there is a dalek in the shop window

He is alone and thinks, somehow, that he deserves this. And as he wanders on, he decides that no one should stand beside him. He’s got no room, on board his TARDIS. He is a traveller, and needs no other.

But then he finds himself in the cellar of a London shop at closing time, and he grabs the hand of an Earthling called Rose Tyler, and looks into her eyes, and all those resolutions go out of the window! The journey goes on, with a human at his side, and who knows where it will end…


written by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who 2006 Annual

  • ‘earthling’ lolol
  • 'looks into her eyes, and all those resolutions go out of the window!’ oh my heart
  • the journey goes on
  • until it bloody ends because of those pesky daleks again
  • they always survive whilst he loses everything
  • ow


The city streets of London were dead. Obviously something was not right with this place. It was known to be The Capital of the World and yet not a soul was in sight. Only one thing was actually outside.

They had gold casing, no legs, one eye, a gun and a plunger. Daleks. Seems whatever they had done was a sucess as people watched from the windows and stayed quiet, ducking down when one passed.

However someone was out tonight, running along the rooftops of various shops and apartment buildings. They came to a hault when noticing the other and grabbed their arm and pulled them back, whilst keeping their mouth covered. “Ssshh…I’m not here to hurt you, but you have to stay quiet.”