there is an event after this pool

shatters radio silence with the apparent tranquilliser gun used to shoot john

@221bloodnun showed us the original image vs the one showed to use last night here

Top one is, second one is the initial promo. The first one, the smiley is smiling, almost making a :3 face (the lines are also thicker, seems to be runnier too)  whereas the second one, the smiley is… uh, winking??

so anyway, when you crank the contrast up on that cursed image gave us last night, you don’t find anything fucky

except… maybe you do. the mirror is reflected in the water, which is odd enough, since I’m p sure physics doesn’t work that way (like shouldn’t it be reflecting directly UNDER the mirror rather than over by Sherlock’s violin???), and the smiley itself is reflected on the RIGHT instead of the LEFT

it also seems to be??? frowning? shocked? idk, definitely not smiling. 

@ti-ori-se and I sort of hashed out a theory in which this is representing mirrorverse, or more importantly, the entire series is a mirrored version of true events? In TFP, 221B explodes whereas in this promo, it’s literally drowning in a pool of unresolved gay sexual tension water. We know water is a running theme (pun intended) because it’s referenced throughout all of T6T and even in TFP. TLD even has shots of the river Thames and a lingering look at the aquarium after a transition of the smoking gun. 

I’m not sure if any of this means anything, but it definitely seemed like something that needed mentioning

ANOTHER THING: we have been searching HIGH AND LOW for an image in similar resolution all to no avail. if ANYONE knows of an image at the same size/quality as the one on please let us know…

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here but seeing as we can’t find anything even approaching the same level of quality, this almost seems as if they’re saying stOP SAYING WE’RE FAKE WE HAVE LEGIT PROMO SHOTS HERE FUCKIN TAKE US SERIOUSLY

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Drip food coloring into water and you can often see a torus-shaped vortex ring after the drop’s impact. That vortex rings form during droplet impact has been well known for over a century, but only recently have we begun to understand the process that leads to that vortex ring. Part of the challenge is that the vortex formation is very small and very fast, but recent work with x-ray imaging has allowed experimentalists to finally capture this event.

When a drop impacts a pool, surface tension draws some of the pool liquid up the sides of the drop. At the same time, the impact causes ripple-like capillary waves down the sides of the drop. This causes pool liquid to penetrate sharply into the drop, triggering the spirals that mark the forming vortex ring. When drops impact with even higher momentum, multiple vortex spirals can form, as seen on the lower right image. The authors observed as many as four rings during an impact. For more, check out the (open access) article.  (Image and research credit: J. Lee et al., source)

The Grand Tournament of the Fury 2017

Once more we call upon the champions of Eorzea! Take arms and raise your city-state’s banner high – it’s time for the Grand Tournament of the Fury!

To be held for two weeks during the Third Astral Moon, beginning at the 7th bell at Camp Dragonhead:

Tournament of the Mark (Ranged) – 19th Sun (Friday, May 19th,  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Blade (Melee) – 21st Sun (Sunday, May 21st,  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Wand (Magic) – 26th Sun (Friday, May 26th  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Lance (Joust) – 28th Sun (Sunday, May 28th  7 pm EST)

A celebratory ball in honor of the four champions shall follow in the Pillars, beginning the 7th bell on the 2nd sun of the Third Umbral Moon. (Friday, June 9th at 7pm EST).

Entry is open to all citizens of the Eorzean Alliance, Doma, and Ala Mhigo. Come compete for your city-state to see who is truly worthy of the Fury’s favor! Vendors, bookmakers, and live performers shall be in attendance. Proceeds from the tournament will go towards charitable efforts for all city states involved.

Please send all notes of registry, interest, and inquiry to Lady Eliane Dufresne or to Lady Gwenneth Gilrouis, in the service of House Durendaire.


It’s back, folks, and better than ever! Come help us say farewell to beautiful Ishgard right before Stormblood hits! The Dufresne Bellworks will be hosting a good old-fashioned medieval-style tournament once again. There will be four events and four champions, with herald announcers to keep you hyped!:

Ranged Tournament/Champion of the Mark

Melee Tournament/Champion of the Blade

Magic Tournament/Champion of the Wand

Chocobo Jousting/Champion of the Lance

This year, the Tournament will be split over 4 days across the span of two weeks, in order to ensure everyone can attend all four events. There will be no grand champion competition this year; instead, we want to celebrate the four individual champions during the ball! As always, winning a championship also means winning fabulous prizes!

Grand Tournament 2017 Prize List:
Now available!

This year, we’ll have a Professional Bookmaker with whom you can place (RPed, no actual gil, please) bets. Whoever wagers successfully on the outcome of the tournament can also win a fun prize!

Additionally, we’re looking to have a fairgrounds area where spectators can buy food and merchandise and listen to live performances between the bouts. If you are a part of a bard, merchant, or culinary FC and would like to set up a stall, let’s talk! Please send a PM on tumblr or the RPC, or an in-game /tell to Eliane Dufresne, Gwenneth Gilrouis, Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn, or Martiallais Heuloix.

For full information on the tournament, as well as tournament rules, please click here. Event attendance and participation is open to everybody who isn’t an Imperial! (Though we encourage our Imperial friends to sneak in anyway. ;) )

Contact us via PM on Tumblr or the RPC, or send an in-game /tell to either Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis, and let us know the following:

-Your character name

-What City-State your character will be representing

-What events your character will be competing in

If for whatever reason you are unable to make the tournament after all, please let us know ASAP so we can update the brackets accordingly.

Additionally, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP DONATE TO THE PRIZE POOL, either for the tournament or the ball, please contact Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis to transfer your items BY WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th. For the sake of keeping the event running smoothly, we will not accept any item or gil donations after this date. Donors will be credited.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Eliane Dufresne (@tea-and-conspiracy), Gwenneth Gilrouis (@rose-in-the-stone), Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn (@endangered-liaison), or Martiallais Heuloix (@mythrilreflections) for more details. We hope you’re all as excited as we are. See you there, Balmung!

Unbreakable (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Finally! This part took me so long to write… I’m so happy I finally managed to get it done! I hope you guys are still enjoying this, because I know I am! Let me know what you think!

Still slumped on the hard floor of the roof, Bucky let the sounds of the busy city below wash over him. He had no idea how he would even begin to earn your forgiveness; he wasn’t even sure he deserved it, but he was going to damn well try. Letting his head fall back against the wall, a shaky breath left his lips, the images of your past flickering in his vision. He couldn’t get the look of fear on your face out of his mind, both the one of the young child, and the one he had caused mere hours ago. The suffocating guilt quickly became too much, forcing him off the ground and out of the building.

Walking aimlessly through the bustling city, Bucky fumbled in his pockets for the familiar rectangular object he always went for when he was stressed out. Placing the cigarette between his lips, he flipped open his lighter, cupping his hand around the flame as he lit it. Taking in a deep breath, Bucky let the smoke billow out of his mouth.

He knew he’d fucked up. He’d let his pride and ego guide his actions, all because he couldn’t admit to anyone but himself how he truly felt. Bucky had fallen for you the moment he’d met you. He’d fallen for your razor-sharp wit and the way your smile could light up any room you entered, but most of all, he’d fallen for the way that you treated him just like anyone else. You were the only person he’d met in a long time that didn’t look at him with either pity or fear, and that meant the absolute world to him.

“You know, smoking kills.” The familiar deep drawl of Natasha’s voice crooned from the alleyway Bucky had been walking past.

“Doubt this’ll be what kills me…” he muttered in response, stopping in his tracks to face the red-head. “What are you doing here, Romanoff?”

“Could ask you the same thing Barnes.” she said, smirking at his confused expression, “Why did you leave the tower in such a hurry? Running away from your problems?”

“Not this time…” he said, running a hand through his tousled hair.

“Good. So, what are you doing wandering through New York in the middle of the night?” Natasha asked, kicking off the wall she’d been leaning against.

“Getting some air.” Bucky said with a sigh, “I know I have to fix this, I just don’t know how.”

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.


Sliding down your bedroom door, you brought your hands up to your face, finally let out the sob you’d been holding in all night. After the events at the pool, then your nightmare, and finally your run-in with Bucky, you were exhausted: mentally, physically, completely. Letting the tears run freely down your cheeks, you couldn’t control the flames that began to curl around your body. In your unstable condition, you could quickly feel the fire getting out of control, licking up the walls and along the floorboards.

The sound of the tower’s fire alarms going off rang through the room, the sprinklers being activated shortly afterwards. Yet even the new-and-improved Stark sprinkler system couldn’t put out the flames that were beginning to engulf the room. As the fire grew, your tears fell at an even faster rate, fear fuelling the raging inferno.

What if you hurt someone? If you couldn’t control the fire then no one could. You didn’t want your friends or the innocent people in the tower to be hurt, or worse, killed, just because you were having a mental breakdown. Suddenly, a loud banging on your bedroom door caused your head to snap up.

“Y/N?” Steve’s voice travelled through the reinforced door, followed by the sound of him coughing and wheezing. “Y/N? Are you in there? We need to get out of here, now!”

“Steve?” you managed to whisper shakily, your nails digging into the bare skin of your thighs.

“Y/N! Thank god!” Steve said, the relief clear in his voice, “The whole tower’s being evacuated; FRIDAY set off the emergency protocol.”

“Steve, you need to go, now!” you responded urgently, eyes squeezing shut as you tried to regain any ounce of control.

“What? Y/N? No! It’s too dangerous to be in the tower right now, I’m not leaving you in here alone!” he said, his captain voice coming out as he tried to convince you to leave.

“Steve! It’s me! I’m the danger, I can’t… I can’t control it… Please, I don’t want to hurt you!” you wept, the tears turning to steam as they rolled down your scorching skin.


“Steve! Go!” you yelled, letting out a shaky breath as you heard his retreating steps.

You had resigned yourself to your fate. Though the fire wouldn’t kill you, the building collapsing would. All you could hope for was that no one else got hurt along the way. If those you loved were safe, then you were happy to die here alone. Feeling your energy slowly drain away, you let out a shaky scream as the fire took hold, ripping through you like a thousand bullets. Whimpering in pain, you let your head drop to your knees, your eyes fluttering shut as the flames danced behind your eyelids.

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"Welcome Home, Cas."

Author: xbooksandtea

Pairing: Destiel

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1.665

Genre: hurt/comfort, reunion, lots of fluff

Time Line: Takes place after the events of 12x23

Links: Read on ao3

“Cas,” he whispered, and he was able to hear the blood rushing through the veins in his ears. Shimmering lights were dancing at the corners of his vision. His skin felt both burning hot and ice cold at the same time, the way he imagined it would feel if you dove into a pool while someone branded you with a burning claw – the way that left scars.

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OTP Outfit Drawing Prompts
  • 1: "If found, please return to (A)." "I am (A)."
  • 2: Accidentally matching
  • 3: Clothes swap
  • 4: (A) is wearing a shirt with (B)'s face on it
  • 5: Prom/mega-formal event
  • 6: Beach/pool
  • 7: Fancy dinner
  • 8: Breakfast date
  • 9: Morning after sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • 10: Fantasy AU
  • 11: Their favorite Disney couple
  • 12: Their favorite Broadway couple
  • 13: Other cosplay
  • 14: Wedding
  • 15: Modern AU
  • 16: Pajamas
  • 17: Masquerade
  • 18: At a concert
  • 19: Holiday sweaters
  • 20: Hogwarts AU
Identity of 17th Century shipwreck revealed as The Fame

The identity of a 17th Century ship wrecked off the Dorset coast has been revealed.

The so-called Swash Channel Wreck was discovered in a sand and shingle bank outside Poole Harbour.

Experts believe it to be a Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame which foundered in a storm in March 1631.

The name was revealed at an event to mark its rudder - raised from the seabed in 2013 - going on public display at Poole Museum.

The 8.4m (28ft) rudder, with a moustachioed face carved into it, was lifted on to Poole Quay by Bournemouth University marine archaeologists in 2013 after almost a decade of investigation and excavation work. Read more.

After the events of TFP, the Baker Street gang sets up a betting pool to see who can accurately guess when Sherlock and Molly will finally get together.

(Mycroft wins, but only because he maroons them on a deserted island until they can get their act together. Sometimes being the British government does have its perks.)

Together // Sherlock x Reader

Words // 2129 (initally it was longer but then it was kind of becoming more of a fanfic and I was dragging out a lot so it’s cut short.)

Warnings // None (There’s a mention of kidnapping)

Summary // You and Sherlock have been married for a while and after a very eventful night at a pool he vowed to keep you safe.

A/N What if I did a Y/N fanfic? Would you like that nor not?

Originally posted by silent-micka

You stared at Sherlock, it was the middle of the night and John had gone to bed. The two of them had a somewhat traumatic experience, at least it was for John, of course Sherlock didn’t let anything on but you knew something was up, it was the hard stare he had focused on his violin, almost a glare.

“You can’t leave me in the dark, you have to tell me these things.’’ You said as you stood up and stepped in front of him, forcing him to look at you rather than the violin. John was extremely surprised the first time he arrived to find you currently living in 221B, not just living though actively being married to Sherlock. It was almost like a job you had to take on but you liked it.

You two met on a crime scene which wasn’t the most romantic of things, you weren’t exactly like Sherlock, you were smart but that kind of was it. You just happen to be related to Greg who desperately needed help and deemed you smart enough; you would just say that you are just smart, others would say absolutely brilliant, it differed. All that was certain is that Sherlock liked you for both your intelligence and wit.

You didn’t even remember how your whole relationship had started but when it did he clearly stated he found the words ‘I love you’ rather dull and empty just as he wasn’t too intimate, you didn’t mind it too much though as you realized you didn’t need to have someone who kissed you every second to have a good relationship with them. You went along with him on half of his cases because you had free time and they also intrigued you, the two of you had a relationship that could look odd to people who weren’t closely involved but those who were knew that it was a real relationship and not just something fake, which is why Sherlock decided to ask you to marry him after a few years.

You decided on no ceremony, just getting a beautiful pair of rings and signing papers, that was it. The two of you had decided that you might do it later once but both of you were very busy and didn’t really feel the need for it, you could postpone it for a while.

“I know.’’ He said with a sigh. “This was different, this is different. This is someone who would walk to the end of the earth to achieve his goals and likely have someone else take all the steps.’’ Sherlock said as he rose, you were a few inches apart. “Well, then tell me. I might not be a perfect equal to you but together we could upstage him. That would be the logical thing.’’ You replied and he smiled.

“Of course you would use logic.’’ He said. “Jim Moriarty. As he said, he will burn the heart out of me.’’ Sherlock finished and you were able to see the fear in his eyes, it was clearly shown if you had known him for a while and you understood why he was afraid, obviously this Jim Moriarty meant you and Sherlock must’ve realized that, even If he never said the words I love you he definitely did and he knew that himself too.
“Then I am afraid to inform him most people would tell you that you don’t have one.’’ You said as an attempt to lighten the mood which obviously was unable to happen but you made an effort and Sherlock held a smile for precisely a second and it left as you had recited words he had said.
“But you’re not most people and that’s why he’s interested in you, or will be the second he finds out about you which he likely already has.’’ Sherlock said and you nodded, obviously this was quite tense which you understood, this was definitely serious and you felt slightly afraid, Sherlock seemed frightened of him but not willing to let it on which meant this was definitely serious.
“Well, let’s assume he already has if he is as dangerous as you’ve said. Chances are he has, let’s say an 85% as it’s been a few hours since you were in the pool just as he seemed to have done his research quite well,’’ You said and Sherlock nodded. “I would say informing Mycroft but we both know you absolutely despise it,’’ Sherlock smiled. “Well, I’m still technically on vacation and we both know I am absolutely able to schedule my own hours. For now let’s plan out something during this week, once it’s over we can decide what is best.’’ You suggested and he nodded.
“What would I do without you?’’ He asked and you had never heard him this cheesy.
“Drugs probably.’’ You bluntly stated and he almost laughed, it was a thing the two of you had gotten over already, you didn’t completely understand why but had a small idea of why, still it had been such a long time ago that it became more of a joke.


“Where is she?’’ Sherlock asked as he stomped inside Mycroft’s office, all the precautions they took, and it were far too many to think of as healthy, yet still the thing he feared most happened, he couldn’t understand it and it was killing him inside. They anticipated all the different moves that could’ve been taken yet it still happened.

“She?’’ Mycroft asked and Sherlock was tempted to do a list of things but he stopped himself from doing it, he very well knew this was one of the few things he got emotional about and because it’s one of the few things if he became emotional it was more than just a bit sad or a bit angry, he would be able to things he himself couldn’t even predict and he was convinced Mycroft couldn’t either.

“Yes she, Y/N. The woman I have been married to, if you hadn’t taken notice.’’ Sherlock snappily replied. Mycroft obviously had to know who he was talking about, he remembered her telling him how he had done, sort of, the same thing he did to John and once in the middle of her work entered her office to say that he approves, yet here Mycroft was acting like he was an utter idiot.

“I don’t know what happened, how am I supposed to know if I have been in a meeting the whole day?’’ Mycroft replied and Sherlock looked at him for a while, he really didn’t have a clue which made him even angrier, yet he was also surprised at the concern that started to become clear in Mycroft, Mycroft hated not knowing even more than Sherlock did as he always knows. “Well, are you going to tell me what happened?’’ 

“Moriarty, he kidnapped her, there’s no other solution.’’ Sherlock said and Mycroft sighed as he hadn’t explained in the slightest what really happened.

 “Like I said, what happened? How come you’ve drawn this conclusion?’’ Mycroft asked and Sherlock glared at him but started to explain it anyway. He explained what happened at the pool, Moriarty his promise, how Y/N had gotten different notes at her work which was his work and how, despite their careful planning, Sherlock ended up finding her phone discarded at her work with one picture of a random building, he imagined the place she was held captive.

“And you want me to do what exactly?’’ Mycroft asked once he was finished, of course in the meanwhile Mycroft had come up with multiple things to do but there was something in him that refused to show Sherlock how much he cared, it was like a shield that has been a blessing for most of his life but sometimes also a curse. “Anything you can.’’

“I will. Don’t worry, I might not like it that much but I care quite a lot about her too.’’ Mycroft admitted and Sherlock nodded. He left the room on his phone and Mycroft could only imagine how the next days were going to be.


“Sherlock, you need to eat.’’ John said, staring at his best friend who was staring at the blue computer screen, it was the middle of the night which was the first thing John was concerned about. In the past forty-eight days were long ones and ones where he hadn’t seen Sherlock properly sleep. John slept in long for a few days to which he gave Sherlock the benefit of the doubt that he slept long enough but most of the times it were just short naps and John was afraid he’d pass out any second just as he hadn’t exactly been eating in the past few days, just drinking mugs of coffee and tea, John didn’t want to force food down his throat but would if he didn’t eat anything soon.

“Irrelevant.’’ Sherlock replied as he quickly typed something John didn’t read and then went back to simply staring, John sighed. “If you pass out it’s not going to help Y/N you know.’’ John was quite annoyed by his behaviour. He understood the worry, he worried as well as despite that he hasn’t lived in 221B for too long he did get to know you quite well and had the same worry he felt for Sherlock. 

Suddenly, his phone rang. It took Sherlock less than a second to answer the phone and demand a harsh yes, John couldn’t quite hear it but if he was right it was Greg’s voice that was present which meant some progress must’ve been made. “Address.’’ Sherlock demanded over the phone and John immediately went for his jacket and shrugged it on, after ten seconds Sherlock put his phone away and was pulling his own coat and scarf on. “They managed to find the building belonging to the last image. He obviously did it on purpose, what’s so special about forty-eight though.’’ Sherlock said as they raced down the stairs and climbed into a cab.

“Well, you’re supposed to be the genius.’’ John said as they were driving and Sherlock absent-mindedly nodded, staring outside before going back to his phone. “Forty-eight months would be 4 years, we’ve been together longer but married shorter, it doesn’t make sense. It all just doesn’t add up.’’ Sherlock said annoyed and John watched, unsure what to do to make it all easier for his friend. 

“Well, keep thinking. Forty-eight can’t be a date, maybe half it or something like that, divide it?’’ John suggested, he hoped it didn’t sound too stupid but he didn’t have a clue what fort-eight could mean besides implying some kind of date if you divided it by something.

“Of course!’’ Sherlock suddenly said and John anticipated an explanation. “Forty-eight, divided by two is twenty-four. Second month of the year, the twenty-fourth we got married.’’ John noticed the shift in Sherlock’s voice, there was some form of disappointment or something alike which John could notice but he wasn’t too sure.


It took them twenty minutes exactly to arrive there, Greg and a force of policemen, ranging from snipers to people who were just writing tickets out. Greg gave a signal and all of them went inside, it took them five more minutes to scan the building and once they had it was deemed safe, no one inside beside you.

When Sherlock saw you he immediately rushed to you, not even paying the slightest attention to the massive painting on the wall behind you. John did though, the letters were blood red but it was quickly noticed it was just spray paint but scarily reminiscent of blood, the letters I O U were massive and sprayed onto the wall.

“Are all right?’’ Was the first thing he asked and only then did he realize you were unconscious. The next few minutes were a blur for everyone, Greg went to call an ambulance and close the building to have the force search through it for any signs of what happened or if there was any trail leading to Moriarty. John argued with Sherlock for a while but he eventually let you go and let John examine you, he is the doctor after all. He pointed out a few things Sherlock hadn’t seen yet but a lot he had and luckily just a few minutes after the ambulance arrived.

This was very much Sherlock’s biggest fear come alive and John also started to realize that. What surprised Sherlock most was the fact that he really needed you, more than anything in the world. He knew that already but never thought he would experience and feel it as intensely because something like this would happen. From now on it would always be together.

How Would a Pool Party with B.A.P Look Like?

Anonymous asked:

hiiiii love here <3 can i request a pool party reaction with bap?

Hope you like it~

Bang Yongguk

The reason behind Yongguk organizing a pool party would be to relax and have fun with you and his closest friends after a long week of busy activities. You would be the most vital part of the party because Yongguk would want to use it as a way to spend time with you. Since he prefers quiet and more intimate settings, he would hold the pool party at night and try to create a romantic ambience. He would decorate the pool area with torches and swimming tea lights. The table and food decorations would be simple but classy, such as tapas as snacks. Yongguk would make an effort to entertain his guests by creating a relaxing but original playlist with his favorite songs and make sure that the music would never be too loud to have conversations with each other. You would be able to tell that he is having a good time by the way his eyes sparkle and by the wide gummy smile that would be plastered on his face. Although he would make sure to be a good host and spend time with every guest, Yongguk would want you to be by his side the entire time, and he would not be shy to show skinship with you.

Kim Himchan

If you’re into classy, posh pool parties, Himchan is your man. He would not hesitate to spend A LOT of money on decorations, invitations and food. He would invite as many people as fit in the pool area and love to be in the center of all the conversations and activities. He would also specify a dress code: preferably black and elegant (although he would innocently suggest that you could wear your sexy black bikini that he bought you as gift a while ago). Champagne would flow freely at his party, and jazz or music from the 60s through 90s would be playing at all times. Himchan would also put swimming rings in shape of black and white swans on the water and put up lots of sunshade parasols so that his guests can switch between sunbathing and resting in the shade. When the party is in full swing, he would be an attentive host and entertain his guests with his jokes and witty stories. Although you would probably not see Himchan often due to him being busy with talking to his friends, you would catch him stealing glances at you every so often, making you blush and wonder what would happen after the party is over.

Jung Daehyun

When Daehyun organizes pool parties, all he wants to do is have fun! He would be excited days before the event and spend a lot of time planning the perfect party. His enthusiasm would be contagious and together you would go shopping for supplies and later decorate the pool area. Daehyun would want his guests to have a great, boisterous time and would set up a lot of colorful decoration articles: swimming rings in the shape of fruits, motley sunshade parasols, and garlands made of balloons stretching over the pool. Since he would hate his guests to be hungry, he would organize a big barbecue and not mind making the food himself. There would always be up-beat music, creating the perfect mood for dancing. In fact, there would not be even one time when he is standing still. When he is not barbecuing or eating food himself, he would laugh together with his friends or relax in the water. Be careful though, once you enter the water, he would forget about everyone else and have a great time chasing you and using every moment to touch and marvel at your beautiful body.

Yoo Youngjae

Youngjae would want to bring a piece of the beach and a feeling of vacation to his pool. A Hawaiian-themed party would be his thing. He would invite just enough guests so that the pool area is not crowded and organize all kinds of supplies, making his pool seem like a part of Waikiki beach. There would be flower petals on the tables, little buckets filled with sand scattered everywhere, beach wicker chairs around the pool and a small bar with cold cocktails and delicious sea food. Youngjae would hand out leis for everyone to wear and maybe even organize a hula dance competition (you would have a great time watching him give his everything in the competition). Wanting the party to be somewhat romantic, Youngjae would ask his guests to arrive in the late afternoon so that they could stay to watch the sunset. Knowing that you are there too, he would alternate between conversing with his friends and spending time with you. During the evening, he would suddenly become cuddly, holding your hands and hugging you as a sign that he really enjoys having you there.

Moon Jongup

Be ready to see your pool turn into a dance area! Since Jongup loves nothing more than to unwind and have fun on weekends, he would convert the space surrounding the pool into a fancy dance floor by organizing colorful lights and expensive audio equipment. Since he would be the one dancing his heart out, he would ask one of his friends to be the DJ. To create a more relaxed atmosphere, he would ask only his closest friends to come at night to party with him. Naturally, Jongup would organize a mini-bar with a variety of refreshing drinks. If he is not on the dance floor, he would be in the pool to refresh himself and playfully fight with his friends. All the female guests would envy you since Jongup doubtlessly has the most attractive body and would not be shy showing it off both in and outside the water. He would also have a great time making you blush by throwing meaningful glances in your direction every so often. Later at night, he would ask his DJ friend to play some softer music so that he could dance with you and enjoy the moment together in a more intimate way.

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

Although he usually tries to appear mature and cool, he would totally turn into a little kid at a pool party. He would invite his closest friends and organize a lot of games to play together. You would probably have to play the referee, but seeing how happy Junhong would be during water balloon fights and diving competitions would easily make up for it. When it gets darker, Junhong would turn more serious again and start to hang around you much more, holding your hand and hugging you a lot. Later, he would go into the house to get savory snacks and ice cream for everyone. For the second part of the pool party, he would have organized a big screen and projector beforehand and, once it is dark enough, play a movie (maybe Pirates of the Caribbean, The Little Mermaid, or something else that fits the setting - of course he would want you to decide on the movie). Being tired from being active all day, he would sit down and snuggle up to you closely. His friends would pretend to be annoyed at your closeness with each other, but actually they would adore you two for being such a cute couple.

VERSACE ON THE FLOOR | Chris Evans x Reader (request)

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Anonymous asked: “I ca you make an imagine with husband chris evans based in bruno mars song “versace on the floor” thank you

A/N: not so much smut as much as it is sensual but I hope you enjoy!

So, baby, let’s just turn down the lights
And close the door
Oooh I love that dress
But you won’t need it anymore
No, you won’t need it no more
Let’s just kiss ‘til we’re naked, baby

Sitting on the stairs, you bent over to slip off your heels. You lightly tossed them near the wall, where you usually set your shoes when you were too lazy or tired to put them away. You rubbed your feet gently to allow some blood to circulate back through them. They ached a little, but not nearly as bad as some of the other events you’d been to in the past. A long, hot and relaxing bath would definitely be needed tonight.

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anonymous asked:

random/your favorite Naruto characters and cool places they might take their s/o on a date? modern AU maybe?

Naruto would probably go for the simple movie date. Gives him a chance to pull the stretch and put my arm around you move. Or maybe an arcade date? Or maybe take them to a concert?

Sakura would like a cute little coffee shop date

Sasuke might pick a date that’s a bit unconventional, but comfortable for him given that he’s not at all the type to endure cutesy or intimate dates. Maybe some type of little food market/festival? Where they can try lots of foods and buy little trinkets. I feel like that’s an environment Sasuke would tolerate, as long as there’s not too much commotion 

Kankuro would like a movie marathon at his house

Gaara doesn’t do well when it comes to picking dates, but he also might go for a simple movie date, or maybe a group date with his friends/his s/o’s friends? He doesn’t mind being in a group of people with his s/o, as long as they can focus on each other

Itachi might also settle for a simple little cafe/coffee shop date. Ooooo or a drive inn movie date. Those are cute

Shisui would take one for the team and go ice skating. He’s awful at it, so he regrets it. He’ll fall on his ass way too many times and might have to hold onto his s/o, but it’s still cute

OH BUT PAUSE: please consider Itachi and Shisui taking their s/os to the beach on a double date. Double date beach day. Sooooo cute 


Tobirama on the other hand is lost when it comes to dates. He’d probably settle for taking them to a nice restaurant 

Another Uchiha with an unorthodox date agenda, Madara takes a sort of ‘nature walk’ approach. Near the forest, on a trail hidden in the deep woods. Getting lost in the wildlife type of deal. It’s peaceful and he hates being around lots of other people, so it’s convenient. He just wants peace and quiet time with his s/o

Kakashi is the type who picks his s/o up from their house and just takes them on a walk. And along the way if they find a nice park or restaurant or somewhere nice, he’ll stop and take his s/o there. He’s not a man with a plan most of the time

Genma would go for a late night date. Kind of an adventurous “risky” date. Like sneaking into the pool at night after it closes. He’ll jump the fence and let you in from the inside while assuring you “Babe trust me, trespassing is cool come on” Also, skinny dipping date night (((;

Neji might take his s/o to one of those festival of lights things. He doesn’t see the aesthetic himself, but if his s/o liked those sort of events, he’d go  

Deidara, art museum anyone? He’s annoying though and just stands there slandering every piece of art he finds and talks about how he could do soOoOo much better

Shikamaru would also like a museum date, but he’s much more pleasant. Or an aquarium date, though he complains about the fish smell

Choji, bowling date?

Obito could go for a date at the park, or maybe the zoo? Oooo or some sporting event?

Ino would think a picnic date was super cute, or a trip to the mall


alright, you guys finally pressured me into making a masterlist post! reminder, the main masterlist ( here ) is still and will always be there, but this one is just a tad more share-able(?). if any of you even want to share this trash lmao.

anyway, everything is under the cut!

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Bear with me, this is a slow burn but it’s worth it, I promise.

So this happened a while back (god, 6 years ago…ew) , and honestly I still find it funny to this day. Though at the time it’s was kinda revolationary for me.

So I was 18, working at a beachside DoubleTree in Florida. I was a Jack of all trades at this fucking place. Officially I was hired for breakfast buffet and food runner. It entailed making sure the buffet is full, breaking it down after breakfast ended, and then running food to the pool that had been ordered. What I actually did? Both of those jobs, room service, banquets (like weddings and other catering events) and bartending training.

I lived about 45 minutes away and had to be at work by 5:30am to prep breakfast so… That’s already fun. So I get through breakfast and go to the poolside bar so, I’ll call her Leslie, so Leslie can continue training be inbetween running food orders out. I like Leslie. She’s in her late 30s and kinda just tired with life in general and her dry sense of humour really showed it.

So this day, I’m running food, when the catering manager (a 45+ y/o man BTW) decided to follow me around while I work, just gossiping. I don’t mind so much, I don’t participate but if nothing else it can be entertaining. So he’s rambling and I’m nodding, and then something he says catches my attention.
He starts going off about how I should be careful cause Leslie is a lesbian and so she does all day is hit on girls and get drunk.

So, drinking on the job is like… Super against the rules and I know she doesn’t so, of course, I immediately go to her and tell her what he’s been saying since it can LITERALLY get her fired. And, like a reasonable adult, she goes to HR.

A few hours later here comes the catering manager and he looks PISSED,
Asks “did you go tell her what I said?”
to which I respond, “Um yes? She’s my trainer and also my work friend and what you said could get her fired.”
And his next words blew my fucking mind. He says to me “Did you seriously tattle on me?”
Like, no? This isn’t 3rd grade. Its just called reporting misconduct now. Like? I just remember thinking, where the fuck are all the adults I was promised, I’m surrounded by large children.
It was that day that I realized adults are totally faking it.

After that frustrating conversation he decides to drop on me that I’ll need to work late that night at a banquet, a wedding to be specific. (mind you, I got there at 5:30am and the wedding starts at 6pm… Yaaaay…) but I can’t refuse so when the time comes I go get changed and find him again to get the details for this banquet and, with just the most despicable grin, he informs me that he was short because people “called outĺ abs that I would be catering an entire 80 guest wedding BY MYSELF. I am rendered LITERALLY speechless as he walks away.

I’m terrified, I’d worked a few banquets before but never alone. I wasn’t even just worried about doing poorly, I also didn’t want to ruin a wedding just because I pissed off my fucking boss. With nerves up to my ears, I go out to greet the wedding party to be immensely surprised.

So here’s the satisfying part.

They were awesome. It was a really sweet black family, half of which (the grooms side) had literally flown from Jamaica to attend. They all were so kind and excited. It was really contagious. They even made me dance with them at one point. I had a blast.

The wedding lasted about 3 hours and when it was all said and done, both sets of parents tipped me under the table on top of my automatic gratuity. One gave me $200 and the other gave me $300 and a bunch of the guests gave me smaller tips anywhere from $5-$50.

Once everyone left and I’m done cleaning up my catering manager comes back, all smug, and asks me how everything went. My response?

I pull out my wad of cash and start counting it in my head and with a grin and say, “I think it went well. If you’re ever short again I’d be glad to cover.” The look on his face was worth every extra minute of work that day.

He may have made me work a 15hr work day, but after adding up the pay from my hours worked, tips at the bar, the bonus for working a banquet, the automatic gratuity, under the table tips, AND OVERTIME… I made over 1.5 thousand dollars that night.

Best. Workday. Ever.

7 Days of Heaven (Day 4 – Jackson)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-JinyoungDay 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam Day 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Jackson Wang (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Overstimulation (like…. Lots of it), Dirty talk, Squirting, Masturbation, Fingering (I AM GOING TO HELL ASKASDOIGHSADKLGE)

Length:   3, 507 words

A/N:  So here’s the 4th installment of 7 Days of Heaven!  I hope you guys enjoy and please take the warnings seriously because I ain’t joking so please proceed with caution. edit: removed the bl word ;)

Also didn’t have a lot of time to proofread so my apologies about any errors.

“Jackson Wang, on the other hand…” You continued your disgraceful confession as Mark went back to the living room – making Jaebum stand up right away.

“So, you were saying, babe?” Mark reappears beside you and you’re now being sandwiched by him and Jinyoung.

“Don’t call me babe.”  You rolled your eyes at him and Jinyoung fixes your hair because it’s already blocking your face.  He grabs your ponytail from the table and ties your hair.

“So, yeah, when you went out I was about to talk about Jackson… That guy has the best arms in the group, I think?”  Jinyoung finished tying your hair and you threw your body against his.

“He would be so loud for sure – lots of dirty talking… and would be so into overstimulation!”  You let a small laugh and Jinyoung just sighed heavily; not knowing if they still wanted to continue asking you about your desires about them.

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Unfaithful : Part 26

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

Warnings : so I won’t give spoilers, every chapter could contain mention of blood, death, gore, smut etc… not to mention Negan’s filthy mouth


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You violently rubbed your hands with water to remove Lucille’s blood that had dried up on your skin. The color of water in the sink became red as it mixed with the blood but after a brief moment it disappeared , though you presisted on rubbing over and over as if the stains were still there. Suddenly you stopped washing your hands as you watched them trembling, unable to control them anymore ,so you opted to clench them instead.

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swim au

late, again. my apologies. I think they’re will be about 15 chapters, so its nearing the end my friends

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10


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Bartenders and Bud-light

Lin x Reader

Word Count:4,209 (I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened :/)

Disclaimers: Alcohol mention, 1 curse word? 

A/N: This is my first fanfic of any kind, so feedback is definitely welcome!! I took a prompt online “you make eye contact with a stranger across” and just ran with it. Thank you @secretschuylersister for reading it over!! I hope you all enjoy (cause I enjoyed writing it!!) 

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