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Reasons to be happy today:

  • Every single one of Bruce’s children once witnessed his socialite persona for the first time, and to this day, not a single one of them has fully recovered from the shock. They met him while he was in Batman Mode. They knew him as serious and stern, and he spent the entire trip to the event complaining because he was missing prime crime-fighting hours. There was a five minute monologue about the soul of Gotham City?
  • But then the second he stepped into the ballroom it was all “hey everybody I’m so glad you could come WHY JANE I haven’t seen you in six months and that clutch is incredible c’mon folks let’s go play cards! Have you met my new ward?”
  • The ward in question: ????? ??? ?? ??? ? W h a t ??? ?
  • Anyways Bruce Wayne is fake and they have been living in a house of lies
  • Dick spent a full year trying to convince Damian to act polite, if only to maintain his cover, but nooooo, it was always “my father wasn’t nice so why should I be?” And then Bruce came back from the abyss of time and Damian saw him doing his thing at a party.
  • “So he’s… acting? So he can manipulate them?” “I guess” “Understandable. It’s a good strategy. I will develop my own persona.”
  • First of all? Dick spent a year trying to get that done. Second, his family is terrible and none of them should ever be role models 

Welp! I’ve been meaning to draw Finny from @dailyskyfox for a while, because gosh darnit I love that blog and this guy is a cutie.

sometimes I wonder what yall think about my hamilton

road trip.

loosely based on @stanleybby ‘s headcanons

6/7 of the Losers Club didn’t know it, but Bill was taking them to Disney, something he had wanted to do with Georgie—which eventually became Bill, Georgie, and the rest of them. He was stressed out while driving, trying to keep Richie from spewing anything fowl that the younger Denbrough could pick up and repeat, Mike’s directions being thrown at him quickly as they came to interstate after interstate after highway after highway. It’s not that Bill didn’t like driving, he just thought Stan was a much better driver, hell, he even thought Richie was better at driving and he had almost killed them on a drive to McDonald’s.

“Next left.” Mike said softly, not trying to wake those sleeping in the back. He looked in the rearview mirror, smiling at the sight of his sleeping friends, love filling his heart. He was so excited when he had found out that Bill was planning a road trip for the 7 of them, plus Georgie. Obviously, Mike had wanted to help Bill plan every aspect of it, down to what photos they would take and at what time they would take them. Overall, he was just overjoyed to see his friends safe from any harm that could’ve potentially come to them, whether through parents, bullies, or something outlandish like a killer dancing clown.

Richie was slumped in the right seat of the van, Eddie’s head lying on his lap, fingers absentmindedly playing with the brown hair attached. Eddie was snoring lightly, only waking up occasionally to mumble “Are we there yet?” in regards to the next rest stop, so he could update his mother on where he was. Richie’s gaze followed the clouds and passing greenery, sighing contently as a certain safeness consumed him. He had never felt as safe at home as he did when he was with his friends, his real family. It’s not that his parents just didn’t care about him, they did. But when your parents wanted a daughter and they got a son, a son they didn’t understand..things got complicated. Nothing was complicated with the Losers Club. And that was why he felt so safe with them, he never felt like he was wrong for being him. His friends loved him and he loved them.

After a few hours had passed, Stan took over driving the final stretch from North Carolina to Florida. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he was grateful to Bill and Mike for planning this trip. All his life, he had been picked on and bullied for something he couldn’t, but wished, he could change. With the losers, however, he could just be plain old Stanley Uris. It felt like a breath of fresh air to him, to be able to have people surrounding him with support and love.

Ben woke up sometime around 12pm, coercing the others into playing an almost three hour long game of iSpy. Which, for the record, Beverly ended up despising after the second hour because Ben was obviously cheating and just wouldn’t admit it. Richie suggested UNO, but Eddie was a very sore loser when it came to card games, so everyone vetoed it in favor of not wanting to see what anger the short boy held in his entire body.

Around 3, they finally arrived at the destination, eyes lighting up with wonder and excitement as they saw the signs for Disney World.

“Holy shit!” Richie exclaimed, jostling Eddie’s head off his lap.

“Richie, watch your language.” Stan pointed to Georgie, who was staring with wide brown eyes at everything outside the windows.

“He wont repeat it.” Richie grumbled, looking at the youngest boy. “Will ya?”

Without hesitation, Georgie let out a small “holy shit” as he looked back at Richie and then out the window.
Bill almost crashed the car when he heard his younger brother curse.

“Beep Beep, Richie!”


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physiologically-salty  asked:

I know I love Ennoshita, but the way you drew him in that futuristic au made me love him 1000000000x times more. He was so beautiful my heart couldn't handle it.

Aaah, thank you!! I’m so glad, thank you for appreciating Ennoshita ;;