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Stop acting like the writers of the show are out to get you and treating your ‘ships’ badly. THEY AREN’T. I’m 110% sure they thought these last few episodes would be P O S I T I V E. Stop causing unnecessary drama just to try and prove a point. It’s getting old now. Stop spreading negativity and start spreading positivity!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited for the next episode. They keep getting better! 😊😊😊😊

If only haters stopped attacking innocent people who did literally nothing and started using that time they spend hijacking posts to do something really productive and useful, maybe the world would be a better place.


I made this for my Colours Theory Class a couple years back as the final assignment to make my own personal “trading cards” and Kamen Rider was the theme I went for~ It had to have a theme of colour (that is why some of these are “off” purposely~~ XD) 

In Order of Appearance:

  • W - Complementary
  • OOO - Transparency
  • Fourze - Achromatic
  • Gaim - Saturation
  • Kamen Rider (The First) Vibration
  • Baron - Value
  • Decade - Fluting
  • Wizard - Luminosity 
  • Agito - Analogous
  • Drive - Bezold Effect 1
  • Kuuga - Monochromatic
  • Kabuto - Optical Mix
  • Faiz - Tertiaries
  • Kiva - Bezold Effect 2
  • Amazon - Quantity

Q: Who watches the most cat videos?

Shibayama. It immediately calms him down after a stressful match. The problem, though, is that he has them downloaded on his phone, and always tries to secretly watch them right after the match. Inouka always catches him, in which Shibayama is forced to share his adorable cat videos. And then Lev will undoubtedly sneak up on the both of them and steal the phone away. Shibayama has learned through experience how to take it back, and Inouka always laughs at how fast Shibayama can make Lev crumple to the ground when his cat viewing experience is jeopardized.

Q: Who has the least respect for personal space?

Lev. It isn’t until the third years retire though that he exhibits this. He starts picking up people out of his way instead of asking them to move. They’re all surprised when he’s able to carry Inouka. He tried it once with Shibayama and then never again. The little libero has gotten really good at kicking him. Lev sometimes wonders if Yaku was secretly giving him lessons.

Q: Who do they all agree is the most responsible?

They don’t. They’re all in agreement that it definitely isn’t Lev. Shibayama stubbornly maintains that Inouka, the most likely candidate for future captain, is the most responsible. Inouka argues that Shibayama would have been gotten a perfect vote for future captain if he hadn’t been a libero, especially with all his good work as acting manager, therefore making him the most responsible. Lev is still miffed nobody thinks he’d make an awesome captain, which Shibayama and Inouka say is exactly the reason he’s the least responsible one.

Q: Who is the best at Mario Kart?

This is a hard one. If the track is filled with a bunch of sharp turns and curves, then Inouka definitely takes the crown. Shibayama barely beats both them when it comes to tracks with straighter paths. Lev, through the amount of sheer loses he’s had on against the two, has become a master at Rainbow Road. Of course, all of them lose flawlessly if Kenma-senpai ever plays, so they all form an alliance and agree that they are all the best if only to gain back whatever confidence they have left from getting their asses handed to them by Kenma-senpai.

Q: Who has the weirdest taste when it comes to pocky flavors?

All of them have their quirky favorites when it comes to pocky. Lev likes chocolate banana even though he hates bananas. Shibayama has a thing for Brazilian pudding flavor while Inouka likes plain mint pocky. The both of them use the banana one against Lev when he refuses to so much as touch a banana in between practice matches. Lev tries to retaliate, but nobody really seems to think anything is wrong with liking Brazilian pudding or mint flavor if you like the original too. It’s not his fault he thinks bananas are icky.


Do you believe in the power of friendship?

Want to write and find amazing friend fics?

Why not join the Brofest challenge?

A two month challenge to produce some much needed platonic fanfiction.

Sign ups open until March 7th (PST)!

Drunk Sci managed to get Fell back in the closet for some alone time.

I drew this months ago and never got around to actually doing anything with it. But, considering this happened recently, it seemed kind of relevant. (though honestly scifell seems like a ship that can easily go either way)


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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to the Tumblr Semi-Formal!! My name is Skylar, and I am in charge of our celebration today!!

Anyone who wasn’t tagged and happens to see this-feel free to join in the fun, I don’t mind!! It’s all fun and games!!

Tag any repost of this with ( #sky'ssemi ), along with any pictures/photo’s please so I can track everything!!

Anything is allowed, though do at least TRY to keep it PG/not kill anyone (“^^)

If I forgot anyone, please, feel free to let me know!!

Have fun everybody!! If you need me, I’ll be with my girlfriend! 💕

~ Sky

(PS: Please pardon my outfit. I’m bad with clothes and I’ve gained to much weight to fit in anything nice ;u;)

Music Tag

Thank you for tagging me @slayfogelmanis :)

Rules: Shuffle your music and for the first nine songs that come up, write your favorite lyrics.

1. Ease by Troye Sivan
((literally like the whole song but))

And all this moving is proving to get the best of me
And I’ve been trying to hide but lately
Every time I think I’m better
Picking my head up, getting nowhere
Take me back to the basics and the simple life

2. The Feeling by Justin Bieber ft. Halsey

Can’t get out of my head but I need you to save me
If I am delusional then maybe I’m crazy in love with you
Or am I in love with the feeling?

3. Castaway by 5 Seconds of Summer

Cause you walked out and left me stranded
Nothing left but picture frames
And I just keep on asking myself
How’d we drift so far away
From where we left off yesterday
I’m lonely like a castaway

4. Fly Away by 5 Seconds of Summer

I want a little bit of California
With a little bit of London Sky
I wanna take my heart to the end of the world and fly away tonight
Counting down the seconds
Always second guessing
I’m dreaming of a place to start again

5. In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha

Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind?
In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there’s no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?

6. Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding (from the Divergent soundtrack)

And I don’t know where I’m going but I know it’s gonna be a long time
And I’ll be leaving in the morning come to the white wine bitter sunlight

7. Strong by One Direction
((also basically the whole song but again whatever))

I’m sorry if I say I need you
But I don’t care I’m not scared of love
Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker
Is that so wrong
Is it so wrong
That you make me strong

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart

Take my hand
Take my whole life too
For I can’t help
Falling in love with you

9. Right Now by One Direction

Yeah I love this feeling that
Right now
I wish you were here with me
Cause right now
Everything is new to me
You know I can’t fight the feeling
And every night I feel it
Right now
I wish you were here with me

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                                       one year anniversary 

hi, hello this is one of wjsn seven fans – twitter jokes srry not – anyways i hope this doesn’t become too long.. but damn it has been a whole year and there is a lot of things i am so thankful for. let’s start when wjsn debuted, i actually didn’t care that much about the girls, like who? and i was somewhat dragged into it but at the same time i wanted to try something new after a whole year, so why not start with a new fresh group? at first– i remember looking at this girl ( bona ofc ) and i honestly wasn’t fond of her but wow i don’t regret any of my decisions of roleplaying her and standing by this group until now. this girls has been through a lot since debut, they didn’t have the immediate overnight popularity but i have been watching them for over a year and i feel so proud of them. they are so humble, positive, energetic and hard-working group, asdfgh i love my girlies ok. MoMoMo for national anthem, no one can change my mind. 

wow im so thankful for this?? i feel happy today.

i hope after all this time, even if it was for a little short of time, have enjoyed my portrayal of jiyeon even when i knew so little about her and i also hope with this revamp that i am doing can be a better jiyeon than before, a jiyeon that can be bright and cheerful. And hopefully I become more constant with replies and conversations after it. 

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So like tomorrow seems like a really big episode for the fandom. So I ask that you please please PLEASE remember to use spoiler tags if you plan on posting about the episode (be it through live blogging or gifsets). I’m not accusing anyone of having this problem (in fact everyone I know has been good about tagging spoilers) but it’s something to definitively keep in mind especially if you’re watching the episode early.

We’ve all been in a buzz about this episode since the title was first released. So please take care not to ruin it for anyone.

new tag for dog training?

Is there alternative dog training tag in DOGBLR (or could we maybe just choose new one lmao) cause I absolutely hate going through ‘dog training’ tag because there’s so much NSFW content?

I would love to follow people who either write/film about obedience, tracking, IPO, mondioring, joring and I NEED TAGS TO FOLLOW because I can not follow everyone here in tumblr (most of you don’t tag anything and I don’t want my dash fulfilled with content I don’t really care about, jeez! Sorry, but it’s just sad that I would love to follow a bunch of people but you just won’t tag. Ever.) and my dash would be so full of content I couldn’t follow up with everything going on in here.

Anyway, I’d love to try out tagging dog training content with a new tag that would be completely new so no one would fulfill the tag with NSFW or other weird content no one wants to see. Anyone with me?

Saving Prince Charming: Before the Storm (Mute). is now up on Ao3!!

Yeah, I totally double uploaded again
I couldn’t heeeeelp it, these two chapters goooo togetherrrrrrr

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I was tagged by the amazing @proudtobeadepphead  Awww thank you dear! Cute selfie! :)

1) Lock screen Screenshot: Ok my lock screen is my hubby, and that fine man is only for me, so here’s my background instead, lol. The Niffler!! I want one. Every pirate needs a Niffler.

2) Last song I’ve listened to: Enrique Iglesias, Subeme La Radio. Don’t laugh at me! It just came out today and its my jaaaaam!

3) a selfie: Oh god, I can’t today. Not happening. ;) Here, look at my pretty boat, took this last weekend. It’s enough of an extension of myself… :P

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anonymous asked:

While I was looking through the Shadowhunters tag I stumbled across this war. Personally, I think that everyone is being kinda harsh about Alec x Female. After looking into this, I think it's being blown way out of proportion. People who are posting this aren't posting it to be homophobic, they're doing it because this is a character that they are a fan of. People are being very rude ON BOTH SIDES. Alec is a FICTIONAL character and people are allowed to write what they want.

Oh, are we being too harsh on the homophobes? Oh no! Should I fluff up a pillow? Get them a blanket? Make tea, perhaps?

Boo-fuckin-hoo. You’re not fooling anyone get out of my ask box you nasty clalec shipper.


I was “tagged” by @ravishingvixx to do the selfie, lockscreen and last song listened to post. My home screen wallpaper is to awesome to not share, so I included it. Plus I love balance. I’m tagging everyone who’d like to do this ^^

10 Characters from 10 (different) Fandoms

I was tagged by the ever fabulous @thatgirlinthestars to choose 10 characters from 10 different fandoms and to then tag 10 people! Thanks!!!!! I decided to choose my favorite favorite favorite characters from my favorite favoritefavorite fandoms // lol admittedly I am not a part of many fandoms so I only did like 5 // 

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 General Armitage Hux / Star Wars

Daenerys Targaryen / Game of Thrones

Professor Minerva McGonagall / Harry Potter

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow / Marvel

Irene Adler aka the Woman / BBC Sherlock