there is a play tonight before the king

BTS Reaction - bending down in front of them

You distracted him unintentionally by bending down in front of him.


Namjoon sat in his studio’s chair, the music turned up as he tried to get the feeling for his new track, but something was missing. His muse! Then you walked in, handing him an iceed coffee and talking for a while before you took an empty bag of cinnamon chips that slipped through your fingers wherefore you bent down, ass so deliciously for his display.

“Thanks, y/n!”, he said, eyes never leaving your backside, he had definitely found his muse.


It was your first date and Jin decided it would be perfect to spend time in the park, the weather warm and nice. You played some frisbee as you turned around to lift it up, your skirt pushed to your panties as you bent over, his eyes wide as he checked you out.

“Y/n, can you give me the ball next to you, too?”, he asked just to see the sight again, sure he would cook you the best dinner tonight before doing something utterly different.


The dancing king had practice, the reason you visited. You wore tight clothes that day wherefore all eyes lay on you. A lunch pack in your hands you handed the boys their provisions until you saw that you forgot one next to you, Hoseok’s. You bent down to snatch it as a loud inhale drew your attention. Hoseok’s eyes got wide, his lips wetted by his tongue as he walked towards you.

“I thought you brought something to eat for me, too, but I much rather eat something different.”


Yoongi always had a thing for your ass. You weren’t exactly a thing, but he knew you well enough to see you naked on a daily basis. Tonight as well, but as you sat back down next to him after your shower, your pillow fell to the ground, your body aching to grab it by bending down from the edge, ass high up for him to see.

“Up for round two?”, he asked, deciding he wanted you on top of him, ass in his direction.


Shy Jimin wasn’t so shy anymore as you bent over to stretch, your round ass in his direction. You looked good, eyes focused on your backside before he took his courage to walk towards you.

“Y/n, how about I buy you more of those leggings?”, he asked, best friends should care for each other, right?


Strawberries picking was something Taehyung enjoyed the most, the sun shining down on his head, but what he enjoyed even more was to do it with you.

“Hey, y/n, look at this big-”, his voice stuck in his throat he watched you bent down to pick up your box, your pants short enough to see some of your skin. “Never mind..”, fascinated his attention was on your wiggling hip whenever you bent over to pick strawberries.


Jungkook sped up his pace, his legs aching as you stopped next to him, your breath heavy as you leaned against him. You two were good friends, a challenge made you jog with him, your condition the worst why he laughed at you.

“Your shoelaces are loose, y/n”, he said, his chuckle from your state stuck as you bent over, your soft flesh pressed against the thin material. He didn’t know what to do so he just stared at your ass, swallowing the knot in his throat.

Troy   {Sentence Starters}

  • “You’re nothing but a killer!”
  • “We will never be here again.“
  • “Why did you choose this life?“
  • “Careful, my mercy has limits.”
  • “We men are wretched things.“
  • “Would you leave this all behind?“
  • “If I hurt you, it’s not what I wanted.”
  • “I hope you understand that one day.“
  • “I have made many mistakes this week.“
  • “You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.“
  • “You will never be lovelier than you are now.“
  • “Do you really think death frightens me now?“
  • “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of tomorrow…”
  • “At night I see their faces. All the men I’ve killed.”
  • “You were brave to fight them. You have courage.“
  • “Your reputation for hospitality is fast becoming legend.“
  • “I told you how to fight, but I never told you why to fight.“
  • “I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands!“
  • “Before my time is done, I will look down on your corpse and smile.“
  • “You’re still my enemy tonight. But even enemies can show respect.“
  • “Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn’t that be a sight?“
  • “War is young men dying and old men talking. You know this. Ignore the politics.“
  • “You have your swords. I have my tricks. We play with the toys the gods give us.“
  • “The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last.”
  • “You say you’re willing to die for love, but you know nothing about dying and you know nothing about love!”
  • “Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?“

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11 - Trimberly?

(funny enough, I sent this same exact combo to Trimberghly! Also I don’t know wtf happened because I was aiming for <500 words but I failed spectacularly)

11. things you said when you were drunk

“Alright, explosion and balls back! How you like me now?”

“Yeah yeah, lucky shot. I’d like to see you guys do that again.”

Trini never used to be big on house parties. For one, people never invited her thanks to her exchange student anonymity, but secondly she just didn’t see the point. They often consist of drunk reckless kids acting like idiots talking shallowly to strangers because they both know that neither will remember in the morning. Houses get stuffy and packed to the brim with bodies, resulting in uncomfortably overheated conditions and general unpleasantries all around.

Drinks get spilled, outfits get dirtied, and there’s always at least one mysterious stain that lingers by the end of the night, but party goers endure it all for various personal reasons. Sometimes to unwind from the stress of the week by letting loose and having fun, but more commonly it was an opportunity to hook up. 

It was a scene that Trini never used to frequent.

Until Kimberly happened.

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I’ve been going through @wantniallie’s excellent masterlist of Niall’s solo accomplishments to watch/listen back to all of the interviews and performances, and these are the things which make me super-excited to hear what Niall will come out with next:

* As of 17 September, he only had an ‘early doors’ version of This Town (and being a perfectionist, he didn’t want to play it for Louis at his party, because it wasn’t ready yet), so in less than two weeks he managed to produce the final version of the song, record the 1 Mic, 1 Take video, and come up with a launch plan with Capitol - while also prepping for the Ryder Cup. 

* He was originally going to give it away for free on Soundcloud. And then when he decided to release it as a single, he released in on a Thursday, not on a Friday as most artists do when they are angling for the highest first week chart position. It wasn’t designed to be a lead single, it was his way of letting the world know that he had signed to Capitol and can write and sing and play guitar, with This Town being a taste of what he can offer as a solo artist.

* But the success of This Town, its longevity on the charts and radio playlists, still selling well, going platinum in multiple markets and getting played more than six months after release (its ‘long tail’ as the marketing guy from Capitol put it in that Billboard podcast), suggest that when he releases a lead single designed to chart, it can do really well.

* This Town was all about Niall being able to perform by himself, just one guy and his guitar, simple and humble but confident in his abilities. Very few artists could get up in front of an arena of 20,000 people or a TV audience of millions all by themself - no backing band, no backing track, no backing vocals - and impress people with just their voice and a guitar. He did that and more.

* But adding additional instrumentation and playing with a band for his AMAs and Tonight Show performances took it to a whole new level, and I’m really looking forward to see more of that style of production on his album - especially given that Jacquire King is producing the album, and I loved the Kings of Leon records he produced.

I’m pretty sure at some point before May 13 Niall will release a new song, and I can’t wait to hear it, but also to see how he approaches a release the second time around - especially coming soon after the hype/buzz surrounding Harry’s song.

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jack with a crush on librarian david au

I’m trying to put this as my first work ever on ao3 but it won’t let me login I’m not sure why. 

Thanks for the super cute prompt, tho! The rest are to come I’m writing these in between cleaning. 

Jack thinks he’s smooth. David accidentally flirts. The boys are dumb. 

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Hold It

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Synopsis: Quietly sneezing is definitely something Kim Taehyung has never mastered before…

Parent!Taehyung AU

Word Count: 720

Author’s note: So after making Wrong Milk, I really wanted to make another fatherhood au for another member. Then I watched a video of Tae sneezing and this happened. -Admin kai

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

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The Game Plan

Pairing: Jungkook x reader (female specificed - IM SORRY I FORGOT TO MAKE IT GENDER NEUTRAL)

Genre: flufffff

Prompt: “You’ve betrayed me”

A/N: Helloooooo everyone! I’m back at it again with another scenario!! Sorry if they don’t seem like they’re realistic enough – I’m still new to this haha. BTW this lowkey sucks but maybe you’ll enjoy it?? At least, I hope you do!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU HAVE A REQUEST, ASK ME. I desperately need things to write about, so if you like my writing style, please leave me a request. I’ll write basically anything other than smut bc I honestly have no idea how to write that lol

      Your phone screen lit up, and his name appeared in bold letters right above the new text message he’d sent you. You discretely looked around the lecture hall and then hid your phone under the table to reply, stealing glances around the room, trying not to get caught with your phone out during class.

     “Yo, you still coming over tonight for game night with the boys?”

      You smiled, having almost forgotten that today was Friday, the one day where you could get together with your boyfriend and some of your friends to kick back and relax. After such a taxing and stressful week at college, you were definitely excited to go someplace other than your dorm room and do something other than homework. Sure, essays were tremendously fun and exhilarating, but hanging out with some of the people you cared about most had to be even better.

      “Yep, I’ll be there with pizza at 7. See you then, Kookie! Love ya J “, you replied, grinning widely to yourself. You almost didn’t notice the dead silence in the classroom until you suddenly felt very hot. Looking up, you felt everyone’s gaze on you, and you made direct eye contact with your professor, realizing you’d been caught red handed.

      “Ms. Y/L/N, care to rejoin the conversation?” your professor asked sarcastically, gaining a few chuckles from your classmates and causing your cheeks to blossom into a light shade of pink as she then continued on with her lecture. Sliding your phone into your bag, you tried to refocus your attention on the symbolism behind whatever object your professor was ranting on about, but your excitement caused your thoughts to shift to your plans for that night.

      You juggled the pizza boxes in your hand as you reached for the doorbell, struggling to press the button. Before you could, though, the door swung open and the pizza was swiftly taken from your arms as you were ushered inside. Jin had grabbed the boxes and set them down at the kitchen counter, opening one, taking a slice, and putting it on a paper plate. The boys greeted you enthusiastically, and you smiled at their child-like mannerisms.

     “Y/N!! You brought food!!” Tae exclaimed as he engulfed you in a quick hug before heading straight for the kitchen.

     “I’m happy you could make it!! Let’s play Mario Kart!” Hoseok said, greeting you quickly before disappearing to finish setting the game up.

     “Hey, I just got here! Slow down, save some for me Tae, and I swear, if I lose one more video game to you guys, I’m leaving,” you said, chuckling. Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jimin were grabbing snacks before trekking back to the living room to set up camp in front of the TV. Jin was getting drinks from the refrigerator, and Tae was stacking yet ANOTHER piece of pizza onto his plate. Surprisingly, you hadn’t seen your boyfriend yet. Usually, he was the first one to greet you when you walked in the door. Before you could go look for him, though, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and he plled you close to him, lightly breathing into your ear, and sending shivers down your spine.

    “You ready to lose at Mario Kart? This champion can’t be stopped,” Jungkook teased, nudging your head with his own, obviously waiting for a heated reaction.

    “We’ll see. The king just may be dethroned tonight,” You replied, slipping from his grasp and looking back at him with a wicked smile on your face.

     He has no idea what’s coming! You thought to yourself, pleased. You, Jimin, and Hoseok had planned for tonight, and you guys were determined to wipe the smug look off of Jungkook’s face after he beat you all in every round played.

      You glanced over at Jimin, who subtly nodded and handed you a remote, before quickly grabbing Jungkook’s favored one and replacing the batteries. The plan was simple, really – remove the full batteries from the remote and replace them with halfway charged ones, so that the remote would die and FINALLY, someone else besides Jungkook would have the honor of being the victor.

      After grabbing a slice of pizza, you all kicked back on the couch, and the games began. Hoseok signaled at you to overtake him and Jimin on the track, and it wasn’t difficult since they were practically giving you second place. It was about then that Jungkook’s remote started to lose steam, so to speak, and he threw worried glances at the track on the screen upon realizing that you were gaining on him. You sat forward in your seat, licking your lips, anticipation building as you and Jungkook reached the final lap of the final race, neck and neck, heading for what could be a photo-finish.

      It was then that his remote battery died.

      He let out a wail as his remote disconnected, and you zoomed past him to finish in first, elevating your overall rank to second, and dropping him to third. You had finally beat the master competitor, the king among racers, Jeon Jungkook.

      Hoseok and Jimin jumped up, grabbed your hands, and celebrated as Jungkook looked on, suspicious and slightly irritated. Your celebrations slowly died out as you all avoided eye contact, his glare freezing you to your places.

      “What did you do?” He asked coldly, holding up his remote and gesturing at it. Jin and Namjoon excused themselves to the kitchen, knowing how seriously their maknae took competitions, and wanting to avoid any possible fallout over this sudden loss.

      “Well…” Jimin said, eyes darting between you and Hoseok, desperately thinking of a way around it. He knew that Jungkook wouldn’t be satisfied until he had beaten you guys at at least ten more games, and none of you could think of a way out of that situation. If it were up to Jungkook, you’d be up all night continuously losing just so he could prove who the real champion is.

     “C’mon, Kookie! It’s just one loss. You beat everyone else every other time!” You said cheerfully as you poked him in the arm playfully. His gaze turned to you, hurt.

    “My own girlfriend’s in on this? You’ve betrayed me, Y/N!” He said as he grabbed at his chest, his hand resting over his heart, and you rolled your eyes at his dramatics.

     “Jungkook, we know you’re the champion. You’re the best Mario Kart player, like ever. We just wanted to teach you a lesson, because you were getting too cocky,” You said, pinching his cheek as he swatted you away, slowly losing his grip on his act. He couldn’t help but grin at how cute you looked as you cooed over him, babying him to try and ease the effect of his loss on his ego.

     “That’s it! No more kisses for you until I win a game,” Jungkook threatened. He watched as your eyes widened with shock. You quickly turned to Hoseok and Jimin with an outstretched palm, wiggling your fingers expectantly. Jimin grumbled but begrudgingly obliged to your silent request and grabbed the remote you had used, took out the batteries, and placed them in the palm of your hand. You swiftly turned back to Jungkook who was biting his lip in an attempt to suppress his laughter at your sudden urgency as you pressed the batteries into his hand with two words.

      “Win. Now.”

       He grinned at you, then fixed Jimin and Hoseok with a challenge in his eyes. “You heard her. Sorry, hyungs, but I have to cream you now.”

     “You’re on,” Jimin and Hoseok replied in unison, determination in their eyes, and you all gathered around the TV again, rejoined by Jin and Namjoon, in order to begin a new round.

     You made sure to sit next to Jungkook this time, and stared at him expectantly after he won first place, waiting for your rightfully deserved kiss. He leaned in close and gave you a light peck, earning a groan from his friends, and a small smile from you.

     The rest of the night was spent laughing, throwing food, playing games, and enjoying your youth with no worry of the future. And as you listened to your friends’ laughter and gazed at your boyfriend’s bright and smiling face, you realized that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Your Service ~Two~

Part One

You watched Netti as she pulled down the last corner of the blanket across the mattress, proudly turning to you with a flourish. She tilted her head with a smug smirk and neared you with an air of expertise. You withheld an irritated growl and returned a sickly smile and waited for her to speak. You were far more impatient to reach the royal chambers and rectify the situation.

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Bughead Anthem: Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

🎶I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window
There’s no turning back for us tonight🎶

Run After You [Liam x Riley fic]

Notes: This was a fun piece. I feel like I’m stuck with the fics I’m trying to write and this was out of nowhere. So thanks to @kennaxval for his support. You the best M! Not exactly that tickling prompt we thought about, but this just took over. And I’m forever grateful for your support.

P.S. Riley sounds psycho in this and completely unfair..but this is literally my trail of thought when I’m arguing with my own annoying husband. Thanks to @blazerina for also inspiring this piece ‘cause of our amazing husbands haha! “James would never do us like this!” hahaha

P.S.S. And thanks to @schtaron for the third date idea. ;)  and tagging @thesupernaturaldoctorat221b cause Liam rocks our socks off. 

Hope you ladies like it. 

Pairing: Liam x Riley

FLUFF. FLUFF. FLUFF. And some angst. Cause I’m super petty when angry.

Furiously slamming the bathroom door and locking it, she hastily walked to the bathtub and drew herself a hot bath. She needed this tonight. A soft knock on the bathroom door made her eyes roll.

“Leave me alone!,” she yelled towards the door.

“Riley…talk to me. Please,” Liam replied in an almost begging tone.

It was hard to stay mad at him. He seemed to always know what to say, what to do, and where to kiss to bring her defenses down and forgive him.

But no, not this time. She wasn’t going to forgive him…not that easily anyway.

She undressed and slowly climbed into the bathtub, giving her time to adjust to the steaming heat, until she was finally immersed in its welcoming waters. Resting her head on the bathtub with her eyes closed, she focuses her thoughts on tomorrow’s busy agenda.

“Riley…,” Liam continued to try to talk to her through the closed door.

“Go. Away.,” she said irritably.

Opening one eye, she glances at the door, disappointed and relieved at the same time that he didn’t try to talk to her again. Shaking her head while letting out a frustrated sigh, she closes her eyes once again.

‘Annoying ass.’

Riley only ever swore towards her husband in her head, and even then, it was a rare occasion, only done when she was feeling extremely annoyed with him. She knew if any curse word ever came out her mouth towards Liam, she would instantly regret it, not wanting to think of the hurt it would cause him.

She couldn’t help it though as another curse word came to mind when she thought about him. Riley couldn’t believe he hadn’t remembered what today was.

Eight months ago today, Liam asked her out on their first date. The Beaumont House. Their pasta dinner. The awkward ice-breaker questions. The good-night kiss.

‘Oh goodness, that kiss.’  

She started to smile at the thought but caught herself.

‘No. I’m mad at him.’

While Riley knew most people didn’t celebrate monthiversaries, she and Liam had made it a point to commemorate the important events in their relationship. Especially since they were almost taken away from each other, the both of them came to treasure their time together, specifically their monthiversaries.

When she had woken up that morning, he was already gone. She didn’t see him all day until dinner a few hours ago, and he still hadn’t said anything. Riley had even asked him if he knew what today was.

“Wednesday…?,” he replied, not looking up from his dinner plate.

She found herself getting angry all over again at his response.

‘How could he forget?!’

‘Does he even care? He doesn’t even care anymore.’

‘…Does he even love me?’

Riley could feel a tear run down her cheek at her last thought. What if Liam didn’t love her anymore? After all they’ve been through, was he already tired of her? Tired of celebrating stupid little dates? First kiss. First date. First time they made love. A few more tears ran down her cheek. They were important memories to her and she foolishly thought they were important to Liam, too.

‘If he doesn’t care anymore, I won’t either.’

She bitterly thought while shaking her head. She tells herself she won’t remember their first kiss on the boat in front of The Statue of Liberty, even though it was one of the most spontaneous things she’d ever done. Or their first kiss in Cordonia and his infectious laugh echoing throughout the maze when she tagged him to be “it”.

She tells herself she won’t remember the first time they made love. How he had asked her if she wanted it hot and fast…or…sweet and slow. Riley could feel herself slightly blushing, remembering how Liam’s ripped body hovered over her that night. Cursing in her mind again, she reminds herself these are the kinds of events she needed to forget.

‘Liam forgot them already. I can, too.’

Sighing, she finally stands from the bathtub and drains the water. Wrapping herself in a towel, she prepares for the inevitable conversation with Liam that would eventually lead to them making up.

Riley expected to see her husband sitting on the edge of their bed, waiting for her, like he always did when they were in the middle of an argument. His expression unreadable, trying to play it safe by remaining quiet. Liam was the more patient one out of them. Always asking her what was wrong, wanting to talk things out calmly, never raising his voice even when she could tell he was getting frustrated.

But the room was empty and Liam was nowhere to be seen. She could feel herself getting upset again, this time, at his absence.

‘He’s so fucking hopeless.’

Drying herself off, she slips into a pair of sweats and a tank top. She could feel herself wanting to cry. The thought of Liam not even trying anymore saddened her. But angered her more. With a hint of pettiness.

‘Two can play this game, Liam.’

Riley climbed into bed but not before locking their bedroom door. The King of Cordonia could sleep on the royal couch or the royal hallway for all she cared. Laying in bed and scrolling through her phone, she noticed a missed text from Hana and replied back. Seeing Liam’s name in her inbox, she sees the last message he sent to her that morning.

“I love you, Riley. I’ll see you tonight my Queen.”

Damn him. She had forgotten all about that text. When she realized she missed him that morning, she went to her phone to send him a message but he beat her to it. Liam was good at that. He always made sure to kiss her good-bye before leaving and sending her quick messages at all times of the day, telling her how much he loved her.

But it still didn’t excuse the fact that he forgot about today she reminded herself. Especially since their first official date was her most favorite memory. She had learned more about the man behind the title of crowned prince that night. Riley still remembered the tender feeling of her heart melting when he told her about his research, wanting their first date to be perfect. Liam had done actual research on what happened on a first date, for her.

Then it hits her: that was the night she had fallen in love with him.

Riley could feel her tears wetting her cheek as she tries her best to dry them with the back of her hand. This was why it was her favorite memory. This was why she was so upset at him for not remembering what happened eight months ago. If it didn’t happen…would they even be together today? Would she had fallen in love with him?


Without hesitation, she answered her own question. Liam was and is an amazing man. One only had to spend a few minutes with him to see that. The dedication he had towards his responsibilities, his sincerity, his patience, the love for his people and country, his kindness, his laugh, his fierce commitment to keeping her safe, always putting her needs before his…she could go on forever. Even if that date hadn’t happened, she knew it was a matter of time before she eventually fell in love with him.

‘Damn it Liam.’

She silently scolds herself for ever doubting her love for him as she goes to unlock the bedroom door.

Making her way back to bed, she is determined to greet Liam with the proper affection, signaling to him she was no longer upset. But before she could climb into bed, there was a knock on the door.

“It’s open,” she called out, feeling guilty at the thought that this probably wasn’t the first time Liam had tried coming into the room.

Another knock forces her to maker her way back towards their bedroom door.

She opens it to reveal a relaxed looking Liam, with a cheesy grin, his hands behind his back.

“Liam, what’s going on? The door was open.”

“Happy eighth monthiversary of our first date, my love,” he said as he produced a bouquet of roses from behind him.

“Did you just remember?!,” she asked while taking the flowers.

Liam chuckled, “No. I remembered all week. How could I forget?”

Riley could feel herself tearing up.

“You..just didn’t say anything all day. And at dinner, you didn’t even… I come out of my bath and you’re not even there waiting for me. I just…I thought you’d forgotten what today was. I thought you didn’t care anymore.”

He pulled her close, laying his forehead against hers. Her arms instinctively went around his neck as she closed her eyes, inhaling his scent.

“Riley, look at me.”

Her eyes open and slowly look up to him.

“I love you. Do you know that?”

She nodded her head, trying desperately not to cry. She would be lucky to get out a single word out if she gave in to her emotions.

“I told you that night in the maze that your happiness is everything to me. It still is and always will be.”

Riley couldn’t hold it in anymore as tears freely ran down her face. Liam moved both of his hands to her face, trying to wipe away as many tears as he could with his thumbs.

“You were it for me, Riley. You and me, forever.”

She stifles the cry that come to her upon hearing his words. Her lips yearn for his as she closes the distance between them. Wanting to commit to memory the way he looks tonight, the way his lips taste, the way his eyes look at her.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I. Love. You. So. Much…,” she kept repeating in between kisses but it wasn’t enough. No words would ever be able to fully explain just how in love she was with her husband.

Liam laughs when she finally stops, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“You ready to go?,” Liam asked as he gently kissed her forehead.

“Go? Liam, I’m in pajamas. It’s time for bed.”

Turning around and grabbing her hand, he pulled her out from the bedroom.

“Lucky for us, I know a great restaurant nearby that doesn’t have a strict dress code, friendly wait staff, and the best ice breaker questions,” he says with a wink.

Riley giggled at his reply, realizing this was where he was this whole time. He didn’t forget. He was planning this, for her.

‘You’re an idiot Riley. He loves you. How could you ever doubt him?’

She laughs as he continues to pull her towards the makeshift restaurant. Liam suddenly stops in front of one of the many rooms in the castle and reaches for the door.

Before he can open the door, Riley grabs his hand and interlaces her fingers with his.

“Thank you for this. I’m…so sorry I was so…crazy earlier,” she says as she kisses his hand.

Liam smiled at her before pulling her in for a tight hug and without words, she knew he had already forgotten about her embarrassing outburst.

“Eight months ago today, I told you I researched what a first date entailed.”

Liam stepped back to see Riley smiling, nodding her head, as he placed a quick kiss on her lips before leaning down to whisper into her ear, making her knees go weak.

“Tonight, I’m going to show you my research on what happens after the third date.”

some aboriginal nhl’er info

tonight is Native American Heritage Night at Staples Center, so in honor of that i just sorta threw this post together right before i had to leave for that game. this is mostly stuff i knew off the top of my head tho so if any of y’all know anything else, please feel free to add it!
edit: check out the second post i made on this subject!

  • there are currently 10 native american players in the nhl; 6 play in the western conference, only 4 play in the east
  • the players include Jordan Nolan and Dwight King (LAK), Kyle Chipchura (ARI), Rene Bourque (COL), Micheal Ferland (CGY), Jordin Tootoo (CHI), Vernon Fiddler (NJD), Carey Price (MTL), T.J. Oshie (WSH), and Cody McCormick (BUF)
  • most of the players are either Metis or Ojibwe:
    Bourque, Chipchura, Fiddler, & King: Metis
    Ferland: Cree
    McCormick: Oneida & Chippewa/Ojibwe
    Nolan: Ojibwe & Maliseet
    Oshie: Anishinaabe/Ojibwe
    Price: Ulkatcho First Nation
    Tootoo: Inuk
  • Oshie is the only American-born native out of the 10. all the rest are Canadian natives
  • Price and Oshie are the only 2 to play for their respective countries at the Olympics, while Chipchura, Tootoo, and Bourque have played internationally in other competitions
  • Tootoo having to play with the Blackhawks is cruel and unusual punishment of the worst sort
  • Fiddler shares a birthday with me (and Steve Yzerman)
  • Oshie’s name in the Ojibwe language is “Keeway Gaaboo,” which means “coming home”
  • Tootoo’s name in Inuktitut is written as ᔪᐊᑕᓐ ᑐᑐ and his middle name, Kudluk, means “thunder”
  • Ferland, Price, King, and Nolan are the only players who haven’t played for multiple NHL teams
  • Nolan and King are the only two Stanley Cup champions out of the 10 while Fiddler and Chipchura were Calder Cup champions (in 2004 and 2007 respectively)
  • Jordan Nolan after both Stanley Cup victories:

also, to any other native nhl/hockey fans out there: reblog this and tag what
tribe(s) you are; i wanna see how many of us there are and how many different cultures we represent!

Evermore: An Enjonine One-Shot

“They will come when we call!” came the cheers from Les Amis de L'ABC. The announcement of Lamarque’s death still played in Enjolras’s head. The leader of these schoolboys, although sadden by the loss of their great leader, used Lamarque’s death as a way to rally the French people to rebel against the King. One more day before the storm.

Enjolras noticed his friend Marius was still in awe about the woman he bumped into earlier. “Oh Enjolras! If you had been there tonight you might know how it feel to be struck to the bone in a moment of breathless delight! Oh, have you been there tonight you might also have known about how your world may be changed by just one burst of light! How everything that was right seems wrong, and everything that’s wrong seems right!” Enjolras rolled his eyes. “Marius, we don’t have time for women! We don’t have time for love! What matters is what’s in front…” he stopped mid-sentence. There she was. Eponine. She made her way up the stairs, her head peering over the rail.

Enjolras had never been in love. He never understood what made his friends go into a state of euphoria when a woman was around. Women meant nothing to him. He just had no interest. All that mattered was the revolution.

When Eponine came into the cafe for the first time, he didn’t give her a second thought. She just hung around Marius, watching him with such care, such affection, such love. At rallies, she tagged along like a baby duckling following its mother. She asked Marius many questions about the cause, as if she had an interest. She probably didn’t. She was probably too engrossed in the attention Marius gave her. Women Enjolras scoffed.

As days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, Enjolras bean to get accustomed to her presence at the meetings. But for some reason, he began to feel strange. He would feel nauseous. His heart would race and beat hard, as if it was trying to escape his body. His palms began to sweat. He honestly felt like he was dying of a horrible disease. The thing was, he only felt like that when Eponine was around. What is this feeling? He was afraid to ask Joly, for fear of humiliation by his peers (Enjolras was never one to ask for help. All the Amis knew that). Eventually, he let the idea of his illness go. You have a revolution to run. No time for neurotics. It’s probably nothing.

The symptoms got worse the more he saw Eponine. At one point late at night while writing his speech, Enjolras noticed that instead of writing Patria like he always did, he wrote her name. Eponine. Why? Enjolras began to feel his heart beat at the beauty of the name that was etched on the paper. He scratched it out and continued his speech.

He would lay in his bed after a long meeting, but when he would closed his eyes, her face would appear. Damn! What’s wrong with me?

The more he saw her, whether in his dreams or in real life, he would try to fight what he felt. But he couldn’t.

The first time they spoke was before a meeting. Eponine walked up the stairs into the room where Enjolras was preparing.

She knocked on the wall.

“Monsieur Enjolras?” she asked.

Enjolras turned around to face her.

“May I help you?” he questioned.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but is Monsieur Marius here yet?”

Enjolras shook his head.

“May I wait here for him?”

“Be my guest.” Enjolras said as he went back to his work.

Eponine took a seat at one of the tables and waited, but it seemed that she was never the patient type, so she began walking around the cafe.

She finally made a stop at the table where Enjolras sat, taking the place across from him.

“May I help you, mademoiselle?” he asked without looking up.

“I liked your speech yesterday.” she told.

Enjolras’ ears perked up at those words.

“Just the way you use your words in almost a hypnotic fashion is quite…what’s the word…?”

“Amazing? Interesting? Phenomenal?…”

“THAT’S THE WORD!” Eponine exclaimed.

Enjolras looked at her a little funny.

“You really like my work?”

“Yes, yes I do! I mean I don’t agree with what you are fighting for, but I do like it!”

“I should’ve known. You women are all the same…”

“We are not! At least, I’m not like the women you are thinking of.”

“I can see that.” Enjolras teased.

Eponine crossed her arms over her chest.

“Are you married?”

“I choose not to be.” Enjolras responded.

“Have you ever been in love?”

Enjolras heart began to beat at the sound of those words.

“No. I don’t have time for it.”

Eponine scooted close to Enjolras, making him uncomfortable.

“So you’ve never held a woman’s hand, like this.”

She took his hand into hers, rubbing her thumb over his knuckles.

“And look into her beautiful eyes and tell her how much she means to you?”

The two of them locked eyes, making a small bit of chemistry between the two. Eponine and

Enjolras sat in silence, almost admiring one another.

“Eponine?” came a voice that broke their silence.

Eponine wore a huge smile on her face at who she saw.


Enjolras turned around and watched as she ran over to him.

“I hope she wasn’t bothering you, my friend!” Marius commented.

Enjolras, for some strange reason, felt anger towards Marius. Why? He didn’t do anything.

“No! Not at all.” Enjolras responded, trying to hide the growl in his voice.

“Well if you don’t mind, I’m dropping off some plans for tonight’s meeting. Courfeyrac is making some more pamphlets. I’m going to go pick them up.”

“I’ll come too!” Eponine exclaimed as she followed Marius to the stairs.

Before she left, she took one last look at Enjolras.

“You’re a very interesting man. Do you mind if we talk again?”

“Not at all. Come by anytime…just leave the love stuff out of it.”

Eponine giggled and disappeared.

What she didn’t see was the small grin forming on the revolutionary’s lips.

The two of them had many more talks together, which spanned beyond the conversation they first had. They spoke about books, history, words, politics, and of course the revolution. Enjolras never thought he would be this close to a woman, and he was very surprised at her interests especially coming from a beggar girl.

Eponine really made an impact on him one day in April. A crowd had gathered in front of the great General Lamarque’s house. Enjolras was speaking to his followers about the rights of the people, how the King must be overthrown. He usually didn’t have off days, but on this day he was losing his touch. Many of his followers were leaving, which made Enjolras panic. I can’t lose them! We need this revolution! In the middle of the crowd stood a face he recognized. Eponine’s. All at once, Enjolras felt a rush of adrenaline. His heart pounded in his chest. His mind cleared. Without realizing what he was saying, his words brought his people back, cheering. Enjolras never felt so alive than he felt now. When he finished, Enjolras searched for Eponine’s face in the mess of people. When he did, a burning sensation grew in the pit of his stomach. She was talking to Marius, and she was smiling. Was he jealous? Jealous of his friend for catching the eye of this woman to whom he did not have feelings for? Could I be in love? Eponine turned her head, brown eyes meeting his blue. No. Not love, but she is what I need. She is the symbol of the revolution.

From that point on, the face of Eponine fueled his fire. His speeches had drastically improved, and more people began to listen. When he wrote his speeches, he didn’t cross out Eponine’s name. Eponine was his Patria. At night, he saw her face in his dreams. If it was possible to smile in a dream, he wore the biggest one. She is my muse. She is my voice. She is my revolution.

He watched as Marius left with Eponine, no doubt going to go find Marius’ mystery girl. The burning sensation came back, but he pushed it away. Lamarque was dead. The revolution was falling into place.

Enjolras rallied his people. The revolution would take place at Lamarque’s funeral, which meant that they had only one day to prepare. The women began to sew flags and the men began to fashion bullets out of melted silver. The hum of revolutionary fervor flew all over the cafe. This what he had been dreaming of. This is what he worked so hard for. This is what Eponine helped me with.

Eponine. Just the thought of her name made him giddy. How can one woman make his dream come true? His heart beated hard, his adrenaline flowed through his body. Eponine. The revolution, suddenly, became a blur. Eponine.

It was about three in the morning when Enjolras finally decided to go home. It had been a long day and an exciting night, but he needed rest for the battle to come. As he gathered his materials, he heard the familiar footsteps walking up the stairs. Eponine.

She stood at the top of the stairwell, wet from the rain going on outside. Eponine looked like a painting, one that every artist everywhere would envy. She had the true aura of liberty.

“Is Marius here?” she asked weakly.

Enjolras shook his head.

“He left a few hours ago.”

Eponine nodded. “I’m sorry to bother you, monsieur. I’ll leave now.”

She disappeared down the stairs. Enjolras watched her leave, but for some reason didn’t want her to go. His heart began to beat again. For some reason he wanted to follow her, and for some reason he did.

“Eponine!” he called out to her in the quiet streets. She turned around, surprised at the sight of the revolutionary running towards her.

“Oui, monsieur?”

“The moment has finally arrived. The revolution will be upon us.”

Eponine looked at him with concern, something that Enjolras had never seen her do yet liked.

“So, you are going to join them?” she asked.

Enjolras nodded.

“I’m leading.”

“Will Marius be there?”

Marius. She’s going to fight with Marius.Enjolras felt that sensation in the pit of his stomach again, this time consuming his entire stomach.

“Oui.” he swallowed.

Before Eponine could leave, Enjolras grabbed her arm.

“I know what you are thinking. It’s not worth it. Risking your life for a man who will never return your affections.”

“Why do you care what happens to me? I’m a nobody!”

“No you are not! Eponine, you are somebody! Marius is a child. He is blind. I may have had this revolution taking up most of my time, but there was never a moment that I never saw you. Marius doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you to look out for him. He’s fighting for the wrong woman. He should be fighting for you, like I am…”

Eponine looked at him in a mixture of shock and puzzlement.

“Monsieur Enjolras…are…are you in love with me?”

Enjolras froze. Love? Was I in love with her the entire time? He thought back to all the times he saw her, how she was always on his mind. How he always felt stronger when she was around. How he truly understood what it meant to fight for a cause, because she was his cause. It was true. He was fighting for her.

“Is there any possible way that I could win your affections?” Enjolras asked with hesitation in his voice.

Eponine held his hand and looked at him in the eyes.

“Enjolras, your duty is to the revolution. Mine is to Marius. Mine will always be to Marius. I’m…I’m sorry.”

Enjolras’s chest began to hurt, as if he had been shot. He didn’t want to believe her words. He didn’t want to believe his heart. His heart, which was now breaking.

“Don’t be sorry. We have our duties, and we must fulfill them.” Enjolras choked.

Eponine nodded in agreement.

“Good luck on your revolution, monsieur Enjolras. I hope all goes well.”

As she began to walk away, Enjolras called to her.


She turned around again.

Through the heartbreak he felt, through the sadness and woe, he told her something that he truly meant with all his heart.

“Stay away from the barricades.”

She stared at Enjolras for a few seconds more before leaving him alone.

Enjolras didn’t move. He just watched the woman he had fallen in love with hurry down the street.

I was the one who had it all. Enjolras realized.

I was the master of my fate

I never needed anybody in my life

I learned the truth too late

Eponine was still in his line of sight, her dress and hair flying as she ran. His chest now burned with heartbreak.

I’ll never shake away the pain

I close my eyes but she’s still there

I let her steal into my melancholy heart

It’s more than I can bear

Eponine’s form was disappearing into the night. He didn’t want to lose her. Without breaking his contact of her, Enjolras hurried back to the cafe.

Now I know she’ll never leave me

Even as she runs away

She will still torment me

Call me, hurt me

Move me, come what may

He climbed the very stair that she would climb, trying to see if he could still keep her in his sight.

Wasting in my lonely cafe

Waiting by an open door

I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in

And be with me for evermore

He managed to get to the cafe window and to his relief, Enjolras could still see her. He held his hand out of the window as if he could grabber her.

I rage against the trials of love

I curse the fading of the light

Though she’s already flown so far beyond my reach

She’s never out of sight

Eponine was now as small as a speck, but Enjolras didn’t care. He could still see her. His love. His Patria. His revolution.

Now I know she’ll never leave me

Even as she fades from view

She will still inspire me

Be a part of everything I do

Wasting in my lonely cafe

Waiting by an open door

I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in

And as the long, long nights begin

I’ll think of all that might have been

Waiting here for evermore

In the distance, Eponine stopped and looked back. For the first time ever, she felt something she had never felt before. She felt loved.

The hunt has made Cas nervous and he’s hovering. Dean sighs, pretending that he’s irritated with the angel’s constant scrutiny, watching his every move to make sure he’s safe, but the truth is he’s grateful for it. He played this whole thing off on the phone with Sam, not wanting his brother to worry while he’s waist deep in research at the bunker, but tonight had been a close call, and he’s feeling it.

In fact, Dean is so shaken and tired that he lets Cas check into the motel for him while he just leans against the door of the small motel lobby.

“A king bed? Or two queens?”

“One king will be sufficient,” Cas says. The woman who takes the fraudulent credit card smiles slightly, knowingly, at the two men before turning to her computer.

Dean rolls his eyes, knowing Cas has no idea what he just implied and not particularly caring at this point. He just wants to sleep.

Once in the room, Cas is still hovering. “I can help with the pain, Dean.”

Dean smacks away the hand reaching for his forehead, but quickly smiles to soften that blow. “I’m good, Cas. I just need some sleep.”

Cas nods. “Of course, Dean. I’ll watch over you.”

There was a time when that would have made Dean uncomfortable, would have made Dean snap something back in irritation and frustration. But tonight, it only feels nice. Safe. So nice and safe that Dean just nods and sinks down to the mattress. He doesn’t see Cas smile at this unexpected response.

“Okay, Cas,” he says with his eyes closed. “You can stay and watch over me.”

A few minutes pass by, Dean lying in the bed, Cas standing in the middle of the room, no physical need to sleep or eat or even sit. Dean is halfway to dreaming, brain fuzzy and in that dangerous place where it says the things he normally wouldn’t let it. “You don’t have to just stand there.” Dean knows without looking that Cas is standing, now probably looking at him with that funny little squint of his too blue eyes.

“I’m confused. Do you not want me to watch over you? I sensed your tension earlier, and thought it might comfort you to know I was here in case something happened…”

Dean takes a deep, shuddery breath. “Maybe-” and yep, his sleepy brain is going to say this out loud, “Maybe you could watch over me from the bed.”

For a long moment, nothing happens, and Dean almost wakes up fully in his fear that he’s gone too far. But then the bed dips with Cas’ weight. And he doesn’t just sit on the bed. He stretches out, reaches for Dean and slides him until they are tangled together, Dean’s head on Cas’ shoulder, his nose tucked up under Cas’ jaw, his arm across Cas chest with his hand dipping underneath the trench coat, eyes still closed.

Cas is warm and solid and smells so good, and Dean blames his body’s refusal to move away on the hunt and his vulnerable state afterward (not that he is ever vulnerable).

“Is this close enough, Dean?” Cas asks, worried that he’s not doing whatever it is that Dean needs.

Dean breathes in the skin of Cas’ neck. “Yeah, Cas. That’s close enough.”

Dean’s sleepy brain knows he wouldn’t mind if Cas found a way to get closer.

Can you do a smut where cam catches y/n touching herself and she gets punished?? Thanks! Love your blog btw

Cameron Dallas. Cameron mother fucking Dallas. Just his name was a turn on. And fortunately, you could say he was your boyfriend. You both had been together for almost a year now and you could admit he had made it the best 10 and a half months. But there were also days that you didn’t get to see cameron. Whether it was because he simply wanted to spend time with his friends, or he wasn’t in town. Which those times would last weeks. Today cameron was suppose to come home, but not until around midnight, which wasn’t in another two hours. You on the other hand were wide awake and soaked at your core, knowing his big firm hands would be roaming your body tonight. But for some strange reason you just really couldn’t wait. You had knowingly teased yourself throughout the day by watching all of Cameron’s YouTube videos, to vines, vine edits, and even occasionally watching YouTube videos made of dirty imagines. Now, it being Eleven, an hour before midnight, you couldn’t handle it anymore. After watching many edited videos of Cameron, you couldn’t help but touch yourself. You were laid flat against yours and Cameron’s king sized bed, your fingers rubbing gentle circles against your clit as soft sexual music played in the background. You let out a moan as you closed your eyes, imagining Cameron’s hands. You had gotten so into it you hadn’t even realized the music paused, your moans filling up the room. “Y/n” you heard from the door way. You quickly shut your legs together, removing your hand as you looked at the door in shock. “Cameron!” You said with shock as you sat up quickly. “Y-you weren’t suppose to be here for another hour” you stuttered as you looked down at your bare thighs with embarrassment. “No, I wanted to surprise you because I missed you. But its clear to see you’ve missed me more” he said with a sly grin. You watched silently as Cameron walked over to you, lust filled in his eyes. “But, I’m sure I’ve told you plenty of time to not touch yourself when I’m away. ” he said, his face only inches away from yours. “You know what happens when girls go bad right?” He said, towering over you know as you held yourself up with your elbows. You blinked quickly, swallowing the moan that’s forming in the back f your throat as his lips were only inches away from yours. “They get punished” he said as his hand slid up your bare thigh. “I’m sorry” you mumbled, not knowing what else to say. “You’re going to be sorry when I’m threw with you” he said before pushing your shoulders down, your back laying flat against the edge of the bed. You watched intensely as he slid his heavy coat down his shoulders before getting down on his knees, sliding your panties down your legs. You jumped slightly as his cold hand slid itself up your slit with ease. “So fucking wet” he exclaimed before placing open mouthed kissed along your thighs. “I’ve missed you so much” he whispered, his hot breath blowing against your heated area, making you buck your hips up in need of attention. “Please Cameron” you groaned out, lifting your hips up toward his face. “No” he said shaking his head. “Haven’t you played with yourself enough to night? ” he said standing up. “I think its my turn to decide how tonight goes” he said before taking his sweatshirt off, unbuckling his belt. Your breathing quickened as you noticed his prominent bulge in his boxers as his pants slid down his legs. In a matter of seconds, Cameron was naked, his hard on sticking out at you. “Suck” he commanded. Your eyes widened slightly not really use to such forcefulness but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t enjoying it. You sat up, placing him firmly in your hands before lowering your head down his shaft. You immediately started to Bob your head, hallowing your cheeks and swirling your tongue against him. You continued these motions as Cameron spoke dirty things to you while tugging at your hair. “Fuck baby I’m close” he moaned out, bucking his hips towards your face making you gag around him. Suddenly, Cameron pulled away from you, pushing your shoulders down. “I want to be inside of you when I cum.” He said before forcefully spreading your legs open, sliding himself into you. Without giving you anytime to adjust, he quickly started moving at a quick pace. “Dammit Cam!” You yelled out, flopping your head down on the bed as Cameron stood at the end of it, gripping tightly onto your hips. “Faster baby” you moaned out, looking Cameron straight in the eyes. Cameron did just that, making you grip tightly onto the sheets. Just as you felt Cameron twitch inside of you, you clenched around him, arching your back as you hit your orgasm. “Oh fuck” Cameron said under his breath as he watched you come undone. Eventually, his thrusts slowed down until they came to a full stop and he pulled out, laying down next to you. “Sorry about.. Earlier” you mumbled, embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it” he said while chuckling. “I honestly enjoyed the sight. I love you beautiful, ” he said before playing a sloppy kiss against your lips. You giggled before snuggling into his side. “I love you too”

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Prompto and his SO cuddling and playing video games?

( *covers face* This was soooo cute to write for you, my anonnie! :D I hope you love the fluff!)

“I challenge you…Prompto Argentum… to a duel!” You pointed out your finger towards the blonde haired man, hand on your hip. You trying to look totally badass. Prompto, who had been fixing his camera from an earlier excursion with the chocobros, looked at you straight face for a minute. “What?”

And then there came the challenger. “You, Y/N! I accept this duel. King’s Knight arena, let’s go!” Her almost through his camera in the air until the strap when taut. “Oh shi–” He bounced it in his hand before put it to the side table. You laughed as he tried to not hurt his baby. Prompto whipped out his phone, showing you that he was indeed ready to play you. “Oh, you know it’s on, babe.”

You flicked your own phone out before both of you ran to the couch and took your places on opposite sides. As was tradition between you two, your feet would be the only thing that tenderly entangled with the other during your intense PVP matches. This was one of the few times anyone could see him get so competitive over something. But any version of King’s Knight was his jam, and he was going to kick some major chocobo ass while doing it. (Though he let you win oooooooonce and a while.)

In your readied positions, you held down your hand. “Invite ready.”

“Invite received.” He pepped up before a large tooth grin covered his face. “Ready for the bro that looks like a chocobo.”

….Dead silence. “Prompto…no.” Hand coming up to your face, you just shook your head into the palm.

“What I thought it was clever!” Feigning a hurt response, he accepted the battle when you were half paying attention until a timer went off about the match starting.

You went into a panic mode as your fingers fumbled over the buttons, the screen feeling like it was not listening to you as Prompto’s character was fully hauling butt to yours on the screen. Faced with the determination of making a comeback after this sorry start, you pressed down on the block button just in case. “I’m gonna get you! Just you wait you little cheat!”

“Ahaha, eat my behind.” But whatever button combination you pushed down on the screen didn’t just block. His character was about to deliver a mighty blow before you counterattacked, dealing swift and massive damage. Prompto jumped up in his seat before gasping that you just did what you did. His hands just made huge gestures. “Son of a bitch.” He swore, which was great, since he rarely ever did. “You counterattacked!” Furrowing his eyes, Argentum clicked on some buttons before sending your character towards the wall as you had to kite him around.

You wiggled your feet against his, trying to tickle him. “No fair, you use range all the time.” Your character tried to use some kind of magic to get back at him before the Thunder spell hit but kindda just fizzed. The horrified look in your face, you just started pressing buttons again. But Prompto ended up coming along with a spear out of nowhere.

“What in a chocobo balls!” You shouted in the room.

And head shot. Critical hit. Dead. The fight was over as quickly as it had begun. He was your boyfriend and… he just was ruthless. Right now, you were ready to shove him up a behemoth’s butt right now. How rude.

Squinting at him, you retracted your legs before you tried to tackle him on the couch. He started laughing when you play hit him, pouting and remarking how much of a jerk he was. Prompto snuggled against you when you were ‘losing’ strength against him. “We all know who won. And it was me, better luck next time…King ain’t crowning you tonight.” You tickled him in the stomach looking up at him.

“Watch it you…” You remarked.You scooted up the couch onto the side of him, and got a little grumpy. But he was finding it absolutely adorable.

Holding the phone out in front of him, Prompto took a quick shot of the two of you. Kissing the top of your head, he clicked and swiped through a few screens.

“How about this time we play through co-op? Mean we can stay like this all night if you want to.” You smiled up towards him when he suggested the idea before you moved between his arm and laid against the side of his body.

That sounded absolutely perfect.

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A little happier this time: Animal by Neon Trees, and Bahorel and Feuilly! 💋💋💋

Bahofeuilly- Animals- Modern AU

“Okay, truth or dare.”

“Fuck you, we’re not playing that.” Feuilly threw a balled up piece of paper at Bahorel who headbutted it into the waste basket without missing a beat. 

“Why not?” Bahorel tossed Feuilly another can of beer and sat down next to him on the couch. “You scared?”

“Course not. I’m just bored. We play this every time we drink and each time it get’s more and more ridiculous and dangerous because neither one of us will pick anything but dare.”

“Yeah, because we’re not pussies.” Bahorel said downing his drink. There was no way he was going to admit to Feuilly the real reason he only ever picked dare. The reality of the situation was that revealing his secret truth was magnificently more scary than any dare could dream to be.

“Prove it, then!” Feuilly said with a daring grin. “Nothing more brave than baring one’s soul to another. Tonight we play truth or truth.”

Oh God no. Bahorel thought. “Sounds boring, but fine.”

The more rounds that passed the more comfortable Bahorel became. He had successfully found out that Feuilly’s childhood crush was Kovu from Lion King 2. (”You do realise that’s a cartoon lion right? Not a person?” “Before anything else he’s a bad boy.” “Fucking furry.”), Feuilly had indeed been the one to eat the last of Cosette’s cupcakes in the fridge (”You bastard! Those were a gift for me! You told me Courfeyrac ate them. I blocked him on snapchat because of that!” “Call it revenge for that leftover lasagna you both stole last month.”), and that he had been Bahorel’s secret Santa last Christmas. (“Out of all the gifts you could have given me you got me socks? Really, dude?” “Star Wars socks! That counts as a good gift!” “Yeah I know, I loved them. But I’m still giving you shit for giving me socks.”)

Feuilly in turn had found out almost nothing about Bahorel. His questions had been stale and mediocre, meaning all he had discovered for the last two rounds was that Bahorel’s favourite food was pizza and his favourite place was the rooftop of their apartment.

Clearly his tactic was to lure Bahorel into a false sense of security, because his smile had turned devious and he locked his eyes with Bahorel’s in a challenge.

“Do you think of me as something other than a friend?”

Oh shit. “Yeah.” Bahorel said trying to keep his voice steady. “I think of you as a fucking idiot sometimes.”

Feuilly kept smiling and holy shit Bahorel was not drunk enough for that look he was giving him. “That’s not a real answer. What’s wrong, you scared?”

Yes. Yes I am. Bahorel swallowed before standing up and pacing angrily. “Fine. Yes, I fucking do, okay? I think of you as a fucking Saint. You’re the “Empire Strikes Back” of people and sometimes I just want to kiss your dumb stupid lips until you shut the fuck up. Happy? This is why I wanted to play with dares.”

“We can still play with dares.” Feuilly said. And God Bahorel hated how fucking smug he sounded. Too good to even acknowledge what he had just confessed. He wanted to wipe that dumb smile off of his dumb perfect face.

“I’ll start.” Feuilly continued clearing his throat and rising from the couch. “I dare you to kiss me, and take me up to the roof and order us pizza- the good kind not from that shit ass cheap place down the road, and be a fucking gentleman for our date tonight.”

“I- wait. Date?”

“Yes you absolute nerd.” Feuilly said as he took Bahorel’s hand and led him to the door. “What’s wrong, are you scared?”

Animals | Chapter Eighteen

Nimble fingers moved a piece on the chess board. A pawn slid to the front and a knight quickly joined in formation. The other side shifted its king before sending its queen to the front lines. Pale hands spun the board back and forth, playing for both sides.

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Modern Au Part 4


                                          Scavenger Hunts and Roses

                                   (Valentine’s Day, 5 years after Part 1) 

        I roll over in the bed, my hair a mess even though I’d tried to sleep with it in a braid. The sunlight from the window behind me is warm though, and it’s only then that I realize that I’m sweating. With a groan I roll onto my back and then glance at the foot of the bed where Cody usually sleeps. The pup had turned out to grow faster than either of us had anticipated and before a few months had passed, he was a massive, full grown German Shepard.

        He wasn’t at he usual place at the foot of the bed though, and with a frown I glanced at the spot that Cal usually occupied. His side of the bed was empty though too. With a huff I rolled over and hissed, “Jerk.”

        He knew that Cody’s morning walk was usually something we did together, and the dog wouldn’t leave the apartment unless I was walking right next to Cal. Maybe after four years, Cal had finally gotten him to leave. I stretched and sighed in content when my stiff shoulders popped. There was a huff in the hallway though, and then the scraping of claws on the wood. I blinked in confusion until a brown and black smear launched itself from the doorway onto the bed. I moaned in pain as Cody’s paws slammed into my stomach, and then with a cough, I ordered, “Cody! Down, no!”

        He panted happily though and then sat down on my stomach. I moaned again and then tried to push him off of me. He simply barked to get my attention though and then leaned down and licked my face. I tried to shove him away, laughing all the while. “Cody! Stop, enough, stop!”

        He stopped then, and sat back, his tail wagging wildly. I smiled up at him and then scratching him behind the ear, I asked in a cooing voice, “Did Cal take you for your walk? Did you have a good walk buddy?”

        He tilts his head to the side and I roll my eyes at him. Four years was a long time to date someone and have a dog with them. All through college I had thought it was a dumb idea, but I secretly enjoyed it. The morning walks had gotten me out of bed during my senior year so that I didn’t skip class, and coming home to a very happy dog every day was not the worst thing in the world. And it wasn’t so bad to come home to dinner already on the counter and a very happy boyfriend either.

        Speaking of the boyfriend, I glanced at the clock which read eleven in the morning, and then looked around the room for any sign that Cal was in the apartment. His shoes that he normally wore weren’t by the closet, but that didn’t mean they weren’t by the front door though.

        As I scratched Cody along his neck, I felt something flutter out of his collar. With a frown I picked it up and opened it. Cody climbed off of me then and sank into a ball at the foot of the bed. I sat up to read the little note and with a frown, I said, “What the hell does that even mean?”

        It had been a few short lines, but from the sounds of it, Cal had written it to be stupidly confusing.

        Morning love, seeing as you’re reading this, you’ll notice that I’m missing. Don’t panic, everything’s fine, I just have to do a little something before our dinner tonight. If you’re interested though, there’s a place I know, if you’re looking for a show.

        There was an address at the bottom of the note, and when I looked at my nightstand there was a small wad of cash for taxi money. Frowning, I flipped the little paper over and tried to see if there was more. There was nothing, all he had left me was a stupid riddle.

        With a snort, I folded the note and then pushed the blankets back. Cody lifted up his ears when he saw me move around the room. I glanced at him and then holding the note up for him to see I said, “He is by far the most dramatic person I have ever met.”

        Cody huffed and then wagged his tail happily. I rolled my eyes and then went to the closet to grab something to wear.


        As soon as I stepped out of the cab, I froze. I was in front of the theater that he had taken me to for my birthday two years ago. It had been a total surprise gift, one that I had cherished with all my heart. He had taken me to see the only musical I would ever like, and afterward, we had walked a couple streets over to Times Square to get yogurt at eleven thirty at night. I’d fallen asleep on his shoulder during the cab ride back, after he’d carried me piggyback style three more blocks over to find a cab. It was on that night that I realized I was completely, madly, and absolutely in love with him. Two months later, I moved into his apartment. My mother had laughed and said that she’d never seen me more willing to do something. My brothers had shown up with me, and although Cal had paled considerably, the four of them had ended up sitting on the couch an hour later, drinking beer and watching football. Honestly, if there was anything men bonded over, it was football.  

        I glanced around wildly, trying to figure out why he had sent me here. Then, out of the crowd my sister came running, waving her hand to get my attention. I frowned then, and she smiled as she arrived in front of me, panting. She held out her finger for me to give her a minute, and then with a shit eating grin, she held out an envelope for me, while her other hand remained behind her back.

        With a frown, I opened the envelope and pulled out another note, this one also written in Cal’s gorgeous looping cursive.

        Sorry about the rough wake up love, but congratulations you’re out of bed before one on Valentine’s Day! I’m sorry if you were expecting something from me this morning, but I hope you’ll accept this as a token of apology.

        I glanced up then with a raised brow, and Gisa giggled as she pulled her other hand out from behind her back and offered me a bright red rose. I blinked in surprise and then took it from her. Attached to the stem was another little note. I tilted my head to the side and then read this one out loud, “Roses are red, violets are blue, I know you hate poetry, so here’s another option for you.”

        I rolled my eyes and then turned the card over to read the back. It was just another address though. Sighing, I looked at Gisa who rocked back and forth from her toes to her heels, smiling like an idiot. Holding out the envelope with his letter, I asked, “Are you in on this?”

        She nodded wildly and then said, “Come on, let’s grab another taxi, I want to see what the next thing is! He didn’t tell anyone what the next person was going to do, and I want to see it!”

        She herded me over to the curb and hailed another taxi, before shoving me inside and ducking in after me.


        The taxi pulled up to the tiny coffee shop that he and I would sit at every Saturday while I was in college, and even though I tried to see him through the windows, I couldn’t find him. Gisa practically kicked me out of the cab, and then scrambled out after me, almost forgetting to pay the driver before she almost shoved me into the shop.

        It was empty, given it was twelve on Valentine’s Day. I frowned as I looked around, and then spotted Shade sitting at the typical table that Cal and I took. He raised a cup of coffee up to me in greeting, and I stormed over to him, shoving Gisa’s envelope in his face before hissing, “What the hell is going on? What is he trying-“

        Shade simply pushed my hand down and then held out another envelope, this one midnight blue with gold edges. I frowned in confusion before snatching it from him and opening it. Inside was another note, written on the same color paper with silver pen.

        I know it’s a little late in the day for coffee, but seeing as you probably haven’t eaten all day, here’s a little something to keep you from dying before dinner.

        Shade pushed a sandwich toward me, and I blinked in surprise when I noticed it was from my favorite place on the corner of the street. My brother winked at me, and I huffed before sitting down and digging into it. It was exactly the way I ordered it every time, and I frowned at that before looking at Shade and asking with my mouth full, “What the hell is he planning?”

        “Beats me, but he’s pulling out all the stops for it.” Shade said with a grin before tapping the wrapping that the sandwich had come in. I peered down at it then, and was greeted by another note. I groaned in annoyance and then said, “I told him I wanted today to be interesting, but I didn’t mean for him to make the whole thing into a damn scavenger hunt!”

        Written inside this time, was a set of coordinates, with a note saying: I know I didn’t spend an entire month helping you learn how to read maps for you to mess these up.

        I finished my sandwich and then fished out my phone to text him. I sent him three texts, one thanking him for the sandwich, the next demanding to know where he was, and the third telling him that this was not my idea of fun on Valentine’s Day.

        I waited for a solid ten minutes before I got a text from him. The same coordinates that were on the paper was all that he sent. I let out a groan of frustration again, and Shade snickered before crumpling up my paper and saying, “Better get going, supposedly we’re on a tight schedule.”

        I stood up and then pushing my chair in, I licked the extra mustard off my finger and said, “This better be worth it tonight. I’m not playing adventure time with him anymore if this is what I’m going to be doing all day.”

        Shade threw his head back and laughed, before waving to me as I left him and Gisa in the coffee shop.


        It took me five minutes to translate the coordinates into a location, and then give that to a driver. He took me toward the waterfront, and then parked in front of one of the piers. I frowned as I got out and then paid him before watching him drive off. I stalked toward the pier then, and the figure that was waiting at the end. By now, it was two in the afternoon, and I was done playing games. I wanted him to take me back to the apartment so that we could watch crappy Hallmark movies on TV while I sat in my favorite sweats, that had been designated as mine from that New Year’s Eve almost five years ago, and snuggled up against him. Then I wanted to just order Thai food like we always did, and eat it on the couch while Cody tried to steal mine, and then I wanted Cal to take me into the bedroom and show me exactly how it was done on Valentine’s Day.

        He wasn’t at the end of the pier though, my brother Tramy was, holding another envelope and leaning against the railing with a shit eating grin also. I growled in fury and then said, “Where’s Cal?”

        He laughed and then pushed me out of his face by pressing his index finger against the tip of my nose. I swatted his hands away, and then shouted, “This isn’t funny anymore! I want to know where he is!”

        “Gosh Mare, where’s your sense of adventure?” He said with a smirk, and I almost slapped him. “I don’t want to have an adventure anymore! I want to know where he is!”

        “You know he told me to say that, and to also tell you to take a chill pill, because he figured you’d be ticked by now.”

        “Then he should know that when I text him, and ask him where the fuck he is, I mean that I want him to text me where he is, and not lead me to another stupid clue!”

        Tramy wagged his finger at me and then held out the envelope. “I’m the last envelope, before dinner, promise.”

        I snatch it from him, and then turn it over. It was midnight blue as well, this time with silver on the edges. I rip it open and then read it, only to let out a scream of fury and almost throw it off the pier. This was getting out of hand. It had been simple, and invitation actually reading:

        You have been cordially invited to the best dinner of your life. Meet me at Ricco’s at eight sharp. I promise there’s only one more letter when you get there love. I suggest wearing something nice though, because it is a bit of a formal event.

        Tramy smirked at me, and then leaning against the pier he said, “I’m supposed to drive you back to the apartment now.”

        I inhaled slowly, and tried to calm my temper. Cal had obviously spent a very long time planning this whole thing, and he had promised me that there was only one more letter to get. I exhaled slowly, releasing all my anger, and then turning to my brother I said, “Fine, take me back.”


        When I got back to the apartment, I threw my jacket onto the bed, startling Cody who whined when he saw me. I glared at him and then said, “Oh no, if you have another clue for me, I’ll sit you out on the porch tonight!”

        He sank back into his bed by the window, and I stalked into the bathroom. I flicked on the light, and then paused in the doorway. Sitting on the bathroom counter was a bouquet of roses. I blinked in surprise and then walking toward then, I lifted them up, expecting another note, but there was nothing. A bit of my heart melted at seeing them, and I rolled my eyes with a smile as I sniffed then and said, “Dammit, you sap, you better be up to something good.”


        At seven, someone buzzed for me downstairs. I frowned as I answered the call. My brother Bree simply said, “I’m here to pick you up.”

        I blinked in surprise and then told him I’d be right down. I grabbed my heels by the door and slipped into them. My dress had been carefully chosen to show off almost my entire back, with a flattering high neck, and a slit up the side that showed enough leg to make any man drool. I glanced at myself in the mirror one more time and then fixing a loose curl in place, I grumbled, “He couldn’t have at least let me take a cab, oh no, he had to get my entire family in on this just to spite me.”

        I came downstairs, and Bree gave me a little bow before opening the passenger door to our old car. I sank down into it, making sure sweep my dress in. He sprinted around to the other side and then sat down as well before reaching into the back and offering me a rose as well. This one was bright white. I took it from him with a curious smile, and then asked, “Did he get mom and dad in on this?”

        Bree laughed as he pulled out into traffic and shook his head. “Nah, dad just helped him come up with all the little places for you to visit, and Mom and Gisa helped with the end result.”

        I laughed softly, and then sniffed the rose. It was beautiful, and my heart squeezed as I said, “Do you know what’s coming?”

        Bree shook his head, this time a little bit of his own curiosity on his face. “Must be big though, he spent almost the entire month of December planning this thing. It was supposed to happen on New Year’s, but he said he chickened out cause you guys had a massive fight the week before.”

        I blinked in surprise, remembering that night. I had blown up on him after noticing that he was definitely hiding something from me. I had thought he was cheating, and after a screaming match, with him defending himself to the end, I’d stormed into the bedroom, packed one of my suitcases, and then grabbed Cody and stormed out of the house. I hadn’t gone anywhere though. I’d just sat on the curb outside of the apartment crying and trying not to make people think I was a complete psycho. After a few hours of sitting in the freezing cold, I wiped my cheeks and took Cody and my suitcase back upstairs. Cal had been in bed, with his back to the door. I’d dressed for bed silently and then crawled under the sheets and pressed up against him. He shrieked and then screamed that I was freezing. He’d rolled over then and pulled me into his arms. It had been our first massive fight in a long time, and honestly, it had been my insecurities that caused it. We had talked about it the next day though over coffee, like we always did, and we had ended up laughing about it, and about how I had essentially left all of my things in his drawers. He’d teased me that I had never thought of leaving him before, so I had no idea what to take or what to leave. He’d then teased me about the fact that I’d tried to take Cody. I’d replied that if our relationship failed, I would date Cody. We’d laughed about that for days, and he had pinned that comment up on the fridge, next to all of my other stupid quotes that I said. He’d started that a few months after we officially decided we were dating. It had my drunk quotes up there, my personal favorite being: If there’s water in the tub Cal, does that mean the tub is full of water, or the water is full of tub? And the things I said when I was pissed about something or another, his favorite being: If college is so important, why the hell do they charge me my arm, leg, and ass for it?

        I smiled to myself as I remembered all of them taped up there, and how I had tried to tape on of his up there, only for him to take it down and say that that was my glory wall, not his.

        Bree pulled up the Ricco’s, the restaurant that Cal I went to on very special occasions, like his birthday, mine, or when anything important happened in my family or with us. I blinked at the doors, and then slowly got out. It was an inbetweener restaurant. It was fancy, but you could also show up in jeans and t-shirt and it would be fine. I felt stupidly overdressed then, but Cal had said to dress like it was formal event. Swallowing, and clutching me rose to my chest, I walked inside. Isaiah, the host, smiled at me and then said, “Glad you made it on time.”

        I gave him a shaky smile and then asked, “Are you in on this too?”

        He grinned, and then sweeping his arm he bowed and said, “But of course, now, if you’ll follow me m’lady.”

        I rolled my eyes at the comment and followed him to the back of the restaurant. He led me into a small back room that was lit by candle light, and then smiling he pulled my chair back so I could sit. I sank down, looking around at the candles, and the décor. He grinned and then set the wine menu down before pulling another rose out and handing it to me. I shook my head with a laugh and accepted it. He winked and said, “He should be here shortly.”

        With that, he slipped out of the room. I looked around again, and then grabbed the wine menu and looked it over, even though I knew it by heart now. I couldn’t stop shaking though, whether it was with excitement or nerves, I wasn’t sure. As I flipped to the back, another note fell out. I blinked in surprise and then pulled it out before opening it. I read it over slowly, trying very hard not to cry as I did. I bit my nail then, as a smile threatened to explode out.

        My love, I know you’re probably furious with me, and are thinking about all the ways you could possibly kill me with a spoon. If you’re actually interested in that, I googled it this morning and came up with the search that there are, in fact, 5 very logical ways to kill a man with a spoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t copy those down, but I did manage to copy down 5 things that I think are more important than spoon murder.

1. The fact that no matter what happens, I know that I can always trust you to be there when I wake up.

2. That you enjoy spooning.

3. That you’ll forgive that terrible pun and laugh at it no matter what.

4. That you can light up my world no matter how dark it is by simply smiling.

5. And last, but certainly not least, is that I love you more than I have loved anyone before in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day, I wish you an infinite more my love.

Ps. I have one more little surprise for you, so don’t waste all your emotions on this.

        I wiped at the tears rolling down my face, and then laughing to myself, I rolled my eyes and said to no one, “God, he’s not even here, and I’m already crying.”

        “Well it wasn’t meant to make you cry.”

        I flipped around in my chair to see him, dressed in the only tux he owned, slowly pulling the curtain that separated our little area closed. I stood up then and smiling wildly, I threw my arms around his neck. He laughed as he hugged me, and then pressing a light kiss against my hairline he said, “Sorry about the whole scavenger hunt, I figured you would think it was fun.”

        I laughed as I cupped his face in my hands and said, “I think it was fun, now that I know there was a purpose to it.”

        He smirked and then slid his arm around my waist, he guided me back to the table and said, “Well, the night’s not over yet. I have one more surprise for you.”

        I blinked and then said, “I know, you told me that in the letter.”

        With a wink he sat me down again and then sat across from me. “You don’t get it until the end of dinner though, so try not to kill me before then.”

        I laughed at that, and I didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire dinner.


        An hour later, I leaned forward in my seat so that my arms rested on the table, and with smile I shook my head and said, “I’m still trying to guess what your big finale is.”

        He shrugged, and Isaiah came in with the check. He set it on the table and then whispered with a coo, “Take your time lovebirds.”

        Cal shoved him away with a laugh and said, “I’m taking money out of your tip for that comment.”

        Isaiah snorted and then slipped out of the room. I glanced at Cal then and said, “Alright, we split fifty-fifty like always.”

        He shook his head then and said, “Absolutely not, this is my big treat, promise.” He said with a smile as I pulled out his wallet and went to grab his card. As he did, it slipped out of his hand, and he let out a soft curse as he bent down to find it. I snorted to hide my laugh and then setting my head in my hand, I laughed to myself and said, “My God, you are on a roll tonight, first the bread and butter, and now the card…” my words died on my lips though, when I looked back at him and saw his slowly rising onto one knee in front of me. My heart leaped in my chest, and I blinked stupidly before saying, “Cal… what are you doing?”

        He smiled softly and then said, “Going in for my big finale.”

        I shifted to face him slowly, as he reached into his pocket and said, “Do you remember what you called us the first time we tried to define what we had?”

        “Yeah, I said we were a hot mess.” I whispered breathlessly, as I saw him pull out the little box. Oh my God, oh my God, he was going to propose. My heart pounded faster in my chest, and I was trying very hard not to faint at that moment.

        “Mare, we have been through alot, but I think for a hot mess we did pretty damn well, and I honestly, couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life with anyone else. You have made me the happiest man for the past five years, so, I was… I was wondering if you would be willing to make me the happiest man in the world for the rest of my life.”

        I blinked for a moment, my words clouding my throat as he opened the box and held it out to me. I swallowed once, twice, and then three times. I couldn’t see straight, couldn’t think straight, all I could hear was, ring, there’s a ring, a ring, a ringaringaringaring, over and over again in my head.

        He watched my face for a few seconds, until slowly his smile fell, and he went to pull the ring back saying, “Hey, it’s okay, don’t cry,” I hadn’t even realized I was crying, “If you don’t want to, it’s totally fine, I’ll wait another year and come up with-“

        “Yes! Oh my God Cal, yes!” I screamed as I threw myself at him. He hugged me awkwardly and then asked hesitantly, “Yes as in wait?”

        I pulled away laughing happily as I cried, “No you idiot, yes of course I’ll marry you!”

        He blinked in surprise before shouting in triumph. He lifted me up off the floor and off my feet and spun me around. I clung to him, laughing and crying, and making a mess of my makeup, but I couldn’t stop. I grabbed his face and then pressing my lips against his I choked, “This is by far, the best Valentine’s Day ever.”

        He laughed, and then pressed his lips against mine again, as he was going to be able to do for the rest of our lives.

ANNNNNNDDDD HE SHOOTS, HE SCOOOOOOOORREESSS!!!! This one was honestly way too much fun to write, hope you guys enjoyed. Don’t worry, Mare and Cal will return in the modern au, along with some more fun and cute fluff. (: