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I’m really starting to like Cass’ friendship with Clayface.

Detective Comics #953 offers a close look at Cass trying to cope with who her parents are and it’s heartwretching, especially with how it appears she was clinging to the belief there is a mother out there who loves and misses her, when being subjected to David Cain’s training. And now it turns out her mom is Shiva, who continues razing Gotham City and now sent assassins to murder Batwoman. I really liked Clayface trying to help Cass deal with it, it was clear before that she feels compassion for his struggle, but it’s really heartwarming to see it works the other way around as well. Bruce also tries to help, in his own way. And I like it – he tries to stop Cass from confronting Shiva again, but doesn’t fight her, just tries to talk and lets her let her anger out, even if it costs him getting his ass kicked. He is trying and I think this approach might be the best one. I mean yeah, seemingly it didn’t work, but then, when Cass confronts Shiva, she refuses to fight as well and instead tries to talk, even when mother kicks her ass again. In that Cassandra pretty much proves Bruce’s point that David and Shiva being her parents don’t define who she is – because in that scene she proves to be much more like her adopted father than either of them.

Advisor 1: I’ve tried everything. I changed the wifi password, I had his laptop removed, I took his charger… The CIA refuses to hack him for me, so does the FBI and the NSA. I’m too afraid to just ask because, well, you saw what happened to mike. I just… I just don’t know where else to turn
Advisor 2: why don’t you just take his phone?
Advisor 1: if you can think of a way to steal the president’s phone out from under his nose when he’s guarded by 12 secret service agents, let me know. Otherwise I don’t think we’ll ever be able to delete his Twitter

night-in with bobby 🌙 (for @chimchimsmiles ily – feel better soon ❤️️)

Nights were finally your escape from all the stress and struggles that had occupied your mind as the hours passed by. As night had settled in, your boyfriend Bobby was quick to come to your rescue. You two spent the night curled up in bed in matching hoodies while enjoying your favorite movies on Netflix and a warm cup of hot chocolate. When sleep had finally washed over you, Bobby couldn’t help but smile as he tucked you in and pressed a soft kiss against your forehead. 

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Can I ask why you "avoid hyped books like the plague?" Just curious :)

Haha of course!

In 9th grade The Hunger Games was THE book of the moment in my friend group. I read it. Really didn’t like it, and was put off from the rest of the series until I tried it again in college, which was when I liked it more. 

In 10th grade Looking for Alaska was SUPER popular at my school. Dare I say…overhyped. I decided to check it out, logically. I HATED IT. Oh my god I hated it so much (I need to try rereading it and see if I still hate it).

It sounds dumb, but those two books really screwed with my mental thought process on overhyped/hyped books. I just felt so let down by the books, their hype, and who liked them and I felt weirdly alienated because I didn’t like them (keep in mind this was all happening in high school when my self-esteem was already at an all-time low).

I guess now that I’m a bit older it’s different reading series that are hyped, but I’m still extremely cautious about them and that’s why my recommendation lists usually offer pretty obscure/lesser known books that are NOT overhyped because I simply haven’t read a lot of the really popular one’s. 



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🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 


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