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this is a very niche pittsburgh thing, but #didyouknow there are 37 live penguins that live in the pittsburgh metro area (22 at the ppg aquarium and 15 at the national aviary) ??? so in terms of like “why” question re: the penguins who appeared at the game last night, i’m pretty sure the nhl only asked itself why not

also yes, many of them are named after hockey players. a fun fact is that not one but two of those penguins are named after sidney crosby - one lives at the aquarium and the other is at the aviary. other penguins named after bigger penguins include malkin, letang, kunitz, kessel, murray, and sully, who are all at ppg aquarium, as well disco dan (bylsma) and stanley (like the cup) who are at the aviary.

sometimes i just have to wonder why i have to have theon greyjoy as my favorite character it is a disgusting state of affairs. he’s got maybe a 10% chance of endgame survival and i don’t need that in my fantasy life and i didn’t even like dumb asshole squidboy at first. whose fault is this shit? i blame germ for not doing the decent thing at the end of clash of kings and cutting sad stupid krakenbaby’s head off oh oh and also alfie allen for being fucking PERFECT. just perfect. but mostly germ for making the dance with dragons theon arc the most beautiful and sad and horrifying and inspiring thing ever in the world. disgraceful. if not for theon i could i invest way more emotional energy into my precious stabby babygirl ARYA STARK who is 99% likely to live and also the millions of other awesome characters but no. theon. has to be theon. sigh

Happy Saviours’ Day! I thank Allah for the day of February 26th, which is the birthdate of Master Fard Muhammad; and on this day, we celebrate Saviours’ Day. Those of you who do not know Master Fard Muhammad may think that we are in error for believing in Him as Mahdi. What I want you to do is to give Him a chance to tell you, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, what He revealed; then, you go and study it. If Master Fard Muhammad lied, then, we can cast Him aside. But, if He told the truth, then you are going to have to reason with this man. ~ #Farrakhan #SD17CHI

This is gonna be my black history month recognizinition thread. I'll try to add someone/something new everyday for the month.