there is a good concept behind her having a pot for a head though

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Karkat trying his damndest to bake dave a apple pie and Dave literally crying when he receives said pie. He doesn't even taste it at first, just cries cause no ones ever baked him something before and-"Oh god Karkat I love you marry me and have my babies"

“You know,” Jake said, as though his input was at all invited or even slightly welcome, “Watching that thing in there is most definitely not going to finish it any faster.” 

“Funny how I don’t remember asking you,” Karkat ground out through gritted teeth, keeping his eyes defiantly on the innards of the electric baking device. 

“I know you’re trying your absolute hardest,” Jake went on, blithely, “But I figure when your books talk about melting glares and looks that could melt steel and all that they’re not being precisely literal.” 

“I am not –” Karkat cut himself off, straightened up and growled low in his throat. He refused to turn around. “Fuck off!” 

“I admit I question the purity of his motivations,” a new voice chimed in, and Karkat groaned, helplessly, resting his forehead against the wide handle of the device. It was almost too warm for comfort. “But Jake is right, Karkat. A watched pot never boils, you know.” 

“I am not watching a pot,” Karkat said, speaking slowly, enunciating every word as clearly and kindly as possible given the situation, because he had to admit, he wouldn’t have made it half this far without Jane’s help in the first place. Human cuisine was far too fucking complicated. “Neither am I waiting for water to boil, so thank you, Jane, I’ll file that tidbit away for the future, when it might be even slightly relevant.” 

He heard Jake snort and Jane sigh, and god, the seconds were taking fucking hours to pass, and still the crust of his stupid pie remained woefully pale. It was like, six thousands fucking degrees in there, how could it take so long to cook? 

“Have it your way,” Jane said, and Karkat did steal a look over then, a momentary panic blasting through him. 

“Wait, are you leaving? What if something goes wrong? What if –” 

She laughed at him, and he snapped his mouth shut immediately, telltale heat climbing up his traitorous cheeks. “You’ll be fine, Karkat,” Jane assured him. She had her eyebrows up at him and was wiping her hands absently on her apron, smiling faintly. “All that’s left is to let the darn thing finish! You’re managing to make even me nervous, just standing there waiting impatiently like that.” 

“See?” Jake said, nudging his chin in Jane’s direction. “She knows her stuff. You’d best follow her advice. You wouldn’t want to go serving a certain someone a defective pie, would you?” 

“Oh, stop teasing him,” Jane said, but there was absolutely no vigor in it. She was practically laughing at him.

“Never,” Jake said, solemnly, and Jane whipped at him with her apron tassels. Jake crossed his arms and stood fast against this fabricated assault, and in response, Jane picked up a rolling pin and brandished it at him threateningly. This received the expected response – Jake immediately turned tail with a half-sincere yelp, and they both went scampering out the back door one after the other, letting it slam behind them. 

Which left Karkat alone with his fledgling attempt at human baking and an entirely too enormous surplus of time, most of which he spent fidgeting aimlessly and feeling like an idiot, because Dave was going to laugh his guts out at this ridiculous gesture even if the thing didn’t turn out – well, defective. 

An hour later, he was fully armed and loaded with a frankly absurdly hot fruity human confection… and he very nearly meekly deposited it in the garbage before he could go embarrass himself by actually presenting it to its intended recipient. But, no. Dave loved apples, and he loved pies, and Karkat was absolutely sure on at least several separate occasions he had tried unsuccessfully to charm Jane into combining the concepts for him exactly like this. 

He’d like it. 


Jane had told him to let it set for a few hours before taking it off the rack, but the thought of doing so made him want to die, so here he was, buried in baking mitts up to the elbows, carrying out a steaming platter to find his frankly undeserving boyfriend before he lost his nerve. 

Said nerve ebbed slightly with every step, and truth be told, he almost didn’t find him in time, after all. 

And when he did, he didn’t know what exactly to say or do. There was no occasion to hide behind. No excuse to hold up like a shield and pretend had forced him to do this extremely stupid thing. Dave looked up from a desk covered in eye-searingly shitty scribbles and Karkat could see his brows hunch together even behind the idiotic shades. 

“What the fuck?” Dave said, and Karkat nearly, so fucking nearly just chucked at him and ran. 

Instead, he ground his teeth and held it out, shrugging like it was no big deal. “I got tired of you constantly debasing yourself in front of John’s mother,” he said, deciding on the angle on the fly, “so I thought I’d spare you at least some measure of future humiliation by putting together a… um,” he stumbled a bit, fuck, he was losing his conviction fast, “Hopefully… acceptable substitute, for you know, it’s not going to be nearly as good as the shit she puts out, but it’s my first try, and I probably should have left it on the fucking rack like she told me to but you know what, fuck that, what kind of precious fucking nourishment needs to set for twice as long as it needs to fucking cook?” 

He stopped. Swallowed. Dave was just looking at him, head titled slightly. 

“Fuck,” Karkat muttered. “I’m picking up all your shitty ramble habits.” 

Dave stood up, and he was frowning, and Karkat’s stomach dropped straight to the floor, but he just kept standing there holding the stupid thing because what else was he supposed to do? 

“You, like, made that? Yourself?” 

“Uh, yeah. I just fucking said that, didn’t I?!” 

“For me?” 

“Jesus Christ, Dave, I’m not repeating every god damn word I just projectile vomited all over the space between us! Please just take this stupid shitty thing and do whatever you want with it, okay? Toss it out, for all I care! Just take it!” He held it out, insistently, and then his eyes widened and he snatched it back, half turning away. “Actually, don’t do that, you’ll burn the shit out of yourself. Let me just –” Fuck, this was going so much worse than he’d imagined it would. “I’ll just put it here,” he mumbled, stepping fast around Dave and setting it on the desk atop a discarded set of shitty, shitty drawings. He pulled the gloves off and threw those down, too, and then turned to flee – and ran right back into Dave, who had somehow silently moved directly behind him. 

“Fuck,” Karkat complained, “Move your ass, I need to go crawl into a hole and never come out, now.” 

“Why?” Dave demanded, and Karkat winced back with a panicked shrug. 

“Because I’m fucking embarrassed, okay? I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea! Can you please just let me retreat with some modicum of dignity intact, please?” 

“No, I –” Dave’s expression darkened even further, and Karkat narrowed his eyes at him, glaring. “I just mean, I don’t get…” Dave looked from him, to the table, and back again. “Never mind,” he said. And he just stood there. Karkat shuffled his feet, uncertain. 

“I can take it away,” he said. 

“Nah,” Dave replied, but he still didn’t move. He was standing, in fact, very, very still. Karkat studied him, brows knitting, watching his lips flatten and the muscles in his throat spasm suspiciously. 


He felt himself deflate. Not with disappointment or shame or anything, just – relief, almost? Okay. He understood this, he thought, although Dave probably didn’t want to hear it. He crossed his arms. He stared at the floor, because Dave probably didn’t want him watching, well, him. 

“It’s funny, right?” Dave said, finally, a few minutes later, and there was no sign anything had happened at all except his voice was a little off, maybe. Karkat envied him that. His face always got all puffy and wet and frankly disgusting when he cried. “It’s just a fucking pie. Not that, uh. I mean. I don’t mean –” 

“I get it,” Karkat said, quietly. 

“Thanks,” Dave said, and Karkat nodded. 

“You’re welcome, idiot. But please remember, it’s probably really fucking bad. Defective, really.” 

“I don’t give a shit what it is,” Dave said. “It’s goddamn perfect, whether we have to eat it ourselves, or trick John into eating it instead.” 

Karkat laughed. “Yeah, okay,” he said, warmth spreading all through him, along with the vague notion that maybe this hadn’t been a completely idiotic idea after all. “Excellent point.” 

Ruff & Tumble

[read on ao3]

genre: smut, fluff

word count: 6.5k

warnings: swearing

extra tags: blowjob, handjob, dogs


Dan moves into his new apartment for the dog park downstairs – little does he know that the town comes with more than just fluffy tails.  

AU where Phil has a dog and Dan almost doesn’t know if he likes the dog or the boy more.


The guy looks up from his kneeling position in the grass, and seeing Dan, smiles. The dog next to him, with her fluffy golden curl of a tail, wiggles her butt at him. Dan doesn’t think he’s ever seen a better sight.

That is, until he actually looks up into the owners face.

Oh no, he thinks, Oh, no, no.

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Take a Deeper Look - PT 4

{Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4}

Pairing: Jay Park/You, Simon D/You

Summary: AOMG’s newest producer has a lot to deal with including a flighty CEO who doesn’t understand the concept of “personal space” and feelings for yet another CEO who is so far beyond her reach she doesn’t even think she has a chance.

Content: ANGST FOR DAYS & Some fluffy bits.

Word Count: 3,114

Notes: I feel productive. 


Life is weird.

Everything is weird.

It was the only word you could think of. How else could you describe the mess that had taken form around you? You had slept with Jay Park - your boss of all people - and now you were in the AOMG break room watching coffee brew like it was more interesting than the Dos Equis guy. For every drip of the dark liquid and every errant thought about Jay, a piece of what little mental stability you had left wavered. He had been on your mind consistently since you had given him every inch you had to offer.

It was unnerving and almost as annoying as the group that sat at the tables behind you gossiping. They had all showed up while you watched your coffee brew and had proceeded to prattle on and on about mindless drivel that didn’t matter. It was beyond you how people could care so much about their coworkers’ personal lives. You weren’t really listening, until two certain names caught your attention.

“Kiseok and Soori are official now.” With the simple gossip, your heart clenched and you entire body stilled. Despite having brushed them off earlier, you were now listening raptly.

“Yeah, she confirmed it with a couples picture on Instagram”, a staffer scoffed with a hint of disgust. Apparently you weren’t the only one with less than fuzzy feelings for Norma Bates. You assumed it was the fruity smell. Enjoying the company of someone who smelled like strawberries and acted like the world was rainbows and sunshine all the time would have to be difficult for anyone.

“It was a cute photo of them though,” someone else chimed in. You immediately didn’t like whoever it was. They would be lucky if they made it out of the break room not drenched in piping hot coffee.

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Reyna Writes: Not Your Choice

Here’s a fic for @miraculousblackout, addressing the concept of reposting to “share the artists’ work with others”.



The sound of coins hitting the ground distracted Marinette from her grocery list, doubled with the large coin that hit the side of her shoe. There was muffled grumbling behind her–clearly someone was having a clumsy moment, and was not happy about it. Marinette could totally relate.

She bent down, grabbing the coin and turning around.

“Here you go.”

“Oh, thank–” The woman straightened up and paused, the shock that crossed her face echoing Marinette’s once she got a good look at the woman before her.

Ugh. And she had been having such a good day…

“…Symone,” she said, working to at least be civil (though it was more than Symone deserved), holding out the dropped coin for Symone to take. Symone sniffed, snatching the coin back as she straightened her blazer, smoothing out the sleeves as if she wished to intimidate Marinette with her expensive wardrobe.

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Three Sorries and a Thank You

(or read on ao3.)


He thought about Ronan when he applied for internships. In a shocking twist, Adam Parrish factored his return to Henrietta into his decisions. There were several options that began in July, giving him two months with Ronan before returning to his dorm room at Columbia. Two months, the idea of it made his pulse quicken. Two months of kissing a dreamer. Two months of sharp smiles and sunshine. In the back of his mind he thought that maybe he deserved a break.

“Hey Parrish, how are finals?” Ronan asked. It was getting late and Adam was still working at his desk when he called. Adam yawned.

“I’m alive,” he said sardonically. “How are you?”

“I’m sleeping more than you are. How much longer do you have?” It might have been Adam’s imagination but he sounded a little nervous.

“Two weeks. You miss me?” Adam said teasingly. Ronan usually laughed at quips like that but he didn’t this time.

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Bullet Points: The Ties That Bind

Murder Most Foul-part 1

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

This ep is a really nice example of something I’ve mentioned quite a few times lately–the idea of parallel storytelling. It can be easy to mistake certain common events within 2 storylines as an indication of parallel storytelling when just as often they’re meant to serve as compare/contrast. 

There are at minimum five men in this episode dealing with the concept of redemption. Some for themselves (August, Killian, Grandpa Charming), some for a loved one (David) and one wrestling with the idea of not wanting to be redeemed no matter how high the cost he paid (Rumple). Each journey informs all the others. Which provides amazing emotional layers and is what made this such a powerful episode and perfectly set up the emotional gut punch at the end.

But none of these storylines are parallel in a way that would allow you to predict an ending to one based on the other. For example–look at Grandpa Charming and Killian. Both are men dealing with the idea of not only personal redemption but of changing the way the people they love see them. Making good as it were. Do their storylines inform each other? Absolutely. Are there common elements? You betcha. Are they parallel? No. In fact near the end of the ep Killian takes a hard right and Grandpa Charming takes a hard left and they crash into each other head on. So even though they were on similar journeys using either storyline to try to predict the ending of the other is folly. 

True parallel storytelling is about a lot more than common events. It’s about larger overarching themes. Motivations. Intentions. That sort of thing.

But enough of that let’s get on to the ep.

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Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 2

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Fuel

Pairing: Danny x Reader

Word Count: 1588

Parts: 1 | (2) | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: What? A timely chapter? I should have probably edited this, but nah. 

Pasta night, the most sacred of all scheduled dinner nights. (Followed shortly by take-out night and breakfast for dinner night.) You cranked your Bluetooth speakers up and blasted your favorite playlist as you danced around your kitchen. You had peppers and onions in a pan with mushrooms on a plate waiting to follow shortly afterwards and alfredo sauce simmering in a pot. You were left with the impossible decision of how much of this box of pasta you should dump in the water.

You frowned and flipped the box over for the hundredth time. The serving suggestions on the back weren’t exactly helpful. You sighed and shrugged, dumping the entire box of pasta in the water. It wouldn’t be too much. Besides, whatever you didn’t eat tonight, you would finish over the next few days. It was pasta. You didn’t realize the error of your decision until you were combining the sauce, vegetables, and pasta all together. This was a lot of pasta. More than you could eat in three weeks, much less one night. You would never be able to eat pasta again if you tried to finish this yourself.

You hummed to yourself, staring at the mountain of food in front of you. The answer came in the form of a shout from next door. The walls in your apartment weren’t thin, exactly, but loud noises moved between apartments easily. Danny. It had been five days since you had spent time with your neighbors, which you considered a good enough span of time to look mostly sane.

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Of Knights and Bandits (And Maybe Ninjas)

In response to all the sad Sai and Jump have put us through this past like WEEK, I actually managed to do fluffy stuff (which is also the name of a cotton candy brand. Be warned, this may be just as sweet!). So, lesson here: Break my heart enough, I’ll be filled with so much joy I’ll write all da happy.

So, @sai-shou and @the-final-jump this is for you guys! Thanks for entertaining the sadist in me 8D

P.S. Uh, lots of creative liberty with this one. Sorry?!

Rating: K

Summary: [Post-TLG, Canon Divergent (as of right now *hopeful winks*),Imagined Happy End Route] Amelia had thought by now she’d faced just about everything; but she was about to discover she hadn’t taken on her greatest challenge yet: Babysitting.

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Freeze Tag - George Weasley (requested)

request: I literally just thought of this random request! Can you do an imagine where y/n stays over at the burrow and you play freeze tag with the weasley boys and the only way to unfreeze someone is to kiss them and george kisses you ? This one is weird :)

(( I wrote this on my phone so sorry for the mistakes!!))

“You can’t catch me! Nah nah nah nah boo boo!” Y/n howled with laughter, spinning on her heel to take the sharp turn heading down the small path, leading towards the small garden located behind the Burrow.
The sun kissed her s/c skin sending warm lush vibes down her sides. The Weasley’s had invited y/n over to stay with them for spring break and with her parents being busy at work, she gladly accepted.
Currently the red head twins, their sister Ginny and y/n were playing an intense filled game of freeze tag.
“Y/n, I’m gonna catch you!” Flower pots lined the outer edges of the green house garden and y/n hid silently behind a messy unstable stack of them while George threatened her playfully.
Resting her hand softly on the clay pot, she peaked around only to see Ginny running past, Fred close on her tail as her red hair flowed in the wind. Sighing in relief, y/n allowed her body to rest back finalizing on the thought that she was safe for good. Oh if only she was right.
Sneaking around on the far side of the green house was a certain mischievous twin whom had his eyes set on a particular h/c headed girl.
Pausing for a moment, George took the time to become memorized by her, despite her being fully unaware of his presence. His gaze trailed from her head down to her toes then back up finding not a single flaw. Of course he reminded her of this fact he noted every day but she never believed him. No they weren’t together… At least not yet. Both were too shy to admit their feelings though it was strongly assumed they both felt the same way.
“Ginny get back here!” Fred shouted reaching to tag his sister but sadly for him, missing by a mile. Y/n giggled loudly, then quickly covered her mouth ducking deeper into her base. George’s heart thumped at the sound of her happiness. Stepping forward he took the chance and lunged towards her catching y/n by surprise as she tumbled onto the bagged soil dragging it down with her. The bag snagged open and poured out, covering her clothes and bottom half of her h/c hair. A look of shock and a hint of worry splattered upon her delicate features making George smirk proudly.
“Well y/n how peculiar meeting you here… out of all places!” Arrogantly he steps around him destruction his actions caused, holding out a helping hand to her, but y/n knew better. Shaking her head she smiled nervously, declining his offer.
“Uh, no, I’m okay I can get up on my, uh, own… but um thanks.” She stumbled shakily over her words trying to build up confidence but eventually failing.
“Oh I don’t mind much y/n. It would be an honor to help you!” Stepping past the ground soil, George squatted down to her eye level reaching for her arm just as she pushed herself away.
“C'mon y/n, just let me help you!” Y/n shuffled her body back even further, creating more space between the two. Her cheeks were beginning to redden and her palms were shaky. It’d be a lie if she were to say she had no direct feelings for George. Of course she did, but there was no way for her to tell if it was mutual.
Before she could register what happen, a hand clasped itself on her back then was gone as soon as it arrived.
“Gotcha!” Fred Weasley laughed in delight while he pivoted on his back foot and took of once again after his sister. Y/n sat in defeat knowing she was not able to move under any circumstances. Though Fred had not tagged George and the twin still remained unfrozen.
Glancing up, y/n silently begged George with her eyes to help pull her out of her misery.
“Nope sorry. You’re the one that wouldn’t let me help you in the first place!” He exclaimed loving the situation. Y/n struggled over the concept of no moving and talking. Her eyes locked on his trying to find a bit of remorse but nothing was there, only a look of humor and mock was given much to her dismay.
“Please George just this once I promise-”
“Nuh nuh uh, have you forgotten the rules already? If you’ve been tagged you have to stay frozen and that also means no talking, love.” He stated matter-of-factly grinning down at her. Y/n huffed in annoyance throwing a clump of grass at him that sailed down to ground in a depressive form. A deep chuckle sounded at her failed attempt. Y/n rolled her eyes and mourned on,
“So what you’re just going to leave me sitting here like a ninny until your brother gets Ginny! Because you and I both know that isn’t going to happen anytime soon…” George contemplated her words and realized she had a point. There wasn’t any way Fred would be able to catch Ginny at least before sun down and George didn’t exactly like the idea of leaving y/n. He enjoyed the time they spent together and cherished it.
Suddenly a brilliant thought popped into his mind. Turning back to y/n he smirked with the help of a tidal wave of bravery.
“I guess there is one way I could unfreeze you…” Y/n’s head shot up and she nodded excitingly motioning for him to continue on.
Confidently, George leaned down and took her face into his hands studying her confused expression.
“George I thought-” Ignoring her words he tightly pressed his lips against hers, afraid if she spoke he’d loose his rush. Y/n’s eyes widened to saucer size but soon later relaxed, falling into the kiss like it was a warm soothing bath on a cold windy night. George brushed a stray strand of hair out from her face and pulled back smiling like a mad man. Y/n copied his actions and giggled out of surpriseation. Reaching up she ran her finger along to edges of her lips not sure if what had happen was real or not exactly. George snickered and stood up, holding out a hand to the wonderstruck girl. Taking the offer, y/n stood next to George unaware of what to say and not wanting to ruin the moment.
“That was-”
“Wonderful.” She finished smiling fully up at him. Laughter sounded from the other side of the house and the two shared a look.
“Well, we can either find Fred and Ginny or continue where we left off?” He suggested taking her small fragile hand in his own. Y/n shrugged jokingly and replied softly,
“I kind of like what we started…” And with that George pecked her lips and guided her back inside the home, completely abandoning the previous game.
•Daizy xxx

The Sunflowers Glass

Requested by: @pequehobbit .Hi honney, i got creative since there’s not a requested concept tho.

Pairing: NamJin 

Warnings/genre: Fluff. Like, super fluffy. 

Word counting: 2.809 words

Plot: Jin attends a flower shop everyday to make flower arrangements and get distracted from his rutine. He casually mets Namjoon, who is trying to get surprised by love with a great effort. 

Namjoon is an average boy, studying philosophy at an average university and in a hanging out in an average relationship.

Happened that he was having an important event at weekend, in another terms, he was counting 100 days since he has started dating his girlfriend. Not that he was making a big deal about it but he was sure she wanted some kind of affection display on their important day.

It was like that that he had ended at that one flower shop that was placed near his favourite bookstore. It was the typical flower store that has always been there but he never ever approached to.

Inside this flower store there were a lot of bouquets decorating the shells, ceramic lamps hanging from the ceiling and some benches and tables that made it look like a backyard or something. It made Namjoon feel like he was on a garden or a greenhouse instead of an indoor.

It’s a pity -he thought- the store was so pretty and it had a good atmosphere too but it looks so empty. In fact, there was just one pink haired boy with round specs sitting at one of the tables, almost hidden behind the pots that were hanging, fixing a bunch of sunflowers inside a crystal jar, absorbed in his task.

Namjoon rang the bell on the counter a couple times looking at both directions. It was so empty that there was not even a employer.

-Excuse me? Is anyone there?- he called with the doubt reflecting in his voice, lying on the counter and trying to peer inside the depot

-Oh, yeah yeah- an old and adorable sir came out carrying some sacks- can i help you with something?

-Yup, you see, sir, it’s like this: My girlfriend and i are counting 100 days dating this saturday and i would like to give something pretty to her

-I see, you are a lovebird- said the grandpa snapping his fingers and laughing softly.  His reaction made Namjoon smile awkwardly from the unexpected familiarity of the assistant- what’s going to be? Roses?

-I think roses would make it

-Very well, son, let me go to the depot to see what i have on storage- the old sir disappeared again in the back of the store.

Namjoon stayed there, playing with his hands. He had never bought flowers to a girlfriend, therefore, he was kinda lost. Or very lost, maybe. A clear voice crossed the room geting him back to the earth.

-100 days and you are giving her red roses? For real?- Namjoon had to spin on his beads. The pink haired boy had stood up, fixing his glasses on the bridge of his nose. Namjoon looked at him disconcerted.  

-Yes? What can i do if not?- The other man gasped with indignation

-There’s more than one type of flower! Lilies, daisies, carnations, azaleas, dahlias…

-Ok i get it- Namjoon cut off the older, starting to get annoyed- why i can’t just give her roses?

-Because that was sophisticated on the victorian era, not now. And also red roses are not for the first celebration of a relationship- Namjoon was completely blank when he heard this words. Who was this handsome boy who had came from nowhere- i mean, you can get her roses but you don’t look like the type who gives away a cliché as gift. This old man is going to give you roses because they are usual and also expensive. It’s tricky.

Namjoon stopped a moment to think about the tip that the sunflower boy (that’s how he named him mentally) had left him with. He found really cute that he had though he is not the cliché and he looked nice. He finally decided that the boy had a good point. Adding the fact that Namjoon was a bit surprised about the boy.

-So what’s your recommendation?- he made a humming noise thinking about it tapping his lip with his finger.

-This may take us some time, sit down- Namjoon took a chair and sat in front of the pink boy, shyly- what kind of things does she likes?

Namjoon tried to figure it out, but nothing came very clear

-i think… something… classy?

The sunflower boy gave him a poker face. This Namjoon gave him an inevitable want of helping him. Because how can be someone so clumsy? He shook his head at Namjoon’s useless indications and took a flower from one of the bouquets resting on the shells, just guided by his own opinion.

-This is an apple blossom, it means you promise your love to the person. And they look cute, that’s a plus- Namjoon said no whit his head.

-I don’t think it is her style

-And what about…-Namjoon stood up from his chair letting the pink haired boy with the phrase hanging

-Im late to my metaphysic class!- he panicked looking at his watch- but i need your help!

The sunflower boy sighed at how interrupted Namjoon was, but he had the compassion for him. He massaged his temple and closed his eyes before speaking again.

-I’m here from 11am to 1pm everyday. You can come tomorrow- he leaned his head on the palm of his hand- because, anyways, you can’t buy flowers 3 days before the date, they would die.

-Thank you! I’m coming tomorrow then!-Namjoon cooed while he tried to carry his backpack, coat and umbrella in his arms at the same time- you are great…

-…Jin- he completed the phrase when he saw Namjoon searching for the lacking name and Namjoon smiled brightly

-Yes, Jin- he left the store in a rush, suddenly he crossed the door again- i’m Namjoon, by the way!

And after that he stumped out of the store again, to finally disappear in the street, not even opening the umbrella under the rain.

-What in Earth…?- Jin couldn’t contain his laugh anymore at Namjoon’s clumsiness- ah, really, how cute…

-Cute?-the old shopman asked from his counter- do you have a crush or what?

-Don’t you heard he has a girlfriend? Crushing on him would become tragic


Jin wasn’t used to the fact of people going inside the flower store. Although it was one of his favourite places, that was not a popular opinion, and the shop was on the edge of the economic collapse.

But it seemed like Namjoon was a man of his word and he came the day after, as he said. Even when he could have searched for another Florist’s. He appeared with two coffee cups in hand.

-I have bring you this as a payback for the help- he said handing one cup to Jin, who looked at him in surprise

-Thank you -he said- but i can’t stand coffee, it’s too bitter for my taste

-Oh- Namjoon took it back with a bit of a disappointed expression

-Dont worry, i really appreciate the gesture!- Jin waved his hands trying to wash of the heavy feeling from Namjoon drawing a smile, which took the youngest with his guards down.

Jin had a beautiful and kind smile that could make flowers grow, he though. And thinking about flowers… he was there to purchase some gift to his girlfriend. Jin fixed his rose colored hair before he started talking.

- First of all, let’s think if you want to buy a bouquet, a vase or a crown. I personally like crowns but the vases are more refined

-I was thinking on a bouquet, to be honest, it looks better for a young couple, or not?- Jin nodded and noted it on his agenda

- Then let’s choose some flowers with a long stem so you can carry them better- Jin was about to end the phrase right there, but for some reason, curiosity weighted more,  considering that not many guys on Namjoon’s age would choose to buy flowers to a girlfriend- What are you planing? Knock on her door with the bouquet and chocolates?

-The truth is that i was thinking about leaving them in her house with a note- Namjoon’s eyes sparkled happily- i like to write my thoughts on paper. Is it a good idea?

-Im sure she would like that- the florist smiled kindly. Indeed, it was a great idea that he would like to get from someone someday- you like to write, then?

-Yes! I’m a literatureholic- Jin chuckled at that expression. Namjoon pointed to the old and tiny shop that could be seen through the window- i spend my free time on the bookstore right there.

And the truth was the florist already knew that. As he spent his time learning how to do floral arrangements at the candid flower store, he woke up at 9 everyday and walked to his favourite place.

More than once he had seen the tan skin boy just sitting there reading and more than once he resembled like a daydream to Jin. He had a serene and cool look that made the florist wonder what he was all about.

Believing in love at first sight was something that didn’t fit Jin that much, but with Namjoon sitting in front of him and being nice to the world his opinion was changing slightly.

-Hyung? Jin-hyung?-the pink haired noticed how he had spaced out, and frowned

-Yes. I was thinking… what’s her favorite color?- he played it cool


-Are you asking me?

-No, i’m asking myself- Jin froze at Namjoon’s  serious response. He seemed really concerned about not knowing

-It doesn’t matter- he tried to comfort the young man- I’m sure you know some other of her tastes, we’ll come up with something, don’t worry

-Its not like that- a string of fear of having made him feel bad arose in Jin- it’s just… talking to you and trying to make the perfect gift i have noticed i don’t know if she likes night or day. Or if she rather cats instead of dogs. Or if she puts the cereal or the milk first.

Jin started to see how the thing was like. He looked tenderly at Namjoon and spoke to him softly.

-Why are you dating her?

-We have been friends since kindergarten, and she is pretty and clever.Our parents have been friends for years now and I really appreciate her. I guess everyone expected me to ask her out when we started college. Everyone thinks that we are meant to be and…- Namjoon stopped and looked at Jin’s caring eyes, noticing why his companion made that question in the first place- Oh… i don’t really love her.

Jin slowly moved his head in denial. Facing that you have been mistaking caring with love is a hard step to take.

-I’m sorry, people’s expectations are a bitch

-Thats maybe why i was about to give her a cliché as gift- he said with pity on his voice, gaze dropping to the floor

Jin’s heart broke into a million pieces as he saw the younger crushing against a sudden wall of cold reality.

Namjoon stood up from the stool he was sitting on and put his backpack on.

-Thanks Jin-hyung, for being so caring and sincere with me. I wouldn’t like to live in a castle made of lies.

Jin watched him crossing the store’s front door, with his eyes lost in the street and his thoughts lost in his problems. He didn’t want Namjoon to end like this, he just really wanted him to have a happy celebration with his girlfriend that made him smile after all his struggles with the flowers. But now the young florist felt like he pushed him into that situation.


Of course, Namjoon didn’t return to the store the next day, not either on the weekend. Jin knew he won’t appear, but he felt disappointed anyways. And more than disappointed, he felt worry about his new friend.

At monday, the flower boy deviated from his usual path and walked in the old bookstore instead of the flower shop.

They were very different places. The flower store was fresh and luminous and the library was rather dark and with a heavy atmosphere (probably with more dust floating in the air  than Jin would have wanted to breath).

It felt so weird that Namjoon were not there, either. That actually made Jin disappointed.

In any case, Jin found Namjoon’s habitual spot, which was a table and an armchair. He sat on the warm and cozy coach. He guessed why Namjoon liked the place so much. It was comfy and pleasant to be sitting there. The older’s gaze fell suddenly on a book resting on top of the table, which had some post-its between its pages.

It looked like the bookstore was not a very tansitated place if Namjoon could leave his books laying around without supervision. It’s weird that there were this two different places on the same street, being favourite places to someone but falling in the oblivion.

Jin took the book, that was old and damaged, almost afraid that it could fall apart. It had the title on black letters over a white cover. “Di Amore”.

Naturally, as Jin is a curious person he opened the book taking the marker and started reading it. Despite the title, the book was not about love but about a bunch of people talking about platonic topics, but the part where Eros mets Psyche was a bit more catchy for the boy, who kept flipping the thin pages until he got surprised by a pink tulip falling from above and landing on the middle of the open book.

Jin took the flower among his fingers, looking at it, both impressed and confused. He lifted his sight to find Namjoon leaning over his head while resting in the back of the chair with his arms crossed and a smile that left the dimple on his cheek show.

No lie, he got a warm joy flowering inside his chest.

-It’s beautiful- the pink haired boy murmured

-Like you- replied Namjoon leaving Jin floating in a cloud. But he still was confused to the core. He looked back to the rosy tulip

-You know what this flower means?


-Then why?

Namjoon shook imperceptibly as his older’s question. His moment arrived.

-You know, Jin?- he scratched the back of his head- this days i have been thinking too much. I really had to break up with my girlfriend, i wasn’t feeling it anymore. I even broke with her in our day, that was cruel, for sure. At first i contemplated myself as the bad guy of this movie but then… i remembered that you said expectations are a bitch - Jin nodded fascinated with Namjoon’s rant. The brunette moved to sit on the table in front of Jin before he could resume his speech- And then i found myself having you in mind continuously

Jin was definitely overwhelmed. Everything looked to him too unbelievable and nice. He dreamed a tone of times with someone who said such things to him and now that it was happening, he felt so unprepared. But Namjoon was not even about to shut up yet.

-Jin… I have realized that i spend more time thinking about you than thinking about her. I know you like to have milk tea because coffee is too bitter for you. Your favourite color is pink, you always wear something on that color. You always pull the florist’s cat away when it comes to you, probably because you are allergic to its fur, so i’m sure you are a dog person. Cute things are your weakness- Jin was left without any word to say. He hit the spot everytime.

-Then this tulip, is it really for me?- Jin mumbled

-Tulips are used for a declaration of love, right? I have read it. It’s for you if you accept it- Jin couldn’t help but get up from the chair and hug Namjoon so blissfully they almost fell from the table- I’m taking this as a positive answer

Jin looked Namjoon in the eye and got his face close to his. He was unsure and nervous but it’s not a real love story if your legs are not trembling. Namjoon got a very dim blush and thanked god he was sitting on the table when Jin kissed his lips, because definitely, it felt better than his ex’s kisses. Much better, certainly, he would’t had let him go in a lifetime if he didn’t need oxygen to survive.

After that, both the bookstore and the florist’s added one customer more to their list, respectively. Namjoon feared no more in the moment of buying gifts for his special one. Equally, Jin woke up on their special day every month with a white and a red carnation on his pillow tied together with a note.

And the daydream he estimated everyday became his real life partner. 

Breaking In: Christmas-style

Author’s Note: Guys, sometimes around the holidays I get Christmassy. And sometimes “around the holidays” means the beginning of November. lol So. Here’s a little flash-forward of casa de Mills round about the first week of December, several months from now in the timeline of Breaking In. “But I’ll be so spoiled!” you say. Never fear. Part of the challenge of this for me was to write a chapter that exists in the timeline (in fact, you will see this chapter again in the actual story) but didn’t spoil anything major for the readers. Except, of course, the relationship status of two certain neighbors but, well, it’s an OQ fic, so I’m guessing that’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone.

Many thanks to @starscythe for giving her wonderful Breaking In title card an appropriately festive new look for the occasion. (Sorry for breaking it last night so it didn’t show up for people this AM. lol)

Click below to travel forward in time with us…

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Code Red

A Golly fan fic. You can also read on FFNET.


It was Gail’s first time using Holly’s spare key. Needless to say, she was more than a little nervous about it. It didn’t seem right to invade the privacy of someone else’s home, even if she was in a way invited.

It had been just four weeks into their rapidly blossoming friendship when Holly told Gail where she hid the spare key to her house. Gail was free to make use of it whenever she felt the need to escape her life. Whether it was to get away from the smelly confines of her congested frat house, or simply because her stomach lacked the nourishment it so rightly deserved. (Holly had already proved herself on numerous occasions to be an excellent provider of all things scrumptious.)

Obviously the latter was all Gail’s idea, but her friend hadn’t objected outright. Or if she did, Gail had conveniently pretended not to listen. Not that she had planned on using the key anyway. To be honest, up until this moment the thought never crossed her mind.

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Arrow Fanfic: Where You Lead (I Will Follow), Ch. 3

Summary:  Oliver attends a famous Stars Hollow town meeting.

[Notes: So this chapter might be a bit rougher for the non-Gilmore Girls fans, as it features a lot of those characters (and to try and contextualize the silliness of these characters would be too much for a fun little drabble). Since this fic is sort of a series of drabbles, you could definitely skip this chapter and be fine–but I did try to include some Olicity bits (and Felicity/Thea, a friendship I desperately want to see more of on the show) sprinkled throughout. 

Because you can’t really have a Gilmore Girls AU without a town meeting. :)]


Every time, Oliver tries and fails to avoid these infernal things—and every time, he somehow ends up sitting on the uncomfortable wooden folding chairs, near the back, frowning in confusion at the latest nonsense this town has come up with.

Mostly because of the girl at his side, snickering as Taylor loudly berates the town troubadour for singing a song about animal cruelty in front of his store during his big sale on ground beef. Thea munches on french fries she brought from the diner, left to Roy’s watch, another thing that has Oliver checking his watch anxiously.

Until the other woman who can somehow get him to these things squeezes quietly through the back door to slip into the seat beside Thea.

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Fenris wanders into the kitchen in Hawke’s manor in the middle of the night and finds Orana cooking. Not cooking for Hawke, who’s in bed asleep, but cooking a little something for herself. The shy blonde elf stands differently when nobody’s around - looser, even taller - and she's  humming and smiling and throwing spice into the pot, and the smell of it hits Fenris like a wave of icy cold water and he remembers

mother over the fire peeling vegetables dropping them into the cast iron pot singing to herself in a language he doesn’t know doesn’t know smiles down at him says something he can almost hear her face tired behind her long black hair but she smiles and says what mother what

and then he has to sit down, or else sink to the floor. Orana notices right away and rushes over, wiping her hands hurriedly on her apron. She helps him into a kitchen chair where he sits shivering with his eyes shut. It is a few moments before Fenris can speak.

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All Blue Skies ~ Ch1 ~OlicityFicBang

Title: All Blue Skies

Word Count: 20k+    Rating: T     Pairing: Olicity   Warnings: None

Summary: 3-year-old Addy Queen has her father wrapped around her little finger. Oliver is happy as a single dad, but juggling a toddler, being CFO and keeping his parents in check doesn’t leave much time for dating. After a string of bad dates he doesn’t even have the time for, he is about ready to hang the towel – when a surprising meeting (in Blockbuster of all places) takes his breath away.

A/N: First of all, praise is in order for the ladies behind the @olicityficbang. It was an amazing idea and I’m very happy that I got to be a part of it with two stories that I’m pretty invested on. Also many, many thanks to my cheerleader/beta  @cinnamonirony for all her help, and last but not least to @sharingmyworld for the pretty picspam you see up there. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1:

Almost there.

Her lungs were begging for her to stop, and her muscles burned from exertion-the fact that she was wearing 4-inch-heels was not helping her either- but Felicity Smoak was nothing if not determined. She pulled the grocery bag higher up her arm, really feeling those 3 pints of ice cream now, but she was this close to Blockbuster.

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Life Unexpected 5/?

A/N: I’m actually stoked to post this hours before are imminent doom, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without my beta ravenclawpianist, thanks a million. 

So there’s smut in this chapter, just so we’re aware. This is my first time posting smut in the history of everdom(Eek!) I hope it’s satisfactory. 

And as always, thanks for all the love shown to this fic, everyone is awesome!

Summary: After a tragic car accident took the lives of Liam and Elsa Jones, Killian found himself the heir to their family home, their business and their only child. Despite two large holes in his heart, he thinks he finally has things under control after a year of struggle and grief. In walks Emma Swan gradually filling both holes in the most unexpected way.

Read on FF.Net or A03; Or catch up on Tumblr( Chapter 1Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4)

Wants Selected

It’s just dinner at his place, she thinks to herself as she lays out a lacy thong to match her ‘body’ by Victoria bra.

We’re just going to have dinner, nothing else, she lies to herself as she makes sure to shave in the shower.

She primps herself more than she ever has. She curls her hair, puts on one of her tightest dresses, and dabs perfume on every pulse point she can think of. The last time they met, it was coincidental, she was in jeans and sneakers, meant to only be doing manual labor. Her hair was tied up and her make up was worn off from the day’s activities.

She wants to be flawless, Tonight.

She knows he’s seen her otherwise, and it hasn’t really mattered, but she wants him to want her the moment she arrives. She’s willing to give this one more go, she can either get him out of her system, or be in too deep to get out unscathed.

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