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A/N: I got this idea when I saw the prompt “quick to react” on @mika213‘s SBSS challenge (it was quite a while back). Never got around to writing it—until now! Envoy a jelly genin!sasuke. 




He doesn’t know why it bothers him so much.

He supposes it is likely because the scalding heat of the sun makes him irritable through his discomfort, or simply because they look too relaxed while he is sweating away; they’ve just recently finished their own challenges given to them by their lazy, perverted sensei, and the sight of them talking and laughing away is a cruel taunt in its own right.

(or at least, this is what he tells himself. but there is a much simpler truth that he cannot consider, and it’s this: sakura’s affections are his, and his alone, as they have been for as long as he can remember. they bring him warmth, make him soften, and the thought of losing them brings him an inexplicable sense of panic.)

Somehow, he manages to carry on regardless, hitting away at the rotating wooden column of arms with more ferocity than what was likely necessary, evading the nearly too quick planks that came his way. Until, that is, he sees the idiot leaning his head on Sakura’s shoulder out of the corner of his eye, flaring a raging fire to his gut. With one last overtly furious blow to the training post that sends it spinning uncontrollably, Sasuke stalks away and declares to Kakashi that he is finished for the day whether he likes it or not, all the while heading towards his two distracting teammates who hindered his forever-important training.

He nears them enough just in time to hear Naruto saying, “Your shoulder is so comfy, Sakura-chan! I could probably fall asleep right h—”

“She’s not a damn pillow, you moron,” he growls instantly, eyes narrowing in a dangerous stare as Naruto and Sakura both startle at his tone. Their eyes are wide and bewildered as he reaches between them for a bottle of water, his move apparently aggressive enough to send them all but shooting away from each other. This satisfies him.

As he works to unscrew the cap, he scoffs to the too-loud blond, “If you’re so tired, just go home and sleep in your own stupid bed where you’re not going to bother anyone.”

Naruto bristles at this, face reddening in transparent anger. “Hey, what the hell, bastard! What’s your problem? I’m not bothering Sakura-chan!”

“No one wants a smelly pig leaning on them, usuratonkachi.”

Naruto reddens all the more. “Shut up, bastard!” he snarls. “Sakura-chan is nice, she would have said something if that was true!”

Sasuke snorts, and takes a swig of his bottle, before looking pointedly at Sakura. His knucklehead of a teammate is quick in doing the same, anxious to hear her take his defense. Unsuspecting of such sudden and fixed attention, Sakura is quick to blush in response, eyes darting uneasily between them. It is a small while before they finally linger onto Sasuke, hand reaching to shyly twirl a lock of hair around her finger. Sasuke knows he’s won, then.

Eyes flickering apologetically to the blond at her side, Sakura finally says, “Well you are kind of smelly Naruto…”

Naruto’s face falls, at this. Sasuke almost smirks.

“Fine,” Naruto mumbles, gathering his training gear and pushing himself up to his feet. He shoves his hands in his pockets and starts to walk off, head hanging low. “I’ll go home and take a shower, I guess… See you guys tomorrow.”

Sakura’s features are struck with shame. “Naruto, you don’t have to leave—”

“Good riddance,” Sasuke declares loudly, and takes the seat newly freed at Sakura’s side, feeling no remorse.

(and he doesn’t quite feel so irritated anymore, either.)

But Sakura is not happy.

“Sasuke-kun, that wasn’t nice!” she scolds him immediately after, green eyes sharp and frustrated, but most surprisingly disappointed.

(it is with the highest regard that she always looks at him, the deepest and dearest fondness, always admiring him—he is not used to this.)

Sasuke scowls. “Whatever.”

“Did you see his face? You went too far, Sasuke-kun! You should apologize to him tomorrow!”

“Why?” he says, shrugging. “I only said the truth. And besides, you’re the one who agreed with me.”

“Don’t try and turn this on me,” she replies, frowning and crossing her arms most unhappily. “I didn’t want him to leave like you did. We were having a great time together until you came along!”

And there it is again, that irritation boiling beneath his skin. Sasuke grits his teeth together, throwing a miffed glare her way. “Tch. As if,” he mutters.

Shaking her head, Sakura frowns at him. “I don’t understand why you two are always like this—it’s not easy to be your teammate, you know! You have to start getting along…”

She looks at him, hopeful, trying to gauge a response, but Sasuke only looks away and huffs. It’s not his problem Naruto always acts like an intolerable dumbass.

Making a sort of frustrated noise, Sakura shuffles beside him for a moment before pushing herself to her feet as well, taking him by surprise.

“You know, you stink too, Sasuke-kun!” she tells him, before childishly stomping away, muttering something about boys being dumb and prideful.

Stunned, speechless, Sasuke only sits there, mouth slightly parted open; it is the first time she has ever spoken to him this way, and he doesn’t know how to feel about it.

(maybe he really has gone too far if even the girl that has been crushing on him for years refuses to take his side. maybe he really should apologize to naruto tomorrow.

he probably won’t, but at least he can accept he should, anyway.)

I’d never do Poptepipic the disservice of calling it the “Japanese Space Ghost.” It is its own marvelous entity. I would, however, say they’d make great pen pals.