there is no authority but youself

“Just Aspie Things #20” I can’t believe I’ve done this many. Often times the suggestion is “Just be youself.” With complete disregard for whether or not that will in fact work.

I grew up in a majority black Middle, and Highschool where I was pickled on and singled out for being different in more ways than one, but had I not adapted over time I would’ve continued being picked on, and I would’ve never come as far as I have.

Acting neurotypical should never be a permanent nesessity, but is a useful skill for when you need to achieve your goals, or get out of bad situations. Interviews, interactions with authority figures, and many other things can go a whole lot better with this skillset.

On a related note, learning to speak Mandarin doesn’t mean you are trying to be Chinese. It just means you are trying to be understood by a Chinese person. Much like learning to speak Neurotypical doesn’t mean you have to give up yourself. You are merely translating.