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The Best Unconventional Love Stories in 21st Century Movies

Steven Shainberg’s 2002 film Secretary is probably the sweetest film about spanking ever made.

Secretary is both a more accurate and more complex portrayal of a BDSM relationship than E.L. James’ novel (Fifty Shades of Grey). It bucks the assumption that the submissive partner is always the weakest by showing lawyer Mr. E. Edward Grey (James Spader) emotionally buckling and losing control under the pressure of young secretary Lee Holloway’s (Maggie Gyllenhaal) seductive willingness to submit, even as Lee gradually gains more confidence and becomes self-actualized through her sexual discovery.

It’s not all about sex, though. What makes Secretary work is that, at its heart, it’s a love story just like any other, about two people who are crazy about each other and struggling to find the right way to show it.


”Do you have any suggestion, something that excites me?” - Viktor
(Can you just do something that excites me, like kissing me?)

“Please stay with me in competitive figure skating for one more year!” - Yuuri
(Please stay my by side forever)