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Caesar as Dictator

The senators encircle Caesar, a 19th-century interpretation of the event by Carl Theodor von Piloty

During his reign as dictator from 49-44 BC, Julius Caesar had a number of notable impacts on the city of Rome.

One of the initial crises with which Caesar had to deal was widespread debt in Rome, especially after the outbreak of civil war when lenders demanded repayment of loans and real estate values collapsed. The result was a serious shortage of coinage in circulation as people hoarded whatever they had. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Caesar ordered that property must be accepted for repayment at its pre-war value. He also reinstated a previous law which forbade the holding of more than 60,000 sesterces in cash by any one person. Caesar later cancelled all interest payments due since the beginning of 49 BC and permitted tenants to pay no rent for one year. While these measures still did not eliminate Rome’s debt, Caesar’s creative reaction to the problem helped to alleviate the debt in a way that satisfied both lenders and borrowers.

In addition to debt, Caesar had to deal with widespread unemployment in Rome. As a way to reduce the unemployment, the poor were offered a new life in Rome’s overseas colonies. Those who stayed behind and depended on a monthly supply of free grain suffered when Caesar cut the grain rations in half, limiting the number of receivers to 150,000 when 320,000 had been collecting them. Caesar did, however, arrange for better supervision of the city’s grain supply, and he also helped to improve access to grain from overseas by constructing a new harbour at Ostia and a new canal from Tarracina.

The construction of new public buildings also served as a method of reducing unemployment in the city, but there was another motivation for building major projects in Rome: Caesar wanted to enhance the city’s appearance after he realized how unimpressive Rome seemed in comparison to Alexandria, which was considered the greatest city of the Mediterranean. As a result, the Forum Julium was built to provide more space for lawcourts, and the Saepta Julia, situated on the Campus Martius, provided a large enclosure for voting. Caesar also ordered the construction of a new senate house after the previous one was used as Clodius’s funeral pyre in 52 BC. Additionally, he sought to divert the Tiber River away from Rome to prevent flooding and to add to the city’s area. He had also planned to build a grand temple of Mars, a theatre that would rival Pompey’s, and a library that would rival Alexandria’s. Caesar never saw any of the latter projects completed, however, as he was killed in 44 BC before any of them were finished.

Caesar’s impact on the city of Rome continued even after his death when, in his will, he stipulated that his villa, the gardens surrounding it, and his art gallery all be made public. He also distributed his wealth to the people of Rome, leaving 300,000 sesterces to each citizen. Overall, Caesar sought to make Rome a cultural and educational centre of the Mediterranean world by attracting intellectuals, doctors, and lawyers to the city. Indeed, the actions that he took over his time in power showed his devotion to Rome and his wish to bring stability and prosperity to the city.

Honestly one of my fav things about McHanzo is the fact that the Ship Mood™ is so versatile. What, I’m in a sad mood? Here’s some sad fics to help validate my feelings. Don’t wanna be sad anymore? Let’s all talk about Matt Mercers happy Domestic AU. What about some serious business? NO SHORTAGE of plot driven fics. Yo but what if I’m in the mood for plotless shenanigans? Gotcha covered. Want some kinky stuff? No problem my dude. Wait, we went too far, I just want vanilla fluff YO FAM ITS ALL RIGHT HERE. Like seriously no matter what mood I’m in there’s McHanzo material for me. The ship has a lot of potential and isn’t completely stuck in a single trope or mood, unlike a lot of the other ships I’ve been into over the years. Seriously, what’s not to like about two older men who’ve both been through a lot and want nothing more than to find peace and redemption within themselves? That dynamic has SO much depth and so many angles to focus on!!!

Oddly Adorable

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Pairing: Virgin!LuciferxReader
Word count: 1,514
Warnings: Smut, oral (reader giving), first time
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. Hey there! I have found there is a serious shortage of Virgin Lucifer x reader. K? I doubt Lucifer was getting any down in hell. So can you do one where Lucifer found his soulmate and doesn’t understand why his body is doing what it’s doing when he’s around her and she educates him? ;-) Fluff and smut plz? You guys are seriously amazing. My gosh all your fanfics are good!
A/N: It’s been ages since I lost my virginity (technically, I didn’t lose it…I know exactly where it went lmao), and I obviously can’t know what it’s like for a guy’s first time. So. I tried my best :)

It was oddly adorable.

Lucifer being all innocent. Well. Not innocent over all, but in one sense, he was completely unaware.

Now, going back to when you first met him, had you someone told you that the devil was a virgin…you would have died laughing. He’s Satan, right? You’d think that he’d be getting all the action. Oh, how very wrong you were.

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1) There was no reason to have changed the setting. Why? So that American audiences can relate to it more? Death Note already had enough of a fan base where this didn’t need to happen. Even if it’s to appeal to new viewers, why do it?

2) “It’s set in America so Light’s race was adjusted accordingly.” News Flash! Japanese Americans don’t exist! Seriously, I don’t know if you’ve been following entertainment politics lately but there’s a serious shortage of casting opportunities for Asian Americans right now. Maybe if we kept the setting in its country of origin, we could have alleviated this problem! Maybe even start a trend! But no, it’s the same old bullshit that Hollywood always does. Mostly whitewashing with 1 or 2 token PoC’s here and there (yeah I saw you try to pull L’s casting as a “gotcha,” you’re not slick).

what the fuck im supposed to do?? if i wake up the people from their fridges, its possible that they require too much resources which can result in serious resource shortage. if i dont wake them up, people might get REALLY pissed because their families are still in fridge (pissed to the point that they might start violent rioting or an uprising even)


Jerusalem: Hitting Home
In East Jerusalem, Palestinians whose houses are declared illegal by Israel are being forced to raze their own homes.

The city of Jerusalem lies at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and property, housing and Israeli settlements are burning issues.
The Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem has forced thousands of Palestinians from their homes and created a serious housing shortage. Since 1967, the Palestinian population has quadrupled, climbing to over 300,000 - nearly 40 percent of the population. Yet the Israeli municipal authorities in East Jerusalem deem that Palestinians can build property on only nine percent of the land.

For Palestinians, construction permits are prohibitively expensive and bureaucratic processes make them difficult to obtain. Many Palestinians have had no choice but to build their own homes without permits, even with the threat of demolition hanging over their heads.
Israel has now declared around 20,000 of these buildings to be illegal and has ordered their demolition
Rather than paying the high costs of fighting demolition orders in court, or paying the fines for getting Israeli crews to pull down their homes, Palestinian families are making the difficult choice to bring them down themselves. Forced to demolish their own homes, many have been made homeless, or pushed away from the city centre. Others have chosen to remain in the ruins of the properties they themselves have pulled down.
Jerusalem: Hitting Home examines how these demolitions are not just changing the face of the city but also the lives of the people who live there.
The film follows three families who have been forced to take hammers to their own homes. It traces the events that led to the demolitions, where the families have gone afterwards, and the emotional and economic impact it has had on them. The filmmaker also charts how city planning and municipal policies have led to a set of building rules that many argue are pushing Palestinians towards the outskirts of the city, disrupting their lives and shifting the city’s demographics in favour of the Israeli majority.

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I think that, for the US, the question of immigration is not as difficult as for Sweden.We have too little housing, right? But what we also have a serious shortage of is jobs. So we have these extremely high levels of immigration, we're taking in a lot of people, but we just don't have anything to support them with, we're beyond the carrying capacity of our society, our economy is a big bubble which is going to burst very soon, because there are little else for people besides social security.

If you have “shortages” then you need free prices, not less people. 

Also I think the immigration question is MUCH worse for all of the dying, 19th century nation-states than it is for a country like America, which has, as far as I can tell, been much more successful in assimilating new people than European nation states have

Ah, back-to-school season in America: That means it’s time for the annoyingly aggressive marketing of clothes, and for the annual warnings of a national teacher shortage.

But this year the cyclical problem is more real and less of a media creation. There are serious shortages of teachers in California, Oklahoma, Kentucky and places in between.

A big factor: Far fewer college students are enrolling in teacher training programs, as we reported this spring, exacerbating a long-standing shortage of instructors in special education, science and English as a second language. In California, enrollment in teaching programs is down more than 50 percent over the past five years. Enrollment is down sharply in Texas, North Carolina, New York and elsewhere.

Teacher Shortage? Or Teacher Pipeline Problem?

Illustration credit: LA Johnson/NPR

unofficial claim count, and the dwindling artist problem

alright. I’m still keeping my spreadsheet. as I write this 160 stories have been claimed. that means 50 stories remain going into round three.

Guys, this is a really slow selection year. It’s slow because while the number of stories for each year of the DCBB goes up, the number of artists who sign up each year goes *down.* it’s not your fic’s fault, if you’re still waiting for a claim. There’s a serious artist shortage.

We need more artists. If I had -any- skill at all I’d help, but even when I did draw I did it on paper. but the fact is that each artist would need to take on two or three separate projects to cover the demand, and that’s a lot of work. too much work.

So if you can, put out a request for artists to illustrate the DCBB. if you already have your artist, if you don’t have one yet, ask for artists to join and take on a fic.

I also wonder: if the number of writers keeps going up, and the number of artists keeps going down, how do we solve this art shortage problem?
Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy
The retailer’s aggressive cost cutting has unintended consequences.

It’s not unusual for the department to send a van to transport all the criminals Ross arrests at this Walmart. The call log on the store stretches 126 pages, documenting more than 5,000 trips over the past five years. Last year police were called to the store and three other Tulsa Walmarts just under 2,000 times. By comparison, they were called to the city’s four Target stores about 300 times. Most of the calls to the northeast Supercenter were for shoplifting, but there’s no shortage of more serious crimes, including five armed robberies so far this year, a murder suspect who killed himself with a gunshot to the head in the parking lot last year, and, in 2014, a group of men who got into a parking lot shootout that killed one and seriously injured two others.

Police reports from dozens of stores suggest the number of petty crimes committed on Walmart properties nationwide this year will be in the hundreds of thousands. But people dashing out the door with merchandise is the least troubling part of Walmart’s crime problem. More than 200 violent crimes, including attempted kidnappings and multiple stabbings, shootings, and murders, have occurred at the nation’s 4,500 Walmarts this year, or about one a day, according to an analysis of media reports. Sometimes they’re spectacular enough to get national attention. In June, a SWAT team killed a hostage taker at a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas. In July, three Walmart employees in Florida were charged with manslaughter after a shoplifter they chased and pinned down died of asphyxia. Other crimes are just bizarre. On Aug. 8, police discovered a meth lab inside a 6-foot-high drainage pipe under a Walmart parking lot in Amherst, N.Y.

Speaking of doctor shortages. I live in Kamloops, BC and there are 2 walk in clinics near me.

If you don’t show up before the clinics open (at like 7 AM), you can’t see a doctor. I finished my classes at 10:30 and I figured I had a chance of being seen sometime today, nope. Both were booked the entire day by the early morning. I’ve had really bad issues with my sinuses for months now but because of school its been impossible to see a doctor.

Canada does have a serious doctor shortage problem.