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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why is Dorian Gray never played by people with blond hair? why is Dorian always depicted as all pale and dark? oscar literally describes his hair as gold like two seconds after we meet him. directors apparently feel like they have to make Dorian look dark dangerous and brooding, but he's not supposed to look dark and dangerous and brooding. That's the whole point. No one ever suspects him because he looks like an innocent little cherub with golden curls and rosy cheeks. His physical appearance is described with terms that Western literary tradition, during the nineteenth century in particular, associated with goodness and godliness, and this is intentionally juxtaposed with the blackness of his soul. If you intentionally play him as someone who looks like a Byronic hero, much of the symbolism of his character is lost, right?

Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:


oh how i love all those subtle sugakookie moments in ahl

When you're caught between two revolutions and two musicals and two gay ships and can't love either more than the other.

Literally my two favorite points in history have always been both the French Revolution and the American Revolution. I absolutely adore learning about the people in this time. They were so interesting. And with these two musicals stuck in my head I can’t get either out of my head.😂 I love history… and gays… and historical gays. I’m sorry it’s just been a super gay day for me today. oops.

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so i just watched robert watching his mother die hahhaa and now i’m having feelings about it can you even imagine that at this point in time she was literally the one person he loved above all others (he loves jack don’t get me wrong but he’s still mad at him when she dies) and he watches her die. if you think that isn’t still fucking him up even now i cannot even stress how much it is.

lets talk about, then, the fact that aaron asks him to leave when they’re in the car. he wants robert to leave the one person he loves above all others in a car to die. can you imagine in that moment why roberts reaction was so strong and almost hysterical when he screams no?? aaron’s asking him to relive that nightmare only this time he’s asking robert to make the conscious choice to leave.

as if robert could; as if robert could live with himself after that; wanting to save his mum and being unable to, and having the ability to leave and just not.

what a parallel.

also at this point i just don’t understand why they always must bring up cc in literally everything like, she didn’t work on the new season so she wouldn’t have to say anything about that and you don’t see all the other shows based on books dragging the author everywhere with them because the show is always its own thing so why the fuck is this still happening

Wtf why are there so many c@rylers on the poll I mean not to insult your ship because you do you but that was the most sibling exchange I’ve ever seen on this show. Like compare lizzi3 and mik@ and m3rle and Daryl and even M@ggie and Beth.

so two people asked for this and that is literally all the encouragement i need

this is super long so i put it under the cut 

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You know what I just realized? Teen wolf has wolves (obviously) that the show needs at various points, and of course these are probably trained for the specific purpose of being in the media industry and now all I can think about is Derek Hale, wolf trainer extraordinaire, working on a movie with some punk actor Stiles Stilinski who is just /ecstatic/ over the wolves and "oh my god, these are majestic creatures, not puppies, stop trying to pet them! They can literally eat you!"

Well, here’s my attempt at wolf trainer!Derek and actor!Stiles. Hope it’s okay!

Also I know very little about wolves, so even though they’re captive and semi-domesticated, their behavior is probably completely inaccurate in this fic. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a whole lot of info about wolf training… other than that it’s hard…

My few sources: interview, interview, video

Derek loves his job. 

Well, mostly.

He loves his wolves. He loves spending every waking moment with them, working with them as they put on a show for the camera, calming them when they get too excited by the energy of the new people and surroundings. They’re not gentle by any means – not even truly domesticated – but Derek’s grown up with the wolves as much as they’ve grown up with him. He understands them.

Humans, on the other hand, he has no clue about.

“Oh my god, can I – ?” a voice exclaims, and Derek’s eyes widen and focus in on the hand rapidly approaching Kita, the youngest of Derek’s wolves. He reacts on instinct, slapping away the hand before it can connect with Kita’s soft fur. Kita thumps her tail against the floor, oblivious.

“Don’t. Touch,” Derek growls, finally tearing his eyes away from Kita when he’s satisfied that she hasn’t been disturbed. “They’re not – ”

The words get caught in Derek’s throat as he looks up to meet pretty, whiskey-brown eyes laid in an equally pretty face, skin dotted with beauty spots. He finds his eyes straying down to peek at the man’s soft, pink lips, before quickly tearing his eyes away to focus on the ground.

It’s not like he didn’t know that award winning actor Stiles Stilinski is the star of the film he’s working on, but somehow he didn’t quite prepare himself for the reality of it.

“Shit, sorry,” Stiles says, and Derek tries not to think about how even his voice is flawless, a little deeper than Derek expected with just a hint of roughness to it.

“They’re not pets,” Derek blurts out, which, fuck, definitely isn’t the sort of first impression he wants to make.

“Yeah, no, sorry, you’re totally right,” Stiles replies, his cheeks pinking up. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Just,” Derek stutters awkwardly. “Don’t do it again.”

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Announcement about BOTD promos

Hi guys. I know I’ve been honestly awful about posting the promos I promised and I’m so so sorry. I’ve been stuck in this anxiety cycle about it because I’m so behind. Every time I try to get started I just think about how I’ve failed and how behind I am and how disappointed the winners must be and then I get even more anxious. It’s literally to the point where I’ve kinda started avoided coming on Tumblr at all. I know I got myself into this and I made a promise, so I will give a promo to everyone who was promised a promo, just on my own time. In addition, I will be cancelling the March BOTD because it’s been a huge stress honestly.

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If its not Harry... who could it be...? I won't be able to handle it if her ex comes back into the picture. I'm not prepared for that kind of plot twist. Please don't hurt me... I'm quite nervous to read this next chapter.. not so patiently waiting now 😂😂

okay, literally no one asked but i’m gonna do two truths, one lie for chapter fifteen. *cracks knuckles

  1. harry and paulie meet up
  2. paulie talks to her ex
  3. harry gets hurt

I was going to draw Sabo in place of me since…

literally no one cares if it is me, but I didn’t feel like drawing Sabo, or Ace, or any other of those people, so I drew myself, and my house, doing what I was doing. Also, today is crap, so I really don’t care anyways. Ace and Sabo are too happy for my sad ass.

Also, someone play Pocket Plants with me please. I need friends. That’s all I have been doing for 3 days straight. My game ID is FnHt$VDQB 

Okay, so I literally got all ready for my day out, but this weather be like, “no bitch.”

Almost full-glam ish makeup and now I am just staying at home. Like, why…

What if Emma died instead of Killian?

Ok, so when Killian dies in the season 5 winter finale, I rewatched that part on youtube because I had literally nothing else to watch that was Captain Swan-based. I made a long-winded explanation on why this couple was one of my favorites. Then I pointed out how different things would have been if Emma was the one who died. If you’re interested in having your heart ripped out, KEEP READING!

So you go through all the events of season 5a up until the scene where Nimue has Emma trapped and is trying to kill her family. Killian pulls the Dark Ones into Excalibur and is begging Emma to kill him. But , instead of her doing it, she reacts just like she did in the season 4 finale when the darkness tried to attack Regina. He tells her that he wants her to remember him as strong and brave because he thinks he’s going to die. Instead, Emma says she will because that’s the man he’s worked so hard to be and wants him to live that way. She kisses him and stabs herself (I know that Excalibur is a long sword, but it’s possible). He screams (because there’s no way he wouldn’t scream), and catches her. She dies in his arms. Everyone is torn apart. Her parents are devastated because their only daughter is dead. Henry would be sobbing because his mother is gone. Regina and Robin are trying so hard to keep themselves together and everyone else. 

Killian is just holding her and crying, begging her to come back. She’s turned back into her normal Emma self, hair gone from white to gold, black replaced with her signature red leather jacket. They have to pull him away when the coroner arrives to take her body. He refuses to leave her, but they make him. Where Emma cried, he goes back to The Jolly Roger and breaks down. He yells and throws things against the wall. He lost everything. Emma made a sacrifice for him again. And if he hadn’t been such an ass, she would be alive. It’s his fault. It’s his fault. It’s his fault!

He makes his way to The Swan House, their house, and finds what would have been their room. There’s a picture of the two of them. Maybe it’s from some random day, maybe after a battle, but it’s of them. He’s hugging her from behind, arms wrapped tightly around her waist, kissing her cheek. Emma is laughing, holding his arms. They’re together and in love and alive. He sits down and finally, finally, cries. He cries until he can’t anymore. Then he hears the same buzzing Emma did. He knows what it means. 

He finds the Crocodile and threatens him unless Rumplestiltskin helps him find Emma. He explains his plan to the rest of the group. He explains that he wants to share his heart with Emma. Mary Margaret asks him how he thought about that. He says that he knows she and Charming share a heart. Emma already holds his and has almost since the day they met. He will share his heart with her because he loves her.

Cut to the beginning of the spring season, Emma is in the tunnel with Megara. She tells Meg to find Killian and tell her her name. Meg escapes and Emma is captured by Hades. Hades is more than happy to have the savior with him. He offers her the same deal as Killian. Emma tells him to shove it. Hercules and Megara get help from Killian rather than Emma. Then Killian is racing to find Emma and Hades appears in front of the group. He holds up her red jacket, torn and blood stained. Killian threatens to kill him if he does anything to hurt her. Hades just laughs and disappears. 

He finds Milah and they are able to reconcile and he tells her about Emma. How much he cares for her. Milah offers to help him and dies still. But Emma and Hook are reunited. Emma is hurt and bleeding and in pain, but she’s safe. She’s with him again. They’re safe. They get back to her family and there are all sorts of tears and hugs and kisses. Whole nine yards. Everything is fairly similar from that point on, but it’s Emma that can’t leave. neither can Killian because his name is on a grave. Liam’s story is more about Emma being selfish and pushing Hook into the darkness after he fought it for so long. Emma, instead of taking it laying down, shouts that she was doing it to save him. She died because she realizes how much pain she put him through. How much he struggled with his darkness. But she died for him. To give him a chance. Because when it finally came down to it, he fought back for her. Killian and Emma fight still, but when the truth comes out, he tells her he’s sorry. He’s lived in his brother’s shadow for so long that he forgets she sees him as his own man. And loves him as such. 

Then comes the most crushing scene. You know which one I’m talking about when the ambrosia turns out to be a red herring (You know if you listen really close in that scene, you can hear my heart breaking)

So Hades tells them about the ambrosia. Hook has to weight his heart. He knows he loves Emma, but he’s scared that it might not be true love. He’s scared because Emma’s heart is so good and pure and light while his is filled with darkness and hate. So the test happens. His instinct, after centuries of being alone, is to get his heart. But he chooses Emma.

This would have been more satisfying and heart warming. He chooses her. He loves her so much that he was willing to sacrifice his heart for her. For the first time in her life, someone chooses her not because of what she can do, but because he loves her. She’s enough for him. Then ambrosia is destroyed. Emma feels more defeated than she ever had. It’s more than being promised something and it turns out to be false. It just hits her that she’s been fighting for so long. And she’s so tired of fighting. Killian wants to keep going. he wants her to keep hope, but they get to the elevator. (This part will be written more like a fic)

Emma looks at Killian, who pulls her along by the hand. His hand is warm and she can feel his heart beat in his fingers. At least she thinks it’s his heartbeat. One thing’s for certain. It’s not her own. He tugs her towards the elevator,” Come on, love. We’ll tell the others and figure out a new pl-”

“Killian…” Emma stops. Her hand slides out of his, but he’s quick to grab it again,” We aren’t going to find anything up there.”

“Don’t say that. Things always work out. We might have to search a little longer-”

Emma squeezes his hand,” Killian. I don’t think we will. I know that you came down here for me, but why should we get our hopes up when they’re just going to get crushed.”

“No,” He pulls her towards him, releasing her hand to touch her face. Green eyes meeting blue. He shakes his head,” No. I won’t leave you here.”

“That’s what got us here in the first place. I couldn’t let you go in Camelot. Maybe if I had…” She can’t finish. Either way one of them would have been down here. One of them would be alive and alone.

“I can’t leave you here,” he says.

“I know. But you have to. Don’t make my mistake. Let me go.” Her voice is cracking and she’s close to crying. She’s itching to put her walls up and cut off these awful feelings. She’s can’t do that to him, though. He’s already seen her at her worst. Killian knows by the look in her eyes that she’s made up her mind. He pulls her close. She’s not as warm as she once was, but she’s his. She’s his forever,” I need you to promise me something.”

“Anything,” He moves back so he can look at her. He hopes he gets time to memorize it.

“I know you’re going to struggle with the darkness again. I know losing Milah made you seek revenge. But you are not that man anymore. I don’t want you to seek revenge for me. I don’t want you to think you have to be a villain to survive.”

“Aye, lass,” His own voice breaks,” I can do that. But I need you to promise me something in return.”

“Anything,” She repeats him.

“Move on. You have earned a blessed eternal life countless times,” she smiles a little hearing this,” Don’t wait for me. I would never be able to live with myself if I was your unfinished business.”

“I can do that,” She promises,”I need one more thing”

“What is it, love?” He asks.

“Take care of my family for me. Please. They…I can’t say goodbye. Not to my father, not to Henry-”

“So why me?”

“Because we’ve said goodbye so many times. It never gets easier. I can’t imagine saying it to them.” 

“Aye, lass. I’ll look after them,” He embraces her again. Inhaling her cinnamon shampoo, his one good hand entangled in her long blonde curls. He could hold her like this forever. He could stay in this spot, forever. But she’s already pulling away. She shuffles him backward so he steps onto the elevator.He stops her as she pulls the gate down. He stares into her eyes, crying.

“I love you,” She moves to kiss him through the bars.

“I love you too,” The kiss is wetter than usual. They’re both crying. Being strong isn’t the priority. They’re more concerned with being with the other person. Their true love. This kiss is their last so they make it count. She pulls the gate down, holding his hand and his hook. As the elevator moves up, without her, she kisses his hand and hook. Holding on until she can’t. Once it’s gone, when he’s gone, she falls to her knees and cries. What did she just do?(End of that scene)

So Killian goes back and has to force everyone to leave. They do, even though none of them really want to. Back on the Living world, everyone has to deal with her death and Hades’s impending attack. Hook has been a balancing act since returning, but he’s keeping it together because he promised her. Everyone is concerned because he’s not exactly letting himself feel anything. When Charming and Snow point it out, he loses it, just like Emma did,” I CAN’T! I BLOODY PROMISED HER THAT I WOULDN’T SUCCUMB INTO THE DARKNESS AND DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW BLOODY HARD THAT IS?! KNOWING THE MAN THAT PROMISED US WE COULD BE TOGETHER, AND SHE’S STILL IN THE DAMN UNDERWORLD! I TOLD HER TO MOVE ON AND I KNOW SHE HASN’T! I WILL GRIEVE HER WHEN I CAN DO SO AND NOT BREAK MY PROMISE TO HER!”

In the underworld, Emma yells at Arthur, telling him that the first time someone chooses her, she has to let him go. And she can’t let him go because goddamn it, as tired as she is of fighting, she won’t stop fighting for him. Not while he’s in danger. Not while her family is still in danger. They defeat Hades (and lose Robin).

Hook goes to Emma’s grave. He puts down Liam’s ring. The one he gave her in Camelot. He tells her what happened. Then says as happy as he is the threat is gone, he hates that she’s gone. He has tears rolling down his face as he tells her how much he misses her. How much it hurts to wake up and she’s not there. How his heart breaks when he wakes up and remembers she’s gone. He goes to Robin’s grave to pay his respects. He stands next to Regina. They have a better understanding of each other. Both of them losing their true loves. 

Emma walks into the light and finds Zeus. Zeus tells her how they’ve been watching her. How her heroics and selflessness has inspired them. He tells her that it’s time to go to where she belongs.

Hook stands by Robin’s grave and feels the same surge of power that Emma had. Then he hears her. Just one word,” Killian?”

“Emma,” He rushes to her and kisses her like he’ll never get the chance again. They’re together again and the rest of the finale is just the same, but Emma is the one who came back. 


Basically, I think the biggest change would be two things. One, Killian would be fighting his darkness again. It would be a great thing to see. Second, Emma Swan realizing that she is loved and she has found her home with her family and Hook. Let me know what you think!