there is a point to this i promise

Person A-D are in B’s car driving on the highway. It’s 2am in the morning and everyone is very tired. Person B stops at a rest stop get to some gas for the car. After, Person B comes back to the car.

Person B: okay we’re half way there, who’s driving now.

*everyone points to person B*

Person B: wait, we all promised that one of us would drive the next 4 hours to our destination. 

Person D: I’m too tired

Person C: I have a bad foot, it fell asleep

Person B:……..

Person C:  A will do it

*Person B looks at A*

Person A: *picks up the soccer ball from his/her feet and puts it under his/her shirt* I can’t , I’m pregnant. 

Person B:……..

Person A: I’m not putting our child in danger.

  • Me *readjusting tin foil hat*: I read this other theory about it being on the 29th. Based on the clues...
  • Brain: NO!
  • Me: Oh, I know it's just on the 22.11 you see. I mean it's a long wait, but I'm used to that.
  • Brain: NO! You promised to be causal.
  • Me: I have never seen somebody being so causal and unobsessed as me.
  • Brain: *points towards my Sherlock wall of crazy* NO!
  • Me: You know three is a sigh? The third brother...who is Jim Moriarty by the way, Sherlock's sister was imagined...
  • Brain: *Thinks about ways of swapping bodies with a non-Sherlock fan*

Pyrrha - “Well, Nora, how do you say we take care of this Grimm?”

Nora - “Oh, I suggest we operate excessive force on their posterior limbs to the point of fracture.”

David - “… So we break its legs?”


As promised, Nora and Pyrrha will join JPDE starting from the January release which will come out on Wednesday, the 25th of January!

- Meinos Kaen

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what if they do a different concept for each of the girls teasers and then transition into a new cool concept for this comeback??? seulgi teasers had the dumbdumb russian roulette aesthetics so what if they're going through the different concepts they've done to lead up to smth new bc sm did promise us a turning point .. idk .. am i getting my hopes up that would be so fun omg

wow could be, although i really doubt it because sm will not do so much hard work for rv, they haven’t done anything for them yet anyway. but the teasers look really good, and teasers don’t relate much to the actual mv, so we might have something different for the mv

@thestaffofra: That’s really weird! I don’t know why it disappeared :/ Hopefully it’s back.

Okay but imagine the first one with the Elrics. They were both taken as young boys and Ed makes it his mission to resist and protect Al. Every night he tells Al to play the part and act how they want him to, and promises that as soon as they’re able to they will escape. He wants to preserve his little brother’s innocence and originality as much as possible.

Edit: Every time they do something they shouldn’t be, Ed covers for Al and takes the punishment.

But as of late Al has noticed that Ed is changing…

And Team Mustang: Hnnnggg they start to notice and don’t want to say anything for fear that they will be caught and scrutinized too. They bring it up to Roy in private and he reveals to them what he knows. Then they try to cover his tracks and have their backs, and join the resistance.

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Your art is SO freaking amazing!! I seriously love you! Your Draco is my jam! LOVELOVELOVELOVE!!... & despite the next question I promise the previous statements were NOT a way to butter you up, I truly mean it... Do you do requests? Or suggestions?

thank you so so much, I’m really glad you enjoy my art! haha it’s ok, I really ought to set up some F.A.Q. at this point :’D don’t worry

requests are closed for the moment because of school stuff keeping me busy, I’m always open to suggestions but please bear in mind it doesn’t automatically mean I’ll have time or will to do them :’) it’s not anything personal, but the amount alone is sometimes simply overwhelming, and that’s disregarding other factors e.g. my life, so 

feel free to send suggestions at any time, but you’ve been warned :’D also, I expect to open some request slots in late February so please bear with me until then! thank you xoxo


nice canadian men, i fear that an angry orange child may soon be running my country… this is absolutely unthinkable to me. with this being said, i hope that one of you would be kind enough to undergo the small task of marrying me. i promise i’m not much of a burden, i mostly stay on my laptop and keep all my shit in one small area. i will gladly share my clothing and memes with you. thank you for your time, zack.

Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List  #1

There are so many great Otayuri fics on ao3 and I’ve… pretty much read them all haha. I wish I could include every single one I’ve read on this rec list, but then this list would probably go on forever so here are just some of my absolute favorites! Please go check them out if you have time! I promise you will love them. <3

From Almaty, With Love (ongoing, mature) by @boxwineconfession

I kid you not: as the Otayuri fanbase keeps growing, this fic will become known as THE LEGENDARY MULT-CHAPTERED SLOW BURN OTAYURI FANFIC. Because that’s exactly what it is. The characterization in this fic is unbelievably on point and Otabek and Yuri’s interactions are just so very… them. I greatly enjoy watching both of them suffer from the UST (although they are suffering no longer… heh).

run in my veins (50 sentences format, sfw) by @rovmustang

Absolutely exquisite writing. Some sentences will make you laugh, some will make you cry and all of them will make you feel like you’ve had the breath knocked out of you. I literally just stared up at my ceiling for ten minutes after reading this just contemplating the beauty of Otabek and Yuri’s relationship.

Feet first (Don’t Fall) (oneshot, mature, underage) by @gunboots

This was the first Otayuri fanfic I ever read and it just… blew me away? Otabek’s voice is so beautiful, clear and distinct, and you get the pleasure of watching both him and his relationship with Yuri grow over the years. There is underage sexual contact when Yuri is 17 (which, I would like to point out for the antis, is older than 16, Russia and Kazakhstan’s age of consent).

soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise (ongoing, sfw) by @thissupposedcrime 

This is a very unique fic with a semi non-linear format and a rich, engaging story! It explores Otabek and Yuri’s relationship over the span of ten years, and it’s really just… riveting.

Golden Days (oneshot, sfw) by @alcoholicrevo

The CUTEST fic you will ever have the pleasure of reading. I almost suffocated myself from muffling my screams with my pillow when the fluff got too real.

melt me down (oneshot, sfw) by @ohhotlamb

This fic is so gentle, romantic and enchanting that my heart just swelled with overwhelming love and affection for these two. Otabek is absolutely precious, and Yuri is smitten (the feeling is mutual!).

Endurance and Peach Tea (oneshot, sfw) by chapstickaddict (I don’t know their tumblr sadly)

This fic was such an emotional rollercoaster for me and I couldn’t help but drown in the wonderful feels. The ending killed me in the best way.

the naming of cats (oneshot, sfw) by @csoru

This fic cut me so deeply and made my heart bleed… But the ending plastered a nice band aid over the wound so it’s all good! All jokes aside, please go and read this fic; it’s so hauntingly beautiful that you’ll be aching from the feels for days.

on the verge of running into your arms (oneshot, sfw) by @clears-jellyfish-dress

Oh god, this fic highlights how utterly healthy, loving and caring Otabek and Yuri’s relationship is. Otabek is literally the bestest, BESTEST (I know that’s not a word but it gets my point across) friend in the world, and Yuri clearly agrees.

holding out for a hero (oneshot, sfw) by @mother-iwa-chan

I literally could not stop smiling while I read this fic. SO FREAKING SWEET AND ADORABLE AND JUST. AHHHHHH. SOMEONE HOLD ME PLEASE.

write my name on your skin (twoshot, sfw) by @altisetsky (one of my favorite blogs on tumblr btw 8D)

A refreshing spin on the soulmate AU trope! Ah, Yuri’s pining is just so freaking adorable to read…

down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em (oneshot, sfw) by @unhookingstarswithoutpermission

This fic killed me? Yeah, I just cannot get over how tender, loving and supportive Otabek and Yuri are to one another!

If the sparks didn’t glow (we would know) (oneshot, sfw) by @slumbrslumbrs

This fic made me smile so hard my face hurt. Everyone is so protective of Yuri, but Otabek is the best and purest bro. :)

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3


“Don’t be beautiful. They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. There are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful.” Insp.


Can you take a moment, promise me this: that you’ll stand by me forever. But if God forbid fate should step in and force us into a goodbye if you have children someday when they point to the pictures, please tell them my name. Tell them how the crowds went wild. Tell them how I hope they shine. 

US followers, I make a point to stay out of politics on all social media, and in person. I have my opinions and you have yours.

But please vote. Express your opinion, whatever it may be. It will make a difference.

Check Please
  • *Sitting at a restaurant*
  • Waitress: Haven't seen you in a couple months! How have you been?
  • Me: Great!
  • Waitress: What kind of gay would you like this month? We have the innocent straight but semi gay texting game that was very popular a couple months ago, and we also have the innocent-but canon confirmed Ice skaters that where extremely loved by the community about 1 1/2 months ago!
  • Me: hmmm, I've ordered all of those before; anything new???
  • Waitress: Hold on one second. *Walks to shady man in trench coat* *points at me* * is handed red envelope* *makes me sign a contract promising not to sue her* *gives red envelope to me*
  • Waitress:'s called Killing Stalking...

Okay so if you followed me for the few days before episode 12 was released, by now you’re probably aware that this is not how I wanted the anime to end.

But allow me to stress one thing that changes practically everything about my post-ep 12 feelings: This is not the end.

If this were the end, if this were the only season and there were no promise of another one then boy, I would have been pissed, to put it lightly.

But it isn’t over. That’s the point.

Yes, I wanted both Victor and Yuuri to retire, get married and live happily ever after in Hasetsu or Saint Petersburg or anywhere as long as they’re happy and married (and pair skating ofc). And yeah, I do feel like the anime was building up to both of them retiring and the development of episode 12 was forced and practically felt untrue to the characters, as though the writers were disregarding the past 11 episodes, but I can all but forgive them for such an inconsistent finale because it wasn’t a finale. It was a transition, and a sloppy one at that imho, but the point is that this is not the end.

I think most of us by now agree that they changed the last episode sometime in the last few weeks after realizing how popular the anime is and that having a decisive conclusion right now would kill the chances of a second season and when something’s popular and does well with the audience then killing the chances of a second season is a terrible idea.

So they basically did the opposite. They bet everything on the promise of a second season, going as far as delivering a final episode that tried to please everyone and ended up sort of annoying a good portion of the fans.

But you know what I say? Fair enough.

Because I also wanted more backstories and more domestic moments and more character interactions and just more. More than 12 episodes could cover. So that’s exactly what we’ll get. We’ll have more.

And I’m sure there are people out there who say that “I’d rather have one wholesome, perfect season than two, especially if the first one ended so poorly.” And yeah, I get those sentiments but I’d rather give Kubo and the team the benefit of the doubt and trust them to make an equally (or more) amazing second season, rather than write it off as trash just because it was somewhat inconsistent with season one. They have months to work on that story and I’m sure they can come up with something good in this period of time.

The finale to season one of YOI has left me unsatisfied.

But am I disappointed? Do I feel betrayed? Did it ruin the anime for me or make me love it any less?


Because if for the price of a lesser finale to episode 12, we can get another season of twelve episodes that could potentially even top this one then that’s a price I am willing to pay.

Victor and Yuuri can retire and get married at any point in time in their career. So long as they’re together, I believe everything will be fine.

And if I can get an extra 12 episodes and my perfect happy ending then not even a weak finale to one season can kill the joy in me.

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vader tries to take stabby and when he moves to pick it up stabby starts screaming for its dad in binary.

So this is for all of the people (@sassysnowperson and @devilangel657 and the couple of anons) who wanted more Vader/Stabby moments:

“Daddy! Dadddddyyyyy!” wails the droid. Vader holds it at arms length. It’s wheels spin into a hissing, frantic blur. 

“Why are you calling for your father?”

It is a cleaning droid. It has a knife taped to it, and it is rotating, trying to stab his gloves. It is the most pointless thing Vader has ever seen. 

“I want my Dad,” squeals the droid in fluctuating, messy binary. If Vader was feeling fanciful, he would say that it was childish: like the droid was just learning to talk.

Vader is not fanciful. Vader is a stone-cold killer. Vader kills children. This is in his top ten favourite things to do.Vader will obliterate this pointless mewling droid. 

It succeeds in jamming the knife under the join in his armour, but can’t yank it out again. It whirrs in frustration. 

“I want to stab you and I cannot, this is so annoying,” says the droid. 

“Would you like to go somewhere where you can stab all the people you like? I will give you implements so that you might stab with more deficiency.”

The droid deliberates. Then, “Yes, sounds lovely.”

And off they go.