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So, typing this out I realize it sounds kinda rude, but... is it hard to run this blog? I'm just curious how much it entails and how much effort it requires. By the way, thank you for running it. Y'all are cool as heck.

Thank you!!! It is definitely an effort to run this blog - there’s the time we spend every day going through the inbox, adding to the queue, and replying to asks & fanmail; plus the time (and money!) spent on maintenance stuff like updating the sidebar links, wrangling the tag cloud, fixing the formatting & theme, and managing the domain name (we actually own!) & related issues. 

(We don’t normally point it out, but we do have a Ko-fi link. If y’all like what we do and want to support us doing more of it, you can click the big orange button in the sidebar to buy us a virtual coffee!)

I’ve been running this blog since I started it in 2012, with occasional help from some friends, and the other mod joined the blog full-time about a year ago when it got to be too much to handle all by myself. I’ll admit I’ve thought of closing it down a few times, when we got a lot of anon hate or when running the blog started interfering with real-life stuff. But you guys continue to be awesome, and all the effort we put into this blog is totally worth it when we get comments like yours. Y’all rock! :D

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as promised, more nygmobblepot stuff!! inspired by this song by glass animals, one of my favorite bands. + some extra color palette stuff b/c i was messing around with color overlays! you could call this an au, but its really just an artsy doodle of little oswald taking a nap next to ed because i need that fluffy shit in my life. 💚💜

do not repost, the reblog button is there for a reason!! <3

i used some stock photos for couch + pose reference.

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taako says he mains sombra in fantasy overwatch but he's a liar he mains genji and spams the i need healing button and it's not nearly as bad as magnus seeming like he'd main reinhardt or some tank but NO HE MAINS REAPER AND GETS IN CHARACTER AND HES SOMEHOW THE EDGIEST ONE IN THE GAME (shoutout to the director and garfield for playing good ana and widowmaker and actually pulling the team). i'm just a simple mercy main and honestly i think merle uses an aimbot this game is a mess right now



Dating the King of the Quarter wasn’t all that it was advertised to be. Marcelhad the weight of the city on his shoulders. Making sure the humans didn’t find out about the supernatural, keeping peace between witches, werewolves and vampires, as well as dealing with The Mikaelson’s.

You, deemed as the Queen of the Quarter wanted to share some of that weight. However when you tried to get Marcel to see reason, the conversation ended before it even started. Stress was beginning to take a huge toll, not just individually but within the relationship.

Wearing an old shirt of Marcel’s, drink in hand and lounging across the sofa. The sunset was glowing over New Orleans, giving you a beautiful evening view of the city. Titling your head back against the pillow, you were daydreaming of much simpler times.


Running around the penthouse, Marcel was seconds behind you. Laughing, as a pair of strong hands pulled you into their body. Marcel’s hot breath tickling your ear. “I think you own me a kiss?. That was the deal, remember?”.

He was right. You teased him relentlessly and just as he was leaning in for a steamy kiss, you bolted across the room shouting for him to catch you.

“How can I refuse the King of the Quarter?”. Cupping Marcel’s cheek you gave him a steamy kiss.

“I dare say being King has it’s perks, but the biggest is definitely being able to have you right by my side. I’m no King, not without you”. He confessed.

End of Flashback

Smiling at that memory, it showcased a time where there was balance between you and Marcel. A sense of unity, strength and most importantly a display of affection that didn’t have to be faked or forced. Now, it was a constant war of tug and pull. You leave, he then charms you back again.

The door being slammed tore you away from daydreaming and thrashed you back into reality. Marcel roughly threw his jacket, looking rather irritated. “What’s good being King if no-one listens?”. He let out an overworked sigh and sat down onto the sofa. Setting down the drink, you shifted closer, rubbing his shoulders and arms.

“What happened now?”.

“Klaus is going off the rails as usual, the witches aren’t willing to help and it’s just a damn mess out there”. He explained, the tiredness in his eyes growing more and more distinct.

When you increased the pressure on his shoulders, you could feel some of the tension lift. “Let me help. I can talk to the witches, get them to see sense”. As soon as the subject was mentioned, Marcel tensed up again.

Moving off the couch, he settled in front of the window. “No, I can handle the witches. There is no reason for you to get involved in supernatural politics”. He stated, quite firmly.

Joining him, the view was breath-taking minutes ago. Now, the sun had set and dark grey skies loomed over New Orleans. “That’s your answer every time I offer to help, Marcel. And I’m starting to get sick of you treating me like I’m fragile glass. In case you forgot, I’m a vampire too. And I survived 2 centuries just fine on my own, before I ever meet you”. Shouting across the room, volume increasing due to your voice echoing off the walls.

Marcel’s shoulders slumped down. “I know you aren’t fragile Y/N, hell, I’ve seen you kick ass before. But this time is different. I don’t want you to go out there and risk your life just because a few witches refuse to listen. And I’m sorry if that pisses you off, but I rather you be alive and pissed, then dead”.

His intentions were good, pure even. Nonetheless it didn’t stop you feeling useless or controlled.

Marcel’s shirt rose up a little, as you rearranged your fringe, revealing a tiny hint of lace panties that you were wearing underneath. His eyes, for a split second darted down, then back up. “I can’t keep doing this dance with you, Marcel. Going back and forth, our relationship feels stuck. It’s extremely sexy that you want to protect me, but I’m not a child. I’m your god damn girlfriend. But lately it seems like you’ve forgotten that. Although I’m not at all surprised the King of the Quarter values his city more than me”.

Storming past, he caught your wrist in one slick movement. “I love New Orleans, I won’t deny that, Y/N-”

Yanking your hand from his grip, you retorted back. “But if you were forced to choose, your answer wouldn’t be me”. Staring into his dark brown eyes, he remained silent. “That’s what I thought, Marcel”.

“Are you making me choose?”, he asked in a hushed offended tone. When you didn’t reply, he looked to the side, exhaling a breath. Turning to face you. “We’ve been through hell and back together. And you should know that I god damn love you as much as I do New Orleans, why is that not enough for you?”.

Glancing at him, stunned was the understatement of the century. “I want you to love me more than you love this city!. And that may sound incredibly selfish, but god Marcel, I shouldn’t have to fight for your affection. I shouldn’t have to demand attention from my own boyfriend. I shouldn’t have to ask you to love me!”. Taking a much needed breath, you paused to let your words sink in. “You know what, Marcel. I think we should just part ways. Clearly this, us, isn’t working anymore”.

Although he tried to hide it, you still saw a glimpse of pain flash in his eyes.“Yeah, you know what, I think it’s best for both of us“.

Nodding, you walked into the bedroom. Reaching for the empty suitcase in the closet, you begun to fill it with all your belongings. Unbuttoning Marcel’s shirt, you replaced it with a black tank top and tight black jeans.

When you re-opened the doors, Marcel stood facing away from you. “I left your shirt on the bed”. He didn’t look up nor did he respond. So you took that as your queue to leave.

Shutting the door, the sound of a glass shattering against the wall was heard.  Pushing the elevator button, it made a ding sound and in you stepped. Looking at your reflection in the mental doors as they closed, apart of you desperately hoped Marcel’s hand would stop the elevator…no-one came.

It had been over many times before, a few days would pass and then back to each other. But the sickening feeling in your stomach made you realize this time was harshly different. It was really over.


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So I have no idea about the quality of the product or seller (or if there is a good seller elsewhere) but the 10 in 1 Spinner and Fidget from Incredible Science looks super cool if it's good. It's basically a fidget cube in the shape of a tiny remote (which seems like a v good size and shape) and it also works as a spinner!

[image description: two 10-in-1 fidget toy/spinners on a white background. The toys look somewhat like a garage door remote control, being a black oblong shape fastened to a round, black metal ring attachment. The left fidget, working from top to bottom, shows four round blue buttons, a notched-edged spinning wheel sectioned into six pieces numbered from 1-6 with a small upwards-pointing arrow at the base of the wheel, a black roller ball and two blue plastic gears. The right fidget, also top to bottom, shows a round blue spinning wheel, the reverse side of the crimped wheel with words written in each of the six sections, and two ridged blue push switches.]

Anon! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’d seen knock-offs of these toys around before, and there’s a post in the queue, but I hadn’t seen conversations about the original version of the toy or its original name, so I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

The Stick Spinner is listed at $14.95 USD on Incredible Science. I can’t tell if there’s international shipping on offer, as the shipping info page takes me to the customer returns page, so non-US folks who are really excited by this item might have to send them an email to inquire.

For folks who are looking at this and struggling to figure out how this works as a spinner (like me), there’s a YouTube video showing this toy in action.

(It’s kind of loud, there’s annoying-to-me background music, the captions are auto-generated and the presenter takes three minutes to get to the point of demonstrating the toy. Seriously, skip to the 3:00 mark.)

There’s already knock-off versions available: check out this one for $5.26 USD on Amazon (does not ship to Australia, so probably North American only) and this listing for $4 AUD on Wish.

(The search terms “fidget spinner two in one” seem to get me the best results if you want to check out other vendors; “10-in-1” and “stick spinner” got me nothing.)

After checking out the video, I’m feeling the need to want to try this one out myself. This looks like a lot of fun for stimmers who want a multipurpose stim toy that doesn’t weigh down pockets or bags and includes a spinning component.

Again, thank you so much, anon!

- Mod K.A.

Unknown has given me...

… Unknown happiness

… Unknown banks of feels

… Unknown depths of horniness

… Unknown levels of love for a title so unknown.

Damn you Arashi and especially you Sakurai Sho!

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Imaginerding, Zootopia.

Zootopia is a smash hit at this point. It’s breaking records left and right and clearly there is a demand for it from audiences! So what better way than to capitalize on that than giving Zootopia it’s own land! As for why Zootopia over other properties I would say it comes down to 1. Need 2. Theme 3. Location as it fits all these three criteria perfectly. It’s no secret that Animal Kingdom is in the middle of a transformation from a half day park to a full one. And with the promise of Avatar Land on the horizon in 2017 it seems there is a lot to look forward too. But even with the new land I still feel Animal Kingdom is still missing out on things to do, especially for the little tykes! And if you look at Animal Kingdom’s attraction lineup there isn’t a traditional dark ride that would seem excitable for the all ages crowd! 

Zootopia fits the need for attractions especially aimed at youngins, it’s theme fits perfectly in Animal Kingdom’s mission statement and would go hand in hand with the rest of the park, and there is PRIME location for this land to be made right by Rafiki’s planet watch.

The land you see above is hidden from guest view on the train and is one of the large expansion pads over at Animal Kingdom. Realistically you could fit three lands in here but for now let’s just focus on one. 

Using the red as the outline here you could have a WONDERFUL little zootopia land e ticket family dark ride and all! As for what the land would look like I don’t think that’s a difficult thing given how the movie gave such detail 

Have giant skyscrapers looming over the land and other various buildings all forming the metropolis that is Zootopia. Now given that the film make it clear that entering is done through monorail I think it wouldn’t be all that hard to retheme the current train that leads to Rafiki’s planet to match the one from Zootopia. Doing so would give the land a real kinetic energy and authenticity making the only way in and out through monorail! The land could consist of one E ticket family dark ride, and perhaps 2 b/c ticket rides sprinkled throughout the land. But I think a major part of what would make this land work would be the kinetic energy of the city itself. Fill it with unique retail and dining options all teeming in the metro area! From the Elephant Ice cream shop which could feature JUMBO sized ice cream goods to other fun animal themed shops and eateries! For example even making a walk through area of little rodentia could even work as one of the extra b/c tickets of the land!

Idea’s like this are just the surface of what could be done with this area! As for the E ticket Attraction I think the family dark ride should be a cop search and rescue for a missing animal through Zootopia! However before we start on our journey the ride should have it’s queue/line somewhere that is fast, dangerous, exciting teeming with energy to get you ready for the attraction! 

The Zootopia DMV. Seriously we should be waiting in line in front of these guys and they should be the ones to call us into the actual vehicle loading area. And as one of the Directors of the film so beautifully put it instead of a cast member pressing a button to start the ride I would hope it would be none other than

Flash Flash 100 yard dash. I think seeing him slowly hover over that green button as everyone in the ride vehicle is just itching for the ride to start would not only be hilarious but true to the film. As for the ride vehicle itself I think it’s pretty safe to say it would be Judy’s police car.

The ride could take us through all the various areas of Zootopia each with unique temperatures and animals all the while visiting some of the friends from the film, Mr Big, Nick and Judy, Mayor Lion Heart, Mrs Otterton, etc.

All culminating into a nice high speed chase finale which would bring us out into the ZPD upon solving the case. Where upon exiting everyone could be given honorary ZPD badges and while passing by Chief Bongo’s office where we could see his silhouette and hear him recite a few lines here and there. And before exiting the building we would be bid farewell by this lovable cheetah  

As for entertainment options night there could be street dance parties hosted by Zootopia starling Gazelle and her dancers

Though the tigers may need to be put in area where nasty folks can’t reach em lol But the idea would be like the incredibles Dance Party only here it would make sense given she’s actually a performer. All in all I think there is a LOT to work with here when it comes to Zootopia and I think to not take advantage of that would be a real shame! If you liked this post please be sure to like and reblog and as always I’ll see you guys next time! Until then! 


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You're so talented and have a way with words... Would you be able to tell us how we could figure out someone's Mercury sign through their Tumblr tags?

Okay so

Aries is 100% caps.
Taurus never fucking tags anything unless it’s like “Love yourself ❤️” cause it’s their queue thing
Gemini tags shit like fUckiNG THIS BC IT TAKES TOO MUCH EFFOrt to to unhit the fuckING CAPS BUTTON SO ILL JUST WAIT UNTIl i do that aCCIDENTALLY. It’s a mess.
Cancer always does the “Self care ❤️ Self love ❤️” or it’s literally just #depression
Leo is every. fucking. tag. possible. #B&W #Photo #Photography #Meme #LoL #Puns #Color #Funny #Cute #Girls #Tag #TaggityTag It often doesnt make sense and theres a thousand of them
Virgo is another #Selfcare #Selflove #Takeyourmeds queue tag
Libra is always SO! EXCITED! and talks about how cute things and are like #love this make up someone should buy it for me lol
Scorpio tags their shit with the most sarcastic tags but refuses to post them
Sagittarius doesnt tag shit, but instead actually reblogs to comment on them
Capricorn doesnt tag, but when they do its always 100% what its about
Aquarius is their own social commentary and disapproval
Pisces is a short amount of tags that go with the topic but is typically also extremely excited and tells an entire fucking 60,000 word novel in the tags about the time THEY had a dog, and it was cute.

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Hi - When answering an ask message, hold down the Alt key (or Option key on a Mac). You'll see buttons to Save as Draft or Queue. If you save as a draft, you can schedule or queue the post, preview your post, add tags, set your own URL or switch to HTML view. Thanks, Mykl

Hi unwrapping . Thanks for the info about answering asks on Tumblr :-) . I didn’t know about this at all. But this is very useful and helpful. I’m glad that it’s actually possible to save answer posts as a draft.

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Trying to steal my games? Good luck with no operating system.

(warning: long story)

Not really sure how “Pro” this is, but back when it happened, it was gold.

Looong time ago when people used “3D printed save icons” to swap games between friends, I set-up a nice revenge for a friend of mine who stole games from me.

One friend of mine (let’s call him Larry) had a really cool game where you drive around a custom made tracks and do all crazy “Stunts” on the track (without mentioning the name of the game). Every time I was visiting, we spent hours and hours of building new tracks and playing the game. He told that he got it from 3rd party and would not copy the game for anyone. I really wanted that game..

A month passes and I got my hands on a new game where you pick four characters and try to be a “Master of a Dungeon” by killing lots of monsters with weapons and spells. Needless to say, I was holding onto this game and would only trade it (illegal copy) for a driving game (illegal copy of if). This dungeon game was only one that Larry didn’t have, and he begged for me to give it for him for a week. I agreed if he would copy the driving game for me in return. Mysteriously, he always acquired the games I got, only few days after me, so I didn’t have much else to trade in, ever.

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It seems like the end of the semester always gets to me!! But I’m still alive!!

I live on campus during the school year but usually in the summer I head back to live with my parents. But by some stroke of luck this year a friend offered me to be his roommate at his apartment over the summer. It’s really close to campus and there’s a little trail behind the complex that leads right to the train station I take to work. The trail is so cute and is under a canopy of trees! I love walking down it in the morning when the weather is still bearable! Please someone save me from the heat!

My coords have been pretty casual as of late, but I did a major overhaul of my wardrobe and got rid of a lot of stuff, so now there’s room to buy more! I wanted to show off this cute dress I wore as an ootd today though. Look at the buttons! I usually pair it with a warmer undershirt and stuff, this was my first attempt to use it in a more summery sense. It’s my goal this summer to figure out how to keep cool in the heat and still dress mori.

Sometime this week I’ll replenish the queue for this blog so it’s more active and hopefully I’ll post more now that it’s summer!

(whole outfit is thrifted)

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How do you set up queue? Can you help me please I'm totally clueless and I don't have time to post much.

When you go to reblog a post, you can select the option to add it to your queue in a few different ways! When you reblog a post using tumblr on a computer, the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner that says “Reblog” has a down arrow next to it. If you click it, you can select “Queue” to add it to your queue.

If you’re using mobile and you hit the reblog button, when you’re on the little screen where you can add comments and tags to your reblog, click the top right-hand button where it says “Reblog” and again, change it to “Queue” !

You can select how often your queue posts by going to but instead of “sherlock” put in your url (that one’s mine and that link won’t do anything for you)! Or you can click the little person icon in the top righthand corner and when the dropdown shows, click “Queue,” it’ll be under your url and icon right under the drafts button.

When you’re looking at the queue, at the top of the page you can select how many times a day it posts and between what times. All you have to do is select your timezone. For example, I’m in Mountain Time. I have it so it posts 20 times a day between 6 AM and 11 PM.

Note: So long as there are posts in your queue, they will be posted. Your queue cannot be paused.

Hope this helps!

@msunderestimated podcast has been my monday-drive saviour for a couple months now and I wanted to make something for it that reflected the image I always saw in my head when it popped up rather than the current profile image.

Laura ( @hockeychickchat) and Amanda ( @lazyandg) you guys are amazing! I love you so much! Listening to your podcast is like hanging out with friends every week who are more educated, eloquent and hilarious than I am. I appreciate the way you discuss every sensitive topic or hot button issue with tact and thoughtfulness and I hope loads of others are enjoying you as much as I do.

If you like the Penguins, or if you like hockey I definitely recommend checking them out!

***I tried to make the hockey woman kind of racially ambiguous BUT in using the Penguins’ colours she turned out kind of white ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I had a previous version where she was blue with eyes and better, but alas, you win some you lose some. 


1. I am working on the first installment of Lore for the Layperson. First I’m focusing on Beowulf. Part 1 will be a plot summary written as a simple narrative, for those who find it intimidating or inaccessible to read the full poem without any prior knowledge of the story. It’s basically going to be my version of Sparknotes, but written similarly to a kids’ story.

2. I’m going to try and knock out the rest of my devotional graphics because they really don’t take that long if I can just sit down and do them. After I’ve finished the ones I already have planned, I’m thinking about taking requests and putting up a totally optional PayPal donate button like I used to have for rune readings.

3. I am working on stocking the queue of my divination blog, @juniperandoak, so if you’re into that, you should give that blog a follow. That is where I will be posting my Daedric artifact tarot spreads as I make them. Which should be soon. Ish. 

4. I have a few easy, low-spoons, low/no cost spells I’ve been meaning to type up and post. Keep an eye out for those as well.

5. Unrelated to this blog but still worth noting, I started up a group for my local area pagans to reach out and connect with each other. I’m hoping it gets off the ground. It’s not any sort of formal meetup group, just a message board sort of deal, but everybody cross your fingers I meet some cool people and can start having some sort of IRL pagan community again.

That’s it for now, I think. As always, if you ever have any questions or want to chat, my inbox is open!

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        “Well, I can’t drink it cold!” She huffed, pausing before her finger could hit the start button on the microwave, turning to face him instead. “And I’m not using that swill they call coffee in here– someone used all my good stuff. So unless you’d rather we go on an impromptu coffee date, I’m going to microwave this coffee.”

To get the ball rolling on compliments for groups/RPHs:

I was super excited to see @babygirlhelps in the tags again, and I finally stopped being an ass and hit the follow button. I used her tutorials to figure out how to queue promos efficiently and I’ve secretly adored her ever since. Also, Penelope Garcia as a mascot? Yes please! Go check out her blog, she’s awesome.

this new post and reblog screen feels a lot less easy to post with (user friendly is the word i was looking for)

the “title if you want one” is obtrusive and the cursor auto starts there for some reason, tags are in a separate page now, and i can no longer just swipe to hit queue, that’s also in another page

also more button pressing which is annoying