there is a heaven it's keep it a secret


Request: could you do an imagine based on the song friends by ed sheeran? i feel like it could be interesting

Word count: 799

Warnings: Angst?? Definite fluff

I’m sorry its late out, but I have been doing drama performances all week, and school work, whilst coping with serious school drama so you’ll have to forgive me. I should have another request out today! Love y’all, enjoy!

Song: Friends by Ed Sheeran

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We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been.

We just try to keep those secrets in a lie,

And if they find out, will it all go wrong?

And Heaven knows, no one wants it to.

You sat on your bed and sniff, wiping away tears that have spilled from your eyes. You knew being with Dan would always be difficult due to his fame on the internet, but not that difficult. You had a photo clutched in your hand, memories built around it. You are grinning at the camera, Dan staring at you lovingly, both of you standing next to the Eiffel Tower. You had gone on a trip, Phil coming along to make it seem less suspicious if anyone found out. Your fingers were laced together. Only a few hours after the photo was taken, you shared your first kiss with each other. You wished people could know, that the Phandom knew, but it was too risky.

So I could take the back road

But your eyes will lead me straight back home.

And if you know me like I know you

You should love me, you should know.

You placed down the photo and leaned back, wrapping your arms around yourself like you wished Dan was. You had tried to be ‘just friends’ so many times, even tried not talking to each other at all, but it just didn’t work. You always ended up the same, in his arms, whispering apologies and sweet nothings. God knows, you just had such a deep connection it was impossible not to be together. You knew you probably loved him, truly, and that he probably loved you too.

Friends just sleep in another bed,

And friends don’t treat me like you do.

Well I know that there’s a limit to everything,

But my friends won’t love me like you.

No, my friends won’t love me like you.

You never actually made it official. You were always ‘friends’, but you shared kisses, moments of intimacy, so much love. But obviously, you were only friends, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone else would call you both stupid, it was obvious you couldn’t just stay like this, in a constant circle, that you should just give in and let it happen. You wished you could.

We’re not friends, we could be anything.

If we try to keep those secrets safe.

No one will find out if it all went wrong.

They’ll never know what we’ve been through.

If you tried to be together, it wouldn’t be you or Dan being the problem, it would be in the internet. If anything happened, anything went wrong, anyone found out something, everything would be so much worse than it would be if it was just the two of you. When your love life becomes the worlds too, anything could happen. You must be careful, and you didn’t want to be careful. You wanted to be free with him.

But then again, if we’re not friends,

Someone else might love you too.

And then again, if we’re not friends,

There’d be nothing I could do, and that’s why

You wouldn’t be able to cope with Dan being with someone else, seeing him look at them like he should be looking at you. You didn’t want to let him go, but at the same time you needed to. Either option was terrifying for both of you. You wanted him to carry on loving you, only have eyes for you, but who were you to say otherwise?

Friends should sleep in other beds.

And friends shouldn’t kiss me like you do.

And I know that there’s a limit to everything.

But my friends won’t love me like you.

You jumped as your phone pinged quietly, and you picked it up, spotting the notification: Danisnotonfire tagged you in a photo. You frowned and opened it up, letting out a gasp of shock as you saw the photo. It was another one from Paris – this time you were kissing Dan on the cheek as he smirked at the camera. Another photo was next to it, in a collage style, taken just after the first. This time you were both kissing each other, Dan’s hand brushing your cheek. It was caption with simple but sweet words.

Friends won’t love me like you.

You threw down your phone, running out of your apartment and grabbing a taxi. You sat impatiently in the back, paying and throwing open the door when you arrived. You ran to the door, unlocking it with a spare key you had, slamming it shut and sprinting up the stairs. Dan flew towards you, your lips colliding into a kiss.

No, my friends won’t love me like you do.

Oh, my friends will never love me like you.

Hey guys I just thought of this really trippy/somewhat angsty AU for Miraculous Ladybug.

Okay what if by some miracle Marinette gives up on Adrien… I know who would?
And takes up on Chat Noir’s offer to date him as Ladybug of course.

So she agrees and it turns out they are match made in heaven.

But they still keep everything secret. They still don’t know their true identities. Even though Chat pushes.

Then when they are Marinette and Adrien. They are content and happy and when some other girl tries to ask Adrien out he says:

“Sorry I have a girlfriend.”

His fan club is instantly crushed and Chole demands to know who she is but Adrien won’t tell. Its his business, no one else’s.

Alya hears this and is worried for Marinette but she states:

“Don’t worry Alya, I’m fine. There is someone in my life.”

Of course Alya is all over this but Marinette won’t talk.

The rumors keep spreading and everyone starts to believe they’re hiding something.

So Adrien and Marinette being somewhat friends. Hey you and I have secret spouses for reasons…. Why not pretend to date each other so everyone would stop pestering us.

This only sends the gossip grapevine into hyperdrive but Adrien and Marinette don’t care as long as they can roam around school without being asked a million questions.

Yet this becomes a strange situation were they are pretend dating and yet actually dating.

Just imagine: telling each other as Marinette and Adrien “ok. Everyone knows we’re going on a date to the movies. Lets split in the theatre and meet up with our real dates.”

Then as Chat and Lady talk about their good friends that are helping cover for each other.

Finally meet back up again as Marinette and Adrien- again not being able to talk about their real bf/gf cause it’s a secret.

Yet their friends would drag them along for group dates and they end up falling for each other.

Yet Marinette would feel guilty towards and Chat and Adrien vice versa.

Oh you just gotta love that love square.

weather me
  • *rains*
  • me: omgg its raininnnn
  • me: *lowkey cuts holes in umbrella*
  • me: ermagurd so bmthhh yooo
  • me: :-)
what you need
  • mom: facepalming
  • mom: its just the 7th grade emo phase
  • me: its not a phase... and you'll see it when you believe.
  • me: drops mic backing into darkness dramatically

Me and my best friend are getting ready for taylorswift this weekend we are keeping our costumes a secret until the concert 😏 I have looked around and its something NO ONE had done yet so I’m so excited! My mom was pissed though cause I spent like $300 on all this stuff and I need to pay for my car but this is like heaven for me sharing the same air as Taylor omg… Our seats are not great but as long as I’m there 😍 hey taylorswift look for me and my bestfriend we will be in the nosebleeds all the way at the back of the stadium! 😂