there is a cool breeze

brief visitation

aka the mp100 timetravel fic no one (but ao prob) asked for. it’s the 19th where u were born so happy birthday u lemonhead

The distant sound of the city’s heart floats in through the ajar window, a muted cacophony of chatter, soles on pavement, and rolling engines. The climate is an odd mix of arid and humid this time of year. The sun is shining, grand cumulous clouds are painted generously just above the horizon, and the sky’s endless blue makes for a good medium to drown oneself in. It’s a beautiful day.

Reigen sits back in his sofa with an open book sitting in his lap and an unlit cigarette in hand. He leans heavily on his side as he twirls the cigarette in his hand. His gaze darts up to the lighter sitting next to the ashtray.

For now, both the eastern and western-facing windows are ajar, inviting a gentle breeze that both cools and keeps the air fresh. There have been no customers to walk in since opening up. He contemplates having his fourth smoke of the day.

The two-note chime signalling a customer rings out in the empty office, and his aborted movement shifts as he moves the book to the end table in a fluid motion. He tucks the unlit cigarette into his jacket pocket for later.

The door to the office closes with an audible click, and he spins around as he affects his brightest smile. “Yes, hello, welcome! What do you need?”

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Something in this cool breeze reminds me
autumn in Tennessee
the way red leaves fall
like angel wings
wood smoke rises
like prayers
how I felt like running
the bags under my eyes
already packed
with sleepless nights
the maps I carried
under my black woolen coat
so my heart would know the way
even if my boots stumbled
over the rising hills
the orange sun
somehow purpled the mountains
where I liked to hide my face
there are pale strands of my hair
still caught on gray branches
in the deep wood
even now
they sway like dancers
on cool air
blown from the north

Nostalgic Morning

This morning I woke up with a perfect cool breeze with the sun out. It reminds me of such happiness! It motivates me to no extent! And now I have the most amazing guy to spend with so I am even happier.

I love you @frankiethefolf

All along

The snap crackle pop twist
of drum sticks and brushes
the hush hush howl
of the saxophone’s sub-tone
the click clack
of the keys zooming across scales
and the boom bang
of the piano’s crashing, vibrant stride

a tuning note hums across the stage
and the time is set in stone
with a coy smile the bandleader
steps in front and holds out a trumpet

soon the music is off and running
a wind whirls across the stage
as cool as winter lakes
while the breeze gusts and spins
a haunting melody
a chilling harmony
a beautiful rhythm

so haunting, familiarly unfamiliar
it is as if the sound wasn’t improvised
but really there all along

anti is the soft humming of static from an old television set, blurry street lights and cool breezes, he’s sharp dull pains, old radio songs you haven’t heard in years combined with feelings of nostalgic existential dread, knowing that you’re getting old and slowly losing control of your life

dark is the bitter taste of cigarette smoke, a starry night’s sky, old homemade vhs tapes, and the sound of a record stuck on repeat. he’s that friend you both hate and love, the thorn on the rose, and that moment when your favourite song ends and you’re left in silence, the feeling that you’re always going to be alone and that things won’t ever change

✨Redhead Glow✨ -
Another one of my hair-glow series. After seeing this pic I remembered I haven’t done one for red head, so I took the opportunity to finish this one up! I also finally just got back from vacations so I made this one in Photoshop instead of Procreate. I got to say that I do miss some of procreate’s features in photoshop…Zooming in and out and changing brushes in Procreate is a breeze… PS has it’s own cool things though so I do like them both. 😍


✨ 🌸 mildliner inspired study playlists🌸 ✨

blue pack (cool)

  • mostly instrumental music for improved concentration
  • best for “chill” study sessions i.e. re-reading lessons, rewriting notes, making annotations, flashcards etc
  • of cool breeze floating gently into the room, causing the edges of curtains to flutter. you look up from your notebook and notice how quiet the world is, how clean your desk is. books are neatly stacked in a corner; the vase has fresh daisies in it. you can hear your soft breathing in the silence.
  • everything is so calm, and yet you’re crying.

pink pack (neon)

  • for when you have something due at 7am and it’s already 4am but you’re just 50% done RIP
  • no really why did you procrastinate???!
  • gotta have some power POP instead of power NAP
  • “I swear I will never do this again!!!”

yellow (warm)

  • nothing really matters in life anymore; you’re just numb™
  • but you still have to study because people expect so much of you; you expect so much of you
  • this is sitting in a room feeling tired and lonely, pale sunset light surrounding you. this is thinking you’re too old for your body; that everything good has already happened.
  • this is flipping absentmindedly through textbook pages, re-reading every sentence twice because your mind is elsewhere.
  • and maybe this is about remembering something to live for, even if it’s that one friend, that one tv show
Hogwarts House Aesthetics
  • Ravenclaw: Combat boots, paint stained hands, the smell of rain. Cool breezes, foggy days, the color purple, long tapestries. Flower chains, The Cure. Velvet, the sound of birds cawing, the ocean, long grass. Empty art museums, ink stained fingertips, The Velvet Underground, late night chats. Hardwood floors and rocking chairs.
  • Gryffindor: Crackling fires, electricity. Long walks, old stereos, chinchillas, lightning storms, fireworks. Knit blankets, wool, scratchy chairs. Tin. Cliff sides, cigarettes, summer nights, crickets. War paint, Roman numerals, the color maroon. Sharp claws, scraped knees, long adventures with good friends. Hot coffee and incense.
  • Hufflepuff: tie dye, The Smiths, stars. Soft blankets, the smell of old books, cinnamon, burning fires. Daffodils, fleece. Crawling Ivy, brick cottages in the woods, tall trees. The way the sun feels on your skin, clear streams. Loose tea bags, wooden countertops, indie music, holding hands. Bright colors and wide smiles.
  • Slytherin: cold metal, silver jewelry, the feeling of success. Arm chairs, smoldering flames, filled-to-the-brim book bags. Gentle whispers, screen doors, high heels. Throwing knives, windbreakers, mountain peaks, pierced ears. Calico cats, green tea. Marble archways, old forests, rickety old homes. All of space and angler fish.

I love you, I love you, my heart is a rose which your love has brought to bloom, my life is a desert fanned by the delicious breeze of your breath, and whose cool springs are your eyes; the imprint of your little feet makes valleys of shade for me, the odour of your hair is like myrrh, and wherever you go you exhale the perfumes of the cassia tree.

Love me always, love me always. You have been the supreme, the perfect love of my life; there can be no other.

—  Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred Douglas, 20 May 1895
140503 at dawn (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, smutty smut smut

Summary: Yoongi is always early in his studio and well, he wakes you one morning. Simple, right? Nah, that’s where you’re wrong.

Wordcount: 2.5k 

Your eyes jolt open, stung by the sun ray aurora spilling over you half dressed self. Turning over to your right, you hope to find your angelic boyfriend beside, only to have his spot froze; cool from the slight breeze from the cracked window.

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The skele family enjoy a quiet evening in a peaceful town that’s settling down for the night. The stars are coming out as the town lights blink on one by one with the fireflies as they slowly come out, signifying the stirring of the night. The gentle sea waves and the cool sea breeze rustling the leaves gently. What could be a better time to spend as a family together?

“Make a wish. It might come true”

BONUS- Here’s a day-time ish version or maybe its right before night falls… twilight? dusk? maybe


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REQUEST: Hey i just read all of your fics hehe and i really like your writing! Can I request a very protective demon!tae fic pls? Doesn’t matter if fluffy or smutty thank you so much x 

GENRE: Demon!au, Supernatural, smut(to come), slight angst, i have to make this fluffy ofcourse

He was never supposed to meet her, but when he did, all he wanted to do was to keep her. 

(PT1/??) - PT2

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Your smile is like waking up at 5 am on a summer camp morning,
creeping out of the cabin and sitting outside in the gentle morning light,
bare feet in the dew covered grass and a cool breeze sending a shiver down my soul.
Your voice is like the gentle crash of lake water against the shore,
birds chirping and leaves swaying in the lethargic wind.
There are sunbeams in your eyes,
heating up my bare arms as I lay in the grass.
There is saltwater in your laugh,
cleansing and sparkling and stinging.
Watching you is like watching the earth awaken,
early in the morning when the horizon is foggy and the air is still cold.
And maybe you’re used to “I’m not a morning person”,
to sleeping in and grumbling at the alarm clock
and not smiling until a gallon of coffee has been consumed.
But darling, the sunrise is always beautiful,
no matter who is awake to notice.
—  a love letter to nobody // c.r.h.
8 Years to Fall in Love

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The First Christmas

Jin x reader

Bestfriend AU/Angst, romance, smut

Word count: 20k

Day 1  ⇢ earmuffs

The ice broke into little flat grounds against his feet, crushing and crunching the piles of snow as the cold breeze brushed through his hair with winds cooling against his jacket. Flickles of snowflakes fell on top of his hair, creating almost a crown bedding as he walked through the white carpet that lied ahead of him, the softness that sunk when he stepped. His hands were tucked in the warm holes of the pockets, face covered up to his nose and a bit above with a maroon colored scarf, feet in his socks inside his heated black boots, and ears covered by his pink ear muffs. He loved his treasured pink earmuffs.

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I’ve been coaxing my fingers into smaller pieces to comfort the pillow by my side but lately every time I stretch towards the ceiling, I feel like I’m pointing to things I don’t believe in. Maybe being sad is a part of my identity. Maybe walking away is how we find the missing pieces. We’re always looking in opposite directions for sights we’ve already fallen in love with, like the paint on the inside of my heart holds caution to one’s beauty. You existed before I questioned who I was. We skipped introductions to cast a vote against our demise. And though I’ve been trying not to cry at the sound of every door, I promise I haven’t left - I’m just not really here… but you won’t get a chance to miss me, because you never leave my thoughts. My heartbeats are just tiny volcanoes waiting to be cooled by you. Regardless if you’re a calm summer breeze or a wet flower in the middle of spring– I’ve been burning five different lifetimes to ask you if we ever meant anything to you. I still sigh when no one is around, it’s the only time I get to hear your name. I don’t remember us anymore and that’s okay. It does hurt less, but does that make me heartless? My soul has not been right ever since we fell off the earth together and these things do happen. I just never thought that it’d end up like this. Sweet summer love still makes for a warm conversation. Spring breaking down my seasons– everything likes to breathe backwards. I’m out of fucks to give. I’m out to get myself. You’re out there without me and I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad about it. Everything we used to smile about just makes me sad nowadays. Like I can’t eat my favorite ice cream without seeing your silly face with that spoon in your mouth. Like I can’t watch my favorite show without realizing that you used to watch it with me. Like I can’t even write a poem because you got me into poetry. Like I can’t even write on Tumblr because you introduced me to this platform. Like I can’t even love the same because my heart still doesn’t know where home is. Like I can’t even break the same because after all of the shit that we’ve been through– it all ends the same way. The love of my life is still a dagger in the dark. I’ll be honest, I still love you and I’m happy that we met– but sometimes, I drive myself crazy because I can still smell your skin. Maybe that’s my insanity finally snapping with the leaves of autumn. Maybe you’re just a reflex and I have too much on my mind to focus on where to go next. We made it possible to love ourselves into hate and I hate that part of this story the most.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

Today was spent outdoors. I rode my bike, went for a long walk with Walter, and read in the sunshine. I needed this.

And, because the husband worked his ass off all day and he is a large part of the reason I have the luxury of a schedule like I do, I decided to make him one of his favorite meals–meatloaf balls with mashed potatoes and sweet corn. (I’ve fed him soup and salad for three days straight, too, so I think the calories balance out. 😉) His whole face lit up when he walked in and smelled it, and that made my heart happy. 😍


Characters:  Demon!Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary:  Dean comes looking for the reader. 

Word Count:   2241

Warnings:  ANGST, Language, Smut, (I will be posting a final warning in the tags, I don’t want to give anything away.  If you are worried, be warned that this is hella fucking angsty and check the notes.)

A/N:  This is my submission for the angst challenge I’m hosting, Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge.  I chose the prompt, “The devil follows me day and night because he is afraid to be alone.”  

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Ever had that feeling that someone is watching you? Your skin prickles, goosebumps fanning over your skin, even though it there’s no cool breeze. You shiver, the hair on the nape of your neck standing up. Imagine that feeling. I know you’ve felt it. Everyone has. Now imagine it’s not just a feeling.

Imagine it’s real.

The devil follows me day and night because he’s afraid to be alone. Or at least that’s my suspicion. I know he’s tracking me. When the hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to change all your habits. Don’t be predictable. Do the unexpected.

But when the one who trained you to hunt is the one that is hunting you, that changes the things. It’s a whole new game, more complex and ultimately more dangerous. The rules are simple - there are none.

I’m not sure what he wants from me. I’m just damaged enough to think it’s because he still loves me. I’m not afraid of those black eyes. I’m not afraid of him. I’m afraid of my own treacherous heart. I know deep down that I can’t resist him. I won’t be able to deny him.

So instead of facing him, I run. As fast and as far as I can.

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The meaning of Hogwarts


Hogwarts is pranks and dreams.
Hogwarts is having fun whilst learning,
It’s friends around you 24/7 and joining your beds to have a gigantic sleepover.
Hogwarts is taking a swim in the cool lake during summer and poking the giant squid.
Hogwarts is sneaking out and roasting marshmallows over the fire. Hogwarts is running from your rival after smearing toothpaste onto his head and laughing all the while. It’s trying to see which of the professors is the most patient and grinning when they blow up. Hogwarts is the smell of the awaiting summer and the cooling breeze on your face. Hogwarts is making up after a fight.

Hogwarts means family.


Hogwarts is caring and celebrating.
Hogwarts is the dream you had last night.
It’s the feast in the great Hall and the pillow fight that escalates. Hogwarts is running through the corridors and playing hide and seek even (especially) when you attend your last year. Hogwarts is singing at the top of your lungs and not caring about what other are thinking. Hogwarts is painting your future the way you always wanted it.
It’s studying and knowing you will actually need it. It’s waking up late but still seizing the day.
Hogwarts is patching each other up after y'all got beat up because you couldn’t manage to keep your mouth shut. (It was totally worth it, tho.)

Hogwarts means friends.


Hogwarts is the sense in nonsense.
Hogwarts is the dawn of a new day, the flight on the back of a hippogrif.
Hogwarts is not having to study because you know without the pressure you’ll do it anyway. Hogwarts is the silence in the library and the groaning of the wooden shelves. It’s waking up in the middle of the night and eating a pizza. It’s experimenting with everything and anything even though nobody knows whether or not it is actually legal. Hogwarts is flipping off your haters because you learned your own worth. Hogwarts is cheeky comments in class and driving your professor crazy. Hogwarts is making friends after you lost the fake ones.

Hogwarts means hope.


Hogwarts is solitude and chaos.
Hogwarts is the stars in the night sky and the thrill of playing quidditch.
It’s coming up with impossible ideas and actually bringing them to life.
It’s the dance off after an intense debate in the common room.
It’s ice skating on thin ice and the feeling you get when the ice doesn’t crack.
Hogwarts is the cozy warmth that’s warming you during a storm.
It’s plotting the best and worst revenge plan there is and seeing your enemy despair. Hogwarts is letting go and being free.
Hogwarts is finding yourself after you lost your mind.

Hogwarts means safety.