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Best Match - Worst Match


Best Match - Libra

  • They match with you emotionally
  • They are naturally independent and will give you your much-needed space
  • They don’t like to get into relationships quickly, making you work at it which matches with your hard working nature
  • They are fun loving and love to be out and about. This is great because it gets you out of your shell a little and together, you’ll experience many news places and activities.

Worst Match - Taurus

  • They hate the chase in a relationship whereas it’s fun for you
  • They like to know where they stand in the relationship quite often, making it more draining for you and less light-hearted
  • They are sometimes a little too practical when you just want to be more daring
  • They will find it hard to come to terms with a relationship that is ending, whereas you like to cut the cord and move on straight away


Best Match - Scorpio

  • The spark is so intense, it’s crazy
  • They are independent so will happily give you your space whenever they need it, whilst remaining loyal to you
  • They are hard working but like to break away from this and be very fun, organising day trips out
  • New experiences often happen with this sign, keeping you happy and active

Worst Match - Sagittarius

  • They can be a little too much for you to handle, due to them being a fire sign
  • As an earth sign, you like a little peace now and then, yet Sagittarius can play mind games often to be fun, which just doesn’t translate well with you
  • They can be guilty of not taking important things seriously enough for your liking, such as your future together
  • They can have a lot of experience in relationships, which can turn you off big time


Best Match - Sagittarius

  • You need someone to keep you on your toes and someone who can keep up with your wanderlust and zest for life
  • They are straight forward and practical too, when they want to be
  • They value freedom and adventure, which means you could explore many different countries together
  • They are someone who you’ll never be bored to be around plus if they aren’t around, you don’t both fall to pieces

Worst Match - Capricorn

  • You don’t feel they do enough that excites you.
  • They’re honest nature can be a little too honest at times and upset you
  • They can often try and bring you down to earth in times where you just want to be a dreamer
  • They like “to do lists” and you like to go with the flow every step of the way. It makes them look controlling and you look childish


Best Match - Taurus

  • Earth and water go amazingly well together naturally as signs
  • You’ll love to make your house a home, buying trinkets together and selecting out wall colours are activities that bring you closer together
  • Their practical nature can help in times where you are emotional, showing you it’s actually not the end of the world, even when you think it is
  • They can be very romantic, without going too over the top

Worst Match - Aquarius

  • They are very happy with their savings account and their money only being spent on what they really need, when some days you love to treat yourself. This is not great for a joint account.
  • Sometimes, they’ll correct you when it really isn’t needed when you’re alone plus it’s even worse when you’re both with a crowd of people.
  • They are extremely independent and this can make you feel like they don’t need you what so ever. In reality, you want to know someone cares about you
  • Their protective nature is intended as sweet however; sometimes you’ll feel as if they’re belittling you.


Best Match - Sagittarius

  • They same the same sexual passions as you
  • They like to keep a relationship fun, not often bringing up serious conversations
  • They are energetic, always on the go, therefore there’s never a dull moment
  • They are surrounded by a lot of friends, so your outgoing groups will mix well

Worst Match - Scorpio

  • They can be a little too much for you, often being stubborn and always wanting to show their strong point of views
  • They’re fun, just as much as you however, they aren’t the best for giving compliments, which is what you love to hear from a partner
  • They can overall be a bit difficult to deal with because of their jealous ways which will clash with your naturally flirty, charming nature
  • They are determined when it comes to their career, making you feel annoyed that they can be jealous but also not have enough time for you


Best Match - Scorpio

  • My goodness, the romance will be top notch. We’re talking about sunny picnics and getaways to Paris
  • They’re naturally funny and will help ease your slightly analytical ways and just help you relax
  • You like someone who does what they say they will do and a Scorpio is extremely reliable
  • They are imaginative, therefore mixed with your creativity, you may enjoy Art or Yoga classes together

Worst Match - Sagittarius

  • They like the chase and you hate it
  • There will always be that uncertainty surrounding your relationship, with one of you having one foot in and one foot out
  • They can be too carefree and not think about how their actions can hurt your feelings
  • They can disappear off the face of the earth for a week or two which is offensive to you. You don’t want an invisible partner


Best Match - Libra

  • As the same sign, you’re like two peas in a pod
  • You’re both very sociable, with lots of friends. This means if one person has plans, the other one won’t ever resent them because they can easily make plans with other people too
  • You are both relaxed and can still talk about serious topics but only when it’s needed
  • You both have a massive sense of adventure, making the relationship fun and youthful

Worst Match - Virgo

  • They are too uptight at times, making you feel a little trapped
  • You don’t want to have to persuade them to do wild things with you, you want a partner who is up for the crazy ride
  • Their need to be right and be practical can annoy the hell out of you when you want a bit of fun
  • They can be a little critical of how carefree you are, which can sometimes make you doubt yourself and we can’t have that for a relaxed Libra 


Best Match - Pisces

  • Both of you are imaginative and have your own little bubble which you can eventually share
  • You are both very friendly and talkative, meaning you can end up chatting for hours on end
  • Fun is always really important to you, especially when you do work very hard at what you do, therefore when you get together with a Pisces, they take you out of your career mind thought
  • Pisces can be very sensitive, therefore they will never lie to you, which means the world to someone like you

Worst Match - Aries

  • They are too darn fiery when you want a soft, loving relationship
  • You feel like they always want it their way and it doesn’t work for you in a relationship
  • They aren’t a big fan of talking about where you are heading, when you just like people who are going to be honest
  • You’re a lot better as business partners or friends, with the ability to step away from each other when needed.


Best Match - Aquarius

  • They are full of knowledge and facts, which really impresses you and drives the conversation well
  • They’re very independent, which suits your patient nature because they can go off and do their own thing, such as a holiday and neither of you will feel bitter-They’re very passionate, which mixes well with your energetic side, always ready to take on a new challenge.
  • You’re positive and so are they. Because they’re hardworking too, they’ll try their very best when it comes to problems the two of you might face

Worst Match - Taurus

  • They aren’t the best people to be spontaneous because of their busy, practical lifestyles, making you feel there isn’t much excitement
  • You like to go crazy sometimes but they like to keep it safe when it comes to decisions
  • They don’t like drastic change as much as you do, meaning they won’t easily pack up their bags and move in with you until it’s thought about in great detail
  • You’re fiery and they’re much more down to earth, making you show your attraction in very different ways


Best Match - Virgo

  • They can help you reach your goals because they love to help and see people succeed
  • They’re very earthy like you therefore you can both spend lots of time together with nature
  • They are also very creative, which could see the both of you buy cameras and take beautiful pictures of landscapes
  • They are very loyal to their partners, just like you. You’ll never be unsure about where you stand with them

Worst Match - Gemini

  • You have a lack of understanding of them a lot of the time
  • Geminis are very hard to change, whereas you can change very easily when the time is right, which makes you feel that they are being too stubborn
  • You can look too boring towards them, when actually, it’s more the fact that you don’t want to be wild 24/7
  • They can be very skittish whereas you like to stay very organised


Best Match - Sagittarius

  • They often like to learn new things, which means you can pass along your knowledge on subjects, which you’ll love doing
  • You have a lovely balance when it comes to sexuality and neither one of you is overbearing or demanding
  • Sagittarius is a fire sign which will bring out the fiery side of you that many people don’t get to see
  • They have a very get up and go attitude, which is great for you when you want to try something new

Worst Match - Cancer

  • They can be far too emotional for you
  • Your independence means they can accuse you of neglecting them when actually, you’re just getting on with your life as an individual
  • They want a very grown up, honest relationship from square one whereas you like a little bit of casual fun at first
  • They can be a little tight with their money whereas you like to go on romantic trips whenever you can, making you feel like they don’t actually want to do these types of activities with you


Best Match - Scorpio

  • You 100% understand each other’s language
  • As 2 water signs, there is no imbalance here whatsoever
  • You’re both very chatty and have a high respect for each other, meaning debates with different opinions will rarely turn into arguments.
  • They can be very sexy but it’s a subtle way, which is something you absolutely adore about them

Worst Match - Virgo

  • They are rather critical and too practical whereas you’re sensitive and dreamy. You will find it hard to see eye to eye
  • As opposite signs, you can either clash really badly or in rare cases, make up for what each other lack, sometimes creating a great relationship, if the Virgo is willing
  • They can be a little tricky to keep up with. One minute they can be happy, next minute not. This gives you lack of confident, which is worse thing for you
  • This combination works great as close friendships because then there isn’t an emotional attachment that is too intense.
  • Aries: The trail-blazer. The pioneer. Me, myself, and I. Fire. Civilization. Self-growth. Self-improvement. Taking the next step. Entitlement. Moving forwards. Hating boredom. Needing excitement and goals in your life. The first sign of the zodiac. The infant. Eternally young. Egotistical. Experimental. Creative. Competitive. A little reckless, but brave, brash, and bold. Hiding your sensitivity. Hiding your feelings with aggression. Self-assertive. Self-directed. Action-oriented. Force of vitality, force of nature.
  • Taurus: Silk sheets, good food, long walks in nature, gardens in full bloom. Sensuality, stability, sturdiness. Wanting the good things in life. Wanting to take it easy. Wanting comfort in life. Earthy, laid-back, relaxed. Blue skies and light breeze. Level-headed. Reliable. Dependable. Averse to change. Averse to stress. Stubborn. Clinging to the past. Not willing to see other points of view. Need to decompress. Naturally attuned to music. Attuned to nature. Loving, caring, sweet.
  • Gemini: Duality. Having several personalities. Intellectualizing your emotions. Clever. Witty. Improvisation. Natural comedians, tricksters, storytellers. Going with the flow. Preferring to take life as it is. Sly eyes and smiles. Curious. Quick-witted. Sharp mind. Hard to keep up with, can blend in anywhere. Endless inner monologue. "I think, therefore I am." Learning how to speak up. Learning how to articulate. Learning how to learn. Astute, adaptable, flexible. Learning how to speak up.
  • Cancer: Empathy. The nurturer. Intuition. Just “knowing” things. Flash insights. Having hunches. Kindness. Showing your vulnerable side. Guarded, careful, shrewd. The rise and fall of the tides. Getting wrapped up in your feelings, feeling consumed by your emotions. Feeling drained by a lack of emotional support. Nourishing presence. Soulful eyes. Looking like an old soul. Learning how to let go. Learning how to deal with attachment in a healthy way. Your strength comes from your emotions, your sensitivity.
  • Leo: Big ego, big heart too. Glamorous, grandiose, good-hearted, and good intentions. Egotistical. Self-involved. Self-centered. Generous. Kind. Loyal. Looking for the brighter side in life. Focused on self-expression. Focused on expressing your creativity. Shining light. A little flashy. Effortlessly getting attention. Needing attention. Needing praise. Honorable, courageous, high-minded. Inner child. Innocent in a way. Always wanting to see the best in people. Hopeful. Inspiring.
  • Virgo: Observer. Focusing on the the details. Wanting to serve. Wanting to be helpful. Naturally intellectual and analytical. Critical, exacting, perfectionist. Down-to-earth. Au-natural. Hidden quirks. Witty, worldly, wise. Suave. The little things make your day. Self-criticism. Criticizing others. Nothing is ever good enough. Wanting to always improve yourself. Checking your work once, twice, three times. Piercing gaze. Delicate look. Hidden sensitivity. Modesty. Pure soul.
  • Libra: Charm. Pleasant appearance, pleasant voice, pleasant personality. Wanting to be well-liked. Wanting to be agreeable. Suppressing your own wishes in order to appease others. People-pleaser. Doormat. Loving beauty. Loving having an easy life. Naturally skilled with dealing with others. Natural eye for beauty. Natural eye for balance. Wanting to keep things on the lighter sides of things. Fashion-icons. Schmoozer. Tactful, diplomatic, likeable.
  • Scorpio: Hidden things. Secrets. Alluring in a dangerous way. Challenging yourself. Changing yourself. Feeling the fear and doing it anyways. Loved or hated, feared or revered. Lack of self control. Powering through. Leaving your old self behind. Provoking extreme reactions from other people. Being extreme, swinging 180 degrees- being very good or very bad. A mysterious aura. A dark appearance. Hidden strength. Hawk eyes. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Mother tiger. Remembers every slight and every bit of kindness, and will repay it tenfold.
  • Sagittarius: Wanting freedom. Naturally uninhibited. Feeling relaxed, feeling good. Big, cheesy grins. Laughing with your entire body. Seeing the bigger picture. Having a feeling that everything will be alright. Trying to look at the positive side of life. The philosopher, the explorer, the thinker, the optimist, the adventurer, the traveler. Hypocritical. Doing things in excess. Winging everything. Honest. Too blunt. Fantastic sense of humor. Enthusiastic, sincere, positive.
  • Capricorn: Calm, cool, collected. Composure. Serious faces that light up beautifully when they smile. Cold exterior, hidden empathy. Traditional values. Moral integrity. Principled. Old-fashioned. Timeless. Classy. Facing difficulties in early life. Not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Aging like a fine wine. Getting older suits you. Building something for yourself. Building up a new life for yourself. Starting with nothing and now having something.
  • Aquarius: Spaceman. Electricity. A lightening bolt. The wilderness, the bizarre, the future. Innovation. Technology. Everything new. Everything bizarre. The rebel without a cause. "Think different." Feeling misunderstood. The outcast. The outsider. Black sheep. Keeping people at a distance. Learning to become an individual. Unique. Creative. Wanting to be authentic. Unable to be conventional, unable to do what's expected. Iconoclast.
  • Pisces: Dreaming, surrealism, idealism. Glamour, Golden Age Hollywood. People who are larger than life. Myths, legends, archetypes. Wanting to live up to an image. Delusionment, confusion, disappointment. Imagining how you should live instead of actually living it. Getting lost at sea. A cloudy morning with the horizon shrouded in fog. Spirituality. Connecting with your higher self. Connecting with a higher purpose. Working for a bigger cause. Compassion. Enlightenment. Elusive, dreamy, imaginative.
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characters: g-dragon x reader ➵ genre: smut ➵ wc: 12.7k

Originally posted by s-tttop

summary: from childhood friends to business owners. too afraid to take it further, either your or jiyong has to make the first move.
author’s note: this is by far my longest work ever. i’m not gonna lie though, i’ve been living for these 5k+ fics, i’m gonna have to start writing more. and i know, i write a lot of g-dragon, don’t kill me for it.

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“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (II)

A/N: Part II of businessman Harry. It contains smut, daddy kink and it’s quite long. I’m stil not sure if it’s alright, but I hope you like it. 

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV.

Originally posted by ohbabyyeah

“Styles Corporations’ CEO Harry Styles enjoys 22nd birthday bash in tropical paradise with long legged beauty”

While no one would ever dream of describing Y/N as anything less than a genius, a business luminary whose accomplished eminence is often described as freakish by those who are several decades older than her yet much less successful, she could humbly admit to all of them that she was the biggest fool in the world for thinking that getting over Harry Styles would be easy. She didn’t want him back; she just wanted what he had taken from her. He could keep the black lace thong he had tucked into his pocket a couple of months ago after he had bent her over his desk, raining dirty words and harsh nibbles down her neck. But her sanity? He would definitely have to give that back. The sooner the better. As for delivery preferences, no white roses or puke-inducing handwritten notes this time, please. And while he was at it, she had another request: If he was going to be in her head all day, he should at least regard some sort of decency and put some clothes on. How inconsiderate of him. Chivalry is dead.

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Truly - Reggie Mantle

Anonymous said:

Can you do a Reggie one shot where he first dates the reader for a bet and she ends up in the playbook and she breaks up with him, but have a happy ending.

Originally posted by dempseytapefour

This is bad, I’m sorry.

It had been a rough week to say the least, but it had oddly started out with the promise of greatness. After school on Monday, you were told by Veronica that Chuck heard that Reggie Mantle had taken an interest in you. You merely shook your head and denied being affected by the idea of being Reggie’s girlfriend.

But by Tuesday, during lunch period, you were talking to the towering jock about plans for Pop’s. He had pulled you away from the busy ears of Veronica and Betty; but even while talking to him, they shot you all-knowing glances.

“Ms. Green has me lost in her class. Thanks for agreeing to help me out.” You nodded at him as you met his bright brown eyes. “I’ll see you at Pop’s around five, right?” You had curled your lip into your mouth, biting it in thought. Every fiber of your being told you not to trust him, for he had a reputation of sorts when it came to girls. But, you were weak to the look he gave you.

“Yep. At five. See ya then Reggie.” He shot you one of his charming smiles before walking off to his friend’s table. You were too caught up in walking over to your own friends, and dealing with your unneeded excitement about the date, to notice the way his friends high-fived him. Even if you did see them, or take note of their hoots and hollers, you would’ve brushed it off as banter.

Sadly, you didn’t take note and Tuesday afternoon, you were sitting across from Reggie Mantle. He wore a grin on his face the whole time, one that you mistakened as happy nervousness. Until now, Saturday, you had figured out what was hidden behind his perfect teeth and handsome smile; but on that Tuesday, he was a superb gentleman.

“Are you sure you don’t want a milkshake Y/N? Fries maybe?” You looked up from the textbook that was in front of you and met his soft gaze.

“We are here to study, are we not?” Reggie smiled at you, but you tried your best to act like you weren’t pleased by it. He looked somehow more attractive when he smiled like that.

“Yeah we are, but I just thought that maybe,” he leaned over a scooted the textbook away from your reach, “just maybe, we could get to know each other better.” You raised your eyebrows at him and he laughed. “What? Too forward?” You let out a long sigh and leaned forward to face him. You rested your chin on your hands and looked into his eyes.

“You have a reputation, Mantle, so you know why I’m cautious.” He held your gaze and you stared back without backing down. “Getting into pants is a talent of yours,” you added quietly, but Reggie still heard you. His lips fell into a slight frown at your words.

“You just have to get to know me better. I like to think I’m more than the rumors you hear.” You felt a heat rise to your cheeks, even now remembering his words. For that was when you gave in and got to know Reggie better. You learned about what he wanted to do after high school, his family, and in return you told him about yourself. By the time you remembered to study, it was eight at night; near your curfew.

“I have to go if I’m going to make it back home in time.” You grabbed your belongings, packing them into your school bag. As you shuffled out of the booth, Reggie followed suit.

“I can drive you home,” he said, “I am the one that kept you out this late. Please let me drive you.” You turned and gave him a serious look.

“Alright. Just don’t try anything funny Mantle. I got my eyes on you.” As you turned your head you noticed how the corner of his lips twitched upwards slightly. It wasn’t like the boyish smiles before, this one seemed more true in a sense. You trusted that smile, so much so you let him drive you home and walk you to your door.

“We didn’t study,” you said and Reggie truly smiled again.

“Then maybe we should we should meet up again.” You met his eyes was you rested your hand on the door handle. You smiled as well, unable to stop for doing so.

“Maybe we should,” you teased. “How about right after school. Meet up on the football field and study in the bleachers.” Reggie’s smile widened and you let out a breathy laugh. “What? Am I the one being too forward now?” Reggie laughed and met your eyes once more.

“Well you do have a reputation, L/N,” he teased and you smiled. “You’re a good girl,” he added, “but that’s pretty good compared to my own.” You frowned slightly and leaned against the door frame before opening it.

“Sorry about that,” you whispered, “I know you better now though. No more quick judgements.” You held out your hand and Reggie took it to shake it.

“No more quick judgements,” and after that, there were no judgements at all. Everything else went rather quick. By Thursday, you and Reggie were sneaking around the school; pressing kisses to the others skin and whispering meeting times in the other’s ear. It seemed that fate wished your love affair short, or at least Veronica did. After an after-school investigation by Betty, Veronica, Ethel, Cheryl, and Kevin, the football team’s playbook was released.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but you need to see this,” Veronica handed you her phone. Displayed on the screen was a picture of the playbook. Your eyes scanned past Polly Cooper’s name, down the list and then you saw it. Your name, listed below Veronica’s, and next to yours there was a pair of all too familiar initials.

R.M. - Y/N L/N - Good Girl - 7 points

“I gotta go,” you whispered, giving Veronica her phone back. Before she could stop you, you were darting out of the lounge, searching for Reggie Mantle. You made your way to the football field bleachers, the place that had become your go-to meet up spot after you shared your first kiss there. There he was, waiting for you and totally oblivious to what knowledge you now possessed. You climbed the bleachers and stood, staring at him with tears in your eyes.

“How dare you,” you had said, you could remember the rage coursing through your veins. “Why did you do it? How could you do that to me?!” Reggie’s eyes were wide as he stared at you.

“What are you talking about babe?” He stood then, his hands reaching for your face but you had pushed them away.

“You know what I’m talking about, Reg. Don’t lie to me. I know about the playbook.” His face fell then, his frown deepened.

“I didn’t mean for this, it started as a bet and” he looked down and then back at you, “please hear me out.” You shook your head and wiped at your eyes. You should’ve listened to your instincts and stayed far away from Reggie Mantle. But your heart had no room for logic; except in that moment.

“We’re done, whatever this even was.” With those words, you stormed off and away from Reggie. All of those events lead you to now; crying in you bedroom about the boy who never, truly loved you.  You shifted and sniffled under your blankets as you looked out your window. You used to enjoy sunsets on Saturdays; the way the colors blended so perfectly, like missing puzzle pieces. Lying in your bed now however, the shades were dulled by the ache in your heart.

You ignored the buzzing of your phone as it blew up from texts, most likely from Veronica. Reggie hadn’t messaged you once. It was better that way, or so you thought. Every time you closed your eyes you flashed to that first ‘date’ at Pop’s. He let you in and you let him in, but the sharing of intimate information seemed to hold no value to him.

When you weren’t thinking of his sweet attitude you were lost in the memories of the stolen kisses shared in closets. He had even told that he loved you in the cramped quarters of his car. These hidden moments once gave you light but now looking back on them made you teary.

Even if your relationship was brief, Reggie had managed to worm his twisted way into your heart; against all odds. Once he was there, you felt like he was going to stay. The lack of texts told you otherwise. The harsh truth was before you and you couldn’t even bear to face it : Reggie Mantle didn’t love you, he never did. Not at all.

A soft knock at the door broke you from your thoughts. It was either a family member or Veronica had broken into your house in order to cheer you up. You let out a breathy, rough laugh that the idea of the raven-haired girl ready with ice cream in hand. You uncurled yourself from the blankets and walked towards your bedroom door.

“What is it-” you looked up and nearly slammed the door shut. “How did you get in my house,” you hissed and Reggie was caught off guard. From what you could see in the somewhat dim light, his eyes were red; as if he shed tears.

“I told your parents we were working on a class project,” he whispered. “Please let me in.” You huffed at his pleas and shook your head.

“I already did, but you stabbed me in the back anyway.” Reggie rubbed a hand across his face and sighed heavily. He lifted his head and met your gaze.

“Just let me explain, it wasn’t like that.” You stepped away from the entrance and allowed Reggie to step into your room. He glanced around the walls, as admiring them, before turning to face you as you closed the door.

“It started with the playbook,” he whispered, but you couldn’t meet his eyes. He continued anyway, hoping you’d listen. “I wanted to prove myself so they gave me you. I know how that sounds, believe me. It was nasty thinking about it, but the pressure was there.” You walked over to your bed, sitting on the edge of it. Reggie stood still, talking as you moved.

“But at Pop’s it felt right. Like there wasn’t any system or points,” Reggie moved towards you, bending on his knees before you. He took your hands in his and looked down at them. “It was just you and me in that booth. No points. No bets. I swear.” He looked back up at you, his brown eyes pleading for your forgiveness.

“You said you loved me,” you whispered and Reggie nodded.

“I do,” he whispered, “truly. I knew when I drove you home that’d you’re it for me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m sorry, so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner. Maybe if I did things could’ve been different. But my feelings for you haven’t changed.” You freed your hands from his, resting them on his shoulders. You leaned slightly towards him as you soaked in his words and warmth. He was so close to you, just like before. You looked into his eyes seriously, your heart worried for you.

“Truly?” Reggie’s lips quirked up at the corners, like that smile that caught your attention in Pop’s. He nodded at your question.

“Truly.” You leaned your forehead against his, breathing in softly. “I love you, Y/N. This won’t happen again.” Your head went to the back of his neck, pulling away from him enough to tease him with your presence.

“Oh it won’t,” you whispered, “I won’t allow it.” Reggie smiled again and leaned up on his knees. You met his lips in the middle and collided with his in a passionate kiss. That kiss was a second chance for what the two of you shared. You pulled away, mumbling against his lips.

“I love you too, Reg.” He smiled against your lips as he pressed against you once more. With the playbook burned, you had nothing holding you back from him. For Reggie truly loves you and even the prettiest of flowers have messy beginnings.

Versace on the Floor

Jimin x you

“After a night of partying and spilled drinks lead to royal heir Park Jimin entering your life, he’s insistent on making it hard for you to get rid of him. And you might just be convinced you don’t to.”

Pt. 3/5, rated M for Major Make Out Session

And I don’t care it’s obvious
I just can’t get enough of you
The pedal’s down, my eyes are closed
No control”

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Because of Her

Pairing: Peter x Michelle
Words: 1635

The war was over. The world was saved. Thanos was defeated. But the damage remained. 

Not the physical damage-the wounds had healed, the city’s were taken care of due to damage control-it was the emotional damage.

Peter had not returned to school, it had been a week since the infinity war and the world was mourning Iron Man’s death-but no one mourned as bad as Peter Parker.

Peter’s phone had been silenced due to the plethora of calls and messages he’d been receiving. Some from Happy, the roles being reversed as now he double text him to ask how he was doing knowing he wouldn’t get a response. Some were Ned, asking him to open the door or if he was coming back yet-but Ned knew better and would visit almost every other day to check up on him. Some were from May, letting him know when she’d be home or if he’d wanted her to pick up something to eat-she too knew he wouldn’t answer but she felt hopeless not trying.

Peter received many texts throughout the day, some from people he didn’t even know he had the number to.

May had called the school and made up an excuse of a stomach bug that he caught and luckily they bought it, as long as he kept up with his work so he wouldn’t fall behind.

He didn’t. He hadn’t even lifted a book since he came back, his brain too numb to comprehend anything other than “pain.” It was useless, and May stopped trying to persuade him to do even a problem of a algebra.

Numb. Peter thought it was ironic, his entire body felt numb-yet the part of his body he wanted to be numb the most was what was the most active; his memories.

He laid in bed staring at the ceiling, recognizing every crack and deformity it possessed due to his constant stare, as he replayed every memory he had of Tony Stark.

From the first moment he saw him on TV confirming he was Iron Man, to seeing him in person as he saved his life and telling him “good job kid”, to being iron man for Halloween twice in a row, to seeing him on his couch conversing with his aunt and following him to Germany to fight alongside him, to him offering him a spot on the avengers and a new suit, to going to space to defeat evil and seeing him take his last breath.

He was his hero, and then a mentor, then became a friend, and was finally family when he was brutally taken away from him.

They had plans to go over Peter’s college essay to MIT when they returned. Peter was invited to his wedding. Tony promised to be at his graduation. And now that wasn’t possible.

Peter threw a pillow over his head, trying to get the image of Tony reaching up to him as he spoke his last words. He tried to forget staring into his eyes until his eyes didn’t stare back. He tried to forget Steve holding him back as Peter screamed in agony. He tried to forget-but he couldn’t.

His phone lit up catching his attention, he grabbed it from his bedside table ready to lock it when he saw who text him.

He reread the text over and over. He tried making sense of it but his brain fell short circuit.

-I’m sorry for your loss. Would you mind if I stopped by?

Peter thought he was seeing things. How could she know? Did May call the school and give another lie? Was she being literal or sarcastic about the loss of his “appetite” due to the stomach bug?

Without a second thought, peter unlocked his phone and typed “sure.”

Less than 15 minutes later, there was a knock on Peter’s apartment door. He willed himself to get off his bed and open the door, not really caring how he or his room looked.

He opened the door to a nervous Michelle biting lip and playing with her fingers, she looked up as the door swung open and her eyes met his tired ones.

“Peter” she sighed subconsciously

“Hey Mj” peter responded, a weak smile trying to make its way on his lips.

She bit her lip again, hitching her breath and internally cursing herself for forgetting what she had planned to say.

“Can I come in?” She hesitantly asked, hoping she wasn’t intruding-he did say sure didn’t he? Oh shit what if he meant “sure” as in he would mind? She was already beginning to apologize and leave when peter stepped aside and said “oh yeah, sure come on in.”

Michelle tightened her grip on her backpack strap and walked in. This wasn’t her first time here-in fact she had been over almost as much as Ned to study or to accompany Ned and Peter while they had their movie nights-but walking in that day felt like entering a brand new place.

She didn’t know how to react or what to say, so she silently followed peter to his room. Usually she’d make a sarcastic comment about how dirty his room looked or joke about all the clothes scattered on the floor but right then she didn’t even pay attention to his room, her eyes only on peter as she saw him sulk back onto his bed.

She stayed silent pressed against his door, waiting for him to say something while raking her brain to find something-anything to say.

Luckily she was saved from further making the situation awkward when peter opened his mouth.

“Sorry about not being there for chemistry, I know it sucks when your partner is absent. What have we been learning?”

Michelle laughed, actually laughed and Peter looked up at her in confusion.“Peter you’re such a dumbass. You think I actually give a shit about chemistry?”

Peter continued to stare in confusion. “Peter you went off to space to fight this big powerful purple alien dude and get brutally hurt while having to simultaneously witness your hero die in front of you and you don’t come back to school for a week while you sit here looking like all the life was sucked out of you and you wanna talk about chemistry?!”

Peter stayed silent and stunned as he watched Michelle pant due to her long speech.

He didn’t know what to say, he didn’t even know if words were acceptable at the moment. They stayed staring at each other in silence, both too scared to make a move or look away from each other. Finally, after what felt like hours of silence, Peter spoke up.

“How did you know he was my hero?”

Michelle let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and softly chuckled.

“Are you serious Peter? You had an Iron Man lunch box all throughout elementary and you went as Iron Man for Halloween two years in a row, you would of went for a third if you didn’t out grow the costume.” Michelle started walking towards his bed and sat down, facing him. “You also have an Iron Man sticker on your binder. Peter as soon as I found out you had the “stark internship,” she paused, putting air quotes around it, “I knew you were probably geeking every chance you had over the fact that he knew your name.”

Peter was in awe, he was speechless and wanted her to continue but was already fighting the tears threatening to slip out. As if Michelle could read his mind, she continued.

“Peter,” her tone got softer as she reached an arm up to rest on his shoulder, “he was a good man. He was misunderstood and one of the best superheroes this world has seen. He wasn’t just your hero, he was mine too,” she admitted timidly. “6th grade and every girl was a princess or an animal and I was Iron Man.” she softly laughed,  Peter’s eyes glossed over as he huffed out a small smile, somehow hearing this from her was mending his heart while simultaneously breaking it.

And then she said it. She giggled and raised and eyebrow, saying just above a whisper “Maybe this year I’ll dress as Spider-man since he’s my new hero.”

And that’s all it took.

Peter looked up, his eyes meeting hers; maybe it was the sudden rush of a week’s worth of emotion he had lacked, maybe it was because she just admitted that Iron Man was her hero, maybe it was the way her eyes lit up with the hope his eyes once possessed, maybe it was the fact that he’d been in love with her for the past year-but he kissed her.

Full on the mouth, before she had a chance to blink, before any other word was said, he kissed her.

Michelle’s eyes widened with the realization that Peter Parker was kissing her. She would have pushed away if it weren’t for her heart melting right in her chest and the intense feeling she felt erupt in her stomach. With pink cheeks and shaky hands, Michelle kissed back.

They both pulled away, taking in shaky breaths as the reality of the moment set in. Peter gazed into her eyes, waiting for a slap or scream, but instead was met with a blushing Michelle-something he had never seen before.

They both smiled at each other, Peter finally feeling again. She quirked and eyebrow with her head tilted to the side;

“It was you picturing me in the spidey suit wasn’t it?”

And then Peter laughed. A real laugh. Out loud and full of life. It was the first time he had laughed in over a week. It was something Tony would have laughed at.

And it was all because of her.

Worth the Weight ~Baron Corbin Imagine~ *Smut*

Summary: When the number one contender for the women’s championship gets a low-blow from Creative about her weight Baron takes it upon himself to show her how beautiful she really is. 

Warnings:smut, body shaming

Originally posted by becklynchs

I slammed the wooden door behind me, the paper sign reading ‘Creative’ flapping at the force. I pulled my hoodie over my freshly curled hair and purposefully walked down the hall quickly. Fresh tears pricking my blue eyes and threatening to ruin the elaborate match makeup that the sold out arena would never see. I passed by numerous stage hands and talent, keeping my head down in order to make it to my locker room and leave in peace. But the glee of giggles stopped me as I glanced over to see Eva Marie adjusting her new ring gear in a mirror as she laughed with a few of the other Divas.  She was preparing for my match, taking my opportunity. I felt my fists clench. But how could I be mad at her? I let this happen.

I heard my name called and paused to glance over my shoulder. My friend Becky sat cross legged on a stage crate concern painted on her features. Next to her stood Baron who’s concern mirrored Becky’s. His shirt stuck to the fresh layer of sweat that had accumulated on his body from his earlier match and his dark hair was pulled into a bun on top of his head.

“Don’t ya have a match?” Becky asked. The tears intensified and I blinked furiously glancing back at Eva.

“Not anymore” I mumbled lowly before tucking my head down pushing on to my locker room.

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@kamaete and anon, because you asked nicely (and because i already had this rant posted somewhere private and i managed to find it)

here’s a rough summary of My Feelings re: MCU TONY AND (FACIAL) HAIR, with accompanying pictures and verifiable evidence that tony’s IM1 hair goes through a Legitimate Story Arc

(no i’m kidding it’s not verifiable, i know nobody Cares and i’m reaching and i’m not Completely Serious sometimes but like let me live i’m not hurting anybody)

[pulls out powerpoint and laser pointer, clears throat]

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Shrinking - The teaspoon girl pt 5

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 2226

Have another part – this one is a bit angstier than the others. Sorry about that. Hopefully part six isn’t too far away (I’m sorry – I’m a slow writer).

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part four:

Leaning back to look at him like Spiderman, she failed horribly at winking and snortedloudly. “Shhh…” she whisper-yelled. “I’m climbing Sam, can’t you see? Always wanted to – how can I not, I mean look at ‘im,” she continued, slurring slightly. “Mmm… just… muscles, y’know. And…”

She was interrupted by Sam, who surprisingly had turned the shade of a very ripe beetroot. “Y/N, you’re drunk,” he said, gently lifting her off his arm – she’d reached his elbow, and was trying to scramble over a fold in the fabric without falling down – and put her back on the table, where she promptly plopped down on her butt and groaned.

“Hey! Put me back! I’m trying to… I’m gonna… I wanna…” She grinned widely and blew him a loud kiss.

“You’re drunk,” Sam repeated.

“No, I’m not. You’re drunk. I’m… I’m –“ Shutting up abruptly, her eyes darted around frantically. “Bucket!” she mouthed, and then threw up all over herself.

A wet washcloth slapped down on the table, followed by a loud laugh that definitely belonged to Dean. The light hurt in Y/N’s eyes, and she felt increasingly dizzy, but being covered in vomit made nothing better, so she embraced the gesture – even with the laugh.

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kitty-cat-tiffy  asked:

Jaytim with catlad!Tim maybe, please?

@tanekore I wrote the thing :D

I had a lot of fun creating my own version of this trope.


Red Hood is standing on a rooftop. Waiting. The person he’s set to meet is twenty seven minutes late and Jason finds this very unprofessional. He wonders if he should take them seriously when they do arrive, but they’d been recommended by Selina, so. Even with the history there, with her and Bruce, Jason trusts her. He trusts her more so when the pearl necklace he’d given her is flawless, enough to ensure him the best.

So he’s waiting for the best. My kitten, Selina had said.

The fact that Selina has taken on her own sidekick is amusing; he’s picturing a girl dressed up in a wanna be Catwoman costume. Of course, there must be something terribly special about them if Selina chose to tie herself to the kid. To be responsible for them. To stake her reputation on them.

He’d heard the pride in her voice. My kitten.

Gravel crunches under his boots as Red Hood shifts. He’s considering leaving and finding Catwoman. Filing a formal complaint with the management. Posting a poor review on Yelp. Then he turns and sees a person not four feet away from him, leaning against the raised ledge of the building. He tries to hide his surprise, but it’s a hard thing when he cannot fathom how they got up there, got so close to him without making a sound. He’s impressed. And a little annoyed.

He wants to know how long they’ve been there, watching him grow impatient.

Selina’s kitten is dressed like her, in tight black and goggles and- yup, even the whip. But it’s not quite as silly as Jason was imagining. It looks good. It’s also not the girl Jason was imagining. The tight, tight suit gives that away.  

“Kitten,” Jason greets, tilting his head to the side to make it clear he’s assessing.

“Tim,” the kid says, matching Jason’s gesture.

For a moment Jason can’t make sense of what was said. He’s glad for the helmet he wears because of the way his face twists, eyebrows furrowed. “What?”

“Call me Tim,” he says with emphasis. “Not Kitten.”

“Are you serious?”

“It’s what I go by.”

“But- you…” Jason never thought he would have to explain this to someone. “You can’t do that. You need a street name. A moniker. You don’t just give out your real name.”

“Who said it’s my real name?”

Jason almost throws up his hands, but stamps it down to a twitch in his finger. He takes a moment to look at… Tim more closely.

He has his arms crossed on his chest and legs crossed at the ankle, hip resting against the half wall. He’s doing a great job at seeming unbalanced, even though Jason can see he has his weight centered perfectly, ready to run or fight or whatever he does in a pinch.

“So, what,” Jason asks, “You couldn’t think of a cat-themed name you liked? Kitten is cute. Or how about Stray?”

Tim rolls his eyes, pushing off the wall.

Jason finds himself expecting the kid to move like Selina, to unfold himself with a silky grace, prowl forward with soft, predatory steps and a swing in his gait.

He doesn’t. His movements are lazy and smooth, but severely lacking the sultry current Selina has mastered. He takes two steps forward, feet scuffing the ground, looking like he should be wearing baggy jeans and holding a skateboard, completely at odds with the undoubtedly sensual nature of his suit.  

It’s vaguely off-putting, confusing but not in a threatening way, and Jason wonders if that is the intent.

Jason is getting tired of being surprised. Everything about this person is contrary and Jason doesn’t like it. Except for the stupid part of him that loves it.

Tim says, “No, thanks. Catwoman said you needed info about some of Marconi’s shipments.”

The move into business isn’t exactly smooth but Jason shifts gears quickly. “Yeah. How long will it take you to get it?”

“Already done.”

And, for the… fourth time that night, Jason is taken aback. “Pardon?”

Tim smiles, a faint lift to the corner of his lips. It’s not Selina’s sharp and sweet smile, and Jason scolds himself for expecting that. He really shouldn’t expect anything, particularly that of Catwoman.

Tim pulls out a flash drive from… somewhere. “Detailed maps, departures and destinations, inventory, personnel, shift rotation. Everything for the last two months.”

“You already had this ready?” Jason slowly reaches out to take it from Tim’s gloved fingers.

Tim shrugs. “I knew it would be valuable to someone, eventually.”

“Wow, okay.” Jason is, again, a little stunned. This is months of work, done in an instant. He can move up his timetable considerably. He can focus on other things he hadn’t had time for. “That’s, uh. Really great, Tim.”

“I know,” Tim says easily, but he’s clearly pleased with the praise.  

“Oh, I’ve got it,” Jason says with mock triumph and a snap of his fingers. “Catlad.”

Tim recoils and Jason laughs.

“Ew, please. You think Catlad is better than Tim?”

“It’s just so mundane,” Jason complains, tucking the oh-so-valuable flash drive into an inner jacket pocket. “What is the point?”

Tim smiles again, wider. And then Jason realises that Tim is, in fact, like Selina. It’s all a game.

Jason realises too that he wants to play that game.

Friends With Benefits // Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Prompt: Reader & MGG are best friends with “friends with benefits” relationship on the side. MGG falls in love but Reader is the type to shy away from relationships. 

Requested by: anonymous

You breathed deeply as Matthew rolled off of you, both completely sweaty and heartbeats racing. You smirked as you turned toward him.

“Good session,” you laughed as the two of you high-fived after having sex in the middle of the hot summer day. “Do you wanna grab ice cream?”

“I actually have to practice my script for the next episode. I’ve been putting it off,” he replied as he watched you get dressed. “But I’ll see you at AJ’s thing tomorrow?”

“Alright,” you said with a grin as you grabbed your purse from his coffee table. Next to it sat a “best friends” picture frame with a picture of the two of you at your last trip to Disneyland.

“I’ll see you later then,” you called out before disappearing out of his door.

Matthew sighed as he laid on the couch, his back sticking to the leather with sweat. He looked at his phone, a picture of the two of you as his lock screen and sighed even harder.

The two of you were best friends and had been for years now. One night the two of you had gotten drunk and ended up in bed together. Ever since then it would happen at least weekly when you both released your built up sexual energy with each other without strings attached.

Except Matthew had forgotten the crucial rule when it came to being friends with benefits.

Don’t fall in love.

He had fallen head over heels for you but had never summoned up enough courage to tell you. He knew how you were when you came to relationships.

You just didn’t have them.

You disliked having someone who constantly checked on you, who would get jealous whenever you hung out with anyone else and who would try to control you. You hadn’t exactly had the best experience with dating in the past so you’d never allowed yourself to actually have a serious relationship. It had been years since you even thought about dating anyone. You just didn’t need it.

Besides, you had Matthew. He was like the best of both worlds.

A knock on the door surprised him that evening before he opened it and allowed AJ inside.

“Hey, what’s up?” Matthew asked as he offered her a cup of coffee which she refused as she was already burning up from the hot weather outside.

“Are you up for a blind date? I found the perfect girl for you,” she said with a bright smile as she took a seat on his couch.

“No thanks. I’m not really looking for anything right now,” he replied with a shrug. AJ frowned at his lack of enthusiasm.

“Matthew, you’re 36. Don’t you think you should be settling down by now?” She asked incredulously. Matthew was a wonderful guy and she wasn’t all too sure as to why his past relationships hadn’t worked out.

“I will,” he replied with a small roll of his eyes. “Someday.”

AJ opened her mouth to lecture him on the importance of finding someone and settling down when she caught sight of something blue stuck in between the sofa. She pulled it out, revealing an opened condom wrapper with nothing inside.

“Matthew, what is this?” She asked with a raise of her eyebrow. She knew he was incredibly against one-night stands so there had to be another explanation. Matthew quickly took it out of her hands and shoved it into his pocket.


AJ scoffed as she looked around, her eyesight landing on a small blue cardigan that she recognized immediately.

“Oh my god. You and Y/N! That’s why you won’t date!” she exclaimed as she pointed toward the garment. Matthew groaned at the fact you had ditched the piece of clothing before leaving.

“So are you two together or just fuck buddies?” AJ questioned with newfound curiosity. She had known you for quite a while ever since Matthew introduced you to their group of friends and she had immediately taken a liking to you. You were a sweet girl.

“We’re friends,” Matthew replied with a frown.

“But you don’t want to be just friends,” AJ concluded.

“I want her to be my girlfriend,” he admitted reluctantly. “But you know how she is about dating.”

AJ frowned at the truth behind what he said. She had tried various times to set you up on dates and you would always find some way out of it.

“But you guys are best friends. Maybe it’ll be different for her.”

Matthew stayed silent. He hoped that what she said was true but after months of being “fuck buddies” he felt as if you showed no real interest in him. Not in that way.

“Win her over, Matthew. We all know you can do it.”

Matthew arrived at AJ’s home the next day dressed in a button down shirt and new jeans. He had even worn his better pair of converse, the ones that didn’t have a huge hole on the side, and had fixed his hair the way you always complimented him on. He had left his small beard untouched as he remembered the amount of times you would rub your palms against his face and giggle with happiness at the stubble against your skin.

“Matthew!” You called out as you noticed him standing at the door. You waltzed over in your knee length dress that had been a birthday gift from him. He smiled as he saw you approaching.

“You look great,” he complimented as he looked you up and down. He had chosen a burgundy velvet dress that he felt suited you and he was absolutely right. You looked stunning.

“You too,” you replied as you noticed how put together he seemed. “And those?”

Matthew looked down at the bouquet of flowers that he held in his hands. He blushed before extending them toward you.

“They’re for you.”

“You bought me flowers?” you asked in surprise. You took them from his extended hand with a small smile. “That’s sweet. Thank you.”

AJ caught sight of the interaction and smiled as she caught up to the two of you.

“Y/N, why don’t I put those in some water?” AJ offered. You nodded and handed them to her with a thank you.

“So, let’s do this thing,” Matthew said as he offered you his arm. You chuckled and took it as he led you into the very adult party AJ had decided to throw that weekend.

The night went on a success. The food was amazing, the live band she had hired played songs everyone knew, and the two of you laughed the entire time over jokes and stories others told.

Matthew was on hand for your every need that night. He fetched you drinks, walked with you to the bathroom when you needed it- for “protection” he had claimed- and even took you out to dance.

You couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked that night. You loved the small crinkles by his eyes whenever he laughed and his bright smile was enough to send an unknown warmth through your heart.

By the end of the night you knew that the way you saw Matthew was no longer platonic. Everyone smiled as he threw an arm around you during one of his jokes, already used to the incredibly close friendship the two of you shared.

But no one had realized just how close it had been.

You had to admit to yourself that a part of you had been denying feelings for a while now. Your sex drive was never incredibly high but yet you found yourself at Matthew’s every other day. It had to be more than just using each other. You had been reluctant to admit that you pictured yourself with him at all because of your past experiences.

But this was Matthew we were talking about. He was never unreasonably possessive or jealous. He had always been supportive of your endeavors and gave you your own space.

“Matthew,” you greeted as you opened your apartment door to see him standing there. He smiled before extending out his hand which held another bouquet of flowers. You smiled as you took them before stepping aside to let him in.

He had been doing this weekly now. He’d show up with flowers and the two of you would talk for hours, sometimes binge watching Netflix and always ended up tangled in each other by the end of the night.

A part of you felt as if the sudden gifts were because he felt guilty about using you for sex. You didn’t like the idea of him feeling that way, not when your own feelings had flourished into something you never thought would happen.

“Matthew, I have something to confess,” you said as you turned away from the television. You had been watching Friends and you could hear Phoebe trying to teach Joey french in the background as Matthew sat up straighter and looked at you. You took a deep breath before continuing.

“I… I think this friends with benefits thing isn’t going to work out,” you said. Matthew felt his heart shatter as he prepared to be completely rejected and thrown out of your home.

“Oh. Okay. That’s fine,” he replied softly as he tried to seem okay with what was being said. He had been putting more effort into you as he frequently bought you flowers and candy and other trinkets in hopes that you would see him in a different light. Now he just felt foolish for ever thinking it was even a possibility. He scanned the floor for his shoes that he had kicked off, preparing to leave.

“It’s not working out because… Well… Because I think I’m in love with you,” you finally managed to spit out.

Matthew froze as he heard you. You loved him. And not as a friend. You were in love with him.

“Oh god. Now I’ve ruined everything,” you said as you hung your head at his silence. Matthew finally recovered from his shock as a broad smile appeared on his face.

“I’m in love with you too.”

Matthew chuckled when you kept talking, his words going right over your head.

“I know you probably have thousands of girls lined up and they’re all bound to be better than me and I just feel so dumb now and-”

“Y/N,” Matthew said as he cut you off your rambling. “I’m in love with you too.”

Your eyes widened as you finally understood what was happening.

“You are?”

“Yes. Why do you think I’ve been bringing you flowers?” He replied with a small laugh.

“So those weren’t guilt flowers?” You asked meekly.

“What? No. No,” he said with a shake of his head, “I was trying to make you fall in love with me.”

“Well then. I think you succeeded,” you replied as you tackled him down, your body strewn on top of his and your face inches from his own.

“I’m so in love with you.” Matthew murmured as he looked up at you.

“You’re in luck then Mr. Gubler. I’m completely, head over heels, wildly in love with you too.”


This one’s for @kiernaserea​ who requested a fic too. I love you so much, puppo, and I hope you like this!

Tony always dealt in numbers.

Emotions came in ratios, risks in proportions, lives came with probabilities and deaths came in percentages. They were all numbers and he understood them best that way. Philosophies intrigued them but he couldn’t do anything with them. They were up in the air; intangible. He played art with equations and his canvas was always filled with the future.

Which is why he didn’t understand partnership. 

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Future AU!

I have no idea why this got stuck in my brain pan and broke things. It’s terrible angst and def mentions of nsfw. Pre-Fracture Tim time travelling to the Robinpile / Night Sky future (which started out as TimDami). I have no excuses other than broken, bad ass Tim and future boyfriends.


For anyone living the vigilante life, time fuckery is just par for the course.

So, really, Red isn’t shocked to see the softly glowing green that could be the dimensional door for just about anything. It could take him a hundred years in the past, a few multiverse skips in woo-woo World, hell, it could even plop him down on the second star to the right, straight on until morning.

The force of which the thing throws him into solid reality with a little more force than he counted on, slamming the vigilante into brick and mortar before he can counter the force of terrible things, like gravity.

The owfuck isn’t as bad as it could be, but the eyeful of what the fuck is more than his brain pan realistically wants to handle at this juncture.


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part three of my Strangebatch fluff by sobeautifullyobsessed

part one

part two  

regretfully, he inquired, “Your time here is growing short, I take it?”

Teyla sighed heavily, reminded of the difficult task that lay ahead for her.  “No talk or thought of that tonight, Doctor.  Tonight I long for the tranquility of a quiet garden and the companionship of a kind man.”  To her credit, she sounded light of heart.

“Then I will see you have exactly what you wish, my dear.”  Surprising himself, he raised her hand and kissed her knuckles, then looked out upon the water, wondering if she would consider that little act too forward—or perhaps wish that he might be moved to more.

Instead, she rested her head on his shoulder, humming contentedly.  Some unknown nightbird called out from the grove of fruit trees on the far side of the still pool; its sweet song was soon taken up by another. In such a setting, Stephen found it easy to imagine they were mates, their pleasant trilling the joyful greetings exchanged as they came together after being parted for too long.  That he was indulging in such uncharacteristically soft musings perplexed him, like a language long forgotten from disuse—until he considered the light of the moon, the garden’s perfume, and the gentle woman leaning against him. 

“Your moon is quite enchanting, isn’t it,” she pondered, and he realized she was likely picking up on his emotions without even meaning to; second nature to her surely, but a marvel still to him.  “But she pales in comparison to the moons of Hadeeth.”

“Moons?” he asked, giving her the encouragement to tell him more; he could not read feelings nearly as well as was her wont, but the trace of longing in Teyla’s voice spoke well enough that she was feeling at least a little homesick

.“Moons,” she repeated, raising her head to look at him directly, eyes wide with delight, “Anya, the eldest, wise and steadfast in her orbit, ruler of the tides.  Enya, middle child, ever brightest of the three, mistress of all nocturnal creatures; she speeds apace or lags behind as her stubborn nature dictates.”  Her voice had fallen into a storyteller’s captivating rhythm; Stephen could picture a circle of Hadeethan children at her feet, listening raptly as she shared with them the folklore of her people.  “And Nonya, wayward youngest of the three, ever eager to appear before the sun has fully set, and last to leave the sky each dawn.” Teyla lowered her eyes shyly as she added, “Nonya is thought the patroness of lovers and their secret trysts.”

Stephen chuckled softly, charmed by both her tale, and the bashfulness that had overtaken her at the mention of lovers’ assignations.  “That’s far more exotic and appealing than some of earth’s legends about the moon; there’s one ridiculous one that maintains the moon is made of cheese.”

“You can’t be serious,” she laughed, “Who would believe such an outlandish idea!”  With narrowed eyes, Teyla studied his face, searching for any sign that he was teasing her, “Oh—but surely you jest?”

“I swear it’s true, Teyla—though I like the poetry of your moons far more than the foolishness of mine.”

That brought a pretty smile to her face, lighting her dark eyes with mirth.  Stephen wondered if she even realized that she was flirting with him; it had been the furthest thing from his mind when he’d invited her for an evening stroll through the National Botanical Gardens of Kathmandu.

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask for Tony Stark/Stephen Strange piece? Maybe after Civil War? Strange being really protective of Tony when the old Avengers arrive (back) at the compound. Especially Strange protecting Tony from mean and hurtful words/sneers from the team? Steve in particular, because Tony is kinda afraid of him after Siberia. Just some hurt/comfort with Tony and Strange, pretty please?

Well, since you asked so nicely ;) Fair warning though, I haven’t seen Doctor Strange yet so I mostly went with my impression of the actor from Sherlock. Hope you like it anyways! And just in case the prompt doesn’t make it obvious, this isn’t particularly Steve friendly and contains angst

“You’re not listening!” Steve accuses sharply, fire burning restlessly behind too blue eyes. It’s not the building frustration or the first beginnings of anger exactly but the tenor of unrelenting steel echoed in every syllable that causes Tony to freeze in his place.

It has happened before, ever since the exiled Avengers have returned on American soil again, if Tony’s honest. The fire that burns so bright and all-consuming in Steve hasn’t lost an ounce of its intensity during his time on the run and nowadays, with the entire world on the brick of a war it can’t afford to loose, it seems to be the only thing the resistance has left to draw strength from.

Everyone but Tony, that is.

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Relationship Tips for INFPs

Relationships are a continual interplay of giving, receiving, and compromising. Although every MBTI type has its strengths and weaknesses, your type need not determine your behavior. Moving outside your comfort zone opens up the opportunity for healthy personal and interpersonal development. There are certain human needs that are universal and this makes it possible for any two types to connect with one another. If two people are willing to lower their defenses and genuinely attend to each other’s needs, then the relationship has a great chance for success and happiness.

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All things

A/N: This is my first Ron fanfic. I am sorry if he is a bit off, please do give me some critism about his characterization though!

Summary: Life was devious and things never go as planned, as Ron Weasley decided to purchase this ring, in his mind already picturing the perfect proposal.

Pairing: Ron Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 2911

Warnings: none! It’s fluff!

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This took far too long to write and it isn’t even that exciting of a chapter. However it does introduce some interesting aspects for the story which I’m excited about. Hooray for Hawkeye! Apologies to @meganlpie, @animefreak808, and @doctor13th for taking so long with this. Coursework levels have shot up recently. In the meantime, enjoy!

Prompt:  Part 5 was really good! I was so glad Steve came in when he did.


I can’t believe I just heard about part 5! Loved it, I’m very interesting to see what’s going to happen next. Loki’s in deep shit…

Stolen (Part 6)

Part 5

The Avengers Tower looked like a train wreck. There was construction equipment and scaffolding everywhere. Windows were blown out, things were falling off everywhere, and, every now and then, sparks would fly off of the side.
“You live here?” You asked as Steve helped you clamber off of his motorcycle. You were dressed in what you’d woken up in – sweats and an oversized shirt.

He chuckled.
“No, I don’t live here but you will. It’s safe here.”
“That’s… but I thought I was going to stay with you.”
“I’ll be around. I told you I was going to help you, didn’t I? I just won’t be the only one.” He smiled and took your hand, leading you inside.

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