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Trump staffer convicted for electoral fraud
A man who worked on Donald Trump’s campaign in Michigan has been found guilty on 10 counts of election fraud. Brandon Hall, a political activist, forged signatures on petition forms in 2012 and now faces up to five years in prison. The 27-year-old from Grand Haven, along with his friend Zachary Savage, forged signatures in support of judicial candidate Chris Houtaling.

“The fact that the Trump campaign and the Michigan Republican Party embraced Brandon Hall is just one more reason to recount and audit the vote in Michigan.”  […]

I’m in the middle of tapping out an email to my dad, deleting and retyping sentences.

On Friday night I’ll cook an abridged Chinese New Year Eve dinner, I write.

Maybe I’ll cook noodles (symbolizing happiness, longevity) or dumplings (symbolizing wealth). I don’t tell him what I’ll do exactly. This is the first time in my adult life, apart from drinking parties organized under the guise of making dumplings for Lunar New Year, that I’ve paid attention to this holiday.

My dad is unbothered by the truncated menu. In his email back to me, he focuses more on the train he’ll take to New York, the one after 3 p.m. when the station offers free parking.

Chinese New Year had always felt to me more like stiff spectacle than warm family tradition, and fleetingly, I feel guilty for hijacking his holiday by moving it from his place to mine. I’d invited him because it was time for a visit and because I didn’t want to make the three-hour trek to his house in Connecticut.

I wonder if, with my laziness, I’ve sped up the generational hand-off of customs that comes when a kid assumes more leadership in a family. Like hosting a Lunar New Year dinner. I also wonder if I’m cheapening a tradition.

My Menu For Lunar New Year: Guilt, Confusion, With A Side Of Angst

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

Mbti types as sighs that they do

ISFJ: the ‘I’m so disappointed in you but I dont want to make a fuss but air is just releasing itself without my consent’ sigh

INFJ: the ‘nonononono nooooooooooooooo ughhhhhhhhhhhhh my life is over, take me now’ sigh

ISFP: the ‘fine I forgive you because you look really guilty so just don’t let it happen again’ sigh

ESFJ: the 'why don’t you go outside more? And if you say anything about preferring to stay home over going out then I’m going to sigh loudly’ sigh

INFP: the 'I’m an introvert please respect my space it has nothing to do with you or your party but I’m so tired of explaining all this to you again’ sigh

INTJ: the 'I gave you ONEEEE job but you somehow still messed this up too’ sigh

ISTJ: the 'I just like things neat and tidy why dafuq are you mad AT ME for cleaning your desk and organizing your life for you’ sigh

ISTP: the 'I’m never doing anyone another favor for as long as I live’ sigh

INTP: the 'this is going to take too long for me to explain to you and now my mind is already drifting so I’m just gonna do it by myself - you are no longer needed kthanksbye’ sigh

ENFJ: the 'I told you this would happen repeatedly but why didn’t you listen to me and now we gotta deal with this because I secretly get off on this drama’ sigh

ESFP: the 'I can’t believe I did this AGAINNN! why can’t I make good decisions? why is there so much dramaaa?!’ sigh

ENFP: the 'I can’t decide what food to get bc there are too many choices and now the waiter looks like he’s gonna spit in my food - okay fine I’ll have the pasta …dammit I should’ve gotten the risotto instead’ sigh

ESTJ: the 'I called you 10 minutes in advance because I know you’re always late and yet you’re still late right now’ sigh

ENTJ: the 'they don’t want my help but they’re doing it wrong and it would just be so much easier if they did it my way’ sigh

ESTP: the 'I’m so done with all of your drama you’re fking crayyyzeee’ sigh

ENTP: the 'fine I surrender but only because you’ll finally shut up if I do’ sigh

I’d just like to thank Riverdale for (so far) giving us cliché af high school things that so many other teen shows are starting to avoid to be more original. Give us all the dances, clubs, parties, sleepovers, and drive-in episodes possible. Like that’s my guilty pleasure right there I live and breathe for that in a teen drama. Never lose that path. Don’t be afraid to do more of it.

Thoughts on Quiet People

We live in a society that worships the loud, the bold, the aggressive, and the big personalities. I have always felt a sense of shame for the way I am: complex, thoughtful, shy, and occasionally quiet. Some people say, “What’s the big deal? You’re quiet, so what?” but if I felt accepted then I wouldn’t feel the need to put myself down for being this way. I have felt this unspoken resentment towards quiet people my whole life. Teachers tell me to talk more in class. My friends tell me to be more outgoing and I’m the one they forget to invite to the party. My parents say, “you were such an fun, energetic kid, but you’ve changed so much.” I’m overlooked by boys my age who gravitate towards the bubbly, spontaneous ones. People tell me to be more assertive, mean, and to fight for what I want. I feel guilty for loving alone time to just sitting silently and thinking reflectively because this is a “waste of time.” Of course I should be hanging out with friends, climbing the social ladder, and improving my social skills, but all I want to do is to escape that overwhelming pressure to perform because even when I’m trying my best to be accepted I still fall short. It feels like everyone at parties and social events is there to prove something to the people around them. It’s as if life is a competition to them. Conversation revolves around putting other people down and elevating yourself. I feel like I must speak up not because I have something that I want to say, but just because I want to be heard. I want to be liked. I want to be accepted. I want to be like those careless, outgoing people who get all the attention and love. 

Occasionally, I stop and think about how twisted my thoughts have become. 

That’s when I realize that quiet people where never the problem, it our society that needs to change. Just think about how much better life would be if people valued quiet people. Sure, there might be less talking, but there would certainly be more thinking. People would become more considerate of other people and think about how they are feeling. Greater value would be placed on intelligent,  thoughtful minds. More people would take the time to think about who they are, who they want to be, and what decisions they want to make. It would help people to start loving themselves for who they are instead of trying to compete for attention and acceptance. Conversations would go beyond surface level and it would be normal to talk about your hopes, dreams, passions, and view on life. And maybe quiet people would gain the courage to break out of their comfort zones, stand up for themselves, and speak up. 

So, I know what you are thinking. This sounds great, but how can anything be changed? 

Quiet people need to stop being quiet and start a conversation. The more this subject is talked about then the more people will recognize its negative impact and open themselves up to change. People need to promote self love among quiet people and stand up against negative statements against quiet people because…

Quiet people are worthy of acceptance and love just the way they are.

Went to a drinks party tonight and left after meeting:

a) a woman who taught Zayn Malik at school

b) a guy who is super connected in the film industry and is gonna come talk to me at my office this week about moving to LA and various contacts

c) a woman who has a friend working on Doctor Who who would be happy to meet with me

d) a guy who might be working for the UK version of Hamilton (I have already begged him for tickets) and is happy to give me a copy of a bootlegged Hamilton performance

e) an awesome feminist who works in theatre and who discussed American politics with me for ages and ages


My point is that sometimes I need to be more social because tonight was fun and I met a bunch of great people.

The liberal hand-wringing over whether or not it’s right to punch a Nazi sounds a lot like the same arguments that were encouraging people to not bother voting in the presidential election, or to throw away the vote on third parties or spoiled ballots. Those people were accomplishing nothing more than preserving some ego-based vision of themselves as the ethically pure ones among us, which was worth more to them than acknowledging the dreary reality we all share. It was insulting then, and it’s insulting now. I resent the implication that I somehow missed that Clinton, for example, was guilty of many crimes. I supported her despite those things, not because of them, and I also resent the implication that I somehow revel in violence for its own sake, because I see some social utility in making Nazis afraid.

Let me repeat the same thing I tried to communicate last time: I am aware of these things, I have the same visceral reaction to violence that you do, but I choose to put my own personal feelings and my own precious self image second to the needs of my community. I wanted Hillary to win not because I believed she would be the most morally pure president the world has ever seen, but because she would have been better for the world than Trmp. This theory has been borne out, to the surprise of no one, not even those who argued so fervently that there was ‘no difference’ between them. I want Nazis to be punched not because I love punching so much, but because Nazis need to be punched.

I’m all for putting differences aside and finding common ground, it’s never been more crucial for people on the left to overcome the mostly cosmetic signifiers that separate us into squabbling camps. The Right is way ahead of us in that regard and we’re playing a desperate game of catch-up, but I think it’s absolutely critical that we agree on these points. We have wasted too much time debating over a literal Nazi, someone who would build gas chambers if he had the chance, getting smacked on camera. The Right is laughing at these conversations. We are proving to them that they have nothing to worry about. We’re arguing over semantics and ’slippery slopes’ while they are making plans to exterminate us.

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I feel really uncomfortable with all thats going on. I support women who are victims of sexual crimes but also, we can't deny that there are cases when a man is INNOCENT but have their reputation damaged forever. People have to realize that claiming someone is a "rapist" is the worst they can do without any proof. Even in jail they are treated worse than murderers. So without a guilty verdict hanging over him and with these women taking money we should all be more careful with what we say and do

At the end of the day, the situation has been handled all wrong, no matter how you look at things.

People have been condemning and slandering Casey only seven years after the allegations came out. That is seven years after the allegations were settled by BOTH parties involved in the case. Seven years after the allegations were dropped.

Why? Because he was getting Oscar buzz.

No one said anything in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or the first eight months of 2016.

Those facts alone present three huge problems:

1) People ‘sharing’ and spreading misinformation and a lot of time passing judgement on a person and case they knew virtually nothing about to the point it became ‘viral’

2) People deciding that an allegation equals a conviction, picking and choosing legal terms to their liking, constantly interchanging very different terms as if they were synonyms and throwing names that were nowhere to be seen on the original and official allegations, like “rape” and “sexual assault”

3) Only deciding to care and pay attention when the person involved was receiving praise and good things were predicted for him. People had a problem with that. With someone doing really well.

The very first time I addressed this situation I said something that still holds true: We (people in general, public, fans, etc.) have no idea of what truly happened on the set of “I’m Still Here” regarding those allegations. We simply don’t. We have one side alleging they were sexually harassed. We have the other side DENYING the allegations. That’s it. That’s what we know. The fact that the allegations exist doesn’t mean they were true. Doesn’t mean they were false. It just means that WE DON’T KNOW and so who are we to judge?

We are all entitled to our opinion, and to dislike whomever we dislike for whatever reasons we may have. But literally taking 7 year old allegations that were unproven and dropped a few weeks after they were made and holding them against someone for everything else that they may now do in the present and future, is uncalled for.

That’s not to mention changing and modifying said harassment allegations and calling Casey a “gross, disgusting rapist” and being hurtful towards the people who have publicly shown support for his work or success.

The thing is, personally, I’ve never claimed Casey is innocent (because I don’t know with certainty that he is). But most people continue to claim Casey is guilty (even though they don’t know with certainty that he is). And there’s something just not right there.

Thank you for stopping by anon! And wow, I wasn’t expecting this to end up being so long, but oh well…

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What if you did something that you cant forgive yourself for, so you start sabotaging your relationships with the good people in your life because of how guilty you feel. And you feel undeserving of their love because you know they would despise you if they knew what you did anyway. I think I need to tell them what I did and ask for their forgiveness, but I know it would hurt them if they knew what I did, so it's for their own sake I keep it inside, but it eats me up every time they're around 😞

You’re way more than your actions, and there’s no need to punish yourself and throw a pity party. Good people do bad things. Sometimes the things we do can’t be fixed or forgiven. All you can do is own it, learn from it, and get better. This guilt means nothing if you don’t improve because of it.


A bit of birthday nonsense for my beloved @feyestwords. It’s set in the Say Cheese ‘verse, so you know…crack ahead. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, Fey!

         Will felt a little guilty when his phone buzzed. It was the 8th time in the last 10 minutes. He knew he shouldn’t be ignoring Hannibal, but he really didn’t want to go home.

         Hannibal had promised no birthday party this year. Had sworn there wouldn’t be a repeat of last year’s debacle, when Will had come home on his 40th birthday to find the entire opera board in black tie toasting his happy day. He ended up trapped between a bore and a letch throughout dinner. Mr. More Money Than Sense had told Will all about the fascinating world of Swiss bank litigation while his trophy wife, Mrs. Handsy, kept sliding her bejeweled hand up his thigh.  

         In desperation, Will decided to personally clear out the liquor cabinet. Around the time Hannibal was bringing out dessert, Will wanted to show these opera hacks what real music was. He stood on the table belting I Go Walking After Midnight, much to the horror of the dinner crowd and the delight of Hannibal. When Will woke the next day, with a sandpaper tongue and eyes that didn’t seem to open properly, Hannibal was looking up mandolins online so that he could accompany Will for his next impromptu Patsy Cline concert.

         This year was supposed to be different. He’d told Hannibal ahead of time that he didn’t want a party. All he wanted was to lay around all day in his boxers, sipping whiskey, playing with Gerhard, and making out with Hannibal. It was such a simple request, so beautiful in its design.

         But leave it to Hannibal fucking Lecter to ignore Will’s wishes. The doctor had been secretly squirreling away to the store, making quiet phone calls in the study, and combing through online recipes. Will knew what it meant. It meant a fucking party, with bow ties, snooty opera people, and Mrs. Handsy and her grabby little fingers.

         He wasn’t going to do it – not again.

         So Will had told Hannibal he was going for a run. Four hours later, Will sighed. It was getting cold and he really wanted to come home. Maybe he should just check his messages.

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Okay, I loved that sneak peek A LOT, but Betty couldn't give away any emotion? Maybe laugh a little over jughead trying to say boyfriend and girlfriend? I don't know, they are giving me all these lovely and cute moments and Betty seems like she's just along for the ride. I get that there are more important stuff happening of course, but I still miss it. What do you think?

she smiles over at him when he says, “there’s a killer on the loose, remember?” 

but her sister is MISSING. i’m guessing this is after they’ve been searching all day since it’s night time and they’re wearing the same clothes in the search party stills. she’s got to be feeling pretty shitty– scared, sad, guilty. if i were in betty’s shoes and MY sister, heather, was missing, i doubt i’d let anybody touch me, let alone want to stand around sorting out my relationship status. i don’t know if you’ve seen the episode 8 leaks, but betty looks so happy around jug. i think once polly is safe, betty is going to be in the head space to think about and enjoy her romance with jughead more 

Do not be ashamed.

I was at a party where I didn’t know anyone, and I got talking to an older gay guy about nights in London. I told him that since I’ve been to Butch, Please (butch positive night) I hate myself much less.

He said: “why do you hate yourself?!”

I said “because I feel guilty about being a ‘stereotype’ and making gay people’s lives more difficult.”

He said: “I love butch women, and you’re not a stereotype, you’re a part of history.”

And it is one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me. To all my butch sisters and camp brothers; we are a part of our own history. Don’t let anyone ever shame you for that. X

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Why did they have ti ruin the bex/rob friendship. Or Rob/dingles. I care about Rob and he has not one outside aaron and emmerdale are fucking him over. I know thats a weird angle to take on this. Im definitely way more sad for Aaron but ahhhhhhh I'm so mad they are doing this to all these good relationships


yeah i totally feel that my dude. he’s always been super isolated and it’s just like… it is sad. at least he still has vic? and diane when emmerdale is in the mood?

also, i’ve been chatting with some people about how perhaps rob being isolated, losing all of the people in his support system, is maybe where this SL is heading? like rob hits rock bottom? idk. but yeah. same. robert is the guilty party here, but i do feel for him too. 


Happy Birthday to you @milakumo

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For the drabble thing - 95 with Arthur asking Vivi? (because I have faith that Vivi could and would do this and it would lead to seven ghosts one near-miss possession, a cult war, and absolutely nothing nsfw. I believe in the Blueberry. Any of the other cast members could probably do it and keep it sfw, too, but I feel Vivi doing so would lead to the most interesting results)


“Maaaaybeee?” The way she lilted the word made it clear that she had been the guilty party. “Why, is something out of place?”

Arthur folded his arm across his chest (his prosthetic was still lying on the bedside table) and glared down the length of his nose at her. “No, as you perfectly well know, nothing is out of place, However, two pairs have burns in places I would definitely remember burning, three more are covered in ectoplasmic slime, and I’ve only ever seen that particularly vibrant pink slime that is on one of them— from one spook. And let us not forget the four more pairs that are now white…. when they weren’t before! And let’s not go into why the waistband of this one is stretched out so far that an elephant could wear them now!” He waved at the ruin of the first pair he had grabbed this morning.

“Seriously Vivi, why? What do you have to say for yourself?” Arthur stared down into the only mildly contrite blue eyes of the girl sitting on the foot of his bed.

Without hesitation, Vivi launched into a wildly improbable tale that started with a prank that needed an improvised slingshot and devolved into a ghost hunt gone wrong, several ghosts that might or might not have been closely related to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, a car chase that somehow ended up starting a war between two cults (both of which had tried to sacrifice him to their particular Elder monstrosity from beyond the stars, so he wasn’t too broken up about them fighting with each other), a near-possession (and wouldn’t Lewis love to hear about that), a pineapple (seriously?), and a fetch quest for holy water from the church down the street.

And knowing Vivi, it was all true.

Arthur sighed and re-attached his prosthetic to his stump, too distracted to even hiss at the familiar wash of pain as nerves connected to artificial ones. He pulled the whole drawer out and dumped it into the lap of his friend. “Fine,” he growled, “But you are replacing everything— and I expect Nintendo and Star Wars boxers out of this.”

who writes about the law being male? I’d like to read more. It’s annoying me today.

“for the law holds it better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent party suffer“

that’s a man’s viewpoint.

As a woman, I’d rather 10 innocent men were in prison for 10 years for rapes they didn’t commit than 1 rapist walks amongst us.

It’s not worse to spend 10 years getting qualifications, getting fed and kept than it is to be raped or otherwise abused. Or to be killed.

The law makes women the responsible ones. A rapist loose in the area? Women must stay in at night, only go out with a man. What if we made men, the violent criminals by a huge margin, the responsible ones?

But we can’t do that because they might need to go out at night for their jobs or other legitimate purposes like stargazing or just taking a walk. And it would be awkward to make sure they always have a woman with them who can vouch for them, what if they want to be alone? Well - tough!

If men had to shoulder the burden, I don’t think they’d cover for each other like they do now. Every rapist and killer out there - some man knows who he is. If dobbing him in meant avoiding unfair punishment of an innocent person (WHICH RAPE AND MURDER ALSO ARE) or a male curfew, they’d do it.

Literally the only good parts of the general law are that we don’t execute people and we treat them fairly in prison, and that we punish worse crimes worse so we don’t for example further incentivise rapists to murder their victims.

I don’t care about innocent men going to prison when the result of avoiding that is innocent women and children being abused, raped and killed.

I think this is the only way to stamp out male violence. We need to make MEN afraid when a violent male is around and committing crimes. It needs to impact THEIR freedom.

it’s completely unfair that when a man is prowling trying to take the rights and lives of women and children that women and children have to have their freedoms restricted. One rapist can impact not just the life of his victim but the lives of everyone afraid they will be his victim.

This system benefits men in general and particularly it benefits abusers. I want a system that protects people from male violence. I think male violence is more relevant than state violence. Most women and children live with or near men or have to be alone amongst them at various points in their weeks. I don’t want government and police abuse. But right now, women are discredited, punished, abused, raped and killed by the police. But much more often it’s their male relatives and lovers. Male violence is generally only a problem to boys, not men. Unfair government and police violence affect men, and men enjoy to say that eg child support is like unfair punishment, and being arrested for domestic violence is lying and brutal police.

I want to only talk about how it’s men everyone is scared of. Even the brutal police, that’s men. I want to stop thinking about men’s perspective and treating it like it’s sacred and obvious objective truth.

I want to look at women’s viewpoint. What would be good for women. What would be fair for women. What would protect women.

I only want to look at men in terms of what they do, not what they want.

I want to stop pretending that men’s laws, what’s good for men, is necessarily good for me. When I look at the world, when I look at all the fucking ridiculous laws women have had to make (like: raping a woman is still illegal, even when she’s your wife. Raping a child is still illegal, even if you get them to say they like it.) and I see that the basic law is anti-women and anti-children and is all about men’s property rights, including seeing other people as property, especially women. It’s only one step up from men demanding money from the men who raped “his” women. It’s totally irrelevant to women’s lives and I’m not going to listen to people who act like it’s holy and perfect. It’s made by men for men. it’s not like a tree or the soil or the sun. It’s made by men for men!!

Headcanon: Sometimes bats (of the rodent variety) get injured during training. Bruce made up a rule that any injured bat will be nursed back to health by the guilty party. Alfred thought it was a great lesson on responsibility until he realised Bruce just wanted his kids to have more first aid training. They keep a tally of injured/killed bats.

Dick : 23 (has a tendency to do acrobatics in weird corners of the cave and can be quite careless when he’s not on the job, you’d think he’d learn)

Steph : 8 

Bruce : 5

Cass : 5

Tim : 3

Damian : 3 (from before he realised animals were better than people - 0 since then)

Jason : 1 (he’s never in the cave and the count was started after his death)

Batcow : 1

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Hi! How would the Kou bros plan a surprise birthday celebration for their S/Os? (thank you for all your hard work! I check this blog everyday and whenever I see new posts I feel like the Rukh are happily flying out from my laptop omg)

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen’s plan for a party isn’t terribly cohesive, but it’s well intentioned. He gets their favorite food, their favorite dessert, decorates in their favorite color and favorite flowers. He wants this party to be a celebration of them, and picking their favorites is the only way, he says with a resolute nod.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei arranges a simple affair, though he feels guilty for not managing something larger. Taking the day off work, he gathers his and his s/o’s family with a simple dinner and cake. He tells them he wishes he could have done more, not realizing how much it means that he took off work.

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha plans a massive party, nearly inviting half the country. He gets the entire Imperial Palace in on his schemes—maid sneaking in balloons, chefs baking at all hours of the night, everyone excitedly contributing to the massive surprise.

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I miss everyone so much. Alyx, Doctor Breen, Barney, Judith, Eli, Dog, and hell, even Magnusson!! I just feel so alone and guilty. I know it wasn't my fault that the Adviser killed Eli, and there was nothing I could've done, but everyone had always depended on me and put their faith in me and I always pulled through and saved the day, I just feel like I failed everyone. I should've done more. - A mourning Gordon Freeman