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listen, slurs are bad, but can we not??? gatekeep with our language???

like the q slur and the t slur are shitty, and the t slur makes me really uncomfortable myself, but for a lot of lgbt folks thats just. the language that was used in the community, when they were growing up, coming out, etc, and they all have their own relationships with those words???

like even now, when i go out into the world to support groups, parades, bingo nights, etc, and meet with other lgbt people in my city, just. everyone uses the q slur all the time, in these places that mean a lot to me, where i grew up in, where its safe and im around other lgbt people.

so for me, the q slur has this really personal, really positive connotation??? and i see you guys, all the time, talking about how “cringey” people who use the q slur are??? and that makes me feel like shit???

yall are reblogging stuff like lgbt people who lived through the aids crisis talking about our history using “q***r” and “d*ke” etc and tagging “yikes” like do you even. understand

people form communities around these words, and that deserves your respect?? a lot of lgbt people find power and history in these words?? and if someone who’s been advocating for your/their rights for their whole lives wants to use the same word theyve been using for thirty years jesus christ just let them???

and then yall will turn around and do stuff like talk about how you “support all lgbt people” like you dont exclusively doxx lgbt people who arent with your exact rhetoric, or who have a culture of lgbt people with their own ideas and experiences outside of flower crowns and fan culture

like hating older lgbt people isnt edgy or deep can yall please stop

(if youre cishet don’t touch this post)

Making Ward Hydra (and committed to evil) was such a bad idea like I’m sick and rewatching AoS so I can bask in Dasy/Skye’s brilliance and plot my next “WOC in Marvel Live Action” post and it keeps hitting me how he could’ve been a better character.

Like he literally had so much potential to be vaguely interesting and they decided to go with “gleefully turns to evil and is an actual ass to everyone”.


One of my nieces still adores him and I can’t figure out why because the “he’s been Hydra all along reveal” was so trite especially when like 90% of SHIELD turned out to be Hydra like right after/around that.

Hey hello friends. Please don’t mock La La Land for having to sit down for Best Picture. I fully believe that Moonlight should have won, but nobody should have be allowed to think they won something (especially on national TV) and then have to be told “No, you didn’t win. Give the award back.” Plus the world would be up in arms if the roles were reversed and Moonlight had to give their award to La La Land. Both films were amazing and deserving of awards and recognition so please pay respect to them both. The shit should be directed at whoever handed the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty and caused this shitshow in the first place. 

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It's almost been a full year since you made your incredibly useful example of the scarecrow fallacy, aka, your "hurr da us is dum lel XD" comic. How does it feel to have shown how uneducated and unintelligent you are considering the problems you make out to be so bad also happen in the EU and other places in the world? How does it feel to have made gross simplifications about some problems and have had hundreds of idiots on tumblr agree with you?

boi youre one of the salty ones that get real angry over people on the internet having different opinions than you arentcha

Okay but real talk here, I’m huge into world building. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. And one of my favorite things to do is to look at an already set up system and try to figure out what the rest of the world is like, based on the few bits of info we know.

Lately I’ve been doing this a ton with g/t. I keep on thinking of the common set-up of a place that’s geared to tinies and to giants, and honestly stuff like that is so much more than just platforms here for tinies, different sized things, etc.

Is the weather geared for the small or giant figures? How did two different types of beings with vastly different sizes come to a peaceful conclusion to share, when being seperated would be overall safer? What are the politics like, are there equal represenatives of both sides, or is one more socially favored over the other? How do they handle crime, because crimes and assult would be extraordinarily easy to commit/get away with on a giant scale? 

What are the schools like, especially younger schools? If the two races were seperated during younger years where interaction would be more dangerous, does that add in some slight racisim/judgement whenever the two groups eventually mix? 

How would dangerous enviroments work out? Things like parades, parties, festivals, parties, those things can be dangerous for just one size, it’d be rather harsh with multiple sizes. Would events like that be segregated? How would people feel about the segregation?

How would romance and friendships be handled? Especially when one side can easily hold all the power? Would it be generally accepted, or would it be judged, or would it just be held in caution?

How would things be represented in fiction? Would it be like our media, where one race/sexuality/gender is generally shown more than others? Or would things be more even in this world? Or would work envorments like filming media be consider dangerous for mixed sizes? 

And then there’s the possibilities for science, engeneering, the psycology of it, more social aspects, the crime, there’s literally so much that could be expanded upon in a world like this! Most of the g/t forms of media I see merely skim the surface of topics like these, but I can’t stop thinking about all the deeper things. Culture, politics, where all of this began and how it evolved and why things are the way that they are!

And this is just for a world where giants and tinies live peacefully. In worlds where tinies are kept as pets, that’s a whole different thing to think about and expand upon and pick apart. Giants as monsters? Or tinies and giants knowing each other and living apart? Or tinies living in a world unknown to giants? Each one presents entirely different oppertunites to expand and create more from it!

I’m totally rambling now, but I utterly adore building up the world on common concepts like this. If anyone has anything to add to this, feel free!

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journalist / scripturient

“being a reporter is about finding hidden truths and sharing it with the world, it’s about service. and telling stories that need to be told to make the world a better and more comprehensible place.”

i didn’t know who i was. it seemed like there were pieces of me everywhere. i left my memories at the photo frames. my memorised birthdays and numbers stuck to the calendar on the wall. my emotions stained the sleeve of my shirts. my potential lay leaking out of hole in my head. i left to a place where all of the world’s medicine and all of the world’s doctors couldn’t put me back together again.
—  scatterbrained | aman thind

I think a fundamental part of online friendships that people ‘outside’ fail to understand is how comforting it is to have friends right there in your pocket who will keep you company in good times and bad, listen to your rants, let you vent, be supportive whilst offering outsider perspective…

  • Need to be alone but need support too? Pocket friends.
  • Something awful just happened and there’s nobody around for you to tell? Pocket friends.
  • Need to let your feelings out but don’t want people to see you ugly-cry? Pocket friends.

Keep being amazing, pocket friends. You couldn’t possibly imagine how important you are.

Reasons why I think Yuuri and Viktor have already had sex

This is going to get long, I can see it now, so heads up.

So to start off, let’s start at the beginning of the episode with this:

This one’s been overdone a lot already but! I want to take this into new perspective. Viktor was clearly drunk as all hell in this scene. Being drunk doesn’t mean transforming you into a new person, it just lowers inhibitions, right? Now look at Viktor’s face closely.

I’ve seen some people call this possessiveness. Tbh I thought so too before watching this episode. Now I just think it’s lust, and not possessiveness, because Viktor is so smashed at this point that his inhibitions are practically gone. What I mean by that is, Viktor wants to bone Yuuri (as seen by all the sexual innuendos and physical flirting back in episodes 3, 4, and 5) and him being drunk only enhances his outward emotions, if you catch my drift. 

He even goes so far as to strip. I’m going to elaborate more on his dialogue under the cut.

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