there is a teacher who looks like clara


“The cards…”

Something to bear in mind when talking about companions.

Companions were always built to be audience association characters. That’s why they’re from all different walks of life – teachers, students, doctors, nurses, temps, shop girls, scientists, soldiers, stewardesses, random hooligans, what have you.

Every companion, whether you like them or not, has at least one person out there who looks at them and thinks ‘That’s me.’ For me, that’s Susan. For some people it’s Clara, for some it’s Donna or Rose or Sarah Jane or Jo or Ace. That’s what companions are for – so people out there can look at someone having adventures with the Doctor and say ‘That’s me, someone like me is having adventures.’

This is why I get bent up when I see people say ‘Such-and-such companion need to go away’ or ‘Such and such companion needs to hurry up and die.’ I can understand disliking a companion (I have a couple I’m really not fond of at all), but imagine being the person who looks at them and, as the writers intended, says ‘That’s me.’ Now imagine total strangers saying the character who makes you feel special, the character who’s you, needs to go away and/or die.

Don’t like a companion? Fine. Believe there are legitimate critiques to be made when it comes to writing? Fine. But for God’s sake please stop snarking about how you want something terrible to happen to your un-fave and then acting like it’s witty of you to say so. Or if you’re gonna do so, at least keep it to your circle of friends, because I guarantee there’s someone out there – in many cases a child – who associates with them very deeply.

the reason why twelve is so offended by clara dating danny, and not the eleven look-a-like from the Caretaker, isn’t clear until clara loses danny. obviously it’s because he’s jealous, and because he has an ego bigger than a planet, but it’s also deeper than that. 

clara dating the teacher who looks like eleven means she’s not over the doctor, she’s still got him in her heart, and it’s her holding onto the piece of him that was hers romantically. because she was with danny, though, it means she mourned eleven, moved on, and is looking at other people. even though twelve is the same person, and there with her, he watched her mourn and move on from him right in front of his own face. 

so for twelve, who is denying his feelings which are very much the same, to see that… is pretty heartbreaking.