white.

I have a big problem with censorship, which is what antis promote.  And teens should be free to express their sexual desires with one another, which antis frequently suppress by infantilizing the age group. It’s bad on both sides: antis insisting that that teens have no sexual desires whatsoever (untrue), and abusers insisting teens are mature enough to interact sexually with people much older than them (also untrue).  And I don’t appreciate your implication that acknowledging that the world has shades of gray is somehow hurting people.

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Hi! Do you have an advice or resources on writing a character arc. I fear my characters might not be fleshed out as much or does not have as much importance. I would really like to know how to make a Character arc. Thanks!!

Of course! I just answered a question here that I think will help in terms of character arc. Every character, no matter how minor, should have an arc, meaning that where they end up in the story is not where they begin–unless their refusal to move is the story. If they remain stubborn in their ways, that has to be part of the plot and pivotal to the story: the character that refuses to change is a story in itself, but it should be acknowledged and necessary rather than a side-effect of you forgetting about them while writing. 

Every event in our lives shapes us in some way, making us different people at the end of the event than we were when it began. Characters need to grow or they need to fall. And it doesn’t always have to be big–a man who starts off innocent and ends up a criminal, for example–but it should be different: someone who begins the story bitter and angry at his family but who, after having a child of his own, realizes how hard his parents worked to raise him, might, for example, be an arc of changing mentality. 

Even side characters should have some development, and it can be small, but in order to know if it’s “important” as you say, you should ask yourself: does your character have motivation for doing whatever they do in the story? Do they learn something? Do they change? If the answers are yes, then it’s likely you’ve found your arc!

Here are some more resources I think will help:

So I saw Lindsay Ellis’s recent-as-of-late-March-2017 video about Beauty and the Beast (the original film, not the remake) and I took issue with the fact that in the end her biggest criticism of the film was that Belle didn’t really have a story arc - that she begins the narrative essentially self-actualized, knowing herself and what she wants and needs, but that she ends it ditching “adventure” for “love”. I’ve heard this argument before, and while I can’t exactly dispute it (because frankly the film is short and has a large cast and has to cram a lot of things into a relatively tiny runtime) I do think it’s somewhat shortsighted.

According to “Belle (Reprise)”, our heroine wants something pretty simple - she wants “adventure in the great wide somewhere”. But she doesn’t stop there - she immediately makes the jump from merely wanting to leave to wanting someone who understands her. She’s lonely in her small town, not because she hates the people around her but because she feels isolated. She doesn’t conform to either the social expectations of her class or her gender, and she’s ostracized for it - adventure, for her, is a means of escape to a world where she feels valued. (This is all subtext, of course, but BatB is heavy on subtext) “I want so much more than they’ve got planned” is, in my opinion, the most honest line Belle has in any of her songs - her goal isn’t Leave Home And See The World, it’s Be Myself And Be Valued For It Without Being Held To Social Expectations That Hurt Me Because I Can’t Meet Them. And her character arc is about realizing that she doesn’t have to go off someplace far away to get what she wants - her kindness, and her grace, and her personal strength are meaningful anywhere and can make real changes. (I’m reminded of how I used to think that I had to be a She-Ra-esque Strong Independent Warrior Woman, because “fighting” for me was representative of “being valued for who I am”, but that’s essentially beside the point)

Belle and the Beast/Adam are both outcasts - Adam because, well, he spent puberty as a literal giant rage monster, and Belle because she’s noticeably different from her neighbors. And they find one another and bond not out of some expectation that they ought to fall in love but because they respect one another - he values her intellect and her interests, and she sees beyond his emotional extremes. And it’s this relationship that gives them each strength to stick it out - to improve, and to help their communities. The two of them get Gaston out of the picture, which was in my opinion painfully necessary because he was probably the reason no one in town was willing to listen to Maurice, who was quite useful as an innovator and inventor, and they’re able to use what they’ve learned about themselves to better the world they’re living in. By the end of the film neither of them want to run away anymore - they don’t have to. And honestly I think that’s a way more satisfying arc than anyone gives it credit for.

I smoked a joint and held eye contact with a star. 
When you’re as old as I am, you know next to nothing.

                 Touch is an uncancellable thing—
     aims outward, labyrinthine:

at the centre, something warm and human.
Being is not easily placated: requires

gods, elegies, hands, mouths.
There is reason on the other side of madness.

There is death on the other side of the brightest star.
Time runs through us, like sand

and we begin to resemble it, dissolving—
and on the other side of that

it’s anyone’s guess. Life is not a game,
but if it were, how could you win?:

                 Get into the heart, the fruit, the meat of it,
     the end and the start. Touch and be touched, 

            hold eye contact with a star;
                       don’t blink.

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hi emma! i'm homeschooled and set my own schedule, but i have this problem where i take it easy (aka don't do any work lol) at the beginning of the week and then rush to get everything done at the end of the week. it makes me stay up super late and get super stressed out, but i also feel like if i work throughout the entire week, i have no free time. do you have any tips for me or any suggestions on how to break this cycle?

Hello! Hahah, I’d probably do the same if I were you :’-) I think you need to try and strike a balance between your school and relax time. I’m sure you’d rather have everything done and relax in peace, rather than having a looming feeling of “gotta do ten things tomorrow”. You could maybe try using a schedule to map out your times. I have some printables here that might work! If you can set yourself a flexible schedule where you work for 30 minutes, 5-10 minute break and repeat 3-4 times, you’ll probably manage to get a lot done without comprising your relaxation time to much. Try figure out which part of the time you are more productive! If you’re a morning person, set the harder tasks for then. Get them done and out the way. If you’re more productive in an afternoon, get some simpler things done earlier. Then maybe once you’ve eaten lunch, set yourself up and finish by say 5. Possibly even structuring it like you’re at school might be useful! That way you’re doing 5-6 hours a day and still have time on a time to do something more fun! It might be trial and error for the first few days but if you’re willing to push through then you’ll get there. Developing your discipline to work at certain times will help you immensely! Best of luck xx

BTS: Wings in Chicago

so i just got back from the wings concert and chicago and i cried five times. i counted. but on the real though, the boys were AMAZING. they put passion into every song they performed. hoseok’s smile is even brighter in person, and his dancing is more mesmerizing. jimin and the sweetest face and personality, and his vocals were on point. jungkook was also adorable and his solo for Begin left me awe-struck. after jungkook’s ending ment, namjoon said before they went out kookie practiced a thousand times. namjoon is something amazing; he was born to be an artist. he holds himself with confidence, and i have no words to describe that man. he is amazing. yoongi’s rap was powerful, but his solo he did a 180 and it felt vulnerable and raw. he is a truly beautiful man. taehyung killed stigma and he is more beautiful in person, and it’s clear that he’s a genuine, kind soul. and finally seokjin: oh my god. beautiful face, beautiful personality, and beautiful voice. his dancing has improved tenfold, and his vocals were fantastic. i love bangtan so much.

I was bored during half-time, so I decided to put myself in blarke shoes and got on their level of delusion just to see what the other side is like Lol This is the fckery that came to my mind...

Let me tell yall how it’s already been confirmed that bellarke is endgame…

Bellarke starts with “b” and ends with “e”

What other word in the english language begins and ends with those exact same letters???


So already we have “bellarke” and “be”. But trust me, it gets better.

Lets break it down and start with Bellamy.

Bellamy is played by Bob. “Bob” is the most popular male name in the world. But what’s the second most popular name???


So now we’re up to “bellarke” , “be” , and “Will”. I’m super duper serious right now guys, your mind’s about to be blown, just listen up.

Now lets look at Clarke.

Clarke is the key, it’s the final piece of the puzzle that they tried to use to throw us off. But keep up wtih me yall, I’m smart.

So there’s a reason “arke” is at the end of “bell-arke”. The end of the name is where the answer is hidden, are yall still with me, because it’s about to get real.

They threw in the “e” at the end of “clarke” because what is “clarke” when it’s spelled correctly???

It’s “Clark”! A five letter word that begins with the letter “c”.

Now what is the only other word known to mankind that begins with the letter “c” and only has five letters???

That’s right bitches!


So when you put all the clues together, what do you have???

“Bellarke” “will” “be” “canon”!!!

Someone give me a muthafuckin Scooby Snack :)

Originally posted by eataburgerr

In conclusion, I realized it’s too easy to be that delusional and was kinda scary because I could honestly take anything I wanted to believe was real, twist some shit around in my brain, and make up all the bullshit I’d need to tell myself in order to confirm my belief lol Sorry kru, I blame boredom for this post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway the second recap was good! I think the only thing I was really disappointed about was the lack of Sawano’s really epic tracks during the epic scenes. Some were totally silent in the background, and it kind of downplayed it a bit.

The Jiyuu no Tsubasa remix played during the beginning of the 57th expedition though and it gave me chills! I wanted to jam out so bad lmao

I really loved the use of the variants of theDOGS throughout the movie. 

And that Eren/Annie/Mikasa scene being added in there really adds to the depth of Eren and Annie’s relationship, as well as Annie and Mikasa’s rivalry. It helps the audience to understand why Eren struggles with fighting Annie at the end, AND it really adds that punch when Mikasa is ultimately the one to stop Annie. I especially liked it because (in the dub anyway lol) Annie says, “I’m curious if these moves will work on animals” (she calls Mikasa a beast in the manga) and when Mikasa draws her blade in the tunnel and says “I’m going to carve you up again, Titan!” idk. lol It’s one of those like, “you dehumanized me, now I’m gonna do the same to you” kind of things. Their relationship has always been interesting to me. 


“so what?”
“will you talk to me?”
“I don’t think so”
“but why not?”
“I have other things to worry about”
“what do you have to worry about? I’m the one talking, you just have to listen”
“I’m going to bed. good night”
“good bye”

I needed to end a friendship that was messy in itself. we sexted, made out, fooled around, and called it friends with benefits, despite the fact that we didn’t see each other often enough to really call it that. one night I texted him saying, “we’re really not good at fwb😂,” trying to set a somewhat friendly tone. eventually, that lead to a more serious conversation that was really the beginning of the end of our friendship. in order to end it entirely, I tried to convince him to talk to me in person, but he refused. it was then that I sent him a long paragraph, told him that what we had was toxic, and finally let go of the boy I’d tried to hold onto for so long.

  • People: I hate that they're making le fou gay they are going to have a gay character pining for a straight man and he's gonna be the butt of all the jokes it's going to be awful
  • batb: le fou is uncomfortable going along with gaston, realizes that gaston doesn't give a damn about him, switches sides, hints that he ends up with another guy at the end, gets a happy ending
  • People: omg le fou pining for gaston in the begining is so cute i ship gafou so hard new otp

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Hello:-) I read a post you made a while back about Khushi's lust, you mentioned that after the remarriage there were hints of nights Arnav and Khushi were intimate, if it's okay please can you explain when? I never noticed really so i'm curious to know.. thanks!

Hello :)

o0o00o thanks for sending this in, it was fun! Here’s a link to the post you’ve referred to, in case anyone is interested. This is a very long post so I’m adding a cut.

Keep reading

Birthday Girl

“You’re not feeling well.”


“You should go tell your guest you’re not feeling well, tell them it would be best for them to leave.”

“I should.”

The night was far from it’s beginning, and far from it’s end but, already Avery was ready for it to be over. Lying to all of her guests at her own party was awful hostessing but, for what Harry was promising, she was very ready to throw her manners out of the window.

Niall had warned her of Harry, he told her just how persuading Harry could be. She was a strong women, but at first meet, Harry had already held a power over her. He was captivating and intriguing and instead of focusing on her birthday festivities with the rest of her friends and family, she was busy on trying to figure who this mysterious green eyed, skinny-jean clad, headscarf bearing guy was. 

It took some time but, eventually, she did figure out Harry. And now she was pressed against a wall with his hips locking her in place. His hand cupped her cheek as he pulled away from her lips with a subtly smacking noise, looking down into her eyes, his holding nothing but amusement.

Her cheeks were flushed, and she was panting slightly. There was no way she would be able to walk back out into the part without everyone knowing exactly what she had gone off to do. Granted, she could play her appearance off as a part of her “sickness” but the thought of everyone knowing what he done to her, what he was planning on doing to her, made him throb in his tight jeans. 

He pecked her nose affectionately, before pulling away, “Go on then.”

She took a deep breath to compose herself, running a finger over her swollen lips and smiling. The butterflies floating in her stomach and not stopped fluttering since Harry had pulled her down the hallway, and what he proceeded to do once they were hidden from sight had turned her legs to jelly, but she pushed off from the wall and walked back out into her living room where her abundant birthday party guests were mingling amongst themselves. 

I took a while to figure out what exactly her plan of action would be, and even longer to enact upon it but, she worked diligently her incentive being the very attractive male waiting to wreck her once everyone was gone. With her best cough, she went around letting everyone know of her sudden “illness” and slowly but surely, her guest - with wishes for her to get better - began to leave.

“Feel better, Ave.” Niall said as he pulled away from their hug. She nodded thankfully, mumbling her thanks. As he was the last guest, Avery watched him gather his things patiently, before seeing him out the door. 

Just as he walked through the threshold and out into the cool night air, he turned back to Avery. With his eyebrows furrowed he asked, “Have you seen Harry? He didn’t tell me he was leaving.”

Avery pouted out her bottom lip and shrugged her shoulders, “I haven’t seen him. He had to have left.”

Niall kept his frown, but nodded nevertheless. “Alright well, goodnight then. Happy Birthday again.”

Avery smiled, “Thank you. Goodnight.”

She shut the door softly, listening for the quite click to make sure it was closed all the way before reaching down to lock it. The butterflies in her stomach were growing more and more intense but, her anticipation and excitement was growing along with it. Avery was not one to do anything this spontaneous. But, she was older know, and ready to try new things. She figured this would be the best way to start. 

No matter how she wanted to change with her new age, she could not deny the chemistry she felt between her and Harry. Sex was something that required feelings and without them, she would not participate in it. Though the feelings she felt with Harry were nothing strong nor major, they were still there.

She felt as if she were floating as she walked through her apartment. When she noticed he had ventured from the hallway, she turned the corner to get to her bedroom where the door was slightly ajar. 

Apprehensively, she pushed open the door and peaked inside. The room was quiet, the only noise coming from the quiet hum of her air conditioner and for a moment she feared Harry had slipped away while she was busy ridding her house guests. But, when she stepped further inside she saw him, back facing her, messing with something in his hands.

She tip-toed in, shutting the door behind her. “Hello.” She spoke quietly, almost afraid to interrupt the silence that had settled in the room. She took her lip between her teeth as she admired how broad his back was and deliciously satisfying it would be to have her nails dug into it. 

He peered over her shoulder and Avery saw a dimple indent his cheek. “Hello.” he replied casually. One foot at a time, he turned around to face her.

Avery stifled a gasp when she noticed what was in his hands.

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Why do you think, if Abby would risk it all for Clarke, but Clarke would risk it all for Bellamy, not Abby? I mean, CLarke is her child. And she loves her mom, so I'm not really getting why she would give it all up for a man she's known about a year as opposed to her own mom. Thoughts?

well Clarke definitely would sacrifice a lot for her mother, just not everything, like we saw in the season 3 finale.

I do have a theory on why she would sacrifice her mother but not Bellamy. You know when people get married, or find their life partner, etc etc etc, and like, THAT’S their family now? obviously your parents still matter and you would go to the ends of the earth for them, but THAT person and/or your kids or whatever else is in that new family of yours, THAT’S your new priority. they start to begin to come first. 

I think that is what’s happening with Bellarke. Romantically or not, he’s her life partner, and she’s his. I firmly believe one would not be able to survive without the other. I always hate saying that with couples but like… I actually believe that. He is her final breaking point (we saw a hint of that in the s3 finale, and again when Roan and Clarke were talking in the cave) and she is probably his. 

it’s 100% realistic for Clarke to risk it all for Bellamy. he’s her person now.

which just reinforces the idea that bellarke is married lol

ways star trek generations could’ve been better (spoilers incoming for a 23 year-old film):

  • have kirk actually come aboard the enterprise-d, and still sacrifice himself. but have a funeral service reminiscent of spock’s in wrath of khan, ending with a speech by shatner and stewart ending with “to boldly go where no one has gone before”
  • make the third act not so… like that
  • have spock and bones at least at the beginning
  • have geordi and data kiss

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What kind of clothes does Jack wear?

Okay, so this reminded me I really should make full body character design sheets but 4 now im just going to give u the basics:
Sophomore year:

Jack wears a japanese haori jacket like this:

(its so cool i want like, 12)

he p much wears whats on the far right with the button down and jeans, but more in his canon color scheme.

also at the end of sophomore year Thief gives jack short shorts and crop tops but hAH jokes on him bc Jack thinks theyre nice as hell and buys more and its p much the only type of outfit he where in the last month of school (for some reason tho he oddly really likes the orange one Thief originally gives him)

Okay time for season 5 bc…

Junior Jack:

So Junior Jack is basically wearing a teenage normal(?) clothing version of what Jack was wearing in the beginning of Season 5. Basically, its a baggy really weird dark grey green hoodie that he wears a leather vest over bc he has his motorcycle and if you ride you gotta have leather
So i couldnt find a way to give him his beautiful knee-high socks so he has knee high boots cuz hella

loooook at those gorgeous boots just like that (and look at that gorgeous man holy fuck)

And bc unfortunately for Jack, hes constantly not in a Good Mental State and also unfortunately is hungover a lot so he has cool shades (also bc i wanted some connection to that wicked mask in the intro of episode 1)

got to have some kind of eye protection 2

and jack also has his belt which has a carabiner for a tea thermos (which is a discussion for another post) and some martial arts wrist bands kind of like this:

all in all he looks slightly ridiculous but somehow he pulls it off bc hes Jack and Jack looks great in p much anything

heres actually a preliminary doodle i did for his junior design

And finally, you might be wondering, “what about when Jack’s a senior? Does he get a design?” well yes he does but I’m still trying to figure that out and waiting to see if Jack gets any new duds in canon I could use as inspiration

Super long but really fun to answer, thank you!

My fav parts of every song from the Vessel album (by Twenty One Pilots)

Ode to Sleep: “up,up,up,up,UP,” I imagine Tyler singing this to people he doesn’t like on a theatre stage all dramatically, “I’m sorry.”

Holding On to You:”SWAT!” The singing and screaming of “Entertain my faith,” “ AND I’LL BE HOLDING ONTO YOU!” 

Migraine: “I AM NOT AS FINE AS I SEEM! Pardon me for yelling,” The end where it cuts off “We made it this f…” sounds like something happened.

House of Gold: the beginning of the drums, “So I just might beCOME SOMEONE!”

Car Radio: when the synth beat drops and the rave starts, “AND NOW I JUST SIIITTT!” You can hear Josh smashing those drums.

Semi-Automatic: techno sounds, “doo,
doo, doo, doo-doo-doo,doo,” “yeah yeah YEAH!” 

Screen: piano melody, when Ty says “you” it sounds like “yo,” “we’re broken.” 

The Run and Go: the piano hits, “ Do-do-do-do,””cold nights, thunder…” “I NEED YOU TO STAAAAYYYY!”

Fake You Out: the disc scratches, “OUR BRAINS ARE SICK BUT THAT’S OKAY!” the backing vocals saying “I’ll fake you out.”

Guns for Hands: “DON’T TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT!” every time Ty says “hey” and Josh hits the drums, the whole last verse.

Trees: the little “pt” (?) sound, my sis and I have an inside joke to this song, “I want to saaaaayy heeellllooooo,” the drum beats and “hey!”

Truce: pianos are my weakness, “Stay alive, stay alive, for me,” the high pitched “ooh,” “ Take pride in what is sure. To. Die.” 


i’ve found the strength to grow so much more
a whisper to a roar
no more crying
it’s time for me to soar