there is a queue button and i will use it


hi angel buttons i love all of you 100% but i’m going to take a lil tumblr break until after the election because i’m!!!!!! so stressed out about it i ate half a jar of peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at work!!!!!!! in the foyer!!!!! with a spoon!!!!!!!!!!!! deeply unprofessional.

anyway you are all the best and most wonderful people in the world and i’ll see u in 6-ish days.

please do ur FIBS a favor and vote for hillary clinton, if you’re of age. also, vote democrat for the senate, because if we can turn the senate blue we have a change at making things not only NOT TERRIBLE but also MARKEDLY BETTER. so let’s do that!!!! message me after you’ve voted and i’ll heap praise upon you.

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i love u let’s be cats together


as promised, more nygmobblepot stuff!! inspired by this song by glass animals, one of my favorite bands. + some extra color palette stuff b/c i was messing around with color overlays! you could call this an au, but its really just an artsy doodle of little oswald taking a nap next to ed because i need that fluffy shit in my life. 💚💜

do not repost, the reblog button is there for a reason!! <3

i used some stock photos for couch + pose reference.

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🎮 + Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (Jyn and Bodhi)

(Jyn playing as Evie in the Ripper dlc) Trying to make Evie climb up a the building. “CLIMB DAMN IT!!!! NO WRONG WAY!!! NO NO NO NO NO……shit….” Evie fell and died. Jyn fighting as Evie: “DIE KRIFFING YOU FREAKS DIE!!!!!!!!!”

(Bodhi as Jacob in the Ripper dlc)  Trying to make Jacob climb up a building. “Climb please… wrong way……go up…. no!…oh I fell.” Jacob fell and died. Bodhi fighting as Jacob: “What button do I push? Oh! I push that one…… I have to kill all of them?”

there is a queue button for a reason. please, everyone, for the love of all that is good, use it. i’m so tired of having to scroll through spams of stuff i don’t even like for thirty minutes at a time when i’m on mobile.

Just figured this out but...

Apparently if you have an ask, you can actually save it to drafts or queue it up like any other post??

When you’re answering the ask, you hold the Alt button and the option on the ask (which normally just say Post) change to Save to Drafts and Queue.

I guess I can now schedule asks to drop at random times?

Or I could work on an ask and then save it for later??

I feel like like I just discovered fire!