there is a play tonight before the king

some aboriginal nhl’er info

tonight is Native American Heritage Night at Staples Center, so in honor of that i just sorta threw this post together right before i had to leave for that game. this is mostly stuff i knew off the top of my head tho so if any of y’all know anything else, please feel free to add it!
edit: check out the second post i made on this subject!

  • there are currently 10 native american players in the nhl; 6 play in the western conference, only 4 play in the east
  • the players include Jordan Nolan and Dwight King (LAK), Kyle Chipchura (ARI), Rene Bourque (COL), Micheal Ferland (CGY), Jordin Tootoo (CHI), Vernon Fiddler (NJD), Carey Price (MTL), T.J. Oshie (WSH), and Cody McCormick (BUF)
  • most of the players are either Metis or Ojibwe:
    Bourque, Chipchura, Fiddler, & King: Metis
    Ferland: Cree
    McCormick: Oneida & Chippewa/Ojibwe
    Nolan: Ojibwe & Maliseet
    Oshie: Anishinaabe/Ojibwe
    Price: Ulkatcho First Nation
    Tootoo: Inuk
  • Oshie is the only American-born native out of the 10. all the rest are Canadian natives
  • Price and Oshie are the only 2 to play for their respective countries at the Olympics, while Chipchura, Tootoo, and Bourque have played internationally in other competitions
  • Tootoo having to play with the Blackhawks is cruel and unusual punishment of the worst sort
  • Fiddler shares a birthday with me (and Steve Yzerman)
  • Oshie’s name in the Ojibwe language is “Keeway Gaaboo,” which means “coming home”
  • Tootoo’s name in Inuktitut is written as ᔪᐊᑕᓐ ᑐᑐ and his middle name, Kudluk, means “thunder”
  • Ferland, Price, King, and Nolan are the only players who haven’t played for multiple NHL teams
  • Nolan and King are the only two Stanley Cup champions out of the 10 while Fiddler and Chipchura were Calder Cup champions (in 2004 and 2007 respectively)
  • Jordan Nolan after both Stanley Cup victories:

also, to any other native nhl/hockey fans out there: reblog this and tag what
tribe(s) you are; i wanna see how many of us there are and how many different cultures we represent!

The hunt has made Cas nervous and he’s hovering. Dean sighs, pretending that he’s irritated with the angel’s constant scrutiny, watching his every move to make sure he’s safe, but the truth is he’s grateful for it. He played this whole thing off on the phone with Sam, not wanting his brother to worry while he’s waist deep in research at the bunker, but tonight had been a close call, and he’s feeling it.

In fact, Dean is so shaken and tired that he lets Cas check into the motel for him while he just leans against the door of the small motel lobby.

“A king bed? Or two queens?”

“One king will be sufficient,” Cas says. The woman who takes the fraudulent credit card smiles slightly, knowingly, at the two men before turning to her computer.

Dean rolls his eyes, knowing Cas has no idea what he just implied and not particularly caring at this point. He just wants to sleep.

Once in the room, Cas is still hovering. “I can help with the pain, Dean.”

Dean smacks away the hand reaching for his forehead, but quickly smiles to soften that blow. “I’m good, Cas. I just need some sleep.”

Cas nods. “Of course, Dean. I’ll watch over you.”

There was a time when that would have made Dean uncomfortable, would have made Dean snap something back in irritation and frustration. But tonight, it only feels nice. Safe. So nice and safe that Dean just nods and sinks down to the mattress. He doesn’t see Cas smile at this unexpected response.

“Okay, Cas,” he says with his eyes closed. “You can stay and watch over me.”

A few minutes pass by, Dean lying in the bed, Cas standing in the middle of the room, no physical need to sleep or eat or even sit. Dean is halfway to dreaming, brain fuzzy and in that dangerous place where it says the things he normally wouldn’t let it. “You don’t have to just stand there.” Dean knows without looking that Cas is standing, now probably looking at him with that funny little squint of his too blue eyes.

“I’m confused. Do you not want me to watch over you? I sensed your tension earlier, and thought it might comfort you to know I was here in case something happened…”

Dean takes a deep, shuddery breath. “Maybe-” and yep, his sleepy brain is going to say this out loud, “Maybe you could watch over me from the bed.”

For a long moment, nothing happens, and Dean almost wakes up fully in his fear that he’s gone too far. But then the bed dips with Cas’ weight. And he doesn’t just sit on the bed. He stretches out, reaches for Dean and slides him until they are tangled together, Dean’s head on Cas’ shoulder, his nose tucked up under Cas’ jaw, his arm across Cas chest with his hand dipping underneath the trench coat, eyes still closed.

Cas is warm and solid and smells so good, and Dean blames his body’s refusal to move away on the hunt and his vulnerable state afterward (not that he is ever vulnerable).

“Is this close enough, Dean?” Cas asks, worried that he’s not doing whatever it is that Dean needs.

Dean breathes in the skin of Cas’ neck. “Yeah, Cas. That’s close enough.”

Dean’s sleepy brain knows he wouldn’t mind if Cas found a way to get closer.

Saw In The Heights in London tonight and let me tell you 

Fan-fucking-tastic. The stage was literally  in the tracks of an old train platform at Kings Cross Station and it made the staging so cool. I mean, look at this

And also, the guy playing Usnavi was an understudy who normally plays Sonny, and he was so good holy shit. I mean the whole cast was killer (and a bunch of them were understudies too), but apparently he’s only played Usnavi three times so mad props to him.

Basically, this show was fantastic and if you can get to London before it closes in October, go see it
Once Upon a Time Season 5 Promo Has Dark Emma, Brave Merida and More
A new promo for Season 5 of Once Upon a Time reminds you of where the fantastical ABC drama has already been... and previews where it's going next. Debuting tonight, the teaser takes stock of some ...
By Matt Webb Mitovich

A new promo for Season 5 of Once Upon a Time reminds you of where the fantastical ABC drama has already been… and previews where it’s going next.

Debuting tonight, the teaser takes stock of some realms and familiar characters who to date have played a role on Once, before teasing the introduction of Brave‘s Merida (played by Amy Manson) and King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table.

The promo also reminds us of Emma’s new “look,” having allowed herself to be consumed by the Darkness in the May finale, in the name of saving Regina.

Summing up the theme for Season 5A as “Love is a dangerous weapon,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz told TVLine as part of our in-depth Fall Preview Q&A, “Emma is a very motivated Dark One. There’s a real driving force behind what she’s doing and why.”


Jennifer Morrison told me that Emma feels “free,” not having to serve as Savior, with the Darkness now consuming her. The question is: Does that mean Dark Emma is aloof, disinterested or, worse, cruel to those she loves? Morrison champed at the bit (and studied up) to tackle this dark detour; let’s just hope Dark Emma doesn’t add to the body count she started with Cruella.


Colin O'Donoghue has been deflecting suggestions that Hook, once very much a villain himself, might see in Dark Emma the most perfect girlfriend ever – which is, you know, kind of a shame. While the hope is that in the end the pirate will play a role in “saving” Emma, it’d be nice (and logical) to see him, if even for a fleeting beat, have his interest roused by her bad girl ways.

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Went to see the premiere of King John tonight. Had never seen that play done before and enjoyed it a lot (and not just because of Howie, though he was fantastic in it). Afterwards Howie was his usual charming, kind and grateful self at the stage door.

Also, shoutout to James Milner. Whose workrate has been unmatched, who played his heart out when we were down, who has been serving up assist after assist in every game that we have been playing and getting such little recognition for it. We would not have come back from this match if it weren’t for him. Whether or not he should have been handed the vice captaincy straight away is still debatable, but he led by example tonight and the night before it and I’m glad that he put in the shift that he did and led the comeback that he did in the number 7 shirt in front of the King. Hats off to you, Milly

Still Breathing was on the setlist tonight, but they didn’t play it. It was supposed to come right after King for a Day and before Minority, but they skipped it. They’ve probably not completely returned to health again and decided against playing such an emotional song. But I’m very relieved it’s on the setlist, I was worried I’m not going to hear live it at all. Billie’s voice did seem tired at the end.

As the band walked off the stage, it was her job to grab at least one of the members playing that night, get a few quick quotes from him or her, snap a headshot to accompany an article and go home.
Nothing unusual as a journalist.
She’d reported at the venue for about four years, so she knew the drill. She was sure nothing could surprise her anymore after a member of Kings of Leon pissed in the hallway just off stage before they played their last song. Or after the time one of Katy Perry’s backup dancers had to be carted out of the arena on a stretcher with half a tibia sticking out of his leg.
Shockingly, she’d never been star struck, either. She’d interviewed the likes of Beyoncé herself- her words had stayed smooth and her expressions controlled.

She felt a little bit different tonight.
The band had come in a little bit late, pushing back the concert’s start time, so she’d been able to hang around backstage.
What were the odds of the lead singer starting a conversation with the likes of her? An awkward role reversal of Princess and the Frog reeled through her mind. Anywho, she’d been scooping up some pretzels from the snack table and turned smack into the man himself. Her pretzels scattered off of her plate and onto the tile flooring surrounding them.
“I am…so…” She found herself at a loss for words. He simply chuckled and knelt down to begin picking up the mess on the ground as she snapped out of her daze and helped him.
“Do you work here?” He asked, his deep voice sounding a little bit like wet gravel. Post-nap time?
She blinked several times before responding, contemplating how to answer him.
“Uh, well…yes and no?” She awkwardly shoved a pretzel into her mouth and chewed methodologically.
Swallowing hard, she continued- “I’m a journalist and my friend works in the higher-ups here so I come here for most of my stories.”
He nodded, smoothly snatching a pretzel from her plate and tossing it into his own mouth. “Yeah,” he replied, “you do look like one of those.” The sneer left his mouth decorated with a smirk as he chewed. Her taken aback expression was enough to press him further.
“I mean, the hip clothes, the camera and media pass….your body…” He drawled. How did her body cue hike to believe she was a journalist? She knew several co-workers larger than her…was he…
“Is that a fat joke?” The accusation left her mouth before she could filter it through. His cocky expression immediately transformed into one of embarrassment as he shook his head and attempted beginning his rebuttal.
“I- you aren’t- no?!” Was all he could muster as she shoved the plate of pretzels into his chest and crossed her arms across hers.
“I’ll give you ten seconds to come up with an explanation or else my headline will be ‘Fat-Shaming Pissface’ right above a picture of your cute smug big head.”
He blinked several times out of rhythm, wondering where the assumptive sass came from.
“I didn’t mean that at all, ok?” He threw his hands up, palms forward as if to surrender. “I was hitting on you. Obviously you’re not fat, and if you were- it wouldn’t matter!”
She relaxed her figure some and tossed her hair over her shoulder, attempting to hide a grin.
“Also, did you call my head…cute?” He asked cautiously, cocking his head.
“Dude, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Soundcheck- now,” interrupted a British head from around the corner.
“Rain check?” He suggested with a raised eyebrow.
She simply nodded and watched him turn and jog toward the stage, plate of pretzels still in hand.

The last few guitar chords and bangs of the drums sounded and the band had given their final bows. The first three guys sprinted off by her around her designated spot backstage.
Then came the mysterious Prince, who happened to be staring straight into the eyes of a complete toad and managed to turn her insides into dust.
“Let me guess…” He said with a smirk. “You want to know how the energy in the arena was, what my favorite song to play is, and if I am dating anyone- ya know, for the fans.”
She furrowed her brow. How could anyone think so lightly of her?
“Actually, I was wanting to know which song was the most challenging for you to collectively stick together and how you keep your voice healthy. But if you want…”
“Do you wanna go get some coffee or like….a steak or something?” He asked suddenly, grabbing a towel from an outstretched hand and wiping his glistening forehead with it.
“Uh-” she stuttered, watching gulp down a bottle of water thrown at him from a tech.
“I mean, I understand if you say no but I just-”
“Sure!” She blurted, causing a grin to erupt on his face.
He shrugged his shoulders as if to play off his sudden elation and chuckled quietly. A drop of sweat trickled down his nose and she watched it fall to her feet, her usual outgoing nature silenced by the attraction between themselves.
“I think this interview can wait till our steak…or whatever…” She whispered, looking up at him from under her lashes.
He laughed as a bandmate playfully slapped his butt, jogging off past both of them, yelling some incoherent, accent-muffled slang at him.
Holding out his fist for her to bump with her own, he whispered an “it’s a date,” and sprinted off after his friend.