there is leaning

so if keith’s internal pining deals with music and sountracks dealing with jb, camp rock, all the way to linkin park and rise against etc etc. then is lance’s internal pining like a movie? maybe it’s a really dramatic opera/musical songs about someone not loving you back? does he picture that they’re in the middle of the low point of a romantic comedy with the cinematography montages and all? when he remembers certain peak pining moments, does he remember them in black and white like an old french film? does he act out how he wants to talk to keith in movie format???


Sing ☾ Colors ☽

This took me three hours. And all I can say is

Please enjoy 

Whatever body shape that you are in, you are enough and wonderful to Allah. The creator of the creations. Make sure you live a healthy life and not pressurise yourself to workout and look like someone else. Love yourself because Allah has given it to you!

I ain’t seen nobody in like 2 weeks I don’t need nobody just 2 mgs 🎶🥀 /-¥¥¥¥•¥¥ /// Decided to try some rapping for the first time This is super super rough and i didn’t even bother finishing the visuals but just puttin this out here cause I feel like it, first time writing or wrapping anything, recorded with the mic on my camera lol with that new wave distortion.

feedback would be cool positive or negative I don’t really care it’s not something I’m super passionate about but if you don’t like the whole cloud rap genre just save it idc lol


Cold ice weight in the back of the 2 seater

Sell it while I wait for the sprite in da 2 litre

Purple shakin up like the benzo in my blood

I been up for weeks I don’t even give a fuck

It’s been weeks since you called and I can’t hold it back

I been fuckin up a cheque fuckin up the rest of that

Countin Guap on da high but I’m sippin on the low

xannies tellin me I’m fine, xannies tell me I don’t know

Run ur fuckin pockets cause I know you got my guap

Sellin so much fuckin xanny I should open up a shop

Benzoboi do it like nobody can

Dressed in all black back at it wit the white xans

Find me in the back wit a bulge in my sock

I can chop a bar or I can cut a rock

Switchblade dangling from my waist like I might fuck wit dat

Always keep it sharp cut rock the cut the rest of that

Tryna keep my life straight when I’m on the Tuesdays
Purple neon glow and you know that it’s too late

I ain’t seen nobody in like 2weeks

I don’t need nobody just 2mgs