there is a dud fact for you


Don’t want an aspiring trophy chick or trophy wife. I want a female with substance. You be fulfilling to a man and in most cases that man will break his back to give you the world.

To the nay sayers, I know some dudes don’t ever get right no matter what you do for them… blah blah MF blah…. stop shackin with these dud ass dudes. Yall know a nigga ain’t worth shit with in two weeks most times, hell less than that…

Ya’ll have a great day

List 6 random facts about yourself and tag some followers to do the same.

Got tagged by good ol @spaceboxingpsycho for this. Doubt any of my facts will be super interesting, but I’ll let y’all be the judge of that.

1. I just tried kiwi for the first time yesterday. Very yummy.

2. Speaking of food, I cooked my own breakfast today! And it was GOOD. GOOD SAUSAGE.

3. I recently replayed Metal Gear Solid 3 and realized the only reason I hadn’t gotten the tuxedo was because I had cut the ps3 off during the credits because I was sad. Guess you can’t rock SWEET DUDS without the willpower to sit on your ass and listen to sad-ish music.

4. One week ago I finished my first internship for my Accounting major. It was….a thing. Wasn’t super fond of it, probably because the work i did had nothing to do with accounting.

5. Today was my cousin’s grandma’s 95th anniversary and I went because she’s a sweet old lady. 95 years though jeez louise.

6. I’ve been reading some classic Black Panther comics and I like it a lot! Black Panther has some super weird villains (even if they aren’t all very interesting).

Now I tag: @d-manaceattorney, @missangelicwitch, @daddy-pucci, @megamanbattlenetwork3, and anyone else who wants to do it.

there’s something inherently classist about people who look down on drugstore makeup for no reason other than the fact that they’re cheap. if you really know what you’re doing with makeup then whether or not it’s drugstore or high end shouldn’t matter. sure, both departments have their duds but there’s nothing more snobby than talking shit about people who only use drugstore, whether it’s their preference or because they simply can’t afford high end sephora items

It’s completely out of my hands. I’m looking at those people out there, but I don’t know what I’m seeing. And they’re watching me, too. But they don’t know what they’re looking at. My best guess is that they’ll keep on loving me till they start hating me, or their Waylon duds wear out. Because they already hate me a little, just because I’m me and they’re them. That’s why they always go on about how talented you are. Because they hate you. Because if they had this talent, they would be you. The fact that you’ve worked like a dog, lived like a horse thief, and broke your mama’s heart to do whatever you do, that don’t mean diddly-squat. To them, it’s talent. Supposedly, you got it, and, supposedly, they don’t. So eventually you’re bound to disappoint them.
—  Waylon Jennings, quoted in Dave Hickey’s Air Guitar