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As time goes on it becomes even more clear how important Louis was to the success of One Direction. We’ve heard how he was considered their leader,the one who pressed for what they wanted,the one who tackled the awkward phone calls and meetings.

After reading that article about Liam’s struggles with his mental health it explains why Louis stepped up his interactions with Liam
on stage. He distracted him with water fights and silly string and it looked like they were genuinely having fun. I feel bad now for thinking it was a bit over the top.

When Niall said that they would have lost the plot without Louis,he really means it. I don’t know where I’m going with this but just when I think I can’t admire Louis Tomlinson any more something else comes to light to prove me wrong.

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Yay, Haircut Day!! Oooooh, did you go with a new color? Or still rocking the amazing pink? I hope you're enjoying the results regardless. =)

I’m still rocking pink for the moment! ONLY THIS IS THE PINKEST PINK TO EVER PINK HOLY SHIT IT CAME OUT SO GODDAMN BRIGHT THIS TIME. Chibi-Usa only WISHES she brought this kind of pink game.

But I also had a woman stop her car and yell across a parking lot that she loved my hair, so clearly I’ve chosen well.

I’ll go a new colour either after new year, or just before Doc and I take our road trip, I”m not sure which yet. Nor which colour. IT’LL BE A TIME OF SURPRISE AND DELIGHT


the most beautiful guy drinking water 😍💕💕💕