there is clearly no future in this

Calm down, Reylo fam.

Firstly, Rian’s not saying there won’t be romance in TLJ. He’s saing that there’s “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.” Read: so there most certainly will be some romance but it’s not a central storyline in itself like Han and Leia’s road trip filled with in-your-face, we’re-about-to-bang UST melodrama. We know at least Finn/Rose is most probably going to be a little romantic, but not a central plot point.

Secondly, did you read in that other article how Adam refused to have lunch with Mark because of his acting process? We know he went to dinner with Daisy, so, knowing Adam, that tells a lot about what kind of relationship Kylo and Rey are going to have in the future. Clearly Adam didn’t think it’d interfere with him getting into character and Kylo’s mindset, or, even better, thought it crucial and helpful to bond with Daisy more. So, don’t give up hope yet, fam. We’re all good. Reylo was never going to happen before IX anyway, and for me personally, and to most of us, the most important aspect of the potential Rey/Kylo relationship is the bond they could share and how much richer the story would be with those two interacting and bonding. All that we’ve seen hints at them getting closer, romance or not. But, this Rian quote does nothing to refute romantic Reylo either.

For future reference: I’m just gonna delete asks that try to make one thing about another, like derailing my lesbian posts. It’s just not the coolest thing to take things that are clearly not for you and try to make them about you. It happens aaallll the time on my lesbian posts and I don’t have the patience.

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Also, I don't know if you notice but, there was a scene where Kala and Wolfgang were holding hands. Kala wore yellow whilst Wolfgang wears black, reinforcing the fact that she's the sun while Wolfgang is darkness. Not only that, Kala loves to wear pretty flowery dresses, which of course, symbolises her purity and innocence. Anyway, I hope this helps with your future analysis. :) (2/2)

Oh my god that scene along with Kala and Wolfgang’s outfits were so on point. (I personally love Kala’s yellow outfit in that scene) I totally agree, the color of their outfits clearly emphasize Kala is the sunshine while Wolfgang symbolizes darkness. (sidenote: the places they visit have similar color to their outfits – Sunset in India & Felix’s shop with darkness).

Thanks again for your amazing analysis! It’ll definitely help with my future-kalagang posts! :D

I will literally NEVER be over what Harry said about teenaged girls. And that the reporter noted how animated he got when it was brought up, like he clearly has thought about and been frustrated by this issue a lot, and he had such full views on it. It would’ve been so easy for him to brush off the question without agreeing with the premise. But he didn’t! He gave such a full defense of teenage girls, as listeners, as consumers, and as humans who are going to shape the future!! Teenaged girls are SO powerful and important and influential, but almost no one ever acknowledges it, people just shit on what girls like for fun. And so to see Harry defend them so fully and in such a multi-faceted way, and in an interview that I’m sure will be widely read by teenaged girls, just means so much to me. 

anyone else find it incredibly suspicious that the alteans haven’t told the paladins anything about the past paladins? or why voltron was created in the first place? or why they fought “hundreds of battles” and who those battles were against?

and when shiro told allura he learned that zarkon was the black paladin in s2 ep3, not only was her body language quite guilty, she says “dark history of the PALADINS.” not just paladin, implying that zarkon wasnt the only one to go evil. Not only that, but “i wanted to protect you from the dark history of the paladin so that you would have a chance to bond with your lions on your own,” is literally the worst lie i have ever heard, if anything it would be easier to bond with because you’d understand their history (eg black showing shiro her history)

in s2 ep 4 we have the only time a paladin asks about the previous paladins with keith asking coran if blue had a galra paladin, and before he can answer, lance interrupts. That can’t a coincidence.

allura and coran are clearly hiding a lot of information from the paladins. it’s extremely shady, and i have a big feeling it’s going to blow up in their faces in a future season.

The 3 Elements of a CHARACTER GOAL

You know that moment in a book or movie, near the end, where everything has gone terribly wrong? All has been lost, the main character appears to have been brutally defeated, the mentor has probably kicked the bucket, and generally things couldn’t look bleaker? 

Writing feels like that moment.

Or more accurately, one point in the writing process feels akin to that dark night. It’s that time after the intrepid writer has pushed through the first draft of the story – they’ve brainstormed the development process, sailed through the beginning, blazed through the middle – and then quite suddenly …everything falls apart.

And this despair can be summed up in one soul-crushing sentence: “What happens at the end?" 

The writer realizes that they don’t know. A giddy optimism has propelled them thus far, a chipper little voice in the back of their head assuring "Don’t worry about the end yet! It’ll sort itself out!”

That little happy voice, it turns out, is a liar. 

But your reign of terror is over, lying voice. There’s a way to fix it so you can never trick another writer again. Because knowing what happens at the end comes down to knowing something right in the beginning: knowing three integral facets of the main character. If you know this golden trio, you’ll have a much better chance of knowing exactly what happens at the end: because the end is all about these three. 

So what are these three things? 

GOAL: What the main characters wants, and will pursue throughout the story, overcoming all obstacles and enemies to obtain. 

WANT: Their reasons for wanting it, which is usually to fill some emotional void they sense in their lives, something they believe will fix life and make it complete.

NEED: What they TRULY require to fill that emotional void, to be complete. 

Yup, three of the things listed in that other post “10 Elements of a Main Character”. But now, we’re going to delve into more detail, the elements of a good Goal, a good Want, and a good Need. 

So what goes into a story GOAL? Goals should be …

SINGULAR: The character must have one objective, and only one. A desire, and the overcoming of obstacles to achieve it, form the spine of the story. If there are two, the character is split between two storylines; they are trying to balance two stories at once, confusing them and confusing the reader. 

TANGIBLE: The goal must be something REAL. Something we can see and feel. 

SPECIFIC: In addition to being tangible, it must be highly specific. If the goal was to “escape” it would have to be “escape to a definite destination”. It can’t be at all vague or easily fulfilled by many objects: it must be finding a specific object, winning a specific prize, getting to a specific destination, etc.  

Like in Tangled: The goal is “see the floating lights.”

NOT EMOTIONS/STATES OF MIND: The goal can’t be something like “happiness” or “belonging” or “love.” Those aren’t tangible, they’re not specific, and most of all the reader can’t envision it being achieved. The goal CAN be a physical representation of an emotional state; obtaining this specific and physical objective will mean achieving the emotional state. 

IMAGINABLE: We should be able to easily envision the main character achieving the goal. When we see it, we know it’s happening, know that everything has been building to this moment.

Like in Monsters Inc, we know what getting Boo back home is going to look like (though in the beginning, we don’t know that it’s going to be heartbreaking.)

NOBLE: The goal should be something the reader can cheer on. The reader understands why the main character wants it. The reader can relate to the goal, and the emotional reason behind it.

Cheer like this.

STAKES: If they fail, something will be lost. If they choose not to pursue the goal, things will be very bad. There can’t be a sense that if they stop going after the goal at any point, life could just go back to how it was. When the catalyst came in and shattered their ordinary world and everyday routine, the story entered the realm of “nothing will ever be the same” and the only way to restore order to their universe is to achieve this thing. And that thing that will be lost must be something we can relate to, something significant: love, safety, family, life, future, freedom, loved ones. 

What goes into the WANT? The want is…

CONNECTED TO GHOST: The ghost is a moment from their past that still haunts them, and is the source of their moral and psychological weaknesses. Their reasons for wanting the goal should be connected to this moment. They believe that if they achieve it, their world will be fixed, life will go back to how it was before this haunting moment occurred.

MISGUIDED: And they’re usually always wrong. Achieving the goal just as it is will never fix what’s broken in their lives. 

SAVING GRACE: It’s often this Want behind their goal that acts as their saving grace in the eyes of the reader. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with a character – they’re difficult to understand, easy to find unappealing, even downright unpleasant – until we know why they are the way they are. (Think Marlin from Finding Nemo; he’s pretty unlikable and frustrating half the time, but we know why he’s behaving that way, so it’s easier to forgive him.) 

What do all of these character NEEDS have in common?

HOW TO FIX LIFE: In their pursuit of the tangible goal, something else is revealed that will truly save their lives. This is some truth that will banish the power of the ghost, let the character see themselves clearly for the first time, and show them what needs to be done to live a better life in the future. This usually arrives right after that “Dark Night” moment, which is usually when the goal has been achieved or lost; the truth revealed in this moment will allow them to snatch victory from this darkest defeat, renew their courage, inspire them to soldier on and pursue the story goal once more. 

NEW WORLDVIEW: This crucible of battle and revelation of truth changes them. They’re not the same person anymore. They’ve conquered the thing that haunts them, overcome weaknesses, have greater knowledge of themselves and life.

Okay! So how does this work? Let’s use Wreck-It Ralph, because I’m in the mood.

What is Ralph’s Goal? 

A medal. 

A single medal will suffice. A tangible medal that we can easily envision. A specific medal, namely the one he got from Hero’s Duty.  A medal that we can imagine him obtaining, bringing to the Nicelanders, and using to change his lot in life. 

It’s easy to cheer on because it means Ralph doesn’t have to live in the garbage, alone anymore. We can relate to it, and cheer it on, because nobody wants to be alone (especially not while living in garbage). 

And the stakes for this are obvious: ___.

Now how about what Ralph wants?

This medal is connected to Ralph’s ghost which is years and years of being the bad guy. The bad, unlikable, unloved, unworthy, friendless guy. 

He thinks if he gets it, he’ll become the good guy at long last, and his loneliness and lack of self-worth will end. 

How is this his saving grace? It immediately makes the audience empathize with Ralph. Everyone, at some point, has felt alone and unloved. 

What about what he Needs?

Getting the medal doesn’t work out for Ralph. It doesn’t fix anything. What he NEEDS is this medal:

To become a hero, he needs to be the hero for Vanellope. 

New Worldview: 

“As long as that little kid likes me … “ 

So these three are the destination. These are what everything is going towards. If you know these three elements, you’ll have a much better chance of an ending forming in your head. So take that annoying little liar voice.

You know what that voice looks like?  Her. It looks like Umbridge.

Sorry I wanted you to hate it as much as I do.

“but is it still abuse if the abuser doesn’t seem to realize he’s doing it?”

Abuse is defined by the pain and trauma victims go thru, your suffering and fear don’t go down one bit because “abuser may not be aware of what they’re doing”, actually, it goes up! Being tortured by someone who doesn’t care enough to even freaking realize they’re damaging you is much more dehumanizing and emotionally taxing than at least knowing the abuser’s intention clearly and that they’re achieving exactly what they want to achieve. Being lost about abuser’s intentions adds on to the trauma!

It doesn’t matter if they meant to do it or not (in most cases they absolutely meant it or didn’t actually give a shit if they’re hurting you or not as long as they get what they want). Staying safe from this person is important. Stopping the abuse and preventing any future abuse is important. Healing is important. Label the abuser with whatever you need that helps you to heal. Forget abuser’s side of the story and focus on yours. What they agree or disagree, what they’re aware or aren’t aware isn’t nearly as important as stopping that person from harming you, and preventing them from hurting you ever again.

And then after class I went to Trader Joe’s to get snacks, because, cooking class, and I walked through the produce section and up to the big racks of bananas they have, but all the bananas were super green. 

So I was thinking to myself, I don’t want to buy bananas that I have to wait three to four days to eat, and I was kind of disappointed that the only bananas available were really like, bananas of the future. 

Which was when I saw someone else who was also looking at the really green bananas, clearly thinking the same thing, and without considering it, without stopping to reinstall my brain to mouth filter, I just turned back to the bananas and said, not for her ears specifically but definitely within earshot, “Patience Bananas.” 

The look she gave me. 

I mean, I deserved it, but god damn, I don’t think I’ve ever confused someone so thoroughly in my life. 

I’m going to bed, and maybe when I wake up I will be only my usual level of broken weirdo, and not this new, ascended level of broken weirdo. 


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows Earth and its moon from between Saturn’s rings

  • NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which orbits Saturn, took a picture of Earth from between Saturn’s rings — with Earth’s moon at its side.
  • Captured at 1:41 a.m. Eastern on April 12, 2017, the spacecraft was 870 million miles away from its home planet when it took the image.
  • Earth is seen as a tiny bright speck in the center of the picture. Upon cropping and zooming in, its moon can be seen to the left as an even smaller dot. The photograph, captured by the Imaging Science Subsystem, doesn’t clearly show which part of Earth is facing the ringed planet at the time the picture was taken, but NASA has revealed it is the southern Atlantic Ocean. Read more (4/21/17)

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{PART 25} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook dreams of having the future with you that he always envied human’s of having. But as soon as he arrives home, his entire world - and everything in it gets turned upside down. He must make a choice in the face of evil; while evil holds you in its grasp.

“And he found strength in the only thing that he was powerless to; it had always, from the very beginning; been her.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} //{Part 24} {Part 25} {Part 26}

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‘Shiro ships are power imbalanced!’

You mean…

Shallura - In which Allura who smashed down a metal door with brute strength alone, and literally threw the man like a piece of meat? Both are young and forced into situations where they had to grow up before their time which is something they can sympathize and relate to with. Not to mention there’s a lot of things both us and Allura herself have yet to discover about her.
Fly Shiro, fly!

Shunk - They’re EQUALLY intelligent and Hunk is confirmed PHYSICALLY STRONGER and if he was more battle smart/fit, could actually wreck Shiro. Hunk would probably be the castle’s reigning arm wrestling champion! People seem to also forget Hunk isn’t a pushover, if something doesn’t seem right to him, he’s going to call shit out on it and would make sure something is done about it.

Shidge - Definitely has a power imbalance, look at this take-no-shit tiny nerd own Shiro on sheer intelligence alone. Pidge made a freaking functional satellite on her own out of random metal scraps just floating in space, and has killed a man Galra. No one is safe, not even Shiro.
I think it’s also good to point out that pretty much the majority of Shidge shipper DO NOT ship them at 14 and 25, so don’t give me any of that age shit. If you argue about why people make Pidge so small, fun fact: small people exist!

Sheith - Keith is a one man army, even when he got his arse handed to him by fucking spies with god only knows how much more battle experience under their belts, he’d keep going and fought on sheer tenacity alone and eventually figured his way out. Keith ain’t no delicate flower who’d bend over backwards just because he loves Shiro, the man has proven he’s willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, even if it’s going to hurt.

Shance - Granted it’s a bit hard to find evidence for (we’re only 2 seasons in, there’ll hopefully be more material for it in the future) but Lance has already proven to be very good at improvising and think quick in stressful situations, not to mention he ain’t their sharpshooter for nothing. Plus Lance is known for being a very social creature; he’d be insanely switched on when it comes to relationships, platonic, familial, romantic, or otherwise, and he clearly knows about self care especially from an emotional standpoint.

Can we please stop dismissing these characters quality traits just to shit on ships and treating them as if they were infants? And can we please stop slandering Shiro, the man has never done any abusive thing towards any of his teammates and would never do it willingly *coughcoughKurocoughcough*, and there’s more statements confirming he’s a teen than the supposed 25 so don’t even start. As I said, we’re only 2/8 seasons into the story, which means everyone on team Voltron is going to get development and grow in both their skills and as people; 6 more seasons of watching this group become terrifying forces of nature.

And if anything, if you want to protect anyone it should be this poor 4/5 year old. Baby’s been though enough already.

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In parts of the episode where nyma steals the blue lion the big flag is LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND LANCE (made up of the bg) like the sky is pink and there's smth behind him that's purple and the ground is bluish if I had the screencaps I'd send them but it's like. That Has To Mean Something

…ok so i might of just had a realization though??

like, yeah, the bi flag colors are there

but also

one might not think that the use of color in this episode is a big deal, but with the way this episode is set up? how can you not understand the subtext here??? the moral of the story in this episode is Lance doesn’t need to go flirt with other girls because it won’t work out for him (Lance went off with Nyma, but she turned around and stole his lion), however Keith rescuing his lion and unchaining him did work out in Lance’s favor. that, paired with the bisexual flag colors in the background, AND the rainbows too

and also including the fact that Keith was really eager to get Lance out of the pod and getting upset over him not remembering their bonding moment (and also the “i cradled you in my arms!” line),

you cannot just shove all of this into one episode and tell me this doesn’t mean anything. 

and now i’m thinking back to what Jeremy Shada said about Lance maturing and eventually falling in love with someone in this interview

this right here:

that “one person you fall in love with a little bit”, my dudes, is Keith. it has to be Keith. who else could it possibly be?

you could argue it’s Allura, but she clearly has no interest in him.

but you know who does have an interest in him?

basically what i’m trying to say is i feel like this episode could be a metaphor for Lance and Keith’s developing relationship in the future seasons to come

Things Not to Do in a Tarot Reading

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Most readings go over great! However, there is definitely some level of etiquette expected. Here’s a list of some things that can instantly turn a reading sour!

For the Querent…

💎 Be Disrespectful. This should really go without saying. If you’re getting a reading, treat them with respect! They are providing a service just like anybody else you would give money to. Even if they’re doing it for free, they’re still taking time out of their day to help you out.

💎 Cram Questions. Typically, it goes one question, one card, with more cards providing more insight or addressing different facets of a single question. It makes a reader’s head ache when someone purchases a single card draw, but sends the reader a billion questions. They’re trying to get the insight of a ten-card spread for basically a dollar, and from the reader’s end it feels like they’re being slighted. It’s simple: if you want more insight and more detail, choose a reading that fits your needs.

💎 Fight the Reading. There are two ways people do this: fighting the message, and fighting the reader.  In the first, if the cards say something the querent doesn’t like, and they get upset, trying to get the reader to “fix” their answer. This mostly comes from people who wanted a tarot reading for self-affirmation, rather than insight into a problem. If you want a feel-good tarot sesh that’s fine; be sure to either purchase a reading designed for that, or let your reader know you’re not up for bad news right then. The second comes from fellow readers! The reader will be going about their business and the querent will say, “I read tarot and that’s not what that card means.” It may seem like a kind gesture at first, but not all decks have the same meaning for every card and the reader’s intuition and unique interpretation are just as important as the card. If the meanings were set in stone for every card, we wouldn’t need to go to other readers!

💎 Treat the Reader Like a Hack. Skepticism is understandable. Skepticism is completely fine! A lot of skeptics end up getting tarot readings either for the novelty of it, or because their friend dragged them into it. It’s okay to approach a reading with a healthy amount of reservation, waiting to see what’s in store before totally investing in it. However, there’s a line between being skeptical, and being a jerk about it. Don’t spend the whole time trying to “expose” your reader as a fraud, constantly critique on how vague or not they’re being, and just steamrolling over the message they’re trying to give you so that you can feel superior somehow. It doesn’t make you look like a hero, it makes you look like someone I impersonate with an annoying voice to my friends over dinner.

💎 Ask Questions that are Clearly Out of Line. Tarot can get pretty heavy sometimes. A lot of experienced readers have at least one story of someone who really opened up to them about dark subjects, and they worked through it together. A lot of different subjects are acceptable, but some just… really aren’t. My friend had a querent approach him online, all but straight-up saying they were meant to be together and asking for a reading about their future. I’ve had people approach me asking for me to diagnose their illness. If you have a question about a potentially triggering subject, please please ask your reader if they are comfortable reading for that topic before just unloading a graphic description on them. Also, don’t hit on your reader. It’s the occult equivalent of hitting on your waitress.

For the Reader…

💎 Minimize the Querent’s Concerns. This person came to you with a question in mind, and is putting their trust in you. What seems trivial to you may be a big deal to someone else! If someone approaches you asking what they can do to bond with their cat more, don’t make them feel silly for choosing that question; that’s their prerogative. If they’re concerned enough about it to get a tarot reading, maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye!

💎 Judge Their Question (to their face.) I won’t say “don’t judge them at all,” because often that’s impossible. We’re only human, after all. Let’s say your querent is considering leaving their long-term relationship for a sketchy but passionate fling. You might think this person has garbage priorities, but I promise any lecture you feel like giving them, they’ve already heard. They’re not paying you to nag or bestow your personal ethics onto them. They’ve already done whatever they’ve done, and now they would just like some insight before moving forward. It’s not a reader’s job or a reader’s place to place moral judgement on a reader. (It’s a lot like being a therapist… everything is neutral and confidential, unless there’s evidence of abuse or potential harm to the querent or someone else. If the querent did/is doing something illegal, that’s a different matter.)

💎 Be Disrespectful. Again, this should go without saying. Our querents deserve a little dignity! It’s okay to laugh with them, should the atmosphere allow for it, but never laugh at them. A querent’s feelings are perfectly valid and should be treated as such. They are not inherently foolish or less wise than you, so let’s all agree to not present ourselves as these sages of wisdom helping the poor little mortals.

💎 Half-Ass It. Someone is actually giving you literal money! We get that you’re tired. We get that you hate the question, but literal shapeshifting master of darkness Aku could kick down the door to your Tarot Shack, slap down a five dollar bill, and ask for a reading on his love life. You would still be ethically obligated to actually try and give a reading based on what the cards say, and in a reasonable amount of depth that someone who doesn’t read tarot would feel like they got a sufficient amount of insight. Basically, you’re offering a service. Give it your all!

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader and Dean are…you guessed it…hexed.  Is it a sexual curse or something more?

Word Count:  2111

Warnings:  Lots of language, lots of smut (rough-ish smut)

As always, feedback is appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.

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There is a time and place for everything, this is neither the time nor the place. Not for Dean to be looking at me like that, no sir. Had I always hoped he’d fix those ethereal green eyes on me that way? My mama didn’t raise a liar, so I’m not going to lie to you. Yeah, I want that man to fix those eyes on me just like that. Wanted him to for a long time now. There’s a lot of things I want from Dean Winchester.  That man is a walking wet dream, sex on bow-legs.

Things is, he’s not supposed to be looking at me like that. Sure as hell not right this very minute.  It’s not part of the plan. We’re working a fucking case for god’s sake. I’m not talking about research or footwork, interviewing and investigating. We are legitimately standing in this room right the fuck now and a motherfucking witch was just here with us. There is a blade in my hand and a gun in his. We had a job to do, one goddamn job.

Now that bitch of a witch is gone. Poof, vanished, adios amigos, just fucking gone. She mumbled some shifty spell work and now Dean fucking Winchester is looking like he wants to screw my brains out.

I’m looking right back at him and I got the same look in my eye.  

I don’t know what that piece of shit did to us, but my breasts are heavy, achy. My nipples are straining against the fabric of my bra and if somebody doesn’t touch them right this very instant and relieve that pressure, I’m going to scream. Or come. I don’t know which.  

There’s a burning in between my thighs, I’m squeezing them together hoping to ease some of the pressure but it’s only making it worse. Times infinity. My skin is all heat and fire, I’m consumed by need and lust.

Dean is a mirror, his eyes reflect back at me the same fever I’m feeling. I can see his cock - Jesus fucking Christ - swelling and straining against those blue denim jeans. In three short steps his crossed the room, a strangled sound leaving his lips before his lips press to mine. Our weapons clatter to the ground making one hell of a racket, but I give no fucks.

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‘Overwatch’: Efi’s shopping list explained

  • The Overwatch team has been teasing a new character for several days now, though cryptic tweets and a blog post on the official Overwatch site. The character is Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old  inventor from Numbani.
  • It's  not clear whether Efi herself will be a new character, or if she’s simply inventing some kind of robot that will eventually be the playable one.
  • Most recently, the Overwatch twitter posted an image of Efi’s list of “things to get.”

So what are these ojbects?

  • What’s an OR-15?
    • OR-15s are defensive robots on Numbani — you know, the ones that got smashed up in the attack on the Numbani airport. In the fictional interview that revealed her, Efi Oladele cited OR-15s as an inspiration for the kind of creation she might like to invent someday. So it’s possible the attack on the Numbani airport was the motivation she needed to start building something.
  • What’s a Branford arm?
    • This does not seem to be a term that’s been used in Overwatch lore up until this point. No idea.

  • What’s a fusion driver?
    • Again, this doesn’t seem to be a reference to anything specific in Overwatch lore, but it’s probably some kind of power source.
  • What’s a Tobelstein reactor?
    • A Tobelstein reactor — which Efi presumably misspelled as “Tolbelstein” — seems to be the technology used in Zarya’s energy cannon. Some players are theorizing that this means Efi is building a robot that will have some kind of gravity manipulation abilities, but that’s not clear yet.What’s the deal with those paint swatches?That’s probably a sneak peek at what colors we can expect this new robot to sport.
  • What’s an Axiom vocal processor?
    • It seems that Axiom is some kind of Omnic manufacturer, perhaps, and that the vocal processor is some kind of voice chip that lets an Omnic speak. The object in the upper-right corner of the picture is probably this vocal processor, which is why Efi has crossed it off her list.
  • What’s that sketch in the upper-left corner?
    • That’s probably the head of whatever robot Efi is constructing. It looks a lot like the smashed OR-15s on Numbani.
  • What’s that little triangle-shaped logo in the lower-right corner?
    • That’s not clearly linked to anything in particular, but some people are theorizing that it’s somehow related to an Omnic’s designs that appear in several ads in Numbani.
  • What are Lúcio-Ohs?
    • It’s a Lúcio-branded cereal that makes an appearance in one of Lúcio’s sprays. Efi needs to stock up, pronto. Gotta fuel that beautiful, genius brain of hers. Read more (2/28/17 10:13 AM)

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The tale of the Bard and Goblin.

Bard: I want to try and seduce that Goblin.
DM:But why though? You’ve just slaughtered all its friends.
Bard: I don’t care, I want me a piece of that sweet Goblin tush.
DM:Fine, roll me a charisma check.

*Rolls Charisma*
*Rolls a critical fail*

DM: you have failed to Woo the heart of the goblin, but instead you have a strange feeling, it makes you shudder. It might be those long pointy ears or those tender Goblin hands. Oh how you crave to fall into those scrawny arms on cold winter nights. His eyes, they muddy browns make your heart flutter. You have Indeed been seduced by the Goblin.

And that’s the story of how Derek the Bard fell in love with his future partner Greasebag the Goblin.


“This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was.” 

Star Wars: Original Trilogy (1977-1983)

It's better to be safe, than sorry.

My Auntie told me this story a while back.

My aunt is a Paramedic and used to drive an ambulance in England. One afternoon, she and her colleague were driving along a motorway (in work time) when she noticed a BMW weaving in and out of traffic, driving well over the speed limit. The driver was also breaking in the fast lane in front of cars and generally, being an all-round a**hole. Before too long, the driver, going around 80/90mph, spun out and careered off the road into a ditch.

Regardless of his a**holery, they immediately headed to the scene to offer aid. Amazingly, the driver only suffered very minor injuries and was refusing to receive any medical aid. He ‘needed to be somewhere’. My auntie, however, wanted to make sure she did her job properly and refused to let the man leave or get out of the car. She told him to stay still and remain seated whilst they check for any neck or back injuries (which he clearly didn’t have). Being the professional that she was and wanting to make absolutely sure that no further injury could arise, she called in the fire brigade to cut the man out of his car.

And they f*cking did. The cut the roof of this guy’s BMW off to allow for easier access. To say his was pissed off was an understatement, but as she said to him – ‘’it’s better to be safe than sorry.’’

Maybe he’ll think about the consequences of driving like an arse in future.

  • Jess: Why did you drop out of Yale?!
  • Rory: *goes back to Yale*
  • Jess: You should write a book!
  • Rory: *starts writing immediately*
  • Me: *incoherent sobbing*
How to Break up Like a Philosopher

Teleologist: We aren’t meant for each other.
Deontologist: We aren’t right for each other.
Solipsist: It’s not you, it’s me.
Empiricist: I think we should see other people.
Rationalist: I’ve been doing some thinking…
Continentalist: You’ve lost that love and feeling.
Egalitarian: This is the best thing for both of us.
Functionalist: I don’t care about accommodating your feelings.
Quinean: I’m sorry, but you don’t mean anything to me anymore.
Foundationalist: We have nothing left to build upon.
Relativist: It’s no one’s fault.
Atheist: These things just happen.
Kantian: You lied to me!
Consequentialist: You should have lied to my mother about her pot roast!
Anti-Fictionalist: I’m sick of faking it.
Cartesian: I don’t clearly and distinctly perceive a future together.
Hegelian: Do we have to go through this again?
Lockean: Our primary qualities simply aren’t compatible.
Behaviorist: I just can’t keep going through the motions anymore.
Presentist: There just isn’t any future for us.
Eternalist: At least we’ll always have that weekend in Paris.