there is a silence where no sound may be


AN: You should be warned…this fic is almost 6,000 words of Nessian. Most of that is smut. NSFW. This is the longest single fanfiction I have written on this site. This turned out to be so much more fun than I thought it was, and I totally ended up loving them and exploring who they are the dynamic between them. They are very new characters for me to be writing and I haven’t uite gotten the hang of them yet but…holy cow. This was fun. This was inspired by @blogtealdeal ’s post which you can find here. This is also dedicated to the other two thirds of the Night Court Queens, @illyriantremors and @kitashiwrites . Also, yes, you can have your virginity taken and feel no pain. Ask my roommate ;) Also this fic doesn’t 100% make sense with the timeline: just pretend. <3 And enjoy!

Nesta was thoroughly unimpressed.

First she’d been angry. Furious. Livid. Seeing Elain break down in the corner of the cabin they were essentially being held captive in had made her blood boil. Literally. The first time Elain had broken down and cried, Nesta had accidentally charred the edges of her own dress, the chiffon smoking beneath her fingertips.

Curse her Fae body.

Curse the Cauldron.

Curse the Mother for letting this happen to her. For letting this happen to Elain.

For letting this happen to Feyre.

A small part of her wanted to blame her youngest sister for all of this. A small voice in her head still whispered If she and her High Lord hadn’t come slinking around and used us to get to the mortal queens, none of this would have happened.

But with that voice spoke another in answer, one that she’d ignored for too long. One that she couldn’t ignore any longer.

If you’d taken some of the responsibility for feeding your younger sisters, Feyre would never have entered Prythian in the first place.

And now…now that she had to control her anger so she didn’t accidentally burn the place down, now that she and Elain were stuck in this melty, drippy world that promised spring, now that the terror of becoming Fae had worn off…

She was unimpressed.

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A Couple That Games Together

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Authors: @ninja-stiles & @mf-despair-queen

Words: 6551

Warnings: NSFW (18+), Oral (female receiving), Edging, Teasing, Stuart being a dick, Horrible video game references.

Author’s Note: Me and Mal co-wrote this (obviously) because Stuart is adorable and sexy af. We have also decided to enter this for Stuart Week ( @sarcasticallystilinski & @rememberstilinski )! This is pure filth and fluff and angst all in one. We make a good team! Lol.

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It all started in my freshman year of college. That’s when I first met him. The snarky, sarcastic, beanie-wearing cutie that is Stuart Twombly.

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The ambulance company I used to work for had a “haunted” ambulance, rig 12. A lot of EMTs had their own stories about it, mostly involving weird noises coming from the patient compartment or the electronics going haywire, but I never put much stock in paranormal stuff. My personal experience was when my partner and I were in rig 12 and posted in a rural community at 3am, so it was pitch dark and dead quiet. 

We were both dozing up in the cab, I was in the driver seat and she was in the passenger seat. I woke up to a muffled voice and initially thought my partner was trying to talk to me. I told her I was trying to sleep and rolled over toward the window and closed my eyes again. Then I distinctly heard heard a male voice say, “Oh my god, am I dying?” followed by what sounded like heavy breathing for a couple seconds then complete silence. My partner and I both sat straight up and looked back into the patient compartment where it sounded like it came from. It was quiet for a couple seconds, then we heard the click of an oxygen bottle regulator and hissing like it was leaking. 

I turned on the compartment lights and we both piled out of the rig. Initially I thought a transient may have climbed in the back while we were asleep and was messing with stuff, so we walked around to the back of the rig and opened up the back doors. No one was back there. I checked both oxygen bottles, neither were opened. Needless to say, we kept the lights on in the rig and didn’t sleep much after that.

[Story credit: /u/Zerbo]

Slipping Away- Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Your writing is my life. Can I request something hella angsty. i dont care what it is but i need angst. Also can it be a happy ending? thanks

A/n: I love writing angst, also sorry this is kind of late

Warnings: insecurities, implied emotional breakdowns, angsty themes everywhere, slight swearing


You sat combing your wet hair in the bathroom as drops of water from the faucet still echoed throughout, breaking the eerie silence. You allowed the comb to weave and untangle the messy locks of your hair before you hung the towel back up on its rack. With a sigh, you turned back towards the mirror, which was now fogging slightly. Your eyes were tired and your face lacked its usual perky smile, for its existence had long been faded. The water drops ceased, leaving you in silence once more, a sound you were far too accustomed to in recent times.

Newt had been spending so much time away in his habitats recently, and it was beginning to have a negative effect on you. You knew in your heart that the beasts were important to him, they were important to you as well, but he had spent days working constantly on his book, and you longed for some sort of affection besides a brief hug or kiss every now and then. Even now he was hard at work inside of his case, probably watching the occamies again since they had just hatched.

All you wanted was some attention, a sign that he was still there. The two of you had been dating for about a year or so now, and you thought he still loved you. If he did, then he wasn’t showing it or even really making an attempt to. You felt a dull throbbing ache in your chest on a daily basis. It often worsened as you prepared breakfast by yourself in your empty kitchen with nothing but a light jazz record to accompany you, or when you would end up falling asleep in a cold bed, only to wake up the next morning in the same state. You just needed someone to love, someone to talk to. By now you were starting to wonder as to what would happen if you just disappeared, if you just vanished into thin air or ceased to exist. He didn’t really need you anyways. If anything you stood in his way, he could easily live without you.

You readjusted your sweater collar before unlocking the door and heading out into the main room, only to stop in your tracks at the sight before you.

Newt was standing in your shared bedroom doorway, holding what appeared to be a worn blue notebook.

‘Oh no,’ you thought as a wave of anxiety washed over your form. You wanted to shrink away into a darkened hole and never come back out.

Newt stood slightly hunched over as he flipped through the pages of the notebook. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, shock, and hurt. What he didn’t know is that this notebook just so happened to be the one where his love wrote all of their deepest and darkest feelings. Tear stains and ink splotches dotted the page margins and creased lay darkened. His oceanic eyes scanned each word, stabbing his heart with a jagged knife. The entries all varied, but each had been written with a common theme.

October 2, 1925
Today I am feeling more lonely than usual, and the feeling itself is rather unsettling. I’m trying to occupy myself, but I still think that the pain would subside if Newt were here. However, I can’t interrupt is work, even though he’s been so busy with it. Sometimes I wish he would just take a break for once…

October 19, 1925
Another empty bed, and another sleepless night.

October 27, 1925
Newt and I got into a small disagreement today, and we haven’t spoken for a bit. I hope our relationship, or whatever is left of it, can survive. He’s been a bit more distant, and I know that he’s off working on his novel, but I really do miss him. Sometimes I wonder if he would be happier if I were gone, so that he could maybe be with someone else who isn’t as annoying or clingy or stupid. Maybe he can find another pretty and kind person to snuggle up to at night.
I wonder if he still cares or thinks about me. I prepared his favorite tea, hoping he would come back up for dinner, but he didn’t. I miss him, but I guess I can’t interrupt him.

He paused, and then looked at the most recent entry, which was dated to yesterday.

November 3, 1925
I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I know he doesn’t hate me, but I can’t take being alone anymore. Maybe he’s purposely avoiding me, and maybe that’s why he doesn’t talk or hug or kiss me as much as he used to. If I had been better or smarter, or perhaps more beautiful would he have stayed? Am I that annoying and hard to be around to the point where my own boyfriend may not love me anymore?

Newt wasn’t able to make it through the final passage. It stung his heart and eyes too much. Sobs were choked back as his hands began to shake violently out of anger, not really towards you, but towards himself. Just then, a thud brought him back out of his thoughts.

You had accidentally dropped the comb in your hand, causing it to create a sound causing Newt’s worries and concerned expression to face towards you. He closed the book softly as if it were fashioned out of glass and he moved towards you. Your heartrate and breathing raced in panic as the world swirled around you.

Newt was probably furious, angry and packed with rage that you thought or said things like that about him, and not even towards his face. You had been selfish, he was only trying to write his book, but oh no, you had to be a pathetic person and desire attention at all hours of the day. You wanted to rip your hair out and scream, as you felt slightly betrayed that he had found the book from its hidden space under your side of the bed and read it, scanning over each word with his own two crystal eyes. You feared his reaction. If your relationship wasn’t over yet, it soon would be for sure. His eyes and face were already turning red and you braced yourself for the worst. You prepared for him to scream and yell and spit words furiously at you. You expected a full blown fight like never before. Your heart shattered into smaller remains, stabbing you from the inside out and pricking your chest. Your lungs became filled with toxic smoke, and all you needed was oxygen, but its freedom was nowhere to be found. You feared for darkness. You feared for a dark storm cloud. You feared for hell itself as you shut your eyes and covered your waterfalls of flowing tears with your tingling and shaking hands.

The darkness never came, but was instead, replaced with a warm embrace. The icy atmosphere and tension were slowing thawing away, like winter into spring as daisies and daffodils began to sprout through the last frost.

Newt had started to cry, and not just a few tears, but audible bawling surrounded by pain and aches. His voice was strangled, like someone was clutching his throat, forbidding speech from escaping his lips. His freckles glistened from the rivers that passed over them. He held you as if trying to keep all of your pieces together before sinking to the ground with you still in his arms. By now, all of the emotions and tears that had been locked up in your caged heart for weeks began to escape through the cracks, and your body trembled. Newts hand held your head as the coolness of your damp hair splashed onto his hands and cheeks, mixing with his salty tears.

“Y/n, why in the name of bloody Merlin didn’t you tell me that y-you felt like t-this? Why m-my darling? W-why!?” he choked out loudly, as he was now cross with himself for making you revel in this much pain and suffering for so long. He wasn’t wearing his coat, but he was still warm, as opposed to your shivering and shaking body.

“I-I didn’t want to bother you. Besides Newt, w-we’re so distant now.”

“Darling we aren’t that distant though-,”

“Newt when was the last time we had any time together huh? When was the last time you said I love you like you genuinely meant it?”

Newt opened his mouth to speak, but words didn’t come out. Instead another round of tears followed as he still continued to hold you as if you were going to disappear away from him.

“I am the shittiest boyfriend to ever live. Y/n I’m so sorry that I’ve d-done this to you, you must hate me! I don’t deserve you, oh what have I done! I’ve broken you. I need to fix you, How can I fix you!?” he panicked, and all he wanted to do was capture your lips, but he knew he shouldn’t cross that line right now. Hell, he may not even be able to call himself your boyfriend after this.

Your sobbing mixed with the sound of his, and you didn’t mean to sound so angry or snappy. Carefully, you brought your thumb under his eye to wipe a tear stream away, the touch causing him to look up from where he had buried his face in your chest.

“N-Newt?” you asked in a silenced whisper and almost ghostlike.

“Yes m-my dar-, yes Y/n?” he responded, pausing before he could say the word ‘darling’ as he wasn’t sure if he deserved the allowance to do so.

“Do you still love me?”

Newt’s heart crashed and splintered, like glass thrown against a wall. This was all his fault. He made you feel this way, he made you feel unloved and undesirable. This was all his doing, and he had been so involved in his life and where it was going that he didn’t realize that he was harming himself in the process.

“Of c-course I do. I love you so much Y/n. a simple apology won’t m-m-make this go away, I know that. But love I am sorry, I am so sorry that I have put you through this hell. I understand if you don’t love me though, I wouldn’t love me either right n-now.”

The notebook was long discarded as you pulled yourself closer into Newt’s chest, which began to rise and fall irregularly from all of his painful sobs. He reacted by grabbing your waits and pulling you closer and shielding you, as if he needed to protect your from the world.

“I still love you Newt.”

“Y-you do?”

“Of course, I was just upset, and it was my fault anyway-,”

“Don’t even finish that sentence Y/n. This had nothing to do with you. I was the idiot who was too stupid and blind to see that my own darling was suffering alone. I love you my dear and I’ll do anything and everything to fix this, please. Please Y/n I can’t lose you. This is all my fault and I can only hope that you’ll forgive me.”

Your breathing had begun to fall back to a normal rate, and you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a gentle, yet still desired kiss. Newt hesitated to kiss back at first, not because he didn’t want to, but because he was scared of hurting you more. His lips smoothed over yours and sweetly massaged against yours, as the passion within him ignited. He held onto you still, afraid that you would break if he let you go. Your hand graced his stubble, and he brushed his hand through your wet hair, sending a shiver down both of your spines. He began to move his hands back down to your waist to scoop you up into his firm arms, and this movement made you break the kiss.

“Newt what are you doing?”

He kissed your lips again, shuffling the notebook away as it slid across the floor.

“I’m taking my love for some alone time.”

“B-But Newt…”

“No, this is long overdue, and I was an idiot. You deserve this, and I shouldn’t have made you hurt like I did. Now please, I need you in my arms right now, I need to show you how much I love you.”

You pressed your head against his chest and you nodded sleepily, as the emotional breakdown had worn you out a bit. Newt noticed and kissed you hair before proceeding to wrap you in a blanket from off of your shared couch. His heartbeat echoed in your ears, as it began to lull you into an aura of comfort once more.

The two of you may have hit a bumpy road, but the two of you were strong. He didn’t mean to hurt you, you understood that, and you knew that everything would be okay. You heard him mutter an ‘I love you’ as he carried and set you onto your shared bed before he curled up next to you. His arms wrapped around you after he kicked his boots off, and the two of you made up for lost cuddles as you each dozed off on the protection of each other.



Summary: Sirius is not traditional. In fact, he does things purposely to annoy his parents and veer as far from the views as possible. And his life gets even more non-traditional as he meets you. 

Warnings: Angst, and loads of fluff

Originally posted by imaginesforcharacters

Sirius Black was not traditional. Being brought up in the Black family he tried his best to stray from the traditionalist values his parents tried to force upon him. He did this at first by not being placed in Slytherin, then in his friend choices and his behavior as well. Now, however, he showed his absolute hatred for tradition by falling in love with you.

Of course, when he first started to fancy you, he didn’t think to do it to show his rebellion for the age-old values his parents worshiped. It was your smile, your eagerness to help everyone, your courage, frankly, it was your ability to be a kind, gentle individual as well as a total badass that made him fall for you. Your stubbornness to become an animagus, when you found out about Moony made Sirius respect you. Also, your blatant disregard for his flirtations made him fall deeper in love. What made him admit to himself that you were it for him, was seeing you one day in his dorm room, during your fourth year. 

It was the day after the full moon, Moony was particularly more violent during this cycle. But he wasn’t the only one that came back with battered and bruised. Sirius tried his best not to show the deep gash on his side to Remus, knowing he would immediately feel guilty and forbid you all from joining him at the next full moon. Sirius went to bed instantly as he came into the dorm, not even bothering to fix the wound. He woke up to the sound of sniffles and a stinging feeling. When he opened his eyes, he was met with the sight of a very red- eyed you, pouring something into his wound to clean it, all the while wiping the occasional tear that poured out of your eyes. “Love wha-” he tried to speak but you covered his mouth with your free hand.

“Quiet Sirius, I don’t want Remus to hear us,” you whispered. Once you were done with the initial cleaning you pulled out a brown bottle and looked up at him with guilty eyes. “This will sting a bit,” you whispered yet again and took his hand placing it on your shoulder. “When you feel pain, I want you to squeeze. Understand?” you instructed. Sirius who was mesmerized by how close you were to him managed a nod. When you poured the liquid on his wound, he tried his best not to leave a bruise on your shoulder. Noticing that he was ready to scream in pain, you distracted him by saying all the things you liked about him, praising him for things he didn’t think others noticed about him. In turn he focused on you. On how a strand of your hair always seemed to fall away from the rest, how focused your eyes were, how you bit your lips in concentration and how your hands worked with precision. Once you were done, you gave him a kiss on the cheek for being such a wonderful patient and left the dorm. That was when for the first time Sirius said aloud, “I love you”, though you didn’t hear him that day, he acknowledged to himself that you had stolen his heart for good.

It took Sirius a good two months to tell you those three words, and then convince you that you weren’t a fling to him. And after a year of dating, you brought him home with you to celebrate Christmas with you family. Even though he was a little nervous, and shy at first since your parents were muggles and he’s never really been around muggles that much, what with being raised in the Black family and all, but he warmed up quickly to your family. Your father and he bonded over their shared love for motorcycles, and he would listen to your mother while she talked his ear off about astronomy. Once the holiday’s ended it was safe to say that in your parent’s eyes Sirius was already part of the family.

Another year passed, and Sirius started to get more serious about everything, especially you. He didn’t think that he would be one to settle down but that changed the moment you came into his life. He didn’t know what was possessed him to do it, maybe it was the rumors of an impending war in the wizarding world, or maybe it was him coming of age, but after months of saving up for it he bought you a simple ring which he knew you would love. He had also visited your family without you knowing to ask for their blessing, but before popping the question he wanted to introduce you to his family. At first, he didn’t want to introduce you to them, not because he was embarrassed by you, hell if he could he would buy a megaphone and travel around the world, screaming that the most beautiful woman in the world was his, but he was weary of his parents. They kept pestering him about finding the perfect pureblood girl for him to date, saying that once that girl comes into his life, he’ll be all straightened out. He knew the minute his parents found out that you were muggle- born they would treat you badly or even try to hurt you. He couldn’t let that happen, you were his queen, and he wanted no one and nothing to ever hurt you.

“Pads, honey, are you sure about this?” you ask nervously twirling the sleeve of your blouse. You were dressed in a vintage white long sleeved blouse which was neatly tucked into a red pencil skirt that hugged your figure in a proper, yet appealing to Sirius eyes, way. He smiled at your adorable nervous tick and took your hands in his.

“I am positive love. Regulus brought his girlfriend, who he started to date only two months ago home last week. They keep criticizing me about not finding someone, they say that if I was in Slytherin I would have surely found a girl by now. They’ve been trying really hard to set me up with other pure-bloods, they think that once a pureblood girl comes into my life, I’ll be happy, and ‘all-straightened out’. I need them to see that I am with you, a beautiful muggle- born Gryffindor who keeps me happy, pushes me to be the best version of myself, and is the most intelligent woman I know,” you smile at his words and take a breath in to calm yourself. “Did I mention the fact that you are stunning?” he whispers into your ear as he opens the door to 12 Grimmauld Place.

You giggle whispering, “Oh, you’ve mentioned that only a couple hundred times.”

You both take in another deep breath before entering the house, hand in hand. Even though the house was exquisite, thoroughly clean and well lit, there was something dark and brooding about the place. You felt the hatred and darkness seeping from the house when you first stood at its door steps but now walking through you feel the hatred growing and somehow you feel that it’s all being directed towards you.

Though Sirius did inform them of your visit, his family decided to start dinner without you. A pang of hurt resonated through your body, not because you were hurt by their behavior rather you knew how upset Sirius is getting because of it. Looking around as you took your seat next to Sirius you notice Regulus, who gave you a slight nod to acknowledge your presence.

When Regulus was a first year he got bullied by the upper-class Slytherins a lot. The bullying went on for two more years and got physical. He turned to his cousins for help, but being too afraid that they would become the targets, they did nothing. Of course, no one mentioned anything to Sirius, because they knew that even though he was in Gryffindor and was the bad sheep of the family Sirius loved his brother, and would do anything to protect him. It was you who ended up saving Regulus from his tormentors for good. You were running late one morning, deciding to take a shortcut to transfiguration when you saw the altercation happen between Regulus and his bullies. Outraged you hexed two of them, knocking them out cold and then you single handily beat up the other one, giving them a warning that if they were to ever hurt Regulus again you wouldn’t go so easy on them. Ever since then, he had been kind towards you, helping you out secretly with anything you seemed to struggle with, and giving you presents for special occasions.

Much to your displeasure Bellatrix and Narcissa, your two archenemies, were at the dinner table too. At school, after Sirius and you started to date you tried to be nice to the two horrid sisters under the pretense that they were his family. However, Sirius was quick to reprimand the behavior, chuckling encouraging you to give them hell.

Finally, your eyes fell to the head of the table where his father and mother sat. Both gave you tight-lipped smiles as you sat down. You knew better than to think that their smiles were genuine, but you returned the gesture all the same. Sirius scooted closer to you, taking your hand once again and interlocking his fingers with yours, he clears his throat. “Right, as you may all have guessed, this is my wonderful girlfriend, (Y/F/N, Y/L/N),” he said, sounding rather confident.

There was a long pin-drop silence, which was broken by his father wrinkling his nose and saying, “(Y/L/N), that’s not a name I’m familiar with.” He squints at you as if assessing your features to match them to any pureblood he may have met before.

“Well father,” Sirius starts the confidence in his voice starts to fade, “that’s because her father and mother are muggles.” An over exaggerated gasp escaped his mother’s lips and you knew all hell was just about to break loose.

“SIRIUS ORION BLACK!” His mother shrieked. “You let filth like that walk into my home?!?! Do you know how much work it is going to take to cleanse this house now?” Sirius clenched his fists under the table, you knew he was about to say something rude to his mother so you placed you hand over his fist to calm him down. When his eyes meet yours, you simply smile at him. Narcissa and Bellatrix smirked at the scene unfolding before them, whereas Regulus looked very uncomfortable. “We scolded you for not being sorted into Slytherin,” she started again “We yelled at you for your pathetic friend choices, and for your troublemaking behavior. However, we still gave you a place in this family, but this is something we can nor will tolerate. Why can’t you be with Bella or Sissy, they are gorgeous compared to this thing you brought home. They’re more fit to be your partner. Now, you can break things off with this filthy mud-blood or leave your family.”

After that his mother just stared you down, you didn’t back off either staring at her with the same intensity she looked at you. If Walburga expected you to cower in fear or shed a tear at her words she was going to have to try harder. Sirius, on the other hand, lost it at ‘mud-blood’, he stood up so fast that he nearly knocked the table over. “This is no family. A family is supposed to make you feel wanted, make you feel protected, and happy. A family is supposed to help you through your troubles, and respect you. I have only felt like part of a family when I’m around my friends. And this woman that you called filth is ten times more a woman than you’ll ever be. She is kind, smart, loyal and beautiful. She treats her enemies as her friends. Don’t believe me as Regulus. When he was teased by upper classmen who were Slytherin pure bloods, mind you, the girls you called fit for me timidly stood back and watched too scared to stand up. It was (Y/N/N) who punched out the men and saved Regulus from the physical torture. I didn’t come here to get your blessing or for you to approve of her. She is my life, and I’d rather leave this family than leave her.” Your eyes widened at his bold statement, and before you could calm things down by trying to intervene, his father stood up and slapped Sirius across the cheek. You were too stunned to react for a couple of moments. After the initial shock, you were filled with anger, you wanted to stun him right then and there but held back giving him the only bit of respect you had left for him.

“Stop this nonsense this instant Sirius. I will not have you talking to my wife and nieces like that. As your mother stated, you are to break things off with her. I do not care how big of a fuss you make, so long as you are under my roof you will follow my rules. Now get out or I will throw you out myself,” he screamed the latter portion of the scolding aimed at you. Sirius took your hand, looked around at everyone else and said, “Well then this is goodbye.” His mother tried to protest but Sirius had already yanked you past the door. Once outside he took you by the waist, pressing you close to him he whispers, “This may make you feel a bit woozy.” He apparated you with him to James’ house.

James and his parents were very generous, you explained what happened with Sirius’s house Mr. and Mrs. Potter sent an owl to your parents informing them that you would be staying with them for the rest of the summer. You tried to decline the offer but they had already apparated to your house, packed your things with your parents and came back. Once you were settled in the room you decided to make tea for Sirius, who hadn’t uttered a word since you two apparated. You tried to be as silent as possible as the Potters had already gone to bed, humming to yourself you wait for the water to boil.

As you pour the warm water into cups you feel a pair of strong arms snake around yours. You smile as Sirius moves your hair to the side and kisses the crook of your neck. “Feeling better Pads?” you ask as you hand him the tea. He doesn’t respond but extends his hand to you, shooting him a curious look you take his hand and he leads you outside. It was a warm night and the view of the stars was simply breathtaking.

“I’m sorry love. I’m so sorry. I wanted them to see that you’re the wonderful person you are. I thought maybe they would have accepted you. I am an idiot. I shouldn’t have done that,” he rambled, letting go of your hand and looking away. You could tell that these thoughts had been brewing in his mind ever since he left his house. You knew him well enough to know even the thought of you being hurt made him cringe in pain. Looking at him you saw that your boyfriend was about to break, and you cupped his cheeks forcing him to meet your eyes.

“Sweetie, I wouldn’t have agreed to go if I didn’t expect this of them. I promise you, I am fine. Your parents must try a lot harder than that to get to me. I just worry about you. I can’t believe that you dealt with all that for this long,” you gently spoke, “Why didn’t you tell me about all this? It pains to think that all these years that was what you dealt with. You are so strong for holding on this long, my love. I promise to make sure that they never hurt you, ever again. I promise to love you for as long as I live, and show you how a real family is supposed to treat you.” That was all it took for the floodgates to open, Sirius sobbed into your neck and you put your arms around him, running your hands through his hair, letting him cry out every bit of tear he held back till now. He hugged you tight as well as if he was afraid you were a figment of his imagination.

It took a couple of minutes, but Sirius finally calmed down. He mumbled something as he let you go, having not heard him you ask, “What was that love?”

“Marry me.”

You looked at him bewildered but also extremely happy. “God love, I planned out a big grand way to ask you. I was going to shower you red tulips, and chocolate. I wanted to give you the royal treatment, asking you to marry me in a way that would have people talking for decades to come,” he rambled on worried he was screwing up the best thing that ever happened to him.

“Sirius, just ask me,” you smiled.

Your encouragement gave him all his confidence back, he propped down on one knee and pulled out the small velvet box he kept in his pocket ever since he bought it. “(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), I have only known you for 7 years, but I feel like I have known you all my life. You changed my life for the better the moment you set foot into it. You push me to the best that I can be, and stop me from doing stupid things. You are a strong, beautiful, loyal, intelligent, and oh so much more. I love you more than words could ever explain. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, yet we emerged stronger and even more in love at the end. When I look at you I see my future, a bright and heavenly future. I promise to wake you up every day with a kiss. I promise to drown you with presents, and massages when you are pregnant with our children. I promise to do all the heavy-duty work once you give birth to our babies. I promise to love, provide and protect you and our future children with all I’ve got. Will you please, please make me the happiest, luckiest bloke on the planet and be my wife?”

You were in tears half- way through his proclamation of love. “This is such a stupid question,” you cry kneeling down to his eye level, “Of course I will marry you, Sirius.” If it were even possible the smile on his face got wider, and he leaned down taking your lips with his, in the most passionate kiss you two had ever shared.

“Wait till my parents find out, they’re going to be so happy,” you chuckled pushing your forehead to his.

Sirius wiped away the happy tears from your eyes, “Who says they didn’t know about this?” When you gave him a puzzled look he continues to say, “You didn’t think I would ask to marry you, without asking for your parents for your hand did you?”

“How did I get so lucky?” You responded.

“No love I’m the lucky one,” he stated kissing you once more. “It’s been a long day, let’s go to bed. I’m sure everyone will want to know the great news tomorrow.” With that, he leads you to your shared room, where you went to sleep as quite possibly the happiest woman on the planted wrapped in the arms of the love of your life.

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Devoured •

Ash’s Writing Challenge (3) - Little Red Riding Hood - This is the story behind Negan’s red scarf - [continued]

Negan x Female Reader

A/N:  This is a short story based on the Little Red Riding Hood. <33 This is a three part series for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash challenge xx I’m sorry this took forever to post I’ve been in a bad writing rut >.< –  Special shoutout to this beautiful soul @daintyunicorn for helping me out in my time of need <33  <– you guys…her work is FIRE, if you  haven’t checked out her stuff, her one shots are soo good, and ‘The Hills’ is one of my favorite fics!


The Wolf (1) || Masterlist

Originally posted by mypapawinchester


Beware the charm of men. 

Since you were a teenager, you were taught that no man looks at a woman with honesty. That the minute they lay eyes on you they are consumed by lust. They will use their wits to ease you into their trap and then devour your mind, body and soul the instant chance they get. Those words were implemented by your grandmother, and they lingered in your head as you sat down next to the handsome stranger. You were the last person that wanted to admit she was right, but you couldn’t ignore how unsettled you were. You glued your eyes to the deteriorating wood, admiring the fire dancing wildly atop of it. 

Noticing you avoid his stare, the man responded with a sigh and rested his forearm on his knee while extending his other leg out to get comfortable. “What happened to your group?” 

“Pardon me?” 

“You mentioned that you haven’t been on your own that long, which means at some fucking point you were with others. What happened?” 

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hey! do you have any poc sapphic or bisexual recs for YA?

I do! You can actually always find them on the site: - I post PoC protags in purple for ease of finding. But to put everything here that’ll be out by the end of the summer of 2017:

* = also by PoC


SFF/Paranormal/Magical Realism

Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 4

A/N: It’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Eve and that means it is a perfect time to release part 4 of Science Partners!!! Tomorrow, your’s truly, will be heading off to the theater to see Tom Holland kill it as Peter Parker!! Thank you all so much for the love you’ve been giving the series!! Your support and love is the reason I keep writing!! Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: things get rather… hot and heavy ;), blushy Peter ofc, cute as heck 


Originally posted by newyorksfinestboys

The rest of the night was absolutely perfect. Ned was a surprisingly good dancer and led you deftly across the dance floor to Careless Whisper. Peter watched from the edge of the dance floor with a large grin on his face. He let out a belly laugh as Ned dipped you in front of him, you flashing a wink Peter’s way. After you danced with Ned, When a Man Loves a Woman began to play. You couldn’t think of a better song for such a lovely, cheesy moment. 

Peter walked up to you, his face flushed red and a nervous half-smile on his face. Nervous yourself, you slid your hands up Peter’s chest and rested them behind Peter’s neck, your arms resting on his shoulders. His hands rested on your waist and you could almost hear his heart hammering in his chest. Your heartbeat wasn’t any slower. The two of you swayed to the beat and his eyes never strayed from yours.

You were stunning. You were magnificent. You were gorgeous. You were Peter’s. He was so overwhelmed with happiness that he didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t look away from you. Your (Y/E/C) eyes danced in the multi-colored lights. Your whole being took his breath away. How did he think that denying his feelings for you would help anything? It almost ruined everything. He was just so relieved to have you back. 

You never wanted Percy Sledge to stop singing. You wanted to dance with Peter forever, with his eyes on yours and him holding you close. 

“Alright, kiddos!! Let’s speed the beat up with some Liam Paaaaaaayne!” the DJ shouted, playing Strip That Down. Students flooded the dance floor, grinding on each other and you were sure someone dabbed. You and Peter were pushed from the dance floor by the sea of bodies. The two of you watched Coach Wilson attempt to separate gyrating teens but eventually get up, causing you both to laugh. 

Peter slipped his hand into yours, holding your hand tight. You looked up at him and gave him a sweet smile. He smiled down at you and felt his head rush with joy. He felt as if you two were the only two people in the world and he loved it. That is, until Ned walked up besides you. He watched Ned lean down and whisper something in your ear, giving Peter a playful glance. What was he doing now? Peter noticed a smirk spread across your face as you nodded and looked back up at Peter through your eyelashes. He felt his face grow increasingly hot and his hands began to go clammy. 

Peter didn’t know that Ned had basically told you to “go get it, girl.” Glancing out into the mass of students dancing to the pop song, you figured you might as well join them. With a confidence you didn’t know you had, you grabbed Peter’s tie and led him out onto the dance floor, swaying your hips to the beat. 

Peter, his face beet red, glanced back at Ned with wide, excited eyes. Ned just gave him a thumbs up and laughed at his friend. 

You led Peter into the crowd and when the two of you were a good ways in, you backed yourself up into him, still swaying your hips. His hands instantly went to your waist and his grip was tight. You glanced around the dance floor and mimicked what the other girls were doing. Peter gradually got into it and the pair of you danced to the next three songs like this. Your heart raced and your stomach fluttered with forbidden urges but in that moment, you didn’t care. 

You, Peter, and Ned left the dance at around 11:30 and started walking into the night. You were between Ned and Peter but Peter held your hand tightly. The pressure was warm and comforting. Once again, his jacket was draped over your bare shoulders. 

“So, uh,” Peter began nervously, breaking the peaceful silence, “Ned is coming over, would you want to?”

You could see Ned’s shoulders bouncing with silent laughter and Peter’s grip on your hand became tighter. “I’d love to, I just don’t have anything to change into,” you replied, thankful he couldn’t see the intense shade of red your cheeks had turned. 

“You could wear something of mine.” Peter spoke quickly and his voice sounded high with nerves.

“Okay, cool.” You all walked the rest of the way to Peter’s apartment in silence. You carefully climbed the steps, your feet aching in your heels. When you got inside, your heels were the first thing to go. 

The first thing you noticed was that May wasn’t home. Your heart flipped and butterflies fluttered in your tummy. Ned was here, why were you acting like this? You all went into Peter’s room where Ned already had a change of clothes for himself. He went into Peter’s bathroom first to change, leaving you and Peter alone.

“Tonight was fun,” Peter said, swallowing hard. 

You nodded in agreement and asked, “So, about those clothes?”

“Oh, right.” Peter rummaged through his dresser and pulled out a pair of gray sweatpants and a Captain America t-shirt. 

“Oh, he’s my favorite!” you exclaimed when you saw the shirt. You didn’t notice but Peter grimaced at that. “Um, would you mind helping me with the zipper?” Peter stared at you, unblinking. Were you going to undress in front of him? “Peter? I can’t reach it.” Peter nodded and you turned your back to him. With shaking fingers, Peter pinched the zipper between his fingers and began pulling it down. He slowly revealed your skin to him and it took all of his willpower to not gingerly trace circles on your bare skin. He noticed that you weren’t wearing a bra and his breath hitched. 

Gently, he dragged his fingers down your arm and leaned into you, pressing his lips against your sensitive neck. You tilted your head to give him better access. Your eyes fluttered close and your hand that was holding up your dress almost slipped. His lips moved smoothly across your skin and you felt his teeth graze the nape of your neck. You thought you could feel something hard pressing into the small of your back…

“Alright, who’s next?” Ned exclaimed, stepping into Peter’s room. Peter quickly stumbled away from you and you bolted past Ned into the bathroom. Ned looked his friend up and down and cocked an eyebrow at him. Peter quickly began undressing, tossing his dress clothes into a pile of other clothes. “So, should I leave?” Ned smirked at the flustered Peter.

“No, dude, no. I just..”

“Pete, this is your night. It’s your guys’ moment. May won’t be home all night…”

Peter let out an exasperated sigh as he struggled to get his sweater on. “I can’t Ned. I.. I’ve never done this before!”

“I’m sure she hasn’t either! Look, dude, you both clearly want to. So just… go for it!”

“What are you guys talking about?” you said, leaning against Peter’s door way. Peter’s shoulders relaxed but his stomach did flips as he turned to look at you. His sweatpants fit you exactly as he imagined and you looked absolutely adorable in his t-shirt. If only there was a different superhero logo on it…

“I was just letting Peter know that I was heading out,” Ned said, making his way quickly to the door. “Ate too many of those mini muffins… (Y/N),” he stopped in front of you and bowed, “thank you for the wonderful dance.” 

You giggled at your friend and curtsied. “Of course, Ned. See you later, dude,” you replied with a smile. Ned nodded and left Peter’s apartment. You two were alone. Peter sat down on the edge of his bed and shyly looked up at you. “So,” he said, his voice cracking a little, “what do you want to do?”

You tugged your lip between your teeth and looked over at Peter through your eyelashes. Mustering up as much courage as you could, you said in a hushed tone, “You.”

Peter snapped his gaze up to meet yours. He couldn’t believe what you had just said. His hands gripped the edge of his bed until his knuckles turned white. You had slowly begun to walk towards him. You leaned down and pushed your lips against his. His eyes instantly fluttered close and he reached his hands up to your waist, pulling you down onto his lap. His grip involuntarily tightened as you began to grind your hips down into his. 

You bit at Peter’s lip, eliciting a moan from him. You slid your hands under his sweater and he pulled away just long enough for you to pull it off. You had seen Peter shirtless before but this was different. Your insides trembled as you ran your hands along the warm skin of his bare chest. 

Peter attacked your neck with his lips. He ran his hands up and down your back under your shirt. With vigor, he sucked and nipped purple marks into your flesh. Trying to bite it back, you let a moan escape your lips. His touch was so warm and it sent electric chills through your body. As if you were weightless, Peter flipped the pair of you so that he hovered over you. His hips were already between your legs and his dark eyes bore into yours. His stare gave you a thrill. 

He began to pull up the hem of your shirt but hesitated. “Do you want this?” he asked in almost a whisper. 

“Yes,” you replied almost instantly. Peter smiled down at you and you smiled back. A little awkwardly, Peter removed your shirt. He ran his hands, barely touching your skin, from your waist up your stomach and to your breasts. A warm feeling began to build in your stomach as Peter smashed his lips against your’s again. 

“Oh, almost forgot,” he mumbled, pulling away from you. An involuntary whimper left your lips as he pulled away and you went bright red. Peter smirked at you as he reached into the drawer of his night stand. He pulled out a small, square packet and set it on top of the night stand. Peter returned his attention to you, running his fingers through your hair. “You’re breathtaking,” he breathed. You smiled broadly and pulled him back down towards you.

It wasn’t the fireworks and magic that you had expected but losing yourself to Peter was definitely an experience you wouldn’t forget. He racked your body with pleasure, even through all of the giggle breaks that had to be taken. More than once your head was bumped against the wall but it was the little things like that that made the moment perfect. 

Afterwards, the two of you laid on Peter’s bed, the moonlight peeking through the window. Peter lay on his back, still shirtless, and you lay with your head on his chest, now back in Peter’s clothes. One strong arm was wrapped around you while the other rested behind his head. Your hand lay gingerly on Peter’s abdomen. The sound of his steady heart beat and the gentle rise and fall of his chest was putting you to sleep. You let out a yawn and your eyes fluttered shut.

Peter looked down at you and smiled softly. The moonlight shone silver against your features. You were like a goddess. Softly, he whispered, “I.. I love you, (Y/N).” The words tasted like honey on his lips. 

“I love you too, Peter,” you replied, your voice sleepy. Peter turned on his side and wrapped both arms around you, hugging you to his chest. You had already begun to snore softly. Peter kissed the top of your head and let his eyes also flutter close.

A/N: Whoo!! She’s long but I love her!!!! I hope you all liked it!!!!! Do you guys want more???? Do you want to see Peter in other situations???? Let me know! Send in requests!! xx

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Never, In Fact, Homeless - Part 3

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,832

Summary: When the Reader gets captured, will the boys save her in time? And what secrets will be revealed if they do?

Warnings: Torture (probably really bad because I have no idea what I’m doing, but torture none the less), being tied up/gagged, lots of angst

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @infamati–et–obliterati @deathtonormalcy56 @sis-tafics @winchesters-favorite-girl @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish @alexandriajanae4 @27bmm @comfortablynumb-cherrybomb @yoursmilemakesmeloveyou

A/N: Told you I’d get this posted today! Hope you all enjoy it and don’t hate me!

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by netflixuniversity

A sharp, throbbing pain in the back of your head forced you into consciousness. Hurt and confused, you glanced up, squinting in the bright light that assaulted your eyes.

As they slowly adjusted, you were able to make out some of your surroundings. Tied to a chair in a large, cavernous room, you could feel the ropes biting at your wrists, your ankles, your chest. All around you, there were broken down machines and conveyor belts, giant hooks and catwalks hanging from the ceiling – you must have been in that abandoned factory.

But what happened? From the little that you could recall, you knew that you and the agents had gone into the factory, splitting up to cover more ground. Once you’d made it inside, you searched the first floor, senses on high alert for anything out of the ordinary. You remembered hearing something behind you, a noise that echoed eerily in the quiet building, and you turned around, eyes searching. Then, out of nowhere, you felt a heavy object smack the back of your head, hard, and you fell into darkness.

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We’re Not Invincible

Ow, Peter thought, struggling to make his way up the sheer face of the building, all the while ignore the bleeding cut on his side. The last time I snuck in like this was the night Ned found out. He was trying to distract himself in any way he could, so that he wouldn’t fall of the building, or something. He didn’t actually know if that would be possible.

“Karen, would it be possible for me to fall off the building?” he asked, though he was afraid of the answer.

“In your current state, you are not likely to fall off the building,” she replied in that crisp robot voice she had.

Peter couldn’t suppress the eye roll. ‘Not likely’ was not the answer he had been hoping for. “Thanks, Karen,” he said dryly.

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Mistaken Words

“Mr. Shue!” You exclaim as Coach Beiste walks into the choir room. “Can I call Sebastian to cancel our date tonight? Blaine just reminded me it’s family night.”

“Sure, Y/N, just stay on speaker phone.” He replies offhandedly, not really paying attention.

You stand and move to the side of the room, pulling your phone out as you do so.

You sigh as you dial his number. The whole Glee Club is staring at you, and he’s not going to be happy that you have to cancel.

“Hey, Y/N.” His voice causes you to grin.

“Hey, Bas, you’re on speaker so be nice.” You caution him, worried he might say something negative.

“So I shouldn’t comment about how ridiculous Kurt looks when-”

“Nope! No you shouldn’t do that.” You exclaim. You catch Kurt rolling his eyes and sigh. “Anyway, I have to cancel for tonight. It’s family night at our house and my mom will kill me if I skip.”

“It’s just one time.” He complains.

“Except it’s not. I missed the last two for our dates.” You rub your neck and Sebastian sighs.

Mr. Shue turns around and you speak again.

“I’ve gotta go, Seb. Love you, bye.”

You freeze. You and Sebastian hadn’t said “those three words” yet. But a slip of the tongue had caused you to let him know.

You can’t do anything but stare at your phone as Mr. Shue claps his hands.

A sound that is clearly not a clap rings through the room, followed closely by screams.


“Was that a-”

Another crack rings out and your phone slips from your hands in shock. Your school is under fire. There’s a shooter inside of McKinley High.


Sebastian stared at his phone in shock. Just moments after you declared your love to him, accidentally it seemed, two sounds like gunshots rang out.


“Sebastian? Are you okay? We need to start practice.” One of the Warblers came up to him.

He brushed past them.

“Turn on the tv.” He ordered, grabbing the remote and doing it himself when they were too slow.

“We are at McKinley High School right now, where there may be a shooter inside the building. Earlier this afternoon, two gunshots rang out, causing the school to go on lockdown. Although some students were lucky enough o be outside, a majority of them are still inside and stuck until the police give the all clear.”

Sebastian didn’t wait any longer. He was out the door before any of the Warblers could even try to protest. Not that they would. When Sebastian started dating Y/N, he was nicer. None of them wanted him to go back to the old Sebastian. They only hoped she would be okay.


“Sam please sit down!” You hissed, clutching the edge of Blaine’s sleeve. “Mr. Shue is getting Brittany. You can’t do anything else!”

Sam reluctantly sat down, and you leaned closer to your brother.

Blaine had his arms wrapped around you protectively.

He’d been born seven minutes earlier and that had left him with a protective streak over you.

The door opened and you tensed, until you saw the familiar red and white of a Cheerios uniform and the curly hair of a glee supervisor.

You sighed in relief and tears slipped down your face.

Sam stood up to hug Brittany and you looked up at them.

What did Sebastian think was happening? Had he even heard the gunshots or was he stuck wondering.

Voices echoed through the hallway, bringing the news of an all clear.

You cried and relaxed against Blaine, and you felt a tear drop on your hair from him.

This had been the worst fear of your life, and you were ready to leave the school.


“Blaine! Y/N!” Tina yelled, before running towards the two of you.

You stood there, hugging, and Tina was crying with relief.

When the hug ended, you and Tina both had streaks on your cheeks.

“I was so worried!” Tina said through sobs. “I’m so sorry.”

“We’re glad you’re safe, Tina.” Blaine said, rubbing her back. He glanced over her shoulder and his eyes narrowed, before relaxing and looking at you.

“Y/N, I think there’s someone here to see you.”

You look where he’s indicating and smile, before rushing to the boy in the blazer.

His arms wrap around you and your bury your face against his chest, inhaling his calming scent.

His hands run through your hair as fresh tears leak from your eyes.

“I love you too.” He whispers.

mechformers  asked:

Congratulations on your milestone! That is so exciting 😊 If I'm not too late to this, could we possibly get a continuation of the Uliro crave one? *insert the most wobbliest begging eyes you can picture*

(send me a number and I’ll write a micro story using the word or phrase!)

Well I’m afraid I can picture some terribly persuasive wobbling eyes. You’re jumping the queue a little bit, as I have another “crave” request coming up and I wan’t to avoid confusion as much as possible.

A follow up to this.

Shiro wakes slowly, feeling hazy and heavy and a little too warm with Ulaz’s chest resting beneath his cheek and his heartbeat thrumming in his ear. It’s quicker, than a human’s, pumping in motions of three instead of two: ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum.

“What time is it?” Shiro asks, trying to swallow back the gummy feeling in his mouth.

“You have been asleep for three vargas,” Ulaz says. He draws a clawed finger down the back of Shiro’s neck, repeats the action with a curled knuckle when Shiro shivers in response. Shiro suspects Ulaz does these things because he likes to watch him react, likes to categorize the motions that make Shiro tremble or sigh or slump bonelessly against him.

Shiro opens his eyes, blinking at the blurred image of his own hand, curled close to his face and clutching loosely at the front of Ulaz’s shirt. “Did you sleep at all?”

“No,” Ulaz says.

It’s not surprising. Shiro knows that Ulaz doesn’t need nearly as much sleep as a human. But still–

Shiro sits up, ignoring Ulaz’s displeased grumble as he turns to look at him. His bangs are in his eyes, mussed up and curling a little from being slept on while wet, and Ulaz brushes them aside before Shiro can lift his arm to do so himself.

“You haven’t just been watching me sleep the entire time, have you?”

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The Lesser of Two Evils - Part 2

Original request: I was messaged with a great idea from @avengersrulez1536 where the reader is Regina’s sister. Although she is nicer than her she is just as evil as Peter Pan….someone who she is about to come face to face with. Oh and she is a pirate! :D I had some fun with this so if they don’t mind I will do one or two more parts to this.

…… here is Part 2 for you all!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1617

Warnings: Violence and dark behaviour.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

You turn your back on the so-called ‘King of Neverland’ preparing to head a little further into the trees that bordered the shore. Although you couldn’t see the frown and that fell upon his face and the furrowing of his brows you could sense his irritation practically radiating from him. It was enough to cause an amused chuckle to escape your lips as they tugged up into a smirk.

Behind your back Pan holds out his hand and stares intently at it before a small cloud of smoke begins to form leaving behind in its wake an armed crossbow. Who was he to delay the fun that they could have? Might as well get started given that you have turned your back on him and made yourself an easy target.

Bringing the crossbow up and aiming it directly at you he wastes no time in releasing the poison soaked arrow. His eyes lighting up as he waits for it to pierce through your skin. But much to his bemusement that isn’t what happens. Instead of the arrow driving the poison directly into your body it stops, in mid-air, mere inches away from you. An invisible force seeming to prevent it from reaching its goal.

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It's A Different World (Supernatural AU Leo)

Originally posted by chained-up-taekwoon

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: (this is for VIXX) If you are feeling more of a reaction, how about how they would confess their true forms? Or, preferably, if you are feeling like writing scenarios ~ Reader lives in a strict, rule based village. Mythical beings are seen as demons and must be avoided and or killed. Reader, however, falls in love with one and sneaks of frequently

You had been told from a young age not to venture too far away town. “Demons” roamed the land. It was a bit of bull to you. Your dog didn’t know the rules and during one of your daily walks had managed to pull its self from the leash and take off into the woods. You looked around for anyone who may have been near to see you but smiled as you could successfully enter the woods. It was dark and creepy even though the day was rather bright. The silence was deafening to you. You could hear every now and again a branch snap before long you could hear rapid movement.

Your head seemed to start spinning as you search rapidly for the sound and your dog. Not paying attention to where you were going your back smacked onto the ground after you tripping on a root that had made its way from underground. You didn’t even realize you closed your eyes until you looked up into the tree tops. You laid there silently as you were so curious how a place like this stayed so dark. You could even see the sky yet you could not see the sun. It was like it was the middle of the day on a rainy day.

Is this what the supernatural was capable of? Always having a dreary day? As you started thinking more a sudden wave of fatigue hit you as you could hear footsteps. As your eyes closed a dark figure came into view before they shut completely.


You awoke to an odd warmth and a light musky smell as you sat up. Your eyes widened you were in a room, a room you had never seen before, a room that seemed to be stuck permanently in the Victorian era. Panic washed over you as a echoy voice became apparent in the room. “You’re awake” you hear as you look around “over here” a voice called as you turned again to see well a rather transparent male there. You let out a scream as his eyes widened, his body became solid as his feet touched the ground lightly. “Right humans aren’t used to the whole ghost thing” he spoke as looked at you. “Hello I am Hongbin, welcome to our home” he spoke giving you a bow as you fell off the bed and scooted to the fall back wall. “Ya! So mean” he spoke as he went transparent and began sinking downwards as his figured went through the floor.

You could hear footsteps against the dark wooded floor as the bedroom door opened and you dog came quickly towards you. “Benz?” you spoke as the medium sized dog happily licked your face. A pair of shoes came into view as you looked up. A rather menacing figure stood there “A human should not venture far from the safety. Or the bad will come and they’ll be dragged into the dark by the dark hands. Consumed and never seen again the dear one would be” he spoke as he recited the little speech you learned in kindergarten. He knew it? How would he know it? “You shouldn’t venture into the woods when you have no idea what’s out there” he spoke. You looked at him closely he didn’t seem like he was a “demon” he wasn’t trying to kill you or hurt you, he seemed rather peaceful and gave off the vibe as well.

“Are you listening?” he asked as you snapped out of your thoughts “you’re not supposed to leave the boarders of the village. It’s been that way for a thousand years and very few of you are dumb enough to break that rule” he told you as you sent a glare at him. “Be lucky I got to you before the ghouls did. You wouldn’t be able to go back home if I did not” he told you. “Where am I?” you asked as your voice cracked out in a dry tone as he waved his hand lightly and a bottle appeared in his hand. “Drink” he spoke being down to your level as he broke it open. You have him an unsure look as he waterfalled the drink “water. You know water?” he spoke as he shoved it at you. You nervously took it.

“Hythe” he told you as you drank the water. “Its the town passed the dark forest inhabited by the ‘demons’ that your kind hate so much” he spoke as he pulled you up. Your body smacked off his strong frame as the drink fell from your grip. There wasn’t a splash or anything as the bottle and water froze in the air. You looked at him as he looked at you. “Don’t be stupid again do you understand?” he asked as he didn’t let you go. Not that you wanted to leave his arms. It was a rather safe feeling in them. “Wolf boy is here” Hongbin spoke as his head popped up from the floor. “Oh I’m interrupting your moment with your little human” he spoke as he sunk back down. The man in front of you pulled a long chain from his neck that had a small vile of something attached to the end. He placed it around your neck and it began to glow he sighed. “This will not be the last time we meet” he told you as the substance stopped glowing.


You did see him again and even leaned his name. Jung Taekwoon or as he preferred Leo, he was the charming warlock. You met his other friends as well Ravi a werewolf, Ken an elf, Hyuk a werecat, N the kitsune, and you had already met Hongbin the ghost. They were rather harmless beings who told you that you had to watch out for the darker ones who fed on humans. Vampire, ghouls, etc. They were the bad ones that gave them all the harsh reputation your village labeled them all with. The world seemed so much brighter as you stepped from the teachings of your village. You could see that some of the nicest people you had met weren’t even human.

You and Leo had done something that was very much forbidden for humans. Fall in love with a “demon” but you didn’t care he was the man of your dreams. His lips were quite magical, pun intended. He let you walk through the town and even met the beings that inhabited the supernatural town. They all were so kind to you. Then every night Leo had used his powers to have you two appear behind the fence of your home.

He smiled lightly as he leaned over and placed a kiss onto your lips. As you gave a deeper one back “I want to stay with you” you whisper to him as he pulls away. “We can’t” he spoke stroking your face. The sad look on it made him close his eyes “I can’t keep staying here. They know nothing about you all” you told him, moments later your back was against his soft mattress as he held your phone out. He sent a text to your mother claiming to be with friends before he climbed into the bed beside you. You smiled leaning over pressing another kiss to his lips as he pulled you lightly over him allowing the kiss to continue as it grew into a passionate night for the two of you.


Your mother looked at you like you were crazy as you had spoken out to your guests and your parents colleagues. ‘What if we’re judging a whole group by a few bad ones’ you simply said. “These new generations” your mom joined as the table broke into laughter. “I’m pregnant” you spoke up as you played with your food as a light smile came to your face as you thought about Leo. Your hand grabbed onto the necklace as it started lighting up again. “He’s a handsome man. Leo, he’s a demon” you spat out as the table looked at if you were speaking another language. “You’re mad tonight child” your mother spoke as you rolled your eyes. “I’m not crazy mom. I’m in love with a sorcerer” you tell as she looked down at your stomach.

“You’re carrying a demon” she hissed as you smiled at her “they aren’t bad people well creatures. Not all” you continue “the dark forest holds ghouls, the cave by the river its a common place for vampires those are bad ones” you tell him as you clutched the necklace tighter. “We have to get rid of it. That thing is going to destroy us all” one of the people at the table spoke as you clutched your stomach “stay away from my baby” you hissed. “This creature has brainwashed you and is trying to infect our village with demon spawns” your father spoke. “Leo” you whispered standing up ready to run as a warm feeling came around you as Leo held you protectively.

He looked up at the wide eyed folk with a blank look. “How’d it get into our town we protected it from them” one of the other people spoke as he simply lifted your necklace up. “A gift from a vampire. I’d watch out for the night crowd they’re not all human” he spoke as you two were warped off again. You stood in the town square of Hythe once more as Leo cupped your face and pulled you in for a kiss. “Welcome to your new life” he whispered as he tugged you close. You smiled as you snuggled into him not caring who was watching your affections with one another. “We’ll welcome new life here as well” he continues as he rubbed your tummy. “You’re the first human to stay here” he finished linking your fingers to his. And that’s how your world opened up, how you fell for the “demons” you were taught to hate, and why you were willing to throw them all away for the warlock who stole your heart.

Fanning the Flames
  • Words: 2k
  • Genre: Angst; Fluff
  • Ship: Yoongi x Reader

Can you please do 2 and 69 for yoongi please? Can you make super angsty but fluffy at the end? I’m sorry if I’m asking for to much 

So I wasn’t sure how to make it super angsty but I tried. Enjoy~

It was a minor misunderstanding, something you assumed Yoongi wouldn’t pay any mind. After all, celebrities are always being talked about, but why was now any different?

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It’s just after 2am in the morning UK time, and just after 6pm in LA when the phone rings.

“Has Andy managed to peel you off the ceiling yet?” Zayn asks.

There’s a laugh on the other end, light and happy and Zayn knows if he was anywhere near a mirror right now, he’d have to turn away cause he knows he’s grinning so wide.

It’s not a complex equation at all.  Happy Liam simply equals the best Liam.  Okay, any Liam is good but happy, giddy Liam is right up there.

“Shurrup you, or I’ll remind you how you were the first time we met him.”

“Leeyum! I thought we agreed we were never going to discuss that again.”

He hears the sorry that’s caught in and amongst Liam laughing once more.

“Andy was more star struck than me though, and Adam had his mouth open and closed like a goldfish all night, I was coolness personified.”

“Then why did it look like you were crying with joy in that pic babe?”

Liam lets out an indignant sound and Zayn pictures him pouting, plumping out his lips and if he wasn’t expecting visitors in the next half hour, there’s only one way Zayn would want this phone call to go.

“Was not, anyway shurrup or I won’t tell you about our plans for world domination, me, him and you” Liam’s words interrupt Zayn’s thoughts but as he’s about to reply, continue the playful sparring Liam carries on.

“Missed you though, Drake’s amazing and okay Andy may have taken far too many pics of me standing there just staring at the stage with my jaw almost on the floor, but you’re my main squeeze babe.”

Zayn giggles.  “Good to know love.”

Silence fills the air for a moment, and he’s sure he hears the sound of Liam yawning then.

“It’s great though this innit? What we do, that what we do, from where we started out, we’re doing this, could pinch myself a million times and still don’t believe it, even though we’ve paid our dues, we’ve earned it.”

The sound of a sigh fills the line.  It’s true though, from five teenagers with questionable choice in fashion to them all rubbing shoulders with people Zayn whispered the names of with awe before.

“It’s going to get better,”  there was a time when Zayn would say that, sound all confident but still doubted that, wondered if everything they wanted ultimately wouldn’t happen.  All too much of a mountain to climb.

Not now.

“It is,”  Liam’s voice is filled with certainty, just like always. “2 little boys from Wolverhampton and Bradford.”

“Always smashing it.”  Zayn finishes.  

Chirrut moved his hand over Baze’s head slowly. “You’re hair is so long, I can run my fingers through it now.” A grin spread over Chirrut’s face. “We’re going to have to cut it.” Chirrut did not know what was wrong, but Baze was darker today for him. Baze never was the sparkling pure brightness that Chirrut remembered anymore, not since the attack, but today Baze seemed… Muted. He hoped he could take his mind off whatever was weighing on Baze.

“Why?” Baze asked, his voice coming out as a grunt.

Below Chirrut’s hand he could feel Baze sigh. “Because that’s what we do,” Chirrut chided with a smile, sliding his fingers through the hair again. He kind of liked it long, but it wasn’t proper.

“It’s what we did,” Baze said. “At the temple, but there is no temple anymore. There are no temples. Will you stop that?” Chirrut’s hand pulled back when he felt Baze smack at his wrist.

Chirrut swallowed and put his hands in his lap. “Of course,” Chirrut said, his voice smaller than he meant it to be. “Baze, just because the temple is gone does not mean we have to give up on our teachings, our traditions.”

“We have no more traditions,” Baze snapped, and Chirrut felt himself flinch away. “Everything that we were taught is gone, Chirrut, we aren’t held by anything anymore.”

“The Force-”

“Screw the Force!” Baze roared. Silence hung in the air, oppressive and heavy.

“Baze…” Chirrut started. “What’s wrong?”

There was more silence. Chirrut could sense Baze shifting next to him, and the light got dimmer. What if it went out? Would he even recognize Baze anymore?

“I killed a man today,” Baze said quietly. “He was… Talking shit about the old temple. I got angry, I shoved him… He must have hit his head when he fell.”

Chirrut swallowed. “Baze, it was an accident, it wasn’t-”

“There are no accidents in the Force.” Chirrut turned his head up when he felt Baze stand from their bed. “We all do as the Force wills. I cannot believe in a Force that would allow… Allow all this suffering. I can’t do it anymore, Chirrut. I don’t understand how you can.”

“I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me,” Chirrut said.

“Yeah,” Baze muttered. There was a whisper of fabric. Chirrut suspected he was rubbing his stubble.  "You keep saying that, it doesn’t make it true.“

Fear seized Chirrut’s heart as Baze moved for the door, and he stood up in an instant. "Baze!” Baze paused his steps. Chirrut suddenly felt incredibly small. “Where are you going?”

That oppressive silence again. Chirrut wished he could fill it with something, music or laughter, crying or screaming, anything besides this.

“Just for a walk,” Baze finally said. “I’ll be back tonight.”

Chirrut paused then nodded. “May the Force of others be with you…”

Chirrut was wrong. The worst sound was the sound of the door clicking shut without a reply from Baze

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Could you do a fluffy day-in-the-life with a 4 mabye 5 year old Carter please? I love your writing. Thanks if you do this.


“The king decrees no pants!” Carter lunged away from Will, who had been trying desperately to get pants on his son for the last ten minutes. Nico snickered from his spot leaning against the door jam, and Will took a split second to reconsider all of his life choices that led him to the moment where he was chasing a five year old around trying to convince him to wear his pants while his husband laughed. Not that Will would change any of his decisions that had led him to this point in his life.

“But, your majesty,” Will tried diplomacy. Maybe if his son wouldn’t listen to force, he would listen to reasoning. “The king can’t run around without pants. Especially not at a dinner party at his Aunt Ra-Ra’s house. She would be most displeased with the king’s choices.” Will wiggled the small pair of black dress pants he held for emphasis. Carter seemed to debate Will’s argument for a moment before turning and running down the hallway past Nico.

“No pants!”

Will sighed and stood up, shooting a look at Nico, who was full on laughing now. “You taught him the word decree, but you didn’t teach him that he can’t go places without pants.” It was meant to sound accusing, but it sounded more exasperated then anything. Nico simply gave him a shrug before holding his hand out for the pants.

“He’s your son just as well as he is mine,” together, they headed towards Carter’s room, where their son had hidden himself away to avoid the pants. “Decree is a good word. It makes you sound more intelligent. He likes using big words.” Will snorted as Nico knocked on the door. “Carter, baby? Open the door.” They stood in silence for a moment before Will gave Nico a triumphant smirk. If Will couldn’t get the pants on Carter, then Nico wouldn’t be able to either. Their son was just as stubborn as Nico was. “Sorry,” Nico amended himself, “Your Highness, may we be graced by you presence?”

Graced by your presence? He’s five, Nico, he’s not going to-” The door swung open before Will could finish his sentence, and it was Nico’s turn to give Will the triumphant smirk. Show off. Nico squatted down to be level with Carter’s eyes, which wasn’t far considering that Carter was only a little less than two feet shorter then Nico. It delighted Will to know that Nico was going to remain the shortest, after Carter went through puberty.

“The king ruled that there would be no pants in the kingdom.” Carter crossed his arms over is chest with a pout on his lips, and Will was quite curious as to just how Nico thought he was going to get their five year old into a pair of pants.

“Okay,” Nico drew the word out. “But the king’s Papa has the same pants on.” Nico pointed to the black dress pants he was wearing, and Will saw Carter’s eyes go wide with realization. “Would the king consider matching with his Papa?” Carter took the pants out of Nico’s hands before shutting the door, and both Will and Nico that Nico had just won the battle. Figured, Carter always liked Nico more then Will.

Nico grinned wolfishly at Will and Will could only roll his eyes. “I call that abuse of power. You influenced him.” Nico stood up slowly, taking his turn to roll his eyes.

“You’re wearing the same pants too, Will,” Nico kissed Will’s lips softly, and Will knew he had lost the battle just as bad as Carter had. Nico started walking into the kitchen to find his keys.

“Maybe the king’s Daddy will decree no pants.” Will mumbled.

“Oh, yeah?” Nico grinned over his shoulder and Will realized he had been caught. “Does that apply to me, too?” Will only blushed in response.

They played royal with Carter once and he frequently referred to himself as “king” for months after that

An Owed Debt - Bucky x May(oc)   Chapter 15

Author’s notes: So, in this chapter we get a glimpse of what May’s going through. (I thought I owed you guys some answers lol)

Notes/Warnings: Blood, angst, death, pain, mentions of needles,more angst, fear and oh, did I mention angst?

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 Before May could register his movements, the guard rushed to the control panel and turned on the chair. May gasped and felt her body lean back as the chair reclined and the circle above her began to spin. Her jaw went slack with terror and the guard shoved the mouth piece back in. May tried to get back inside the guards head but was too afraid to be able to focus.

 The noise the machine made sent chills down her spine and she felt two metal plates press against her head. The panic she had been repressing surfaced and she began to hyperventilate. Her hands searched for anything to hold onto, and on finding the arm of the chair, gripped it so tight that her fingers ached. She whimpered between shallow breaths and watched as the spinning ring descended towards her.

 Bucky had tried to describe the pain that he had gone through when they wiped him, tried to find something to compare it to, but nothing he ever said came close to what she felt. Electricity surged through her head and she screwed her eyes shut. Her body seemed to freeze into place even though she wanted to be thrashing around in hopes that she might come loose of the contraption.

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