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Why don't you support minors having sex? If it's the age of consent don't you think they could do their do? (Also! A 'minor' in one place may vary in another.. are you using the US standard of minor?) ~ nervous and slightly confused bean

I forgot about this. I apologize for being an idiot. I’m still pretty iffy about minors having sex, and by minors I mean anyone under the age of majority (I used the US standard, meaning 18). If it’s the age of consent that means they can consent to it but does it mean they should? I don’t know, it’s never seemed like such a great idea to me, mostly due to the psychological effects. It’s just been my understanding that it doesn’t go well. And then add BDSM and it’s just… messy. I’m not going to pretend that I’m doing it all right (obviously, by the previous posts you can see I messed up). I’ve never had sex or done anything sexual with anyone, but I have practiced dom/sub things in the past. It was a long distance relationship, and it was nice and all but all in all, I thought I knew what I was doing, and I honestly didn’t. And now I’m kind of, well, a little terrified of future sexual endeavors, due to hurt and my confusion with my sexuality. I haven’t done as much research as I should have. Everyone else can feel free to explain their whys and whats, since I’m terrible at explaining. Realistically, I can’t actually impede anyone from going on my blog, but… I put my hands up in defeat. 

TL,DR: Anyone help me out? Age of consent or age? All I’m really concerned about is not doing any damage to anyone. I myself am barely a legal adult, after all, so I’m looking to my elders for guidance. 

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Hi there!! I saw that you were bored from listening to karaoke? Haha maybe you should try it out? Anyway, what's your top 10 favorite songs from Seventeen? If you don't wanna answer that, what's your favorite album from them and why? Have a good day!

i could never do karaoke omg my social anxiety and lack of decent voice forbids it.

my fav seventeen album is probably going seventeen!

my top 10 fav songs, in no particular order, are: 20, lean on me, fast pace, don’t wanna cry, pretty u, highlight, habit, don’t listen in secret, fronting, no f.u.n (17project version. can’t replace wonwoos iconic “manner makes a man”)


I’ve done it… I finished all the icemerm designs I had planned… I am free

Sadly, because of issues with my charm manufacturer, I won’t have these as charms in time for AX (besides Victor, Otabek, and the Yuris) but I WILL have them as two sticker sheets like they’re shown here!!!

Now, please… nobody allow me to draw any more merboys for just like, a week or two. please

In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus Andromedon is a show-stealing character. Tituss Burgess plays the mostly out-of-work actor who’s black, gay and an endearing friend to the very naive Kimmy Schmidt.

Burgess may share a first name with his over-the-top character, but he says they’re plenty different. Unlike Andromedon, Burgess is a quiet homebody who doesn’t need to be the center of attention. He grew up in small-town Georgia before making his way to Broadway and then TV. It’s a journey that required many leaps of faith, and he credits one woman with giving him the confidence to take those leaps.

“Lena Horne,” he says. “I saw The Wiz when I was in the seventh grade. … The authority with which she sang [’If You Believe’], watching her telling Dorothy, you know, how exactly to get to where she wants to be, and the way she looked down the barrel of the lens — you could not tell me that this woman was not singing to me. … I would go back and forth to the library and rent The Wiz, and this one piece just was so electric and I felt invincible. I felt, for all intents and purposes, that whatever it was I was going to do, there was absolutely nothing anyone could say or do to stop me. And it has proven true.”

Tituss Burgess Says He Plays The Most ‘Everyman’ Character On 'Kimmy Schmidt’

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix


Minhyun does not do crying…

Minhyun is a resilient, brave and motivated individual who always strives to be the best version of himself that he can be. Minhyun is a champion who works hard to overcome stigmas, replacing comments like ‘worst dancer’ to 'he dances really well!!’ He is diligent, diplomatic and most of all pure at heart; Minhyun’s kindness knows no bounds.

There’s a reason he gained so many fans whilst on Produce 101 and it’s not just because of his visuals but because he overcame adversity and he fought and he showcased his talents elegantly. Even when he falters and he stumbles, Minhyun gets back up again and carries on. It’s what he always has done. Minhyun knows how to handle difficult situations tactfully so that there is the best outcome for everyone, not just himself.

Minhyun thinks about others a lot and his selfless nature is what the other NU'EST members have always appreciated. He gives to others more of him than he even realises. He’s thoughtful and considerate but most importantly-Minhyun is always positive. When things get hard, he goes headfirst with a positive attitude. In NU'EST, he is the 'happy virus’. He is a beacon of light and he shines radiantly, whatever he does.

When Minhyun is upset, when something is bothering him, it’s not always obvious but sometimes there are tell tale signs. He might go quieter or he might come across a little reserved…but he doesn’t bottle things up because he knows he’s loved and he knows he has people he can turn to. Minhyun understands himself well. He can keep himself together even when he’s having a hard time. It’s not that he doesn’t want to show weakness, it’s more like he doesn’t want to burden others by showing an unhappy side, so he channels it healthily into exercise and hobbies. When he is alone, he can unravel himself and simply 'be’ and that’s why he likes going to movies alone or reading novels quietly in his room.

Every so often though, he will seek the company of a friend and that’s when he turns to the other members. Minhyun likes playing games with the other NU'EST members and watching movies with them and learning more about musical composition with them and joking around with them and eating ramen with them and going on spontaneous adventures with them and learning new languages with them and-

Minhyun needs all of NU'EST.
Even though he initially became a part of NU'EST, somewhere down the line NU'EST became a part of him. Knowing that promoting in 'Wanna One’ means being away from the other NU'EST members isn’t just sad because he’s being away from his brothers, but he’s going to be away from those people he has leaned on for support for the past 6-8 years. Ever since they were trainees, Pledis Boys worked hard together at a young age and formed a strong, honest bond of love and compassion for one another. Promoting without the NU'EST members, being apart from them for 2 years will be like losing a huge part of himself…and to be the leader of another group? It’s inconceivable especially when Minhyun has only followed JR diligently since the start.

The only other time Minhyun cried so openly is when JR wrote a letter during a Japanese live about how sorry he was that he hadn’t done enough for NU'EST and ㄴㅇㅅㅌs. Minhyun cried then because JR was vulnerable, upset and feeling shameful about his lack of leadership when Minhyun knew all too well how hard JR works for everyone. Minhyun doesn’t cry for himself, he cries for others. Seeing the people he cares for and loves deeply suffer hurts him most.

Minhyun cried today, not for himself but for his fellow NU'EST members.

Today, we saw Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho eliminated from the final Produce 101 season 2 line up whilst Minhyun achieved 9th place. Minhyun cried not for his own achievement but because he had to stand there, alone, whilst his fellow members cheered his success on whilst hurting inside. He was miserable because he felt like he had cheated them by succeeding even though we all know how hard he worked and how well he has done to gain more recognition. He felt like he didn’t deserve to be there without the other NU'EST members. He was vulnerable today, the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen him.

Minhyun doesn’t do crying…not unless someone he loves is suffering.

If you’ve supported NU'EST and Minhyun so far, I hope you’ll continue to support them all, whatever the uncertain future holds. Let’s continue to help ALL of NU'EST rise. Purchase and stream their songs on places like Mel0n and Genie, buy physical copies from places that contribute to the Hanteo chart, watch their music videos, share their music with others, share your experiences with NU'EST with others-just use this opportunity to spread as much love about NU'EST as you possibly can because during this fragile period, this is the best thing we can do.

Let’s prevent Minhyun from suffering and crying again…let’s not let any of NU'EST have a reason to cry again…