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Palmistry and Sigils

So I see lots of pictures of people drawing sigils on their hands, and I think that’s awesome. But one thing I’m surprised about is that–as far as I know–not many people have incorporated palmistry in with sigils. 

As shown on the picture above, different parts of the hand have different correspondences. 

A self-love sigil would ideally go on the Mount of Venus. 

A sigil for enhanced spiritual awareness would work great drawn on the Lunar Mount.

So yeah, just an idea I wanted to share. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favourite german idiom? (+ literal english translation maybe )

One? Just one? No, my friend. I cannot do that.

I can, however, do more than twenty, and I can do them in alphabetical order based on the most important keywords involved in them. Not all of them are idioms, some are just things people like to say in certain situations, but all of them are amazing or interesting in their own way. (t. =  literal translation, m. = meaning)

abwarten und Tee trinken - t. to wait and drink tea, m. just wait and see

Wo man singt, da lass dich nieder; böse Menschen haben keine Lieder. - t. Where there’s singing, settle down; bad people don’t have songs. m. this is not exactly a typical saying, but an old piece of wisdom my grandmother always quotes.

Ich bin fuchsteufelswild! - t. I am foxdevilwild!, m. I am so goddamn angry right now

Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen - t. to move heaven and hell, m. German equivalent for “to move heaven and earth”, but more badass

das ist ein Katzensprung - t. that is a cat’s jump, m. something is just a tiny distance away, only as far as a cat can jump!

auf den Keks gehen - t. to walk on someone’s cookie, m. to annoy someone, but much sweeter (get it? Okay, sorry.)

da kannst du Gift drauf nehmen - t. you can take poison on that, m. you can bet your life on that, it will definitely happen (how morbid, I love it)

die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt - t. (the) hope dies last

das Leben ist kein Ponyhof - t. life is no pony farm, m. life is tough and no fun, suck it up (a very German saying, also good for anyone that’s not into horses)

es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen - t. a master has never fallen from the sky, m. to master something you need to practice 

hinterm Mond leben - t. to live behind the moon, m. to be away from reality, lost in dreams, or not up to date with trends

hier spielt die Musik - t. the music plays here, m. usually said to get someone’s attention when they are distracted, often sarcastic or annoyed (or is that just me…)

in einer Nacht-und-Nebel-Aktion - t. in a night-and-fog-action, m. doing something secretly, away from the public, hidden (oooh spooky!)

jetzt haben wir den Salat - t. now we have the salad, m. look at this disaster that we now have 

sich freuen wie ein Schneekönig/Honigkuchenpferd - t. to be happy like a snow king/honey cake horse, m. to be very very happy (isn’t this cute?)

nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben - t. to not have all cups in the cupboard, m. that someone is crazy (obviously, with that many cups missing…)

das kommt mir spanisch vor - t. that seems Spanish to me, m. that something is suspicious or strange, because apparently emperor Karl V. once imported court etiquette from Spain that nobody understood and got confused by, amazing?

Was für ein Teufelskerl! - t. What a devil’s guy! m. a bit old-fashioned, but still cool; describes a really awesome, brave, or otherwise attention-pulling man

viel hilft viel - t. a lot helps a lot

den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen - t. to not see the forest because of all the trees, m. being unable to see the big picture because of distracting details

mit allen Wassern gewaschen sein - t. to be washed with/in all waters, m. someone who knows every trick in the book, is mischievous

Zieh dich warm an! - t. Dress warmly!, m. this is a threat. no, seriously, means that someone should prepare because you’re gonna do something very unpleasant to them soon

es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur falsche Kleidung - t. there is no bad weather, just wrong clothes, m. Germans are used to rain and it’s no reason to not do what you are supposed to be doing

Kommt Zeit, kommt Rat. - t. Comes time, comes advice. m. over time, a solution or advice will be found/appear

Those are all for now. Thank you for the ask, and let me know if you’d like more.

Motivational Mango

Hello, I am Mango, birb of the internet, and I have heard that you have a sad. 

Did you know that I am professional sad fighter? It’s true! Mango will show you the way. When you has a sad, you may feel like doing this: 

As you can see, Mango has been there too. But I can offer you some solutions. 

Sometimes it can help to talk to a friend. It can be hard to reach out, but sometimes expressing how you feel and commiserating makes you feel less alone. Hiding in hair is optional. 

You can talk to friends online if that makes you more comfortable. Computer is also good for viewing birbs. Good for combating a sad.  

If you’re having a rough time, it’s ok to take a break and enjoy a favorite activity. Don’t feel guilty! We can’t be 100% work 100% of the time. You’re allowed to have fun! 

You could get some rest, take a walk, or fix yourself a favorite snack! Sometimes you need to treat yo self. You deserve it because you’re awesome. So remember to be good to you. 

You just take that sad and you give it this look to let it know you mean business: 

You examine this sad and tell it that it has no power here. Give it a real good look with your birb eye and remember that you are worth more than any momentary despair this sad could bring. Here, Mango show you how: 

If all else fails, Mango will get real puffy at the sad for you to ward it off. Sad has no room when Mango is poof. 

But of course the best cure for a sad is looking at pictures of birbs. 

Hang in there, birb! You’re gonna make it. 

WitchTips’ Halloween Video Playlist

(In No Particular Order)

🎃 Elvira Mistress of the Dark 🎃

💀 Thriller - Michael Jackson 💀

👻 Disturbia - Rhianna 👻

🎃 Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie 🎃

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So, this was the first convention I’ve ever been to! It was…very intimidating at first. But, I adjusted, ha ha!

I unfortunately didn’t get a wristband in time to meet these guys, but I did get the opportunity to watch them interacting with their fans. It was fun and heartwarming to see! You guys are all awesome! Your panel was lots of fun too! I hope you guys like these pictures and that they can serve as memories of good times! Maybe someday I’ll get to actually meet you all!

@ogchanyt @girbeagly @crankgameplays


Next Grand Prix Final.

Yurio gets jealous of a fangirl who wants to take a picture with Otabek and erm…he forgets that they didn’t kiss before.

A popular theory right now is that Haggar is Allura’s mother/aunt/etc since we now know she’s Altean. And it is a good theory; there’s lots of potential fun and awesome angst to be had with it. But I’ve decided I prefer my Haggar to be an independent Altean… i.e, one with no real tie to Allura except for their shared Altean-ness. 

Here’s my reasoning:

Haggar is a character who hasn’t lived, or been used, to her full potential. We’ve only ever seen her exist as an extension of other characters. Like yeah, she has her own agenda and sub-plotlines and moments in episodes, but she’s ultimately very tied to Zarkon due to her loyalty. But now that Zarkon is out of the picture, Haggar finally gets to go loose. Yeah, she’ll probably spend season 3 ‘acting in her Lord’s image’ or whatever, but she’ll have a lot more freedom/independence, which I’m excited for. 

So I feel like making her Allura’s mom/relative sort of… delegates Haggar as a character to a back role. Haggar’s Altean heritage no longer is her own; instead, she becomes an extension of Allura. ‘How will Allura react to her own blood betraying her? What does Allura feel about this situation? How will Allura react to Haggar?’ See? The focus is suddenly all on Allura, not Haggar. And maybe that’s what the writers have planned, but I feel like it really narrows the possibilities.

Having two unconnected characters from the same planet really allows us to explore the culture. If they’re related, they probably lived similar lives, or experienced similar things. If they’re not related… then you can have things like class differences, or differences in jobs, things like that. We’ve only ever seen positive portrayals of Altea, because Alfor/Allura/Coran all loved their planet. They’re proud to be Altean, and are open about their culture. Haggar is the complete opposite; she wears a hood to hide her past and the features that damn her to it. What I want to know is: What made Haggar hate Altea? What happened to her on that planet? What made her decide to betray her own people?

I just feel like making Haggar part of the royal family would limit the scope of her potential character and backstory.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park has the four highest peaks in Texas, an ancient fossil reef, desert, dunes, canyons, wildlife and a touch of fall color. In McKittrick Canyon, the maples are putting on quite a show this autumn. With lots of trails for hiking and horseback riding, you’ll find the perfect place for your fall pictures. Photo by National Park Service.

Friends Part 1

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1947

Warnings: Fluffy and angst

Thank you @amrita31199 for beta this for me you are amazing 

credits to the gif owner

You never felt so inadequate in your life, when you left the house for one of Tony’s parties . You felt beautiful in your black strapless dress and high heels.  But as soon as you arrived at the party, you felt your heart being shattered.

You see Bucky with a beautiful blonde in his arms , when he sees you he comes in your direction kissing your cheek and pulling you to a hug “Don’t you look beautiful?” He says staring into your eyes, you smile at him with your best fake smile“Well I tried, apparently not as hard as your date.” You say sounding bitter even if that is the last thing you wanted to be or sound like.

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Hi! Love your blog, your recommendations give me so much happiness. I was wondering if you could compile a list of School/college AU, especially with lots of pining between victor and yuuri <3 that would be amazing!

I love this AU! Thanks for requesting this, everyone! 

Originally posted by studioghiblishy

High School AU

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Awesome highschool AU!

Viktor Nikiforov: Life Coach™ by greengoblin1, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Yuuri was comfortable in his second year of high school, until he agrees to an arrangement from a new (annoyingly attractive) transfer student. Whoever gave Viktor Nikiforov the idea of becoming a Life Coach™ has a lot to answer for. Thumbs up!

Rhythm of Love by caneeljoy, Teen, 43k
Yuuri Katsuki is your average loner American high schooler. Yuuri tries desperately to keep his parents from knowing about his budding dance career, and to keep Viktor from knowing about his massive crush on him. LOVE!

The Accidental Confession by SpillAllTheTea, Gen, 1.9k
A short High School AU where Victor and Yuuri have to work together on a school project. Cute one shot!

Ice skating hearts by April4444Key, Teen, 12k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuri has spent his entire high school career flying under the radar but all that changes when a new Russian exchange student comes to town and decides to help him revive the school’s discontinued ice skating club. Definetly recommend!

The Eye Of Bliss by treasures and trinkets (hookedswan), Gen, 633 words
In a world where your eye color changes to match your soulmate’s hair color, Yuuri Katsuki meets the Russian exchange student Viktor Nikiforov, (who constantly dyes his hair.) Cute one shot!

Then you should have put a ring on it by ObsidianAbyss, Teen,  15k
Recently, it’s become a trend for students to exchange rings with their significant others. Although Yuuri is very much single and uninterested, he wears a pretty ring that mostly goes unnoticed by his peers. That is until Victor Nikiforov starts wearing an exact copy of Yuuri’s ring and flaunts it around. OMG SO GOOD!

A wager most simple by astralelegies, Teen, 7.1k
“Victor Nikiforov checks his perfect hair in the reflection on the microwave while he’s heating up his lunch,” Yuuri scoffs. “There’s no way he and I are even close to being in the same league.”  I’M SOBBING THIS IS SO GOOD

star fire and silver by elesssar, Gen, 38k
Not the stars in the sky, but the stars on the stage – or: in a high school production of Romeo & Juliet, Yuuri Katsuki is cast as Juliet. His long-time crush and the golden boy of the theatre department Viktor Nikiforov is cast as Romeo. The problem is, Yuuri can’t tell if Viktor’s flirtatiousness is just method acting, or if it might be something more. High school theatre AU!!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!

A Typical Schoolday by racing_cupido, Not Rated, 1.3k
Yuuri reflects on his new life in Russia and just has one of his typical school days. Very cute!

Surprises From A Cute Dancer by SugarRose22, Teen, 2.6k
Viktor Nikiforov is captain of the St. Petersburg High School football team. Viktor is always one to surprise people, but what happens when he gets surprised instead? Dancer!Yuuri and football player!Victor… cAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS OMGOMG

The Secret Lives of Catholic School Boys series by
violetlolitapop, Teen, 35k (4 works)
A series of Victuuri short works of them in high school! Rec’d by @cajuncherrybee!


The Time Capsule Challenge

I want to start a new tradition/challenge with “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”: a time capsule challenge. 

Mitzi asked me to go find her time capsule last night, and it occurred to me that I have been missing some great time capsule opportunities for myself. 

That’s what I encourage you all to do now, too! 

The rules are easy to follow, and you can do this however you’d like. There’s more than one way to recreate the memories. 

  1. Find an item that brings back memories or that you cherish a lot. 
  2. Wrap the gift in wrapping paper. 
  3. Go to a remote place in town - that also won’t be disrupted by possible villagers moving in (like the beach), or maybe even the island instead - and bury the wrapped gift. 
  4. Write your future self a letter with either a kind message, an inspirational quote, or really whatever you’d like. 
  5. Ask Pelly or Phyllis to set it for a specific date in the future. 
  6. Add that date to your calendar app, daily planner or wherever you keep your future events visible. 
  7. When it’s time to find your capsule and open your letter, post pictures about it! (I feel like using the tag “ac time capsule challenge” in your post would be awesome.)

There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” to the amount of time you give for a capsule, same as there isn’t a right or wrong way to even do this. I set mine for 2 months for this first time capsule. Perhaps you’d rather wait a year? It’s up to you! 

I hope you’ll join this challenge. It could be really fun.

With the reappearance of an old, best friend to my town, it’s brought back a lot of memories. So I’ve written myself a special message, with words of encouragement, and wrapped and buried an item that reminds me of the old days. 

~ I can’t wait to see it again in May. ~


1 hour plus no lineart/sketch challenge - I’m a little out of practice with watercolour, so I thought I’d better paint something and who else to do except the literal water gem :3

Mccree totally has to spend the first 30 minutes of being awake in the morning trying to remove himself from hanzos death grip. Its got to a point where his body naturally wakes him up 30/40 mins earlier than he normally did cause of the sheer amount of times hes nearly pissed himself.

Even when hanzo does release him the archer is still half asleep but unwilling to let his cowboy completely go so he sleepily follows him to the bathroom and sometimes to the dinning area.

The first time genji saw this he was so shocked. Even in the old shimada home hanzo never had a half way stage to his mornings. He was asleep and then he was awake. End of story. The younger shimada doesnt even give his bro that much shit about how cute the very dangerous, very strong, very mature shimada hanzo is because hes just so happy that hanzo has found a place… or a person that makes him feel this safe.

Genji also learnt his lesson when he tried to tease his brother about his new morning clinginess and zenyatta brought up all the pictures of genji drooling on the omnic surrounded by teddies and floating harmony orbs to ward off nightmares.

Neither shimada brings it up again.

Sombra sure does though.

D.Va’s guide to nerfing this

You might’ve thought people were joking when they showed you a picture of D.Va and said she was a Tank bu toooooooh god my friend they were not.

  1. You are a Tank. And you are an awesome Tank with lots of mobility. She plays like a 600hp Tracer and therefore dive behind the enemy lines using your boost and then get wrecked by 6 people at once because you have no way of getting out. 
  2. Piss off your enemy Zaryas, Pharahs, Mei’s, Reaper’s, Soldier’s, etc. by using your Defense Matrix to eat their ults. Make sure to wave at them after you do so they get salty and focus you down at all costs.
  3. Get the Salt-spray. Whenever you have a chance of getting POTG use the spray and teabag. You are a pro-gamer. This is how you do things.
  4. Enemy Reinhardts and Roadhogs are your best friends! Most of the time they don’t realize what they are doing when they hook or charge your exploding Meka RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR OWN TEAM.
  5. Once your Meka is destroyed the real fun starts. D.Vas pistol is fun and so satisfying to shoot with you will dread the moment you get your Meka back. Team Pressure wants you in the Mech, but we all know you want to hop around and kill people with your bunny charm pistol.
  6. D.Vas ‘Nerf This’ call-out is an indirect @ Blizzard. They can’t Nerf her. They tried but they always ended up buffing it. D.Va controls them. She is too powerful.
  7. Since her Self-Destruct doesn’t kill herself anymore you can lean back and watch the enemy team trying to hide from your 5000 giga-fuckton nuclear explosion. Emote. Enjoy their panic.
  8. D.Va Duels can be defined as ‘two people slowly walking towards each other’, don’t bother with Defense Matrix. Walk straight forward until you can look right into your opponents eyes and aim for the gigantofuckingmatic critbox.
  9. Be wasteful with your Mekas! The Korean Army pays for them and we all know you want to spend as much time as possible not being in it. The more Mekas you get destroyed, the more time you hop around as Mini-D.Va
  10. Don’t forget to forget that you don’t have to reload! Press the Reload-button every few seconds until you realize that you are an idiot since you have unlimited Ammo.

sweetbruiser  asked:

I saw you described the picture you edited of Pavel Baranov as your real-life Draco, are there any other people you see as the real-life version of the other characters?

Well, no real person is a perfect representation of any of the characters, but I suppose there are some closely-resembling people that, if you change a few details about them, WOULD then become some HP character in my head. And I usually use such people as references, so I guess I can give you my list of those? :)

(and I hope you don’t mind me sharing your ask with everyone! <3)

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So a lot of you have seen this picture floating around of the Jet Ski rescue from a flooded home in Texas. But the background of it is even more awesome. The old couple who lived in this home always called in their Chick-fil-A breakfast order. When they were trapped in their home by flooding they called all their friends and 911 and nobody was able to get to them. So then they called Chick-fil-A and the manager recognized the number and after hearing about the situation he contacted the store owner who went and picked them up on a Jet ski 😂

Bill Skarsgård x Reader Imagine

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Prompt: Reader went with friends to visit Hollywood only to end up lost A.F. Until someone who you would never expect to be Bill Skarsgård! Comes and helps you.

Warning: None

Note: I noticed there is like no Bill Skarsgård x Reader imagines on Tumblr (not including his characters). Well there’s maybe like 2 or 3 but I wanted to add one of my own cuz I’m fan girl trash. But you can come join the fan trash party! I have serious issues XD! And thus this fanfic was born! Go ahead and read my fellow trash friends! ;3!

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Originally posted by theunusualcaseofv

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Come to Hollywood, they said.

It would be fun, they said.

You’ll meet a lot of awesome celebrities, they lied!

You were basically screwed over right now. You and your bestest friends decided to go on a trip to Hollywood, the plane ride wasn’t the smoothest ride ever but as soon as you saw the Hollywood sign you knew you were gonna have fun.


You were so f'ing lost. 

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Thank you all so much for this awesome support, it really means a lot to me, and I’m extremely happy when I pictures of your beautiful sims with my cc, I feel like I’m part of your world and I feel warm and fuzzy inside ❤️

This Space Bundle consist of 3 pieces of CC: an eyeliner, a lipstick and tattoo!

I love you like it, and make sure to tag me when you use it so I can reblog it and love it forever ❤️

  • Maxis Match
  • 35 colors from the Unnatural @wildlyminiaturesandwich ‘s Palette
  • + Black and White
  • Base Game compatible
  • Teen-Elder
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Disabled for Random
  • Available for Women and Men
  • Two Versions of the tattoo: Opaque and Sheer





If there’s any issue or you have any requests let me know!

Have a beautiful day! And thank you all again, I love you all with all my heart.

Being Best Friends W/ BAP

Being best friend’s with Yongguk would include:

  • both of you being protective of each other
  • having the privilege of being able to see his cute and goofy side on a daily basis
  • lots of of emotional support and great advice
  • random affectionate head pats or bear hugs
  • having a judgement-free zone between the two of you, you’d see him at his worst and vice-versa 
  • meaningful looks (basically you’d be able to tell what the other was thinking by just a glance)
  • lots of inside jokes between the two of you
  • getting to hangout with his awesomely badass family
  • helping him pick out his next tattoo
  • helping him take pictures for instagram black and white aesthetic 

Originally posted by bangedhim

Being best friend’s with Himchan would include:

  • him constantly roasting you w/o even thinking about it
  • him buying you food or stealing some of yours 
  • him being completely lazy and lethargic around you, often laying himself on you
  • random callings of your name from a distance just to annoy you
  • being ruthlessly judged on fashion choices which would lead to shopping date
  • him being there for you in a heartbeat whenever you needed him
  • him being lowkey protective of you 
  • him treating you a lot like he would a sister
  • whether you wanted to or not you’d often be dragged to wine tastings
  • a lot of foodie adventures 

Originally posted by khuanwooyoung

Being best friend’s with Daehyun would include:

  • lots and lots of selfies together
  • the two of you going on adventures together (e.g., exploring new desert places)
  • him teasing you and treating you like a child 
  • receiving random large amount of affection with the intent of annoying you
  • receiving thoughtful gifts on your birthday and a fully fun planned out day for it 
  • him reluctantly giving in to your embarrassing requests 
  • aimless wandering around the city
  • hearing him mindlessly start singing when you were together
  • going to big bap shows to support him
  • him showing you some of his self-composed pieces 

Originally posted by daematos

Being best friend’s with Youngjae would include:

  • him roasting you on a daily basis
  • the two of you people watching when you’re out together, silently judging
  • having to deal with constant sassy remarks
  • whenever you’d receive a compliment from him, he’d follow up with a bigger compliment about himself
  • fighting over who gets to hold the bowl of snacks while watching tv
  • him being overprotective af over you
  • him blaming you for his pranks
  • teases you a lot
  • people wondering if you two are actually siblings
  • small surprise presents

Originally posted by mybutterflyfact

Being best friend’s with Jongup would include:

  • witnessing his hidden savage
  • treats you to lunch frequently
  • inviting you to play games/watch animes with him
  • tries to take bad pictures of you to use as memes later
  • seeing everyday just how weird he truly is
  • telling people he’s lame but no one believing you
  • he’s always his most extra around you
  • him asking you for feedback on his choreos
  • never shuts up, always has tea to spill
  • communicates to you using his eyebrows

Originally posted by namjoonholic

Being best friend’s with Junhong would include:

  • watching and helping him practice choreos 
  • recording videos for him to post on instagram
  • him placing things on a high shelf just to prevent you from reaching them
  • then forcing you to say “please” before getting it for you threatening him has also proven to be effective though
  • his hyungs dishing to you his secrets so you can blackmail him later
  • always being picked on for being shorter than him
  • him trying to hide behind you when he feels shy as if that would work
  • grabs your phone just to fix his hair
  • tortures treats you like a younger sibling
  • you’ll roast him more than he’ll roast you

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