there is a clown on it

Oscillating Mingo
Demon Clown
Object - Special
Mirth: 7 Makeup: 13
Round and round he goes, when will he stop? Nobody knows!
Special: if this card is destroyed, reset the entire match

For our 100th card we have the famously banned ultra rare Oscillating Mingo, a card if you use, you’re an asshole. Resetting the match means laugh points are restored, all clownyard clowns are returned, hand is returned, and the cards reshuffled.

anonymous asked:

Callout for the clown box: I gave it a stone of farspeech and all it gave me in return was a single word search. And to make matters worse, the letters are all small and I'm super dyslexic. And the clown box still has the audacity to hold its hand out for more stones of farspeech! What the hell clown box!?! Fuck you!! -a very angry elf druid