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“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

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You got on the wrong gaming board, filthy monkeigh.

(Imagine this table with 6 more jetbikes of conclave and heroes, two jetbikes looking like hoverboards, 8 incubi, 1 falcon that I’ll maybe convert into firestorm, 1 vyper, 1 venom, 10 scourges that will have a corsair look, 20 guardians to get corsair jump packs too, the triumvirate, at least 15 wyches, a FW avatar of Khaine and then a collection of oldhammer warpspiders, banshees and other few stuff that I can’t remember precisely and you’ll have my entire army including back log on there. It will never fit.)

unsungheroesandheroines  asked:

Curtsies- Duke. (I must say that there has been a reprehensible slide in courtesy amongst your querents who have not shown you the correct amount of deference recently. Please curtsey all... ) I booked my nephews aged 15 and 13 in to see the Bell Shakespeare(Australia's leading Shakespeare players) production of Macbeth. It is especially aimed at students and only runs for 90 minutes. My nephews said "We would rather slit our throats" which devastated me. I know they would love it when they 1/2

when they went but getting them there was too traumatic for all involved. Do you feel that a coerced exposure to the Bard can do more harm than good? And it’s best just to leave it for now?

*Curtsies* I think forced exposure to anything can be harmful. I think the best way (possibly) to go about this would be to try and explain why you think they’ll enjoy it. Macbeth is all about violence and murder. Tell them it’s a war play. Tell them Game of Thrones is partly based on Shakespeare’s more violent plays (because according to the author, it is). Here’s another thing I’ve found works well with teenage boys: mention how impressed a girl will be if they ever take her on a date to see a Shakespeare play. This is literally how I got like a dozen of my dudebro friends from high school to show up for a production of Midsummer I was in in college. I just went, “Guys, look, it’s going to be two hours of sex jokes and love poems by candlelight under the stars. You take a girl to that and trust me, she’s going to be into you.” They all came and they all brought dates. And moreover, they all actually enjoyed it. So, win-win. This is a long way of saying I think you can and should try to get them interested but I think you should leave the decision of whether or not they go up to them, because if you force them to go when they don’t want to they’ll view it as a punishment, and chances are they’ll never forgive Shakespeare for it. 

Sheet Music Commission Information


$5: (Melody only) I will do a song either from an anime or by a vocaloid producer. It will be done about 1-3 days after payment.

$10: (Instrumentals/OSTs) I will do a song either from an anime or by a vocaloid producer. The amount of time taken depends on how many parts and how difficult the song is.

$15: (Melody only) You can request a song that is not from an anime or by a vocaloid producer. It will be done about 1-3 days after payment.

$20: (Instrumentals/OSTs) I will do a song that is not from an anime or by a vocaloid producer. The amount of time taken depends on how many parts and how difficult the song is.

I’m trying to save up money to help with transition!

Pay only accepted through paypal. Contact me via messenger or my inbox! 

TBT playlist

1. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

2. Drops of Jupiter - Train

3. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

4. 3 AM - Matchbox Twenty

5. Closing Time - Semisonic

6. Champagne Supernova - Oasis

7. The Freshman - The Verve Pipe

8. The Reason - Hoobastank

9. Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

10. Smell’s Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

11. Collide - Howie Day

12. Superman - Five for Fighting

13. Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

14. If I Die Young - Band Perry

15. What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts

16. I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan

17. Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls

18. It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects

19. Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

20. My Heroine - Silverstein

There are some who call me…Cloud.

Others refer me to as [string of expletives], [myriad forms of verbal outrage].

I’m one of the large resident Broke Motherfucker population, and why should you buy my shit, you may ask?? Well, if you’re down for poor life decisions, I can at least give you an incentive (to make more poor life decisions).

I sell things in packages! Buy in bulk, prepare for the apocalypse.

Package #1: A colored and shaded full-body drawing, a colored and shaded bust, and a lined and colored headshot. That’s $15. (as seen on TV above)

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  • Naturally, you don’t have to buy a package; I’m just trying to give people more bang for their buck. 
  • I also do types of commissions I don’t list here! These are just the easiest things for me to do, so they’ll get done faster, but feel free to talk to me if you want something different. I’m open to being hit up on tumblr messenger, discord (Cloudbat#2416), or skype (cloudiewolf). 
  • I do not draw NSFW of any kind, though I’m fine with drawing nonsexual nudity.
  • I am willing to negotiate prices!
  • I also draw OCs of any kind. Got a furry or alien OC? I’m your guy.
  • All payments are done through my paypal.

That’s it y’all. Cloud out, help me afford college and buy your way into your afterlife of choice through good works.

Big night on UK TV for Misha Collins Fans

Double helping of Misha on E4, Wednesday 22, March.

9pm Timeless - Misha’s outing as Eliot Ness in episode 1.15 Public Enemy No. 1, followed at 10pm Supernatural in episode 12.12 Stuck in the Middle (with You).


Timeless, Series 1, Episode 15 - Public Enemy No. 1

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus try to enlist the aid of Eliot Ness after Flynn lands in Chicago in 1931 intending to call in a favour from notorious gangster Al Capone, and a clue leads to a crucial revelation.


E4, Wednesday 22, March, 9pm (UK)

Supernatural, Series 12, Episode 12 - Stuck in the Middle (with You)

When Mary asks Sam, Dean and Castiel for help with a case that she’s working on, she neglects to mention the British Men of Letters are involved. But everything is revealed when Mary’s double-crossed.


E4, Wednesday 22, March, 10pm (UK)


anonymous asked:

Jw, did you get some sort of sick pleasure by building up your readers' hope then shitting all over it. it's hard af to find bottom viktor fics, especially semi-coherent ones that don't read like they were written by 15 year olds.You said you wanted to break stereotypes?By yet again writing the guy who is whole 4(!1!) years older and like 2 inches taller than his partner as the dominant? Ground breaking stuff here. i wouldn't care if you stayed in your own power bottom!1! yuuri lane but why bait

Since you decided to follow me here and didn’t keep your whining to comments… 

I never once used the term bottom Victor. It’s not in the tags, never was, never will be. I used the term Omega Victor, which is correct. 

Omega DOES NOT immediately mean bottom, so who’s falling into stereotypes if they read it that way, huh?

They switch, get over it. Neither is purely top or bottom. Victor isn’t dominant, he’s actually more likely to tend submissive due to the gender dynamics. Yuri is slightly more dominant by nature, but doesn’t want to exploit it. 

They’re equals. And that’s more beautiful than any discussion of who’s plugging what when. 

92 Truths

Rules: Write 92 truths about yourself then tag 25 people

I was tagged by @neverlands-little-lost-girl. Thank you!


[1] drink milk

[2] phone call one of my horse owners

[3] text message a friend

[4] song you listened to Ding by Seeed

[5] time you cried couple of weeks ago


[6] dated someone twice no, I never go back on decisions

[7] been cheated on yes

[8] kissed someone and regretted it yes

[9] lost someone special yes

[10] been depressed not really, I tend to turn depression into anger

[11] gotten drunk and thrown up more often then I should


[12] brown

[13] green

[14] black


[15] made new friends yes

[16] fallen out of love yes :o(

[17] laughed until you cried yes

[18] found out someone was talking about you probably

[19] met someone who changed you I’m unchangeable

[20] found out who your true friends are I wish I could always tell, there are a few I know for sure though

[21] kissed someone on your facebook list yes


[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life all of them

[23] do you have any pets a dog

[24] do you want to change your name no, not really

[25] what did you do for your last birthday I went to a bar with a couple of friends

[26] what time did you wake up around 7 am

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night sleeping

[28] name something you cannot wait for finish studying, Vikings season 5

[29] when was the last time you saw your mother about three weeks ago

[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life that changes every day

[31] what are you listening to right now did we not already have that question?

[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom maybe, can’t think of one right now

[33] something that is getting on your nerves people that don’t take me serious

[34] most visited website tumblr

[35] elementary I went there if that is the question

[36] high school I also went there, most of the time at least

[37] college I’m struggling with that bitch right now

[38] hair color dark blond

[39] long or short hair long

[40] do you have a crush on someone not in real life

[41] what do you like about yourself my ass

[42] piercings no

[43]blood type A+ I think

[44] nickname I don’t really have one

[45] relationship status single

[46] zodiac sign aquarius

[47] pronouns She/Her

[48] fav tv show Vikings, Sons of Anarchy

[49] tattoos one on my wrist and one on my back and soon one on my thigh

[50] right or left hand right


[51] surgery I have no idea how you call that in english

[52] piercing still none

[53] best friend Gunnar

[54] sport horse riding

[55] vacation France

[56] pair of trainers can’t remember


[57] eating nothing

[58] drinking nothing

[59] i’m about to go to the toilet

[60] listening to Herr Mannelig by In Extremo

[61] waiting for tumblr to get more busy

[62] want Ivar

[63] get married can’t really see that right now but who knows….

[64] career right now? none, I study and train horses to make some money


[65] hugs or kisses kisses

[66] lips or eyes eyes

[67] shorter or taller taller

[68] older or younger older

[70] nice arms or nice stomach oh, tough one, I enjoy both 

[71] sensitive or loud something in between

[72] hook up or relationship depends

[73] troublemaker or hesitant troublemaker


[74] kissed a stranger? no

[75] drank hard liquor? now and then :o)

[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? I don’t have any, sunglasses maybe

[77] turned someone down yeah

[78] sex on first date? no

[79] broken someone’s heart? I actually think so, not proud of it

[80] had your own heart broken yes

[81] been arrested? no

[82] cried when someone died? yes

[83] fallen for a friend? yes


[84] yourself? like nothing else, lol

[85] miracles? no

[86] love at first sight? no, it definitely takes time for me

[87] Santa Claus? did you know Santa Claus was originally dressed in blue?

[88] kiss on the first date? why not

[89] angels? no but in valkyries


[90] current best friend’s name Swantje

[91] eye color dark grey

[92] favorite movie Shooter

I tag @ivarthebonelessx @underthenorthstar @ivartheboneme @thenorns-themoirai @kristabec @die-schwarze-witwe 

Furry Tarot Cards

Okay, I need some help here guys, i’m planning on doing a furry tarot card deck with furs from here on tumblr, all I need is for people to see this, and contact me on here if you would like to be a part of this, all of this is free. You will be able to choose the card you want and what sona you’d like to have in there, please also reblog this so people know this is going on

0-The Fool: Taken By @Ugly-filth 

1-The Magician: Open

2-The High Priestess: Taken by @thatthing978

3-The Empress: Open

4-The Emperor: Open

5-The Hierophant: Taken By @Oleanderwasp

6-The Lovers: Taken By me

7-The Chariot: Open

8-Strength: Taken By @shivawuff

9-The Hermit: Open

10-Wheel Of Fortune: Open

11-Justice: Open

12-The Hanged Man: Taken By @gay-yiffy-love

13-Death: Open

14-Temperance: Taken By @askanalogstick

15-The Devil: Open

16-The Tower: Open

17-The Star: Taken By @dillardthehusky

18-The Moon: Open

19-The Sun: Open

20-Judgement: Open

21-The World: Open

Ask me things

1. What’s your middle name? 

2. What are you listening to right now? 

3. What was the last thing you ate? 

4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 

5. Do you drink? 

6. Do you smoke? 

7. What is the first thing you noticed in someone? 

8. What is your hair color? 

9. What is your eye color? 

10. Do you wear contacts/glasses? 

11. Dogs or cats? 

12. What’s your favorite animal? 

13. What’s your favorite television show? 

14. What’s your favorite movie? 

15. What’s your favorite band/singer? 

16. How old are you? 

17. Do you have a crush on anyone? 

18. What’s your sexual orientation? 

19. What’s your favorite color? 

20. What was your most embarrassing moment? 

 21. Do you ever wish you were someone else? 

 22. What were you like when you were a kid? 

23. What would your dream house be like? 

24. What last made you laugh? 

25. What is your favorite word? 

26. What is your least favorite word? 

27. What turns you on? 

28. What turns you off? 

29. What is your star sign? 

30. What are your favorite books? 

31. Do you have any siblings? 

32. Do you like to dance?

33. What is your definition of cheating? 

34. Have you ever cheated on someone? 

35. Do you regret anything? 

36. Do you have any phobias? 

37. Ever broken any bones? 

38. Ever come close to death? 

39. What is your religion, if any? 

40. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist? 

41. Are looks important in a relationship? 

42. Are you more like your mom or your dad? 

43. What is your favorite season? 

44. Do you have any tattoos? 

45. Do you have any piercings? 

46. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? 

47. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? 

48. Who is your celebrity crush? 

49. Are you a virgin? 

50. Do you get jealous easily? 

51. What is your favorite type of food? 

52. Do you ever want to get married?

53. Who was your first kiss with? 

54. Have you ever been cheated on? 

55. What is your idea of the perfect date? 

56. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

57. Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets? 

58. What talent do you wish you’d been born with?

59. What is your saddest memory? 

60. Do you believe in love at first sight? 

61. Do you believe in soul mates?

62. Have you ever dyed your hair? 

63. Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?

64. Would you go against your moral code for money?

65. What are three things most people don’t know about you? 

66. Who are you jealous of?

67. Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?

68. How long was your longest relationship? 

69. Is the glass half empty or half full?

70. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you? 

71. Who is your most loyal friend? 

72. Are you in a relationship?

73. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her? 

74. Are you a bad person? 

75. Are you a lover or a fighter? 

76. What did you do on your last birthday? 

77. What is your favorite quote and why? 

78. If your best friend died, what would you do? 

79. If you had to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? 

80. If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do? 

81. What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had? 

82. Are you happier single or in a relationship? 

83. Who were you in a past life? 

84. What is your happiest childhood memory?

85. Have you ever experienced unrequited love? 

86. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? 

87. If you were the president, what would you do? 

88. What is your ideal career? 

89. What is your political affiliation? 

90. Are you conservative or liberal? 

91. Is the male or female body closest to perfection?

92. Do you like kissing in public? 

93. If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change? 

94. Where would you like to live? 

95. Where would you go on your dream vacation?

96. Describe yourself in one word.

97. Describe yourself in one sentence. 

MBTI Statistics

Have you ever been bored on a Tuesday evening just sitting around and thinking to yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I had a shit ton of random MBTI-related charts, statistics, and surveys to look at”? SAY NO MORE, FAM. I have compiled here for you today the world’s finest assortment of completely useless MBTI-related data, all for your viewing (and procrastinating) pleasure. Enjoy!

1. MBTI by gender distribution 

2. MBTI by sexual orientation

3. MBTI by political affiliation

4. MBTI by Hogwarts House

5. MBTI by zodiac sign

6. MBTI by household income

7. MBTI by percentage of males per type

8. A random assortment of MBTI statistics

9. MBTI by enneagram correlation

10. MBTI by alignment

11.  MBTI by intellectual giftedness

12. MBTI and whatever this is

13. MBTI by type compatibility

14. MBTI by type of abuse survivors

15. MBTI types of stay-at-home parents

16. MBTI type of polled therapists

17. MBTI type of librarians

18. MBTI type by unemployment status

19. MBTI type by instinctual variant

20. MBTI type by correlation to psychopathy

21. MBTI by happiness level

22. MBTI by temperament

23. MBTI by philosophical alignment

Enjoy, data hogs!

BTS You Never Walk Alone - Spring Day MV Theory: The Untold Story

by: @sugasuite (edited: 170222 for pt 7)

Whose story is often unheard and untold?

The Discriminated… The Minorities…

When Kim Namjoon said You Never Walk Alone was the Untold Story… He wasn’t kidding. BigHit has done it again! Though this MV also fit the story of the boys’ journey, they still managed to discuss an underlying controversial issue.



In case you haven’t read the story… Here is a rundown

First of all, let me say, this story is riveting in both its simplicity and complexity; and you could finish it in less than 15 minutes. The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas is an award winning short story written by Ursula Le Guin. The story starts with the narrator describing a utopian place called Omelas as the Summer Festival starts. Everything about the city is idealistic and the narrator even invites the reader to imagine his/her own utopian scenario and imagine that to be Omelas because Omelas’ perfection and happiness was hard to simply describe. The narrator claims that the people of Omelas were not stupid, that this was not the reason why they were happy, but he also states that the people of Omelas lived without guilt.

As vague and hard as it was for the narrator to describe Omelas, her description of the small, frail impoverished child was vivid. People of Omelas knew about the child’s existence, locked in a small basement but none of them helped or saved the child. The narrator believes that the child served as reminder for the people of a world opposite to what they have. The absence of the child makes what they have pointless and therefore the child’s existence was poignant for their system.

The more incredible part though, the part that got the narrator amazed, were the people who left Omelas. Those who chose to walk alone away from the surfaced perfection toward the unknown when they have seen the child.

In the MV you can see how their initial excitement of being in Omelas slowly changed. As if taking in what Omelas truly was. 

Kookie goes to the desolate Omelas where ironically the No Vacancy sign was still lit. Like how minorities are refused entry when clearly there is still room. 

In the end, unlike in the book where the citizens who face the realities of Omelas left alone, they all left Omelas together.


Snowpiercer was a movie released in 2013. in the movie, the world was set into an infernal winter after an experiment to solve global warming backfires. The remaining survivors were those on board the Snowpiercer. By 2031, segregation was eminent. Elites inhabit the extravagant front cars and the “scum” inhabit the tail in squalid and brutal conditions. Under watch by guards, they are brought only gelatinous protein bars to eat and kept in their place in the social order by Minister Mason, while sometimes small children are taken away.



Kinda Hunger Games-ish huh?

Rebellion broke out because it seemed like the oppressed have finally had enough. Many died due to the rebellious attacks and the head of the keeper of the peace for the Snowpiercer told the leader of the revolution that it was he who planned the rebellion to reduce the population and maintain the balance of the sealed ecosystem, and subsequently orders the elimination of 74% of the remaining tail passengers. He explains the importance of using fear and chaos to maintain a necessary order and leadership on the train.

The leader of the revolution almost accepted the offer of the head peace keeper to lead what remained of the Snowpiercer but decided to continue the fight when he learned that small children from the tail section are being trapped as replacement parts for “extinct” machinery and that those in the tail section were literally being kept alive for spare parts.

In the end, an explosion happens that causes an avalanche. The train gets derailed and only two survive, one girl and one boy. They alight the train and see a polar. They learn that life was actually possible outside the oppressive train.

In the MV, Kookie and RM is shown riding the train but they keep entering the doors at the back. The train traverses a snowy terrain.

When the line stops, they all go down together and see a dying tree amidst a grassy field. It was the only semblance of life present, but it was enough to hang their shoe on it and mark the place as theirs.


“#Safetypin I’m an ally… All those exposed to hate and violence, you’re not alone….”

No, it’s not a fashion statement, there is a deeper meaning.

4.     Laundromat/ Segregation: RACIAL DISCRIMINATION

Honestly, where else can the term segregation be used that seems publicly acceptable?

Whites separated from colored.

This reminded me of a racial case I studied in law school, Yick Wo vs Hopkins 118 U.S. 356 (1886) (Who the F? would have thought I’d use that shit here?) 

The immigration of Chinese to California began in 1850 at the beginning of the Gold Rush. As the Chinese became more successful, tensions with Americans grew. Californians were wary of the cultural and ethnic differences.

Yick Wo, was a laundry facility owned by Sang Lee. After twenty years of owning the facility as an undocumented immigrant, provisions set out by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors said that he could not continue to run his business due to an ordinance that was evidently racially targeted against all Chinese business owners.

This case was the first case where the United States Supreme Court ruled that a law that is race-neutral on its face, but is administered in a prejudicial manner, is an infringement of the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In the MV you can see that the blacks and whites inside were mixed. Whites, Blacks, toss it in! They’re one and the same.

5.     Mountain of Clothes: ALL EQUAL!

In 2010, Christian Boltanski created a 40-foot-tall art installation at the Park Avenue Armory.

For Boltanski, clothes are simply a placeholder for 6000 real human beings who lived real lives. He told a journalist, “In my work there have always been a lot of photos of people, heartbeats of people—for me the clothing are people.” The magnitude of the pile illustrates the heaviness of all the hearts now lost.

In this work, Boltanski said that the mountain was an eternal afterlife of sorts, where every individual rests after death. In Boltanski’s view, we are all mixed together in death, no longer the distinct individuals we were in life. We become part of a great pile, individual pieces that have lost their minute details — a single, colossal entity.

This piece of art has been made in various cities all over the world.

BTS made themselves part of this mountain, a symbol of unity in lives lost due to discrimination.

6.     Nods to the Sewol Ferry Tragedy: INJUSTICE

So many questions about these shoes. What I know… Jimin picked it up from the shore… and looked pale, kinda like he drowned.

It could honestly have so many meanings…

But given that this is an injustice close to their hearts, they might be giving nods to the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

The Sewol Ferry was a passenger ferry that capsized on 16 April 2014, killing 304 of the 476 people on board. More than 300 passengers were Danwon High School pupils on an organised trip, but only 75 students survived.

Months later, the captain of the ferry escaped the death penalty and has instead been sentenced to 36 years in jail for his role in the tragedy. 

Prosecutors had demanded the death penalty and before the trial even started, President Park Geun-hye made a public statement condemning the crew’s action, saying that their decision to abandon ship had been “tantamount to murder”. The sentence means that the captain, aged 69, is likely to spend the rest of life in jail.

In December 2016, it was brought to light that 9000 artists were discriminated and blacklisted for criticizing the government and having a dissenting opinion in the Sewol case. In January, media leaked that Bangtan and Bighit donated money to the families of the Sewol family victims.

In the end of the video, Jimin is again looking sullen and holding the shoes.He was looking at the tree as if deciding what to do with it.

Another symbolism with a lot of interpretations in the video is the “shoes on the wire”. One other possible meaning for this is to give honor to the memory of a life lost.

7. The Yellow Ribbon: Symbol of Hope and Unity

The yellow ribbon has been used as a symbol of hope all over the world for a multitude of causes. From the desire for the return of American hostages held in Tehran between 1979 and 1981 to a fight against a dictatorship from a 21 year long regime in the Philippines in 1986. 

The L finger symbol stood for the Filipino word “LABAN” which means FIGHT

For some it became a symbol of home coming and being reunited, hence the famous English song with lines that go, “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree”. It symbolizes the hope of freedom, justice and return. This yellow ribbon has held different meanings to different groups of people but in all those times, it served one purpose, to be a symbol of unity for those part of a cause.

In South Korea, the yellow ribbon started as a symbol of hope for the return of 9 missing children from the Sewol Ferry Tragedy but it slowly grew to be more than that. It served as a reminder that the families that sought justice did not stand alone. The government slowly saw this as a symbol of rebellion and defiance. In truth, it sent a silent but unified message against the people who were the source of the injustice committed. 

In the MV, you see Kookie having sole awareness (my obnoxious way of saying he was dead ass staring at the camera) while everyone was a moving blur.

After a while, he seemed to slowly realize that everyone else was moving around him and he joins the crowd.

Two possible meanings. First, the pessimistic view, is that Kookie was the one aware of the issues but no one else was. Everyone else was going about their own business and eventually Kookie joined the crowd…

The second possible meaning? The one I prefer. The more optimistic view, is that due to the movement of everyone around him, Kookie became aware of the need to move and act and joined the movement for the yellow ribbon cause.

Though sometimes you feel like you stand alone in the crowd fighting for something… look around, look closely… there are more people who understand your plight. Never stop moving. Eventually, if your cause is truly powerful, more people will move with you.


Bangtan’s message was clear. For those who suffered injustice or have been discriminated against for being part of a minority, we know your untold stories. Your road may be unknown but YOU NEVER WALK ALONE

From the Book: The Ones who Walk Away from Omelas

Each one goes alone, youth or girl man or woman. Night falls; the traveler must pass down village streets, between the houses with yellow-lit windows, and on out into the darkness of the fields. Each alone, they go west or north, towards the mountains. 

“They go on. They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness, and they do not come back. The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible that it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

From The Movie Inception:

Cobb: You’re waiting for a train. A train that’ll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you can’t know for sure. Yet it doesn’t matter. Now, tell me why? 
Mal: Because we’ll be together! 

See the difference? :)

An incredible amount of metrics this week, folks.

Television: The crossover no one wants to see: Jughead living on Krypton.

⬆ The Supergirl fandom stepped it up, pushing the show six spots up to No. 4.
Riverdale debuts at No. 10 with a new ship favorite: Beronica.

Movies: That must be a lonely Jedi.

☆ The next Star Wars movie is The Last Jedi, and the title reveal alone gives it a No. 1 debut.
Moonlight is found on the list for the first time at No. 9, and it’s fair to say we are all very here for that.

Music: @buzzfeed quiz proposal: are you more CrazySexyCool or SWEETSEXYSAVAGE?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to No. 1.
☆  Kehlani (No. 15) is back for the first time since April, and it’s all due to her SWEETSEXYSAVAGE album.

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Celebrities: #HeWillNotDivideUs

Shia LaBeouf returns at No. 1 with his #HeWillNotDivideUs protest project.
☆ War Doctor John Hurt (No. 9) passed away last week. After 60 years in the industry, he left a lasting impression on all of us. RIP.

Games: We’re living in the golden age of indie games.

Tattletail, an indie horror game starring Furby-esque characters, debuts at No. 19.
⬇︎ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (No. 14) needs CPR. It fell seven spots.

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Web stuff: Some good news, some not-so-good news.

Bo Burnham returns at No. 11 after The Big Sick gets a big, sick deal with Amazon (@amazon).
⬇︎ AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire drop to No. 5 and No.4, respectively. Not bad for most, but where you at, phandom?


Aaand it’s done!! Thank you to everyone followed the update on twitter. you made the experience x100 better!! I came up with the story hour by hour, so I’m glad I could make a sense of this mess of strips :D It was a nice experience, but really tiring, time to sleep for me :D

15 Important Life Lessons

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at your mistakes.

2. Life is too short it to waste it on resentments, bitterness or grudges you’re holding against others.

3. You don’t have to win every argument and fight. Sometimes it’s OK to just agree to disagree.

4. Make peace with your past - then let it go, and move on.

5. Choose to go after what brings you happiness.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others.

7. It doesn’t really matter what others think about you – just live your own life and be true to who you are.

8. Life isn’t always fair – but sometimes good things happen, too!

9. Ignore your feelings – and keep taking the next step.

10. Ask for what you want.

11. Don’t suffer in silence – reach out for support.

12. Everything changes.

13. Be willing to experiment and try something new.

14. The most important thing is to love and be loved.

15. Believe that the best is yet to come.

alright alright alright, @space-australians asked for some humans are space orcs re: adrenaline and tonight you shall receive because it’s 1:15 in the morning and my brain clearly does not believe in sleep!!!

After some time of observation, the Intergalactic Fleet happily welcomed the Terrans. While their uncontrollable pack-bonding instincts had caused some… incidents… they were mostly a boon. In dire straits, the flimsy little two-legged things proved themselves capable of surviving in any inhospitable climate and either pulling their comrades out of danger or summoning help for the danger even while suffering from their own grievous injuries. 

So when Medical Chief Sylatn-Dra’xxort got to share an important dinner with a human called Commander Geralt O’Brien - a rarity, because the Fleet was generally segregated by breathing requirements and her people favored chlorine - she was very excited to pick his brain on how his species could go from “let’s put a knife on this cleaning bot and name it and promote it” to a facsimile of the Terran folk hero “Terminator” in a manner of seconds.

Thanks to the airflow manipulation technologies of the bird-like Aarkorysh people, Commander O’Brien’s voice was only slightly warped as he responded to her questions. “Well, obviously you know humans are full of hormones. When things get dire, say because of a tunnel collapse for example, there’s a hormone called adrenaline that gets released.”

Sylatn-Draxxort listened intently to O’Brien’s explanation of how this ‘adrenaline’ was in many ways a biological equivalent of a starship’s emergency lockdown mode. Terran psychologists called this state “Fight or Flight Mode” and while in such a state, a human might even be able to shrug off pain that would kill other organisms as their body was flooded with a veritable cocktail of substances that blocked pain while providing additional blood sugar to perform feats of strength that impressed even Golretzi soldiers. 

“Now the problem with adrenaline is that it’s really only good for you in short bursts,” O’Brien continued, and took a sip from his glass of red liquid - another human curiosity, their fondness for substances toxic to other species with similar biology. “If a human is under that kind of stress for too long they start producing adrenaline and other stress hormones even when they’re out of danger. At that point, the constant elevated heartrate and stuff ends up becoming a medical issue.” 

He smiled to himself while Sylatn-Draxxort took a few bites of her own meal. “Although on the other end of the spectrum you get adrenaline junkies who seek out that kind of reaction.”

The Medical Chief turned a few of her eyes back to look at the dark-skinned commander, who sounded fond. “Excuse me?”

“Yeah, we call them adrenaline junkies. These are the people who do a lot of base jumping and crazy ski jumps and stuff.”

“Yes, I recently read about a Sergeant injuring herself ‘skiing’ on Pyrhatsdis…”

O’Brien made a face of discomfort before laughing. “Yeah, I read that too. If I remember correctly, she got out with just a little concussion and some scrapes. I’ve had worse skiing injuries than that, though it was partly just because I didn’t do the straps right.”

“And people seek out the sorts of situations that cause this physiological reaction, even though too much of said reaction causes damage to your circulatory system?”

“I know, right?”

Sylatn-Draxxort reached out one of her many arms to take a sip of the cool mercury brew she was fond of while she considered how to respond to this politely. “How strange,” she said softly.