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What should someone new to the Miraculous fandom know? About the fandom, series, or whatever :) 🐞

That you’re in for a really great adventure! You’ve picked a wonderful fandom to join. :)

The Miraculous fandom is very, very supportive and highly creative. Never be afraid to ask questions to the other Miraculers (or us!) about the show or anything under the sun. We’re always very happy to help. We’re also so lucky to have such a positive and excited fandom!

Another important thing you should know is that it takes a long time to make the show, but we promise the end result will be worth the wait. We CANNOT wait to share it with you as soon as we can.

Opening this up to the rest of our followers– Anyone have any other advice? :)

The Gift: Eric


Your fingers played with the bow on top of your gift, wrapped smugly in doom-themed paper and held tightly to your chest. You stood in front of the Harris residents for what felt like a lifetime, but in reality was probably only a few minutes. Nerves were eating away at you. 
His gift was not only the contents of the box, but it was also the new bra you bought and panties to match.
He had hinted for months that he wanted sex for a birthday present, even if he never flat out said it. Countless times you would question him, and he would respond with a raise of his eyebrows, a wink, and a laugh. Other moments, when your lips were connected and you sat firmly on his lap he voiced his request more clearly; whispering things such as, “I want you,” and, “I need to have you.” But you always turned him down, saying you weren’t ready yet. And even though he would pout like a child and beg on occasion, he accepted that.
But for his 18th birthday you decided to give him what he wanted.
Mere seconds after you pressed against the doorbell, Eric stood in front of you, clearly just out of the shower. He wore a grin wide on his face, cheeks raised and eyes showing how glad he was to see you.
“Happy birthday, Eric.” You said before quickly being wrapped into his arms. The smell of his freshly washed body was inviting as was the slight scent of after shave against his chin. As you pulled from him he quickly pressed your lips together, not hesitating to slip out his tongue, causing you to gasp in surprise. 
He chuckled.
“It’s nice to see you, Y/N.” Eric jumped from you at the sound of his mother, instantly turning a deep red.
“Hello, Mrs. Harris.”
She flashed her son a stern look before inviting you inside.
As his parents retreated to put on their coats, Eric gave you a grin. The couple had said they would cancel their dinner arrangements for their son’s birthday, but Eric insisted they did not. It wasn’t until Kathy spotted you that she realized why.
But the boy was 18 now, and if he wanted to make mistakes it was his choice.
As soon as the garage door shut and their car faded down the street, Eric pressed himself against you yet again, tossing the gift he hadn’t even acknowledged to the ground and filling the space it took up my shoving himself closer.
“Eric,” You said, trying to sound mad through a chuckled. “Don’t you want your present?”
He slowed himself down, placing a sweet peck against your neck. “I’d rather have you.” He murmured, kissing you one last time below your ear before pulling away.
Little did he know you were part of it.
“Let’s go to the basement.” He suggested, intertwining your fingers and leading you down the steps.
For the next half hour he seemed to forget about sex and birthdays and focused on complaining about anything and everything under the sun. You didn’t mind though, simply nodding and agreeing with him when he needed it. After finally finishing discussing his disdain towards the white hats, he began to ramble about video games and guns, which put the smile back on both of your faces. Seeing him so passionate about what he loved never seized to make your heart sing.
But you cut him off as he was about to talk about KMFDM’s new album, seeing the time and realizing his parents would be home in just above an hour.
“Eric, why don’t you open your gift?” You suggested. He didn’t see anything unusual in your tone, assuming that it was probably a band shirt or something; however it was probably a little small for that.
“Okay, babe.” He kissed you.
Soon he tore away at the wrapping paper, revealing a box that looked oddly familiar, but something he had never seriously purchased. Eric couldn’t help both the smirk and the blush from escaping.
“Condoms?” His voice was choked up, and it was so cute you couldn’t help but laugh.
“But that’s not all, sweetheart.” You whispered, standing up and in front of him, still situated on the couch.
“Undress me to see the rest, Eric.”
He gulped, but didn’t hesitate pulling you towards him by your hips and yanking your shirt. “Are you sure, Y/N?” His lips brushed above your belly button, shirt raised by his strong palms. “Once I start, I won’t be able to stop.”
“Positive,” You said through a breath of air, astounded by his touch.
Quickly he through your top to the side, letting out an audible moan at the sight of your silk covered breasts. He immediately yanked your chest down, nipping with his teeth and sucking at your flesh. It was the whimper you let out that released something within him.
He pushed you down to his lap while you pulled your bra off with haste. You could feel him growing from under you, and it filled you with just as much lust.
“Off.” You murmured, yanking at his shirt. But Eric’s face grew cold and he stopped you. You thought it was because of the scars he had told you about, and you felt regret bubble up within you, but when his nails dug into your sides and you let out a yelp, he told you the truth.
“I’m in charge, you hear me?” He spun so you were on the couch underneath him, tugging away your jeans. “I’m going to fuck you the way I like it, and you’re gonna fucking love it. Got it?”
Your response was a loud groan as his lips teased over your panties, tongue even going so far to trace over the fabric.
You thrust up your hips, but he shook his head. “My call, Y/N.”
You nodded, still withering beneath him. Slowly, he inched your panties off of you, and with no hesitation, plunged to your center.
He seemed to enjoy the way you screamed his name in ecstasy, groaning against you and saying, “That’s right baby,” over and over again. But soon you were at your limit.
“Eric, Eric I’m gonna-”
“Do it baby.” His lips brushed your most sensitive region. “Do it, sweetheart.”
“Eric-” You were stopped by a scream that escaped you. He puckered his lips around you and gave a tight suck, pushing you over the edge.
Once you calmed down from your high, you spotted him unblocked his cargo pants and fumbling with the present you gave him. He must have tossed off his shirt because his beautiful lean body was in perfect view. You couldn’t resist running your tongue over his collar bones, nipples, and stomach.
Eric was in complete heaven, stopping what he was doing to feel your skin as you adored his. “Y/N.” He said in a gentle tone. “I love you.”
You kissed your way back up to his neck, pushing his head so your eyes would meet in a fiery gaze. “I love you too.”
He held you to him, walking you to his bedroom and kissing you with not lust, but love. After dropping you to the mattress and a few minutes of fumbling, he had the condom on and pecked your lips.
“I’m ready.” You said, seeing the nervous expression he wore. “Please, Eric. Please.”
And he entered you quickly, not giving you a moment to adjust. He hesitated when he saw the pain in your face, but continued when you laced your tongues together.
It didn’t last very long, after only a minute Eric’s body stiffening and his chest pushing out a low grunt, but that didn’t matter. It was beautiful, and the best thing you had ever felt.
When finished he held you to him, still grazing his lips up your neck, hands cupping your breasts.
“That was… That was great, Y/N.” He said, tilting up your head so you had to look at him. He looked happier than you had ever seen him.
“Good.” You said. “I love you.”
He smiled wide. “I love you too.”
It went silent for a second, before he added, “And if you thought that was good Y/N, just wait until you see what else I have planned.”


Back at ya with another inktober collab! This one is for Day 11, Stargazing, and you can go find the wonderful @ainudraws wonderful art right here!!! Seriously guys the art is so beautiful, and she’s putting so much love and work into each piece it’s inspiring. Enjoy!

Hinata will show up. Of course he will. If he didn’t want to come he wouldn’t have accepted Kageyama’s offer, right? Unless this was all a joke and he only accepted so he could get the entire team to come hide in the bushes and jump out to take pictures of him, humiliated and heartbroken.

Kageyama shakes his head. No, of course that won’t happen. The team isn’t that cruel; well, maybe Tsukishima would get a kick out of it, but Suga would set him straight.

Kageyama sits at the wooden table, pulling his jacket sleeves over his hand to avoid any splinters. He can barely think straight, his mind replaying the scenes from yesterday’s volleyball practice for the millionth time.

He and Hinata had been left to sweep the gym floor by themselves as punishment for arguing during practice again. That seemed to happen a lot, but Kageyama has started not to mind so much. He likes watching Hinata push the broom that’s almost taller than he is, running around like a hamster in a ball and sweeping in erratic zigzags. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on him as he bounces around, but Kageyama has spent enough time around Hinata that he’s attuned to all of his movements.

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FILLED REQUEST: untrouble, a scarred silver/werewolf au with park jihoon 

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pairing: park jihoon x reader, past panwink 
genre: werewolf! au, angst, gentle fluff
summary: the days after Guanlin’s death are difficult for Park Jihoon, but someone seems determined to comfort him.
(the grimalkin series linked below isn’t necessary to this fic, but i think it gives good context!)

GRIMALKIN: one  | two | three || untrouble

  • park jihoon feels empty. it’s still difficult for him to process what happened six months before, the chain of events that led to the loss of his dearest friend 
  • it should be easier to forget, with so few traces of their past lives present
  • after they’d buried guanlin, their little pack—daehwi and jinyoung, woojin, and jihoon—had been invited to live at the liege lord’s castle 
  • while his father’s away, daniel and his sister are placed in charge, and they’ve made jihoon and the rest permanent guests of honour
  • daniel would not have lived without them, after all
  • but jihoon finds himself thinking that perhaps it would have been better for daniel to have fallen in eternal sleep 
  • for guanlin to have found another omega, one not so compassionate and willing to risk her life and in turn, guanlin’s
  • jihoon knows he should be angry with her and daniel, for the reasons why guanlin is dead, but he’s numb
  • and on most days, he’s angry with himself
  • jihoon is always roaming around the castle, avoiding mealtimes with the others because they’ll comment on how little he’s eating
  • until one day, he notices food at his bedside: a loaf of bread that looks freshly baked and the reddest apple he’s ever seen
  • and jihoon realizes that he’s hungry and that hunger won’t bring guanlin back 
  • and he eats, the apple crisp and bright in his mouth
  • later, he goes to his favourite spot, the library in the second tower—that they have books at all fascinates jihoon, who’d learned to read out of necessity as the oldest in their pack
  • and he finds a thin,book laid out on the table 
  • it’s a children’s story, and its hopeful tone and stunning illustrations pull a reluctant smile from jihoon 
  • slowly, new things are added to jihoon’s morning meal, and new books are laid out for him every morning, books on war strategy and flower arranging and anything under the sun, things jihoon had never known he’d be curious about but appreciate all the same
  • and one day he finally joins them at the dinner table
  • his pack has clearly grown comfortable with daniel and his sister, chatting with them amiably
  • and he whispers to woojin
  • “have they been giving you breakfast?” 
  • and woojin gives him a strange look, telling him they always take their meals in the kitchen
  • later, jihoon goes with woojin when he goes on his afternoon run
  • and jihoon explains what’s been happening, but woojin shrugs, and jihoon grows more determined to find out what’s happening
  • the kitchen servants only look at each other when he asks, but they have no answer either 
  • jihoon decides to stay awake one night, pretending to sleep in his bed
  • and when he sees a figure walk into his room at the cusp of dawn, he grabs onto them, yanking them onto his bed
  • and you’re surprised, dropping the oranges you’d kept in your bunched-up skirt
  • jihoon lights a lamp and finds a vaguely familiar face
  • you’re trying to squirm out of his grasp, but he soon recognizes you as daniel’s sister
  • and he’s so confused he lets you go, and you plop onto his bed unceremoniously 
  • in the darkness, jihoon murmurs, “why?” 
  • and he feels your hand at his wrist, a whisper of a touch
  • “because you seemed lonely. because no one should feel alone while they grieve.”
  • and he shakes your hand off, suddenly incensed
  • “don’t you mean, ‘because i pity you?’ what do you know about grief?” he says, angry tears streaming from his eyes. “your brother’s alive and well,”  he says, spitting out the words, “and guanlin is dead.” 
  • and he knows it’s not fair, that you had nothing to do with any of it
  • but it’s the first time he’s ever articulated how angry he is at everything, the feelings he’d tried to detach himself from clinically bubbling to the surface
  • your voice is gentle, tone laced with the same sadness that fills him every morning when he wakes, “but he was as good as dead. that week before you and the others came,” you choke, a sob in your throat, “father had me take care of his funeral arrangements.” 
  • “you’re right,” you say, “that i only know a fraction of what you’re feeling.” you reach out for his hand, squeezing it before standing up. “but if you need anyone to talk to, i’m here.” 
  • and jihoon sits in his room, staring at the oranges you left behind, bright and fresh in the morning light, and he feels oddly relieved 
  • he tries to avoid going to the library, but finds himself wandering there out of habit
  • and all the books are in their places on the shelves, and something picks at jihoon, a twinge of loss 
  • he asks daniel where you are, the first words you’ve spoken to him since the funeral 
  • and jihoon finds you under an apple tree, a stack of books beside you
  • you look genuinely surprised to see him, but soon give him a soft smile, patting the space beside you and offering him your pile
  • his thoughts wander to guanlin, and he’s not seized by the same encompassing despair
  • there are no easy answers, and he knows the feeling of loss will stay with him forever
  • but comfort shrouds him like a blanket, letting him hope in what lies ahead
  • and as you read together in silence, the tree shading you from the harsh morning sun, jihoon finds a peace he hasn’t felt in months.

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hey uh i know we all Love Dallas Winston and pretend he’s an angel and never did anything wrong but ,, he jumped kids, lied, stole, gambled, probably murdered …legit everything under the sun he did. and he is not a good person. i love him as a character but he’s a really awful person, though mainly due to circumstance. maybe if he hadn’t gotten himself into gangs in new york, he wouldn’t be a bad person. maybe if his dad didn’t abuse him he wouldn’t be a bad person. but it happened and he is. like,,, just because in the end he was kind of okay doesn’t excuse all the shit he did. he wasn’t even really okay in the end. he did show some emotion, though. he obviously cared about johnny & ponyboy but he’s still a bad person who made bad decisions.


Some random Coldflash domesticity that randomly came to mind (even though tbh it could’ve been thought of a couple years ago).

I know there’s some pre-existing headcanons of Len and Barry with a kid in their life (theirs, or Lisa’s, or Mick’s, Iris’s, etc, just a small child who’s pretty much a constant for them). Particularly when Frozen comes out and the impending complete and total annoyance when that is all that anyone sings ever. Actually, neither of them mind for a bit. Len doesn’t mind the cold puns tht suddenly get a lot more popular, and Barry has to admit the music is pretty good.

Doesn’t last long, though. Len tires of the music pretty quickly; Barry lasts a little longer, but even he can’t keep this going, not with how overused the same two songs get. Unfortunately, the kid in their lives - like all other small kids - isn’t willing to let it go so easily (pun intended).

Then 2015 rolls around. Barry’s a musical theatre kid. It’s never been anything new for him to be humming some song from pretty much any musical under the sun (Rent is pretty popular though - Barry likes it cause Joe likes it for Reasons). Len’s never had an issue with it. Barry does have a wonderful singing voice, after all.

But then Hamilton.

You can bet Barry found out about it right away (In the Heights made its way into his repertoire at some point, so he’s known about Lin’s work). He actually even saw the footage at the White House from ‘09. AKA Len was hearing Hamilton every now and again before Hamilton even became a thing (”What, it’s catchy, Len!”). But then in 2015 that just…intensified. Suddenly Barry is just singing all of these songs over and over again. Even if it’s not full-out singing all the time, just quoting back lines from something or another. Barry doesn’t seem to have a particular favorite. He does seem fond of My Shot, though, cause honestly, who isn’t? (for real, it’s way too catchy). Also the parts between Ham and Eliza, cause we all know Barry’s a romantic. And Angelica is another favorite. If Len’s being honest, he likes the character, too, just given what he’s heard from Barry singing various parts. (Although he did cave at some point and listened to the whole thing, proceeding to never tell Barry, because the kid would try to get him to sing with him, which wasn’t about to happen).

Extra plus, Len finds it oddly attractive to see Barry rapping, even if it’s about the founding fathers. It’s a mix of adorable and intensely awkward. But also strangely sexy when Barry gets to the occasional swearing (ie. “you knock me down I get the fuck back up again”). 

(Except Barry was actually trying to impress Len with learning all of Guns and Ships at one point, managing that in one day, and was pretty disappointed to find out that had basically no effect. To Len’s credit, when you’re the fastest man alive, that rap should be basically nothing.)

Granted, Barry’s good about keeping it clean when the aforementioned kid is around. (Fun fact: there’s more “’Burn”, “Story of Tonight”, “Dear Theodosia”, “It’s Quiet Uptown” and similar songs at those times. Len is pretty sure he couldn’t love anyone more at those moments).

But there is such a thing as too much. And there’s a point in time where all Len hears is Hamilton and Frozen and this is just getting out of hand now.

Underrated Pairings

Taurus and Leo: Leo is very protective and loyal towards their loved ones which Taurus finds attractive and comforting. Taurus provides Leo with all of the attention and reassurance that they need, so Leo never feels ignored. These two signs can become very comfortable with each other, wanting to know all about each other from their home lives to day to day activities. Leo, although very upbeat, can understand the slow and steady nature of Taurus better any other sign without getting frustrated. Taurus can easily be fascinated by Leo, admiring their creativity and ability to socialize. Taurus accepts leo for who they truly are, embracing their dramatic and sometimes over the top nature without complaint. Both (being fixed signs) value tradition and are loyal till the end. Leo teaches taurus to channel their creativity and be more open minded while Taurus stabilizes Leo’s volatile temperament, and teaches Leo the virtue of patience. 

Sagittarius and Pisces: There is magic in this union. Both signs are very similar but just channel their energies in different directions. Pisces is one of the few amongst the zodiac that can smooth out the rough edges of this fire sign. Pisces turns Sagittarius into the intuitive and vulnerable beings they truly are by emotionally demanding tact and showing them that sensitivity does not make them weak. Sagittarius teaches Pisces to be more independent and not to take things personally, pulling Pisces out of their fantasy land and forcing them to be present and start living in the moment. Both signs are very versatile and willing to try new things, which adds excitement to the paring. Both being dreamers and having great imaginations, they can never tire from sharing their ideals and openly discussing their hopes and dreams. 

Virgo and Aquarius: Both can be extremely detail oriented and humanitarians. Very intellectual as a individuals, together they form an  intimidatingly intelligent and dynamic duo. This love is one of the mind. These two can spend forever talking about anything under the sun in great depth, never getting bored of each others insights and opinions. Neither sign is overly emotional, and you two prefer it that way. Virgo can easily become fascinated with trying to decode the intricate wiring of the unique Aquarius mind and will be wrapped up in trying to figure them out. Aquarius can sometimes be unrealistic in their ideals and Virgo is always there to pull them back to earth. Aquarius admires Virgo for their sharp mind, quick wit, and and organized nature. Virgo can be sometimes overly cautious and rigid, so free spirited Aquarius can show them to lighten up and not take life so seriously. Virgo teaches Aquarius the importance of details while Aquarius teaches virgo to never loose sight of the big picture.

Gemini and Capricorn: although very different these signs admire one another each other. Capricorn admires the lightheartedness and extroversion gemini naturally possesses while gemini wishes for the practicality and emotional steadiness that Capricorn portrays. Gemini’s goofy and childlike nature is just what the sometimes overly serious Capricorn needs in order to relax. Gemini teaches Capricorn that life docent have to be all work but instead is meant for living! Their witty and intelligent sense of humor puts Capricorn at ease and makes it easier for them to put down their walls. On the other hand, Capricorn, seeking to understand their partner, cuts through the superficiality of Gemini and Gemini can finally be their true selves, feeling understood for a change. This will make Gemini see that sticking around sometimes is worth it. Capricorn provides stability for Gemini without taking away their need for freedom. Both signs love to be stimulated mentally and will enjoy discussing trivial topics with each other and engaging in lighthearted banter. 

Libra and Scorpio:  these signs can easily be drawn to each other instantly. Libra’s sensuality lures Scorpio and Libra is able to charmingly penetrate the tough exterior of Scorpio, which is not something most other signs are capable of doing. Libra is attracted to the evidently dominant and strong willed nature of Scorpio. These signs are both very romantic and can understand each other on a very emotional level. Scorpio will appreciate the open-mindedness and lack of judgement from their Libra partner when opening up and sharing their thoughts. Libra is attentive and always willing to compromise which shows Scorpio that Libra is serious about the relationship, which is something Scorpio requires of their partner in order to feel secure. Scorpio can Teach Libra the importance of depth not only in conversation but in relationships. Libra teaches Scorpio that opening up is not as big of a deal as they make it out to be and is in fact essential to make a real connection. Libra also shows Scorpio the importance of communication and not to take life so seriously. 

Aries and cancer: This could easily blossom into a deeply caring pairing. Aries is tough by nature, quick to offer protection to those they care about. This is comforting and reassuring to Cancer who is easily emotionally frazzled and constantly feeling victimized. Cancer gives Aries what they never even knew that they needed: love and nurturing. Cancers motherly nature makes Aries let down their tough act are and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Aries teaches Cancer to be more direct in their approaches and to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Cancer teaches tolerance and patience, two things Aries does not naturally possess. Both signs can be quite flexible, making compromise very possible between the two of them. Also, neither of sign likes to hold grudges unnecessarily long, aware of how it can strain the relationship and are both readily forgive. Not too long into the relationship, both will start to rub off on each other. Cancer will become noticeably more confident in themselves while Aries will be soften up and be more emotionally in tune.

Cool Breeze; Bright Leaves

Rating: Anyone! 
Word Count: 457

This is just a drabble (prologue) before I launch a multi chapter fic! I hope that you enjoy! Set right after Mulder met Scully for the first time! 

Mulder walked through the park. His hands were stuffed deep into his pockets. His head was down against the cool fall breeze. He ignored the vibrantly colored leaves. The sound of the leaves crunching under his rubber soled work shoes. Or the fact that the sun was setting. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He had known her for less than six hours and all that his mind could think about was her. He kicked a small rock in frustration. He felt annoyance with the track that his mind took when it came to obsessions.

Mulder had his boys check her out. She was smart. Brilliant even. Could he expect anything else? He would never admit to Buyers, Frohike, or Langley how much her college thesis, Einstein’s Twin Paradox, A New Interpretation, had blown his mind away. When he read that, he was expecting a somewhat pimply, strong agent to go along with the writing. Not a lithe, smart, strong, witty….He cut his thought off with that. He had gotten so many characteristics from her in the matter of minutes.  

Mulder had acted like an asshole and he knew it. He knew what he was doing to her. The last thing he wanted was a partner. In any way. He knew how he could endanger anyone just by knowing them. So when he was sarcastic, she answered with a quick, snappy reply. It surprised the hell out of him. She didn’t take shit. Respect for her had erupted quickly. Even after, he still pressed her buttons before finally leaving her to look at his slides as he grabbed his jacket and left.

He wondered why he had received a partner. What she would be doing as he brought her into the dark tunnel that he called life. In the end of the day, he couldn’t stop thinking about how her clothes were slightly baggy to hide her feministic side. Or the way that her hair curled slightly at the ends as it met her jacket. He shook his head in frustration.

Mulder wanted the thoughts to spill from his ears to empty his brain. He wanted a drink. He looked around him to figure out where he was. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the neon sign for Purple Velvet shining brightly in the dark night.

He walked in as the smell of cigarettes, cologne and perfume assaulted his nose all at once. He shrugged off his jacket, taking a spot at the bar after hanging his jacket. The bartender didn’t have to say anything. He poured him his usual drink. Mulder took a swift swig of whiskey as he kept thinking about her.

He hoped she had a boyfriend. But then again…did he?

On an Autumn Morn’

We found ourselves among an autumn morn’
Innocence draped across the grey
Your smile was the only sun I needed.

We stood by the window,
Peering out into the horizon
You saw a beautiful view
I saw endless possibility

We laughed about nothing
Talked about anything,

Then we embraced
And our breaths stole away
Like a spell broken –
We came undone!

Fingers locked and lips connect
And every hurried breath
Was screaming silently “I love you”

An eternal pause
Broken by an innocent touch
Now grows like a new forest
We could be an Eden garden
Dare we never eat the fruit.

We found ourselves among an autumn morn’
Falling into each other’s arms
Truest lovers under the guiding sun

Crush {bucky x reader}

Summary: A short and simple drabble on the effect that Bucky Barnes has on you.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 700+

Warnings: none!

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Originally posted by stanxstan

You never said it aloud because it wasn’t something that needed to be heard. Everyone thought the same. Everyone understood it.

Bucky Barnes was one helluva man.

It was the strength of his angular jaw when you stole glances at him from the side. It was the tenderness in his eyes, no matter who he was looking at. Sometimes, you noticed a tinge of sadness and distress in his furrowed brows. And it made you want to know him more.

You were lucky enough to catch him on one of the elevators in the Avengers tower on some days. But those days never came frequently enough. He was always tense – pushing his weight down on the railings lining the inner wall of the elevator like he was going to do some reverse push-ups. Sometimes you wondered if he was just flexing. Most times you hope he was flexing just to impress you. Either way, you enjoyed it, though it had you more conflicted about the feelings you were beginning to harbour towards him.

Steve put him on more intel missions recently, and that meant more research work and lots of studying. And you couldn’t deny that you thought the sky had opened up and felt the sun beaming down at you when you saw him in Dr. Helen Cho’s Korean language class. You never would have guessed that there was a language out there that didn’t already know.

He sat next to you sometimes. And he knew your name right from the get-go. Working for and with the Avengers made things more awkward sometimes, especially as the team started growing under both Steve and Tony’s direction. Everyone was perceptive, everyone read up on the others even if they never spoke before. At least you had a little something with Sergeant Barnes now.

The little moments you had with him started growing on you. He always held the door for you when you entered the room together. Sometimes he waited outside the room for you when you stayed back to ask Dr. Cho some questions. He walked back to the living quarters with you too, matching your pace even though he could have gotten back a lot quicker. The 1930s were long gone but with Bucky and Steve alive, chivalry would never be dead either.

You talked about everything and anything under the sun with him, from Tony’s new suits, to what Vision’s recent fascination with basil and even asked about your family. In some ways, he was a lot duller than the legends and stories made him out to be. It was a slight let down at first, but this simplicity drew you in deeper.

So, it didn’t take long for you to want more.

You imagined him grabbing your hand as you walked down the hallways, and hope he would ask for a detour to the kitchen for a quick bite with you. You dreamed of him leaning in when you were both alone in the elevator together. You had fantasies of him knocking on your room door, ready to confess that he senses the sexual tension to and is ready to do something about it.

However, nothing ever happened. Nothing ever changed.

You were well past the point of infatuation. It started to feel like something more than a crush. But you kept your cool each time you met him, until one day

“Y/N, is there something on my chin?”


“Then why do you keep staring at it?”

“Do I?”

“Yeah, you’re doing it right now.”

“I’m not sure if you realise how tall you are, Bucky, but it kinda hurts my neck to tilt my head like that for some eye contact.”

He smirked. “Are you sure it’s not ‘cause you find my dashing good looks too overwhelming?”

“Ah.. so you do know that you’re hot shit. Explains the all the flexing you do, outside the gym.”

“So you do think I’m hot?”

“I mean looking at that face. We could get F.R.I.D.A.Y. to match it up with the Fibonacci sequence and scientifically prove it. Hope you thank your parents every day, some of us aren’t that lucky in the DNA department, you know.”

“Hey, you aren’t too bad your yourself.” And he stared down at you, looking straight into your eyes, waiting for you to react.

You let out a breathy chuckle. “Shall we get dinner?”

“Is that a date?”

“We’ll see. What do you want it to be?”

“It’s a date then.”

i’m sorry i was so dead with the writing for a while now, i’m still going through a minor writers’ block along with tons of assignments from school. (i have a group presentation every week for this one advertising class i take at uni). i also realise that my theme doesn’t seem to be working, i have no idea, so you may only be able to read this on the Tumblr app. will try to get that done tomorrow at least.

hope you guys have been well! 

The Light and the Blind Man

Canon Era | Barricade Heaven | Enjoltaire Strongly Hinted | ~1K

I owe this idea to @desmoulinx and their text post. I just wanted to prolongate the magic

“He hardly saw the roses, he ignored spring, he did not hear the carolling of the birds” 

Marius had not lied, there had been a burst of light, only it hadn’t come from gunpowder. It had come from a man. Of all the adjectives at his disposal, “radiant” wasn’t one Enjolras would have used to describe Grantaire. Yet, here he was, resplendent of courage, almost to recklessness. Enjolras took his hand, feeling the warmth of the foreign skin trailing up his arm. His smile was not ended when the report resounded. Blown by the bullets, Enjolras lost the comforting touch of Grantaire. Aching from the loss more than the bullets, he felt himself fall backwards, anticipating the moment his spine would meet the hard and cold wall behind.

Such moment never came to be.

His hand, in the search of its new friend, groped around blindly. Surely Grantaire’s couldn’t have gone far, surely he could hold him until the very end. Something soft and fresh tickled his palm. Never had the words “blades of grass” ever been so ill-suited. There was nothing sharp about them, they felt like cotton under his fingers, if anything. His thumb brushed the hint of a flower and Enjolras opened his eyes.

The light of the sun did not dazzle him as he emerged from the darkness. It felt purer than any sunlight he had ever experienced, as though he had spent his whole life with a thin veil blocking his vision. It invited him to see at last. Enjolras’ eyes fell on the green expanse first, its vibrance making it hard to ignore, before they noticed the bed of flowers he was lying on. He could see each petal, each vein running along them. He had never been one to stop and smell the roses, but, for once, he took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the sweet fragrance.

Suddenly, Enjolras’ gaze drifted towards his chest and his stomach. No red roses had bloomed from the impacts of the bullets. His clothes had lost the grime of battle, even the tears in the fabric had disappeared. Enjolras tentatively raised a hand to his heart, where he was sure a bullet had pierced him. Finding his skin smooth and untouched, he understood.

He slowly took his red vest off and folded it carefully. He wouldn’t need it anymore. There was no need to be a beacon, no need for leadership here. They parted like old friends.

No sooner had Enjolras laid the vest on the grass that the joyful hymn of a bird called for his attention. Tilting his head up, he noticed the canopy of a large tree, in which birds were singing and squirrels were playing. He had always thought Rousseau exaggerated his transports of delight whenever he described nature. Now that he was gazing properly, Enjolras found no lies or hyperboles to his prose. Not that he had never looked upon beautiful things, but his aesthetic pleasure had often been more mental than visual. His living self had seen beauty in ideals and concepts. His present self saw beauty in everything.

Laughter woke him up from his reverie. A few yards away, he saw Combeferre and Jean Prouvaire sat side by side, the former inspecting the flowers with interest, while the latter was busy weaving them into crowns. Jehan… Enjolras had been ready to trade his life against a traitor’s. The smile on his friend’s face somewhat soothed the guilt of a deal sealed too late. He noticed Joly’s mop of hair behind them, the man lying on the grass, his head settled on Bossuet’s lap. Pollen allergies surely didn’t belong in heaven, Enjolras reckoned, knowing of Joly usual relunctance to approach fields and flowers during the summer months.

Was it was this was? An eternal summer month? Enjolras couldn’t say he minded. He recognised the laugh he had heard as Gavroche’s, as he spotted the gamin playing with Bahorel. The both of them were caught in a pretence of wrestling, the bigger man surrounding too easily to the boy’s attacks. Across from him, Enjolras noticed a woman leaning against a tree, looking at the pair with the same fondness. Her features were vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t put a name on her face. She was observing the jest one moment and conversing with Feuilly the next. Enjolras smiled and waved at them. He would have eternity to get to know her.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the familiar outline of Courfeyrac, plunged in a deep conversation with another young woman whom he didn’t know. The name of Marius and Cosette rose from their exchange, and though Enjolras couldn’t piece the fragments together, he knew the story without having ever been told its details.

Something, however, was amiss. Or rather someone. Grantaire was nowhere to be seen and Enjolras’ heart started to race in his chest. Who knew one could still feel fear, even in death? He surveyed the grassy expanse, looking for another shade of green altogether. As though he had sensed his distress, Grantaire appeared from behind the tree truck, his hand detailing the bark. He sat next to Enjolras and the former leader couldn’t help but notice how healthy he looked, how rosy his cheeks were and how genuine his smile was. He smiled in return, a smile that would never be severed by bullets. A smile that could last for days, weeks and months. A smile that could last for an eternity, if he so wished.

Enjolras threaded his fingers with Grantaire’s. That hand wasn’t so foreign now, it had become an extension of himself. He saw the reflection of the sun shine in Grantaire’s eyes, and his smile grew wider as he felt the gentle squeeze against his palm.

Then, truly, no one loved the light like the blind man.


Happy Black Out Day. I never post anything for Black Out because I get so nervous sometimes. I don’t have the highest self esteem in the world and I’m very shy but today, fuck that. Lol I’m giving it a shot.
I want to reach out to new people on here. So if you feel like talking about life, anime, music, God, hating white supremacy, makeup, or ANYTHING under the sun, message me. 💕

Why I Love the Signs

For being bold, charismatic, and never backing down from the chance to do something new

For being stable even when others aren’t, knowing what they want, having simple yet powerful tastes, and their love of the physical world

Glib of the tongue and will talk about anything under the sun; these types are certain to brighten up your day if they’re a friend and will keep you mentally entertained for hours

For being such a powerful motherly type; family comes first with this bunch and they truly care, even if they’re sometimes overbearing about it

For being animalistic, passionate, creative beings who are loyal to those who they love or to whom they are indebted

For being on top of things, mentally organized, and willing to see the simple beauties in the world around them

For trying to keep the peace and maintaining a fun atmosphere while doing so; Libra natives can make a compromise by even the most heated of adversaries. Artistic almost to a fault

For being so passionate, investigative, wanting to know everything about the being they call their lover and willing to do anything (even kill) for them

For genuine innocent curiosity about the world around them and a desire to experience everything there is in the world and figure out how it works

For being responsible and (reasonably) kind people in hard circumstances and always being willing to work hard for what they want

Pure logical imagination, for seeing the world as one interconnected being that can always be improved upon with open mindedness

For being truly compassionate towards every individual being and wishing the best for all those around them and daring to imagine things others can’t or won’t

You Should Come With a Warning: Chapter Twenty Two

I’ve never written anything with this much determination before. Just under ten thousands words for you guys - to make up for last weeks much shorter chapter. I hope you like it, and please, please let me know your thoughts. Feedback is what keeps me writing!

“Now we’re lost somewhere in outer space, in a hotel room where demons play.
They run around beneath our feet, we roll around beneath these sheets.’’

Stiles sighed, the morning sun still too dull and hazy to signal the beginning of a new day. So he turned in bed, facing the clock that told him it was only seven am on a Saturday. His eyes hurt from lack of sleep, his head still aching from the thoughts that had lay there all night. The boy’s bare skin was a contrast of olive and darker freckles against white sheets that still had the smell of Lydia’s perfume lingering on them so Stiles rolled over again, his face crushed into the soft fabric as he let out a little grunt of annoyance.

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Day 6 – Perfection

Burnt Tea Leaves
modern day AU
Summary: He believed with everything he had the truths of movies. All until he was forced to face reality. Rivamika with a helping of Rivetra
Rated T

Movies tell you stories that make you hope they were real. Gave you swoops and outlines of lives if things were different this way, or that. Make you wonder that if you lived in that realm, you may be able to experience a similar lifestyle from the characters who waltz back and forth behind the perilous fourth wall. Perilous… because crossing that threshold leads only to insanity and a loss of reality that has taken lives–idiot lives, Levi believed, but lives nontheless.

Back when moving images first came out in the theaters, one of the very first documented videos to have been made public nearly cause riots. A simple track of a train heading straight for the camera–appearing as though it were heading straight for the audience.

People lost their shit. Jumped out of the way, screamed, hollered, filed lawsuits… all because they had no idea there was this amazing and invisible fourth line that kept them safe from harm. That all they were seeing was something that had been recorded ages ago. And so the art of film was born. Because while many had panicked, others had stayed sitting down, watching–bloody fucking captivated that someone had managed to film a train and show this to people miles away, days away, from when it had happened.

It wasn’t often this sort of mentality spreads, but when it spreads–it spreads like flames. The ability to showcase ideas in this new medium had become a rocketing demonstration of artistic, creative, and innovative ability. Moments were immortalized, actors who would die would forever be revisited in their characters.

Movies changed everything. Even influencing the way people believed how life could be. What love should be.

That love should be 80’s songs boomed out from a stereo being lifted outside a window. That it should be a victorious pumping of a fist into the air. A silencing kiss that encroached into words without permission, and promised that passion was more important than listening. That, at the end of the day, everything would work out hunky-dory and life would be nothing but sunshine and rainbow showers.

Levi had believed in that sort of life. Had grown being the sort of kid who would stare into the screen in silent awe, never voicing his admiration for the way actors so easily overcame devastating relationship hurdles and came out victorious in a battle he never knew existed. Yet, his stepfather was a brute of a man, and so stomped out any growing desire to take on a camera and film–to showcase his ideas and make something. So he settled in saving what coins he could gather as his allowance to buy a ticket into a theater and let himself get lost and disappear behind the Wall, and experience a world he could never be allowed to be free behind.

Until he met her.

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The Thing About Love

“I used to do something like this with my first boyfriend before,” Julie muttered as she climbed on Elmo’s car and sat on the hood. “Not exactly like this but we used to sneak out in the middle of the night to swim in the beach or something.”

They went out for a dinner date to celebrate their first anniversary as a couple and they both didn’t want to go home yet so they decided to do a roadtrip. They ended up driving to a cliff that overlooked the whole city. It was already past midnight so some of the lights from the buildings and houses down the city looked so beautiful from where they were.

“How was it?” Elmo asked, still standing and watching the city sleep below them.

“How was what? Swimming in the beach at this time of night? It was so freaking cold!” She exclaimed.

He turned around and walked toward his car as he spoke. “No, how was it? Being in love with him?” His voice was not laced with jealousy; just pure curiosity.

She then was silent for a second before she laughed once.

“Why are you laughing?” He tilted his head to the side as he asked, throwing her a confused look.

“I just don’t know how to answer your question,” she started, struggling to find the right words. “It was just something I was not really sure of.. Even after all this time.”

He slightly jumped to his hood and sat next to her. “What do you mean?”

“I just think that I’ve never been in love before,” she said as she decided to lie on her back and just look at the stars. “I did love him, though.” She looked at him but he didn’t speak as though he knew she wasn’t done talking yet. So she continued, “But I believe that loving someone is entirely and completely different from being in love with someone.”

He smirked at her as he started to lean back on his car’s windshield so they were lying next to each other. “Wow, I didn’t realize you were a deep person,” Elmo teased.

She laughed and smacked his arm playfully. “Jerk!”

“I’m kidding. Go on, I wanna hear your thoughts,” he encouraged. He noticed that Julie was slightly shivering from the cold so he removed his hoodie and put it on her.

She gratefully smiled at him before she spoke again. “Well, there were those times I thought I fell in love. Like with my first boyfriend. But our relationship ended and someone came along and proved me wrong. Then I felt like I finally had fallen in love with this someone, like for real, but then I eventually fell out of love and I met someone new again and so on.” She shrugged. “You know the drill.”

He nodded his head slightly in agreement. “You’ve got a point. So why do you think that you’ve never been in love if you know you did love them?” He asked further.

It was actually the first time that they had a conversation like this though they had been a couple for a year now. It made her smile that they could talk about anything under the sun like their past relationships and even their views about things like love. At times like this, they were more like bestfriends rather than a couple. And they enjoyed this kind of moment where they were really comfortable with each other.

She frowned as though determined to prove a point while she started to explain. “Because I think no one ever really falls out of love with someone. I mean you already fell in, how are you supposed to fall out of it? It is love we are talking about here,” she said, emphasizing the L-word. “I think that.. if you fall in love, like you know.. that one true love, it’s supposed to be for a lifetime. That’s the thing about love,” she finished, her eyes still exploring the night sky but focused.

“So you’re saying that we only fall in love once,” he concluded as he glanced at her.


“And are you also trying to say that I’ve never been in love before you, either?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

She giggled. “I don’t know about you. It was just my perspective.”

“I actually believe you, you know.”

“Really, now?” She asked with a dubious expression as she glanced back at him.

“Yep, I just realized that maybe it’s the reason why relationships end. Or why people eventually fall out of love. Or why it’s not impossible to move on,” he said, nodding his head in realization as he spoke. “Because you were never really in love to begin with.”

"Wow, I didn’t realize you were a deep person,” she said mockingly, quoting his line from earlier.

He ignored her remark and smiled as he gazed at her softly, it melted her heart. “But I am in love with you,” he said in a low voice, just audible enough for her heart to hear. His voice was full of conviction and certainty.

“How sure are you, though?” She challenged with a smile.

He smiled back and answered confidently, ”Sure enough to know that you’re the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” He caressed her cheek with his knuckles then whispered, “I just can’t imagine myself getting tired of us, much less falling out of love with you.”

She didn’t answer as she was rendered speechless by his words. So she just moved closer to him and leaned in to give him a sweet kiss on the lips. She then smiled at him, expressing the words she couldn’t say.

“So how would you know if you have already fallen in love with someone?” Elmo asked. She thought she could hear a tinge of nervousness in his voice.

She paused for a moment as she returned her gaze at the sky and gathered her thoughts. She realized she hadn’t really thought about it with all the thinking she had done in the past. Maybe she wasn’t sure about it before and thought she’d just feel it when that time came. But she gave him an answer anyway because he deserved one.

Julie took a deep breath and blurted out the first thing that came to her mind. “Well, I guess it’s when I finally stop questioning things about love,” she paused. “Because for me, that someone already defines the whole meaning of that four-letter word,” she answered simply, still gazing above them, taking in the beauty of the sky and her voice full of wonder.

It came out so easily like a random thought but Julie realized that it was probably the most real thing she had ever said in her life. And it finally hit her.

“Really, huh?” Elmo said, absorbing everything she just said. He then turned his head sideways to look at her, then asked rather hesitantly, “Questions like what?”

She looked back at him and reached for his hand between them, giving it a squeeze before she looked straight into his eyes. “I don’t know. What questions are you talking about?” She whispered as she smiled, her eyes twinkling.

Because truth be told, he was all she could think about in that moment that she had already forgotten about the questions and everything else. And as she gazed at him, she realized she stopped asking those questions about love the moment she met him.

Note: This was actually supposed to be a personal blog but I think my thoughts are better written in one shot form. So… yeah. :)