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I really have to get this out of my chest because I’m so damn mad at this moment! I can’t believe they did this to us, c'mon!!!!! Julie Plec you’re a little bitch! Let’s start, first of all I’m agree with some people that this season was a little bored (I didn’t realize it until today) but yeah it’s true, the whole season was about the hollow in different bodies, that’s all, what happened with the werewolves!???? They were absent the whole season! Now getting back to today’s episode, I can’t believe they really break off the always and forever! It’s what distinguish The Mikaelson family!!!!!! Also why does Klaus always has to suffer? They separate him from Hope last season! Why again? The worst part is that Hayley took Hope to Caroline’s shitty school!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? SO KLAROLINE FANS CAN THEIR FUCKING HAPPY ENDING!!! HELL NO! I thing the writers know perfectly that Klayley is the couple with best development but they prefer to “listen” what Klaroline fans want or maybe they are so desperated to get a bigger audience and that’s why they did it, idk but I’m so pissed off because of that. At least they give Freelin, Kolvina and Marbekah a happy ending, it was the best thing to do. I was so damn furious with that Haylijah kiss like ssly Hope is in danger and Elijah is thinking in himself!? That’s why he doesn’t deserve Hayley, but tell me WHY DOES THE WRITERS CAN’T FINISH THAT RELATIONSHIP!? The good thing is that Marcel made Elijah forget everything and I really hope Haylijah is finally over for good and don’t become like other ships always breaking up and getting back time after time. Now, the important thing here is Klayley, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER IN GIVING THEM A PROPER GOODBYE!!!!!!! REALLY? AFTER ALL THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH!? Like I said they have the best development! And they just didn’t say goodbye to each other!!!!! It was the perfect time for them! They could have been happy in this episode, the best thing to do was Klaylope leaving New Orleans and living a happy life like a family but no, THEY DECIDED TO RUINED IT!!!! Now I get why The CW took so long on renewing the series after this finale a lot of fans are going to be disappointed and mad. I have one recommendation for S5 to the writers: MAKE KLAYLEY ENDGAME!

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Pride & Embrace

This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy! <3

Word Count: 290

Warnings: fluff

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Finding out Pride was alive was a relief in itself.  When you saw him, you heart seemed to stop.  You felt a wide smile spread across your face as you sprinted towards the agent.  He always managed to find you through a crowd of people.

You jumped into Pride’s arms, wrapping your arms around his neck.  You buried your face in his chest as his arms slid around your frame.  You felt his breath against your skin as he held onto you tightly.  This embrace was different from all the rest.  It was like being reunited once again.

“Don’t you ever do something like that again Dwayne Cassius Pride,” you sniffled, trying your best to be mad at him.  It was no use; you were too elated to be in Pride’s arms.  You were afraid that if you let go, Pride would cease to exist.  “I thought you were dead.”

“Ah’m sorry [Y/N],” Pride apologized, keeping his voice just above a whisper.  His arms released you, putting you safely on your feet.  His bright green eyes met yours and you could see the tears in his eyes.  “Ah did what ah had’ta do, to protect you and the team.”

“I know,” you whispered, cradling the agent’s face in your hand.  “I’m so glad that you’re alive.”

“Can’t get rid of me that easily honey,” Pride joked, running his fingertips through your hair.  “C’mon, let’s go home.”

Pride’s arm wrapped around your waist as he led you away from all of the commotion behind him.  He wasn’t going to admit it, but faking his death was the hardest thing he had to do.  Especially when he knew what it would do to his team; what it would do to you.

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An open letter to a person who loves an alcoholic;

Hi there, you’re probably experiencing an emotional roller coaster right now. You’re sad, mad, scared, filled with doubt and so on. At first you thought that your loved one just liked alcohol time to time, I mean what’s wrong with that? People binge on their favourite drinks all the time. But it starts to take a turn for the worst - that ‘one’ drink has turned into two, then three, and pretty soon your finding empty alcohol bottles stashed and hidden away. You’re realizing that the person you used to be able to talk to, is no longer available because they are too wasted to comprehend what you are saying. So you get mad, you just want it to stop so you yell, you scream, you take the bottles and try and hide them - you think you’re helping, you think they will realize, but that doesn’t work. Days go by and each night behind the closed door they continue to drink. You try and reason with them now, you plead with them to just put the bottle down because you miss their presence. At this point you’ll probably get an antagonizing laugh or maybe they will raise their voice and insist they don’t have a problem and that person will try and convince you that you are crazy for thinking otherwise. You’ll feel defeated and trapped, you don’t know what to do. Hiding the alcohol doesn’t work - they will always find more, reasoning with the person doesn’t work - because they don’t see it as a problem. So you finally go reach for help and try and find support. Now most people will scoff you off because it seems like drinking large amounts of alcohol is not seen as a ‘problem’, others will say you need to back off that person because you having valid emotions with the situation, is the reason they will only drink more. Lastly, the support you do find that is true will only be helpful in the moment - because as you realize there is really nothing you can do about someone’s addiction. So the days drag on, the alcohol increases, the person seems to lose more of themselves each day - maybe they begin to miss work, always seeking isolation, showing up to events drunk and leaving wasted, and sometimes they even make the shitty decision to drive while intoxicated. Again, you feel lost and you’re scared. You’re lost because that person you love is not there for you anymore, and you cannot recognize who they are anymore. You’re scared because your not sure whether the addiction will get stronger, or if they will die from it. So what do you do? people tell you to never leave an addicts side because this is when they need you more then ever. But tell me, how do you stay when that person is so wasted they are calling you names, shoving you, making you cry, lying to you every chance they get. How do you do that, when this a person you’re supposed to look up too, the one who was supposed to take care of you, how do you deal with an alcoholic, when its your own _____

I think I’m done being mad (No I’m not). But I am thankful for the amazing characters this show introduced us to and the beautiful stories we experienced. 

I’m going to miss being passionate and laughing and crying along with these characters to the point of insanity. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I have no regrets good or bad. It’s life. If I’m mad it’s because life is as unfair as this. If I’m happy it’s because there’s beauty even when there’s despair. 

Skam had a lovely way of showing that and reminding us of forgiveness and understanding. I hope people learned from that. I saw people both hate me and love me and I feel that reflects this show so much.

 Thanks everyone for the lovely ride. I literally went into this blog hoping for some discourse and found a huge following (1500 wtf y'all) of like-minded (sometimes not) people who just love this show and I’m happy for that. I love everyone good and bad!

I met amazing friends like @iamacolor who’s like a friend for life and I hope to meet so many more despite this show being over. 

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ok so i know it's probably pronounced 'kehk' but recently i've been pronouncing it 'keek' (so it sounds different to all the fuckboys online stealing that word for racism) and no lie it's legitimately growing on me. ryou the geek loves his bf keek.

I’m so mad at them using Kek for their ridiculous little troll magic.

Fucking fools don’t even know what they’re doing. For one, Kuk (or Kek, or Keku) doesn’t have a set gender. Kek is the male representation and Keket (or Kauket) is the female representation.

So huzah, these numbskulls picked a god that doesn’t fit in the gender binary to represent their bigoted ideas. Maybe next time they should do more than five minutes of Google research before they try to evoke an ancient god?

And second, if one were going to try and call forth the darkness from the Ogdoad in order to use it for internet troll magic- then Kauket would have been the better choice. Kauket was “the bringer of night” It’s the feminine aspect of Kuk that actually initiates the darkness.

But, because these morons on 4chan and Reddit are sexist, they skipped straight to the masculine version, Kek. But here’s the thing. I’ve said this before, Kek is"the bringer of light" He’s specially the darkness that exists before dawn. So yes, he’s darkness, but he’s also the END of darkness.

That means those stupid trolls basically set up a spell where there’d be darkness for a time, but it’d be followed by a great light. Because that’s how Kek works.

But feel free to call him Keek if you want. Since a lot of my deathshipping takes place in Japan a lot of ppl tend to call him Keku anyway, so he’s used to nicknames (and after not having a name, he has no problems with nicknames).

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I just wanted to thank you, because of you I started to have warmer feelings about Jake and see that we're pretty similar and I think being selfish isn't necessarily bad. I'm a selfish person and as long as I don't hurt others I'm good with this trait of mine. I can do good things having selfish motives and it's ok. I used to be mad at Jake but your reading of him gives me more understanding of his actions and I can relate to him. I also love Dirk and now I feel comfortable shipping them again.

Aw dang this made me get all weepy for a bit. I’m glad I was able to help! Encouraging people to fall in love with these characters all over again is pretty much why I decided to start doing this so it always makes my day and renews my determination when I hear someone else is enjoying the story more as a result of my writing. 

And yeah I don’t really think being selfish or self-focused is necessarily bad. Being aware of one’s own tendencies is a good thing, especially if you can be honest enough about them to know when you need to course correct (and that can happen in either direction.) 

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it isn't dev's fault implementing a major character into a game takes a long time stop complaining

It’s not that it takes a long time, it’s that this is ridiculous. Dev is lying about how much time he actually works on Yansim. He doesn’t work 10 hours a day because he’s too busy playing video games. Now no one would give a shit if he was streaming or not, but he lies to the fans about it and that’s what pisses people off. He’s giving us dates when things should be done, and then gets mad when we’re upset that they’re not done by said deadline dev made for himself. He cannot manage his volunteers at all, he wastes time lurking online forums for hate about him, and begs for sympathy when he’s done no work on Osana.

Osana should have been implemented months ago. If Dev keeps up this pace, there is no way in hell we will see Yansim by 2019.

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I know how you feel, I have depression and anxiety (I used to go to a psychologist) but my mom thought I didn't need meds anymore (cause we were running low on money) and made me stop therapy and meds. Now she always gets mad cause I'm depressed or/and angry all the time but doesn't think I should go to appointments anymore....

I get you. Except my family has money, a lot of it. They think I do this stuff for attention since my sister is so successful, and they have something against meds for some stupid reason

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To be fair Cam is going to be gone for two months and I wanted to have fun playing a game with him for however long we could play!! >:c So don’t be mad plz asdfghjkldwjfiwfjsjdb))

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

Today, a group of Muslims leaving the mosque from taraweeh prayers on this holy and beautiful month of Ramadan were hit by a vehicle by a white TERRORIST. He isn’t mentally ill, he chose to run into innocent people but the media will never let you know. Pray for the Muslim families and the tragedies of minorities that become silenced by the media. Praying for these families

Edit: the media now is covering it, the British media is doing a much better job this time around at clarifying it’s an act of terrorism. The US news isn’t doing that well at highlighting all the points. Also understand that condemning him is the first step in a long battle to retain justice for those Muslims that were injured and the 1 that was killed.

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“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”