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That’s how a superhero learns to fly

I can’t believe the first thing I’m doing with this tumblr is publishing a Ladybug Fanfic. I’m trash.

Name: That’s how a superhero learns to fly

Words: 2607 (right now it’s a one shot, but I will maybe write something else)

Characters: Adrien Agreste [main], Marinette Cheng, Nino, Plagg, Alya (kinda)

Pairing: Ladynoir trash, guys

Note: English is not my first language, so I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes. Moreovre, I swear I write way better in French, but for some reason I really wanted to try that in English. 

Adrien would have loved to say that he was a born hero, someone who knew from the very beginning that he could make a difference. Unfortunately, he was not. Not at all.

When he got his ring, he was scared. So, so scared. Such a tiny jewelry contained powers he had no idea could exist. And it was his. What was he supposed to do with it? Plagg, his kwami, explained him that he was not the first person to posses the miracle stone, and that he would not be the last.

“What did they do with those powers?” Andrien asked, his voice slightly shaking from anticipation.

For the first time since the beginning of their conversation, Plagg let go of the Camembert that Adrien had to buy for him to finally open up a bit, and looked directly at the human, his cat-like eyes shining like two little orbs.

“Well, some of them became “heroes”, saving their city. Some of them used the ring for their own benefit, and would now be called “villains”, which is ridiculous, if you ask me. Yet, it was always their choice. I only help when I am asked nicely. What do you want to do, Adrien?“

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Yo hello its going to take awhile so sit yourself back down and let me explain the analysis of this. This epilogue (or atleast this era) is supposed to finally show the relation and back story of I Need U and Run (part 1 and part 2 era). 

From what we’ve seen before, it is clearly obvious that the main plot behind this was about a group of 7 boys talking about both the pleasures and pains of youth/being young. (the whole JIN IS DEAD and TAEHYUNG KILLED HIS FATHER thing can be considered as side plots for now).

First lets start off with the symbolisms (bc we all know how much they love doing this):

It starts off with a distorted projection of the title “YOUNG FOREVER” which was previously only “FOREVER”. Considering it is a projection, we can safely assume this is from a TV. Normally this kind of misinterpreted screen comes from a TV that’s old and worn out so the quality tends to be worse than being young and healthy. However right after this, the projection changes to show a high quality version of the title “YOUNG FOREVER”. This transition meant that although they have grown older, the spirit of their youth shall not die.

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