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So, typing this out I realize it sounds kinda rude, but... is it hard to run this blog? I'm just curious how much it entails and how much effort it requires. By the way, thank you for running it. Y'all are cool as heck.

Thank you!!! It is definitely an effort to run this blog - there’s the time we spend every day going through the inbox, adding to the queue, and replying to asks & fanmail; plus the time (and money!) spent on maintenance stuff like updating the sidebar links, wrangling the tag cloud, fixing the formatting & theme, and managing the domain name (we actually own!) & related issues. 

(We don’t normally point it out, but we do have a Ko-fi link. If y’all like what we do and want to support us doing more of it, you can click the big orange button in the sidebar to buy us a virtual coffee!)

I’ve been running this blog since I started it in 2012, with occasional help from some friends, and the other mod joined the blog full-time about a year ago when it got to be too much to handle all by myself. I’ll admit I’ve thought of closing it down a few times, when we got a lot of anon hate or when running the blog started interfering with real-life stuff. But you guys continue to be awesome, and all the effort we put into this blog is totally worth it when we get comments like yours. Y’all rock! :D

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This morning, I woke up, hobbled out to the kitchen and realized that… the grocery list is long, and my pockets are empty, and I am hungry all the time. So I made myself some coffee, which is not food, but will do for now.

Then I checked my bank account, and… jeeze.

SO I made a new COUPON CODE for my Etsy shop for a WHOPPING 25% oFF OF ANYTHING which is pretty serious. I am hungry and poor, and I need money for much more than just groceries, like picking up my meds tomorrow, and bills, and shipping things, etc…

So if you go to my Etsy shop and use the code “FEEDME” at checkout, you’ll get 25% off of your order! I’ll even throw in some freebies, stickers, fun stuff, just to say thanks.

There’s also a donate button on my blog’s front page if you wanna do that, but you can get some cool stuffed things too!

I’m also gonna try to blow through my commission queue because I need to get them done too ;w; Thank you so, so much in advance!

Rainbows in Cologne

Okay, here goes nothing:

24 hours after the best 2 hours of my entire goddamn life.

let me start by saying that i love all of you beautiful people that were at the concert and in the queue, you were all beautiful, we were all colourful, and thank you all for being the kindest most loveliest people ever. also thank YOU, Harry, for creating an environment where so much love and kindness can blossom and spread, where everyone feels loved and free. THANK YOU; ALL OF YOU!

now here comes the story of how my day went. The 27th of october in all its glory!

I got into the queue at about 7am with Jule, Mira and Evi, where we immediately got talking with other rainbow clad beautiful people. The one I wanna mention in particular is Chantal, with whom i was rubbing cheeks after 30 seconds so that some of the glitter on my cheeks might get onto hers, bc sharing is caring.

The wait was cold, and long, but FUN bc i was surrounded by the BEST PEOPLE! Some of the hightlights happened when i started going around to give away the beautiful rainbow hearts @beatingfortwo had given into my care. SO many people were so so eager to get a heart! Were excited and lovely and were so happy when they found a heart with their colours! Others hadn’t heard of the hearts before and were blown away by how much work was put into them, stressing how lovely they were!! At one point, what felt like two blocks down the queue, there was a group of fans that had managed to build themselves a little tent in the middle of the queue, under which they were sitting on small chairs with a small table in their middle enjoying a little bit of sparkling wine. When i came by with my hearts, one of them gave me a bright smile and sad: “Hey do you want some? I think it’s only fair if you get something in return for your lovely hearts!” And so she gave me her glass and we shared a lovely moment, huddled in their tent with rainbow hearts and alcohol, while outside the drizzling rain wouldn’t let up. If you, lovely sparkling wine girl, should ever see this post, you were very lovely, thank you!

Another hightlight was when I ran into a mum waiting outside the queue with her children who asked me about the hearts. She was so lovely, and complimented them and got herself one out and then she offered me 1,50€, which i tried to decline, bc those hearts are for FREE! Love and safe spaces are for free! But she said: that kind people should be met with kindness and that she wouldn’t take the money back! I thanked her and told her that i would get myself a cup of hot cocoa for that money, for which she then said: Oh, dear, then take another euro with you, so that your friend can have one as well!!

Dear lovely mum? You were wonderful! THANK YOU! (i really needed that hot cocoa after a while, you saved my night!!)

Another lovely rainbow clad angel threw a whole package of oreos into my box of rainbow hearts as a thanks and that also melted my heart!! YOU WERE ALL SO LOVELY!!!!

While handing out the rainbow hearts i met @pattern-pals who got started with her flower buttons, and not only am i incredibly happy that i managed to see you, bab <3 <3, but im also incredibly happy how well received your buttons were bc they were so creative and beautiful and everyone loved them and just… i guess this is a shout out!

Back in line, Chantal and I were becoming fast friends, and we were all huddling together for warmth with our other friends (Evi, Mira, Jule) and eating our snacks. Snacks were shared among all of us in the queue! I got Gummibears from people on my right, cheese sticks from a lovely group of girls from the netherlands on my left and in front of us were three adorable and beautiful Austrians that gave Chantal and me a jigger each at about 4pm, when we all raised a small toast for Harry Styles. Everything was LOVELY! All around us were the rainbows people had brought with them, there were rainbows flags given out for the sott project, there were rainbow bow pins, there were rainbow buttons, there were rainbow stickers that had: treat people with kindness, wirtten on them, …. we were all drowning in rainbows and it was so so beautiful.

Let’s jump to the concert.

Harry Styles is the loveliest, most talented angel and i cannot thank him enough for the things he has done for me. It starts by him spreading the message of kindness and love, and compasses things like how he helped me come out as trans, how he gave me the pride! and strength to be loud about who i am, how i only had the bravery to buy AND bring a trans flag out i public, to a concert, when he brought them on stage on his own!, it includes the reality of the fact that he is a big part of why i overcame my depression earlier this year unscathed, and it ends with me making so many great amazing friends through him (and ofc one direction as a whole).

By now you have probably all seen the videos, and seen the venue shining in all the colours of the rainbow!! Being there was….. something else. And i don’t think i will be able to summarise any of it, bc im still a mess about it all. But he saw it, he saw us, he thanked us, he said we were colourful and he thank us for being nice to each other and for being nice to him. I don’t know how to thank him, but he did a lovely job of it, so i’ll follow his example: THANK YOU!!!

What didn’t happen was his speech about embracing a stranger in the audience, which i think he forgot bc of kiwi 2.0, but it doesn’t matter, because…. when the lights went back on…. everyone, friends from before, new friends from the queue, people you only met in the venue, every one turned to eachother and we HUGGED!! I was hugged by two lovely girls that i only met in the venue, in the hour before MUNA came on stage, and they saw me struggling not to cry and they both hugged me, squeezed me tight and they were so lovely. Chantal hugged me, I hugged Evi, behind me people were hugging, no one was leaving, no one was even trying to gather their things… we were all just….. loved. loving. spreading love. and ofc that was US! only US! but also…. harry you’ve done it. You have created one of the safest and warmest spaces for us, and you spread love with so much impliciteness that it is so easy and natural to follow your example and i love you so much for that!

I love all of you lovely people that got to experience Cologne with me.

You will always be in my heart.

Thank you.


as promised, more nygmobblepot stuff!! inspired by this song by glass animals, one of my favorite bands. + some extra color palette stuff b/c i was messing around with color overlays! you could call this an au, but its really just an artsy doodle of little oswald taking a nap next to ed because i need that fluffy shit in my life. 💚💜

do not repost, the reblog button is there for a reason!! <3

i used some stock photos for couch + pose reference.

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taako says he mains sombra in fantasy overwatch but he's a liar he mains genji and spams the i need healing button and it's not nearly as bad as magnus seeming like he'd main reinhardt or some tank but NO HE MAINS REAPER AND GETS IN CHARACTER AND HES SOMEHOW THE EDGIEST ONE IN THE GAME (shoutout to the director and garfield for playing good ana and widowmaker and actually pulling the team). i'm just a simple mercy main and honestly i think merle uses an aimbot this game is a mess right now


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So I have no idea about the quality of the product or seller (or if there is a good seller elsewhere) but the 10 in 1 Spinner and Fidget from Incredible Science looks super cool if it's good. It's basically a fidget cube in the shape of a tiny remote (which seems like a v good size and shape) and it also works as a spinner!

[image description: two 10-in-1 fidget toy/spinners on a white background. The toys look somewhat like a garage door remote control, being a black oblong shape fastened to a round, black metal ring attachment. The left fidget, working from top to bottom, shows four round blue buttons, a notched-edged spinning wheel sectioned into six pieces numbered from 1-6 with a small upwards-pointing arrow at the base of the wheel, a black roller ball and two blue plastic gears. The right fidget, also top to bottom, shows a round blue spinning wheel, the reverse side of the crimped wheel with words written in each of the six sections, and two ridged blue push switches.]

Anon! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’d seen knock-offs of these toys around before, and there’s a post in the queue, but I hadn’t seen conversations about the original version of the toy or its original name, so I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

The Stick Spinner is listed at $14.95 USD on Incredible Science. I can’t tell if there’s international shipping on offer, as the shipping info page takes me to the customer returns page, so non-US folks who are really excited by this item might have to send them an email to inquire.

For folks who are looking at this and struggling to figure out how this works as a spinner (like me), there’s a YouTube video showing this toy in action.

(It’s kind of loud, there’s annoying-to-me background music, the captions are auto-generated and the presenter takes three minutes to get to the point of demonstrating the toy. Seriously, skip to the 3:00 mark.)

There’s already knock-off versions available: check out this one for $5.26 USD on Amazon (does not ship to Australia, so probably North American only) and this listing for $4 AUD on Wish.

(The search terms “fidget spinner two in one” seem to get me the best results if you want to check out other vendors; “10-in-1” and “stick spinner” got me nothing.)

After checking out the video, I’m feeling the need to want to try this one out myself. This looks like a lot of fun for stimmers who want a multipurpose stim toy that doesn’t weigh down pockets or bags and includes a spinning component.

Again, thank you so much, anon!

- Mod K.A.

Besides all the weird things the internet told people we did at our shop, like print concert tickets or sell pinatas because were were listed somewhere for party supplies, the most frustrating was people who didn’t do any research and just showed up expecting buttons to be made on the spot.

We mostly operated online as a business that makes custom buttons to be ordered online and pick up at the shop. Occasionally, for a fee and by appointment, we would scan things or help someone design artwork. We would often get people who would come in and demand buttons right there when we had a 3 day work queue already. Sometimes they would get pissed and say mean things. The most puzzling being a couple that came in for buttons for a party and wanting them right away. I told them we already had a 3 day queue of work and that we need appointments for design work. As they were leaving the store one of them looked at me and pointed to the other and said “Well, she has cancer!” and walked out. I mean, my buttons are rad but I’m pretty sure they don’t cure cancer.

And don’t get me started on the other people that didn’t do research and just showed up expecting to find sewing buttons and then get pissed at me that they drove in from the suburbs and we didn’t have what they wanted. How is that my fault?

Most of the ill advised people got to us from Yelp. Yelp had no category for us that made any sense at all. They would call and try to get me to pay to advertise with them and I’d have these sassy conversations about how they could better inform their clients by having a better system that actually worked for people. They were continually confounded by what category to put us in. That’s how we ended up with requests for photocopies because we were under printers and pinatas and streamers because we were under party supplies.

We moved the shop a year and a half ago. I was getting so burnt out and frustrated that I honestly considered doing something different with my life. Then a little spell work to find focus and this warehouse space a mile from out house opened up and it is perfect. We are still set up like a shop but it is behind a locked door. We have a doorbell on a stick that we put outside with velcro when we have appointments but can bring it in when we don’t. It’s taken a lot of stress off me.

Unknown has given me...

… Unknown happiness

… Unknown banks of feels

… Unknown depths of horniness

… Unknown levels of love for a title so unknown.

Damn you Arashi and especially you Sakurai Sho!

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i didn’t want to comment on this but whatever. I’ve been on tumblr for about 9 years now and seriously it’s not worth it lol 

nothing is worth it. 

If you don’t like something, leave it alone. Don’t engage with people who do. 

Use the block button as lightly as you please, and do your own thing.

AH, and go outside. Don’t think too much about this hell site. Queue things so you don’t have to be on here 24/7, and find a hobby idk. 

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You're so talented and have a way with words... Would you be able to tell us how we could figure out someone's Mercury sign through their Tumblr tags?

Okay so

Aries is 100% caps.
Taurus never fucking tags anything unless it’s like “Love yourself ❤️” cause it’s their queue thing
Gemini tags shit like fUckiNG THIS BC IT TAKES TOO MUCH EFFOrt to to unhit the fuckING CAPS BUTTON SO ILL JUST WAIT UNTIl i do that aCCIDENTALLY. It’s a mess.
Cancer always does the “Self care ❤️ Self love ❤️” or it’s literally just #depression
Leo is every. fucking. tag. possible. #B&W #Photo #Photography #Meme #LoL #Puns #Color #Funny #Cute #Girls #Tag #TaggityTag It often doesnt make sense and theres a thousand of them
Virgo is another #Selfcare #Selflove #Takeyourmeds queue tag
Libra is always SO! EXCITED! and talks about how cute things and are like #love this make up someone should buy it for me lol
Scorpio tags their shit with the most sarcastic tags but refuses to post them
Sagittarius doesnt tag shit, but instead actually reblogs to comment on them
Capricorn doesnt tag, but when they do its always 100% what its about
Aquarius is their own social commentary and disapproval
Pisces is a short amount of tags that go with the topic but is typically also extremely excited and tells an entire fucking 60,000 word novel in the tags about the time THEY had a dog, and it was cute.

I got through October of 2013 in my archives. I should keep going but I don’t feel like it. I just keep wanting to reblog things instead of put them in queue. Are you enjoying the vintage tumblr? When they turned text posts into link for no fucking reason and asks were not rebloggable. Also, the post button used to be at the top so whenever you read a long post and wanted to reblog it like that damn “colors of the sky” post you have to go all the way up to the fucking top.

Trying to steal my games? Good luck with no operating system.

(warning: long story)

Not really sure how “Pro” this is, but back when it happened, it was gold.

Looong time ago when people used “3D printed save icons” to swap games between friends, I set-up a nice revenge for a friend of mine who stole games from me.

One friend of mine (let’s call him Larry) had a really cool game where you drive around a custom made tracks and do all crazy “Stunts” on the track (without mentioning the name of the game). Every time I was visiting, we spent hours and hours of building new tracks and playing the game. He told that he got it from 3rd party and would not copy the game for anyone. I really wanted that game..

A month passes and I got my hands on a new game where you pick four characters and try to be a “Master of a Dungeon” by killing lots of monsters with weapons and spells. Needless to say, I was holding onto this game and would only trade it (illegal copy) for a driving game (illegal copy of if). This dungeon game was only one that Larry didn’t have, and he begged for me to give it for him for a week. I agreed if he would copy the driving game for me in return. Mysteriously, he always acquired the games I got, only few days after me, so I didn’t have much else to trade in, ever.

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Hi - When answering an ask message, hold down the Alt key (or Option key on a Mac). You'll see buttons to Save as Draft or Queue. If you save as a draft, you can schedule or queue the post, preview your post, add tags, set your own URL or switch to HTML view. Thanks, Mykl

Hi unwrapping . Thanks for the info about answering asks on Tumblr :-) . I didn’t know about this at all. But this is very useful and helpful. I’m glad that it’s actually possible to save answer posts as a draft.

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Hospital Bills

Hey everyone, my fiancé has recently been admitted to the hospital with flu. I’m typing this from the ER because we’re going to need help with bills. He is uninsured, and so the admittance and treatments are all out of pocket. Seeing as we don’t know how bad the bill is yet, I’m just here offering what I can. My commissions queue is open, and I will draw anything. My normal commission rates are up, as well as $5 sketch doodles of anything as well. NSFW, pairing or character of your choice.

My ko-fi is also open, the button is at the top of my grumblebee-trilogy page.

Please, if you can, help us with the costs as we’re unsure when our next check is going to come in. I will be reblogging as more info comes in.

Thank you


It seems like the end of the semester always gets to me!! But I’m still alive!!

I live on campus during the school year but usually in the summer I head back to live with my parents. But by some stroke of luck this year a friend offered me to be his roommate at his apartment over the summer. It’s really close to campus and there’s a little trail behind the complex that leads right to the train station I take to work. The trail is so cute and is under a canopy of trees! I love walking down it in the morning when the weather is still bearable! Please someone save me from the heat!

My coords have been pretty casual as of late, but I did a major overhaul of my wardrobe and got rid of a lot of stuff, so now there’s room to buy more! I wanted to show off this cute dress I wore as an ootd today though. Look at the buttons! I usually pair it with a warmer undershirt and stuff, this was my first attempt to use it in a more summery sense. It’s my goal this summer to figure out how to keep cool in the heat and still dress mori.

Sometime this week I’ll replenish the queue for this blog so it’s more active and hopefully I’ll post more now that it’s summer!

(whole outfit is thrifted)

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How do you set up queue? Can you help me please I'm totally clueless and I don't have time to post much.

When you go to reblog a post, you can select the option to add it to your queue in a few different ways! When you reblog a post using tumblr on a computer, the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner that says “Reblog” has a down arrow next to it. If you click it, you can select “Queue” to add it to your queue.

If you’re using mobile and you hit the reblog button, when you’re on the little screen where you can add comments and tags to your reblog, click the top right-hand button where it says “Reblog” and again, change it to “Queue” !

You can select how often your queue posts by going to but instead of “sherlock” put in your url (that one’s mine and that link won’t do anything for you)! Or you can click the little person icon in the top righthand corner and when the dropdown shows, click “Queue,” it’ll be under your url and icon right under the drafts button.

When you’re looking at the queue, at the top of the page you can select how many times a day it posts and between what times. All you have to do is select your timezone. For example, I’m in Mountain Time. I have it so it posts 20 times a day between 6 AM and 11 PM.

Note: So long as there are posts in your queue, they will be posted. Your queue cannot be paused.

Hope this helps!

@msunderestimated podcast has been my monday-drive saviour for a couple months now and I wanted to make something for it that reflected the image I always saw in my head when it popped up rather than the current profile image.

Laura ( @hockeychickchat) and Amanda ( @lazyandg) you guys are amazing! I love you so much! Listening to your podcast is like hanging out with friends every week who are more educated, eloquent and hilarious than I am. I appreciate the way you discuss every sensitive topic or hot button issue with tact and thoughtfulness and I hope loads of others are enjoying you as much as I do.

If you like the Penguins, or if you like hockey I definitely recommend checking them out!

***I tried to make the hockey woman kind of racially ambiguous BUT in using the Penguins’ colours she turned out kind of white ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I had a previous version where she was blue with eyes and better, but alas, you win some you lose some. 

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How do I get me a post on this blog?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Submissions are ONLY open on weekends. When submissions are closed, the link will say “url not found”.


  • If it’s been less than a week, it might still be in the queue
  • You did not state your age
  • You pressed the ‘submit’ button more than once. This meant I was spammed and you may now be blocked.
  • There was nudity, partial nudity or suggestion of nudity (it needs to be super obvious that you are wearing clothes)
  • You identify as male, or stated that you and a male partner were both looking for someone
  • There was a technical difficulty.
  • Or (if you used tags)  maybe you didn’t follow the tag rules:
  • You selected more than 1 age group tag
  • You selected the wrong age group for your current age
  • You selected more than 1 location tag

Read the rules again and try submitting again :)

I don’t read and memorise the url of each submission, I just check that it has followed the rules and either press delete or queue. I go through submissions from oldest to newest, so by the time I get your message, I have no idea if I got a submission from you. I no longer go through every submission in the queue to check. If you are super worried, submit again in a few hours.

1 week or less. Submissions are open over the weekend and then posted throughout the week. If your picture doesn’t appear in that time, it either didn’t follow the rules or there was a technical problem.

Yep. Check out the links

I’m happy to do this for you but I need the link to your post. The link looks something like this:
Please do not ask me to delete your post without providing this. I’m not asking for your url, I need the direct link to your actual post. If you send it via ask, it says that you cannot send a link. All I really need is the part after /post/ so if your link is please just send /post/1234567890.

7. I’M TURNING 18 SOON. IS IT OK IF I SELECT BOTH “16to17” AND “18to24” TAG?
No. Select only the CORRECT tag.

No, I don’t make changes to submissions or posts. You can resubmit if you want to. But wait a few hours first. Otherwise it will come up right after your first post and I will assume it is spam. I work my way from the oldest to newest posts so even if you send a message, I will only see it after I have already deleted or queued your submission. .

If you followed the rules, it is somewhere in the queue. If you didn’t follow the rules, I have deleted it. It is not fair to expect me to go through hundreds of posts to try to find yours. If it gets posted, send me the link and I can delete it for you then. Please really think about submitting a post before going through with it.

By checking the page. I think there might be email notifications if your settings allow for it.

No. I will just delete it.

To promote safety for younger users, I add a disclaimer to all submissions of people under 18 (and an extra one for under 15). I need to know whether or not this is you. All you need to do is say how old you are.

No. I do not accept even partial nudes or “suggested” nudity (where I can’t tell if you’re wearing anything eg. a low top that cannot be seen in the photo). Post whatever you like on your own page but please wear clothing in submissions. Read the rules for further clarification.

All queer females/feminine aligned (trans, asexual and nonbinary inclusive).
Men (and those who identify predominately as men/masculine) are not allowed.

Yes, if both of you fit the criteria above. If one of you identifies as male, then no. This blog doesn’t allow men at all. If you are looking for a threesome that includes a male, go someplace else.

It depends. If you are looking for a girl to join in sex that includes a male, go someplace else. If you are a queer female looking for friends OR you are polygamous and only looking for a romantic partner for yourself (NOT including your male partner/s) then you are welcome.

Because it would be unfair to the people who submitted on the weekend and have been waiting in the queue. Plus once I post one, I get hit by about 20 more right away. Especially if it’s one of those “like if you’re in this area” I could have whole pages of just those if I posted them all. If you do want to find someone in your area, check out the tags!

It is no longer a rule that people need to leave contact info in the caption - it is SO difficult to get people to read and follow any rules at all, so I try to make them as simple as possible! I have kept the rules about stating your age for the safety of younger people. I have kept the rule about tags so that you can get accurate search results (this is why  started this blog - all similar blogs allowed people to select all the tags and it was just a mess)!

If someone isn’t logged into tumblr when they submit, it asks for your email when submitting but comes up as “anonymous submitted”. I do try to delete any of these that I notice in the inbox but I’m usually preoccupied with checking for ages, tags and possible nudity, so some get through and I’m sorry about this.

You can try reblogging their post and saying you wish they had left their url and hope that they see it!

My flatmate got a Switch for Christmas, and he’s been playing Breath of the Wild this afternoon. Up until now my interest in the Zelda franchise has been zero but damn, I think I’m understanding the hype for this game. Makes me wish I wasn’t so shit at using a controller; I mostly restrict myself to turn-based rpgs like Persona or button-mashers like Bayonetta. Anything that requires timing and finesse I find very challenging without a mouse.

My other flatmate got me Kholat for Christmas and I may have to put it towards the front of my to-play queue.

Also despite disparate time zones, this dnd game might actually happen??? I must try not to get too hype about it until I know for sure. But I wanna =.= Wanna get hype. I suppose I should do some planning of some kind.