there is a silence where no sound may be

The Berserker.

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Part 1.

 Claire had arrived at the village three days prior and the tension that ran through it was palpable. She’d heard the stories of how the little hamlet had sided with one Earl over another. Two brothers vying for power; one ascended, the other roamed the lands wreaking havoc on those deemed his brother’s sympathizers. Rumours had the wannabe-Earl headed for them next.

She had only meant to stay a day or two before moving on, but there were more people that needed her help than she had anticipated. Rumours or not, she was more than eager to be gone; the villagers’ fear seeped through her, Claire had resolved to leave early the next morning, come what may.

They heard them just before daybreak.

A high pitch, blood curdling screech pierced the early misty dawn. Claire sat bolt upright, the sound going straight up her spine, making her entire body unpleasantly tingle. There was a moment, where the entire world stopped in silence. For a heartbeat after the cry, nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing dared. Then the screaming started.

It was sheer pandemonium. Everyone seemed to burst out of their beds and crofts at once and ran every which way, but the marauders were far too organized for the farmers and crofters. They fell where they stood, no match for the violence that befell them.

Claire kept to the shadows, skirting her way tightly along the houses, trying to make it to the safety of the treeline and beyond, from whence the marauders had come. She tried to focus on the directions the sounds came from, but it was no use, there was just too much noise and carnage to focus on anything but keeping her heart from exploding out of her chest.

She found herself outside a stable, the horses frightened, neighing frantically, kicking at their stalls trying to get away from the shouts outside. Take a horse! she thought, you’ll get away quicker! But no sooner had the thought entered her mind, when a group of men burst into the stable, dragging women in with them - spoils of war. Claire pushed back into the shadows, praying they’d swallow her whole. 

They spoke a tongue she didn’t recognize, a deep guttural sort of language, as rough as the men themselves. they were big and utterly savage. One man stood apart; a giant of a man, towered over the others, as drenched in blood as the rest. Something about him drew her gaze. Bloody sword in hand, shirt half-torn down the front, a gaping wound beneath, he had no woman of his own and didn’t seem all that pleased with those that did.

One of the other men pushed a woman toward him, forcing him to grab her by the shoulders and set her aside. He said something, fiercely glaring at the other man, who had stepped forward, his back to Claire, and stood an inch from him - he would have blocked out any other man from sight, large as he was, but he was no match the giant Berserker - glaring back. A fire blazed outside the stable, silhouetting the redheaded giant in a fiery haze.

His eyes suddenly flicked up over the man’s shoulder, as if he could feel the intensity of her gaze on him. His eyes locked with hers, fear paralyzing her to the spot. His face was a iron mask, she could read nothing whatsoever on it. Then, with an infinitesimal of head shakes; don’t scream, it said, gesturing her to the deeper shadows on her right. She did as he bid, crouching low into the corner and held her breath.


It felt like a lifetime, hands pressed against her ears, filled with pain and misery before the group was done and had moved on, but Claire had been too afraid to stand back up, to move, to even open her eyes, till she felt the gentlest of touches. Hands on her elbows urged her to her feet, yet she still didn’t dare open her eyes. A hand moved from her elbow and light a feather, brushed an unruly curl back behind her ear. A voice deep and soothing said something she didn’t understand, but knew from the tone of his voice, he meant nothing threatening. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked up into the face of the bloodied Berserker.

He spoke again, but she shook her head, “I don’t understand you,” she said, barely above a whispered breath. He looked surprised. It wasn’t something he was expecting.

“Don’t…” he said halting, “Don’t be afraid. I mean you no harm.”

She stared at him astonished. No one here spoke her language - herself only speaking their common tongue in bits and pieces, ‘where does it hurt?’ the only thing she truly needed to know how to say after all, to heal.

“What do you mean to do?” she asked shakily. His hands on her elbows tightened a fraction. She was still in her night shift, the cold morning air and the shock of the dawn’s savagery, had her shaking uncontrollably, yet she could feel the heat emanating from him and seep into her, as if he burned from within.

“See you safe,” she said, looking over his shoulder. Voices and hurried footsteps sounded from outside, moving to and fro. “If I can.”

“Why would you help me?”

He looked down at her, eyes soft, almost pleading. “There’s been enough death and pillaging tonight. If I can save just one, I will. They will not dishonour you, I won’t let them.”

She felt truly safe for the first time since it had all began, something about the young Berserker comforted her.

“You aren’t like the others. You’re not one of them, are you?” she said with a surety that surprised even her.

“You ask a lot of questions, do you know that,” he said, smiling a crooked smile at her that she couldn’t help but return. 

Then they came. Footsteps rushing back into the stable. They had no time whatever to conceal themselves; the men upon them in a flash.

Do my eyes deceive, or has young Jamie found himself a woman,” said one of them, voice dripping with contempt.

This is none of your concern,” the Berserker replied, turning to face them, shielding her from view at the same time. He felt her fingers take a handful of the back of his shirt, holding fiercely to him.

Easy! It isn’t like we’ve come to watch - though I have half a mind to - just glad to see you’ve taken to our ways at last. Your uncle will be pleased. Just remember to leave some for him when you’re done,” he smirked.


Claire had understood not a word of their conversation, but felt the burning fury of the Berserker’s last word and whatever the men he faced saw in his face was enough to have them back away from him and out of the stable. She kept her hands on his waist as he turned back to her. “What did you say to-” but her question was cut off as her hands came in contact with the wound across his torso, making him wince. “You’re hurt, “ she remembered, stupidly, peeling the blood soaked shirt away from the wound, her fingers already drenched crimson.

“It’s nothing. We need to get you away from here! Now!” he said urgently. She could see his mind working as he thought of an escape route.

He closed his eyes trying to control his racing mind and heart. The men would have told his uncle already about the woman. And he knew his uncle well enough to know he’d covet her for nothing more than to spite him - to take what was his. He needed to get her away before they returned.

“Come! This way!” He said, and not waiting for any more questions, he grabbed her arm and rushed them out the stables and into the rising sun.


You have your mother's eyes - Severus Snape One Shot (Request)

Request: May I have a one shot where Harry has a twin sister that looks identical to Lily, and Snape is very protective, and treats her special, but nobody knows why until after he dies ^^ please

A/N: By the way, yes, that Hailey James-thing was a One Tree Hill reference. 😁 ————————————

Severus Snape entered the room, hovering to the front of the room and tapped his wand loudly on his table several times. Most of my class was already silenced when his voice had sounded and who was not quiet until then, was now so quiet that you couldn’t even hear each other breathing. “We will begin immediately, because as you know yourself, you are unbearably slow in brewing potions.” Snape looked from one to the next student and threw a disgusted look at each. He stopped when he saw Hailey James. “Where is your cauldron, Miss James?” He asked quietly and I saw Hailey shuddered briefly. “Um … I … um … I forgot it,” stammered Hailey. Snape’s eyebrows went up and he looked down at his student. “You forgot the equipment, huh?” he said.“Detention after class.”

“B-but, sir! We … We have an awful lot of homework and I can’t-” “That does not interest me at all, James. For the protest, another hour of detention. Perhaps you will soon remember the equipment you need for my class. ” I could no longer listen to this conversation without saying anything, so I stood from my chair and shortly afterwards my voice sounded loud and clear. “Professor Snape, sir, that’s unfair! And as Head Girl I can not let that happen.” Snape whirled around and glared at me. For a moment his eyes softened, then he said slowly: “You …” his voice trailed off briefly and he cleared his throat, “You’re Head Girl?” I nodded. He still stared at me, but then he turned to Hailey again. “You will appear after the lessons for one hour of detention.” The class began to murmur in surprise, but the teacher silenced them and continued to teach.
After Potions class I left the classroom in good mood. I looked out the window, on which ice crystals had formed, but shortly after that my view was blocked by Hailey. “I wanted to thank you,” she said with a smile, “I still have to go to detention, but at least not as long. Maybe I can even do my-”
“Hailey!” My conversation partner and I turned around. Just a few meters away from us stood Draco Malfoy, a boy from Slytherin. He had narrowed his eyes and did not look pleased. “You don’t need to thank this disgusting Halfblood!” he said determined. “I helped her,” I interjected. “So what?” Malfoy retorted. “She could have also done that without you. She didn’t need your help!”
“Malfoy, I think you have class,” murmured a deep voice behind him and Snape stepped out of the shadows. “Professor, I just wanted to rebuke this snooty ‘Head Girl’ that she must not contradict a teacher,” Malfoy said with a nasty smile. “If a student needs to be reprimanded,” Snape said, “I take care of it personally. But I don’t need the help of a student.” Draco stared at his teacher surprised, then he slung the bag over his shoulder and stalked off, but not without throwing me an angry look. I saw from Hailey to the Professor, but before I could thank him, he had turned and was gone.

Time Skip - One year later

The Battle of Hogwarts had been going on for a while now. I didn’t know how long, I’ve completely lost my sense of time. McGonagall threw spells around and all the teachers and students did the same. Many of the students had fled when the first Death Eaters arrived at Hogwarts.
But not me. Harry was also still at Hogwarts, of course. He could not escape from Lord Voldemort.
Many of our friends were with us. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger thought about a plan with Harry and me, as Hermione interjected: “We should concentrate on the last Horcrux. Nagini!” We looked at each other startled, but nodded in agreement. “Harry, you can always see these prophecies,” Ron said, “Try to concentrate, will you?” Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I felt that his hand was shaking violently. Suddenly he slapped his hand to his scar and screamed. After a few seconds it was over and my twin brother gasped fearfully. “It … it worked, right?” Hermione asked timidly, staring at Harry. He nodded. I became curious: “What did you see?” “Voldemort. He’s in the boathouse. And Nagini is with him.”
“Come on, we have to go there!”

Ten minutes later we arrived at the boathouse of Hogwarts. Quietly Hermione, Ron, Harry and I crept into it and ducked behind one of the boats. “Ah, Severus.” Lord Voldemort’s voice sounded, causing our blood to freeze. “Snape is with him,” I whispered, but Ron held up a finger to his lips and motioned for me to be quiet. “Oh, Severus, my faithful friend, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. I, Lord Voldemort, am indeed in the possession of the most powerful wand in the world”, Voldemort made a short, dramatic pause, “but unfortunately it doesn’t work more powerful than an ordinary wand at the moment. I found out that it can be mastered completely only by the person, who killed his former master.” I heard footsteps on the old wooden floor, apparently he moved towards Snape. “So I came to the incredibly heartbreaking conclusion,” I ventured a gaze over the edge of the boat, behind which we hid, and saw that Lord Voldemort was very close now to Snape and almost whispered in his ear. He spoke very slowly when he said: “I - must - kill - you.” I saw how Snape’s eyes grew wide and I could feel his fear. “I’m really sorry, Severus. You’ve been a faithful follower.” Voldemort laughed terrifyingly. Then he shouted: “NAGINI!” The giant snake wriggled towards the Dark Lord and crawled alongside the boat a few steps next to us. Snape stiffened at the sight of the snake, but before he could do anything, it had already attacked him. I cried out, but Harry pressed a hand to my mouth.

A moment later, Voldemort was gone and I jumped out of our hiding place. “Hermione! Help!” I screamed and dropped down beside the Professor. “Y/N …?” gasped Snape. “Help him!” I yelled at my friends. “You have to do anything!” Hermione, who was standing behind me, sadly put a hand on my shoulder. “Look-at-me,” Snape said very quietly. “What?” I asked, puzzled, tears running down my face. “You- you have your mother’s eyes,” he murmured. I stared at him, confused. Suddenly a single tear ran down his cheek. “Keep-my-memories” gasped Snape. I did not understand what he meant, but Hermione pulled out a small vial out of her bag, like the ones we had used in potions lessons, and catched the tear before it dropped on Snape’s black robes.

Snape was trying to breathe, but it didn’t work: The wound on his neck was too big. Meanwhile the wooden floor of the boathouse was coloured blood red. Slowly Severus closed his eyes. I wanted to do something, anything, but Hermione, Ron and Harry pulled me out of the boathouse. “No, stop! We can’t just leave him there!”
“We can do nothing for him, Y/N!” Ron shouted upset.

The three took me to Dumbledore’s old office and at first I didn’t understand why, but then they showed me the Pensieve. Hermione dripped Snape’s last memory in there and we watched as Snape spoke with my mother many years ago, playing with her - I had never seen him that happy. Then the memories he had with James, my father, and his friends came on and I finally understood why he was so embittered - he had never been able to recover from it. As the memories faded, Ron said: “Wow, Y/N. You look so much like your mother.”

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Summary: You and Jin broke up recently, and it is killing him inside.
Member: Jin x Reader (appearance by Namjoon)
Type: Angst/ fluff
Length: 1,396 Words

I cried a little while writing this. I was listening to Jin’s cover of I Love You on repeat and it just made me really sad. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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The storm outside seemed to match the feeling inside of Seokjin. He stared at the raindrops on the window. The sound of the tapping against the glass, feeling as though it was starting to calm him. But he knew it wasn’t. Nothing could calm him. Not for the past few weeks. He felt like he could sit in the silence of the kitchen for days, letting himself get lost in the rain. He wanted to be one of the drops of water, to just land where it may, to roll down the glass, to not be alone with the millions of other droplets. He watched as one of the drops merged with another; as though lovers who could not part. Lovers who would find each other once again.

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Here are some little things I noticed!!! I may have to go back and listen again!! (As if I wouldn’t have done that a million more times aLREADY)

- as the wonderful pinesinthewoods pointed out, that scene where Ford gets sucked into the portal is INTENSE
there are these heavy drums that sound like a pounding heart and it’s scARY
- this also carries throughout the fight scene music!
- I love where you can hear where every punch is thrown! It’s always a really loud, short burst after a bit of silence, since there’s always a dramatic moment before one!
-there’s also sounds similar to a kind of mechanical whirring once the portal starts up, and violins for tension! LOTS AND LOTS OF TENSION
-So Ford’s theme implements a sort of music box, chime-like effect!! (Which is aWESOME)
- and the music for the Mystery Shack (which could be one of Stanley’s themes!!) has a more electric organ thing going on with a jazzy beat!!
-the music that plays in New Jersey has BOTH!! BECAUSE THE STANS ARE TOGETHERRRR
- you can hear the little song Fiddles is playing on his banjo!!!

She’s not the girl you ever hope for. She’s a weak wight living in a dungeon, hidden on the end point where survival from the darkness is unbearable and the unforeseen sound waves of silence shut the whole door, for her not to see how it looks like to be the girl with faded jeans and loose shirt living on a city-lighted home.

She’s not the girl with eyeshadows that lift up the beauty of her eyes or a red tint tattoed on her lips to highlight the sweetest kiss you’ll crave every day. She’s a woman with fears and rejections, it may be from her family, friends or a stranger who loathe to fill her the shadows supporting her soul. A woman who’s thoughts locked into the corner left of her own wilderness running through her head which is a vivid version of her broken reveries and shallow distance to death.

She’s not the girl who got the world in her hands, walk through a golden carpeted staircases which costs more than tons of lamb and with a cavalry of louche prince charmings wearing capes of contradicting fallacy. She’s a phantom of happiness roaming around naked, but still unnoticed. A woman who’s smile never meets your eye but will stab your heart a million times.

—  (e.m.) | She wont be the girl you’ve ever dreamed, she’s a woman with realities engraved into her skin.
“Silence”- Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

There is a silence where hath been no sound,  
   There is a silence where no sound may be,  
   In the cold grave—under the deep deep sea,
Or in the wide desert where no life is found,
Which hath been mute, and still must sleep profound;  
   No voice is hush’d—no life treads silently,  
   But clouds and cloudy shadows wander free,
That never spoke, over the idle ground:
But in green ruins, in the desolate walls  
   Of antique palaces, where Man hath been,
Though the dun fox, or wild hyena, calls,  
   And owls, that flit continually between,
Shriek to the echo, and the low winds moan,
There the true Silence is, self-conscious and alone.

Monastery Ruins at Eldena, Caspar David Friedrich, ca. 1825


Prompt: Whilst away at a cabin, in the middle of a make out session, Amelia asks Owen if they brought protection, where person Owen replies whilst looking around in a completely serious panic, “Why, are there bears or something!?” Hahahah! Fluffy or may be fluff leading to smut !  

from @omeliafics

I hope this is okay, also i dont know what happened but this got smutty and descriptive real fast…. Opps. Its also fluffy though, i think. at least the last line is

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   After she drifts off, Owen smooths her hair back and looks at her face, peaceful and angelic, I’ll always protect you Mia, I love you,”

The silence is only broken by the sound of lips releasing and then capturing each other again, the couple on the couch lost in the other. The idea to get away from the city for a while is very much appreciated now, and they are in no danger of other people or patients interrupting them.

  A slight moan fills the air as Owen catches his fingers in Amelia’s hair and grinds into her pelvis. It’s a sight of passion, Owens strong weight pressing down on her, one hand in her hair as the other runs its way across the skin underneath her t-shirt.Both of Amelia’s hands scratching against the skin of his back as her legs are wrapped tightly around his waist.

  Her head falling back slightly, and showing of the skin of her neck tempts Owen, and he can’t refuse, moving his lips to her pulse point.

  “Owen, did you bring protection?” She ask, as one hand comes up to scratch the back of his neck.

   This causes Owen to stop suddenly and look up, staring outside the window in front of him as his eyes dart around, when he doesn’t find what he is looking for, his head changes angle, to see the other window. “Why? Are there bears? Are they near us?” His eyes wide as he looks around the room, trying to find something to use if he needs to protect them.

   Amelia’s eyes burrow in confusion for a second before she throws her head back, her eyes sparkling while she laughs. “Owen, why on earth would I be thinking about bears while we are on the verge of having sex? Seriously?”

   Owen’s cheeks slowly heat up and turn  light pink, while Amelia continues to laugh, her voice rough, and still filled with desire.

   “We are in the middle of the woods, and when you said protection I thought the worst, I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

    “Me?” She whispers quietly “Me and not you?”

    “Mia you must know by now I would never let anything happen to you, I would lay down my Own life if it meant you never had too.” “He whispers looking into her eyes.

     “Well Major Hunt, you lucky neither of us are in danger then, right?” She asks him, a sly grin on her face.

   That is all it takes to bring the spark back, and Owen drops back down and captures her lips, His hands already working on bringing off her t-shirt, only breaking away from her lips as he pulls her top over her head. When he decides his hands are no longer good enough running up and down her sides he begins to kiss down her neck, sucking on her collarbone, his hands slip behind her back, fumbling with her bra strap for a second before he manages to undo the clip. Amelia helps him get the bra off, and Owen wastes no time in securing his lips around her left nipple as one hand begins to gently play with the other breast, he soon swapped over and gives the other side the same attention before continuing back on his path, his lips following a path down to Amelia’s most intimate areas. His fingers unbutton her jeans in a practiced manner, and continues to push them down Amelia’s toned legs, traveling back up to play with the lace trim of her underwear. As he slides them down his lips continue, kissing over her right hip and down the the inside of her thing, sucking and biting, close enough for Amelia to know he’s there, but not as close as she wants him to be.

   “Owen Please,” she moans, her head dropping back against the pillows as her heavy breath causes her chest to lift in a steady beat.

   When he finally wrapps his lips around her small mound it is unexpected and causes Amelia to shout out in pleasure, as his lips work furiously against it, Owens tongue darting out every few seconds to swipe across the bundle of nerves.

  His fingers slowly circling around her opening, every so often dipping the tips of them in.

  Suddenly Amelia grabs Owens by his shoulders and pulls him up, smashing her lips against his, as she levels the play field and pulls off his shirt, pushing his jeans and boxers down as far as she can from her position.

   Owen kicks them off the rest of the way and pulls Amelia’s legs up, pushing them up to his hips as he puts on a condom and  slides  into her, both of them moaning at the sensation. Its quick, Owens thrusts hard and fast, pushing Amelia over the edge which then triggers Owen to reach its peak.

    Later as the lay there, tangled up under the blankets Amelia rests her head on his chest, “You should protect me more often Major Hunt,”