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PRINCELESS: Who needs Prince Charming? Save yourself!

Happy friday peeps hope everyone is getting ready for the weekend. I have recently realised that my youngest cousins are starting to get into comics and follow in my footsteps. So I am currently on the hunt for kid friendly comics that are great for a young girls that are starting to become as fascinated with comics as I am.

On my hunt for some books to send to them for their upcoming birthday I found the awesome book Princeless. To describe this book in one sentance Princeless is the action/adventure graphic novel for the girl who’s tired of waiting to be rescued and ready to save herself ! So come join me and the Eisner-nominated team of Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin for a tale of swashbuckling in the face of sexism.

Princeless tells the story of Princess Adrienne, a strong-minded, brave, and intelligent black princess who questions and challenges expectations and stereotypes associated with princesses. From a young age, Adrienne resents any limitations placed on her as a princess and struggles against them in order to define her own role. On her 16th birthday she is tricked into imprisonment in a tower, as is the expected fate of any princess in the land. Instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her, Adrienne escapes from her tower with the aid of her guardian dragon, trades her dress and crown for armor and sword and sets out to rescue her six sisters from their own prisons.

Here is a sneak preview of just how amazing and confident Princess Adrienne is

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What would junkrat, Hanzo, doomfist, and Reinhardt react or do if their SO dies in battle?? Could you make it really angsty?? Thank you!

Images are not mine

Junkrat/Jamison Fawkes:

  • It seemed like the entire world had stopped moving when Junkrat saw you shot at multiple times by some of the Queen’s henchmen
  • A few seconds later, anyone close enough would’ve heard him muttering to himself that this wasn’t the plan, that you were supposed to be alive as the three of you were welcomed back into Junkertown
  • Roadhog would have to physically drag him away from your body just so Junkrat didn’t die as well
  • The entire area would be covered in explosives in a matter of seconds before they all detonated after Jamison had gotten bullet-ridden corpse away from the blast zone
  • Once the dust had settled and the two had escaped safely with your body in tow, Junkrat would bury you near his and Roadhog’s current headquarters
  • Every so often, he’ll take out a few pictures of you that he’s kept and promises to avenge your death

Hanzo Shimada:

  • The two of you had been visiting Hanamura for Genji’s ‘anniversary’ when you were killed by a sniper as you were infiltrating the Shimada estate
  • When Hanzo saw you collapse onto the ground with a hole in your forehead, he immediately hid your body in a hidden alcove before searching for the sniper while his heart seemed to crack just a tiny bit more despite his emotionless facade
  • As soon as he eliminated the sniper along with any remaining personnel that were guarding the premises, he makes his way back to you whilst breaking down in silent tears
  • Hanzo buries you in a secluded garden on the outskirts of the Shimada estate as he mourns for both you and his brother
  • Even the dragons seemed to have sensed their master’s sorrow and made a rare appearance as they wrapped themselves around him as he left his home once more
  • Every year on the night of yours and Genji’s death, Hanzo left incense offerings for the two of you and a bouquet of your favorite flowers at your grave as he quietly wept over his deceased family and lover

Doomfist/Akande Ogundimu:

  • The only emotion Akande felt as he watched you fall onto the ground with a single bullet hole to your chest courtesy of one of Vialli’s assassins was anger
  • He was quick to strike them down, but only spared them within an inch of their life so they would pass on the message of what happened when a person angered the Scourge of Numbani
  • Once the assassin scrambles away, Doomfist quickly picks up your body and silently leaves the area
  • Although Akande does grieve over your death and is haunted by the emptiness of your eyes when the bullet went through your body, but he does try to ignore it
    • Even though Widowmaker herself had made an off-hand comment about it
  • But then again, what good was a soldier in battle if their judgment was constantly clouded by emotions?


  • The moment Reinhardt sees you lying on the ground dead because of a Nulltrooper that had flanked you against the payload, he flies into an incomprehensible rage
  • Machinery and weapons were scattered across the streets of King’s Row as he protected you from any Omnic that threatened to come in-between the two of you
  • Torbjörn and Mercy have to pry him away from your corpse when the dropship arrived to take the Overwatch strike team back home
  • Reinhardt personally accompanies your body home and attends your funeral which had been paid by Overwatch itself
  • When he dons his Crusador Armor once more, Reinhardt fights in your memory hoping that no one else should suffer the same fate as you did all those years ago

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The Maidens of Chaos aka the Sororitas Malefica

*the Maidens of Chaos are former Sisters of Battle whose faith was found to be lacking, thus allowing the corrupting influence of the warp to infest their minds.

*While most Malefic Sororitas are commonly seen fighting alongside the forces of Chaos Undivided, Chaos Maiden Convents dedicated to a single God are not uncommon. The Sisters are often seen performing Dark rituals and rites in order to appease the Dark Gods.

*they most commonly attack Shrine Worlds, Fuedal Worlds, and Hive Worlds, using their newfound faith to slay all the non-believers. Their faith in their new found gods is legendary, and rightly feared. Their faith is frequently rewarded with Daemon Princehood; however, they must pass the same tests that their Chaos Space Marine counterparts must take in order to earn their prize

the following Convents have been identified:

*The Order of the Eight-Pointed Star: the most commonly seen Convent, the black and gold of their heraldry echoes that of the ultimate foe: The Black Legion. They are commonly seen fighting alongside the Forges of Chaos Undivided, particularly the Teutonic Lords and the Black Legion. Their zealotry and fury in battle is legendary, and they are often sought out to assist in rituals to summon Daemonic forces. When the Dark Gods call for a Black Crusade, and when Abbadon the Everchosen leads it, know that the Maidens of Chaos in its Purest Form shall be there to enact the will of the Primordial Truth

*The Order of the Bloodied Skull: The Khornates of the Sororitas Malefica, they favor an odd form of martial honor, where they often give their opponent a fair chance. Of course, such a gesture will do said opponent no good, as the Bloodied Skull Sisters are some of the most fierce melee combatants amongst the Chaos Forces, able to fight against even a Khornate Berzerker in single combat. Their armor is painted bloodiest shade of red (often using the ichor of fallen enemies) with pieces of sacred brass bolted on to show their devotion to the Blood God.

*The Order of Grandfather’s Blessing:True Nurgle worshippers, this order is filled with Sororitas whose flesh and blood is filled with disease and decay; their almost zombie-like flesh is as legendarily resilient as the Plague Marines. They spread despair throughout the Galaxy, hoping to show all why they should accept the Blessing of Grandfather Nurgle. Their armor is bloated with a sickly green, often showing their fetid intestines.

*The Order of the All-Seeing Eye: The leadership of this Order has been granted immense Psychic abilities and the ability to predict the future. This has led to them becoming foremost in the plotting of the intricate and convoluted plots of Tzeentch. many of the sisters plot against each other in a bid for even more power, but when united against a common fore, few can stand against their psychic power. Their armor is painted in bright blues and they wear a mask with beaks upon them to show their faith in the Architect of Fate.

*The Order of Cacophonous Harmony: these sisters utilize the Sonic weapons commonly found amongst the noise marines to great effect. They often burn incense mixed with hard combat drugs to increase their effectiveness and speed on the battlefield. All will bow before the sound of the Great Sermons of Slaanesh, and the bright pinks and purples that herald the coming of the Slaanesh’s symphony!

*The Order of Anarchic Destruction: the Smallest of all the Orders but wielding the most potential, these Sisters worship the Anti-God, Malal. Often traveling the Galaxy alone, they seek out champions of other gods and utterly annihilate them, claiming their soul to be sent to Malal’s Prison. Their colors are the darkest black and lightest white - fitting for ones with such a twisted sense of morality as the followers of Malal

those are all the ideas I have for Chaos Sisters so far! Let me know what you think of them

EDIT 1: Mixed up “Architect of Fate” with “Architect of Faith”; it has been corrected.

So, @nagunkgunk‘s Warmind AU is like my favorite thing ever and I had a little spark of inspiration that’s been burning away in my mind after seeing the mean beep and thinking about what it might be like for the Eliksni going from fighting nothing but Frames carrying very little intel to finally starting to encounter Warlords, so here’s a thing :)

Riksis hated caves. They were too dark and too narrow and the sounds echoed far too strangely. This series of chambers looked to have been started naturally, but there were clear signs of artificial expansion. Something was living down here.

A click that could have been footsteps or simply a water drop echoed either in front or behind him and he flinched, pressing himself into the wall and quickly glancing in both directions. No sounds followed and he shrugged the tension out of his shoulders, making a mental note to ask to never be sent into caves again.

He understood his mission was an important one – an investigative team had suddenly vanished and they needed any information on their fate they could get – but he wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere else.

The sound of his own footsteps changed again and he could tell he was coming to another large room. Carefully, and with one eye on his radar, he rounded the corner.


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[Fic] A Little Slice of Heaven

Rating:  K/G/so, so harmless
Characters/Pairings:  Fenris/Hawke, Aveline/Donnic, Orana
Word Count:  5000ish?
Summary:  Hawke wins a baking contest and yet seems distraught.  Fenris investigates.  Jade is bad at summaries without Quark to vet them, but alas, ‘tis the price of surprise gift fic.

happy you can survive practicals you survived practicals you put in an offer on a house MOVING DAY!

here it is on your blog so you don’t even have to check your dash for it yay hiatus

your assignment:  write an essay explaining the significance of cake in fenhawke fic, since apparently it’s become A Theme

also on AO3

i love you

Sweat crept down Fenris’s forehead, tangled in his hair, seeped between his skin and the band of his trousers, as he raised his blade above his head and held it, impossibly still, counting the seconds in Tevene as he forced his arms not to tremble, his grip to stay firm.  Thirty.  Forty.  Fifty…fifty-five…

He brought the blade down with whistling speed, nearly slicing into the stone pavers, but at the last possible moment he twisted his wrists and the blade skimmed parallel to the floor, his body following the twist until one foot left the ground and he pushed himself into the air, legs swinging around as the blade came flying up again in an arc, his back arched until his feet hit the ground again and he threw his weight forward, the tip of the sword this time sparking against the floor as he dragged it for a moment—

all for show, of course; these moves in combat would get him killed, and he’d learned them for Danarius’s pleasure, to titillate the ladies and frighten their magister lords.  He’d never particularly enjoyed them, even when he did enjoy fulfilling his master’s every whim, and something distasteful still lingered on his tongue, mixed with the sweat from his upper lip, whenever he performed them. Used them; they were tools from his former life, and as tools they were excellent for conditioning his physical form in times when he otherwise had no outlet for his skills. A break, as it were, from more habitual training drills, or from sparring with the Guard, forcing him into positions and angles he’d normally never consider, stretching muscles that otherwise might remain untested until a crucial moment in battle. And if he focused on his breathing, he could ignore the memory of the drums to which his master had demanded he dance.

Always one for theatrics, Danarius. In some ways it sweetened the dance, that he now performed it only for the skeletons of the magister’s mercenaries that littered his front hall. His hall, now. His tools. His choice.

A knock at the door.

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Grimmfuture. If each of you had the opportunity to go back in time and save one person, who would it be? (Asked by anon)

Grimmfuture!Ruby, her face emotionless with a voice to match: Ruby.

Grimmfuture!Yang, sitting across from Ruby, a fire burning between them, staring at her sister as flames dance around cutting up Ruby’s image, giving Yang an uneasy feeling, almost silent: Funny…I was about to say the same thing.


Grimmfuture!Weiss, her fist clenching and shuts her eyes tight, forcing back tears, speaks with a glint of shakiness: My answer to that. Is Team Fuchsia. If only I had been a better headmaster…

Grimmfuture!Blake, looking on with a frown: If I could save someone…I…don’t know how to word it…but I’d do what I could to keep team RWBY together.

Grimmfuture!Blake, glancing at the yellow-gemstoned ring on a necklace around Weiss’s neck, quieter than before: To keep Yang with us…


Grimmfuture!Coco, throwing a half empty bottle of booze to her wall, violently screaming: WHO DO YOU THINK!?

Grimmfuture!Coco, panting as she stares at the splattered stain on the wall and the shards of glass beneath it, quietly collapses onto her knees and begins to sob into her hands: Who…who do you think…


Grimmfuture!Yatsuhashi, stroking his beard, sitting cross legged in an empty room, a single candle flickering in the darkness: If you were to ask me this question in the years following the attack, I would have said Fox.

Grimmfuture!Yatsuhashi, shaking his head: But no. For now I understand, that moment was fate, and I am no man worthy of challenging fate.


Grimmfuture!Jaune, standing in front of a large glass case within the halls of Beacon, staring upon the bronze armor of his fallen teammate: My answer is obvious. I would do anything to save her. I would sacrifice my other leg. My arms. My life…

Grimmfuture!Jaune, placing a hand against the glass: We all know she would have made a much better teacher here than I…


Grimmfuture!Ren, sitting in a chair placed at Nora’s bedside, breathing heavily as his eyes droop in exhaustion: Nora…I wish I could get her back to her old self, and would do whatever I can.

Grimmfuture!Ren, falling forward onto the bed, slowly slipping into a well deserved sleep: She…doesn’t deserve this internal torture…she deserves the world…and I’d give it to her.

Grimmfuture!Nora, sleeping within the bed, her body covered in self inflicted bruises from her recent breakdown, her wrist in a quickly home-made stint, quietly mumbles: Ren…


Grimmfuture!Cardin, shaking his head, his eyes tired, voice betraying his pain: Everyone. I’d save everyone.

Grimmfuture!Cardin, his eyes tearing up more and more, his voice getting more and more shaky: I’d save Sky…my wife…my…my son.


Grimmfuture!Cinder, a smile crawling onto her face: Why…I’d save that darling Rose of mine, obviously.

GBF Husbando Spotlight: Nezahualpilli

Whew man it’s been awhile since I made the last one of these due to irl and gbf grind making me incredibly busy, but nonetheless here we are! It’s time for the next GBF Husbando Spotlight and today we finish up the SSR wind Husbands with the one and only Nezahualpilli (aka bird man/bird husband).

He’s another one of my personal favorites who I feel is somewhat underrated with this new era of sparkly ikemen. (Thanks to anon for requesting him btw)

  • The very first 5* SSR in the entire game and one of it’s OG crew members.
  • His kit is getting a bit outdated with the rise of other wind attackers. But he’s still great at punching things hard and hitting that dmg cap easily with his own stacking atk buff, break assassin, and inherently high raw stats.
  • Personality wise he’s simultaneously a wise and good king, while also being a total birdbrained moron who’s fear of heights is to be memed of in the comics.
  • His fate episodes are either displays of his amazing leadership and courage, or makes him a walking joke due to his quirks and it’s amazing.
  • In all seriousness even with the jokes and his stupidity, his final lvl 100 fate episode has him give one of the most inspiring and motivational speeches about deciding to fight against predetermined fate that I’ve ever seen. As much as the game makes fun of him they establish that he’s truly a good king and leader.
  • Cygames’s rule of armor most likely applies to him. Seeing how jacked Lancelot ended up being in the comics, along with the glory that was Seofon in his “speedbros” outfit. Nezahualpilli’s large imposing stance and stature along with his bulkier armor suggest an even more impressive thiccness hidden underneath with wings
  • Even though his age isn’t given he’s established as one of the older members of the crew along with Lady Grey who’s in her 30′s. They have a crossfate where they bond over watching the younger crew members as their seniors. It end with them protecting Djeeta/Gran along with the others from a giant snake by fighting it on their own.
  • His voice is amazing. Like it just hits me in all the right places. Jurota Kosugi is perfect casting as he manages to give him the perfect mix of older and sensual along with the right amount of stupid. His laugh is incredibly charming.
  • He’s probably the smoothest guy in the crew. He’s actually established to be somewhat flirty and casually hits on Katalina when he meets her. In just a few casual lines he makes her more flustered than anyone in her entire harem has. 
  • He uses this charm on Your MC/Djeeta during his Valentines and White Day lines. His lines have a mature and reliable charm to it that I just appreciate alot. Not to mention that he gets a unique flirty expression that I can’t seem to find outside of his White Day lines. 
  • His personality is already plenty quirky enough that even in the memeage that is the Grand Blues comics, he doesn’t change that much. His notable changes acrophobia is brought up as a gag, his flirtation extending to that of flustering Kaguya, Becoming the best wingman to the Elsam x Yggy OTP, and being used as a kite.
  • Protect this adorable smile
Identifying Dragons: Amonkhet

Amonkhet is unforgiving. Its deserts are filled with undead, cursed to walk forever until only their bones remain. Everything took a turn for the worse for the plane’s last known city, Naktamun, when the Second Sun aligned between the horns on the horizon. The Luxa’s waters turned red with blood. Forgotten gods rose to spread chaos. The Hekma was torn down. Venturing out among the dunes was the only way out of the devastation.

Ramunap Ruins by Florian de Gesincourt

Beyond the barrier are innumerable monstrosities. Among them are the plane’s dragons.

What to Expect

Glorybringer by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Amonkhetu dragons are large, ferocious creatures with crocodilian characteristics.

Head: Amonkhetu dragons have a crocodilian head, with a long snout and jaws lined with sharp teeth, in addition to the ridges that start near their eyes. A short, thick neck connects the head to the body.

Limbs: Amonkhetu dragons’ limbs appear shorter than those of dragons from most planes. Their fingers are short but end with sharp claws. 

Body: Reddish scales and scutes cover their bodies, with the undersides having a much paler color. The line of ridges that start from their heads continue along their backs and end at their tails. Those used in the trials are fitted with shining, ornate armor.

The Trespasser

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh by Raymond Swanland

In the world of Amonkhet, elder dragon Nicol Bolas had another title: God-Pharaoh. The people and gods revered him as they aspire to be worthy of a glorious afterlife. However, the inscriptions on the old walls identify him differently. In reality, he is the Great Trespasser who brought upon a sudden genocide of Naktamun’s older generations and an upheaval and repurposing of Amonkhetu belief and culture for his own ends.


What the initiates face in the final trial is completely at Hazoret’s discretion.

Glorybringer by Sam Burley

Breath weapon: fire

Most Amonkhetu dragons live in the wilderness, content to fly and hunt freely over the sands. Sometimes one is captured and brought into the city. Within, they have one fate - to be put into the trials by the gods. Creatures such as dragons, with their savagery and might, prove to be appropriate obstacles. Besides the best initiates locked in battle against each other, Hazoret’s Trial of Zeal in particular usually feature an armored dragon to test the combatants even further.

Initiates need worry only about the trials. Everything else is in the hands of the gods.

Lay Claim by Chris Rallis

These dragons are more feral than intelligent. Facing one within the confines of the Hekma outside of the trials was probably impossible given the gods’ diligent watch over the populace. Encountering one in the desert is another matter altogether, though sandwurms and zombies would be more common threats. Now, with most of the gods dead and the Hekma gone, all the creatures of the desert are free to roam anywhere. If doom doesn’t come from the dunes, it will probably land from the skies.

Destiny: Like Diamonds

More Towerfal OC Exploration. Because some people like Selene and I had VERY strong feelings playing as her. She’s grown so much.

Approx 750 words

Selene always thought she would cave under pressure.

The first time the missiles hit she was too far, wasn’t fast enough. She died, but hardly a second later was back, safe behind a defender’s wall, Zavala’s hand on her collar. But there was not a word of rebuke, just a Titan clap on the back, and she thought for a moment he was Auburn.

The shield fell and they fired, the other Guardians with them fanning out. The second time she was prepared, she had learned. A Hunter fell, not quite making it back to the shield herself. Selene scooped the Ghost inside, shielded it with her body as the Guardian revived.

She didn’t even think when the Commander shouted an order, “Someone go with Ikora!” She was already dashing across the plaza towards the door. With only one focus -running- she realized what she was doing, how she had just thoughtlessly obliterated three waves of Cabal soldiers, and only died once. How on the whole sprint up the tower to the Plaza, she hadn’t died at all. How she was just jumping from objective to objective. Who was she, what had changed?

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How would your rank the princesses Zelda, from least to favorite?

I like all Princess Zeldas, but if I were to give my top three in no particular order:

  • Breath of the Wild’s Zelda: While I was very unhappy with how they ended up completing her character arc, and the fact that they tell her story through flashbacks only while Zelda herself is actually held in prison/stasis throughout the actual main events of the game, the character they did portray was a very complex and interesting version of the princess. She was depicted as weak, in many ways a failure of her duty, but with a strong drive regardless of her shortcomings and a deep passion for worldly knowledge and scholarly pursuits. I really liked her studious nature and her vulnerability in the face of adversity.
  • Ocarina of Time’s Zelda: Whereas I was disappointed that BOTW’s Zelda’s story was primarily shown through flashbacks and in-game notes and journals, I would have loved to see some flashbacks and writing about OOT’s Zelda strewn throughout the game. While she embodies the sort of “magical, wise princess” trope of the series, Zelda in this game is also kick-ass? I would really love to learn more about her training over the seven years that pass in-game. Rather than being captured by Ganon(dorf) throughout the main storyline, she is whisked away to train in secret as a Sheikah under a new identity (and I still maintain a headcanon that OOT Zelda is genderfluid). Sheik shows up throughout the main game to guide Link and act as an ally, even trying to fight back against Bongo Bongo’s emerging darkness in Kakariko Village. I was obviously upset that as soon as Sheik reveals that they are Zelda, Ganon(dorf) captures her, but the capture is at least brief and she is an active (to a degree) presence throughout the final escape and in sealing Ganon away. Zelda’s a very active presence throughout the game, as a guide and a secret ally, and the twist that Sheik = Zelda is still one of the best the series ever offered.
  • Wind Waker’s Zelda: This is really more about Tetra. Tetra is a good character! She’s sharp, witty, resourceful, a natural, commanding leader, even a bit ruthless - she’s a great pirate despite her age, and also acts as an ally/guide to Link throughout the game here and there. The two develop a really cute friendship and work great as a team. I guess my only issue is that, if you already played OOT (and most people had before playing WW), the whole “surprise Zelda!” twist a second time in a row right after OOT wasn’t very shocking, and unlike OOT’s Zelda, who is also a wise, somewhat cryptic guide be they Zelda or Sheik, as soon as Tetra/Zelda’s true identity is revealed, she loses all her character - becoming almost immediately passive, trapped away, and then subsequently captured. She doesn’t return to her proper character state until the final fight against Ganondorf and in the end-game cut scenes. Beyond this bump in the road though, Tetra/Zelda is really great.

honorable mentions

Zelda from Spirit Tracks, who is actually a spirit and possesses a powerful suit of armor. Unfortunately, having played about half of ST (and not enjoying it), she only does this during the one annoying repeat central dungeon - still, it’s a cool concept.

I also like Zelda from Twilight Princess, as a noble, mature and selfless leader whose confinement is by choice in an attempt to save her people from a fate worse than the encroaching twilight. However, her role in the overall game is a lot weaker than that of Midna, who is truly the “twilight princess” and main plot focus. She has some very touching moments with Midna, but I still personally feel the entire ending where suddenly Zelda becomes Link’s ally in the “true” final fight and not Midna is a shoehorned effort to try to recreate the sort of “legend of the hero” trope the games hinge on and, again, try to recreate the similar battles of OOT and WW before it.

Zelda from Skyward Sword deserves a nod too - she comes from very humble origins, has a warm personality, and truly works hard on her own journey outside of the one Link is on. She’s an active presence in the game with her own goals and direction, but I feel the narrative tends to continue to characterize her as a kind of “maiden” or “childhood friend” trope who needs help and saving when she absolutely does not (but Skyward Sword has very wishy-washy tonal pacing overall anyway)

As Fate Would Have It (Part 2)

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((Highschool!Dean x Highschool!Reader)) 

It had been almost a full week since a certain knight in shining armor saved a certain damsel in distress from the dragons that had held her captive in a castle, or against a locker in this case. Ever since then the (h/c) haired girl couldn’t help but feel like she owed a little bit to the boy. Of course Dean insisted that it was fine, that really he didn’t need anything from her, but as the first and only person to help her out in those situations it was almost morally forced. It was one thing for comfort after being attacked but it was entirely new for someone to stick their neck out to get some guys to lay off. Finally the stubborn prince charming and the not-so princess made a compromise to both get what they wanted. Though it wasn’t so much a compromise as it was more Dean finally giving into her giving him something in return. Even if it was against his will (Y/n) finally got him to say yes, even if there was some going back and forth on what she could do, he finally settled with letting her tutor him. Dean never cared too much for school, he thought of little reason to continue his education besides the fact his dad wanted him to. He knew he would be leaving soon and seldom payed much attention to the grades he got on papers. 

This was one of those odd times in an odd place under odd circumstances that Dean was actually trying. He sat next to the girl in the small library and scanned over the page whilst she did the same, pointing out key factors and things to remember. Whilst she was lost in her talking and explanations, Dean wasn’t getting along the greatest with the higher level material and her attempt at explaining it. He zoned out on the paper, trying to figure it out piece by piece, though it soon turned into him ogling at the sheet in front of him. As fate would have it though, he seemed to zone out only a couple seconds before a snap in his ear brought him back to reality. He shook his head and looked over at the girl who held a soft smile on her face. “Are you listening Dean?” she asked softly, tucking some of her stray (h/l) (h/c) hairs back into the mess atop her head. “Yes- Well- No- Kind of.” Dean said quickly one after another, before sending her a small half smile. “You don’t understand a word I’m saying, do you?” Trying to play it off he let out a small, awkward laugh before shaking his head. “Not a clue.” This was now the girl’s que to laugh, covering her mouth with one hand. “Alright” she said before scooting ever so slightly closer and starting to explain a bit more thoroughly this time. Piece by piece for once the subject at hand finally seemed to click within Dean’s head. Perhaps it was the kind and attractive girl seated beside him giving him courage to actually figure this out as to not look a total dunce, or perhaps it was simply her way with words and explanations that seemed to play out in his mind like a well written movie. 

Sadly enough though time seemed to be cut short. Not by a teacher coming in and telling them that the library was closing, nor was it her parents ushering her home to reach curfew. Rather it was a young, and quite frankly short, boy coming into the library and giving a whisper yell in their direction. “Dean” he let out, getting both parties attention. Dean looked over to his brother and cocked a brow, his eyes asking for him. “Dad’s been waiting for like half an hour, come on he’s gonna be pissed.” His brother said in almost disbelief that the good son forgot that their father was taking them today to head to another state, to another hunt, and once again another school. “Oh” was all Dean got out a bit disheartenedly. (Y/n) looked at Dean herself as if asking for her own explanation. “Like I said a few days ago my family we move around a lot.” He shrugged. “We never get to stay in one school for long” Dean had already began packing up his books, not wanting to further anger his father. “Oh” this time it was the girls turn to let out those few words, unsure of how to react. Dean had shoved his books into his backpack and hauled it over his shoulder as he walked out with his brother. He turned his head over his shoulder and gave a sad, uncomfortable smile. “Sorry (Y/n)” was all he said before walking out of the high school for the last time. 

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"A long time ago, there were two women, Syndra Joestar and Fiora 'Fio' Brando. When these two meet, fate took them on a bizarre adventure...."

Syndra and Zed have never been this close before, her wrists caught between his hands and pinned above her on the temples wall. They were a hairs length away, and the tension was as thick as Zed’s shadow schlong.

“Z-zed-sama….” Syndra muttered, lavender hues locking onto that of the sharpest crimson. “We should stop…..”

Zed did not reply, only pressing himself closer towards Syndra that caused a chill colder than the steel of Zed’s armor against her skin run down her spine. She did not need to see beneath his mask to know he was smirking, and yet his hand reached upwards regardless. It rested upon the lower most part of the mask, and slowly pushed the piece upwards.

Inch by inch, his face was slowly revealing itself. When it was off, Syndra’s heart skipped a beat. Truly, this face was proof God existed.

Zed tossed his mask to the side, and slowly he planted kisses along Syndra’s neck until he was hovering just above her ear. “You thought it was Zed…..” He whispered sensually.



And it was, it was absolutely Fiora the entire time under Zed’s mask. The two proceed to make vigorous love, they do so with such ferocity that the League of Legends official website crashes and resets ten minutes later with Zed’s entire page replaced by Fiora and Riot Games creates a Zed skin but it’s just Fiora’s classic model.

Daemon, Anankedaemon

Also called corruptors of fate, anankedaemons embody death by curses - the wards on an ancient tomb, a malediction spoken by a spiteful witch, or a treasure that brings death to its owner. These mercenary fiends sell their services to whatever evil being gives them an opportunity to bring suffering and death to mortals.

Anankedaemons stand slightly shorter than humans, but are powerfully muscled beneath their greasy rolls of fat and loose yellow skin. Their faces resemble canine skulls with a boar’s tusks, bloodshot eyeballs in their gaping sockets. Despite their corpulence, anankedaemons are deceptively dextrous and nimble, moving almost with a blur of motion. A strong odor of brimstone surrounds anankedaemons, and when they attack, their victims may hear the faint sound of rolling dice coming from nowhere.

Anankedaemons live to spread misfortune and despair, inflicting curses on all they come across. Corruptors of fate have a strong mercenary streak, selling their services to other fiends or evil spellcasters, especially favoring masters on the Material Plane. Anankedaemons are commonly found in armies of demons or devils, but even these allies find them repulsive and give them a wide berth. Lone anankedaemons may gather minions immune to their curse, such as lacridaemons, cacodaemons, or the weaker undead.

Temerdaemons, embodying all forms of misfortune and accidental tragedy, often bully anankedaemons into doing their bidding. Corruptors of fate who faithfully serve the more powerful fiends and learn from them may be transformed into temerdaemons themselves by the Four Horsemen or daemonic harbingers.

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harunonosakura  asked:

Prompt: Non-massacre AU where Sakura has no idea how to deal with Itachi (who is just like Kakashi in their dislike of spending time being hospitalized) over the duration of his stay in the hospital. [bonus where she gives up and asks/begs Sasuke to drag his brother home or just away from her workplace gosh]

Hey there, sakurahrn!! So sorry for the super late response! I’ve tried to follow your prompt as much as I can, but I’m not very sure I succeeded since the fic sort of ran away from me somewhere in the middle, ahaha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! =)


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      Metal links rattled against cold armor and hard leather as Sandor Clegane made his way up and down stairways and halls. A long-suffering sigh - one of many - left him yet again. The look Cersei had given him as she decreed his day’s fate had been a spiteful one indeed. No love was lost on Sansa Stark by the king’s mother. No doubt she assumed Sandor’s presence would be a terror on the young girl.

      Stopping short at the correct doorway, he said a silent prayer that the day would pass quickly and then knocked forcefully on the hardwood. “I am here to escort the Lady Sansa…” Hopefully she’d known of his coming and he wouldn’t have to wait on her to ready herself. 

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #20

Numba 20!! Finally, one of the chapters I was dying to write! Okay so I am on the road with the crazies, hunting for ammo for a 22. for tomorrow’s shooting contest between friends (friendly competition I promise!) Anyway, gonna have some Cold Stone so here, have what is possibly my fav chapter, hehe.

Chapter Twenty: Roar of Wildfire

Carcere della Signoria was the proud prison of Magnolia, set on stories of underground cells and stacked into a tower of justice: Justice for the rich and influential. It served as an overbearing weight on the poor and defenseless, a mockery of what once was a system for the people.

The full moon rose over the overbearing building, torches burning and flickering within the iron barred windows. All around the perimeter, guard patrolled in groups of four or more, marching silently for a change.

“Found the guards.” Gray mused with no humor, crouched with Laxus on a far rooftop. They littered the streets, clogging the main yard, and decorated the close rooftops around the penitentiary.

“Perceptive of you.” The blond assassin remarked dryly, already tense and ready. His S-class aura had clicked into place, fingers gripping his sword anxiously. Still, the pair waited for Erza to return.

Titania was a master at infiltration and deception…as well as intimidation. If anyone could scope out the condition of the young heiress, it was Erza.

Until then, no action would be taken. Though, Laxus would not put it past the scorned Templar Order to install a nasty surprise for any careless fools planning reckless rescue operations: assassin and civilian alike.

Lady Lucy was loved by most in the town and rebels that did not associate with the assassins might just create a mob before the prison doors. It would be a poor effort against the amount of guards but would be a worthy distraction to allow a smoother infiltration.

It was possible to just fight the path inside, just like swimming up river against a current. They could sneak in, assassinating as they were seen. They could wait until dawn, hijacking the execution march to the gallows or steal Lucy away before the firing squad assembled. Laxus assimilated the many options presented with a critical mind, planning ever possible option or place for failure.

Erza hoisted herself up by the edges of the shingle tiles, crouching perfectly balanced between the platform and the backwards drop to her death. Her silver armor shone in the moonlight, her hair reflective as pools of blood on stone. Stern hazel eyes locked with Gray’s and Laxus’, signaling her completed task.

“She is alive but not in a perfect condition, I am afraid. Through thorough interrogation, she refused to speak.” With a proud quirk of her lips, Erza continued, “She earned herself the cruel side of Sir Jose. I do not know if it is the noose or the fire squad that will claim her.”

“Stubborn,” Laxus hissed, a tiny sliver of pride matching Erza’s crossing his face, “-but brave.”

With a slow adjustment of his shoulders, he straightened up, his tone commanding and unyielding. “So, here is what we must do. Gray, clear out all guard to the east. Clear out the passageway that street-workers use to avoid traffic.” He watched Gray nod in a show of comprehension, assuring the blond man it would be done. “Keep it clear for when Erza and I come out with Lucy. We will get her to Fairy Tail and out of her death sentence-”

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“Only my mother calls me ‘Napoleon’”

I considered reblogging the conversation, but decided against it because this is got overly long and morphed into a huge meta about Movie Napoleon instead.

I’ve spent months watching, learning, and writing  TV Napoleon, movie Napoleon, and hell even attempted a hybrid version of the two. Because of this, I have a lot of opinions and headcanons that will not jive with everyone. This is my interpretation and is not meant to be the right one in any way. Just one interpretation of many scattered across the fandom.

In general, I treat the two versions of Napoleon as two very different people both due to narrative circumstances and the routes the actors took in developing their character.

Now, some points about Movie Napoleon:

1) He is not to be considered the same Napoleon as TV Napoleon. That much is clear the moment you realise he is not working for UNCLE already at the beginning of the movie, which is set in 1963.

2) Henry never watched the show before taking on the role. He decided to interpret Napoleon in his own way and from the script alone. This makes a lot of people (me included) that did watch the show before the film or have watched the show after the film a bit uncomfortable or grumpy in general because hot damn, TV Napoleon is a gift. 

3) Piggy-backing on point 2, it is clear that the movie wanted to interpret Napoleon and Illya in a grittier way that they thought would appeal to modern audiences more, so it was a given they would be different (though to be honest, I never expected them to be that different when the movie finally came out).

In my opinion, doing that actually hurt the movie as much as making it an origin story (that takes places in 1963???? why????) did. From what I can tell, the modern audience now that has watched the show or is starting to love TV Napoleon because he is so different from the popular spies we see these days in film and television. He stands out on his own as a character that you cannot immediately compare to another type of spy or movie protagonist right off the bat.

4) That said, if Ian Fleming were alive or had his way with developing Napoleon Solo beyond the name, I’m sure movie Napoleon would be a closer match to what he originally intended. 

Now onto the quote itself and what it revealed to me–

A lot of people take Napoleon saying that line to Victoria as meaning he doesn’t own up to his name and doesn’t like it. I never saw that line like that. It isn’t him seriously saying ‘man, I only like my last name because it’s cooller than Napoleon’–c’mon guys, this is a guy that stayed on in Europe for awhile after the war and probably worked on becoming more European to blend in and do his thing. He probably learned to own up to Napoleon and took pride in it and how European and/or exotic it sounded.

I saw that line he says to Victoria as Napoleon being facetious in the face of a woman that was gloating about catching him. She calls him ‘Napoleon’ in a fond, condescending way because after all, she just caught him and defeated him. Napoleon, in a final act of defiance before he succumbs to the drugged scotch decides to say this line to her. She certainly seems to understand this because of the way she smiles and drops herself over the top of that couch. I mean, guys, Napoleon doesn’t really have many moments in the film where he is sincere or honest, so what makes you think he was being sincere or honest when confronted with a woman that is 100% likely gonna kill him when he wakes up?

I find the quote also brings to attention just how lonely Napoleon Solo as a character is in this film. No one calls him ‘Napoleon’ save for the woman that he knows will likely be the person that will kill him. He has 0 expectations of being saved and it’s clear he’s resigned to his fate by the time the torture scene rolls into place. He has no close personal ties with anyone in the movie, despite being the most social of the trio of agents. His own charm is his armor against letting this mission and the people involved get too close to him. 

Unlike in the show, Napoleon is not doing any of this spy business because he wants to, but because it is his literal prison sentence. Granted, he does seem to take some enjoyment from the whole thing in the form of sleeping with two gorgeous ladies and having a mini picnic by the dock, but those are temporary, physical pleasures and hell the second time he sleeps with a woman, it was out of necessity to maintain his cover.

But back to the name, note how Gaby and Illya are actually called by their first name more than once. Gaby and Illya grow close with one another while Napoleon maintains his distance, smiling all the while. Gaby and Illya obviously gain some respect for him over the course of the movie, but neither make any attempts to get to know Napoleon as a person. He is a means to an end. 

It does not even occur to Illya that Napoleon is anything more than a temporary partner (a good one and one he does not want to kill, given how they had just finished saving the world and all) until Napoleon returns his father’s watch to him. That gesture and the fact that Napoleon called him ‘Illya’ during the extraction mission are clear indications that Napoleon saw Illya as more than an agent and as a person. Illya, however, does not see or think Napoleon even cares about him until the watch moment. The return of the watch unsettles Illya to the core and makes it impossible for him to do as his handler wants because here is a man that is more than his record. Here is a man that cared enough to go out of his way to get back his watch despite all he went through.

In my opinion, it is only after the watch scene that we begin to see the start of a true partnership between Illya and Napoleon and the beginnings of a friendship. Should we get a sequel, we will probably continue to see their friendship and bond grow into something more like what we are familiar with from the show.

However, do I think movie Napoleon could ever become someone like TV Napoleon? Possibly, but then again, this reboot has things set up so differently that movie Napoleon will never become TV Napoleon exactly just like Reboot Jim Kirk will never be the same as ToS Jim Kirk.