there is always prostitution


ok, here goes:

- she isn’t afraid to portray characters with mental health issues

- each character is unique in their own way, with their own demons to fight

- each person finds their way and somehow finds a way to smile (which gives me so much hope)

- her relationships aren’t perfect

- the fucking plot twists

- not everybody has a happy ending

- the character have stories that are so different (nothing too stereotypical)

- the love isn’t always good (Feyre and Tamlin)

- she brings light to prostitution and rape and shows the effects it can have on people

- not one character can be described as perfect

- just the planning and small hints left in the first books that won’t make sense until the last book and that feeling of OOOHHH

**I know lots of books have these things included, I just think SJM shows/does it perfectly

a queers help guide to old people

an update to everyone in doubt about old relatives and your queerness during the holidays

* There are old people who loves gay people (my grandmother, 80 years old follows all the latest on gay celebs)

*Being androgynous or nonbinary is really awesome, just mention David Bowie, Greta Garbo, Kathrine Hephurn or joan D'arc.

* gay/pan/bi ppl are also historic and badass. Mention some old faves such as Oscar Wilde, Karin Boye, Salvador Dali, Cary Grant, Farley Granger or Greta Garbo.

* In ancient greek having male and female lovers was concidered a “status thing” and totally ok.

* If an old person make a homophobic remark, tell them Jesus hanged out with the queers, the homless and the prostitutes.

* gay and transgender people have always exicted. They probably have a gay friend from childhood themselves.

( if this doesn’t help. Don’t bother. Just calmly tell them that something they like is really really gay and remember my grandmother loves you all and would read about your lives if she could)

Finnick Odair truly deserved better. He was so patient when it came to Peeta, Katniss, and especially Annie. He won his games at the age of 14 and was forced to be prostituted directly after that, and yet… He always had a bright outlook, knowing that he had to be more than a pawn in the scheme of things. He didn’t deserve death. He deserved to watch his son grow up, to watch Annie find peace, and to watch Panem become a place of tranquility. Basically what I’m trying to say is, Finnick Odair deserved to win.

Iwaoi headcanons

- Oikawa loves to wear Iwaizumis clothes. He steals them all the time because they’re so comfortable and smell like him. He likes the big sweaters and flannels the best. Iwaizumi doesn’t really mind; Oikawa looks cute in all of them.

- Iwaizumi loves Gta 5 online?? He is level 77, has a huge apartment with 5 really expensive cars and a big crew. He lets Oikawa play from time to time but he always destroys his cars and picks up prostitutes so he usually just watches Hajime.

- Tooru has a nightlight. It’s shaped like a star and he can’t sleep without it since he’s 8. When he was 17 Hajime slept over and he normally hid it but they watched a horror movie and.. let’s just say Tooru was ‘a bit’ scared so he cried and confessed the nightlight thing. Hajime told him that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. They went to bed after putting on the light, cuddling.

- they’re such book nerds okay they visit this cozy bookstore every Sunday and just sit in this comfortable corner with a couch, read, kiss, drink some coffee and enjoy the day. They also buy things from time to time. They’re regulars and the employees (who happen to be Bokuto and Kuroo) love these gays so much that they sometimes close the store early so those two lovebirds have some more privacy and silence. They occasionally join them and have a little chat.

maemstaichou  asked:

When I was in grade school I was really obsessed with geisha but my classmates would always pick on me for being so into "japanese prostitutes" it was always intensely frustrating and I gave up trying to explain it over and over and eventually "put geisha down" so to speak. Thank you for rekindling my love for geisha

This must be one of the loveliest asks I have gotten so far!

This blog’s goal is to showcase the beauty of Geisha and spread information about them to dispell myths about them and I’m really happy that this seems to be working (well, partly at least)!

I hope that you now can defend Geisha from accusations of being prostitutes! There really is nothing wrong with being a sex-worker, but it’s just not true and people saying stuff like that usually mean it in a condescending, derogatory manner.

And there is nothing wrong with having, special, niche-interests, either. Having a Tumblr-blog centered around Geisha is definitily uncommon, but it makes me happy, so I’ll keep doing this.

Thank you for sending me this message, have a great day!

Honestly though

I’ll never think it’s fair that Aileen Wuornos got the death penalty. The woman was regularly raped as a child by a friend of her Father. Then when she tried to tell him about it he’d beat her senseless and call her a liar. She was traumatized, degraded, sexually abused and dehumanized throughout every one of her developing years.

She was kicked out of her own home as a child and and had to sell her body on the street just to survive. She was always judged so harshly for her “decision” to become a prostitute. It was not a decision. Is it really that hard to understand why she thought that’s what her only option was? Her whole life men had used her for her body. And the girl had to have already been so deeply traumatized.

She got pregnant at thirteen with her brother’s baby. She had to give him up. Her entire family refused to have anything to do with her. Then she spent the next couple of years living rough, selling her body and regularly getting raped and brutally beaten half to death. Was it really that big of a surprise when she finally snapped? Men had tortured her for her entire life.

The first man she killed was in self-defense. After that I think she gave up. They’d broken her and she’d reached her limit. The woman was never handed an easy card in her life. Or ever shown an ounce of basic human decency or compassion. She needed help, not to be killed. Killing her solved nothing.

It still pisses me off that they executed her. I rarely feel genuine sympathy for anyone but Aileen Wuornos was really fucked over by life.

anonymous asked:

what do you think would have happened to tim if jason never died?

Hm. I know Catlad is a popular fan theory but honestly, no. A) Selina would never bring a child into that life, and B) Tim is a rich boy who didn’t realize Things Cost Money until he was like 13. There is no conceivable circumstance to me that would require he become a thief (or for that matter a prostitute, good god why are people always trying to shoehorn tragedy into Tim’s life that doesn’t belong there; poor kid has enough suffering as is).

Even if Jason lived, there are few scenarios where he stays Robin for long. He was already on his way to being fired due to his methods and increasing miscommunication with Bruce. Serious injury following an encounter with Joker would cement a permanent benching, and after recovery he’d be on to establishing his own identity.

As for Tim, he’d remain that Boy with the Camera until he was eventually discovered (either being caught stalking or by coming forward with case info he came across… while stalking). Once it was apparent how talented he is and that he knows Batman’s identity, he’d come into a supportive role to the family. Might even eventually become Robin anyway, because Jay would be off and Batman does need one. If not Robin, I can see him as an Oracle-level member of the Batfam, and if/when his parents died Bruce would want to adopt him.

The bottom line is that Tim is brilliant and plausibly would never stay a mere civilian, but neither would he resort to crime. Anything else is up to interpretation.

How to address strangers in putonghua

In China, various forms of address are used in different circumstances. Choosing the appropriate and correct form shows your wit and respect to others. Generally, for Chinese people it should be in accord with convention and please also be aware of personal favor of the people being addressed.

Here are some tips about how to address STRANGERS

Woman in general

Meaning in English: little girl

Pinyin: xiǎo mèi mèi

Chinese characters: 小妹妹

NB. xiǎo mèi mèi can be girls aged 1-18.

Meaning in English: beautiful woman

Pinyin: měi nǚ

Chinese characters: 美女

NB. Even if the woman is not beautiful, you can still call her měi nǚ.

Meaning in English: younger sister

Pinyin: mèi zi

Chinese characters: 妹子

NB. mèi zi is a female friend who is younger than you. Do not call a stranger mèi zi.

External image

Meaning in English: miss

Pinyin: xiǎo jiě

Chinese characters: 小姐

NB. Do not use xiǎo jiě alone, because it is a specific form of address for a prostitute. Always put the surname before xiǎo jiě (for example, Liu xiǎo jiě=Miss Liu). 

Meaning in English: madame

Pinyin: nǚ shì

Chinese characters: 女士

NB. It is used to address a married woman or a woman whose marital status you do not know. But it is used more often in written language.

How to address a woman who’s older than you? 

Meaning in English: big sister

Pinyin: dà jiě

Chinese characters: 大姐

NB. dà jiě is a woman a little older than you.

External image

Meaning in English: aunt

Pinyin: ā yí

Chinese characters: 阿姨

NB. ā yí has two meanings: 1) aunt (a woman who’s at your parents’ age); 2) a sanitation worker who cleans your home. Usually the Chinese like to use a younger form of address than the woman deserves. Do not call a woman ā yí if you think dà jiě can be used.

External image

Meaning in English: female boss

Pinyin: lǎo bǎn niáng

Chinese characters: 老板娘

NB. Any woman who owns a business, small or big, can be addressed as lǎo bǎn niáng.

External image

Man in general

Meaning in English: boy

Pinyin: xiǎo dì dì

Chinese characters: 小弟弟

NB. xiǎo dì dì can be boys aged 1-18.

Meaning in English: handsome young man

Pinyin: shuài gē

Chinese characters: 帅哥

Meaning in English: mister

Pinyin: xiān sheng

Chinese characters: 先生

NB. This is a very safe form of address. 

Meaning in English: elder brother

Pinyin: dà gē

Chinese characters: 大哥

NB. dà gē is a man a little older than you. 

Meaning in English: uncle

Pinyin: dà shū

Chinese characters: 大叔

NB. dà shū is a man at your parents’ age. If you think a man is young enough to deserve dà gē, don’t use dà shū.

External image

Meaning in English: (a worker)

Pinyin: shī fu

Chinese characters: 师傅

NB. Shī fu is a man (sometimes a woman) who does manual labor, a door keeper, a security guard, a delivery worker, a cook, etc. There isn’t a proper equivalent in English. It also means master (as in kung fu master) or teacher.

External image

External image

 Meaning in English: boss

Pinyin: lǎo bǎn

Chinese characters: 老板

NB. lǎo bǎn is a man who owns a business, small or big. In case you do not know whether the boss is a man or woman, you can use lǎo bǎn to address the person.

External image

People in general

Meaning in English: service staff

Pinyin: fú wù yuán

Chinese characters: 服务员

NB. fú wù yuán can be a bar tender, a waiter, or waitress at a restaurant.

Meaning in English: friend

Pinyin: péng yǒu

Chinese characters: 朋友

NB. péng yǒu is not necessarily a friend. In fact, you don’t call your friend péng yǒu. You can address a stranger as péng yǒu if you want to be friendly.

Meaning in English: (student)

Pinyin: tóng xué

Chinese characters: 同学

NB. tóng xué is a pupil or student. 

Meaning in English: kid

Pinyin: xiǎo péng yǒu

Chinese characters: 小朋友

NB. xiǎo péng yǒu is a pre-school child.

External image

If you can’t come up with a form of address when you want to talk with a stranger, use nǐ hǎo (hello).


Setting: Vehicle

Smoking a cigarette–
Conversation with a mutual friend.
Prostitution? Ridiculousness.
I always fucked for free–never for cash.
Maybe … I did sell my body: I sold it
For friendship that could never last.
Maniacal laughter … tear-filled eyes;
Silently staring into the distance–
Perhaps withdraw is heart-wrenching.
Soon, soon … I will be able to giggle at
All of my hardships like I used to. Soon:
I will be myself–I will wear batshit crazy More powerfully than you can imagine.

From Scandinavia Against the World

They also wrote: 

It’s legal to be a prostitute in all European countries.

However in five of them it’s illegal to be a customer. This was put in place partly because it’s a bit of a grey area whether the prostitute is always willing or possibly forced to do it, but a customer is always willingly using a prostitute.

In most European countries it’s perfectly legal to be both a prostitute and a customer though, but illegal to own a brothel or be a pimp. If the prostitute has to hand any of their money over to anyone else besides the government in the form of taxes, that other person is in big trouble. Here prostitutes are considered self-employed entrepreneurs.

And then there’s a few countries where brothels are legal, but regulated.

No reason why specifically Canada is the customer here. I just needed a harmless dude from a country where prostitution is illegal.

I think this sounds pretty reasonable. I have no problem with people engaged in the sex industry, but I do have a problem with pimps, brothel owners, etc, because a lot of harm comes from that side. If a person engages in sex work, they should be legally protected, and should not be handing off all their money to somewhere else. 


Pirate Jenny

And the ship
The Black Freighter
Runs a flag up its masthead
And a cheer rings the air

Depending on the Threepenny Opera version, Jenny is either a prostitute (the quintessential Berlin prostitute in 1920s art: always betraying, ever betrayed), or a cleaning maid in a shitty brothel, the truly last rung on the ladder. Either way, she’s not a pirate except in her wild imagination. Wild, and bitter, and angry.

Pirate Jenny became a success on its own, a classic American standard, far removed from the context of the play. But unlike Mack the Knife, it’s impossible to completely take the sting out of this song, not with these lyrics. The fierceness, the bitterness, the anger: they are a universal language.

Nina Simone, a genius of an artist who found obstacles everywhere she turned because of the colour of her skin, and never did anyone the favour of shutting up about it, knew this language all too well when she performed Pirate Jenny in 1964. Lotte Lenya’s versions are generally playful (as they were supposed to be, this is the Cabaret era we’re talking about), and Marianne Faithfull boasts a brilliant rendition, but Nina? Nina is fucking terrifying all the way through, up until the last verse, when her voice softens to a lament. As exhilarating as it was, deep down we know the heartbreaking truth.

Pirate Jenny is a fantasy. The pirate ship isn’t coming, and never will.

…I guess we’ll have to build one.


1) The ship isn’t named in the original Seeräuber Jenny (it’s just described having 8 sails and 55 cannons). The Black Freighter is an invention of Marc Blitzstein in his legendary 1950s translation.

2) And the ship, the black raider, is announced on the wharfside by a scream from without. In 2009, Alan Moore published “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Century: 1910″. It was a jaw-dropping re-imagining of the Threepenny Opera, with new lyrics, and in it Jenny is actually the daughter of Captain Nemo, and the pirate ship is the Nautilus. If you have the stomach for it, because it’s not for the fainthearted, here’s the whole thing.


In order to gain his victims’ trust, ‘Green River Killer’ Gary Ridgway, would often show them a picture of his young son which he always kept in his wallet. His victims were young prostitutes, who often were struggling to provide for their own children, so Ridgway knew it would be easy to evoke their sympathy and present himself as a normal family man. The killer was convicted of 49 murders but he told police he had killed at least 71 women.

I am normally very vocal about the issues that face Asian women on my own personal blog but there’s a certain topic I can’t discuss because both my brother and my ex are likely to see it and it’s just too sensitive to talk about so I hope this is the right space for it. 

It saddens me that I was never aware of what the fetishisation of Asian women really means and how detrimental it is when I was younger and growing up amongst other races. Of course I became more and more aware of it as I got older especially when I went to university and became accosted by drunk boys on nights out because of my race as well as being from Thailand (ie. all of the Thai bride jokes and Thai prostitute jokes). I always just ignored it because I knew better than to try to engage with drunk idiots, but up until recently, I never knew how interweaved the fetishisation of Asian women really was in western thinking.

I recently dated this caucasian guy who I thought was really great at first because he listened to my feminist rants (of which there were a lot) and tried to learn when he was unaware of a certain issue. It shouldn’t be so rare to find guys like that but unfortunately it really is, at least from personal experience. But the longer I dated him, the more I found myself becoming increasingly uncomfortable with him intimately. I always told him that I hated when people said “I have a thing for Asian girls” because it means they don’t see Asian women as individuals but rather as an exotic entity to claim. He said he understood but he was constantly talking about how he desperately wants to go to Japan or how Japanese girls were so hot. Or his suggestion to watch Asian porn. He always tried to be dominating intimately but then be so understanding and empathetic and affectionate to everything I had to say that I made excuses for him for awhile. That wasn’t enough though. It got to a point where I would flinch every time he touched me because it disgusted me. I tried to tell him how certain things he did made me uncomfortable but he would listen and say he’ll stop that and he would for a week or two before completely ignoring my feelings on the matter. For instance, I hate dirty texts. It’s not for me. It makes me uncomfortable and awkward and I told him this so he apologised and said he wouldn’t do it anymore, but then he’d do it again any time I made any reference to sex. Or the fact that I hate being asked for nudes. It’s degrading to me personally yet he constantly asks. 

It kills me to type all of this because the signs were all there but I didn’t see them at the time. I’ve always considered myself very level-headed if not a bit too cautious about dating because I’m not generally very into relationships anyways, so I guess I was in denial that I could be so blind as to let this continue. 

He made me feel like an object. He made me feel dehumanised and something to be had. He may have respected me intellectually but he never respected my body. I am thankful the relationship was short-lived and I became aware of the situation before anything truly awful could happen but it has left a sour taste in my mouth. I am now even more wary about dating even with people in my race. I just can’t stand the thought of being touched by anyone right now. 

I just really want my story to be a cautionary tale for other women that the fetishisation of Asian women isn’t always so explicit. Sometimes it’s so deeply ingrained into their subconscious that it only begins to manifests itself in small ways before ultimately culminating in a series of dehumanising behaviour. I never want any one to ever go through what I did. 

NEW OTP -- Daniel Gillies + Ian Somerhalder

It happened at the bloody night con in Brussels, Europe.


Right after Paul Wesley ended his off screen bromance with Daniel GIllies. Daniel found his old love Ian Somerhalder. 





Daniel : Paul was never a good kisser.

Daniel : Paul is dead to me.

Paul : Daniel was just a one night stand thing. It has always been just sexual for him.


Ian : *There There*


Daniel Gillies said about his co-actor Joseph Morgan that he is always drunk, has prostitutes in his room & is covered in cocaine  "I’m angry"