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It’s been said that when Cas comes back he’ll be “very different to the Castiel we’ve all come to know and love” what do you think this means?

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Hey, @therealjacksepticeye thought i’d give you a heads up

Some of the ultimates in South Park the fractured but whole are a bit… scandalous. And rather sexy. Theres full frontal nudity there i said it. Particularly in some of the later stages of the game. Theres a pretty big chance this game is gonna get age restricted no matter what. You might have a better shot just streaming some of the game instead


Hello everyone!! First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for following me. I officially have more followers on this blog than I do my main, and that amazes me. Your reblogs and comments (even the ones in the tags!) really mean a lot to me, and have been a huge confidence booster over the short time I’ve had this blog. I can’t express in words how much every single one of you mean to me.

To celebrate 300 new friends, I’m holding a little art raffle! In case you cannot read the text in the images, here’s a little rundown just after the cut!

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Just sitting here thinking about how good a feud between Sami and Tye would be.

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Like the parallels between them? Both are (or were) faces who just exude happiness, and love (or loved *sniffles*) the audience and focus a lot of their energy into bringing the audience joy from the moment they come through the curtain (just think about their entrances and the way they’re always facing out to the crowd, turning to see everyone and let everyone be seen).

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Neither has had the main roster run that they hoped for or expected.

Idk I think they’d have a lot to promo about…