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Interrupted (Barson Drabble)

A/N: I don’t know why I like writing Carisi as a punching bag, but it’s just so easy for me to do so. Anyway, I wrote this on my phone so it’s not very long and I apologize if there are extra spelling errors and crap like that. Also, the formatting doesn’t translate through the mobile app. Or if it does, then I don’t know how to work it.

The phone chiming repeatedly from her coffee table caused her to groan and not the sexy kind, like she should have made.

Liv wiggled a bit underneath Barba’s body, her hands gripping his biceps as she glanced at the lit up screen, eyebrows furrowed as she tried in vain to forget about the fact that she was a Lieutenant of an elite squad of detectives who were probably trying to get a hold of her. The hot kisses trailing down her neck, coupled with a large hand disappearing underneath her shirt was, amazingly, not really helping in that area.

Work came first…it had to when she had such an important job.

“I have to answer my phone,” she mumbled, her legs wrapping around his back tighter when his nimble fingers found their way under her lace bra. She pressed her head further down into the sofa, unable to suppress the full body shudder at the feeling of his hips pressing into hers.

“Let it ring,” he said into her neck, pressing a few quick kisses to her throat before covering her mouth with his. Liv relaxed into it, her hands running down his exposed chest. The buzzing finally stopped-


“Damnit,” she groaned again and pushed him up, using her flexibility to grab the phone. Barba pushed himself up off the couch, chuckling at her annoyed expression as she scrolled through all the missed calls.

“Carisi called me five times. Something might have happened,,” she quickly called the number back, worry now prevalent in the lines of her body. Barba sighed, feeling the slightest bit of anxiety now as they both waited patiently for the call to connect.

“Lieu! I’m glad you called back!”

“Carisi, everything ok? You called me five times in a row…did something happen?”

“No everything is great!”

Liv’s expression of worry faded at his words, opening the door wide open for annoyance at his happy and unbothered tone.

“Well if everything is fine then why did you blow up my phone?”

“I wanted to invite you and Barba out for pizza at my favorite place. Amanda and Fin are in and I figured I would invite you two along since I figured you guys would be hungry. Plus, you two could use the distraction from all the paperwork you guys were doing tonight. So what do you say, are ya in?”

Liv promptly hung up the phone, eyeing the man who stood next to her, trying not laugh as her annoyance turned into full on irritation. She shoved the phone back on the coffee table, landing on the stack of paperwork that occupied every available corner of the surface.

The paperwork they had been working on when Barba decided they should have been making out instead.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing at,” she crossed her arms over her chest, “he totally ruined the mood.”

Barba rolled his eyes and leaned down in front of her, hands splayed on the cushions as he dropped another kiss to her lips and then her jaw.

“But did he really?”

Liv sighed, letting any and all unpleasant feelings dissipate into thin air as he tugged at her shirt, which she joined in helping him get rid of. She threw it somewhere behind the couch as she pulled him on top of her again, his legs straddling her thighs.

“Just shut up and make me happy.”

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Hi! I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but I was wondering how much does it cost bon voyage season 2? I know you buy this with coins on the v app but I'm from Mexico and I dont know how much does the price changes in different countries? Thanks for your time! :D

It’s approximately $15~$16 ^_^


There is a role player going around to RPs and doing whatever she can to be miserable, complain the whole time, and make a fuss about leaving when she finally does. Her characters are very clearly not unlike her, and the whole time she is in your RP, she will complain. Complain about not everyone following her immediately, complain that people don’t want to plot with her (hmm idk, maybe it’s because you’re an asshole?), and find pretty much anything to pick away at.

I have finally had enough after this last time I stupidly accepted her app for my RP.

Her name is Selena. The three face claims I know her to use (along with their names) are Troye Sivan (as Lacy in multiple groups), Joanna Kuchta (as Serafina in vegashqs and again as Zoya), and Tarjei Sandvik Moe (as Bailey). Her currently known blogs are mvstangkids and trcyesivcns.

 Intelligently, she decided to pick fights with our members and complain about a glitch on twitter (which, of course, we clearly have no say over) before being dramatic and leaving less than twenty four hours after rejoining us. Unfortunately, she deleted the tweets on one of the characters she had in my group, but I managed to get them from a couple of others. I’m going to link to screenshots and small descriptions them now.

Click here to see screenshots.

I encourage any admin who spots her not to accept her, and if she is already in your group, be wary of her. Do not trust her. She will make you feel bad about yourself, about the way your RP is running, and manipulate other people to be on her side. Please be careful.

TITS OR GTF..wait - The Cammunity Discussion

Well, well, well. What do we have here? 

A few days ago, MyFreeCams dropped a bomb: a whole new site, catered toward an App Store Friendly, Instagram TOS toting, Twitch-Reminiscent keep-ya-tiddies-covered audience. Reactions in the days that have followed have been mixed. Members are confused. Models are confused. Some people are offended (what a surprise!), others are excited. As a non-nude model of four years, I’ve got plenty on my mind about this new unveiling, and I think I have some points that are worth while to share in this interim while we wait for more details and more solidified information.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it depends. If you’re a model or member who prefers to broadcast or view predominantly sexual cams, or cams with a sexual element, or cams that work their way toward being sexual, then boy, I have just the site for you!


If you’re a model or a member who prefers to broadcast or view predominantly non-sexual cams, or cams that don’t usually focus on a sexual element, or cams that often don’t work their way toward being sexual, then I’d be excited about Cammunity. It seems like an interesting place where models and members who aren’t looking to fap can hang out and talk about other things without working toward fap content. 

But wait, I heard camscore will be boosted from Cammunity, and my camscore sucks. Can’t I just go to Cammunity and finish my countdowns there, then move over to MFC to improve my camscore?

…so, what, go over to a … lower traffic site … with members … not looking to fap … to set up countdowns to … 



Yes, camscore is a bitch. And if it’s tough for you to draw in an audience on MFC, I’m going to be honest, drawing in an audience on Cammunity isn’t likely going to be that much easier, especially if the clientele over there is anticipating other types of content. Let’s not confuse things: camscore is a rough indication of how many tokens you make in an hour, spread over some magical number of days, divided by unicorns. If you’ve got a solid regular base, or you frequently sell content to random passerbys, your camscore will probably be fine - and it probably also means that you can go to Cammunity to pull that “wait till MFC” countdown style hackery, boost your already alright camscore, then go back to MFC to do a show for your tippers. But if you don’t have this regular base, plodding over to Cammunity and hoping to attain one (again, on a lower traffic site where people aren’t meant to anticipate sexuality) … probably isn’t going to be this “hack” that people are suggesting it might be. 

And if it does turn out to be that way? Cool! Literally no one is stopping you from doing that! If you can’t physically stop yourself from putting dildos in your mouth or ripping off your clothes for the duration of a countdown just to meet the TOS while you’re trying to boost your camscore, I’d …. I mean … I literally don’t even know what I would say to that. If it ends up being beneficial to tone yourself down for an hour in order to raise your camscore and up your odds of success on MFC, I’m sure you’d be capable. I believe in you.

But I’m a really sexual person and a lot of what I talk about/am interested in/care about is sexual, and I’m really honestly more comfortable naked. 

Then keep it up on MFC! Consistency is a big part of the game and if you’re most comfortable on an adult site, then work ya bad self! 

But I feel like Cammunity would put pressure on me to be not myself if I can’t be sexual.

I’m not a sexual person. I don’t like sexual attention, I’m not crazy focused on sex, I don’t masturbate more than like twice a month, I don’t think about sex often and I don’t even particularly care about sex that much. I don’t like being naked. I don’t like sending nudes. I don’t even really like the idea of masturbating in front of my partner, let alone masturbating for an audience. 

You don’t think that the environment on MFC has made me push those boundaries for the sake of an income? Of course they have. I have explored options I later found I wasn’t comfortable with, or realized weren’t for me. I have done things I regret and have moved on from. I have hashed out a niche for myself, in the best way I can, in spite of an environment that largely hasn’t catered to what I have to offer - and this is why I (and many others, I’m sure) are excited for Cammunity. 

If Cammunity doesn’t sound like it’s for you, then maybe it’s not. That’s not an attack on you. There are plenty of things out there that don’t exist to suit you and that’s okay. I tried Twitch when I thought maybe I could be more comfortable on a non-nude platform and in the end, it wasn’t for me, not because of the lack of sexuality but because the audience was heckin whack (just my opinion, but yeah it was weird). The idea of a MFC style environment where my regulars could move over without having to make new accounts and it would be expected for my strengths to shine without being expected to do other things?

Dope. That’s dope. 

Most cam models and members recognize that a strong cam model possesses both physical and social entertainment capabilities. Some models cater more to one side than the other, to varying degrees. If you’re a model who relates more strongly to a physical/sexual style of entertainment, MFC continues to be your best option. If you relate more strongly to a social/non-sexual style of entertainment, then maybe Cammunity will be a cool. If you’re somewhere in the middle, go wherever you like best. 

What if this starts a shade war between nude and non-nude models, though? 

I’m going to be honest: I think this is a very real possibility. 

Let’s look at pole dancing. Strippers made pole dancing what it is. Then descended conservative, prudish boring people who realized dancing on a pole was a great workout - and suddenly “pole fitness” was “cool” while stripping still got shit on. I can see a near future where “camwhoring” is still “slutty” while being a “cammer” is somehow less so. 

I think the transition is likely to be messy. Generally speaking, people resist change. I think even amongst our own community we’re apprehensive about “creating a divide” - yet imagine what will happen when people who are not cam models and have never been cam models join the game en masse. 

And yet, the future involves change. Cammunity, if anything, allows MFC to continue to exist as it is: porny, dirty, naked and fun, nerdy and weird. If Cammunity attracts the Instagrammers and the YouTubers and the next wave of live streamers, then maybe MFC dodges the bullet and can keep doing what it’s doing. If you enjoy MFC and see no reason (other than this possible camscore “hack” that, again, I don’t see as totally “hackish”) to move elsewhere, then stay on MFC. The possibility for nude and sexual models to become successful on MFC is still there. Personally, I don’t think Cammunity threatens that - if anything it might preserve it more carefully. 

But in my perspective, the non-camgirl live stream generation is fast approaching. I think that live streaming is a huge part of the future of entertainment, as is viewer-supported income as opposed to advertiser-revenue. And I think in a really big, really real way, we started this. We, as models and members, created an environment where we provided passionate content and entertainment to generous, fair audiences willing to support us in continuing to do what we love. And if this next step toward live streaming decides not to recognize us for that, I say who gives a fuck? We didn’t start off in the adult industry to impress people who didn’t understand us in the first place: we did it to make our money, do what we love and connect with others who understand us. 

Here’s another thing: the adult industry isn’t right for all of us, either. A few years ago I was a whole lot more “camgirl” than I am now. I liked the spanks. I liked the teases. I liked the oil shows, the bath shows, the lingerie, the pasties. I felt inspired to come up with new videos and I was happy to make people happy in that way. But the older I’ve become, the less and less interested in those aspects of camming I’ve become. I haven’t wanted to stop calling myself a camgirl because I don’t want to ostracize myself from the community that allowed me to build myself, but at the same time, I want to work on a site that isn’t so complicated for me to explain. Yes, I work on an adult site - but I don’t get naked. And I don’t do sex shows. And I don’t send nude snaps. And I offer a few beautiful agony videos that, as time goes on, I feel less and less comfortable even looking at the gif previews of. Am I ashamed of myself? No. Do I dislike this industry? No. Do I feel like I’m “better” or “classier” or “above” the cam models I look up to and admire? Absolutely fucking not. Do I feel like I belong? I definitely used to, but these days? No, not really. 

I think many models begin to feel like this, and most choose to leave. To quit camming and not come back. For me, Cammunity and the future it holds makes me think that I could have a place to continue to be myself as I grow away from the adult industry, and I really don’t think I’m alone in that.

Why does like the same ad come on this app for me and why is it so damn weird “sommer witnessed…” what did she witness why is she so happy when did I ask

there’s this new snapchat update where your location can be visible if you enable it and the first post i see is “this update puts sex workers at risk, delete the app or disable your location!” like it only tracks you if you allow it to why does tumblr love scaring people for no reason

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What do you do if you see police brutality? Like I know stand back and film it if you can but then what? What do you do with the film? Is there anything else you can do?

Alright I’m going to answer this for people who document police brutality against themselves and what someone who observes this violence can do. 

1. DO NOT start telling the officer(s) what you are going to do to them. If you start telling them that you know your rights have been violated and you’re going to sue, they aren’t going to cower in fear. Instead, they’re more likely going to arrest you as a means to cover the violations and work to cover up what they did/build their case to WHY they needed to use violence against you. If you were injured and need medical attention tell them “I am in need of medical assistance,” but don’t mention you are recording and documenting with plans to bring this abuse to light. 

2. To people who are victims of police violence and those who witness it: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. When cops are exposed for their misconduct one of their defenses will be that the victims cannot clearly remember the details of the event and therefore the narrative is untrustworthy. If you are the victim, try to remember exactly what happened and document it ASAP. Try to remember important details as much as possible and write it down before you forget everything. Try to answer the place where the abuse happened, who witnessed the abuse, what did the cop(s) do, what did the cop(s) say, and try to timeline the events. Even if you don’t know the names of people who might have witnessed it, try to write down any detailed descriptions about the person.  

If you are a bystander try to film and/or document the incident. Again, don’t try to draw attention to the fact you are filming because cops will go into cover up mode. Also make sure to install and app and set up your phone so that the footage is automatically uploaded to your cloud. This is so you for sure have the footage and if any cop does try to stop you or unlawfully confiscates your phone/deletes your video it’s still there. And try to make sure you get the cop’s name and number. 

Tips for recording the police:

  • Keep calm but prepare yourself if you are confronted by a police officer. 
    If a police officer asks if or why you are recording you have the right to remain silent. The police might tell you that you are “interfering” with the scene, they might demand you move back, they might try to lower your camera down or block it. Remember that you ARE allowed to record police officers and as long as you are not being detained you can walk away.

  • As long as you, the recorder, are not suspected of a crime you do not have to show ID or give them any information. They might try to get your device handed to them or get you to show ID but you can ask “What crime am I suspected of,” and “Am I being detained.” If they say “no,” then you don’t have to give over any of this. 

  • If you have a smartphone, consider downloading an app that will stream and store the recordings offsite. For both Android and iOS you can use apps like Bambuser, Fi-Vo Film, Justin.TV, Ustream, and Vimeo. These live streaming apps will capture both audio and video and (as long as you’re able to get an Internet signal) push the content offsite. If you are in a location with no Internet access, many apps will save the streaming data to your phone, and upload once the device has signal.Here’s some other apps that might come in handy in this situation.

  • Understand the laws in your state when it comes to recording an officer. It’s legal in every state to film the police, they might try to tell you it’s not but it is. However, there are some state with restrictions related to the recording of audio. Some states require two-party consent, and some states aren’t explicitly clear on this so if you are in one of these states or the legislation isn’t clear in your state inform the other parties present that you are recording. 

3. Now what do you do with this documentation? Collect yourself, calm down and then organize your case. When you’re still in a state of shock you might miss crucial information or sound confusing. Use all your documents and notes and thoughts to organize a refined summary of events. If you are taking this to a lawyer they want to see that you can sell this case. By the time you give these notes to a lawyer, your information should include a chronological story or what happened, what you saw, and any potential witnesses. Answer those who, what, when, where, why questions. 

Now, don’t just go to any lawyer. They are already hesitant to pick up cases regarding police violence so be prepared for some rejection. Also, try not to find a lawyer that works with cops or does cases for them - find ones in your state that specialize in handling police misconduct. This will require some questions and research. Here’s a small list of some to help you out, but there are many more out there. Even if you weren’t arrested by the police but experienced abuse, it’s recommended that you report the cop(s). 

4. Another option is to file police complaints. Internal police divisions will RARELY find that their officers did anything wrong but there are other ways you can file complaints. After criminal charges and civil actions have been resolved you can start filing police misconduct reports, if you weren’t charged of a crime and you’re not suing then you can file ASAP. Your area will usually have a citizen review board, an office within your local police department that accepts them, or you can find what your options are by Googling “police complaint [name of town/city].“ 

Look at what the various options are and send the complaint to all of the ones you find within your area. Make sure to see what you have to do when filing a complaint, you might need to fill out certain forms or send over the information you have. Pay attention to what’s needed so your complaint isn’t outright rejected. Note, some areas might require you obtain some forms through the police department. Avoid discussing your case and who is involved at all costs, they might try to convince you that your case has no merit, they might intimidate you, and they might warn the officers involved. 

5. You probably won’t get a quick response from the police department or civilian monitoring agency but it DOES create an official record of the incident and it could become relevant in future cases against the same officer. You can also send the complaints and documentation to your local ACLU and other civil rights groups in your area. Some might even deal exclusively with police abuse.

6. Go public. Note, if you have an attorney, this might not be recommended so talk to them about it but if you’ve filed your complaints or don’t want to do that you can just bring the incident to light. There are websites that take your stories, photos, videos, etc. like Cop Block. Cop Block also has local organizations and they might have websites that direct you how to file complaints specifically in your area. (Here’s the list)


Are posts being hidden on your dashboard/search results?

As outlined in the official staff post, Tumblr has been updated with a feature called SAFE MODE. This hides explicit posts from appearing, which is great for those who want to use the mobile app in public and are worried about what others might see. 

What you may not know is that SAFE MODE IS ON BY DEFAULT. This is why I wasn’t able to see some posts in the #reylo tag when browsing on my phone. You have to turn this OFF if you don’t want anything filtered out.

  • To do that on the iPhone: Go to your Settings app, scroll down and tap Tumblr and then select “Don’t hide anything” (see pic below).
  • On Android: Go to your Tumblr account settings and toggle it off (see pic below).
  • On desktop, I found that the tiny padlock icon at the top-right corner of my search results does the trick. Make sure it is unlocked.

+ 21.06.2017 EDIT – In case ya’ll don’t see my reblog, I’ll paste it here:

For anyone still having issues with this (either the option is not in your settings or disabling it doesn’t work) then it might be due to your age. As the @staff post says: “If you’re under 18: You’re not able to turn off Safe Mode until you’re older.”

So far there is no way to get around this except to create a new Tumblr account altogether.

+ 22.06.2017 EDIT – Another way to disable safe mode on desktop is to go to your Account Settings, and scroll down to find this: 

They’re still rolling this out though so this may not appear in your Account Settings page just yet. In the meantime, use the padlock method above.

The signs as hipsters
  • (Check rising)
  • Aries: always wears flannel, enthusiastic about craft beer
  • Taurus: takes pictures of food, has everything on vinyl
  • Gemini: writes avant-garde poetry, can play like 20 different instruments
  • Cancer: collects vintage clothing and antiques, has an indoor garden
  • Leo: coffee connoisseur, sells handmade jewelry on Etsy
  • Virgo: makes references no one understands, has lots of small but meaningful tattoos
  • Libra: goes to music festivals, very serious about instagram aesthetic
  • Scorpio: psychology major, does everything ironically
  • Sagittarius: has an expensive bike, always saving up for road trips
  • Capricorn: graphic designer and app developer, wears Ray-Bans
  • Aquarius: did everything before it was cool, seeks out and donates to obscure charities
  • Pisces: takes pictures of sunsets, has an extensive collection of oversized sweaters
It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 1/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match! 

Word Count: 1,723

A/N: This is already planned out and written (in my head). I loved writing this.

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Nat raised a brow, a mysterious curve to her smile. Steve was immediately suspicious. He felt his shoulders stiffen and his back straighten. He knew he looked like he had a stick up his ass, but he couldn’t help himself. Not when Natasha looked like the cat that had eaten the canary, and wanted to get caught.

“You left your phone on the coffee table,” she said. Her tone was relaxed, which made Steve more nervous.

His eyes narrowed. “What did you do, Romanoff?” he questioned, broad arms crossing over an equally-broad chest.

She merely shrugged before she turned her right-hand palm-up and relaxing it. Steve’s phone was revealed. “See for yourself.”

Keep reading